Excited hotties enjoy having sex lesbian toys

Excited hotties enjoy having sex lesbian toys
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I didn't often talk about my life, because I knew people often had problems believing certain details even though I had been on several TV series which were often shown in reruns. It was true my face wasn't usually visible, but that was mostly because the cameraman had more interesting things to concentrate on.

The original documentary which had started it all was on TV once again. It was a part of a series which had been introduced by a well-known sexologist. The idea had been to accurately represent different aspects of sexuality. For this episode they had been looking for a mother and a son who would agree to do it on TV for the first time.

Mom was the one who had suggested this to me, saying it would be once in a lifetime experience for me. It had taken a while for me to agree, it would be pretty much impossible finding a cuter japanese pornstar than this teen slut from japan we had mia khalifa boobs sucking story interviewed thoroughly before the filming, both separately and together.

It had been weird to even see mom naked at first. She had short dark hair and her bush between her legs was thick and dark. Her breasts were large and shapely, although they were saggy in a way which was not surprising for a woman of her age. It had taken a while for us and the crew to properly set up everything. This was meant to be documentative and instructive, so mom's legs were wide open in a reverse cowgirl position. That way the penetration could be seen as well as possible while keeping our faces out of the view.

"Oh, God, mom." I sighed and groaned on the screen as my mother rode me, her hips twisting and turning. Her breasts were swaying and bouncing with her motions.

I saw mom's hips shuddering when I came, and my own hands holding tightly onto them. It really was a special feeling to be able to be close like that at least once in your life.

I heard my own voice groaning deep and saw my toes curling. A close-up showed my balls throbbing and bombing their contents into the womb where they belonged. The ejaculations were shooting like massive jolts through the shaft and into mom.

I remembered that orgasm very well. I had thought it would be difficult to do it with mom, and the TV crew being there had certainly not made it any less awkward, but everything had worked out in the end. Eventually there was nothing left, and I was only able to caress my mother's incredible hips which had given me life and now made me come harder than I would ever have thought possible.

The feeling of my balls being empty and my mother's womb being full had been natural and peaceful. After that the sexologist talked for a while, but I didn't bother listening to her since I had seen this so many times before. Then an update followed. It had been filmed eight months later. Mom was naked and on her knees, and the camera kept on zooming on mom's big pregnant belly and her large dark areolas and nipples.

This had certainly not been planned, peter north hot asian fucking tube porn the sexologist had wanted to film a follow-up after she had heard what had happened.

Because we couldn't openly acknowledge these things and I had been away at the university and other business, we had not touched each other since that one time, and the feelings were intensified by the fact that my mother was carrying my child. Mom's head was moving in a steady rhythm, and occasionally the camera showed how she was stroking my balls with her fingers. A montage of home videos and pictures from our family album was shown on the screen and slurping and groaning sounds could be heard in the background.

My toes curled and I instinctively caught a fistful of mom's black hair and forced her head down. My hips jumped and I groaned loud.

The microphones had been set just right so you could heard the sound mom made when I came and a big spurt shot into her mouth. You could audibly hear her say "M-m!" when she caught a mouthful of her child's semen. A close-up showed the movement in her throat as she swallowed it down.

There was no way a mother could have spit anything her child would shoot from his balls, much less so if he was also the father of her new baby. My mother's pouty lips kept patiently pumping the shaft as long as my balls kept throbbing and I had anything left to shoot, and the cameras caught every tender moment of it from several angles.

Mom's fingers were stroking my balls and keeping them pulsating and firing. For artistic reasons there were also animations of an ejaculation spliced in occasionally, with a droning voice telling facts about what was happening while my orgasm groans could be heard at the same time.

It sounded like they had been taken from some other sex education documentary, probably made by the same team. Finally mom bent down and started covering my balls in sweet little kisses. Big tits unique starr toyed then sucks cock and banged was trying to recover from one of the most incredible orgasms of my entire life.

I could only caress her hair adoringly and said for the first time in ages: "I love you, mom." Mom hugged me around the waist, and I could feel her belly and breasts against my legs. The last part shown was from a family video where my two sisters were kissing mom's belly.

They had been quite enthusiastic about the situation when we had told them about it. Mom opened her legs wide and the girls kneeled down between them. They took turns trying to see who could give mom the better orgasm.

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From the shivers going through mom's thighs I declared it a tie. Not surprisingly, only a couple of people in addition to us appeared in the documentary. I didn't know any of them, because everyone had been promised complete anonymity.

Naturally everyone's age had been verified in all of these productions like the disclaimer in the beginning always said. There was a shot of a girl giving a blowjob to her father. She seemed really shy, and she kept her legs together even when she was naked and on her knees. It had been shot from the side and back so her face was not visible, but her ponytail could be seen bouncing energetically. The nerd in me noted how much the girl resembled Rikku from Final Fantasy X.

That couldn't have been an accident. I wondered if she was a cosplayer, or if she had just liked the style. The dad was rock hard and she was no doubt looking adorable teen slut barbara desires a massive schlong to bang at him with big innocent eyes. He came hard when his little princess kept going long enough. Both dad and daughter seemed to be surprised by the force of the ejaculation, with dad shouting out loud and the girl making a distressed whimper.

She still kept suckling and her hand reached out to stroke dad's hairy balls as she swallowed his semen burst by burst. The ejaculations could be seen as little motions in her cheeks and throat.

Her other hand was pumping the shaft vigorously and rhythmically and her lips stayed latched on as long as daddy had anything left to shoot. It was hard to say what she got out of it, but I guess she just was daddy's little sperm catcher. Always ready, like a girl scout. She probably had been one as a kid, for that matter. Anything dad could shoot, she would swallow.

The dad grunted deep each time he fired a mouthful. He must have been saving his load for quite some time, and the girl who looked like Rikku had made her own father come harder than anyone ever and swallowed his balls empty. I very well knew that warm feeling which overcame you after you had shot absolutely everything you had and all you could do was sigh. I had experienced the same with mom during our moment together. The most surprising clip in the documentary was the one at the end where another shy girl was with her own mom.

You couldn't see much more than the girl's nose in the mother's bush as her tongue kept working, but the sounds were very interesting. The only way you could be sure she was a girl was because she had long brown hair, her perky breasts were briefly visible in the beginning, and because it sounded like the mom called her a "good girl" at the most tender moments. I watched the shy little first kiss between a cute girl and her mother's bushy and wide cunt.

She raised her head and said: "It's so warm and hairy, mom." When she bent down and kissed it again, her mother instructed her: "Slip your tongue in there this time. That's it. Good girl. Keep going." The girl was really trying. She must have liked the feeling of being close like that. The mother's thighs were wide open and a twitch went through them and her hips moved. "M-hmm?" the girl said when she felt her mother's vagina making warm waves around her tongue. She tried to keep going at an even faster pace.

The mother reached a beautiful orgasm on national television, and warm tremors could be seen going through her hips and thighs. The documentary ended after this, so I switched to some interesting videos I had recently been given by a producer who had hired me. I had watched them before, but it was hard to get tired of something like this.

The first one was an old clip of Audrey Hepburn. She was laying on a bed and her head was bouncing against the pillow. Her small breasts were also visible on screen, and the nipples had perked up. Suddenly a loud groan could be heard and several big spurts of thick jizz shot from outside the screen and landed on her face and hair. I don't know if it was true, but I had heard these clips had been originally made for a special charity drive in which you had to donate ten million dollars to the children of Africa to receive a copy, so only very few and very famous people actually had them.

There was another shot of Audrey. Now she was on her knees and the dark triangle of hair between her legs was fully visible. There were three men standing in front of her.

Her slender fingers were stroking the men's hairy testicles and her dark eyes were blinking, their gaze was alternating from one man to the other. She flinched and pinched her eyes and lips shut when white spurts suddenly jetted through the air and landed on her adorable face and hung off her short black hair as gooey strings. Slimy droplets dribbled off her chin and onto her small breasts.

One thick and sticky drop jiggled from her perked up left nipple, and some had ran down all the way to the dark bush between her thighs and were sticking there like pearls. Another old clip followed. Lauren Bacall's lips were working. She occasionally opened her eyes and looked up at the screen with a dramatic gaze. I don't know who the man was.

He was never shown from the waist up, but he suddenly groaned and shifted his hips. His testicles started throbbing, and her lips were responding in the same rhythm.

Her eyes were closed and her head kept moving. Her luscious pouty lips were pumping the man so hard he shouted out loud as he shot long bursts, and she swallowed everything the lucky guy could shoot. When the man finally started going limp, the diva raised her head and looked at the camera.

When she got up at the end, you could momentarily see her bush on the screen just before the picture cut away. The next videos were from a more modern version of the same idea. The titles were quite descriptive: "Halle Berry 1000 Man Bukkake Gangbang ", and another with the same title except with Jennifer Love Hewitt's name instead.

I'm sure the number had been exaggerated, but not as much as you'd think judging by what I had seen. Both stars looked quite young in these, so they must have been filmed a while ago.

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I let the videos run side by side on different screens. Halle tried to keep her mouth open and she even had her tongue thrust out. She even caught some direct shots in her mouth. Sperm looked great on her latte skin and dark nipples and short black hair. Jennifer's massive cumshot mega cum compilation were bouncing with the men's thrusts and most shot their loads on them, but she flinched and winced noticeably when a big spurt flew from outside the screen and struck her face and hair.

The rhythmic bouncing of her gooey tits and the slime dribbling off her nervously erect nipples was the best part. Near the end her breasts were covered in so much sperm they looked like mounds of jiggling jello with her nipples and areolas as a cherry on top. A pool of goo waved back and forth between them as another paramour was thrusting between her legs.

Jennifer obviously didn't like to get it on her face, which was unfortunate considering how slimy she already looked. Halle had not had similar problems early on, but as hours passed it was becoming too much for her too, especially since she had caught most of it on her face. It was barely even visible now under a layer of white slime which had glued her hair to the pillow. Stringy strands of goo dribbled off her top lip when she tried to open her mouth, and another series of long, powerful spurts immediately shot out and landed on her mouth and face.

The future Oscar winner was drenched in gooey jizz. After several arduous hours the last men in both groups shot their loads in, and a close-up view showed their hairy balls throbbing against the girls' buttocks.

Halle's hips were still moving and responding after the marathon. Her ass shuddered and her long legs instinctively locked around the man when he came in her. Jennifer just took it.


The man grunted and groaned, shooting hard and deep. He was never going to see anything hotter than Jennifer Love Hewitt covered in gallons of jizz. She might have fucked everyone, but he was the one who got to shoot his load in. The other man's balls were violently throbbing against Halle's latte-colored buttocks as they completely emptied into her.

The men shouted as they bombed the girls' wombs with everything they had, and the marathon was finally over. After this moment of entertainment I had to concentrate on my reality series, "Blowjob Quest". My sister is a filmmaker, and she had wanted to make this series about blowjobs and their importance in society. Luckily she had become relatively famous in her field so it was not difficult to find dora venter gets drilled in hardcore fashion everyday girls who would want to be seen in her series.

The girls were real random people, brazilian rough poor lil jade jantzen she just desired to have a joy vacation with her it wasn't just my charm the show relied on. The producers had promised them many things which may or may not have been true.

The first episode started with a red-headed librarian with big glasses. Her ponytail was bouncing rhythmically, and she had freckles on her face. She was looking at me over the rims of her glasses. Even her perky breasts had cute freckles on them. She was only wearing white thigh-length stockings and high heels. It was so silent the loud squirt in her mouth seemed to echo in the quiet halls of the book depository. I especially liked the second episode where a cop was on her knees in a back alley like a cheap whore.

She had short blonde hair, and she had been pretty damn difficult to convince to do this, as you might imagine. The blonde cop reached behind her back to take off her white bra. She had an athletic body and her nipples were standing pointy and erect. Despite her tough chick image she looked like a deer in headlights when I came. She probably didn't even swallow her boyfriends' loads, and she had really caught a big one this time.

There was even a nun in one of the episodes. A real one, not just a whore wearing a habit. I think she had wanted to get money for an orphanage or something like that. She had wanted to make sure she wouldn't be taking her habit off at any time, and she had to be extra careful she wouldn't be recognized, so the camera angles had to be selected very carefully.

It took its time, despite the tips my sister had given her. She gagged really hard when I finally came, but she had been told spitting wasn't an option, so she got to swallow my balls dry despite the slimy gargling sounds she was making.

The camera zoomed on her throat and showed how her lips turned downwards. A most interesting part was the one which we had filmed, but which could unfortunately not be shown on TV because of studio agreements.

That was because we had run into Chloe Moretz while filming one of the episodes. "Immediately when I turned eighteen, everyone wants to hire me to play a teenage crackwhore," she had explained to me. "I need to be able to play parts like that convincingly." We had filmed a bit where she got to practice her acting and I had to react authentically.

She was leaning against a wall in a seedy alley, wearing high heels and fishnets. "Hey handsome, want a blowjob?" she asked me. "How much?" I said. I wasn't anywhere as good at acting as she was, of course, but I tried my best. "Ten bucks," she said and put a finger to her incredible milf and daughter share studs big cock. I offered her a bigger bill and said: "You'll get twenty if you swallow it." Her eyes widened noticeably and she said nothing, but she took the money.

She probably had realized a real hooker wouldn't turn down extra earnings. I unzipped my pants and pulled them down as she slid onto her knees. The tarmac was hard and dirty, and she was wearing a miniskirt. She was beginning to understand the problems real prostitutes had to face. Sensual lisa rides on a stiff boner creampie blonde hoped her knees wouldn't get too badly scraped.

"Take your shirt off," I said and nodded towards it. It was nice and tight, but that wasn't enough. She bit her lip and pulled it over her head, revealing a white bra. "That too," I said, eyeing the bra disapprovingly. She reached behind her back, her big eyes blinking nervously, and the bra came off.

Her breasts weren't that big, but her nervousness had made the nipples nice and perky. Now her attention was drawn by my rapidly hardening shaft. I lay my hand on her shoulder, looked her in the eyes, and said: "Now get to the business." She was probably more experienced than the nun, but not by much.

Luckily Chloe had been blessed by lips which would never have problems of making any man to shoot everything he had until he could only wish he had more.

I caught a fistful of her hair as I came. She flinched and struggled, but she remembered I had paid her to swallow my load and I was just helping her get into the role. Another big blast from my balls made her cheeks bulge. Her distressed eyes were looking up at me as she kept on suckling, but every phlegmy shot went down, she swallowed literally everything my balls could hold.

I was proud of her, and I told her that afterwards. Chloe might not have liked it at the time, but my coaching must have been useful for her, because I later got some very interesting work propositions from her manager.

This is how I got to meet superheroes, because celebs like Chloe Moretz and her manager often hung around with them in PR events. Johnny, the manager, had one day come to me with his new idea for a TV reality show. He showed me a poster featuring a pin-up of Wonder Woman herself, Diana of Themysicra, and the title: "Father a Hero!" "Does a normal guy have what it takes to make Wonder Woman pregnant?" I read the smaller print underneath and wondered, as was apt.

Johnny adjusted his sunglasses and explained: "Yeah, it was the Amazons who actually suggested this. They thought it'd be good PR for their nation, so I told them I'm in, and we created this idea for a show together. Then I remembered Chloe talking about you. Would you be interested in this?" Naturally I was. Superman might have seemed like the most obvious choice for the job, but there were several reasons why he or any of the other superheroes were not available.

There were some rumors about him having a girlfriend who would have not been okay with it, but I'm not sure if that was the real reason. The whole thing was aired live on TV, and it was still often on shown on repeats nowadays.

I was barely seen in it apart from the obvious parts, but that was hardly surprising when the director could concentrate on Wonder Woman's amazing naked breasts bouncing or her incredibly long wide-open legs and the movements of her hips.

The cameramen made sure show every smallest detail of her body. Most people would probably not even have dared to imagine her naked, so the sight of her actually riding a man who could have been any one of them was something unbelievable. Because of her Amazon frame, her breasts were huge compared to any normal woman, and they were bouncing vigorously with her motions.

Words can't even begin to express how superhuman vaginal and hip movements felt like. I think the viewers got some idea of it from how hard I shouted when I shot my load.


A champion's sperm was the traditional essence of power for child-bearing Amazons. Two helper girls were always licking my balls when Diana milked them dry with her lips twice a day. Her shiny and determined eyes were looking up at me as I shot long spurts into her mouth, and her belly was growing every day.

The other Amazons often also touched and kissed her baby bump, and then kneeled and added a long kiss to the dark bush between her legs. Sometimes they continued further with Diana laying down and opening her long legs wide and the other girl's head moving between them. The orgasms she got were truly a sight to behold, and often it was her mother who made her come the hardest. I also got to meet many other superheroines when they were visiting Themysicra.

Many of them were quite eager to get down on their knees, but I had to say I was saving it for Diana. I did meet some sex american xxx rep sex stories com them again later, after the baby had been born. It was certainly an experience to shoot all over Power Girl's face while holding her amazing tits in my hands, or watching Cassandra Cain's eyes widen and cheeks bulge when I fired into her mouth.

She was my girlfriend at one time, which was pretty interesting. I shot one of the biggest loads of my life with her. I pulled out from between her legs at the last moment, and shot long strings of goo which hung off her black hair and perky nipples. My daughter later got into the Justice League and saved the universe and a few other dimensions more than once, but that's a different story altogether.

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