Sunny leone washroom xxx story

Sunny leone washroom xxx story
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Kerry leaned against the door, breathing hard. The little sneak! Well, the teasing would only get more intense from here, and she wouldn't let him have his way. Anal fist queen fucks cock deep and hard was going to make him sweat.

She looked in her bag, pulled out some pieces of clothing, thinking, perfect, the makings of a plan forming in her mind. Shane heard her coming down the stairs before he saw her.

Quickly, he drew the pizza out of the oven and started to cut it into slices. He glanced over his shoulder, looking at Kerry, and did a double-take, his eyes nearly popping out of their skulls. She was wearing a loose miniskirt, not too revealing, but still showed an awesome amount of her perfect, tanned legs.

She was wearing no shoes or socks, her nails of her toes painted dark red. His eyes scanned upwards on her body, taking in the small tank-top that rose above her belly button, and looked as if her breasts were straining to push out of. He also noticed that she was wearing no bra, as her nipples were poking through the thin fabric. She giggled, bringing him back to the present. The sound of scraping alerted him to the fact that, while he had been ogling Kerry, he had cut through the pizza, and had started on the plate.

He felt his face burn as he quickly turned round to finish the pizza. "Hey, erm. just take a seat, I'll have this on plates in a moment." Mumbled Shane, fishing some plates out of the cupboard. Kerry sat down, scraping her chair back loudly to get Shanes attention. When she was sure he was looking at her, she 'clumsily' knocked her knife off of the table.

"Oops!" She giggled, bending over the chair to get to it. One foot lifted off the floor, and her skirt rode up, giving Shane a good view of her panty-clad bum. Once she was sure he had seen enough, she grabbed her knife and stood back up, her skirt covering her bum once more, and she saw Shanes eyes dart away.

They ate in silence for the next fifteen minutes, gorgeous nao in hot white lingerie masturbating spent by Shane daringly trying to get a glimpse of Kerry's cleavage without her noticing. Of course, she did notice, as he was being plainly obvious, but she wanted him to have a look, to see what he couldn't have, make him sweat. Finishing her last crust of pizza, she ran her finger through a spot of tomato sauce, placing it on her tongue seductively before drawing it out, moaning "Mmmmm, that was delicious." She made a point of stretching as she stood up, pressing her tits against the thin fabric of her tank top.

"Hey, I was wondering, d'you mind if I go and sun myself outside? You've got an awesome deck." "Yeah, sure." Shane leapt at the chance. "Cheers." Said Kerry, standing up. "I'll just go and get changed, I think I might have brought a bikini with me, I probably left one in the bag from when I went to the beach the other day." She tiptoed back to the stairs and ran up them.

Shane felt ecstasy, as he went and laid a towel on the deck, ready for Kelly. His window was directly above the deck! He quickly sprinted to his room. Inside Shane's parents room, Kerry was rifling through her bag. She had indeed brought a bikini, but it wasn't exactly what she had had in mind. When she went to the beach, it had been with her ex-boyfriend, and it comprised of just a black string thong, barely enough to cover her pussy, and the top just covered her nipples, nothing else. But, where was the top?

It was too revealing, but it was better than going out naked. It wasn't in her bag. Damn. She'd have to go out topless. She noted with relief the sound of Shanes door closing next door, meaning that he wouldn't see her as she left the room. She had wanted to tease him, but now show him the whole thing. She could wear a t-shirt, but she didn't want big pale patches once she had a tan.

Ah, well, she'd just have to lie on her front. She opened the door, dressed only in her black string thong.


She slowly headed down the stairs, one breast cupped in each hand. She finally made her way to the back double glass doors, and opened them. She was pretty sure he would be watching, somewhere, and hesitated before heading out into the sun.

The bare wood was warm against her slender latina looker has her pussy hammered and she avoided looking up, as she had now realised that Shane's bedroom window was directly above the decking that she was going to lie on.

She pretended to look around, feigning modesty, and she caught a glimpse of Shanes face up against his window.

She smiled. Getting a bit bolder, she slowly dropped each breast, and still they seemed to be floating, not sagging at all. As she kneeled down, Shane had a full side view of her perky tits. She lay down, squishing them against the decking. Shane's sensual lesbian couple pussylicking together girlfriends fingering was inches away from the window, his breathing coming heavy. She would be out soon.He waited, until he heard his parents door open, and Kerry making her way down the stairs.

Any minute now.suddenly, he saw the double doors swing open below him, and a long, tanned leg step out onto the decking. This was swiftly followed by the awesome-figured Kerry, who.wait a minute, she was wearing no bikini top!

Shane watched, open-mouthed, his eyes latched solely on her hand-covered tits, the anticipation making him breathe heavier and heavier. Slowly, she dropped her hands, and Shane saw the tits for the second time, and they, if possible, seemed even more amazing than the first time, when he had only caught a fleeting glimpse of the beauties.

He got a good look in, before she lay down on the decking, hiding the most part of her tits out of view. Though, she still had an awesome, near-naked body, and Shane wasn't going to pass up the chance.

He slowly started jacking off. Sleep slowly took hold of Kerry, as her eyes fluttered in the mid-day sun. Soon, she was totally out of it, the heat sending her into a deep sleep. Without knowing, she rolled over in her sleep, her hands laying by her sides, her tits suddenly in full view of anyone who happened to glance out of their window. Well, at least she'd get no tan lines. It was well over an hour before she woke up and decided to go back inside before she badly burnt herself. Carefully covering each breast, she stood up.

Walking towards the back door and yawning, she caught a glimpse of a foot disappearing back upstairs through the clear glass, and giggled, reaching out for the handle, and cfnm stripper fucks and jizzes babe at cfnm party tube porn it down.

Pulled it down harder. And Harder. It seemed as if the handle met an invisible barrier every time she pulled it down. It was locked. "Shit." She muttered.

She was furious, the little prick had locked her out, this time out of the house! She swallowed her pride as she hammered on the glass, then quickly covered her tit that had dropped free. It wasn't long before Shane came thundering down the stairs, a fake look of shock on his face. He obviously had a boner, as he had his hands stuffed in his pockets, and shuffled to the door rather than walked. He slowly opened the door, and there was a moment of awkwardness as Kerry mumbled "Thanks." And stepped into the house.

Then there was a moment, a while, actually, where they both stood, saying nothing. Shanes eyes were fixated on her covered boobs, finally close enough that he would have been able to touch them.

Seconds passed by, as they both looked into each other's eyes, neither having to look up or down, then, Shane kissed her. It took her a few moments to register, but finally Kerry kissed back too, letting her arms fall to her sides and her breasts push against Shane's chest. He pulled her into a tight embrace before letting her go, grinning. "Well." Gasped Kerry. Suddenly, overpowered by lust, Shane placed his hands on her tits, moving in for another kiss which Kerry accepted.

A few moments later, Shane lifted the madly giggling Kerry onto his shoulder, and with renewed effort, jogged up the stairs, her tits bouncing against his back. Kicking his door open, he dropped Kerry onto his king-sized bed, looking down at her figure. He had an amazing-looking woman lying on his bed, grinning up at him. "You've been a naughty girl, haven't you?" Laughed Shane, sitting on the edge of the bed and pulling Kerry towards him, lying her across his lap, his raging boner pressing into her side.

"Uh-huh." Giggled Kerry, and Shane felt a wet spot on the side of his leg where Kerry's pussy was. He lifted his hand up, and brought it with a sharp *slap* on each cheek a couple of times, at which point Kerry was moaning with pleasure. It seemed she liked light punishment. When this was done, Shane lifted her back onto the bed on her back. He kneeled down, and fished the thong off of her clean-shaven pussy with his mouth. He stopped to stare at the wonder for a few seconds before burying his head in it, tentatively prodding and inserting his tongue into her soaking lips.

He felt her juices flowing around his tongue, she was unbelievably tight. He felt her shudder as she had an orgasm, lying limply back onto the bed. Shane still had a raging boner that was threatening to break the seams of his jeans. "Aww, let me return the favour!" Said Kerry, standing up, and kneeling at the foot of the bed. She motioned for Shane to sit on the edge, and he did, knowing what was about to come. "Ever had a blowjob?" Asked Kerry, looking up with big eyes. She replied to his shake of his head, "well, this is my first time giving one, so we're both beginners!" She fished his cock out of his pants with difficulty, it springing loose as soon as she got part out.

It was decent, about 6 and a half inches, maybe seven. He knew he wouldn't last long as the tip of her tongue touched the very end of his cock, sending waves of pleasure through his body and making him moan. She slowly circled the head, his moans getting louder as he tried to fight the urge to blow his load.

Though, he couldn't hold it. As she enveloped the head in her moist mouth, Shane felt his balls suddenly tighten, the knowing feeling, then he pushed her head back, not wanting to blow in her mouth if she didn't want it.

But, just at the last second, she pulled it back into her mouth with knowing eyes, just hawt drilling with hard one eyed monster time to catch the whole of his load in her gaping jaws.

A trickle dripped down her chin, and she seductively licked it off, swallowing every last drop of his warm cum. They both collapsed onto the bed in a tight embrace, hot and sweaty, breathing heavily. It was a while before Shane was ready for 'round two', now totally at the mercy of this more experienced woman.


She nodded at his get up, realising what he wanted and lay on her back. Shane got in between her long, smooth legs, and guided his hardening cock to the lips of her pussy, teasing her and making her moan. Eventually, when he was fully hard again, he slid his cock into her soaking pussy, gliding into the tight depths. He went halfway up his shaft, then drew out again.

He did this for a while, slowly, falling into a steady rhythm, until she moaned, "Harder, Shane, Harder please!" Obeying her needs, he grabbed the sides of her toned stomach, and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

He ripped his sweaty t-shirt and pants, lastly throwing his boxers to the floor, before entering her again, and slowly buried his shaft to the base, moans escaping from her lips, and his face contorted in pleasure.

He went faster, falling into a quicker rhythm, his balls smacking against her ass. He lasted a bit longer this time, his cum reserves just recovering from his blowjob.

He was lasting pretty long for a beginner, when, finally, he withdrew his cock with the same feeling as before, rested his shaft on the lips of his pussy, and carrying on with his hand for a few seconds, finally blowing his load all over her stomach and tits.

It was with a smile on his face that he collapsed exhausted but happy, next to her. They had a long kiss before they both drifted off into a peaceful slumber, her tits covered in his cum. Shane woke up alone, and worried that it had all been a dream. It was dark outside. Then he realised that he was naked, above the covers. He never slept naked, he noted with relief. It hadn't been a dream. He faintly heard the sound of a shower coming from the bathroom.

He quickly got up, and walked, naked, to the bathroom, quickly entering, where he could see Kerry behind the clear glass, and he was glad his parents had decided to install this particular shower. He opened the door, startling Kerry, but put his finger to her lips as he stepped inside, closing the door behind him.

She smiled, kissing him passionately. He santa baby haley reed drilled by hunky strager in public reality and outdoor two fingers into her dripping pussy, leaning down to envelope a breast in his mouth, suckling like a new-born infant, his tongue exploring the magnificent, hard nipples.

He felt her juices flow over his fingers and he turned the shower cold, making her nipples go even harder. They stayed in the shower for a long time, giving each other as much as they got, before they finally stepped out, not bothering to dry as they walked downstairs in the darkness, Kerry leading Shane by the hand.

She shushed him as they stepped outside into the warm, breezeless night, and wandered over to the fence, the water quickly drying on their bodies. Shane caught on to her idea and grinned, placing his hands under her buttocks and lifting her over the fence before jumping over himself.

Before them lay their neighbours pool, shimmering in the moonlight. The household was asleep, and Kerry led him quietly to the edge of the pool, where they both sat down, slowly sliding in, locked in a passionate embrace.

They chased each other up and down, Shane catching her every now and then and playing with her tits, Kerry likewise with his cock, before they eventually made it back into Shane's house, drying each other off and going back to Shane's bed, Kerry slipping a pair of thin white panties on, and Shane a clean pair of boxers. They both lay down above the covers, too hot to go beneath.

Shane hugged her close, burying his face in her shoulder, and smelling her beautiful hair, before slipping off into a contented sleep. "Hey, babe." Shane murmured sleepily, looking at the figure of Kerry, who had just got up.

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"Oh sorry, did I wake you?" She asked, kneeling on the bed, her tits bouncing. "Yeah." Mumbled Shane. "But I'm glad." He smiled as he kissed her.

He grinned even further as he realised they still had three days. This was going to be good. Over the next three days, Shane and Kerry fucked relentlessly, in the kitchen, on the stairs, everywhere.

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It was a moment of unhappiness for both of them when Shane's parents knocked at the door. "Seeya later, Shane." Kerry kissed Shane, before opening the door. A few minutes later, and she was gone. A few months later, when he was off school for the summer, Shane got one of many texts from Kerry. It read: 'Hey Shane, just wondering if u want 2 cum 2 mine for a week?

;) U cud tell ur parents you're goin away with mates? X Kerry.


It was with a smile plastered on his face that he replied, and went downstairs to tell his parents. This was going to be a good summer, that was for sure!