Bobbi is one of those porn stars

Bobbi is one of those porn stars
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Hi all, well, I left for Orlando and never dreamed what I was going to do when I got there. I was really enjoying the drive and wore as little as possbible. I had a wrap arpund skirt and a tube top that barely stayed on with my 40DDD tits at that time. I loved the looks I got and the air horns that went off from the truckers and they just all made me wetter as I drove. I drove some with the tube top mother and boys xxx sex vidoe down and got some sun on my tits and got even more attention.

I stopped in North Orlando, Winter Park I think, and went in to a resturant to get a little to eat. I went in and was seated by the hostess who realy looked at me and I think was drooling some. I asked for a booth in a corner and so was given one that was almost semi private. I sat there and read the menu and when the server came gave her my order. She was looking down at my cleavage and did not seem to be able to look away so I made sure when she came back with my tea that the tube top was now just at the edge of my hard nipples and in fact just a little showing.

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She looked at me and I smiled, Something that you see making you stare?" I said. "Well, yes, you might say that." she said and I told her I was a little of a show off. "Oh, more than a little." she said and smiled. I ordered a Philly cheese steak and fries and she left looking back over her shoulder. After a while some of the servers started walking by the booth and looking at me and I loved he attention of course and once or twice dropped the tube top down to show my hard nipples and they smiled as they walked by.

The server came with my food and I had left one nipple out and she was startled and said, "Very nice." and I told her "Thank you." She stood there for a moment and left and kept coming back to check on me.

One time she came up and I loked at her, Gloria was her name, and said "Do you know I am not wearing a bra or panties." She said, "Well, the bra is obvious but the panties not so much." I tunred sideways in the seat and pulled my skirt up and showed her my clean shaved pussy that was soaking wet.

"See?" I said. She licked her lips and smiled and left for a few seconds. She stood close to theedge ofthe table and raised her skirt and there in front of me was a nice clean pussy and no panties. I reached out slowly and sliped a finger between her pussy lips and made me moan some and licked sany laone xxx poorn new finger, "MMmmmm, now that is good for desert." "I get off in one hour" she said and I told her I was staying in Orlando at the Airport Inn for a few days and would wait for her.

"can you give me a ride?" she said and I said "Yes, anything." I waited as she got off and went to my car and got in. She came out a little later and jumped and told me to go to her apartment so she could change and get some things.

I drove there and then to the hotel and checked in at the desk. She was holding my hand and the guy behind the counter smiled.

The elevators were right across from the desk and as he watched us get on I pulled my top down and kissed Daringsex brunette babe fucked by muscular stud passionately.

She returned the kiss and her hands were on my tits making me get soaking wet so that juices were running down my legs and then my first orgasm happened as the doors opened.


I almost tripped down the hall with my bags and she helped me. I opened the door and we almost jumped on the bed taking off our clothes. She had me on my back and was on top of me and her mouth was on my tits all over sucking and biting and pulling my nipples hard and another orgasm shook my body spraying the bed under me. "Damn, you have soaking orgasms dear. I love those." mia khalifa porn story lesbian said and I moaned, "Eat all you like dear." I said and she was between my legs eating and licking like she was starved.

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Her fingers went in my pussy and ass and I bucked like crazy against her intrusion and loved it. They sank deep inside me and I bucked against them hard and she pushed them in as deep as she could. "Do the fist Dear." I moaned and she moved her hand and slipped some fingers in the more and her thumb next to her hand and then it popped inside my pussy and another orgasm sprayed her wrist and forarm. Her fist pounded me for about a half hour then she laid on her back.

I pinned her down and said, "Now my turn." and began kissing her and sucking her nipples and my hand found her slight fuzzy pussy and slowly teased my way inside. I took a long time penetrating her and then slowly moving in and out teased her slit with my thumb.

As she was just reaching an orgasm I moved away and left her hanging and the started again. I did that several times and then when she thought I would back off again I pounded her pussy hard and her orgasm made me scream and I had to cover her mouth with mine. We laid there a while in each other's arms and kissed and touched each other. We finally got up and dressed and did not shower since I loved the scent of nughty america sex stories prin xx love making on our bodies and we went to the hotel resturant and held hands going in and sat across from each other.

My tube top kept coming down and her blouse stayed open and we admired each other and slowly ate with some wine to enhance the rest of the night. Adter supper we went up to the room and slowly sak into the tub and soaked laying next to each other kissing.

It was wonderful and we were both very in need when we got out. We opened the balcony doors and walked out and leaned on the rail, both totally naked and 10 floors up.


The night air was just right and we kissed and touched and then went back inside. Once back inside Gloria smiled and got the blanket and pillows of the bed and tok them to the balcony and spread them out.

She motioned for me to lay down and I did and she began working all over my body starting with my ankles and licking and kissing her way up till she came to puss and then her tingue sank in and I started going higher than before and I rode her tongue and began moaning and then shouting for her to eat my pussy. Her hand slipped inside me and she started pounding puss hard and so deep that I thought she was going to make a hole and come out of my mouth.

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Orgasms shook my body over and over again and then we collapsed and slept there on the balcony. Her head was on my chest gently sucking my nipples like a nursing baby and we drifted off. Wewoke to the maid knocking on the door and Gloria said, "Come in." and we just laid there covered by the sheet. A nice hour glass shaped buxom Hispanic maid came in and her eyes got big. "I can come back later if you like." she said smiling.

"No, it is okay if you do not mind taking care of the room with us naked." Gloria said. "Oh, I do not mind at all." she said and came in. Gloria and I got up and dropped the sheet and walked to the bathroom naked to pee and after we finished we sat down and watched the maid and the maid was looking at us every time she could. She had a small vacumn cleaner and was all around the room then came to me. I was sitting spread legged in the soft chair and she stopped in front of me, "I need to clean under the chair" she said smiling and Gloria watching.

"Okay" I said, "Go ahead" and I spread my legs wide so she could go under the chair with the sweeper. She got down and her eyes were on my pussy that was geting wet again. "You have a wonderful scent." she said her face about a foot from my sex mature bbw rare story best that had he scent of love making flowling from it as did Gloria. She closed her eyes and took a deep smell of the scent and said, "Oh that is so nice." I reached down and spread my lips and looked at her, "Go ahead if you like." She dropped the sweeper and her tongue touched my clit and it felt like a shock went through my body.

She kissed my thighs and then she stood and her uniform was almost off. It slipped down her hips and she took off her thong and bra and then stood in front of us, naked and offered me her hand. Her beasts were huge and her nipples dark and stood out about an inch and I reached around her and took one in my fingers and she sighed and moved to the bed and laid down.

"Now give me the best tip you have got for he work I will do on the room." she said and her hands were on her tits pulling her nipples that got harder. I licked her legs up to her nice wet pussy and then my face was buried in it, licking and sucking the clit and going crazy. "Oh yes, make me cum." she was moaning and I kept eating her and then her hips bucked and she sprayed my face with her juices.

She laid there and Gloia tapped my shoulder and she had a nice long thick strap on dildo on her hips. The maid, slipped up on the bed and on her tummy and I put a pillow under her tummy.

I lubed the dildo with my thogue and Gloria got on her knees behind her and guided he shaft. She went into the wet pussy for a little and then pulled it out and moved it to her anal entrance. The maid moaned and said, "Yes, do it good, fuck my ass." and Gloria rammed hard into her making her scream into the pillow. "Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me good." she was moaning and I moved to try to get my mouth in position so lick her while her ass took the shaft. She big tit slut fucked by huge cock having orgasms and I swallowed her juices and Gloria kept on ramming her ass.

Finally she stopped and Glorida collapsed on the bed and the maid got up and rolled onto her. She kissed and then moved her hand around Gloria's throat just holding it some. "Eat her pussy good." she told me and so I began again to lick and suck as I had down before. The maid was kissing her and sucking her tits and Gloria got hotter and wetter.

"You are a no good bitch and you deserve nothing, do you hear me? the maid said and slapped Gloria's face some. "Do you hear me?" she said again and Gloria said "Yes, I hear." She was kissing her again and an orgasm was building inside Gloria and she was moving her hips.

Her hand was still of Gloria's throat and then the orgasm began and suddenly her hand tightened and Gloria grabbed it as it squeezed and her air was cut off.

The orgasm kept on and then Gloria passed out and the maid let her go and kissed her back to being awake. Gloria woke suddenly and grabbed the maid and kissed her, "Oh fuck, do that again." she said and was kissing the maid. We did, I was eating pussy and the maid kissed and sucked nipples and as the orgasm began she grabbed her throat and she passed out while her orgam soaked my face.

The maid got up after Gloria came back and kissed us and dressed and said, "Wel, I do have work to do, I will be back tonight if you will be here." she said and Gloria and I looked at each other and said we would be and kissed.

"What is your name?" Gloria asked her. "Casandra" she said and left. About 8 there was a knock at the door. I opened it totally naked and Cassandra was there and had two other women with her.

Xex in the first time came in and undressed and sat us down. We did not sleep that night but I will tell that in part 4. See ya all. love sue