Ebon man bangs pretty cutie interracial hardcore

Ebon man bangs pretty cutie interracial hardcore
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Okay guys, if you still remember me, I'm sorry about MASSIVE wait, I've been travelling and was not about to write :(, I hope you guys find it worth the wait. Love you all! It had been a week since I was released from the hospital, I had not returned to college yet, due to my mum's (and Louise's) protectiveness. Dan had somehow gained an "access all area's" concession from my mum, she really liked him. Dan himself was playing housemaid, getting me food, drinks and even keeping me on top of my college work.

I suppose he still felt guilty about the whole thing, even though I had told him many times that it was not his fault. Louise came over when my mum was out, curtsey of my dad, I think he knew about my feelings for her so he was giving us time together fully knowing my mum would never allow a girl within eyesight of my bedroom.

When Louise was allowed to see me she would fret like a mother hen, not allowing me to leave my bed without her. Not that I'm complaining, when I would lie in bed she would come over and hold me to her chest tightly, always leading to an erection of epic proportions which were nearly impossible to hide from her. Annoyingly we had agreed to keep our love life flat lining until I was completely better. We both knew that just a kiss would set us off, which she was worried would end up with my injured again.

Though it didn't stop me from trying, often groping her while she nursed me. "Playing with my boobs has become the limit.for now" she said to me whenever it started to get heated between us. Though she was just as teasing often rubbing her breasts together when I was looking or rubbing my hard cock though my clothing, which the first time made me cum.

It was the first time someone had ever touched me there, don't judge me. I suppose you want to know about Emily as well don't you? Well the day after I was released she came over to see me, I'm not sure how she found my address but that is not what is important. She came over when Dan was getting lunch made, I was lying in my bed and I could hear it all I knew Dan was not happy with her, Louise had told him about her and her boyfriend. They started shouting and then someone storming up the stairs.

I pretended to be sleeping. I really didn't want to see her. She opened the door to my room and saw me curled up in bed with my back to her, she started to walk over when Dan grabbed her by the hand and pulled her out of the room, telling her to leave me alone.

I heard her crying and rushing out of campus ex girlfrienbd lucy doll getting fucked all folded up house, I felt a pang of guilt, I mean maybe she just wanted to be friends.

I made a mental note to find out. So there I am, alive and in love. I could scream it from the roof tops, if Louise would let me. On the roof not the screaming. It was Sunday night, Dan had gone home to get ready for college. Tomorrow would be my first day back and I was feeling happy to finally being allowed out the house.

I got everything ready for tomorrow and jumped in bed, it was then that I heard my phone buzz, on the other side of the room. Groaning and rolled out of bed and grabbed my phone and got back in bed. I checked my texts. "How you feeling baby?xxxx" it read, I quickly replied grinning as I typed.

"I'm so lonely without you babe, I'm getting all horny thinking about you ;)xxx" Moments later my phone buzzed again. "Oh yeah? My big boobies making your dick hard? ;) xxxxxxx" As I read it I could feel my cock stiffening in my boxers.

"Babe you always make me hard I could lift a car with it at the moment ;)x" I sent back. Again moments later I got a reply. "ooo your making me horny baby, lets have a pic of that nice cock?xxx" Normally I would have wanted to make sure it was her, but I was so worked up I didn't even stop to think so I sent her a photo.

Minutes mature blonde wants his hard dick in her I got a photo reply back. The photo showed Louise kneeling up on her bed in a dark red lacy bra and matching panties they matched her hair perfectly, she had one hand in her panties and the other playing with her breast. I also noticed how damp her panties looked. My dick jumped in my hand. "Damn she is so sexy" I thought to myself as I started to rub the head of my dick, after about 10 minutes of jerking off, my phone buzzed again.

"No reply baby? :( xx" I quickly typed back: "Sorry babes, you to dam sexy, I had to wank over you ;) you interrupting my boy time lol xxx" "Oh I'm sorry baby, you rub you cock hard for me okay? I wanna see the cum ;) xxx" after reading that message I started to work my cock like a piston, and sure enough about a minute later there was a stain on my bedding, I quickly took a photo for Louise along with a "I love you babe".

I then promptly fell asleep with a grin on my face after Louise said she was drained and needed to go breed me your cum college boy brunette and big tits sleep. The next morning I work up as normal, grabbing my crutches and set off for college, on the 'hop' to the bus stop I started to think about how last night was so out of character for both of us.

I just hoped it was not going to get awkward between us. It was only until I was just before I reached the bus stop that I realised I was going to have to talk to Emily. I didn't know how I was going to play it, should I play it cool, or just be angry.

"Screw it" I thought to myself "Don't make friends by hating people." I knew Louise was not going to like my decision but I would try and explain it. I reached the bus stop and started to talk with an elderly women whom I known for most of my life, It was nice to have a moment where I was not thinking about the girls. About five minutes into our chat it began to rain heavily. "Bloody weather, it was supposed to be clear skies I didn't think to bring my coat." the women said she was going to get soaked, so being the gentleman I offered her my jacket to keep her dry.

She refused saying she would just wait for the next bus when it would have hopefully stopped raining, I told her that its fine and it would be a waste of her time. She finally accepted the coat, it was a funny sight, an 80 year old women in a leather jacket with hood drawn, I couldn't help smile while I was getting soaked. The rain didn't stop but it didn't ruin my mood, in fact I felt happy about helping the old women and she said that if I ever wanted a nice warm cup of tea that I was welcome any day.

Ant that sweet? 10 or so minute of rain the bus finally arrived, the bus drive took one look at us, laughed and just let us on. No charge. I walked behind the old women so I could see if the girls were hotmom fucking my son full the bus, I helped the women into a seat and she handed my jacket thanking me for being a gent. I took the jacket and hopped to the back, where I saw Emily and Louise sat as far apart as possible.

As I walked towards Louise, Emily called my name, I looked at her but didn't say anything I could feel Louise glaring at me to see what I did. "Hey Ralph, can we talk?" she asked with a hint of guilt. I could tell it was not just about the obvious but something had happened. "Later." I said and walked towards Louise. Louise smiled as I walked towards her. "Have a nice shower hunk?" she said cutely. I laughed and took a seat near her, didn't want get her wet.

(no pun intended) "But seriously Ralph that was a really nice thing you did for that poor women" she said lovingly.

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"Thanks lover, would have done it for anyone" I said shuddering violently from the cold. "ohh babe you look cold come here" said Louise reaching across to give me a hug. I stopped her telling her she will get wet, she said she didn't care.

We sat there for five minutes holding each other, my shuddering stopped but we didn't move.


Louise kissed my neck and held me tighter. What I didn't know was that Emily was looking at us, glaring at Louise like she was a monster. Louise stared back at her, letting her know that Ralph was HERS and she would not let Emily take him from her.

Emily sat back crying lightly. "Bitch wants a fight, she gunna get one" she whispered to herself. As the bus reached the college we all stood to get off when Emily came over to me, pretty much barging Louise out of the way. "Can we have that chat now?" she said looking into my eyes like a puppy. "Get the fuck away from him you slut" said Louise grabbing her old friend and pushing her away from me. "He is mine" she said forcefully holding my arm tightly.

"Lou she just wants to talk." I said wincing. She looked at me like I had just slapped her with a sea bass. She let me go and walked off. I just stood there watching her walk away. I turned to see Emily standing there trying to hold back a smile, it disgusted me. Louise looked back at me I could tell she was crying.

Had I done something? I left Emily at the curb and ran (more fast hopping) to Louise. "What's wrong babe?" I asked as calmly as possible. Wanting to hold her in my arms and protect her from the world. "I-Its-just." she started. I grabbed her and pulled her into me and held her tightly. She soon calmed down enough to talk. "I just don't want to lose you Ralph, ever." She said as a tear ran down her cheek. I caught it on my finger and pulled her closer.

Our lips locked our tongues driving into each other's mouths wanting to explore every crevice. I broke the kiss. "I will never leave tiny teen big cock fuck hard frannkies a rapid learner, I will always be by your side. As you were by mine. I love you Lou never forget that" I said.

I meant every word. Not long ago I barely knew that I had emotions, looking back, I could see how much of the world she unlocked for me. Emily couldn't help it, Louise had just lost it in front of everyone, how could Ralph be mad at her for that?

She watched from the curb as they kissed, Emily felt her stomach boil, she had never been jealous before and she didn't like it. She couldn't see why Ralph didn't choose her over Louise, sure she had a boyfriend, but he had broken up with him after shagging him after she got back from being kicked out of his house.

Why wouldn't he just let her explain. No its not that, its Louise, she knows that he will fall for me when he finds out she concluded as she walked to college. After letting the bus stop lads get a nice view of her ass as she walked away. Me and Louise slowly walked off towards college, not looking forward to having to part from one another.

Half way through the stroll Dan caught up with them on his bike. "Hey Ralph, hey Louise, how you feeling then ginge? He asked politely getting off his bike to walk with us. "Amazing thanks to this absolute angel" I said squeezing Louise tightly. Dan laughed and asked how Louise has.


"I'm doing good, thanks for looking after him by the way." She said smiling at Dan. "My pleasure, I'm sure he didn't need my help you were doing a fine job yourself" he said with a grin.

We all laughed. From then we became the trio that people look at as if we were crazy. Laughing at each other and generally having a good time.

"Oi 4 legs, what the fuck you doin' down here, get the fuck out" someone shouted obviously one of those kids of hiding in the corner to smoke. Sighing to myself I told the others its better we go. We turned to walk away. "Your whores got nice tits, maybe ill have to have a try on them tonight.

Dickhead" the kid shouted at me, that set me off, Dan and Louise noticed and tried to stop me, telling me he was not worth it. I didn't care, I was going to beat that shit out of him, as I approached him and turned around to face me. "4 legs wanna go?" he said laughing to his mates in the corner. He brought out a flip knife out of his pocket and started waving it about.

I heard Louise start to scream for me to leave it. I was shitting myself. This guy was gunna stab me. Looking back I think it was abit over the top. He walked up to me waving his knife about, I instinctively reacted by hitting between the legs with my crutch and kneeling him in the face.

Majorly surprised by what I had just done. I turned to join the others and leave. Dan started to shout something when I felt someone grab my shoulder, forcing me to turn. As I turned a felt a fist connect with my nose, if it was not for the crutches I would have fallen over. Dan came over and tried to wrestle him off me but he ended up getting elbowed by me. It was going to get very ugly soon. I was just going to get this guy off me and leave. "I'm gunna kill ya!" he was shouting, finally he lost his grip and fell to the floor, I kicked him in the stomach to keep him winded so I could leave.

I turned to help Dan up, and leave. Then the kid got up again and found his knife and started sexy fucking of a taut anal hole us. "JEFF, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING" came a women's voice.

The guy with the knife looked over "I'm sorting this guy out Em." He shouted back "Why the fuck do you care." "Because he is my friend you dick!" she shouted, she came out from behind a tree. "Emily?" I said dumbly. "hey, Jeff leave him.please, for me?" she asked slutty blonde babe taking long black rod in office "Fine but I want one more fuck, bitch" he said as he waddled away trying to look hard.

"Thanks for that Emily, you might have just saved my life" I said just as Louise knocked into me knocking me over, hugging me tightly. "You stupid, stupid man!" she yelled "he nearly killed you." "Nearly doesn't count" I replied with a grin holding her tightly.

"I love you. You defended my honour and I thank you for that but never do it again okay?" She said resting her head on my chest. "Okay babe, for you." I said and with that Louise got off me and whipped her eyes.

"Want a hand up mate" said Dan beside me. He grabbed my arm and held me up whilst Emily got my crutches. "You're welcome by the way" she said without venom. "That was my ex" "What you were fucking HIM?" said Louise slightly shocked. "Where are your standards women?" "Leave it okay?

I broke up with him last week, he was the worst boyfriend ever." She said. Dan looked at his watch and said that we needed to get going. So the four of us walked to college. Emily didn't say a word. I looked at Louise both of us agreeing that revenge would have to wait. "Ralph mate, I think you have a nose bleed" said Dan as he passed me a tissue twistys logan drae starring at do it good "Ohh Ralph, look what that dick head has done to your perfect face" said Louise trying to hold back her protectiveness for Ralph.

I laughed slightly at it and held the tissue against my nose. All to soon we arrive at college, I got a lot of strange looks and a few people asked what happened, but finally me and Dan arrived at class.

Everyone was very welcoming to me, I had become the class celebrate. "The one that died and survived" they started calling me.

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I didn't mind it; I mean who doesn't want to popular for once. The next few weeks flew by, me and Dan became legends among the student body, we were being invited to all sorts, I became my year's rep. It was as if my life was turning around. Emily had worked her way into our good books again, though I didn't let her get to close, well I say I didn't, but it was more Louise. Even my home life improved. I got a job and was saving up for a bike.

My mum had caught up with the rest of the world and didn't mind me having friends, she even let me have Louise over, once or twice a week, (we were taking baby steps with her.) many people would describe this has an underdog story, but for me. It was life. It was an chrissy awarded with cumshot pornstars and hardcore term, lots of learning both of business and of life.

I soon realised that I was truly in love with Louise and that everything else was second to that. I looked back and realised just how much she had done for me, even if she didn't know. It was her 18 th birthday on the weekend and I really wanted to do something special for her, to say thank you. Word had spread about the fight with Jeff and how I beat him down while in crutches, it was all very dramatic when I heard people telling their friends in gorgeous agent pleasures a babe with strapon canteen.

I got a lot of attention from people I didn't know, it seemed Jeff what known as a nut, feeling happy with this outcome I was never worried by the story.

Emily had managed to keep Jeff off her since the fight, not letting him come within 20 metres of her. I was started to regain my trust for her, she seemed to change over the last month. She and Louise were still fighting over me, which turned me on if I'm honest. Dan had told me that he was started to like Emily, though she just didn't seem to see him. I told him to stick at it and slap him on the shoulder with a grin. I was in the middle of a lesson when my phone buzzed in my trousers, annoyingly the lecturer big toys sex girl sex stories looking straight at me so I couldn't check the message, though soon enough the lecture ended and I whipping my phone out and checked my messages.

There was one from Louise. "Are u free baby?xxx" "4 u I can be ;) xxx" I replied feeling pleased with that answer. "awwh ur so sweet sometimes hun :) meet me in the lobby when u can" Packing my stuff in seconds I told the lecturer that I had to leave to do some year rep stuff. Minutes later I was stood in the lobby looking for her. I saw her oh boy, I saw her. She was in black heels and dressed in tight torn dark jeans that hugged her ass showing a corner of her panties.

A studded belt hung loosely on her, my jaw had already hit the floor. Lifting my gaze higher I could see she was only wear a sports bra and a similar jacket to mine, the one I had bought her. Her crimson hair hanging past her shoulders, I rubbed my eyes to make sure I was not dreaming.

Sure enough I wasn't and it was actually possible for someone to be that beautiful. It was only then that I realised how much male attention she was getting. I started to feel protective of her, but I was quickly proven wrong when she shooed them away and went back to talked to the women at reception.

I walked quietly towards her, hoping to surprise her. Holding a finger to my lips, the international sigh for 'shhh I'm trying to scare my girl' luckily the receptionist knew who I was and played along keeping the chit chat flowing.

When I was in striking distance I pounced, wrapping my arms around her stomach holding her from behind while she squalled in surprise. "And hello to you too Ralph" she said laughing squirming in my arms. Even the receptionist had to laugh at us. "Young love." she said jealously. "So what do you think?" asked Louise doing a twirl so I could get a 360 degree view. I was truly speechless. "I do not have the words to tell you how amazing you look, literally I can't even MAKE UP a word!" I said truthfully.

"Try" she said cheekily. Her eyes gleaming brighter than ever. "Nah, I'd rather let the reader make their own word up and put it in the comment box."I said for some strange reason. "Fair enough" she said. We turn to look at the reader expectantly. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey guys, Thanks for reading. And once again I'm sorry for the wait.

Also sorry If there are lots of grammar fuck ups, I don't have time to proof read. And I promise this is the last chapter without any sex, I know it is starting to get annoying :) Any ideas of where you want to see the story go are welcome. Leave a positive vote and I might give you a cookie :) So, euro bikini teens cocksucking in outdoor orgy was your word? Put it in a comment if you're brave enough ;) I love you all!!!