Teen bikini hd and petite masturbation sexy young girls alexa nova and kendall woods

Teen bikini hd and petite masturbation sexy young girls alexa nova and kendall woods
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He throughly enjoyed going to his son's pop warner football games a few years back. The little tyke was going to be everything his 'old dad wasn't, with athletic and quick feet, right? Yeah, probably not. But it was worth dreaming. Christopher Rinaldi had been blessed with good instincts but was quite simply never able to carry out his athletic dreams.

He loved the notion that his alone in home big ass David would do that. But then the realization always hit that the same genes Christopher received from his dad, were passed down to his only son. He was sure to hit a time in his development -- around high school most likely -- that the bad knees and loose joints would kick in.

What Christopher did not think he would enjoy doing a few years later, however, was going to more pop warner football games. This time it wasn't his son playing, but his daughter on the sidelines as part of the cheerleading squad. But he did. The first game, after reluctively going to the game, he found it to be a visually pleasing experience. He couldn't quite look at his daughter in a sexual way.

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But there was another girl, a dirty blonde, who looked to be years ahead of the rest in her developement. She looked more like a freshman in high school instead of what was the actuality: all the girls were all in their first year in middle school, between 10 and 11 years old. After he enjoyed the first time, he had to pretend to his wife that he liked going because it gave him a "chance to read and catch some fresh air." During that first game, he watched the dirty blonde.

She was a little stockier than most of the girls but still skinny. She had perky breasts but with a little cleavage. His eyes were affixed the entire time. Her skirt was a little higher than the rest and he kept watching in case it raised up or bounced up and he could see her little chearleading underwear.

What he was really doing was to see enough so he could later masturbate at home. Christopher had a dynamite wife but left him fantisyzing years ago.

She used to act dirty around him. She used to drop and suck his dick with no warning, swallowing his whole load. She used to, without warning, grab him, pull him to the nearest object she could lean over, pull her pants down, spit saliva into her hand, make her asshole completely wet and then guide his dick into the spot. He used to love eating her out. Slowly but surely, things would change.

First it went from swallowing to spitting. Then to warning her so she could come off before he went in her mouth. Now? Nothing by missionary style. No oral. No anal. Christopher resorted to a lot of porn. His wife has caught him a few times after checking the internet history when Christopher hadn't been as careful as he should have been in deleting the history or the contents he saved.

The last time, his wife threatened to leave him if it happened again. He promised her it wouldn't. But he knew he would. He then discovered the joy, first of all, of having two different web browsers. Firefox was his default, everything opened in that. Internet explorer only opened via menus and submenus that only he knew about. He still deleted the history when he remembered.

But since nobody ever knew how to get to that browser, nobody ever knew what porn he was looking at. His wife would go to Firefox ocassionally and check the internet history when he wasn't around and wouldn't find anything but normal stuff.

He liked this setup. In viewing porn, he especially loved using xnxx.com because of its menu of different porn categories. He also loved the girls' directory. He could go straight for Taylor Rain son rape his sexy mom Gen Padova -- his two favorites -- instead of get random porn stars. He had never had an affair. But he imagined.

And he was imagining doing it with an underage girl -- though he knew if real life it would stepmom bianca having a threesome sex with a teen couple end up happening without consequences following. As he sat in the first row of the stands, all of a sudden, the cheerleaders turned toward the field and bent over a little to drop the pom-poms.

The dirty blonde's skirt hiked up just enough to get a peak of her panties. When she stood back up straight, the skirt was stuck a little and in that split second before she was able to reach back and swipe it back down, he was able to glimpse her butt cheeks a little.

The panties had wedged when she had bent over and he saw her cheeks hanging out. How he would love to grab her, throw her down, get on her ass, stretch her asshole and squirt inside.

He was so hard while watching this game.


Before he knew it, the game was done. Like all parents, he went down to the field level to get his respective kid. He gave his daughter Morgan a hug and said she did great. He noticed the dirty blonde didn't have any parents greeting her. He asked Morgan who the girl was. "Ashley," she replied. "Her mom is always late." He knew what he would do to seem like a concerned person instead of a pedophile.

"Oh no, that's awful. Do you think we should just give her a ride home?" Morgan said we should. Christopher approached Ashley and told her that if her mom had a cell phone, he would call it and just take her home. Ashley gave it to him. He called. The woman on the other end seemed frazzled. There was a man's voice in the background. Christopher faintly heard him say the lady should put her clothes on and go pick up her daughter.

Was this not Ashley's father? Did she have a father? Christopher offerred. The woman accepted. The two girls followed Christopher to the Kia minivan. And hopped in, both sitting in the back and giggling on the way to Ashley's house.

Occassionally Ashley would interject with a new direction. "Hey, girls, you're doing an awful lot of giggling back there. You must be talking about boys!" They just started giggling. After they dropped off Ashley, Christopher told Morgan that her friend seemed nice.

"How come you've never had her over before?" "I don't know," Morgan responded. "I guess I didn't really know her until this year. She just moved in at the end of this last school year." "And why didn't you get to know the new girl?

You should always make people jim slip eurteen summer breeze welcome. I've taught you that." "I know. It's just, whenever I invited her to do something, she said she was hanging out with her boyfriend." "Oh." "Dad, please, I know, I know, I'm not allowed to date until i'm 16. But that doesn't mean everyone else feels the same way. Her mom doesn't care about what she does." Christopher seemed pleased.

Girls who came from lock-key families usually turned out to be complete whores.

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"Man, that's awful. Who was she going out with anyway?" He was expecting to hear Tommy Newborn or Nevin Johnson, the two bad-boys of Morgan's class. Instead, Morgan told him it was Jimmy Price, who was a freshman at the high school. Wow! Surely she's had sex before, then. Jimmy was known to be a bad boy. I mean, Tommy or Nevin was one thing. But to get a bad boy a few years older? "Hey Dad?" Morgan said. "Yeah." "Can she come over to spend the night?" "No.

You are still grounded, remember?" Christopher really wanted Ashley to come over. He was just starting it out this way so that in the end, he could give in and make him his daughter's hero.

The conversation went back and forth as to why she was grounded and what she had done to earn her way out of groundation. "OK," Christopher finally said. "You can invite her over." "Yea! I'll call her when I get home." ------------------------------ Ashley and Morgan were upstairs. Talking boys. Christopher went up to see how they were doing and if they wanted pizza for dinner.

"Yea" they yelled out in unison. "Already done. I thought ahead." Christopher went and got the second of the pizzas and brought the whole box to Morgan's suite.

It was more than a room. There were three sections to it. The middle section had the X-Box 360. Christopher sat down and joked that one of these days, he would learn kinky czech sweetie gapes her narrow vagina to the peculiar to play this thing. He was no good at video games.

What a waste of time. The two girls continued to giggle. Christopher had thought long and hard about how he would get in Ashley's pants. He decided the way was to let Ashley get in his pants first. He played video games for awhile and then layed down and pretended to sleep. A few times the girls tried to get his attention.

"Dad?" said Morgan. "Mr. Rinaldi?" said Ashley. "Man, when your dad falls asleep, he really falls asleep," Ashley commented. Awhile passed and Morgan said she was going to take a shower. She left. He knew she was in the shower because he could hear the pipes. He continued to pretend he was asleep. "Mr. Rinaldi?" said Ashley. She was closer to him.

She laid her hand over his dick, softly. It had already been hard for quite some time. He could hear Ashley gasp in amazement. He was about 7 inches long and very thick. For sure bigger than Ashley's boyfriend Jimmy. All of a sudden, he felt her hand go down his pants and grab his dick softly. If he was going to act, he needed to act now. He sprung his eyes open and acted horrified to find Ashley there with his dick in her hand.

"What are you doing?!!?!" Ashley stammered around, trying to find an answer. She hadn't thought of a good excuse in case she were caught. "You were feeling my penis!" Christopher said. "I, I. umm. it's just. " she continued stammering. Christopher continued to look upset. "Wait until I tell your mother." "No please don't.

She'll be upset if she found out I was doing this to an older man. She made me promise I wouldn't screw up my life rachel steele gynwith son milfga she did hers. She'll kill me if she finds out about this." "I don't understand," Christopher repied.

He really didn't. Why would her mom be upset? He knew Morgan had told him Ashley's mom didn't care what her daughter did. Morgan was wrong.

"My mom got pregnant early and says she is addicted to sex now and doesn't want me to end up like that!" "Really?" "Yes, please. I'll do anything if you don't say anything to my mother." "Oh, this isn't just about her. I'll tell everyone!" A look of absolute horror. Tears started to come out.


"Please don't." "Tell you what," Christopher said, thinking of his plan coming to fruition. "I've got an idea. If you play along, I won't tell anybody." "OK, anything." "OK, here's what we're going to do.

For every thing I say that you do, you'll get a certain amount of points. When you reach 5,000 points, I'll refuse to tell anybody what you did.

If you refuse to do any one thing, you'll lose 1,000 points." Christopher was playing on her ignorance. He could go to jail for what he was about to do.

No matter what Ashley initially did, the law wouldn't care. But what he did, it would. He knew Ashley wouldn't know otherwise. "What kind of things?" she asked. "Well, for example, if you suck on my penis, you'll get 100 points. If you let me touch your private parts, you'll get 20 points, things like that." "But I'm still a virgin!" she pleaded.

"Still a virgin and dating Jimmy that is three years older than you?" "Oh, no, we're not going stunning minx cheats on boyfriend with hung stepbro cock. He dumped me because I wouldn't have sex with him." "Well, you'll end up doing it with me." "Please, no, I'm still a virgin," was Ashley's last-ditch effort.

"OK, OK, it's cool, I'll just go tell everyone." "OK, I'll do it." Christopher heard the water pipes stop already. He needed to finish this soon. "Tell nobody about our game or I'll release your secret." "I won't, I promise." Christopher's elaborate plan was working. He had spent 45 minutes thinking about it after he knew Ashley was going to be coming over.

He knew when to go up to Morgan's room. He knew when she liked to shower. "OK, well Morgan will be up here again soon. I'm going to just pretend I'm asleep now.

Tell Morgan you are going to take a shower now. Go to the bathroom. In the towel closet, in the very back, I put a digital camera. Take a bunch of naked pictures of yourself. A BUNCH! Of your pussy, asshole, breasts. Everything. Do it with the water running so nobody will hear you.

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Then put the camera back. If you do this, I'll give you 30 points." "OK, I will. Then what?" "Spend the night again tomorrow and I'll let you earn more points then." "OK. I will. Please don't tell anyone." "You just fulfill our agreement, I won't tell a soul. I hear Morgan coming. I'm sunny leone bf story new 2019 to pretend I'm asleep." Christopher laid down and pretended he was asleep. Morgan came in the room.

Ashley and her talked for a bit and then Ashley said she was going to take a shower, if it was OK. "Of course it is," Morgan responded. "Do you even need to ask? The towels are in the closet on the left-hand side." Ashley left and almost no sooner did she then Christopher opened his eyes a tiny bit and noticed his daughter was wearing nothing but a towel.

"Holy shit," he thought. He wasn't sure, when he set his whole grand plan up, if Ashley would try and deny that she was touching him. So he had secretly set up a camcorder in the entrance to the room and set it at wide angle so it would capture everything in his one room. But he knew it would also capture part of the open room to the right, because of the way it was angled. Not only would he get pictures of Ashley naked, but video of his daughter naked, too. Not that he was interested in his daughter that much.

But he wanted to know how developed she had become. Did she have pussy hair yet? Now he would know. Before she started to change, she came over and rustled him. "Daddy, wake up! Christopher pretended he was being awoken from a deep slumber. "What time is it?" "Only like 9:30. But I have to change." "Oh. Is your mom home from her stupid school meeting?" "No, not yet." "Mmm.

OK. I'm going to bed, I think. Goodnight." "Goodnight daddy." Christopher went downstairs were the bathroom was, next door to his bedroom, though you had to go out the room and down the hall to get to it. He sat in his room with the light off until, after about half hour, he heard the pipes stop.

The water had stopped. Any moment now, he would see pictures of Ashley. NAKED!!! He heard the door open and Ashley start to go upstairs. He heard his daughter say (because her voice often carried), "man it took you long enough!" Christopher slid into the bathroom, locked the door, reached behind all the towels and found the camera.

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He grabbed it and turned it on. There they were! He kept scrolling. Holy shit! He wondered if his daughter had pussy hair, but figured Ashley already did. In the pictures she didn't.


She must shave it! It was the best looking pussy ever! She had a flat lower belly until it hit a perfect mound. Some of the pictures were with her spreading her pussy lips. She was completely pink. He found the pictures she took from behind on all four, spreading her ass cheeks and showing her asshole. He loved them. He got down on his knees and pulled out his dick and started to masturbate. He imagined cramming his dick inside of her pussy and her loving it. It took him about 25 xxx storys sex with step mother at home and no more before he exploded, capturing his sperm in his hand, with the overflow going over the top and dropping to the hardwood floor.

He cleaned it up and took the camera out. He would save the pictures to the hidden partition to his computer right away. Then, if someone asked for the camera, he could give it to them and the slate would be clean.

Plus, on the computer, the pictures would show up even bigger! He was loving this game! Only 4,970 points left!