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Dp german rodox porn 2019
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Things had been going well with Jamie, his attitude was improving, he was helpful around the house and he had been spending a lot of time studying. My sister's advice was working, the change in him was remarkable. I had been teasing him mercilessly with my choice of clothing too. Today being a friday I finished early from the office as usual. I had made an extra special effort for work this morning with my make up and my hair.

I went with a pinstripe skirt suit, white satin blouse, barely black stockings and 4 inch heels. The skirt was one of my shorter ones, it gave just a peek of my stocking tops when I moved just right. I'm sure the keen observers in my office had noticed from time to time. I had been quite aroused all morning thinking about what would happen this afternoon. My early finish means that I am home before Jamie, and rather than getting changed when I got home, I stayed fully dressed for him.

I wanted to tease him. I wanted him to be aroused when looking at me. I wanted the chance to see him erect under his school trousers. The thought was driving me wild. From where I was sitting in the front room, I could see him walking up the garden path. I stood up, hiked my skirt an inch and met him at the doorway. When he came to the door and saw me standing in front of him, his eyes nearly fell out of his head. I had quite a few of my blouse buttons undone showing quite a bit of cleavage.

The push up bra huge tits and butt babe bangs in taxi I had chosen this morning was clearly doing it's job. His eyes were darting between my chest and my legs, he wasn't even hiding it. "Good afternoon baby, how was school?" I asked him. He was almost in a trance staring at me. "Err. Yeah. Ok." "Are you a bit distracted honey? Do you see something you like?" I asked with an eybrow raised.

"It's rude to stare you know!" "Sorry Mom, yeah school was ok thanks." He said snapping his eyes up to my face. "Well come in, I'll get you a drink. Sit down and relax." I said turning slowly towards the kitchen. I knew his eyes were all over me as I was walking away. I grabbed him a cold lemonade from the fridge and walked through to the lounge where I found him sitting in the middle of the sofa. I leaned down infront of him and slowly passed him his drink. I could feel my silky blouse fall open and saw his eyes go immediately to my cleavage.

I placed the cold can in his lap and could see his penis becoming erect under his trousers. I moved towards the centre of the room and bent down over the coffee table. Pretending to straighten up the magazines on the table, I kept my long legs dead straight. I could feel my skirt had ridden up slightly and I knew he would have a good view of smooth stockinged legs. I pushed my arse out towards him and gently started swaying it from side to side.

The view he had must have been amazing, almost like I was his fantasy secretary. I had to know that he was looking and appreciating the display I was putting on for him. Slowly I turned my head and could see him staring at my ass and long legs. His face was flushed and he was gently stroking his cock discreetly through his trousers.

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"So, did you bring your test results home for me to look at?" I asked him. He was so focused on my sexy office tease that he didn't even reply. Still bent over, I turned my shoulders to face him.

I spread my legs wide for balance, but also to look sexier for him. Still with my ass towards him but looking back at him I asked him again. "I said, did you bring your results for me to check over?" "Oh yes, yes. I did." He finally replied. He reached over to his school bag and took out his test paper and handed it to me.

I now stood over him checking over his paper, I could see him reposition his cock. "What are you doing there? What's that in your pocket?" I teasingly asked him. "Huh what? Nothing." He said. "Are you sure? I can see something in there. Is it something you're embarrassed about?" I said.

He pulled his sweatshirt down to cover it. "No, it's nothing." "Let me see, right now. Empty your pockets." I demanded. "Mom, I don't have anything.

Look!" He said as he patted his pockets at the tops of his trousers. "Let me check." I said leaning over him. I placed my hands at his knees and slowly ran them up his thighs. He started to squirm and I could see his erection getting stronger. Slowly and deliberatley I swept my licking amazing hotties sexy beaver hardcore and blowjob over his upper thigh area.

"There's something in here, what's this?" I placed my hand over his rigid penis. Squeezing it firmly I said "What is this?" "Mom! It's my. my. er. cock." He said under shortening breaths. "Oh!" I said as if I didn't know.


"But it's so hard! How come it's so hard baby?" At this point I stopped squeezing it and started caressing it with the palm of my hand. "Well. Oh. I guess I just got.

Oh. A bit excited." He said. "But what's got you so excited honey? Does looking at your Mom in her work clothes get you turned on?" "I really like your work clothes. They are very sexy!" He said. "Why thank you son. But you shouldn't keep your cock, as you call it, confined in such a small place when it gets hard like this. You could damage it." I told him. "Ok Mom, I'm sorry. I couldn't help it." He apoligised. "That's ok. Here, let's free your little friend from his hiding place." I said as I started slowly undoing his belt.

Teasingly I ran my hand up and down his fly and then reached in and pulled his hard cock out. It was solid. The veins all down the sides were bulging prominently. "You see baby, it's so hard! Look at it, you must be very excited." I held it in the middle and gently attempted to bend it. "You see, it doesn't bend very much when it's like this." "Uh huh.

Yeah" He mumbled. "Whenever you're in the house and it gets hard like this, I want you take it out and let it stand proud." I told him. He was liking the attention his cock was getting.

His eyes were almost glazed over, enjoying the sensations of my soft hands on his hard cock. "You like it when Mommy holds your penis like this? You look like you're enjoying it!" I said. At this point I starting jacking his foreskin up and down purposely. "Oohh yeah. Oh Mom. That's awesome. Ugh." He panted. I used my two hands on him and was pumping him hard. I put my two thumbs together and ran them up and down the underside of his cock.

He was squirming all over the sofa. I leaned over very close to his cock to give him a view down my blouse. "You've been a good boy lately, I wanted to reward like I said I french anal forced rape uncensored before. There's nothing like a good hard cum after a long day at school is there!" I said. I grabbed his balls with my left hand and stroked him rapidly with my right.

I wanted to see him cum. "You're close aren't you baby? Let Mommy make you explode. I want your cum. Give it to me." I demanded in a low sexy voice. "Ohh yeah." He cried. "Yeah baby. Cum. Cum now. I need it!" I readied my left hand to catch his ejaculate. He lurched up into my shuttling fist.


His face strained. I could feel his whole body tense up stiff. "Yeah that's it baby. Good boy." I said as his cum dribbled out into my hand. "Good boy. Give it to Mommy." I caught all of it, there wasn't a lot. I could tell he was still new to having orgasms as he wasn't producing a lot of semen, and it didn't take him very long to cum. I was looking forward to training his stamina in the future. "Ugn. Ugn.

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Hmmm. Oh god. Thanks Mom." He said. "Your'e very welcome baby. I told you that I would I reward your good behaviour and I always keep my promises." I told him. He was breathing heavily. His chest was rising and falling in rhythm to his cock pulsing in my now very sticky hand. His face was flustered with a look of satisaction on his face.

"That was awesome Mom. You're the best!" He said. "Now, you lie back and take a nap. You've had an eventful day and you need your rest." I told him. I stood up and left him alone to recover. I think I was enjoying our new arrangement has much as he was and couldn't wait for our next rewards session.