Sexxxxy storys of sunny leone with habshi

Sexxxxy storys of sunny leone with habshi
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Doctor's Incestuous Family (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter Six: Hidden Family Passion By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

James Wilson My hand clenched into a tight fist as I fought against my surging orgasm. I sat at the table in our breakfast nook, my mom beneath the table, her mouth engulfing my cock, sucking on it with such a wanton lust. Since last night, when she had sneaked in my room and woke me up with a blowjob, she had been a changed woman. Five years of sexual repression spilled out of her. Since Dad ran out when I was ten to marry his secretary, she hadn't dated once. She hadn't gotten laid.

And now all her pent-up desires were bursting out of her, turning her into a slut eager for my cock. This was the second blowjob she had given me this morning. The first was after I had fucked her ass in the shower, breaking in her virgin territory. She didn't mind her sour musk on my cock. It was insane and I loved horny elsa fucks her roomate lexi lore. But I was also fucking my younger sister, Jenny.

And she was pregnant with my child. Mom found out about the pregnancy, but not that I was the father, and had freaked out. The pair had fought this morning. I wanted to get this all out into the open, to have my mom and sister know that I was fucking the other, but they both swore me to secrecy.

They had stared at me with these pleading eyes and. "Fuck," I groaned, my balls boiling, my dick throbbing. It was all so messed up.

Mom was scared of going to jail for incest and fucking her nineteen-year-old son while Jenny was scared Mom would have me arrested for molesting her. But I had a solution to fix everything. I just had to keep from cumming long enough for Jenny to come downstairs. I squirmed in the chair, groaning as Mom sucked even harder.

She was so hungry for my cum. Her hand reached into my boxers, massaging my balls as her warm tongue swabbed about the crown of my dick. Upstairs, Jenny moved around, finished with her shower. She was in her room, changing. She had to come downstairs and catch Mom sucking me off. I could keep my word and they both could discover that I was fucking them both. And, hopefully, they'd handle it.

But Jenny loved me and didn't want to share me, and Mom was acting so weird around my sister. Like she was jealous of the attention Jenny was giving me this morning.

"Come on," I groaned, my ears craning for the tell-tale creaks of my little sister coming down the stairs. Mom moaned and sucked even harder, her hands massaging my balls. She took my plea to Jenny as encouragement to make me cum. I leaned back into my chair, the wooden frame biting into my shoulder blades through my t-shirt.

The excitement of getting caught surged through me. It was so hard to resist not cumming. Especially with my hot mom sucking my dick beneath the table, the pancakes she made me steaming on the plate before me. My teeth ground. Every suck was wonderful torture. My balls boiled, the cum aching to erupt and flood Mom's throat. She would drink mia khaifa and big dick down with such hunger.

I had to stop thinking about that, but I could feel her silky, bleached-blonde hair spilling about my thighs. The tablecloth moved as she bobbed her head. I knew her large tits swayed in the purple housecoat she wore.

She was naked beneath, her flesh so inviting. "Damn, Mom," I groaned. "Damn, you want my cum so badly." I groaned. Why did I say that? It just made this harder and harder. Jenny's bedroom door opened and then closed. My teeth ground harder. I just exploring japanese chicks slit hardcore and groupsex to hold out for another minute.

I just had to resist the wonderful, hot, wet sucking of my mother's mouth. My hot mother with those lush tits and that ass. Damn, her ass was so tight. It was velvet wrapped about my cock and— "Fuck!" I snarled again, my balls aching to explode. Footsteps creaked on the stairs. My heart beat faster, tensing, ready for my sister's reaction. Mom's mouth popped off my cock. "Dammit, I thought she would shower longer." "What?" I panted as Mom shoved my throbbing erection back into my boxers.

"You can't stop, Mom. I was so close." Mom crawled out, adjusting her robes, her huge tits swaying. "Sorry, your sister is coming." Jenny walked into the kitchen a moment later, wearing a pair of tight, hot-pink shorts I had no idea she owned and even tighter, pink t-shirt with Care Bears on it firing a rainbow from their bellies. It was a shirt she hadn't worn in year and was far too small, molding to her braless tits. They were round and firm. Mom's eyes narrowed, her eyes flicking down my sister's body.

"Aren't those clothes a little.old?" "They still fit," Jenny said, her eyes equally hard as she moved up to the table and sat beside me, her tits jiggling. It was hard not to ogle them as I sat between the two women, Mom looming over us, her large breasts almost spilling out of her robe. My dick throbbed so hard in my shorts. I was so close to cumming, and Jenny's outfit wasn't helping my dick calm down.

Or Mom's. Damn, they were both so fucking sexy. "Really, that shirt looks far too small for you," Mom said, voice so tight. Jenny just smiled.

"Well, I thought we were doing yard work today. No point in getting my new clothes dirty. Right, Mom?" Mom ground her teeth.


"Fine." "And no pancakes for me?" Jenny asked, her voice light. "Or do hussies not deserve to eat." Mom took a two teen girls enjoyed fucking big black cock on the bed interracial threesome breath. "Coming right up.dear." "Thanks.Mom." I shivered despite my hardon.

I had to do something about it. I opened my mouth to say, "Mom was just sucking my cock and I knocked up Jenny," when fear stopped me.

The way they were acting was so catty. Blurting out the truth might just make things worse. And then I might miss out on enjoying both their bodies. They were both so wonderful. So exciting. I loved them both. Mom stalked away, heading for the kitchen, her back so straight, her bleached-blonde hair bouncing about her shoulders.

Jenny gave a vicious smile as she shifted in her chair, her brown hair sweeping loose about her shoulders, no headband holding it back. The moment Mom walked to the stove, Jenny's hand shot to my crotch, giving my dick a squeeze.

Her eyes widened. In a hushed voice, she whispered, "Oh, no, you've been hard this entire time?" "It's fine," I groaned as she squeezed me. She shook her head, biting her lip. The table was between us and mom. Jenny leaned her head against her left hand, her elbow braced on the table, the perfect poise of boredom. But her right hand reached into my boxers, pulling out my cock.

My eyes widened. I almost objected since Mom was nearby, but then I didn't. Maybe this was a better way to get caught. And I really needed to cum. "So we are going to tackle the whole backyard today," Mom said, trying to sound light and airy. "Need to get everything winterized." "Uh-huh," I groaned as Jenny's warm, soft hand slid up and down my cock beneath the table.

"Sounds sooo fun," Jenny said, rolling her eyes, affecting boredom so well as she jerked me off. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jenny Wilson It was so naughty jerking off my big brother while my harridan of a mother remembered to make me breakfast.

I couldn't believe she forgot. My hand stroked faster, loving the feel of his thick dick in my grip, my pussy clenching. It would feel so much better in there, but I couldn't get away with that at the breakfast table. But it was so hot doing this under Mom's nose. If she thought I was a slut, then I would be the hugest slut for James. My big brother would get so much ass and pussy. He would be satisfied night and day.


My hand stroked faster. James groaned, shifting on the chair. My heart raced, glancing at him as I leaned on my arm, my blue eyes widening in warning. He couldn't give this away. It was such a risk, but I was so angry, and so horny, I just didn't care. I had to do this. I had to be naughty under Mom's prying nose. Dried-up old prune! Just because she didn't want to fuck any longer, didn't mean she had to be so nasty to me.

No wonder Dad left her. I bet Tiffany puts out regularly. I mean, they have two kids already. My cheeks warmed. I wanted more kids from James.

I knew it was so wrong, but that just made my pussy wetter and wetter. I wanted the warm, throbbing dick in my hand breeding me over and over. My clit ached. I pressed my thighs tight, stroking his cock as mom flipped the pancakes. "Damn," James groaned low. paula lee playing with herself and teasing was that, honey?" Mom asked, flashing my brother a big smile.

"Just.thinking about all the work today," he said. "Busy day." "Very," Mom said, her hips wiggling in her robes. James looked at her, hunger in his blue eyes. He better not be fantasizing about Mom while I was jerking him off! I squeezed his dick harder. He groaned, glancing at me. He needed to pay attention to me. I was the mother of his child. I was his lover. Not dumb Mom. She would never jerk his cock off under the table or drink his cum or even let him fuck her ass.

I would! Me! My hand flew on his cock. My muscles burned. I ignored them. James tried to take a bite of his pancake. He groaned and leaned back into his chair. His chest rose beneath his t-shirt, outlining his sexy muscles. And then his dick throbbed. I felt the cum pulse out of his dick and splatter the bottom of the table. I grinned, jerking his dick, savoring every blast. My pussy clenched with each one.

He groaned, the last several blasts weak dribbles, the cum running over my hand. I loved it. "Better?" I asked him. "Yeah," he nodded. "Thanks." Mom glanced at us. "What are you two whispering about?" "Nothing," I said, pulling my hand away from his crotch.


As Mom dished up my pancakes, I lifted my hand to my lips. I quickly licked at the white line dribbling down the back of my hand. I savored the salty cum, shivering in delight. James groaned, his hands putting his cock away as Mom walked up. "Right, nothing," Mom said, then she glanced at James. "Are you annoying your brother again?" "I don't annoy him," I huffed as she set my plate before me. She almost tossed it, the pancakes sliding across the white ceramic.

"Sure," Mom said, sitting across from us, her protein shake before her. Why did the old cow care about looking thin? She had those huge, saggy tits anyways. Not firm titties like mine.

I sat up straight, my breasts thrusting before me as I cut my pancakes with the side of my fork. James's eyes flickered at my tits. "Ready to tell me who the father of your child is?" Mom said. "I don't know who it is," I said slowly, carefully, making sure she could understand.

"Right," Mom sneered. "Is he married? Are you a little homewrecker like that slut who married your father?" "I doubt a college student is married. And I don't know who he is." "Just like you don't know who put that cum on your panties." Her eyes flicked to me. "Unless you want to accuse your gang bang ks tube porn of something." "Leave James out of this!" I hissed.

"He's done nothing wrong. He has nothing to do with my baby." "Jenny," James objected, and guilt shot through me. "It is a teacher. A married teacher." Mom shook her head. "I can't believe it, Jenny. How did you do it?

Were you dressing like that? Flashing those perky tits at him like a complete—" "Mom!" James shouted, his fist slamming on the table. Mom and I both jumped in shock, plates rattling. "We're a family," he growled. "So act like it. Stop calling her names. She's pregnant. It's not the end of the fucking world. People have sex." "But." Mom swallowed. She took a deep breath.

"I'm sorry, Jenny." I blinked in shock. It made my pussy so hot seeing James stand up for me. I smiled and dug into my pancakes. They tasted so good this morning. Mom may be a bitch, but I had my big brother on my side. My pussy was so juicy. I bet there was a wet spot forming on my shorts.

I didn't just forget to put on a bra this morning. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ James Wilson "No, that's not how you do it," Mom hissed. "Come on, Jenny." "I know how to do it, Mom," Jenny hissed back, the pair glaring at each other from opposite ends of the flower garden as they weeded. "See. I'm doing it just fine." I groaned. All morning, they had been snapping at each other. It was so damned annoying. I was glad I had to mow the lawn now. At least the sound of the engine chugging away would drown out their bickering.

Why did I make those stupid promises? Why did I feel like I had to keep them? Because they looked at me with those pleading eyes. Because I loved them and didn't want to break my word to them. Because they were both so hot and sexy and I wanted to cum again in their holes. I was so hard. Not only were they fighting with each other, but they were also flirting with me. They kept giving me smoky looks and whispering naughty things whenever I came by.

Mom wasn't wearing panties, and she proved it by yanking up her skirt real quick and letting me see her brown bush covering her pussy, her juices glistening on the curls. And Jenny. Those shorts she wore were so small, so tight, the crotch molding to her pussy, giving her the greatest cameltoe of all times.

She would kneel, wiggling her ass at me as she worked, her pussy lips perfectly outlined, a dark spot in the center of her crotch.

She would suck on her fingers, too, her tongue swirling around them. Mom would stretch, her breasts thrusting against the tight tank top she wore, her nipples so hard. And that skirt she wore. It was a tennis skirt, so short, riding up her thigh as she worked, her hips wiggling, the skirt swaying, hinting at the possibility they could ride up farther and flash her pussy at me. It was torture. I was so damned hard. I yanked on the lawnmower's starter twice before it coughed to life. The roar drowned out their current bickering.

I sighed in relief, pushing it forward. It mowed through the grass of our large backyard as I walked forward, passing the house as I mowed the first leg. I reached the fence, turned to face the direction of my mother and sister. Groaned. The narrow crotch of my sister's shorts had somehow pushed to the side. Her brown-furred muff peeked out as she worked, her body positioned to aim her exposed pussy right at me.

I froze, my dick throbbing as I licked my lips. It was such an invitation. I just wanted to go over there and fuck her. To pound that sweet, pregnant cunt right here, right now. To let Mom see how sexy my little sister was. How there was no need to call her a slut. Especially since Mom's skirt had ridden up even higher as she bent over, her face almost pressed into the flowerbed's dark soil as she worked.

I swallowed, her hips swaying, the skirt sliding back and forth. Her brown pubic hair peeked out at me, too, as her movement caused her skirt to rise higher and higher. My hand slipped off the safety lever, the lawnmower dying.

I wanted them both. I had to have them both. But they were so jealous of each other. They both wanted me all to themselves. Would it just make things worse if everything came out? Not all women were like Clint's family, willing to share him with others. Most women, in fact, weren't like that. He had hit the jackpot. I had only come close. Mom turned her head, a huge grin on her face. "Is something wrong, honey? You're just standing there." "I." "Yes, big brother," Jenny asked, giving me such a mischievous grin.

"Something wrong? See something distracting?" Mom glanced at Jenny, sitting up so her skirt fell down her body and covered her. "Yes. Is someone teasing you!" Jenny just laughed as she straightened up, wiggling her hips to let her shorts cover her properly.

"Right, because I'm such a slut I want my big brother to fuck me. That's so gross, Mom." "Good," Mom said, nodding in satisfaction. "It is gross for you to flirt with your brother, Jenny." I yanked on the starter. The lawnmower roared to life, drowning out their argument. I pushed forward, trying to ignore the throbbing in my shorts. A moment later, Jenny hopped to her feet and stalked off into the house while Mom just went back to weeding.

I had no idea what they said to each other, but it made me mad. I wanted to seize them both and shake them so hard. Then fuck them both. Then watch them fuck each other. They could sixty-nine, licking my cum out of each other's pussies.

My dick was lead in my pants. I reached the flowerbed and turned the lawnmower, heading away from Mom. My face was on fire. I kept pushing the lawnmower forward, my heart racing. I reached the fence, turned, groaned again. Mom's skirt had ridden up and her fingers rubbed at her pussy as she gave me such a sultry wink.

And then my sister banged out of the house, holding a drink in her hand. Mom straightened, her skirt falling down to hide her naughty activity. Jenny gave me a smile as she sauntered across the lawn, her nipples so hard as she casually walked in front of the lawnmower and went back to work. The wet spot on her shorts looked even larger. My heart raced in my chest as I turned the lawnmower, mowing away from them.

I went three paces when it died again. I frowned, grabbing the starter and yanking. It sputtered and died. "Something wrong?" Jenny asked. "Out of gas," I said. "I forgot to check it." "Distracted?" Mom asked, shaking her head.

"Guess so," I said. "I'll go fill it up." I pushed the lawnmower down the side of the house to the front yard and the open garage. Our house had a weird layout. The garage didn't face the street, our driveway curving 90 degrees to turn into it, and instead faced the large row of tree-like hedges that formed the border of our property. No one could see me through the open door. "Fuck," I panted, pulling out my cock.

They both had me so hard. I had to jackoff. It would be so much better if one of them was here to fuck, but I just needed relief. I leaned against the wall, reached into my jogging shorts and boxers, grabbed my cock, and yanked it out. I stroked my throbbing shaft, groaning. "Need some help with that?" the purring voice of my little sister asked.

The precocious eighteen-year-old sauntered into the garage, her hips swaying, tits bouncing. She had her hands behind her back and a huge grin on her lips. Her blue eyes sparkled as she sauntered towards me. "Yes," I snarled. I seized her, pinning her against the wall beneath the dirty window that looked out on the side of the house.

I kissed her hard, thrusting my tongue into her mouth. My hands went to the waistband of her shorts, fumbling at the snaps. Her tongue dueled with mine as I thrust down her shorts. I grabbed her naked ass, squeezing those lush cheeks as my dick rubbed against her warm stomach.

She moaned into the kiss, one hand sliding beneath my t-shirt, the other grabbing my cock, stroking it in her hand. I moaned as she brought me to her dripping pussy, rubbing me against her folds. She broke the kiss, groaning, "I've needed this for sooooo long." "Yes," I groaned as I thrust, sinking into her pussy, my hands gripping her ass. "I don't care that Mom's outside." "Me either," she gasped, her pussy clenching down on my dick.

"I almost want her to catch us. To see who I'm a slut for." "We should tell her," I panted, sliding through her hot, tight tunnel. She was so silky. Her pregnant pussy amazing." "No!" she hissed, both her hands clawing at my back beneath my shirt, her hips black guy creampie breakin attempt suspect has to boink his way out of pripartners son. "I don't ever want to stop fucking you.

She'll ruin it." "She might not," I panted, pumping away, savoring the hot silk of her pussy. "That prudish bitch wouldn't understand!" "She's not a bitch," I growled, thrusting harder, my balls smacking into my little sister.

"Oh, yes, that's how you fuck your little sister," she groaned, ignoring my words. "Just ram it into me." "Yes!" I growled. I pounded her hard, the pleasure building in my balls as I reamed into her pussy. I squeezed her ass, groaning and grunting, savoring every inch of her tight sheath.

She was so hot. So tight. She clenched down on my dick with that delicious pussy. I loved being in my little sister as much as I loved being in my mother. I loved this cunt on my dick. The friction spilled pleasure through me.

She moaned, not loud, but enough to let me know she loved it. Her mom son fuk story movi bit into my back as she worked her hips.

"That's it," I growled. "Take my cock. Mmm, you just love it! You just love your big brother's cock fucking your pregnant cunt!" "Shush!" she groaned. "Not so loud. Mom will hear." I slammed into her harder. "Doesn't that just make it hotter?" I asked. "The danger?" Her pussy clenched on my dick. "Oh, my god." I shivered, moaning louder, hoping mom would hear us. I pounded my sister hard against the wall. She moaned and gasped, undulating against me.

I growled, glancing at the window. Would the sounds carry to Mom in the backyard? "Take my cock!" I growled, almost shouting, being as loud as I could.

"Take it! I love fucking your pussy!" "You're going to get us caught, James," she whimpered, humping back into me. "Oh, god, this is so risky!" "So risky!" I agreed. "And you love it." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jenny Wilson "I do," I moaned, my head rubbing on the window as that wonderful cock pressed on me.

My head craned, twisting. I peered out the window, my eyes widening. I could just see Mom working on the flowers at the side of the house. I twisted more, my hips undulating. It hurt my neck to crane like this. But I couldn't help it. I wanted to stare at her, to gloat as James fucked me.

I wanted to be the slut she accused me of being for my big brother. I czech teen gloryhole adorable redhead gets porked hard him. I loved his hands on my ass, his cock reaming my pregnant pussy, the incestuous thrill of our forbidden affair.

"Wait," I moaned, pushing on his chest. "What?" he groaned. "Fuck me from behind," she purred. "In the ass." Like a slut. "Yes," he growled, ripping out of my pussy. I groaned as James spun me around. He was so strong. My feet shuffled, my shorts around my ankles.

Blonde teen kelly paige milks big cock of stud

He pressed me against the window, my cheek lying flush. I stared at Mom working, oblivious to how naughty her children were. And then James's cock, wet with my cunt juice, pressed between the cheeks of my ass. I shuddered in delight as his wet tip rubbed up and down my crack, searching for my sphincter.

I groaned when he found it, his dick pressing at my asshole. "Yes," I groaned, the glass so cool on my cheek as he slid into me. "Jenny," he moaned, so loud, not caring that Mom might catch us. He was so bold. So strong. I loved it. His cock cece capella romp by her older step bro tony pornstars and brunette into my bowels.

I had taken him over a dozen times back there. I wasn't as tight as the first time, but it meant he could slide in faster and pound my asshole so hard. I loved it. His cock reached deep into my bowels, my pussy clenching as pleasure rippled out of me. The friction's heat son forces mom tfuck him fifi foxx and cock ninja to my cunt.

Juices dribbled down my thighs as he pulled back and thrust again. The window rattled as my body shook. I groaned again, staring at Mom while I was being such a slut. A hussy. A wanton whore fucking her big brother. "You love it up the ass," James groaned as his crotch smacked into my ass hard, his dick burying so deep into my bowels.

"You love your big brother fucking your asshole." "I love it so much, James," I groaned, clenching my bowels on his cock as he drew back. "Pound me." "Yes," he growled as he thrust harder. His balls smacked into my taint as he pounded my asshole.

His hands slid beneath my tight t-shirt, a top I hadn't worn in three or four years. It was so small. I loved how it felt on me, molding to my braless tits. I was practically naked.

James loved it. His hands groped my breasts as he reamed my asshole. He pumped faster and faster, the heat building, swelling in the depths of my pussy. I loved it. I bucked back into him as he reamed his dick harder and deeper into me.

He buried his cock into my depths. He stirred me up, making me quake and quiver in delight. "Just fuck my ass, big brother," I groaned, loving calling him that. My pussy clenched as my body trembled. "Fuck it so hard," he groaned, so loud. But Mom didn't hear him. She kept working in that short skirt. She called me a slut! Look at how that hussy was dressed today.

I bet she hated all the attention James paid me now. He wasn't her darling son any longer. He was my lover! His strokes were so hard, slamming into the depths of my bowels.

His balls thwacked over and over as the pleasure swelled in me. I wiggled my hips, meeting his strokes. The slap of our flesh echoed through the garage, mixing with our moans and pants. Mom looked around. Then she stood up. My ass clenched so hard on James's dick. She was looking for me. She stood up, brushing at her knees. I shivered, moaning louder, the orgasm swelling in the depths of my pussy.

Mom walked out of sight. I heard the back door slide open. "James," I moaned, my orgasm bursting through her. Mom was looking for me. She could catch us. See that James was all mine. "Jenny," he panted as my bowels writhed about his juicy teen anal gap is destroyed by penis in advance of camera. "Damn, Jenny!" The pleasure raced through my body as he slammed over and over into my spasming asshole.

The rapture burned through my mind, mixing with the exhilarating fear of being caught by Mom. I shuddered in James's arms, heaving and thrashing, juices flooding down my thighs. "Jenny?" Mom called. "You're supposed to be weeding." "Fuck," James groaned, slamming into my asshole. He sounded almost.disappointed. And then his cum splashed into me, banishing that crazy thought. How could he ever be disappointed in flooding my asshole with his jizz?

I shuddered, my orgasm surging through me as he pumped load after load of cum into my bowels. "Jenny, where are you?" Mom called, heat in her voice.

"Damn," James groaned, his cock thrusting a final time into my asshole. Mom's footsteps came closer. "Pull out," I hissed, fear burning through my orgasm. "She's coming." "Damn," he groaned again, pulling out of me. I yanked up my shorts, his cum leaking out of my sore asshole. I buzzed with rapture as the garage door opened. I spun around, fastening my shorts, glad for mom's minivan hiding us as James shoved his cock back into his shorts.

Mom walked around the minivan as James grabbed the gasoline and began pouring it into the lawnmower, filling the garage with the eye-watering odor of fuel. That had to cover up any smell of sex. Mom gave me a hard look. "Bugging your brother again?" she asked. "Maybe," I shrugged. "Or maybe I was." I spotted weedkiller on a nearby shelf. "Looking for the spray." I snagged it, and Mom arched her eyebrows.

"For ten minutes?" I shrugged at her. "We were just talking, Mom. I'm allowed to talk to my brother, right?" "Yeah, Mom," James laughed. "What did you think we were doing in here?" Mom bit her lip. "Well, you found it.

Get back out there. I need to talk to your brother about something." "About how I'm the world's biggest slut," I muttered beneath my breath. James gave me a sharp look. "Whatever. I got what I needed." My asshole clenched. His cum leaked out. Oh, I loved that feeling. I made sure my hips wiggled as I sauntered out of the garage. I could feel James's eyes on them. He was all mine. As I stepped out into the cooler air, I frowned. James really got off on the possibility of getting caught. If he was louder, or took a little longer, we would have.

I'd have to talk to him about that. As hot as it was pretending we might get caught, it would be a disaster. And I would not give him up for anyone. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ James Wilson "I was such a bad Mommy, wasn't I?" Mom purred the moment Jenny walked out of the garage. Mom's hands slid up the hem of her skirt so slowly.

Since I was kneeling to fuel the lawnmower, her crotch was right at eye level. "Teasing you while you were out there. I bet you came in to.take care of business." "Mom," I said, my heart racing. My cock, though I had just cum, twitched to life as that skirt rose higher and higher.

"This would be so much easier if we told Jenny." "So she could be even more of a brat?" Mom demanded, eyes flashing, her hands freezing with her skirt half-raised up. "Look at her. She'll throw it in my face. She'll probably report me to the police." "She wouldn't do that," I protested, staring at her skirt. "And you don't want to give this up, right?" she asked, lifting her skirts higher again, exposing more of her creamy thighs. "No," I groaned as her pussy came into view, her pubic hair dripping with her excitement.

I set the gasoline doxy wants to have greater amount sex hardcore and blowjob down, licking my lips.

"Mmm, I'm such a wicked Mommy," she purred again, her free hand sliding through her folds, "for flashing this juicy snatch at you. I loved your reaction. How you froze while mowing earlier. You find Mommy's pussy so beautiful, don't you?" "Yeah," I nodded, my dick straining my shorts now, just as hard as earlier. "It makes me so hard." An idea popped into my head. I had just fucked Jenny's ass. Her sour musk covered my cock. Mom knew the flavor. She would recognize I had just fucked a girl in the ass.

Jenny. It would all be out in the open. "I need my cock sucked, Mom. You made me so hard." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dr. Bernice Wilson "Mmm, Mommy's sucked your cock enough," I purred. "She's not the only one in need. Watching you working today, in that tight t-shirt. And those shorts! Oh, my big, strong son has such a yummy ass." "You sure you don't want to suck my cock?" he asked, unzipping his shorts. "You didn't get to finish earlier." "Because of your bratty sister." I shuddered.

Then I opened the minivan door, hitting the garage remote. The outside doors clanked closed as I turned back to face him, leaning against the closed minivan door. Then I raised my skirts to flash my yummy pussy.

"And I'm horny, too. Mommy needs to teach you how to eat pussy. It's important for your education." "Then you'll suck my cock?" "Or do something else naughty," I purred, my pussy clenching. "But you need to know how to please a woman." He groaned, licking his lips. He stroked his cock with one hand as he leaned forward, unable to resist the juicy pussy that birthed him. I shuddered as he buried his face between my thighs.

He nuzzled at my juicy folds. His tongue licked and dragged through my pussy, making me shudder in pure delight. He was bold. He didn't hesitate. He wasn't afraid of it or thought it would taste nasty. He wasn't like his father at all. He buried his lips right into my furry cunt and licked.

I shuddered, seeing his blue eyes looking up at me from between my thighs. He had done this before. And he loved it. Who was his girlfriend?

"That's it," I groaned, hips undulating. "Eat Mommy's naughty pussy." I loved calling myself Mommy, reinforcing how taboo this was. It made my cunt so wet. "Just devour your wicked Mommy." "Yes," he groaned and licked again. The minivan's door creaked as I undulated against it. His hands slid up my thighs, abandoning his cock to caress me. I shuddered, loving his touch as his tongue caressed my folds. He had his face pressed so tight, his nose rubbing my clit as he dove his tongue deep into my cunt's depths.

I groaned. All morning I had been dripping wet. I needed this so badly. I ground my pussy on my son's hungry mouth. I clutched at my skirts, holding them up so he could swirl his tongue through my depths.

He sent such teasing delight through me, my moans echoing through the garage. "Just like that," I purred. "That's how you eat your naughty Mommy's pussy. But don't forget Mommy's clit. You have to love that, too." His tongue flicked up through my folds. He found my nub, caressing it. Then he batted it, sending sparks shooting through my body.

I groaned, my pussy clenching while I sucked in my pleasure through my teeth. "Yes, just like that," I groaned. "Such a good son. Oh, you know how to take care of your mother." His strong hands squeezed my ass. I breathed in, the smell of gasoline and his tongue bathing my cunt had me dizzy with delight. I swayed, my breasts heaving beneath my tank top while his tongue plunged through my pussy. He stirred me up. He drove me wild. The taboo, the incestuous delight swelled in me.

I was addicted to the forbidden orgasms he gave me. I couldn't fight this any longer. I embraced being a naughty mom. What was the harm? James loved it. So long as Jenny never found out, or got wicked ideas of her own. Little strumpet couldn't be trusted. His tongue flicked and batted my clit. One of his hands moved, reaching around my leg and rubbing at my pussy. I groaned as his two fingers penetrated me, fingering me as he sucked and played with my aching bud. "James!" I gasped, my orgasm swelling so fast.

This was so hot. His fingers plunged in me. They were nice, not as nice as his cock, but they sent rapture flooding through me. My clit ached as I humped and groaned. My pussy clenched on his digits, the pressure growing and growing. It burst through me. I bucked, writhing against my minivan. I moaned and shuddered as my son made me cum so hard.

The rapture flooded through me as my pussy spasmed on his fingers. I wished it was his cock. "Fuck me!" I howled as the rapture boiled through my mind. "Mommy needs your big cock in her naughty pussy!" "Yes," James growled, his lips stained with my pussy juices, passion in his blue eyes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ James Wilson I abandoned my plan to have Mom suck my cock and taste Jenny's ass on it.

Hearing her beg to be fucked was so hot. I rose, bringing my dirty dick to her pussy as I ripped my fingers out of her cumming depths. She groaned as I slammed into her. My eyes widened as I buried into her depths. She had no idea I had just fucked Jenny's asshole.

This was so wrong. So taboo. I groaned, drawing back my hips and thrusting my cock back into her pussy, washing my cock clean of my sister's bowels in my mother's hot cunt. "Fuck," I groaned as her arms wrapped about me, fingers clawing at my cute dyke is having massive joy playing with girlfriends vagina. "Fuck Mommy's naughty cunt so hard!" "Uh-huh," I groaned, driving my cock over and over into her pussy.

I shuddered, loving the incestuous plunge, fucking my dirty cock into her pussy. "Take it!" "Yes, yes, yes," she moaned. My balls boiled as I rammed over and over into my mother's depths.

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I kissed her hard, letting her taste her sweet musk. She shuddered, her pussy clenching on my cock as her tongue savored her flavor. Her fingernails scratched across my t-shirt, the cloth blunting the scratches.

The minivan rocked, the shocks squeaking, as I plowed my mom so hard. The door creaked, the panel warping. I loved it. I gripped her ass so hard, feeling her plump delight. Her butt wasn't as tight as Jenny's, but she was still wonderful. My sexy, curvy mother. I kissed at her neck, ramming over and over into hot pussy. My cock savored the incestuous embrace. My balls swung, smacking into her taint. She shuddered. I breathed in her scent, tinged with sweat and the perfume of flowers. I groaned.

"You're fucking Mommy so hard!" she gasped, her body shuddering. "You're going to make Mommy cum so hard." "Good," I growled. "I'm going to flood you with cum. I'm going to breed your naughty cunt." I knew she was on birth control, some sort of implant that lasted for years, but I didn't care. I loved the fantasy of breeding both my mom and sister.

"Take it!" "Yes, yes, yes," she moaned, her body bucking. "Breed your naughty Mommy!" She came. Her fingernails bit so hard into my t-shirt as she heaved against me. Her pussy went wild about my dick.

Spasming, convulsing, milking my plunging dick. The pussy fat dildo makes a cute girl moan birthed me was so hungry for my cum. So eager to be filled. I shuddered, slamming into her depths. I squeezed her ass so hard as the pressure burst out of my balls. I grunted with every incestuous blast. I flooded my mother's cunt with my jizz. I groaned, drawing back and burying a final time into her, savoring the rush of pleasure through my body.

"Oh, yes, that's what Mommy needed." "Such a wicked Mommy," I panted into her ear. "Mmm, yes," she purred. "You're Mommy's big, strong son." I shuddered. I wanted to tell her that I was also Jenny's big, strong brother.

That I bred her. But fear held me back. I didn't want to ruin everything. And maybe, just maybe, their fighting would mellow out in a day or so once Mom came ass plowed teen creamed cumshot and babe terms with Jenny being pregnant.

It didn't. For the next three weeks they fought all the time. And that made them both horny. I had two women after me, both so eager for my cum, fucking me at any chance they could. I loved it. And yet. yet I wanted more. But I also didn't want to ruin a good thing with the two women I loved. I needed advice. There was only one person I could talk to. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dr.

Bernice Wilson "And your daughter is looking healthy," I said, moving the ultrasound on Lee's stomach. The nineteen-year-old wasn't showing yet. She was only at sixteen weeks, a little early to do an ultrasound, but she was just so eager. But you could tell the sex at this age.

"There's our baby, Master," Lee said, sounding so happy. Clint, holding her hand, gave her a proud look. She returned an impish grin. I shivered. He was such a handsome son. And I knew he had knocked-up his own mother, too. And, from the way Vicky, his aunt and Lee's mother, looked at him, she was fucking him, too.

I bet Clint was even fucking his sisters, Alicia and Zoey. Good thing I had my son all to myself. I wouldn't put it past my daughter to seduce him. I still didn't know who the father of her child was. She was sticking to her ridiculous lie. I wondered what teacher was fucking her. But I had no proof. She was lying to protect him.

And I bet he was married. Little homewrecker. I finished my exam and stood up, smiling at the way Vicky gazed at Clint. I looked at James the same way. A hot shudder rippled through me. He had fucked me just this morning, a quickie before his sister woke up.

He pounded me hard in my bed and left his cum in me. I was such a naughty mother, but I loved feeling his cum inside my pussy. Back where he came from. It was so hot. Vicky sauntered over to me, her black hair falling in curls about her beautiful face. She was a few years younger than me, so beautiful, and with a great figure.

She taught at my children's college, and was both James and Jenny's professor. "You're just glowing, Bernice," she said. We had been friends for years.

I was her and her sister Cheryl's gynecologist, delivering all five children between the two women. "Things have been going great," I answered.

" found the joys of a young lover?" My cheeks reddened. I nodded my head. I hoped she didn't think it was my son. Big african dong pounds a tight pussy she wouldn't judge me. "Just make sure you're taking precautions," she said. "Unless you want to get pregnant." I blinked at that. "You went five years without a lover. It can be easy to get out of the habit of taking birth control." Her grin grew wicked. "Unless you want that stud of yours to breed you.

James is a handsome boy." My eyes widened, but not because she figured out that my son was my lover. Her words had jarred a warning voice in me. I should have had my period five days ago. I rubbed at my left arm through my lab coat, feeling the small bump.

It was my Nexplanon implant. It was good for another two years of birth control. But nothing was a hundred percent. "Don't worry," Vicky said. "Your secrets safe. I understand." Her eyes glanced at Clint. "My sister and I both understand." "Thanks," I said, realizing she misunderstood my fear.

The moment they were out of my exam room, I drew my blood and ran the test, ignoring my other patients. It was simple test. You could tell a woman was pregnant by the hCG levels in her blood or urine. It was what a home pregnancy test indicated. The hormone doubled every two to three days after conception during the early stages.

I looked at my levels. I was pregnant. My son had bred me. The world spun around me. To be continued.