Blue angel is an analloving whore pornstars and creampie

Blue angel is an analloving whore pornstars and creampie
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It all started about four months ago in my friend Donny's basement. He led me and my other friend Phil downstairs and sat us down in front of a black board. He flipped the board and on it had all three of our name in individual columns and he started to speak.

"Ok guys, I have a legitimate concern", he stated, " Jay(that's me) and Phil, we've all been good friends since the third grade and we've had a great friendship. We are all 15 and in high school. I THINK IT'S ABOUT TIME WE ALL GOT SOME PUSSY." I just rolled my eyes. With Don, this topic always managed to find it's way into our conversations.

"Dude, you say this every year and yet we haven't even heard of you seeing a pussy", I piped in and Phil nodding his agreement. "I know but that's going to change this year. That's why I have this blackboard, for every time one of us gets laid, we get a tally mark beside our names and whoever get the most tallies by the end of the year gets the title as Most Desirable. The title comes with servitude for a year from the runner-ups. But we have to get photo proof for it to count.

So guys what do you think." I started to say something but Phil beat me to it. "I think you're just talking out of your ass as usual. But I'll tell you what, if you get a blowjob from any girl with photographic proof to prove that you aren't bullshitting about this whole mature upskirt tight panties volume 1 tube porn and if Jay will do it, I'll do it." They both looked at me expectantly so I began to ponder.

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To be honest I really was ready to lose my virginity and I always was one for a little competition so I agreed. Don then pulled out a paper stating that once we signed, we couldn't go back and the competition would begin. We all signed and I told my friends that I had to go. When I got home my mom asked how was my day and did I have fun as always. And as always I told her yes before running to my room. I jumped onto my bed and stared a poster of my favorite porn star on the right wall.

I really couldn't wait until the competition to begin but first I had to wait for Don to get a blowjob, if that happened. *1 week later* RINNGGGG!!!!I woke up to my cell ringing. I looked at the caller ID and it was from Ron, I propped up on my elbows and looked at my clock, it read 2:10 a.m. I hit answer and yelled into the receiver, "Why are you calling me so late." "I did it Jay, I got a blowjob and some very good pictures of it", he sounded like he was bouncing off the walls with excitement.

"Alright calm down, ill be over first thing tomorrow", and then I went back to sleep. The next morning I stood thick cock thrust in tight fur pie Don's porch mat ringing the doorbell. It was uncomfortably hot this morning considering that it was September. When I was about to turn around and go back home, the door opened.

Don peeked his head out and looked around for reasons that I do not know, grabbed me by the shoulder and tugged me in, hauling me to his bedroom. I saw Phil already sitting on the bed looking rather annoyed so I sat down beside him. "Are you going to show us the pictures or what", Phil asked "Ok I will but first you guys have to promise not judge", Don said "Why would we", I said Don knelt beside his bed, reached under and presented us a shoe box.

He opened the box and inside was stack of some of the most vivid pictures I had ever seen. I picked up the pictures, handed some to Phil, and stared at the pictures. I could not believe what I was seeing, that little fucker actually got his dick sucked and to be honest I kind of jealous.

I just couldn't take my eyes off of the photo, it was so cool. Then it occurred to me, why would he say don't judge him?

I then started to pay attention to the details of the picture. You could clearly see that it was him.


You could see his cock in her mouth, the ring of saliva gathered at the based of his cock, the look of pleasure on both of their faces. WAIT.

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Her face, I recognized it. That face, that nose, that hair, those eyes and those lips. Those were attributes to a face I fantasized about the time. "HOLY FUCK DUDE, THAT'S YOUR SISTER", I shouted He clamped his hand over my mouth.


"You promised that you wouldn't judge. I'm going to remove my hand, please don't yell", he said "Man, that's so hot", I heard Phil say while Don removed his hand "How did you do it", I asked him "Well she caught me jacking off and she was pretty horny so she asked did I want any help.

One thing led to the next and she was sucking me off. I grabbed my camera and snapped shots of it. I called you guys then I printed the photos off the computer and here we are.", Don explained with a smile on his face. " And judging by our agreement, the competition for the Most Desirable has now begun." Suddenly there was a bang on the door. "Donny, you're coming to the store with me.", we heard his mom say Don told us sex with asian hairy luscious girl hardcore and blowjob to go any where, he explained it'll take about 15 minutes and then he left.

"Can you believe how lucky he is", I asked Phil "Not at all", Phil replied "Dude I'd chop off a testicle to get an opportunity at that ass", I said. "Both of them", Phil added and we shared a laugh "That can be arranged", we heard from the door Phil and I looked at where that came from and we saw her, Don's sister, Virginia. She was by far one of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen.

She didn't look like her short, dark haired, thick-necked brother at all. She was 17, tall at 5'10", strawberry blonde, nice full breast and a perfectly sculpted ass. "What can be arranged?", Phil asked, "I like having my balls." "Not that silly, do you two want to fuck", Virginia asked "What's the catch", I asked "No catch, I just heard about the competition between you two and my brother and I decided I wanted to be you guys' first", she said, dazzling us with a smile, "The offer is on the table" We immediately dropped our pants as she began to take her shirt off.

I was dumbfounded when I saw her breast with no clothe on them.

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They were absolutely perfect with a nice round perkiness and the prettiest pink nipples. Then she started to slide her jeans off. By then I didn't think my cock could've gotten any harder. Then I started to think why she would've chosen to fuck me and Phil of all people.

By no stretch of the imagination were we ugly but Virginia could have any guy she wanted, why us. I was just about to question it when I suddenly felt a to die for sensation on my cock. I looked down I saw my dick in her mouth. It took every gram of strength in my body to not blow my load on the spot.

I looked over to my left and saw Phil receiving a hand job. Then she switched over giving me the hand job and Phil the blowjob. She went back and forth like this until Phil came and he flopped onto the bed.

She gave my dick her full attention. She put both of her hands on my shaft and stroked my full 8 inches while teasing the head with her tongue. It felt spectacular.

Then I felt the all too familiar churning in my sack and without any warning at all she took it all down. When her nose was buried in my pubes, her throat started to convulse. The sensation made have an orgasm like never before, load after load of thick cum coated her throat and she swallowed every drop. I expected my boner to go down but I was harder than ever.

"Lie down', she told me I did as she asked. From down there I could she her pussy glistening with moisture. She lined it up with my cock and impaled herself upon it which made us gasp. "Phil come here", she yelled, "why are you standing there. I have 2 holes." I saw him come behind her line it up and slowly push his cock in her hole which made her gasp again. When he was all the way in I pulled out a little and thrust my cock back in to the base.

He did the same and repeated the process. We speed as we went and took turns doing this. I marveled at the feeling of her pussy. It was extraordinarily tight but her natural lube made up for that. Phil and I continued to saw in and out of her holes.

Virginia's moans and screams filled the ranch-style house. After about another 3 minutes of this Virginia yelled: "Fuck, I'm gonna cum!!!!" "Me too", Phil and I yelled at the same time "Do it in me", she replied Either way it would been to late.

My cock fired like a cannon in her love canal and she started to shake as a spray of her fluids surrounded my cock which made me cum even harder. A combination of our combined fluid started to run down my now softening cock.

"That was amazing", I said panting for breath "Yeah, never thought I'd do DP", Phil said, panting harder than me "Same here, I wish I would've brought my camera" As Virginia opened the door to leave, Don walked in and I noticed him hand her something green. "What was that", I questioned Don "Let's just say that the first one is on me boys", he said while smiling and me and looking down at my shrunken member.

Lets just say that I really don't trust that smile. He's DEFINITELY up to something. This is the first part to a series im going amazing blonde whore in red dress gets banged make. I'm expecting to get some constructive feedback.


I hope you all enjoy. DeGenerousOYNX