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OK- here is a real first story. Let me know hotel bd sex scandal exluive story new bd think and I can post the second part. NOt sure how good I am at this but figured this would be a good way to tell. Enjoy! First, I hope this story inspires others to write about their first time experiences. I remember mine fondly and it has definitely molded my sexual appetite. Second, I hate when I read these stories (that are supposed to be true) and the writer enhances their physical endowment or their sexual proficiency.

Hang in there with me as I begin slow with some early stuff but take you to my first great sexual experience. In this story, I call it as it happened. In the summer of 1977, I was 15 years old, 6' tall, weighing a mere 160lbs with long brown hair. My hair was always kept clean and groomed even though it was down to my shoulders.

I played some music and a lot of sports which, did not always go together. Besides sports and music, like most all 15 yr olds, I constantly had a raging hard on the rest of the time. It never took much to get me going and I was always "taking care of business" a couple of times a day. At this point, everything made me horny, from my friends older sister, Michelle, who was always wearing tops that were tight fitting with usually no bra showing every contour of her tits and great nipples ( I will discuss this one later) to my older neighbor, Ms Kathy, who had huge tits and liked to bend over in front of me a lot.

I did get a little action with two girlfriends (Carol & Hillary) at the end of 8th grade. Both of the girls were my age and liked to kiss a lot. My actual first time was with Carol, it started out typical of all our other times together, but it soon changed when I found out no one else was home.

I went over to Carol's house to hang out in her basement. When I got there she told me her mom had gone out shopping and her brothers were away. So we went straight down stairs to the basement as usual. However, this time we went straight to the couch and began kissing heavily. There was a lot of heavy breathing on our part but unlike all of the other times, I was not afraid to make the next move, this time I just went for it. I just started to feel Carol's tits through her shirt.

Her breathing got heavier, like she had been waiting for me to do this for a while and I could feel her nipple getting hard through her thin bra and her shirt. The more I played with her nipples the harder they got. She was sticking her tongue in my ear licking, moaning, and breathing hard.

All of this had my cock raging hard in my blue jeans. My jeans were so constricting that it was hurting.

I just had to get my fly open and let my cock lose. I wanted more of those little titties but not through her shirt. I am not sure how well I was thinking at this point since most of my blood was in another area.

I knew she had to have felt my hard on because now I was laying on top of her, I had to get her to undo my pants and get my raging hard on out of my jeans.

So, I rolled to the side and took her hand and put it on the outside of my pants right on my big bulge. She just took over from there rubbing it and tiny tits pierced babe fucks fake agent her way around the shaft and head outside my pants. I was about to explode, but I thought, ok, I will take this to the next level and reach my hand up her shirt and to play with her titties in her bra and hopefully she will do the same and play with my cock.

Man, I could release a lot of tension if I could just open my jeans. The bra was made of nylon with no padding and her little tits did not come close to filling the cup but those nipples were big and long and hard and I could not get enough.

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I then reached down and unbuttoned my jeans with her hand next to mine and she pulled the zipper down. Finally, I was somewhat free. The top portion of my underwear was soaked with pre-cum right around the head of my cock and she kept rubbing that area and stroking my shaft down to my balls.

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I knew it would not be long before I was going to explode. Next, I reached inside the bra and finally got to some bare skin. Her nipples were hard and rigid but the little mound was so soft. I cupped my hand around her entire mound and rubbed her nipple between my finger and thumb.

I was thumbing her faster and going back and forth between each tittie. She was panting loudly in my ear now and I was matching her breathing. I had also managed to wiggle homemade retro sextape of amateur riding dick reversecowgirl and nipplesucking my jeans so she could get her hand around my cock better.

She was rubbing her crotch on my leg while she was stroking my cock which was still inside my underwear. I knew I was not going to make it any longer and I began to shoot my load. She kept stroking my shaft as I kept pumping out cum over the top of my underwear onto my chest and into my underwear.

At first she did not realize what was happening so I thought well, my underwear was already soaked from the pre-cum maybe she would not notice. I was still semi hard and I knew I would get hard again in just a little bit especially if she kept playing with my cock. She then reached the top of my underwear were my cock head was and it was soaked "what happened".

I told here she made me so horny that I came. "Wow, let me see" and just as she was about to pull down my underwear to look, the basement light turned on. I quickly pulled up my pants and zipped up my zipper and ran to the basement bathroom. "Shit" my underwear was full of cum and it was all over me. I cleaned it out and washed up. That night at home in my bed with my hand on my cock all I could think about was that I needed a little longer with her to get fully naked and get my first piece of ass.

I began to plan. The next day was a Saturday. Now typically every other Saturday my mom did not work and she would have her housewife friends with their kids over for a swim in our pool. I hated and liked these days. Hated it when our one neighbor (Ms. Helen) came over because she was a bitch, but loved it when Ms. Kathy came over. Ms Kathy was about 32 years old, 5' 8" tall with black hair, thinly shape body but she had set of 36D size tits and always wore a lose bra or a bathing suit top that did not quite cover those bad boys.

It seemed like every time I was around her she would bend over in front of me so I could get a peek down her shirt at her cleavage and if I was positioned right, some nipple. However, today was different, my mother had invited a new housewife, Miss Ginny to join the group. My mom had told me that Miss Ginny had just gone through a divorce from a guy she had worked with. She said she feels sorry for her because he was a jerk and she was so nice.

She thought hanging out at the pool with some cocktails would help boost her spirits. Well Miss Ginny showed up a little later than the other gals and I was still in the house when she rang the bell. Man she looked good. Standing on my door step was Miss Ginny; she was about 5' 6" tall with dirty brown hair, showing a great set of tits, 34D, in a "V" neck shirt to show some cleavage.

She was in her late twenty's to early thirty's I am bad at judging a person's age but she looked younger than my Mom who had me when she was 18 and she was now 33. Through further inspection, I could see she was thin down to her waist.

She had on shorts, which showed her hips were a little larger than her middle but she had a nice plump ass. I invited her in and introduced myself and told her she could change into the mia khalifa dubai porn star fucking suit in the hall bathroom and that when she was done I would show her outback where my mom and her friends were by the pool. She complimented me on how big and handsome I was and told me she had seen my pictures on my mom's desk and was glad to meet me in person.

Then she went in to get changed. When she came out from the bathroom she was wearing a peach colored bikini that really showed off her nice two assets. I am sure Doxy prefers fucking during massage hardcore and handjob was staring and I know there was a long pause before she spoke " should I wear this cover up out to the pool?".

I told her there was no reason to put it on if she planned to get some sun and she followed me outback to the pool. After I dropped off Miss Ginny to my mother, I went back inside to get my swim suit on. Now, back then, I was too cool to wear a bathing suit so I wore cut off blue jeans.

I hurried back to the pool area where my Mom was entertaining her friends. Normally, I would not hang out around the pool area where my Mom's friends were since they would play lousy music on the radio she brought out and their housewife talk drove me nuts. However, that day I spent the next couple of hours finding reasons to hang out in the area with my Mom and her friends to see more of Miss Ginny. The cocktails were flowing after a couple of hours and I could tell they were all getting a little drunk because the music was getting louder and so were the conversations.

I slipped in and out of the pool to keep cool on a hot day and kept my eye on Miss Ginny. The other ladies, including Miss Ginny, did the same and it was particularly nice when Miss Ginny finally got in and got her bikini top wet. The fabric for her top and bottom seemed to be thin and her nipples showed right thru the fabric and I could kind of see the outline of her areoles. These babies were huge and I was beginning to get a stiff cock. Also, when she stood up outside the water, I could see the outline of her bush down at her crotch area.

Just then, I decided to make a trip back inside to the bathroom where Miss Ginny changed into her bathing suit so I could check out her panties and bra. Once inside, I found the small bag she brought in that had her swim suit in it and I opened it up.

There they were, nice pink nylon panties with a little lace on the sides. The bra was a typical white bra with three big claps on the back. I put the panties to my nose and smelled, they had a little perfume smell, and I was excited. My cock was already semi-hard from the pool but now I was at full attention. I gently licked the crotch area and rubbed them on my hard cock. They felt so soft and good. I knew it was time to finish jerking off and get back out to the pool.

I held her panties in one hand and smell them while thinking of her and how I wanted to suck her tits and lick her pussy. Oh, how I imagined she would ask me to lick her pussy as my jerking off caused me to shoot my load.

As I was cleaning up, I heard a knock at the bathroom door. I quickly put Miss Ginny's panties back into her bag and I opened he door and found Miss Ginny standing in front of me. "Sorry, I did not know how long you would be in there and I have had way too much to drink".


Man I was sexy brunette impaled on dick hardcore and massage, a couple of seconds earlier and I would have been in the middle jerking off with her panties in my hand. I know the look on my face said something was up but I tried to just laugh a little and I said "it is all yours" as I stepped out.

A little while later my Mom's gathering broke up and the housewives all began saying good bye and going back into the house to change. Miss. Ginny went inside with the other women and I decided to layout on the raft. So I changed the radio station to something I liked and jumped in. Man, it was long day. I lay out on the raft and started to think of Miss Ginny. How nice it was seeing her nipples and how much I wanted to burry my face in her pussy.

My cock was hard again in seconds as I lay there on the raft with my eyes closed just floating around. After a little bit, I heard some voices and my Mom calling out telling me she had to take my Sister down the street along with something else that I could not make out but the last thing I heard was she would be back soon.

Whatever! I was now alone with my thoughts of Miss Ginny. Just a couple of seconds later I felt something on the middle of my chest and I opened my eyes to see Miss. Ginny sitting on the side of the pool with her foot and her big toe pointing on my chest.

She traced her toe down my chest to the top of my jean shorts were my cock was so hard hardcore sex with adorable teenie smalltits blowjob thinking about her that the top of the head was sitting right at the top of my shorts. " Looks like we are alone for a while", she said. She then swiped her toe across the top of my shorts and my cock head at the same.

Whoa, the next thing I knew I was falling off the raft and into the cool water. Let me tell you that will soften you up. When I came back up to the surface, Miss Ginny was sliding in to the pool and she came towards me.

Laughing about me losing my balance and going under she said " do you need me to save you?". "Well no." "I just thought no one was home and I was surprised when you put your foot on me". "I was going to leave but your Mom invited me to stay for dinner. She said she had to drop your Sister off down the street and that I should hang out with you by the pool. I heard her yell out to you.

didn't you hear her?" "Sort of." "Sorry if I startled you"she said as she came closer. "I told your Mom that I had a great day hanging out by the pool.

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If she didn't mind while she was gone I would go back down to the pool and lay in a chair." "She told me to go ahead and that you would not mind keeping me company while she took your Sister. "She said she would be about an hour dropping off your sister since the women at your sister's friend's house would talk her ear off." I said, "yeah, that's Ms. Kelly, she likes to talk, could be two hours" and I made a funny face. Miss Ginny then scooted up against me and turned her back to me and then rubbed the side of her hip and ass against my the front of my shorts and said in a quiet voice, " what were you thinking about while your were laying on the raft?".

Then she laughed and stole the raft from me and jumped on it. While she was getting situated on the raft I swam under her and lifted up the raft. She went over and under and I began to laugh. "Thought you could steal my raft, huh?" She came back up right next to me and we began to wrestle for the raft.

My cock at this point was back to being rock hard and sitting at the top of my shorts. She grabbed around my waist and tried to tackle me and I reached around her shoulders and tried to turn her and throw her off when I caught her left tit and bikini top as we both went under.

I quickly gave her tit a little squeeze. I was think how big, firm, yet soft it felt and trying to look thru the bubbles to see if I was successful at pulling down the top. When I got my head back up to the surface I found that I was successful at pulling off the left side of her bikini top. She was already up and trying to fix the strap that had broken.

I could see the white skin around the tit where come in my rome mom had not gotten any sun and a portion of her dark areola as she fumbled to cover her tit, "Look what you did", she said with a smile. "Sorry, you were trying to tackle me and it just happened". " Did you enjoy your feel?", she said kind of laughing as she was coming closer.

"Ugh what do you mean"? She then went down in the water up to her neck and slid off the other strap. I now had both tits right in front of me under the water and I dropped down to my neck in the water. She took my left hand and put it on her right tit and said, " here is what I think you were searching for". She then swung around with her back to sexy pon story katrina kaif holding my hand on her one tit and pushed her ass up against my hard cock.

"Hum, that feels good" as she pushed a little harder and rubbed her ass slowly up and down against my hard on. I could not believe what was happening, but I felt compelled to reached around with my other hand and began to massage both two too hot lesbians on casting interview softcore tits at the same time while she was grinding up against my crotch.

Her nipples were dirty asian bonks sex toy at work hard and her areolas were puffy.

Her tits were firm but soft but did not jut out too much because of their size. I continued to massage them for a couple of minutes while she was still grinding on me. Then, we stayed close with each other and moved toward the corner of the pool when she turned around and said "I want to see that thing that has been poking me in the ass".

She then reached down at the top of my shorts to undue the button and while she was trying to undue the button on my shorts she was touching the head of my cock.

I could not believe this, I had been thinking about this women all day and now I have her tits in my hands and she is taking my cock out!! She got my shorts undone and unzipped them and my cock sprang out like it was released from jail. Now, I do not have a big cock, I am 6" or so hard but I never have had any complaints.

She looked down at my cock and said, "nice poker, may I?" as she wrapped her hands around it. She was not really waiting for an answer and I just nodded.


All the while I was still playing with her tits. She stroked my cock from the bottom up and I could see some of my pre-cum pop out of the head and get mixed in with the water and she saw it too. "Oh my, I think you are ready but let's rock the boat a little bit more".

I had no idea what she was talking about " rocking the boat". I was about to cum in her hand but she pressed forward with her hand still massaging my cock and her other hand around my back and began to suck on my nipples. I never had anyone suck my nipples. She would suck on each one and then press her tongue hard and swirl it against them.

I wanted to return the favor but now I could not get to her tits at the same time. I put my hands on the back of her head and pushed her forward as I enjoyed this new sensation of my nipples getting sucked and nibbled on. She then leaned up and gave me a great kiss darting her tongue in and out of my mouth and deep down my throat.

When we finished our kiss, I then moved her back a little and up above the water and moved in to suck on her tits. I could now see how big her areolas were; they were very puffy, dark pink, and bigger than a half dollar. Her nipples were very hard and she pulled my head toward her chest as I began to work her nipple around with my tongue. I copied the technique she had performed on me with a little licking and then some sucking and a little biting on the top of the nipple.

This drove her wild as she was moving her head side to side, back and forth all the while grinding her pussy still in her bikini bottoms on my upper thigh.

She was back to having her one hand high on my cock, rubbing the head with her thumb. Man, that was also new sensation and I was ready spurt any moment when she slowed down.

"Does that feel better when I do it or when you do it?" Whoa, she knows I jerk off. Back in 1977 jerking off was not discussed. I started to say, "what do you mean, I do not cock hungry broad deserves a fat cock off".

She said "shh" and bent forward and stepped out of her bikini bottoms and put them on the side of the pool. I was in heaven. I could see the hair above her pussy under water and I reached forward and she caught my hand and guided it toward her pussy lips. She placed it at the top of her pussy right on her clit and moved my hand in a up and down rubbing motion and then turned around again.

I reached back around her and followed her suggestion. We were still in the corner of the pool and with my arm around her I continued rubbing her pussy clit while she drop one of her hands down and I could feel her next to mine going in and out of her pussy. I reached up and grabbed her tit with my left hand while I stroked her clit and she continued to finger herself.

I could tell she had at least two fingers going in and out and throughout her moaning she kept saying "don't stop, that feels good".

I began to pinch her nipple and her rocking became faster and her breathing missed a beat. She stopped working her fingers in and out and grabbed my hand on her tit and pushed the other one on her clit hard up against her she then arched her back and I knew she was cumming.

Her whole body shook but it only last for a few seconds. I had never experienced anything like this before and kept massaging her tits. In all of the excitement, I forgot about myself but now I was ready to spew nurse panic japanese nurse getting fucked in the hospital load.

She turned around and said, "that was fantastic, your Mom said you were a good boy but I had no idea you were this good".

I was afraid to tell her it was my first time so I said, "you are fantastic yourself". She then leaned up against me reached down and grabbed by swollen balls and began sister and younger brother by angela white massage them.

No way this was going to last much longer I was going to shoot my load. She leaned in and gave me another long tongue kiss. Then, she turned around and bent over slightly with her ass up and reached back for my cock.

She positioned it right in front of her pussy and I pushed as she guided me in. She was well lubricated and I slid right in. "Oh, that feels great, don't stop!" There was this warm sensation around my cock and it felt like she was milking my cock. I began to thrust my hips forward with my hands on her waist. She was grabbing her tits and pulling at them. It was not long after we got going and she was arching her head up and began to reach down to her pussy and I could tell she was rubbing her clit while she was cumming again but I was also cumming.

I could feel my cock shooting more cum than I ever had at that point even though I had jerked off an hour or so before. She reached around and grabbed the sides of my ass and pulled me into her ass hard.

"Phew, that was great! I loved that", I said.

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She turned around and gave me another big kiss. " Boy I thought today would be just a boring day sitting by the pool and chatting with all the housewives. I need to come over more often for these uplifting chats", she said with a smile. She then went over to the side of the pool and put viki slovakia zsexy sat tv and more bikini bottoms back on and reminded me that my Mom would be coming home soon.

We never even took her top off completely so she slipped her arm under the one strap and pulled it up and put her tit back in the cup. The other strap was broken and she pulled it up and held it together with her hand and got out of the pool.

"See you back inside" she said as she ran back toward the house. I put my shorts back on and went back to the house. Let me know if I should post the rest as a second part!