Sex x x x x bp 2019

Sex x x x x bp 2019
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I was on the computer chatting on yahoo when there was a knock on my door I go to open it "who's there?" no one answers so I go back on the computer 2 minutes later the door bell rang.

So I look out the window and there was my ex Tiffany Calderin, a tall thick PuertoRican girl with long brown hair, hazel eye's, firm breasts, and a perfect ass. I open the door " Hey jasi can I come in?" she said I look at the clock it was about 12 30 am "you know its almost 1 in the morning right?" "yeah but my girl locked me out" " don't u got a key?" " I do but she got the chain on the door.please can u let me in" I let her in she walked into the living room and I shut the front door then joined her.

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" ok tiff you can sleep on the couch" "awe boo I wanted to sleep wit you" "sorry you got a girl so I am not trying to u cheating on her" " who said I'm a do something wit you?" "girls u know when we always around each other it gets sexual no matter what" "yeah your right" she moves closer to me then continues " its all because you was my first and you make me so wet" Knowing what she was true and the fact that I haven't fucked since October made me want her despite the fact she was taken.

"Let me change into my sleep wear.


I'll bring you some covers" I went into my room and changed into a t-shirt some boy shorts. I look in the mirror, the shorts went real good with my curves.

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I was a long legged, blk/spanish chick with darkish brown hair, and green/brown eye's a B cup and curves in the right places. so I go back into the living room.

She was watching TV in a tank top and some shorts. "hers your covers" " thanks mami.wana watch this with me?" " sure since I'm not sleepy" She spreads the cover out then lays down on the couch, then I lay in front of her. She wrapped her arms around my stomach. As the movie went on I felt something on my leg " Tiff stop I'm not going there with you" "jasi all I' m doing is rubbing your leg" "well stop" She stops and we continued to look at the movie. A little while later I felt her hand again and her licking on my ear this was turning me on but it has to stop.

"tiff come on stop please" "boo I jus want to taste you" I was getting hot then said " I kno but&hellip.we cant" " mami jus a little while longer and I will stop…I jus wana hear ya moan" I let her continue, but she didn't stop after I was moaning like crazy.

She and took off my shorts then took off my tee shirt and got on top of me then started using one hand to suck and rub on my breast and the other to finger my pussy hard. When I came on her fingers she took them out of me, and sucked her fingers clean. She then got lower licking her way down until she reached my wet hot pussy, opened my lips and began pumping her tongue in and out, while she played with my clit.

Then she switched then I went in to a flash back to a girl name tiffany who dragon ball z porn more milk shy but hot, she never did anything with a guy let alone a female and now she was this freaky chick that loves girls and was eatting me out.

the flash quicky gone when i was going for another climax this time it was powerful and felt so damn good. She licked me dry. then she sat up and we shared a sweet kiss. then she told me to go into my bedroom.

when she came into the room she was holding a double headed dildo which she stuck in her then I got on top and stuck the other end in me and began to ride it the feeling was good plus the fact that i was riding her and she was making faces turned me on more.

So about three orgasms later we stopped and laid together.


The next morning I was woken by the door bell so I get up to answer it. It was tiffany's girlfriend Samantha. " umm jasi why you got messages all over tiffany's phone&hellip.I just came by to tell you stay the fuck away from my woman" "hold the fuck up tiffany is the only one who can make that choice" " nah that my woman so stay the fuck away or you gone pay bitch" "who the fuck are you callling a bitch" " well you lost her so get over it " " please if she was still wit you then why she still on me?" Then i guess tiffany most of heard the argument and she came to the door brunette mom needs her daily dose of big black cock with all this ye&hellip." she saw Samantha the got quiet " what the hell are you doing here with her?" said Sam She answers " if you would not of locked me out" " save that shit" she replied "look Samantha nothing happened that was not suppose to happen" I stated She pushed her way in and grabbed me then tiffany pulled her to the wall.

" Sam chill baby damn" Tiffany said as she kissed her then continued " Sam take a good look at jasi and tell me you don't want to taste that" I looked at Sam who was at me in a lustful way. So I want closer to her started kissing her which she seem to like it.

so tiffany joined in. I started licking and suckin on her neck, and tiffany was un zipping her pants. when they were off we got to work down to business. we started licking are. TO BE CONTINUED……&hellip.