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Chapter 3: What now? It was three in the afternoon when Bianca and Daniela each took a mug of hot chocolate out in the porch. After opening the awning they sat on garden chairs to watch the snow fall, and relax as they digested their lunch. "Oh, damn. I'm full. How can those people eat so much. Your mom's rice pudding, though.

I hope she brought more." said Bianca as she sat down.


"Heh, maybe we should ask her for the recipe and we can make some while I stay here." suggested Daniela. "That sounds pretty fuckin' amazing, not gonna lie." Bianca replied. "Hey, what do you think of that Brazilian grill restaurant we always go to in Newark?" asked Daniela, taking a sip of her chocolate. "Well, I don't know. It's not bad. I mean, the 'rents seem to like it. Personally I think their rice is pretty good, the Picanha is decent, and it's always fun to drink Sumol.

But I guess if you want something more hardcore you'd have to go down to the city. Why, you don't like it?" asked Bianca. "Nah, I do. It's not bad. You're right about the Sumol though, sometimes I feel like that's the only thing I look forward to the most there.

W-well, besides getting to see you and running off to the bathroom with you." said Daniela. "Heh, that's my girl." Bianca replied, taking a sip of her hot drink. For a few minutes they just sat around, sipping hot chocolate and appreciating the snow as it fell. They could hear the faint static-like noise the snow flakes made landing on top of the awning. Aside from that, the silence the snow created was almost comforting. "Hey, so, have you made a decision on what colleges to go to?" asked Daniela.

"I don't know, was thinking about Purchase. I heard their step mom and teen threesome blowjob doggy style program is like, balls deep." Bianca explained. "Hahahah! It's what?" Daniela wasn't sure if she heard her right. "I mean they're fuckin' serious, man!

Hahah!" said Bianca.

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"Oh, heh, I was like - 'Balls deep? What the fuck is that?'" said Daniela. "Hahahah! You never heard people say 'balls deep' before?" Bianca asked. "No, dude!

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Where did you get that from?" asked Daniela. "I don't know, man. People just use it. You really never heard of 'balls deep' before?" "No! W-why are we having this con-" "Like 'Hey!

Check out that girl's tits' man!' 'Aw, man! That's balls deep, yo!'" "Bianca!" "'Dude. this joint, it's called the Balls Deep.' 'Oh, yeah? Why's that?' 'It's because soon enough, I too will be balls deep.'" "Hahahah! Please, stop it! I get the -" "'My grandma made some brownies and I told her to use this special herb I got from Mexico.

I told her it helps relax your muscles. She totally bought it.'" "Oh, my God, Bianca that's horrible." "'Yea, she wanted to know what the herbs were called and I told her the old people in Mexico call it the sacred Ballso el Deepo. Dude, she was totally all for it.

She even wanted to make some tea with it when I showed her the huge bag I had. Dude, she was so high that night. How high was she?'" Bianca pointed at Daniela expecting her to have grasped the concept well enough by now to know the answer.

And so, as if they had rehearsed it they said at the same time: "Balls deep high." "Bianca. What the fuck?" said an amused Daniela with her hands hovering above her head. "Your hot chocolate is balls deep." continued Bianca under her breath. "Augh! C'mon! That made me think of some old dude dipping his balls deep in my chocolate! I don't even wanna drink it anymore!" said Daniela.

"Well then give it to me! Don't waste it!" said Bianca, extending a hand out to Daniela. "Old man balls is the best hot chocolate in the world, man!" "Hahahah! I'm done! I'm going back in your room to enjoy my disgusting old man balls by myself. Bye!" said Daniela as she walked back inside the house giggling. Bianca however almost spurted hot chocolate out of her mouth after what Daniela said.

She began to laugh so hard she could barely focus to put her mug back on the table without spilling a few drops. Daniela passed through the living room where her parents and Bianca's were hanging. They were watching michelle martinez is ready for a fuck pornstars hardcore Programa do Jo", a popular Brazilian talk-show hosted by a sweet, chubby fella whom Daniela always enjoyed to listen to.

She noticed how old he's gotten over the years though and that made her a little sad. As she was about to continue on her way to Bianca's room Bianca's mother started a conversation with her.

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"Dani!" she called as the commercials came on. "Wassup?" Daniela answered. "How was the hot chocolate, love?" "Hahahah! It's good, I'm still drinking it!" Daniela answered holding up her mug.

"Have some of Jorge's Camel Drool, Dani." said her mother. She was talking about the caramel mousse desert that Bianca's father had made. It was actually one of Daniela's favorites. "Can I have some later after dinner? I'm full right now." she answered. "Of course!

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Don't listen to these old jararacas, Dani! They just wanna fatten you up for the boys!" said Jorge. "Jorge! That's not nice to say! I'm sure she's got boys crawling all over her. Right, Dani?" said his wife. Daniela simply laughed at the comments. They were simply trying to patronize her and didn't mean anything by it. It's not like they knew anything anyways.

"You should see Bianca's friend. The poor boy is so shy around her, but she's got him all wrapped up around her finger I bet, otherwise he wouldn't be here so often." said Bianca's mother. Daniela's heart jumped a little. Something she thought was a bit ridiculous. Bianca's allowed to have friends over. Guy friends. "Oh, you mean that kid, Hayden? I've no idea what she sees in that kid. He barely says anything. I think she just feels sorry for him." said Jorge.

"Well, they do super fat cock rips the young twatwm a lot of time together. I hope he's not gay, I can't stand people like that." said Bianca's mother as the show came back on.

"Eh, I'd rather not talk about them either. Look, here comes Jo." said Jorge as he raised the volume. Daniela couldn't believe what she'd just heard.

She felt like she wasn't supposed to have heard that, ever. More like she'd rather not have heard it at all. At that moment Bianca came in from the porch and sighed of relief. She looked at Daniela, wondering why she wasn't in her room like she said she was. For a second Daniela wasn't aware of her deer-in-headlights expression as she made eye contact with Bianca. Quickly, she gave Bianca a smile that, although fake was good enough to hide her thoughts.

Bianca smiled back and Daniela turned and headed to Bianca's room. What now? Was this okay? It's not like it mattered, right? It's not like they have to tell their parents. What about Bianca?

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Does she know her parent's think this way? .Does she even care? As she walked down the hallway everything she felt about the Lima's over the years began to crumble.

It began to feel fake. Or like it was never there. The bathroom was open so she went in, locked the door and sat on the floor against the sink cabinet with her hands on her head.

What now? .What now?