Lusty busty dolls 3 scene 1

Lusty busty dolls 3 scene 1
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One week after I got back from my vacation with Peg and the girls, our battalion went on alert. We were quickly shipped off to Saudi Arabia for some intense desert training. The first week in February we were sent to Afghanistan. My squad has 12 soldiers, and we are an advance reconnaissance team.

The middle of May, I got a message that my CO wanted to see me. I went to the command tent, and was surprise that it was the Colonel who wanted to see me. He was sitting at his desk, reviewing some paperwork. I stood at attention, till he pointed to a chair for me to sit in. "Staff Sergeant, no Jack you have been an exemplary soldier in my command, that is why I find this order from Fort Bragg most unusual." he said. "The order reads that I am to place you under arrest and have you sent back to Fort Bragg as soon as possible.

End of order." He stated, "What does that mean Sir?" I asked him with a shocked look on my face. "I do not know Jack, but I have my orders, and I now place you under arrest." He informed me, as two MP's stepped into the tent. "Jack I will have someone get your gear put together, and you will be leaving first thing in the morning." He said to me.

They hauled me off to the brig, where I spent the night. I did not sleep a wink, as I tried to figure out just what has happen to cause this. In exploring japanese chicks slit hardcore and groupsex morning I was put on a plane and started my long journey back to Fort Bragg. The plane arrived in the late evening, and I was greeted by a couple of MP's, who escorted me straight to the brig. In the morning the JAG attorney assigned to me, was waiting in the conference cell, as the guards escorted me inside.

I am being charged with best hottest wildest rider hardcore and cowgirl counts of criminal sexual assault with penetration, with someone between the ages of 13-16.

I was stunned, did Peg file charges against me, for having sex with her girls. I could not believe that she would do something like that. A million other thoughts were running through my mind, as the lawyer was talking to me.

He filled me in on what has occurred. It seemed that I have gotten all three of them pregnant, unbeknown to me. Because both girls were minors the doctor reported their diagnosis to the authorities. They did intensive interviews with the girls and Peg. Things were said that implicated me as a person of interest. Finally they broke Wanda and she told them the whole story.

It seems that the two girls found out that Peg quit taking her birth control pills, and was trying to get pregnant. I wondered why she was fucking my brains out over Thanksgiving. She was trying to get knocked up. The two girls quit taking their pills in December. Which is why they wanted to fuck so much over Christmas vacation. They were trying to match their mother. Who was already pregnant at that time. In April they confessed to their mother, what they did, and that they both were pregnant.

Peg took them to the doctor to get checked over, and that is when the whole affair started to unwind. Each girl had a different tale to tell, and the doctor became suspicious, and informed the authorities.

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The Ohio police contacted the Fort Bragg JAG office and informed them of the charges pending on me. The army said they would handle the matter on their end and then turn me over to the Ohio police. My court-martial was set for the first of June. It gave my attorney sometime to prepare my defense, but the deck seems to be stacked against me.

"There is not a bethany benz got a nice booty bootylicious and twerking lot that I can do for you on this matter." He said. "Most likely the army will strip you of your rank, terminate all your benefits, and give you a dishonorable discharge. Then they will turn you over to the Ohio police." He told me. I just sat there with my head in my hands, as my whole world just seem to spin around me.

It went pretty much as he said. Peg and the girls were there and they refused to testify against me. But the damage was already done. The verdict was handed down and I was found guilty. I did get a chance to hug Peg and the girls for a brief second. They were crying and telling how sorry they were for causing all of this.


I did rub all three of their pregnant bellies. "I told Peg that I loved her and when this mess got over, I would hope that she will wait for me and we could get married if she still wanted me?" I asked her with a smile. "I will wait for you and yes I will marry you." She cried back to me, as the MP's started to come for me.

The MP's came up and escorted me out to an army van for the trip to Ohio. The Ohio police meet us at the border, and took custody of me and took me to Toledo for lodging.


My trial was schedule for the third week of June. It seems like it has been two years, instead of a few weeks. My attorney used every trick in the book to get me off on technicalities, but in the end the evidence was overwhelming against me. They made Peg and the girls take the stand but they refused to answer any question, even against threats of contemp of court. No judge in his right mind was going to put three pregnant women in jail.

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They had DNA and blood test on both me and the fetus's that match perfectly. There was no denying that I was the father to each child.

Again the verdict was given, and I was found guilty of the charges, and sentenced to prison for 2 to 5 years for each charge of sexual assault, to be served concurrently. Epilogue After my trial they went after Peg, and took the kids way from her and gave them to her exhusband. He took the boy, but did not want the girls in their condition. The court tried other options, like foster homes, but in the end they did not know what to do with the two girls, so they dropped all charges on Peg and put her on 2 year probation, and she kept the girls.

In early September Peg gave birth to a baby boy, and over a month later Wendy and Wanda, gave birth to baby girls, a week apart. They kept in communications with me, by writing letters all the time. They sent pictures of the babies, and keeping me update on their progress.

Peg watched the babies as the girls went to school. I was a model prisoner, and served just one year of my sentence. I got released early for good behavior. I was put on five year probation, and had to report to my parole office every week for the first year. He got me horny rocco siffredi calls two hot babe and had so much fun jerking wi job with a construction company.

I ended up working for that company for the next thirty years. Peg and I got married and we had two more kids, a boy and a girl.

We bought a new house in the outskirts of Toledo. Wendy and Wanda both finished high school, and went to junior college. Where they both meet their future husbands, and raised families of their own.