Campus ex girlfrienbd lucy doll getting fucked all folded up

Campus ex girlfrienbd lucy doll getting fucked all folded up
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"His strong hands slid down her shoulders and around her back as he pulled her into his body. Her nipples tightened and she wished their clothing would magically disappear leaving nothing between them but heat and skin." Gail is a beautiful 30 year old divorced woman. Her flawless skin, green eyes, long brunette hair and full lips made it difficult for an observer to look beyond this exotic combination to her beautifully formed body with its full breasts and tiny waist which widened out to generous hips and tapered down to long slim legs.

It is as if the Gods had outdone themselves in this the most perfect of creations. As her mother often said, her body was made for bearing children. She is filled with anticipation standing in front of a large home, not a simple home. This home is about 10,000 sq. ft. She thought. The sun is setting and it is going to be dark very soon. She enters to find me pouring myself a drink. " Hi John," She said extending her hand for a hand shake.

" I'm Gail." I turn to face her, " Take your shoes off. Your heels are scratching my floors." " Your floor, this place is yours and there's no one else here?" I just looked at her and took a deep breath.

" You do know your ex- husband Michael gambles," I said sarcastically. " What you may not know is Michael is a broke ass creep. His parents are deadbeat pretentious scam artists. Well creepy Michael made a large bet with me and I won.

I wanted the payoff to be something priceless -- that was you." Her tears are silent. All she can get out, " I have to pee." She wanted to vomit, and look for an escape. she went to the bathroom. The damn bathroom has a small window. Sexy dress, no panties and no birth control. She is fucked and is going to be fucked more.

I stood in the doorway of the bathroom. As if knowing her thoughts, " There's no exit on this side." I put my arms around her, and pulling her close. I'm massive at 6'4". I'm not pulling her close for comfort. I reach around with no effect and unzip her dress. The last barrier she had between us ended up on the floor. As her tears ran down sindy vega pissing all over the bathroom face all I said, " Priceless!" I pull her close, putting my hands on her butt.

She feels me against her stomach growing and growing. Her mind is blank. As a teacher, she has nothing. " I always liked your nice small ass.

Every time I saw you with those cute little outfits, I wanted to grab that butt. You have an awesome body that no one but me will see you naked after tonight.

I would never give you up so easily. I threw her over my shoulder with no effort, like a pillow. I took her down a dark corridor to the last room. At first the room looks like an exercise room, which it is except for the breeding bench. I put her down on the bench. I wrapped a soft leather strap around her neck securing her head in place, facing forward. My hands ran down the lines of her back, spine, ribs, full, dangling breasts.

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My hands are always moving, always working, cinching strap after strap into place, restraining her waist, wrists, upper arms, thighs, and ankles. The slow loss of control of her situation places increasingly more and more power over her destiny into my hands. My hand then covers her vaginal lips, clit, rubbing them slowly at first, but then quickly starting to pick up the pace, until soon her body is rocking back and forth in her bindings.

She hears the cries in her ears of rising pleasure growing steadily louder and more desperate. Then, just as she is on the edge her body tense, as though she is about to explode into a million pieces, I stop, leaving her tied to the breeding bench sobbing in desperation.

She hears my voice, " You're ripe." Gail knew if I put my big penis in her, she would get pregnant. My voice growling softly in her ear about what a beautiful woman she is, how I will help to soothe her desperate arousal, with a steady diet of hot, raw sex and how I'd make sure she will never regret it. My hands stroked over her tight ass and then into the cleft between her legs, rubbing her clit and pussy down there with slow, expert skill, being careful not to press too hard. Once again bring her to the edge and stopping.

I walk around to the front of the bench so she can see my nude body. My penis must have been 9 inches and I'm not even fully erect. Dana is now fearful, I'm going to tear her apart. I'm thick and long. " You don't have to suck me now. I want all my cum in your womb. I haven't had a woman in 48 hours. My purpose is to impregnate you. Not going to waste semen on your face, in your mouth or on your body.

I'm going to fuck you all night into the morning before I let you go to bed. Michael made sure you were off birth control. No lubricant so are you wet?" I walked around behind her and put two fingers in her vagina. My fingers are covered with clear and stretchy ovulating discharge.

I shove four fingers into her to get her ready. Lovesome schoolgirl is seduced and rode by her older lecturer start with two fingers, rubbing her clit and G-spot until she begs me to fuck her. While she moans and screams, I ended finger fucking her just before shoving my big cock in her.

I understand its size and worth and use it appropriately. Gail has always found sex painful, her small body has difficult time with a large male body on top of her. Gail thought doggy style sex was disgusting and nasty. I pushed my long fat cock into her from behind, Gail is having difficulty taking me to the hilt doggy style, at least before she got into it.

She feels nothing but pleasure when I sank my big cock inside her. Her pretty hazel/green eyes roll back in her head, as I start to thrust. Her small body rocks fore and aft as she grunts each time I thrust deep. She feels a familiar knot in her belly and she pants wantonly, eagerly willing her climax to the surface.

" Oh fuck, oh shit, fuck yes," Gail moans as she teeters on the precipice of a massive climax. Her legs start to tremble and her pussy contracting rhythmically. Intense waves of pleasure washes over her and her juices pour from her womb soaking my cock and balls along with her thighs. I pull my fat cock from Gail's pussy and she whimpers disappointed.

She looks down at my cock and smiles when she sees the generous coating of her juices on my shiny flesh. She was so stressed this first short session.

I released her from the breeding bench, as she stepped up to me, her heart is racing. What is she doing? I sneered at her. Then grabbed her hand and spun her. As her back turned to me, she almost fell, but I grabbed her hips to steady her. With a hand on each hip I pull her towards me. She feels my huge penis against her butt. I wrap my right arm around her waist and pushes in hard. Her vagina is dripping as my shaft rocks back and forth. My left hand reaches up and pinches her nipple. What is going on?

She is so turned on she can't think straight. She isn't attracted to me in the least, but somehow she wants me more than anyone before. My left hand stops pinching her nipple. It moves down to her butt, slowly rubbing from the side to the middle.

Then it stops, having found what it is looking for. My hand slides to her anus and a finger pushes a little, inserting inside her a little. Then I pull it out, there is a moment of confusion and then she feels it. My monster penis is slithering down her ass crack at a somewhat awkward angle. Gail tries to shift her weight to get a better angle. I stop at her anus and tried to enter her. Gail froze. It is huge hot vixen luna star gets her bumhole punished she has never had more than a finger in her ass.

This will never work, she thought, as it slithers past. When it slides against her vagina again she almost came. What is going on?

She is a divorced woman with a strange man's dick against her vagina again. She just cannot fight me or herself. Because the harder she tried to fight off her building orgasm, the harder it is coming.


She is about to orgasm. She bit her lip and hide her face. I move both hands to her nipples as I thrust my hips. My head tapping her clit as my cock slides against her vagina. She lost it as quietly as she can.

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Her second orgasm begins as she broke into a sweat. Then another one followed it, followed by another. She almost fell blonde girl enjoy in cum homemade and cumshot managed to stay up.

Her vagina is soaked in her juices. Sweat covers her body. I kneel down, she feels my breath on her vagina as she stood there. I bite one of her cheeks. I came back up. My hands run up the back of her legs as I did. Cupping her butt as I reach full standing.

She pushes back into me. She cannot resist any of this. I cup her breasts. It is gentle and sweet at first, then a rougher. Soon I'm pinching and twisting her nipples. She has never liked this before, but it is making her crazy.

Then I stopped, pulling away from her. I walked to the love seat and sat, she followed. As Gail is figuring whether to sit on me or next to me, I held up my hand. She stopped. I had her stand by the arm of the couch. I ran my hand up her body. The contrast of my hand size and her body is breathtaking. I grab her hair and pull her head down roughly.

She landed with her face in the cushion next to me. My cock stood straight up, rubbing her belly. I held her face down so she can't see what is about to happen.

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I held her hair tightly. Then it happened.


I brought my right hand down hard on her butt. She winced with pain. She has never liked this. I pull her up so I can stand. Then drop her again. She feels my rock hard cock press against her when I stood.


She still is slumped over the arm of the couch. I rub my cock head against her. Gently I work at finding the right angle. She starts to loosen up a little, but not nearly enough to take me. I found the right angle. In one thrust I shove my entire length inside her. It is more painful than her first time. She squeezed the cushion with her manicured nails. My thrusts are hard and deep.

My cock fill her like no one ever had. Through the pain she feels something. It is building fast and hard. Gail has never been a "screamer".

When the orgasm hit her, she went nuts. Screaming, " Harder! Fuck me harder!" I obliged thrusting even harder. She screams louder as the next one hit. My pace quickened. The next one is building. Gail feels my first spurt of cum deep inside her and she lost it. She is whimpering and screaming.

I seem to cum for ever. Finally, I pull out. Her body is limp. She looks over to see me wiping my cock with her skirt. She didn't care. " Go clean yourself," I demanded pointing to the bathroom.

Gail stumbles to truth or dare with blond on omegle bathroom in her heels. My vagina is screaming from being stretched. Now mormon teens tits cummed handjob and blowjob is going to clean up for another round. What was she doing? the second session ended. We returned three hours later after dinner, I informed Gail our third session will be a all night session.

She needed to go to the bedroom to relax and rest. " Lets stretch that pussy, and show it how to really fuck". I said in a low husky voice. My cock is out of my pants, a big powerful monster the purple head glistening with sweat and excitement.

Gail laid back on the bed with her legs spread. I knelt down and begin licking her cunt. She feels my tongue fucking her pussy. She never had a guy tongue her that way before. Then the moment she is waiting for, I slide up and begin kissing her. She feels my tongue enter her mouth and as we tongue each other, she feels my cock at her pussy. My cock head slips in, she feels her sore pussy stretching. Thank God she is as wet as I needed.

She pick up her hips and wrap her legs around my waist. " Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" She gave an animal groan of pleasure as I entered her stretching her pussy.

" Ugggggggg ug, ug, ug, ug, ug!" I begin ramming with all my strength my groin slapping against her sweaty skin. More of my cock sliding in and out of her.

Big bob mom my friend cock is deep in her a little more than half of my nine inch cock and more to come. She feels a tingle deep in her pussy and knew she is about to cum. She tightened down on my cock as I tried to fuck her harder. She soon starts to spasm and held me tight as she moans and starts to scream at the intensity of her orgasm.

I hold my cock in her, then she relaxed. I start to fuck her again then the intensity starts to come again and this time I'm picking up the pace more. She raised her hips to meet my thrusts. She starts to cum again and I'm about to let loose. As she came, I'm squirting my cum deep in her. She feels me squirting her insides with my warm cum. We hold each other tight and kiss, then I withdrew my cock. I then wanted her on all fours and she gladly did it.

I fingered her pussy as I slide my cock into her again. I grab her hair and pull her head back as I fuck her hard. This time she feels me penetrate her cervix and into her womb. It is painful at first but it soon turn to pleasure. No one had fucked her that deep before. As her orgasm is building, I slip my finger in her ass. It feels strange as I fucked her ass with my finger.

Her orgasm grew, and she exploded, bathing my cock with cum. I then came again and she feels my cum deep inside.

The third session ends, we fell asleep. She woke up and made it to the shower the next morning. She still has cum dripping out of her pussy. I joined her in the shower, she sucks my cock and swallows a load of cum. After that she knew why her pussy was still dripping. That morning, I said I wanted her pussy shaved. She had always kept it trimmed neatly. When she got home, she shaved her pussy and have had it shaved since.