Hot teenager taking it in both holes small tits and pornstars

Hot teenager taking it in both holes small tits and pornstars
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Slowly, I left the house without being noticed by anyone to my hostel. That day, in the evening, avinash came to my hostel .he gave me a pendrive and asked me to play it in the pc. (I know that he brought the prone videos .he used to collect new prone videos every week and used to watch them at my room and I am in a plan to get out of hostel and rent a house for myself.) I have noticed that most of the videos of his collection are of incest sex.

So, I asked him if he had crush on his sister hasmika. He told me that he was controlling his crush over my sister Lisa. (I have a sister named lisa who is 15 years.) He told me "I have seen your sister the last month when your parents visited your hostel and your sister is hot in her red dress." I got a plan to fulfil my wish to fuck avinash's sister, I told him "I know she is hot .she is well grown now as she is matured last year and especially her tits.

They are gorgeous for her age. " "Can you make me a favour by consoling her to one gils five boys rap my wish?" he replied with some hesitation. I thought it is right time to express my crush towards her, I replied "ok. I will try that when my parents are out on a trip and I can't promise you she will accept to do so.

But, in return, I need you to seduce your sister and give me a chance to fuck your sister hasmika. Can you? " "Well, I will try.

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She is going to stay here for 4 months. Later, she is leaving to city in search of a job." he replied and I was happy that I will have a chance if he can seduce her sister.

By then, I got a call from my parents to come home immediately as they are leaving to succumbing to beautys oral sex blowjob amateur cousin's marriage function the next morning and my sister is alone at home due to her periods. They also told me that they will return the next week. It is a happy new for my friend avinash who was excited on listening to this news.

I told avinash to rent a new house for me and I will try to seduce my sister to have sex and I will bring her to the new house you are going to rent for me so that he can have a chance to fuck her. ----------------------------------- I left to my town that evening with some sextoys to seduce my sister. My sister lisa is pretty and innocent girl.

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I have never thought of vulgar things to do with her. But, due to my experience in sex from last two days with avinash's mother, my dick is waiting for another chance to fuck someone. It took 2 hours for me to reach my town and by the time I reached my house, my parents are out to leave the house.

I wished them to have happy journey and after they started, I went into the house. As soon as I pass in the house, I got a heartfelt welcome by my sister with a bear hug. I was arouse by her action and her hot body is arousing my feelings and I can feel her springy tits on my chest. She was joyful to see me because I used to play different games with her whenever she felt, she is now going to pass 7 days with me and she is hoping that I could keep amused her more.

She grip my hand and asked me "I am feeling bore .please plan a game tonight. We will play until we fall asleep and no parents to scold us to sleep early. " (she spoke the words babyishly.) I thought that luck is following me in the form of shadow and I thought of seducing her tonight itself and answered her saying "ok dear. But, playing is simple and routine. Do u like to try new thing by playing something that you have to play after few more years?

" She was excited with my words and reacted happily and told me that she will play whatever I asked to. I felt happy myself and told her to wait in her room and I will come to her room after having a shower and also asked her to have a shower so that she would feel fresh. She nodded with a cute laugh and ran to her room.

After taking a shower, (I was in a hurry to fuck her so, I did things in hurry) I took the sex toys and some nutella(chocolate flavour cream) in a bag and went to my sister's room. She was taking still taking shower and I waited for her for some time. Then, she came out wrapping a towel and felt shy looking at me and told me to wait out for some time.

I laughed at her and told her "the game to be played would be awesome if you are play with this attire." She felt shy and laughed and replied "ok. But, why didn't you have this attire? " I laughed myself for her innocent reply and told her "I will also do that after explaining you the game." She laughed and asked me to explain the game. GAME STARTS: I took out the nutella .(she loves to eat it a lot but, mother used to give her only during her tiffin in a limited quantity .) She applauded and came near me in a rush ignoring that she has only a towel covering her awesome body and I can see her boobs bouncing while she jumped and thought to myself that I am going to squeeze those two sacks (boobs) in a short while.

I pulled it away from her and told her it is to be used during the game and I dipped my fore finger into the cream and asked her to lick the cream from my finger. Joyfully, she started licking my finger and shock waves passed through my body every time her tongue licked my finger. Next, I took some cream and applied it on my cheek and held her hands to avoid her from using her hands and without any hesitation, she licked it and cleaned my cheek.

Now, I applied some cream on my lips. Now, she hesitated a bit but, licked and licked my lips .she turning horny now. This time, I applied some cream on my tongue and kept my tongue out .she licked it slowly not to touch my tongue but, I slowly drew my tongue inside my mouth and her tongue followed mine and at last, I twisted my tongue around her tongue and pressed her head into me and started kissing her smoothly and she was enjoying the sensation .now, she forgot everything and is enjoying the taste of first kiss.

I was alarmed that she was expecting more from me. Without breaking the kiss, I lifted her and laid her on the bed and continued to kiss her. After long time of kiss, I took off my shirt and I told her that I will lick the cream from her now. I took some cream and applied It on the bulged boobs peeping out of her wardrobe. She felt shy but, did not oppose.

Now, I started licking her boobs and the cream. She started moaning lightly in excitement. I took her wardrobe off her top and started kissing her cute boobs and with other hand, squeezed the other boob.

She was enjoying it a piss mich voll du sau2. Her soft moans are electrifying me to go wild. But, I there is some more time to go wild. I thought of moving to next step. I asked her if she likes the game. She replied laughing "I love this game. I haven't played such anywhere. Please play with me for some more time," I replied" sure. There is more game left over to be played. Now, we will move to next stage of this game.

" telling her these words, I took off my short and underwear unlocking my dick directed towards her. It is stiff with desire to fuck. She passionate youing couple love to play around in bed amused to look at my dick and asked "what is that?" I replied, "This is an important toy in this game and you will like it." She lifted her wardrobe and checked her pussy and told "I don't have that .how can I play?" "Don't worry, you don't need it" I replied smiling.

Now, I applied the cream to head of my dick and directed it towards her. She is interested in playing the game .so, she did not hesitate to lick it.

I applied more cream on the dick completely and asked her to open her mouth widely. She did so and I started stroking my dick in her mouth. She pushed me for a while and continued to take my dick. She sucked my dick for about 10 minutes and I am losing control to fuck her pussy. I don't want to cum in her mouth which spoils the whole plan. So, I took off her wardrobe and asked her to widen her legs and she did so. I applied some cream on her hair less tender pussy now.

She giggled as my hand touched her pussy. I started licking her pussy and she is moaning louder as I licked her vigorously.

She pressed my head shouting"ooooooooooh! My brother,…&hellip.aaaaaaaaaaah………&hellip.lick it……&hellip.lick it…&hellip.i like it …&hellip.yeah……do not stop it …………brother……………" I thought it was time for me to let my finger into her.

I slowly inserted a finger into her making her scream but, I held her not to move and continued fingering her pussy. She is screaming and screaming but, never left her .i increased the speed and gradually, the juices rolled out of her pussy. I have inserted one more finger into her pussy and continued fingering her. She is screaming, squealing, shouting but, I continued fingering her .finally I stopped fingering keeping my fingers in the pussy. I kissed her and she responded to my kiss and again started fingering her pussy.

Slowly, I inserted one more finger and continued kissing and fingering. She is trying her best to get my fingers off her pussy by lifting her butt, and finally, I applied some lubricant so that it won't hurt her tender pussy. I also applied some lubricant in her pussy by inserting a finger.

Now, I positioned myself between her legs and my dick is ready to enter her virgin pussy. I rested over her and kissed her. I rubbed her Clint with my cock and pushed it lightly and she haciendmadura peru amateurs real anal senoras culonas infieles xxx suegras in seducing voice.

Only the head entered her pussy. I pulled it out and pushed it harder tearing her layer of virgin and made her cry out in pain "aaaah! Brother, it is paining, stop it, aaah! Please stop it". Tears rolled out of her eyes.

I did not give up and again pushed it deeper which made about three by fourth of my cock entered her pussy and continued throbbing her virgin pussy slowly so that she would enjoy my cock in her. Her moans are following the rhythm of my cock throbbing her pussy. Now, I increased my speed making her scream. She placed my palm on my waist opposing my force.

She is screaming louder now.


I have taken top gear speed and banged her pussy harder and harder and her screams and yells did not resist my speed. I can't believe myself that I am fucking my own little virgin sister deep in her pussy .her boobs are vibrating as I fucked her harder and harder.

She is screaming like"oooooh my brother, I love this game aaaaaaah! Yeah go on, don't stop that continue the game till the end aaaaaah! My god, put it deep in me&hellip.yeah…&hellip." I was encouraged by her to go wild. I throbbed her little pussy deeper and deeper.

I am now going to cum and I want to cum inside her and throbbed her harder and harder. She is squeezing the bed to tolerate my fuck and I continued throbbing her .her little pussy is punished by my cock harder and harder.

She is also about to cum and her juices are oozing from her pussy. I want to finalize our session and fell over her and lifted her legs apart and started deep fucking and made sexy legal age teenager sweetie gives a ride hardcore blowjob scream more and more and finally, I filled her virgin little pussy with my hot liquids and she gave aloud scream as I cummed I her pussy and left my cock remain In her pussy till last drop is left in her.


I caressed her pussy and kissed her and enjoyed squeezing her boobs. I asked her if she loved the game. She laughed and told "I love this game and I want to play this game every day." "We will .but, do not let our parents know about this game. You should have played this game after 18 years and don't play with anyone else.


If you want to play with anyone, let me know first. " I replied. She laughed and hugged me tightly and kissed me. Her action made my dick harden again. Now, I am ready for second organism with my sister. I asked her "there is still some game left to be played.

Do you want me to do that?" She was excited and replied" If the game is over, restart the game.

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I am ready to play." This time, I decided to give her anal fuck and took the lubricant and the vibrator. I applied some lubricant to her asshole and lubricant made my finger pass through easily but made my sister scream I pain.

She tried to pull my hand but, I held her hand and started throbbing her asshole with my finger. After fingering her asshole, I slowly inserted the vibrator into her tight asshole.

She yelled as I inserted the vibrator into her asshole and screamed when i switched on the vibrator. She is moaning louder and louder and pressed the vibrator hard in her pussy. I pushed my cock in real mom boy incest cum mouth and asked her to suck my cock like a lollypop and it hardly fit into her mouth.

I gradually increased the speed of the vibrator and she is trying to pull her ass away from me but, I pulled it back and throbbed the cock in her ass. After vibrating her ass for about 15 minutes, I took out the vibrator from her asshole and my cock from her mouth and with a single hard push, buried my 7 inches cock deep in her asshole and she shrieked in pain .I caressed her smoothly and started throbbing slowly and she continued yelling every time my dick was buried completely in her hole.

Gradually increased my phase and fucked her harder and she was begging me to slowdown but, I am not in a mood to listen to my little sister after 5 minutes of fierce anal fuck, I changed her position to doggy style and continued my assault on her asshole with my dick clearing its way deep into her asshole.

Finally, I filled her asshole with my juices and left her asshole. She took some time to regain her strength that night. In the mid night, I gave her deep throat fuck making her to gorgeous aleska rides on a thick schlong my cum. She was completely tired that night. I want to know if she loved the game or not. So, as soon as she woke up, I asked her ""do you like the game played last night?" She replied" it was paining in beginning but, I love that.

Shall we play the game again tonight? " I felt happy with her words and now, I have to give a chance to my friend to let his dick fuck my little sister's cute pussy .by then, I received a call from my friend avinash that he has found a new house for me to stay instead of my hostel and he has shifted my luggage to new rented house from my hostel.

I thought it was right time for introducing my friend's dick to my sister's pussy. So, I told my sister that "my friend invited has invited us to lunch today. Will you join us?" She replied" Take permission from mom and dad.

Then, I will join you." I called to my mom and told her about lunch at my friend's house and took permission to take my sister along with me.

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But, my plan was different……&hellip."I am about to give my sister's pussy to my friend." We got ready and started to the town where I used to stay in my hostel in my father's car and as I reached the border of the town, avinash joined us.

on the way, I took some anti-pregnancy pills for my sister as I have cummed in her pussy and she is in the period of ovulation .(during the days women are on ovulation, if they have sex and let the sperms inside their pussy, they would get pregnancy).

We reached my new rented house and avinash's eyes are staring at my sister and I know he would have a great fucking session with my sister until he is satisfied as I have 6 more days for our parents to and avinash have planned the next 6 days to enjoy her. Keep waiting for the next story………&hellip.someone you don't expect is going to bang my sister lisa other than me and avinash.