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Horny rocco siffredi calls two hot babe and had so much fun jerking wi
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Chapter 3 "Your teachers sure weren't happy about you not coming in. You were supposed to be back for class yesterday. Did things back home take longer than expected?" Father Hauser was in his office, pouring a cup of tea for a student.

He was a senior, taller and more muscular than others in his grade, and while he had high grades, he was often punished for his disregard of dress code and proper appearance.

His long hair was unkempt, his shirt a mess, and he had a bandana around his head. He took the cup of tea but sat it down on the table beside him. "Not exactly, I slutty babe brooke haze sucking one big hard cock didn't quite feel comfortable coming back to school.

I still don't feel comfortable here." "What do you mean?" "Father, has… has anything strange been going nice juvenile adorable babe licks old dick oldvsyoung hardcore as…?" "I'm not sure, but when I came here yesterday… something felt wrong to me.

I stood at the entrance to the campus and I had the feeling that I had to turn around and leave." Sitting behind his desk, Father Hauser leaned back in his chair. "Was this like the other times? Did it feel like the investigations?" "Much worse. Normally when I come to a scene, I can feel something watching me, always one or at most a handful. I can feel their presence and their desire to keep me out.

Here, it's like I'm being ignored but I still feel the evil. There is something in this school, and while it isn't aware of who I am, the weight of its presence is more intense than anything I've ever felt." "Thane, do you really believe there is something at this school?

A spirit? A poltergeist? A demon?" "None of those. This is something new." "And you're sure?" "Absolutely." Once again, Hauser leaned back in his chair, deep in thought. "You know something, don't you?" Thane asked.

"A few days ago, there were three suicides in the city. They weren't our students, but it was very unusual. They were performed simultaneously at different locations and in very melayu pancut air puki 5 kali tube porn ways.

Then yesterday, a student came and told me about a dream she had of a coming war. She told me that everyone in school was in danger." "Who was she? What was her name?" "Thane, do you really think I can tell you that?

I don't want you bothering her. She's clearly stressed and I want her to be able to put this whole matter behind her. I don't know what kind of dream she had, but if it really was just a dream, then it's better that she forget it." The anxious student sighed. "All right, I understand. Just please keep a lookout for anything unusual." "I will, as soon as you get to class." "What did you want to talk to me about?" Xavier was facing Lily, the two of them standing in the shade behind the school gymnasium.

The small girl was even more nervous than before, but she seemed less mournful. "You said you wouldn't abandon me, right?" He gave her a bright smile, one that warmed her heart.

"Of course I would never abandon you. You're too precious to me to ever leave you behind." "There's something I really need to tell you. Xavier… I… I l-lo…" She turned away from him with her hands over her face, overwhelmed with embarrassment. He stepped forward and lifted her chin, forcing her to look up at him. "Relax, you can tell me anything." He put his other arm against the wall behind her, sealing her in. "Xavier, I l-love you," she murmured with a blush of fear on her cute face.

Xavier worked to suppress a wicked grin. 'She's even easier than I thought. I originally figured it would take at least two weeks for her to progress this far. Hell, I probably won't even need to use any powers to shape her into the perfect little slave.' Faking bashful surprise, he looked away while pretending to laugh nervously. "Wow, really? No girl has ever told me that before, especially one as pretty as you." That compliment sealed the deal.

"Yes, I really love you. You're the first person who's ever been nice to me. When I was with you, I felt for the first time in my life that I wasn't being a burden to anyone." "Well, to be honest, I love you too.

I fell for you the moment I looked at you and saw those bright, beautiful eyes. You have such a soft and gentle soul. I want to spend the rest of my life with you." Lily wiped away tears of joy.

"Really? Then we can be together?" "Of course, but we'll have to be careful. Dating is strictly forbidden here and we can't get caught. It will be a secret love, understand?" In his mind, Xavier was cackling at the look of happiness on her face.

A secret love? Even to him it sounded ridiculous. "Yes, I understand! I'll keep it secret!" "Ok, but if we're going to be together, we need to set some rules. They'll help protect us and make sure we can be together forever." She nodded eagerly, as if not even hearing what he said. "First rule: You have do everything I tell you without question. We can't be in a relationship if I don't have your complete and total trust.

You do trust me, don't you?" "Of course I trust you! I'll do anything you ask me!" He rubbed the top of her head. "I know you will, because you're such a good girl. The second rule is that you can't talk to anyone unless I give you permission. Other people won't understand our special bond, so we can't let them get close. Do you understand? If anyone were to find out about us, we wouldn't be allowed to be together.

At this school, all we have is each other, nobody else." She ate it up, willing to agree to anything in return for some scraps of affection. He then got down on one knee, but never dropping below her eye level. Reaching out, he placed his hands on her cheeks. "The third rule is simple, we have to love each other more anyone else possibly could. Nobody on this earth will ever love you as much as I do, just like I know nobody could ever love me as much as you do, understand?" She nodded and he took a moment to wipe away twistys anna morna starring at bend me over tears of joy.

He then changed his tone, putting on the façade of desperation. "And the fourth rule is that if you break any of the other rules, you'll need to be disciplined.

You have to follow the rules, no matter what, so if you break them, I'll be forced to punish you. I don't want to have to punish you; it would break my heart. Please, I beg you, don't force me to do it.

Do you understand?" She again nodded, the slightest twitch of unease in her eyes at the mention of punishment, but her heart easily convinced. She had to never break the rules.

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She couldn't allow herself to be so cruel as to make Xavier punish her. "Good, then how about we consummate the relationship?" Shock flashed across her face. "What?" "Well we know that we're going to get married someday, so we might as well make love now." She looked around nervously. "You mean… here?" "Well we can't do it in your room or mine, not with our roommates always around.

We have to be clever about where we do it so that we're not discovered. Besides, wouldn't it just be so lovely? To fulfill our bond outside, the fresh air to our skin? We're doing what nature intended us to do, so doesn't it seem the most fitting that our first time be out in nature instead of in some dark bedroom? We could do it here in the cool shade or japanese girl jabardasti xxx storys in the light and feel the warmth of the sun on our entwined bodies." He could tell he had won her over, but she was still very hesitant.

She was wringing her skirt, unable to look at him. "I… I don't know how to make love," she soft softly. Xavier smiled and again rubbed the top of her head. "Don't worry, I know how it's supposed to be done. I'll show you the way; just do whatever I tell you and don't resist anything. First thing's first, take off your clothes and let me see that beautiful body of yours." Trembling like a leaf but desperate to keep Xavier happy, she unbuttoned her blouse and pulled off her skirt.

He then took the next step for her, sliding her panties down her smooth legs and unfastening her bra. While she was scrawny for her age, she was showing signs of development, with a small patch of pubic hair above her slit and modest B-cup breasts. Her skin was like the flesh of a ripe peach, porcelain white and as soft as flower petals. She tried to hide herself, not from Xavier, but from the world around them.

"You are so gorgeous," he said as he kissed her hand. The touch of his lips to her soft skin relaxed her and she allowed her muscles to untwist. Down on one knee, he traced his fingers around her bright pink areolas, making her shiver.

"Your nipples are very sensitive erogenous zones. Do you know what that means? It means that they provide sexual pleasure when stimulated." He then began to kiss her breasts, taking time to tease her small buds with his tongue.

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Lily leaned against the brick wall behind her, panting from the blissful sensation of such intimate contact. Whichever nipple he wasn't sucking on, he pinched with his fingers to make her whine. He great blowjob xxx one of the gals had loved our company prior up and started kissing her, showing her how to move her lips and touching her tongue with his.

With their tongues wrapped around each other, he placed his hand between her legs and rubbed her virgin gate with his thumb. She wanted to push his hand away, suddenly feeling scared as things progressed, but she obeyed Xavier and allowed him to tease the tight lips.

He inserted his thumb into her, making her whimper with the alien experience. He moved back and forth inside her, loosening her up and making her whole body flare with a fever of arousal. It was when he started rubbing her clit that her voice really began to leak out. "This is your clitoris. It's incredibly sensitive, and if I touch it enough, it'll make you have an orgasm, otherwise known as "cumming". Are you ready?" "Ready for what?" Instead of answering, Xavier slipped his index and middle finger into her, struggling to fit them in so tight a slit.

Lily released a stifled moan and Xavier's movements changed, now becoming rapid and indifferent. He was jamming his fingers deep inside her at frantic speeds while using his thumb to work her clit like the action button of a videogame controller.

She leaned on him, gagging from the overwhelming sensations. With all of her willpower, she held onto Xavier's collar with her teeth, trying not to let her uncontrollable moaning escape. Xavier continued his assault on her pussy, fingering her so hard and fast that she raised one leg to try and lesson the extreme sensations. He grabbed her other leg and lifted her off the ground, putting her whole weight on his hand as he pumped his fingers in her like the firing pin of an uzi.

Her body was trembling from the force of his thrusts, her tiny ass jiggling with her inner thighs wet from her spilling wetness.


At last, she gave the signifying moan that she had achieved her first orgasm. Waves of pleasure swept through her, filling her mind with fireworks while every muscle simultaneously convulsed. She collapsed on his shoulder, panting like a marathon runner. He sat her down on the ground, leaning her against the brick wall. While he waited for her to catch her breath, he licked his fingers clean. "Your fingers are so big," she whined as he danica dillan in rainbow socks gets nailed her neck.

"Oh, you are in for a big surprise." He then stood up and unbuckled his pants, letting his cock jump out like a springboard. She stared at it with wide eyes, having never seen an actual penis in her life. To her it was terrifyingly large. What was he going to do with it?

"Now for the next lesson, oral sex. This is my cock and I want you to suck on it. Think of it as a big lollipop. Can you do that for me?" She stared at it in uncertainty, unable to answer.

"Put your hand on it and stroke it first, just to get used to it." Her small hand trembling, she slowly reached up and wrapped her fingers around his member. The feel of it was almost scary to her, both the incredible heat it seemed to give off and the pulsating muscles beneath the skin. She moved her hand back and forth, using that touch to familiarize herself with it. "Ok, now bring your face up close to it." Looking up him for confirmation, she leaned forward and he rubbed the head against her lips, smearing them with precum.

It felt so hot to her, like it would actually burn her. He put it between her lips, letting her kiss it. "Open your mouth and take in as much as you can. Whatever you do, don't let your teeth touch it." She opened her mouth wide and he slid it in, taking his time to rub the head against her tongue. She closed her lips around it and he slowly pushed it in until she started to gag. "There you go. Doesn't it feel good to have that in your mouth?

Now start moving your head back and forth. Suck on it like a vacuum, use your tongue and cheeks." Desperate to obey, she began bobbing her head while using the softest parts of her mouth to pleasure him.

He sighed with a smile as she diligently worked, her confidence and skill rising with each passing second. He put his hand on her head, breathing heavily from the efforts of the young woman.

"You're such a good girl. In this hardcore interracial threeway youll fin let's see animated babe doing handjob and gets licked how deep we can get it in." Holding the sides of her head, he pushed himself in to her throat. Immediately she tried to push him off her, feeling her gag reflex firing up and trying to expel the mass.

"No, don't fight it. You're supposed to choke on it. Just relax your throat and let it happen." Tears were streaming down her face and saliva was pouring from her lower lip and making a mess on her breasts. He managed to bury himself in all the way, with his testicles resting on her chin. Lily looked like she was about to pass out, wordlessly whining that she couldn't breath.

He at last pulled out of her, letting her take a desperate breath of air, then smeared his cock across her face and put it back in her mouth. Knowing that she couldn't disobey him, she powered through with the tears and saliva drying off her face.

"Ok, I think I'm about to cum. Open your mouth and stick your tongue out." Glad to have it out of her throat, she opened wide while he stroked himself, breaking the seal of his orgasm. The first shot of semen went across her face, shocking her, and the second and third covered her tongue.

The second she closed her mouth, she shuddered in revulsion and tried to spit it out, but Xavier stopped her. "No, swallow it all. Do you know what is? That's the liquid form of my love for you. Are you really going to just spit it out?" Her eyes watering, she gave in and forced it down her throat, feeling like she had just swallowed a spoonful of salty honey.

He then wiped the semen off her face and held her hand out to her. Having developed an instinct for obedience, she started licking his hand clean like a cat, making sure that every last sperm ended up in her mouth.

"You're doing perfect, just to expected from the world's best girlfriend. Now onto the main dish: intercourse." "What's that?" Xavier motioned to his re-hardening manhood.

"I'm going to put this inside of you. What I did with my fingers, that was just practice." Fear filled her at the prospect of such an act. That big thing was going to go inside her?! "I can't do it, it's too big! I'm sorry, but it just won't be able to fit." Xavier turned away from her and sighed. "I shouldn't be surprised. This kind of thing is for mature adults and you're just a little kid. I guess you and I can't be together after all. I'll just have to wait four or five years until you can handle it." Lily scrambled to her feet.

"No! Please! I can do it! Please don't go!" Xavier smiled. "That's my girl. Ok, turn to the wall and bend over with your legs spread. Put your hands on the wall. Getting into position, she shivered as Xavier stood behind her and picked her up by her hips, needing to do so due to the difference in their heights. With one arm wrapped around her, he used his free hand to penetrate her. Lily whined as the muscular mass pushed through her lips and entered her body.

It was so big compared to her that she thought it was going to rip her apart. Xavier didn't hesitate to rupture her hymen, simply pushing himself until he was buried inside her up to the base. She was so tight around him, her tiny body struggling to accommodate his cock.

Lily was pushing against the wall with tears running down her face. She couldn't show Xavier any weakness. She had to prove she loved him. Loving the feel of wearing yet another deflowered girl like a condom, Xavier chuckled to himself and pulled out, letting her virgin blood drip off the shaft of his dick. Then thrust back into her, making her yelp, and then just as quickly pulled out.

He began pumping her with a steady but building rhythm, slamming his manhood against the entrance to her womb, pulling out, and then repeating. With every thrust, Lily gave a small cry of pain, but with the passing seconds, that pain became mixed with pleasure. Their position was awkward and soon had to be reworked. Xavier had Lily pressed against the wall like he was arresting her, holding her off the ground with one of her legs raised so that he had easy access. She could smell the mortar in the wall, and her nipples were chaffing against the cold brick.

Was this was love was supposed to feel like? Did everyone do it this way? Getting mounted from behind with their face against a wall? No, she couldn't let herself think like that.


Xavier loved her, he told her so. Besides, he was the only one that loved her; she had to remember that. She had no one but him. Eventually the position further devolved, Xavier now holding Lily like a wheelbarrow, continuing to violate her small body with her trying to hold herself off the ground. An increase in the roughness of Xavier's thrusts told her that he was cumming again, and proving her right, he suddenly stopped and she could feel jets of hot sperm being emptied into her womanhood.

The white syrup overflowed from her tiny pussy, running down her belly, between her small breasts, and dripping off her chin. Xavier lowered her to the ground, the young woman curled up and panting. He picked up her discarded panties and used them to wipe off his deflating manhood. "Can you feel that? Can you feel how much love I just shot into you?" She silently nodded, not trusting her voice. "Good, you and I are going to be spending a lot of time together.

Your body belongs to me now, got it?" She nodded again. "Good, and make sure you shave yourself down there before our next meet. Hair is a real turnoff for me." The pages were flipped with anger and impatience, but refused to give up the secrets Helena was after. She was in the library, looking for any information she could get on the Antichrist.

She couldn't find much; every mentioning was about what would happen with the Apocalypse and told her nothing that she didn't already know from reading the bible: a charismatic guy would appear, a genius of politics and economics, who would use fake miracles and lies to turn people away from Christ.

Then Jesus would show up and the Apocalypse would happen. But nothing told her how to beat him herself, or how to at least fight him. What really concerned her was that he wasn't following the biblical prophecy. He claimed he witnessed Christ's crucifixion and had been wandering the globe ever since. So why hadn't he made his move yet? Why was he still pretending to just be a high school student? Had he always had his current appearance?

Or could he change the way he looked so that he could better assume identities and positions of power? He had mentioned earlier that he was thinking about his future, that there was a whole world just waiting to be conquered. What was he really planning? She closed the book she had been reading and leaned back in her chair. 'This isn't getting me anywhere. If I'm going to find his weakness, then I'll need to do some investigation.' Father Hauser sat in his small office, deep in thought. The things Helena and Thane had told him were very concerning.

He had known Helena since she first came to Rosewood University and regarded her as a very brave and spirited young woman.

She often came to him for help when she did something bad, both in search of guidance and for help escaping the Discipline Committee's wrath. But when she spoke to him in the church… that was the first time he had seen her truly frightened.

Why would she say the entire school was in danger and then just run off? He thought back to what she said, searching for clues. 'She said that there was going to be a war that would show the truth. Show… the truth… What truth? What was she talking about? If there were a war, why would everyone in the school be in danger?

Would it happen here? If it did, then that would mean everyone in Rome is in danger. Thane said that there was something dark joseline kelly got fucked by stepdad while mopping the school as well, something different from the other cases.

Maybe… Helena is a victim of possession and what she saw was a nightmare brought on by whatever is haunting her? Thane told me to keep a lookout for how tmanipulate women nude humour strange phenomena, maybe I should try looking at Helena…' "Excuse me, are you Chad?" The pudgy student, studying at a sunlit table on the grassy campus, looked up.

"Yes, can I help you?" "My name is Helena, and I was hoping I could ask you something." "Ok, shoot." She sat down next to him at the picnic table, setting her book bag beside her. "You're Xavier's roommate, right?" "Uh… yeah." "Is there anything you could tell me about him? Anything weird you might have noticed about him?" Chad looked around in confusion. "Why are you asking? You do know that dating is forbidden in this school, right?" Helena groaned in annoyance.

"I'm not curious in that way. I met him the day he first came here and he seems like kind of a weird guy. I'm just wondering if it's something only I'm noticing or if he just seems quirky to everyone." "He doesn't seem weird to me.

He's quiet, doesn't talk to me much, but he's always very polite." "Does he have any weird stuff in your room? Anything that might give a clue as to where he's from?" "Nope, or at least I haven't seen anything. He did have a duffle bag with him that he keeps under his bed, but I don't think there is anything weird in there." 'A duffle bag? There may be some clues in there.' "Ok, well I guess it was just a strange first impression he gave me.

I should get going. Thank you." Hooking her arm around the straps of her book bag, she stood up but intentionally threw herself off balance and into a fall. "Whoa!" Swinging her arm, she "accidentally" struck Chad in the face with her book bag, breaking his nose and sending him to the ground, howling in pain.

'Lord, please forgive me for that. I'm only doing what I must.' "Oh my god, Chad! I'm so sorry, are you alright?!" He only gave a muffled cry, trying to stop the blood pouring to his nose. "It's ok, I'll help get you to the infirmary." Taking advantage of his pain, she pulled him to his feet while sneaking her hand into his pocket and taking his dorm room key. 'And please forgive me for that too.' There was hushed muttering in the cafeteria as Thane made his way to the kitchen with an empty tray for dinner.

He was well-known in this school, more than just for his doxy is fully in love with sex games appearance.

"Who is that guy?" a sixteen-year-old girl asked her friend, the two of them watching from their table. "That's Alexander Thane, he's a senior. From what I've heard, priests will ask him for help from time to time." "Help? Help for what?" "Exorcisms. Supposedly he's got some really sharp sixth sense and is able to free people from possession faster than any other priest. I think he once said that he was going to become a priest and just do exorcisms as a specialist.

He'll probably be recruited into the Vatican pretty soon." Thane got in line in the kitchen, moving his tray down the metal slide. Someone got behind him. At that moment, his entire body froze and became suddenly drenched with a cold sweat. Around him, the paint peeled off the walls, the food became rotten, the metal rusted, and everyone in the kitchen turned to skeletons and crumbled. The ceiling above his head was ripped away, revealing a hurricane of fire overhead.

Feeling a blaring heat on his back, he turned around. The school was gone, all of Rome swept aside as if by a nuclear explosion. In its place was a literal mountain of skeletons, with flames streaming up through the eye sockets of the skulls and between the bones. At the top of the mountain sat a figure on an obsidian throne, surrounded by naked women with sandra romain sucking balls for her pathetic slave on their necks, swooning at his feet and clambering for his attention.

The figure was twenty feet in height with a very muscular build. In the literal blink of an eye, the figure disappeared and reappeared in front of Thane, their faces so close that he could see nothing but the bloody flames churning in his eyes.

A colossal hand closed around his throat and a monstrous roar slammed into his eardrums, making him nearly pass out in agony. "Hey, are you ok?" Thane was shaken from the hallucination, finding Xavier standing in front of him. The hand that had been around his throat was instead on his shoulder.

Everyone in the kitchen was staring at the two of them. "Can you hear me? Are you alright?" Thane nodded and Xavier stepped by. The senior stared at him as he walked away, picking up food laid out by the cafeteria workers and setting it on his tray. 'What in God's name was that?' Xavier was thinking the same thing, while on his face, his lips had curled into an insidious smirk. 'Interesting, very interesting.' Helena looked down the hallway both ways for the umpteenth time, scared out of her mind.

Completely ignoring the fact that girls were forbidden to enter the boys' dormitory and she was essentially breaking into a dorm room after stealing a key from a student she assaulted, she was entering the Antichrist's bedroom. She was sure he would be at dinner, but for all she knew, he could be lying in his bed, waiting for her.

All of the dorm rooms in this corridor were empty, but the clicking of the key seemed louder than it should have been. She opened the door and stepped inside, feeling her heart beating in her ears. The room was empty, prompting a deep sigh of relief. 'Ok, the first thing I have to do is figure out which is his bed.' There weren't any pictures or anything on the bedside tables and no posters on the walls.

Perky gorgeous teen bounces on a penis crouched down beside the bed on the right, about to reach under and see if there was a duffle bag underneath. She stopped, suddenly realizing that it was in fact his bed.

It smelled like him. For some reason, she found herself enjoying the scent. Feeling her heart flutter, she slapped herself. "What the hell are you thinking?!" Reaching under the bed, she grabbed his duffle bag and pulled it out. Unzipping the bag, she opened it wide but found only spare clothes. She dug through them, having to be careful and make sure that anything she touched was put back in its rightful place.

Her patience wore thin though, and she merely emptied the contents on the floor. Moving aside the clothes, she found his wallet and passport, but found nothing of importance inside.

According to his ID, he was from New Zealand, but considering his age, she knew that to be a lie. Underneath a discarded coat, she found a small photo album, about the size of a pocketbook.

She was scared to open it, having a good idea of what was inside. They were probably pictures of women, either before or after he raped them, but they might also offer a clue as to his origins. She opened it up, feeling the knot in her stomach immediately unraveling. The first picture was the Pyramids of Giza, taken from what looked like the balcony of a hotel room. The next one was a selfie, with Xavier standing… no… it couldn't be… at the summit of Everest?!

He was looking at the camera, not wearing any winter gear, completely unaffected by the cold. He was smiling. The third picture was very old, black and white even, and it showed the Eifel Tower.


The fourth looked like it was from an old Polaroid camera. It showed Xavier, sitting on the grass at Stonehenge, with a big St. Bernard sitting next to him. Was that his dog? Or had the owners allowed him to take a picture with it?

He wasn't the one holding the camera, and like at Everest, he was smiling. Helena slowly flipped through the photo album, keeping her eye on the clock but christy charming doesnt have wet panties because she isnt wearing any pornstars taking her time on every picture.

There was no telling what he had been doing before the creation of cameras, no kind of documentation of his actions, but could it be possible that he had always been like this?

Traveling from place to place like a tourist? Had he really spent these last two thousand years like a college student backpacking around the globe? He was never with people in these pictures, never in a group photo, but there were plenty of pictures of him with dogs.

She had seen Xavier smile, such as the fake one he wore when around people, and the sadistic smirk he had when he showed his true colors, like when he raped Sophie. These were different. He looked… happy. Was it possible for even the Antichrist chloe scott got a mouthful of step dads cock naturaltits brunette feel something so innocent as happiness without hurting someone? Was his appearance not his only human quality?

These pictures proved his age, some of them looking like they dated back to the nineteenth century. If she showed them to someone, she could convince them of what he was. She put his clothes back in his bag, arranging everything the way they had been before, but kept the photo album with her. About to leave with it, she pulled her hand off the doorknob as she felt her collar activate. It seemed that Xavier had predicted something like this and made rules regarding certain possessions.

She finally had what she needed to break free of Xavier's control and save Sophie and the rest of the school, but it was out of her reach. She looked at the small leather book in her hand. It was the seal that had stopped her from taking it, but for some reason, a small part of her felt glad that she couldn't. She had been so desperate for proof of what he was, proof that she could use to reveal him and free herself, but this wasn't the kind of proof that she wanted.

She wanted to use his evil against him, to reveal his crimes to the world so that he could be stopped and hopefully even destroyed. As much as she hated him and as much as she wanted him dead, it didn't feel right to use his one piece of innocence as a weapon. She wanted the smoking gun that would show the world that he was a monster, not the one cherished possession that proved that even a monster like him was capable of joy. She pulled his duffle bag back out from under his bed and returned to photo album.

Xavier may have won this round, but she would find something she could use against him, something that would end his reign. With everything just as it had been since before she arrived, she made her escape from the dorm. She kept the key with her, hoping she could use it again sometime. That night, Xavier came to her room to have his way with Sophie again. This time, he had her on her knees, bent over with her wrists bound to the headboard like before.

He laughed as he raped her, thrusting into her deflowered pussy like a jackhammer.

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Every time he pushed in, his thighs would clap against her ass and make it jiggle. Sophie was crying nonstop, her anguish heightened when he would reach down and strangle her bouncing breasts. Paralyzed in her bed like before, Helena could do nothing but watch, crying tears of her own. The second time around was no less awful, the pain of watching her best friend being brutalized feeling like an icicle going through her heart.

She just had to hope that Xavier would again erase Sophie's memory and restore her body. 'Just hang on, Sophie. I'll find a way to save you.' Please comment!