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Bonnie swallows loads in tampa public porn shop gloryhole tube porn
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---Daughter's Duty--- --- --- ------ --- --- ----- --- --- ----- --- --- ----- --- --- ----- --- --- ----- --- --- ----- --- --- Author's Note: This story has quite a bit of foreplay and doesn't get into the hotter action 'til almost a third of the way through but I think if you're patient and read it all, you'll get a lot more out of it, but it's up to you.

I'm planning on making it a three-parter so, of course, please let me know what you think when you're done! Thanx! --- --- ------ --- --- ----- --- --- ----- --- --- ----- --- --- ----- --- --- ----- --- --- ----- --- --- Megan held her breath and listened intently to the creaking floor boards, trying to pretend to dig through her dresser while still keeping as much of her attractive parts facing the open door.

She loved the excitement of what she was doing. She had gotten out of the shower about a half hour ago and had been waiting with her door open ever since to hear for her dad coming down the hallway. She knew he'd have to walk right past her bedroom and she wanted him to have a good view of her quickly developing body. She knew from the sounds of the lion sex girl xxx story that he'd be in sight in a second and reached down to pull out the shirt she'd been staring at for so long.

She turned back around as fast as she could to face her dad, who took a step back and gasped before catching himself. She dropped her shirt just as fast and tried to look surprised and embarrassed, when really she was neither.

She didn't bother to cover anything. "Whoa, Hun!" He said, blinking and looking away, while his face began to redden. "Try and keep your door shut when you're not dressed, ok?" And with that he reached behind him and slowly shut the door, just barely taking the time for one last, quick glance back.

No sister and mom sex in brother but Megan would've even noticed, but she did and it made her feel even more eager to entice her father.

Besides it meant that he could get turned on by her and it wasn't just his look back that told her that. The bulge in his pants, which quickly formed after his first glimpse of her naked body, had been hard to miss. Megan giggled to herself and pulled out her sexiest bathing suit.

She had to do something with her dad today! Her mom had starved the poor guy for sex for months and yet he never did anything back to her in return. He was always nice and loving, but the bitch never appreciated him for it! And what really had Megan confused, was why not!? Her dad was young and strong and so hott! Why wouldn't she want to ride him every chance she got?

Gosh, just thinking about it made Megan wet. It was her turn now. If her mom wanted to go on 'business trips', like she was right now, and screw her old boss over the sexy man she had at home, then that was her choice, but Megan wasn't going to let him suffer for it.

He needed something and, whether he knew it or not, his little girl was the only one who could give it to him… --- --- ------ --- --- Steve took a deep breath and pulled his shirt over his head.

What he'd seen had been too much for him. He had no idea his own daughter had such a nice body! He'd never been so aroused in his life. Her dark hair had fallen into her sweet, angelic face. Her crotch was clearly nice and shaved and mounded just enough to make it appealing and those boobs!

She was only thirteen but had bigger breasts than a lot of 17 or 18 year olds. Every curve on her short little body flowed together perfectly and smoothly, making Steve drool down his chin. How could he be thinking this way about his own daughter? His own little girl!? He shook his head and sat down on the side of his bed. It'd just been too long. Carol hadn't let him have sex with her ever since she'd gotten this new job back in March. It was April now!

How long did she think he could last!? He stood up and zipped up his pants and walked out into the bright living room. Looking around his new house, he got a spark of pride. He'd really done alright for his family.

Being a builder most of his life, had finally paid off. He and two of his friends now owned the company and hired out most of the heavy work, which meant he could spend a lot more time at home with Megan.


The living room had a huge window in the back that let the morning sun pour in and gave them a nice view of the lake. Between the house and the lake was a pool, raised up with a deck around it and a huge oak tree that blocked out the neighbors and really let him feel alone.

He loved it. "Morning daddy!" Megan said, bouncing in and kissing him on the cheek. He smiled. She was always so happy and carefree. "Morning Babe," he said, turning to look at her and doubling back a little. She was wearing a bright yellow bikini that looked a little too small up top for her mia martinez pussy getting rail from behind had her hair in pony tails that for some reason really made him horny.

It wasn't that he would've usually noticed but he was still trying to settle himself down from seeing her so revealed just a little while ago, so it caught him by surprise. Besides, her boobs looked smashed up and bigger than ever and he found it hard to look her in the eyes. "You going swimming this early?" "I thought maybe after breakfast I'd go lay out." She said, grabbing a grapefruit from the fridge and tossing him an orange. Then she asked sweetly, tipping her head to the side, "Will you keep amateur bisex twin cock sucking homemade mmf threesome company?" "Yea I suppose I could clean the pool," Steve said smiling at his adorable daughter and following her outside.

He tried not to stare at her butt-cheeks as they went, but they were so nice and round and just bounced ever so perfectly as she walked. Oh, why did she have to become so sexy!? Why couldn't he quit thinking about his own little girl like this?

--- --- ------ --- --- Megan climbed up the stairs to the deck and pulled a beach chair over by the pool. It was only about 10:30, so she laid down and tried to relax.

She had all day to make something happen and would ruin everything if she rushed it. After all, getting a guy is just like fishing. You have to dangle the bait in front of him, let him slowly take little nibbles and then, once he's had enough to get his mind totally fixed on all the bait before him, you let him take the big bit and give him a good jerk.

Megan smiled as she pictured her hands wrapped around her dad's cock, letting him feel contentment like he hadn't known in a long time. Ooo, it felt so dirty! She watched through squinted eyes as her dad took his shirt off, leaving him in only jean shorts and boxers, and started vacuuming the bottom of the pool. His arms moved back and forth making his muscles tighten and relax and Megan had the strongest urge to just go lick his entire body.

She watched him like that for about ten minutes, which seemed like forever, and then just couldn't take it anymore. "Daddy," she called as innocently as she could. "You don't mind if I take my top off, do you? You know, so I won't have tan-lines?" "What?" Her dad seemed taken aback at first, but he quickly recovered. "No, Hun, that's fine, do whatever." "Thanx," Megan said and untied her top and casually tossed it to the deck, letting her boobs hang out freely.

She laid her back down and almost entirely closed her eyes, only leaving them open enough to see her dad's reaction. At first he walked with his back to her, shaking his head. Then, after a few minutes, she saw him start peeking dirty milfs cherie deville nina elle jasmine jae alexis fawx compilation brunette at her. She fought the urge to smile, watching her daddy try and constantly talk himself out of what he knew he wanted.

Soon, though, he looked at her for longer and then turned to totally take in her body. Megan filled with delight as she watched his pants, even through the jeans, begin to rise and she tried to think of what she was going to do next.

--- --- ------ --- --- Now this was too much! Steve gazed at Megan's body, lying in the open for him to feast his eyes on. He tried to look away but she was so perfect, with the sun highlighting every gorgeous feature to her body. He moved closer and closer, until he was less than five feet from her. His hands ached to feel her full, firm boobs with such beautiful, hard nipples on top and he had to fight with everything in him to keep from reaching out to touch her.

Suddenly he noticed her head move and he quickly went back to his work, refusing to look anywhere but at the water. "Daddy?" Megan asked. "Will you do me a favor?" "Sure, Hun," he answered in a shaky voice. "What's that?" "Rub some tanning lotion into my back? I want to flip over." She reached for the tanning lotion and handed it to him then sat up and turned around so she was facing him. She tipped her head to the sky and pulled her hair back as she leaned forward and her boobs hung out, making them look bigger and freer than ever and Steve let his eyes fall right on them for much longer than he should have.

"Daddy…" Megan said noticing, smiling and biting her lower lip. "What?" Steve said, looking up as fast as he could and fumbling to try not to drop the lotion.


Megan just shook her head and lay down, smashing her boobs between herself and the chair. Not knowing what else to do, Steve squirted some lotion into his hands and started massaging it into her shoulders.

"No, I need it lower, Dad," Megan said and Steve's hands worked their way down 'til they were on her middle back, right by her ribs. Without thinking about what he was doing, Steve let his hands fall lower and caress the area where her breasts met with the rest of her body.

They were so nice! "O, Daddy, that feels good." He heard Megan say softly. He kept getting lower and lower and he story incestos xxx en best de papas con hijas porno she was helping him by picking herself up on her elbows.

He ran out of lotion but kept going, working each side and rolling it between his fingers. His right hand found her nipple first and when it did, he heard a quick series of little gasps and moans from the sexy teenager. She rolled over and let her boobs out into full view, holding both his hands on top of them.

Steve rubbed them in full circles with one palm on each hard, little nipple and his fingers out towards the side.

He loved the soft, delicateness of her body. He wanted to feel her all up and down. Steve slid his hands off her chest and down by her hips, where he started tickling, over her bathing suit, right next to her vagina.

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After a minute, he felt the bathing suit get tugged down and realized Megan was pulling it off herself. She kicked it to the ground and worked her butt up and down as if she was having sex with his hands. Steve looked up into her face, mouth wide opened and eyes tightly shut and, for an instant, pulled his hands off her. "O, Daddy don't stop!" She cried. "Megan, Hunny…" "Daddy, feel how wet I am." She said, and pulled his hand down to her soft, round, open and glistening, little flower.

It felt so good in Steve's hand and without even realizing it he gently started rubbing her again. --- --- ------ --- --- Megan had to fight to keep from falling backwards. Her whole body had never felt so good. She reached out and unbuttoned and unzipped her dad's shorts as fast as she could, letting his dick, which actually wasn't as big as she'd imagined, though still very sexy, pop out.

"Baby…" "I want to do this for you, Daddy," she said sweetly and stood up to wrap herself around his body. His dick hit against her pussy but slid up in between both their stomachs and his hands wrapped around her butt-cheeks, squeezing them furiously.

"Are you sure, Hun?" Megan smiled as best she could while building an orgasm and said, "How do you want it?" She winced in surprise as her dad slapped her butt hard, but was ready in anticipation of sex girlfriend and homemade he did it two more times quickly.

"All over your face, for starts," he said, in a more forceful, sexy voice than Megan had ever heard before.


It turned her on les jams dildo in asshole babe and anal no end and she smiled, stood on her tip-toes and licked his lips, while her hand grasped his cock. "Alrighty," she said, licking her way down until she found his head, with a little bit of pre-cum already on top. --- --- ------ --- --- Steve looked down at his Daughter, who looked back up at him. She looked so innocent and yet so naughty.

Her little butt cheeks flexed in and out as she slid her mouth around his penis and started moving back and forth. She kept her eyes open as she worked and Steve just moved her hair out of the way so he could look right back into them. Her rosy lips encircled him entirely and she looked so happy as she sucked away. What could possibly be wrong with this? Steve felt for her boobs as he felt his cum building. He tickled her right nipple and slid her head off at just the last second before he exploded… --- --- ------ --- --- Megan left her mouth open and licked all around it, as if she was getting a milk mustache, while warm, hot sperm splattered her face.

She felt some slide into her eyes and down her cheeks but she just sat there patiently while two more streams covered her. Finally, her Dad's knees started to buckle, but he stayed standing and just put a hand down on her shoulder for balance. He opened his eyes and looked down at her for a split second, before their moment was interrupted by a noise from behind the deck.

"Hey Steve!" It was the voice of the old neighbor next door. "Steve, I was just wondering… ow, damn!" It sounded like he stepped on a rake or a shovel. Steve grabbed Megan's small wrist and pulled her to her feet, pointing to the side of the deck opposite where the voice had come from.

She ran over, with her heart pounding, and a second later her dad came up behind her, carrying their discarded clothes. "I was just wonderin' if I could borrow an extension cord." He was coming up the stairs.

Steve jumped over the railing and landed in the lawn, holding his arms out to catch Megan who followed a mom and son sex story very hot and hard later, boobs bouncing like jello as she did do.

"See mine's- Steve?" He sounded confused. "I swore you was out here." They heard him walk back down the stairs and they moved around to the back of the pool, while he walked around the front. As soon as he was out of distance, they ran back inside and into Megan's bedroom. They sat panting, ignoring the doorbell, while Steve looked Megan up and down. She knew she must look horrible with cum still all over her face, but didn't care because she'd done what she wanted.

She had sucked her dad's cock and she knew that much more would follow. She just wasn't expecting it to be so soon. "Hunny, you didn't need to do that," Steve said, picking her bath towel off the floor for her to wipe her face with. "I wanted to, Daddy!" Megan said cheerfully. "Didn't you like it?" "O, I loved it," Steve said and his eyes flashed as he gazed back down at her naked body. Megan noticed his dick was swelling again. "Even though we almost got caught?" She asked, wiping off her face.

"It made it more fun…" He said, leaning in towards her. She slowly moved her hand to his cock and started running her fingers up and down it gently. She could feel it hardening in her hand. "You like it don't you, babe?" He asked and shoved her back onto the water-bed.

--- --- ------ --- --- Steve moved his hands quickly up and down her soft body. He was laying on top of maya kendrick in riding a hung black stallion boobs, with his chest by her crotch and her legs wrapped around his back. He kissed and licked all over her boobs and nipples, trying to give her a hicky, and making her squeal and laugh with delight.

He moved a hand down to her vagina opening and slid it around by the wet entrance, letting a few fingers slide inside and then back out. She was so tight! He had no idea how he was ever going to get inside her, but he grabbed her boobs and pulled her by them to the end of the bed.

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He loved how easy it was to move her around since she was so tiny. He poked his dick in and out of her, until they both had a good rhythm of movement going and then leaned forward and shoved himself deep inside. --- --- ------ --- --- "Daddy! O God, Daddy!" Megan screamed. She put her hands on her boobs and rubbed them in circles like he'd done for her earlier.

She felt so ecstatically helpless. Her father was sliding her up and down on his dick, which now felt huge, making gigantic waves across the water-bed.

She felt filled and a surge of tingling feelings was overtaking her body. "I love you, daddy! I'll do anything you ever want!" She screamed as she broke into a rush of intense first-time orgasms and felt her belly fill with hot cum! Her dad fell forward onto her and she wrapped her legs around him as he came in to kiss her deep and passionately.

He tongue tickled against the back of her throat and she met him with hers and they kissed for a good five minutes, sweating all over each other. "This…is…incredible!" Steve said, between deep French kisses.

"I know…I never want…it to end!" Megan said, realizing her dad's dick was still inside her and reaching for his balls, hoping to make it swell again, but as soon as she touched it she heard the front door swing open. "Hello! I'm home from work early!" It was Megan's mom. They frantically finished one last busty milf claudine gets her mature twat fucked hard, which lasted longer than it should've considering the circumstances, and pulled their clothes back on.

"Yea," Steve said, zipping his pants. "We're in here!" Megan pulled on some underwear and a shirt, just as her mom opened the door. At first she looked confused, then started sniffing the air.

"Megan, you're room stinks!" "Yea, mom, it's new perfume. It's s'posed to make guys excited, not girls. Sorry." "Well, have either of you eaten." "Nope, just woke up," Steve said, jumping up and pulling Megan with him. "Good, then you can make me lunch," she said and stepped aside so they could leave, but as they did, Steve gave Megan's xxx hot grils with story a nice little squeeze, letting her know it wouldn't be the last time they had a day like that together… ---The End--- ~Tell Me What You Thought~