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Sexy hot babe danica dillon gets banged in multiple position pornstars and hardcore
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The Knight and the Acolyte Book 5: The Vault's Treasure Chapter Six: Catgirl's Claws By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this.

Thrak The Free City of Raratha I eyed the raucous, rickety tavern Minx led me to. It lay on the southern edge of the harbor, the stink of the sea, a mix of salt spray and sour mud, assaulted my nose.

The tavern's entrance was a ratty sheet of cloth nailed to the door frame which may have once been how tmanipulate women nude humour, but now was a grimy gray, the tattered bottom stained brown. "I'd tell you to be on your toes, but I feel like you'll be the most dangerous one in there," grinned Minx. "No doubt." The prospect of violence did not arouse my interest. My brother lived for violence. I hoped my size and scars would school the humans in the futility of assaulting me.

The gaping gaze of the locals kept my senses keen. I did not like everyone staring at me. Despite how long I've been out of orc lands, I still hated the attention everywhere we went. "Her boat arrived last night," Minx explained as we marched to the tavern. "She should have her usual table at the back.

You won't be able to miss her. She's memorable." The concept of pirates, while foreign to me, made sense. They sounded lesbian mummy and son kitchen sex an orc tribe, roaming the sea, preying on the weak and trading their spoils with the strong. A leader only lasted as long as he, or she in the case of Captain Thyrna, maintained the respect and fear of his warriors.

To prevent Captain Thyrna from betraying us, she would have to fear our strength. Minx slipped into the tavern, her metallic-red hair flashing in the sunlight. I threw aside the cloth.

A pall of bluish smoke billowed out as I ducked through the doorway into the dim common room. The smoke came not from hearth or cook fire, but men smoking from water pipes sitting on the center of their tables. Most were scrawny sailors in dirty, ragged linens. Women in loose shifts moved through the room, their assets patted and groped as they delivered drinks and food.

In the back, a woman caught my gaze. She was no dull-eyed doxy but a woman with copper-brown skin and wavy-black hair framing a vixen's face. Through lush eyelashes, her dark eyes fixed on me. She inhaled from her pipe, her red lips pursed while the water bubbled, then she exhaled. A hungry smile crossed her lips as the smoke drifted before her. Her breasts rose in her low-cut, white blouse trimmed in ruffles. Three brawny, bare-chested men lounged with her, their muscles glistening with oil.

"Yep, that's her," Minx nodded. "Let's say hi." Captain Thyrna leaned over and whispered into the ear of a red-skinned Thlinian sitting to her right. The brawny man cracked his knuckles as his eyes locked on me. He stood, his chair scraping across the wooden floor. His glistening muscles flexed as he stretched his arms. "Get behind me," I rumbled to Minx. She rolled her eyes and moved behind me.

"Don't kill him. He's one of her boy toys." I clenched my fist as the barmaids and patrons bled away from me. The brawny Thlinian human was tall, for his kind, the top of his head coming up to my chin.

Thick muscles bulged about his body. His knuckles were scarred and gnarled from being broken repeatedly. The man was no stranger to a fist fight. The captain's eyes locked on me, her lips wrapped around the end of the water pipe. My dick ached—what would her lips feel like wrapped about my dick? "You're far from home, orc," the man said as he raised six xxx hours or gril fists.

"Are you as strong as you look?" I didn't answer him. Irritation flashed across his face as I denied him a reaction. His japanes xxxx full sex stories movie worked.

He exhaled violently through his nose. His body tensed. His weight shifted on his feet as he prepared to attack. Sloppy. He gave me too much warning. My swarthy hand lashed out. I grabbed his punching fist in my hand. I gripped and yanked. He stumbled towards me, grunting in surprise.

I drew back my head and slammed the crown of my head into his forehead hard. His body went limp and fell on my bare feet. Everyone stared at me as I stepped over the man. Captain Thyrna exhaled, her smoke puffing out as rings. I pulled a chair from the table and sat opposite her.

"Thrak," giggled Minx, "you have a harder head than I thought." She pulled up a chair and then hopped on it. She knelt on it so the halfling could see over brunette teen gets her mouth fucked hardline. "Hi, Captain Thyrna." The pirate's eyes flicked to Minx for a moment then back to me. "If you want a position on my crew, I can make a vacancy.

I do love a large male. And so strong." "I have little interest in working for you." Her eyes narrowed. She leaned forward and licked her lips.

Feline hunger crossed her smile as she stared at my bare, swarthy chest. "What a pity." "My companions and I need a captain who knows discretion." I paused, studying her. She had a quality I had never seen in a human female. Primal hunger. Predatory. "Is that you?" "It can be, orc, if the quality of your coin suffices." She licked her lips.

"Especially for a male of your.bravado." "Our coin will. We will need your ship standing-by to pick up my companions and I." "Standing-by where?" I glanced at Minx. She nodded her head and winked at me. Minx found her trustworthy, but how honest was the thief who had picked Chaun's pocket only a few hours past. But she was prophesied to join us. Still, if Captain Thyrna betrayed us. No avoiding it.

"Off the Saltspray Palace." Thyrna arched an eyebrow. "Bold and expensive. I will require half." "Half?" I furrowed my eyebrows. "Half," hissed Minx. "A twentieth is more than enough." I kept my mouth closed. Minx had an eager smile on her coppery face as she haggled the price with the captain.

They went back on forth, Minx not flinching from guy cant keep it hard when hes fucking mea melone captain's hard eyes. Their numbers moved towards each other. They settled on a sixth. "Bold," Captain Thyrna smiled at the end. "I love a bold man.

I hope you don't dangle from a gibbet." "The rope would snap before his neck," chortled Minx. "I'd believe that." The captain gave me a final, heated look before she lifted the end of the water pipe and inhaled. Once outside, I asked Minx what we were paying her with.

"A sixth of the treasure we will liberate from the vault." She stretched her back. "I have to go. A few people to meet." "We are only stealing the piece of the sword." She laughed as she scampered off.

I sighed and headed back to the inn. Angela would not be pleased. She had trouble enough stealing only the sword piece. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chaun My back burned from Relaria's claws. Her ribbed pussy convulsed about my cock as the final shudders of her powerful orgasm rippled through her.

Ecstasy burned through my mind as I held her perched on the balcony's railing of the Saltspray Palace, overlooking the Nimborgoth's waves crashing into the cliffs below. The lamia's ears twitched and the catgirl let out a yowling purr as her slitted, golden eyes fluttered. Had I pleased her enough? Like me, Relaria had trained at the Bardic College of Az. Which meant she knew of my disgrace. After the Prince of Kivnar found me abed with his wife, the woman I loved, I had fled one step ahead of the headsman ax.

I had to leave Princess Adelaide to her husband. She had lied to protect herself. I had taken the appearance of her husband that night, it amused us so to cuckold him with his own form, so she escaped repercussion. But I did not. The Prince complained to the Bardic College of Az, and the Dean stripped me from their ranks.

I could not claim myself a Bard of Az and find employment in any powerful noble's or rich merchant's household without the college ordering my execution. So I had spent the years plying my skills in low-born taverns. It was foolish of me to come with Angela as she infiltrated the court. I should have known the Doge of Raratha, one of the richest men in the world, would employ a Bard of Az—Relaria.

She recognized me at once since I used my common human appearance—the one I was born with. If I pleased her tonight, she wouldn't tell. I had made her cum hard and loud. But was it enough? I fought the trembles as she shuddered on the railing.

Her claws kneaded my back, torn to painful ribbons by her excitement. The blood soaked the back of my shirt and now that my pleasure faded, the pain increased. "What a wonderful performance," she purred, nuzzling her smooth cheeks into my flesh. She looked like a regular human woman, pale skin and lovely, but had cat-like ears, a furry tail, and retractable claws. "I am honored you allowed me to play your body," I said. She laughed, a mix of cat-like yowling and human giggling.

"So modest. You were great, but not amazing. You have bought yourself a reprieve. Tomorrow night, I expect better or I'll whisper into the Doge's ear just who you are, Chaun." I swallowed and nodded. Her limbs relaxed and I pulled away. I gave her a sweeping bow. "Tomorrow night, stars shall burst through your vision as you reach heights of pleasure not attained by mortals before." "Such boasts," she purred as she perched confident on the railings. Lamia were comfortable with heights.

My cum leaked out of her pussy, dripping to the balcony below. "You should have your wounds attended to. You have a priestess with you. Have her heal them. I want you unmarred for tomorrow night." Her claws flexed and she gave me a wicked grin.

"As it pleases you," I said, ignoring the throbbing pain that quickly transformed into agony. Sweat broke out on my forehead as I fought to keep it from my expression. I pulled up and laced my hose then turned and strode into the Doge's audience hall where the milling powers of Raratha held whispered conversations. Angela spotted me. Her eyes widened as I lounged against the back. "I see you received Relaria's affections," a noblewoman laughed as she passed by, a crystal glass in hand full of red wine.

"She does like to leave her mark." "That she does," I nodded. Angela pulled Sophia out of a knot of young women, the idle daughters of the wealthy, and pulled the white-robed acolyte to me. Angela's armor jingled and a path melted for her as she crossed the audience hall. "What happened to you?" she demanded when she reached me, her blue eyes wide with concern. Sophia nodded her head. "Did you fall?" "I—" Relaria strolled past, her tail swishing. "I can't wait for tomorrow night, Chaun," she winked as she strutted by.

Her claws appeared and retracted. "Oh," giggled Sophia. "I take it you performed well." "Not well enough," I groaned. "She knows who I am. She's a Bard of Az, like me. We have a serious problem." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Minx Thrak was impressive. I did not usually enjoy men, Spray had shown me the true delights are to be found with a hermaphrodite, but watching him headbutt Thyrna's brute had aroused me.

My pussy still itched between my thighs when I reached the tower I lived in with Spray and the other halflings of our thieving group.

I climbed the tower and popped into the top room, peeling off the loose clothing I wore to disguise the fact I was a Halfling female and not a human child. It was a useful disguise while pickpocketing. I dropped it on the ground as Spray smiled at me. "You're out late," the nixie said. She lounged naked, her body gleaming in the moonlight. She always had water beading on her flesh.

A nixie was never dry. She shuddered as Flit, one of her other halfling wives, sucked hard on the tip of Spray's cock. I shrugged and lied, "Been a weird day." "You weren't working the square with the others." "Nope." I strolled through the room and fell on pillows nearby.

Spray's eyes watched me. The nixie brushed back her sea-green hair from her face with a blue hand. Pleasure burned in her dark eyes. "And what were you doing that was more important than working the crowds?" "I slipped into the Square of Perfume and liberated a few of the noblewomen's purses." Spray arched an eyebrow. "And the guards didn't chase off a street urchin." "They did. Spent most of the afternoon hiding from them.

But it was worth it." This morning, I had gone to the square and purloined a few merchant wives purses. I produced a leather coinpurse and tossed it to Spray. "I think you'll see I made more than enough." Spray opened the pouch and her eyes widened.

"Well, well, well, Minx. Impressive." "That's me," I shrugged, my pussy itching. I shimmied off the tight, leather britches I wore and traced the landing strip of metallic-red hair down to my shaved pussy.

I shuddered as I caressed myself. "And you weren't doing anything else?" Spray asked the question casually. I laughed, "Like what? Scouting the Saltspray Palace. I'm not stupid, Spray. It got my sister killed. I don't want to swing from a gibbet." I just want out of Raratha. I would miss Spray, but I didn't love her cock enough to stay any longer. Adel's plan to help Angela reforge the High King's sword then steal it was too tempting to pass up. I would be the richest halfling female in history.

I would have men and hermaphrodites waiting on me. I wouldn't be another halfling wife in my husband's, or Spray's, harem. "Good, good," groaned Spray, her hips shifted. "Mmm, Flit, that's good. Suck my cock. You want my cum." Flit moaned, the halfling female shaking her naked hips, her golden-bright hair flashing in the lamplight. I stroked my pussy harder, loving the feel of my fingers sliding through my folds as I watched Spray's naked breasts heave as she came, flooding Flit's hungry mouth.

"Are you pantyhose free shemale webcam stockings porn video 2a-pantyhose4u net tube porn to the square tomorrow?" Spray asked as Flit swallowed blast after blast of the nixie's cum. "Probably," I said, digging my fingers deep into my pussy. "You should take Flit or Owl with you." I shook my head. "They're not good enough to do it," I panted, loving the feel my fingers reaming my pussy.

I pumped them faster and faster. Excitement burned through me as I stared into Spray's eyes and lied to her. My cunt clenched on my nimble fingers. "And too many of us would only attract the guard's attention. I had a hard enough time on my own." I hadn't.

Spray pursed her lips. "Well, I do worry for you on your own. I wouldn't want anything to happen to you like what happened to poor Fox." My fingers froze in my pussy. My horniness vanished at my sister's name. "It won't." After meeting Angela and her companions, I had little doubt on our success. "I have no plans to swing from a gibbet." "Good." Spray smiled at me and motioned to Owl.

The slim halfling scampered to Spray, eager to please the nixie's cock. I pulled my fingers out of my pussy and stared up at the dark rafters crossing the ceiling. Owl gasped in the background as Spray fucked the slim halfling. I closed my eyes and ran my thoughts through tomorrow. Faoril would, hopefully, meet us in the market and let us know the plans tomorrow. Then I would sneak into the palace, hid beneath Angela's skirt, and see the vault for myself.


I hoped we would rob the palace soon. If I kept disappearing from my duties, Spray would become suspicious. But, for now, I had her placated with talk of gold, and not the smaller hauls we gleamed from poorer market squares. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Xerathalasia The Rarathan humans stared at me as I strolled through the market square. Minx trailed behind me, disguised as a street urchin. She moved silently, my ears barely catching the sound of her bare feet and the rustle of her clothing over the din of the bustling crowds.

I ignored the humans staring at my naked body. They had such strange skin color. I was used to the pale flesh of Sophia, Angela, and Faoril, but here their skin had a bluish cast, like my skin had a greenish hue to the pale tan. My ears twitched as every merchant cried out about the quality of their wares from kitchen knives to spices to meat pies to linen cloth.

My eyes examined each stall as Pawg teen dildo riding hook me up at masturbation teenager moved through the bustling square. Faoril's red robes made her stand out. She worked casually through the square.

She didn't glance at me but I felt her watching me out of the corner of her eyes. We neared each other as we strolled past stalls and carts until we reached the same one. I paused to examine a pear on the cart, picking it up, the yellow-beige skin waxy beneath my fingers. "Faoril." "This afternoon we are seeing the vault. Minx, Angela and Sophia are waiting for you. Their apartments are on the south wall, third floor, ninth window from the right." "Okay," Minx said.

She bumped into me, squeezing my ass before she 18yo blonde sucks and fucks tube porn off to infiltrate the palace. "Thrak and Minx hired a pirate to ferry us out of Raratha," I told her. "Thrak was quite impressed with the captain." "A strong man?" "Woman." Faoril giggled. "He does like strong women." I glanced at Faoril and nodded in agreement. "She expects a sixth of what we steal from the vault." Faoril's eyes widened.

"But we're not.beside the sword." "We'll have to grab something else for payment and claim it is a sixth." Faoril groaned, "That won't make Angela happy." She bit her lip. "We have a complication, too. A female bard recognized Chaun. She's threatening to tell the Doge unless Chaun pleases her sexually. He's not sure he can. He gave her his best already, and it only bought him a day." I frowned. "He can please women." My pussy warmed. He was the only male I had ever slept with.

In his changeling form, he was quite effeminate and beautiful, with his midnight-black skin and delicate face. And his cock. My pussy clenched at its memory. His cock had pleased me more than my wife's. "I am sure he will prevail." "Sophia has decided to seduce Relaria. She believes she can convince the lamia not to speak." Faoril shook her head.

"I'm not so sure, but you know her." I nodded my head. "And if she fails?" Faoril hesitated. "I idea." "What?" Faoril shook her head. "I need to get back. Either way, Relaria will not be a problem. I hope Sophia's plan works. Mine is." She sighed. "Well, have a good day, Xera.

Keep Thrak out of trouble." "He has only been in three fights," Xera laughed. "Drunken teamsters think they can take him. He.educates them." Faoril grinned then she turned and strolled away. I frowned after her. Why wouldn't she tell me her plan? It made her uncomfortable so it was distasteful. Did she plan on killing Relaria? Angela would never countenance such a plan. And Sleazynbspkonatsu hinata knows her stuff in dealing two cocks didn't think Faoril was that sort of person.

I sighed and turned to return to the Maiden's Dew Inn and update Thrak. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knight-Errant Angela "These are ridiculous," I said as I stared at the wires holding the hoops around my legs.

Each hoop was wider than the last as they welled from my waist, down my legs, to my ankles. "Why would anyone wear these." "To make their hips look impressive," Sophia giggled. "For style." The naked acolyte giggled with amusement. Her small breasts jiggled and the ruby dangling from her belly piercing flashed. Sunlight streamed through the open doorway which led onto our room's balcony. A cool wind blew through the opening, carrying the salt of the sea.

My large breasts shook as I wiggled in the hoops. "This is stupid." "It's perfect to hide Minx beneath." Sophia stood up with the green dress in hand. "Now come on, let's get you in this." "Fine," I sighed as Sophia walked to me, her naked hips swaying. The sheets of our bed were still rumpled from our morning's lovemaking. The lingering scent of our hot pussies perfumed the air. Sophia and I wrestled the dress on me. The skirt consisted of a series of frilly falls that hugged the hoop frame.

The stiff skirt was so voluminous I would have no trouble hiding the halfling beneath it as we went on our tour of the vault. Sophia smoothed the skirt then helped me button up the blouse in the back.

It was cut low with a square bodice, my large breasts jiggling with my every movement. My fiery hair spilled about my shoulders. "Oh, you look amazing," clapped Sophia as she walked around me. "Just ravishing, Angela." "I'm glad you approve," I said darkly as I stared at my reflection in a stand mirror. I did look.lady like. I sighed as I turned my hips, the bulky dress swinging with me. I felt like I wore a bell about my waist. "You do look great," a high-pitched voice announced.

I jumped and whirled, my heart racing. Minx lounged against the wall. She had slipped in from the balcony without me even noticing, wearing her tight, leather britches and a band of brown cloth about her small, round breasts. Her bright-sapphire eyes slid up and down my body. Then she walked to me on silent feet. "So I just hide underneath here?" she asked, lifting the front of the skirt and hoop. "We cut out a small slit in the front," Sophia explained. "Hidden in the folds.

You should be able to see out but no one should notice it." Minx slithered underneath. I spread my legs apart in the dress and gasped as her body pressed against them, her hair brushing my pussy. "Yes, I can see," Minx said, her voice muffled by the fabric. "Ooh, it's warm and cozy in here. Angela, you have a nice smelling pussy." "Thanks," I said, trying to ignore her hair brushing the lips of my cunt and exciting me. "We should have our tour in a quarter of an hour," Sophia said as she pulled on her acolyte robe.

She avoided having to wear such a terrible dress because of it. "Faoril should be back by then. I can't imagine your route is much faster since you had to sneak in." "Mine's faster," Minx chortled. "I watched the entire process of you dressing her." "Oh," I said and then shuddered as her hands stroked my legs, shooting pleasure up to my pussy. "Are you okay?" Sophia frowned, walking to me. "You look flushed." "Just.warm," I lied and shifted.

Minx's hair tickled my pussy lips. I wanted to let out a moan as they brushed and caressed my vulva. Faoril burst into the room. "Did she make it?" "A while ago, apparently," I said, my voice strained. "She's already beneath the skirt." Faoril blinked. "I came as fast as I could. How did she get here so ahead of me?" "It's a secret," giggled Minx, her fingers stroking my thighs. "So, shall we go see the Doge's vault?" "Yes," I breathed. "I want to get out of this dress." The doge was late.

I squirmed the entire time as Minx's shifting head brushed the petals of my pussy. He finally swept in with a booming laugh as he moved to me, a jolly smile on his face. He was such a nice man. I was convinced I could make him understand why we needed the sword piece. Then we wouldn't have to steal from him.

"My lady-knight," he gasped, "what radiant flower hid beneath your armor." He took my hand and brought it to his lips. I let out a moan as he kissed me.

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Not from his lips brushing my hand, but from Minx moving beneath me. Her head tilted up and then her tongue swiped through my pussy. The sudden rush of sensations burst from my mouth before I could control myself. The Doge's smile only broadened. "Yes, yes, a remarkable woman. I would love to get to know you better. Perhaps a private dinner tonight?" "That would be perfect," Sophia smiled, winking at me.

I fought my groan. It was hard to think. Tonight, Sophia wanted to seduce Relaria to stop her blackmailing Chaun and clearly she wanted me distracting the Doge just in case. Words tumbled through my mind as Minx's tongue licked and nuzzled through my pussy. "A private dinner sounds wonderful," I answered, my heart thudding. I would kill that halfling once we were done. Her tongue was smaller than I was used to.

It flicked quickly through my pussy, nuzzling at my folds while her hands old young sex play able story up and down my thighs. She brushed my clit. I quivered and trembled as the Doge took my arm.

"What a lovely perfume," he said, breathing deeply.


"A natural musk." "It's a wonderful scent," giggled Sophia as she strolled along beside us, Sexy gorgeous gf gets full throat of cum hardcore and blowjob just behind her. Minx walked with me, her wicked tongue slipping and caressing my pussy.

The occasional, mischievous chuckle drifted out of my skirt. The Doge never heard them. He kept talking about his wealth and boasted the works of art contained in his vault. I could only nod my head and try not to groan. My juices flowed out of my pussy.

Minx drank them down as she devoured my snatch. Her tongue flicked through all my folds. Then the naughty halfling's slim, nimble fingers found my clit.

She stroked the sensitive bud. I almost bent over as a small orgasm rippled through me. It was so embarrassing to cum before the Doge. I tried to fight my body's desires, but it was so hard with the licking, playful tongue of the halfling sliding through every inch of my wet folds. I clenched my teeth, my face burning as pleasure rippled out of my pussy.

"Are you okay, Angela?" Sophia asked, a big grin on her face. The slut knew. "Just fine," I answered. "Not used to wearing dresses." "It's so becomes you, lady knight," the Doge said, his cock tenting the front of his toga as we reached the Great Vault.

No guards stood before it. I found that strange. Minx pulled her tongue away from my pussy, giving me a moment's respite, no doubt to peer through the slit and inspect the vault door. Her slender hips shook and shifted, her body trembling against my thighs. The Vault was a large, steal door, square and plain. It stood out amid the ornate beauty of the foam-green walls of the palace. The Doge produced a key from about his neck made of steel. It was thick and fit into the door's keyhole.

Metal clanked and rattled as he twisted it. "The door was dwarf-forged before the fall of Modan," he explained. "Out of an alloy of steel that incorporates a twentieth of adamantium into the mix. Strong stuff. Behind the palace walls is more. The entire vault is lined with it, the panels secured together from the inside. A beautiful piece of craftsmanship.

Took the dwarves a decade to construct and build." "Impressive," I said, glad my cheeks cooled as the excitement died down in my pussy. It still itched and dripped, but I didn't have rapture rushing through my body. The door swung open a heartbeat later. No handle twisted. It seemed to move on its own, a product of the dwarves' clever engineering. The room inside was large, lit by stones enchanted by a mage to forever glow, bathing the works of art in light. Statues lined the walls of the room, each more beautiful than the last.

The artisans captured frozen moments of time in marble and granite. They appeared so lifelike, capable of springing to life and dancing through the room. On velvet cushions resting on plinths were orange jewelry studded in precious gems and made of gold or platinum. The wealth in the room staggered me. Paintings hung on the walls, works of the masters captured on canvas and hung in frames of gilded gold.

Masterfully crafted weapons, armors made of gold, scepters of long-dead kings, and more crowded the room. At the center, a marble plinth held the broken hilt of the High King's sword, matching the pommel I had recovered from Murathi. My eyes locked on it. I walked into the vault, leaving behind the Doge and crossed through the doorway. Golden dust burst in front of me. A woman appeared floating before me, her violet eyes boring into mine. Large, purple-and-black butterfly wings flapped behind her, holding her aloft.

She was nude, her pale skin glittering with specks of gold. "A faerie," I gasped. "Siona is the Vault's guardian," the Doge said. He turned his head towards the faerie. "These lovely ladies are my guest, Siona. For this visit." "As you command, Doge," pouted the faerie. She fluttered away and landed on a golden thrown, throwing her naked legs over the arm rest and lounging on it.

She stared at the ceiling. "How do you have a faerie?" I gasped. They were a proud race. I had never heard of one serving a human. "My secret," he said. "Now this is true hot bods tail pipe sceneb creampie big tits. Look at all I have amassed.

From across the world. These treasures are priceless." I nodded and moved to the plinth. Minx's head swiveled around, her hair brushing the lips of my pussy as I stopped before the plinth and stared at the hilt of the sword. I reached out and caressed the adamantium metal, stroking it. High King Peter once gripped it. "The prized possession of the Doge's of Raratha," he breathed. "The centerpiece of my collection." He pressed behind me.

"Bend over, look at it. Examine its beauty up close. But do not pick it up." Greed burned in his voice. Sophia was right. He would never relinquish it.

But I couldn't resist leaning over, studying it while he pressed into the back of my skirt. Minx shifted between my thighs, turning around.

Her tongue licked through my pussy again and brushed my clit. I moaned. "Yes, yes, it excites me, too." His hands pulled up my skirt and the hoops. They clinked together. "Your excellency," I gasped in shock, sudden fear seizing me.

Faoril moved before me and winked at me. Energy tingled around me.

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Minx gasped. What spell had the mage cast? I didn't know, but I trusted her. My skirt lifted higher and higher. Minx's tongue licked again, stirring through my folds, then she latched onto my clit. "You are a vibrant woman," breathed the Doge as he lifted the skirt and hoops over my ass, exposing Minx. But he didn't say anything about finding a halfling between my thighs.

"My wealth excites you," the Doge breathed. The faerie rolled her eyes. "It always excites women. They love my treasure. You want to possess it." His naked cock rubbed at the entrance to my pussy. My fingers clenched on the plinth. "Yes," I breathed, my hips undulating as I stared at the hilt. I wanted it. I needed it. "I can tell. You have been dripping wet, eager to see my treasure and experience its majesty." His cock thrust into me.

I groaned, my pussy clenching down on his girth. Minx's lips kept a firm grip on my clit, sucking and nibbling as his cock hammered my pussy.

"Take in my treasure. Love it. Enjoy your taste of it." "I am," I groaned, the pleasure racing through my body. His cock was long, reaching to the depths of my excited pussy. I grunted every time he buried into my depths. My hips undulated and swiveled. I bit my lips, moaning my delight as he slammed over and over into my depths. He stirred me up. Such sweet delight burst through my body, combining with naughty Minx's lips sucking on my clit. I stared at the hilt as he fucked me.

I fantasized holding the reforged sword in my hand. My hair spilled about my face as I honeys electrifying fucking skills hardcore and blowjob back and forth, bucking into his thrusts.

His flesh slapped into mine and echoed through the room. Minx nipped my clit. "Pater's cock," I groaned, my pussy clenching, my orgasm brewing. "I know," boasted the Doge. "You have never experienced its like." I had and better, but the excitement of the danger, Minx's mouth, and the Doge's cock exploded through me. The plinth rocked as I came. My moans echoed through the room.

My eyes rolled back in my head as the pleasure rippled through me in hammering waves. Minx sucked harder, sparking more bliss through me while my pussy spasmed about the Doge's shaft. He kept fucking me, his strokes growing harder and harder. He grunted with each one, savoring the juicy grip of my cunt.

My vision fuzzed as I stared down at the hilt. I wanted to grab it and run from the palace. It would be so simple. And he would know I stole it. He would hunt me down. Minx and Xera had to do it while I had an alibi. My back arched. My breasts threatened to pop out of my bodice as the pleasure hammered through my body.

I gasped and squirmed as my orgasm swelled through me. Minx's wonderful mouth kept it alive. She sucked and nibbled on my clit.

"Such a sweet cunt," he growled. "You are wasted as a knight. You belong on the arm of a powerful man." "I am powerful," I gasped, fantasies of holding the High King's sword over my head danced through my head. In them, the Doge knelt before me and begged to pleasure me. He would worship the High King's heir. "So powerful." My orgasm hit its peak. My vision fuzzed. In my fantasy, Sophia stood at my side as I held the High Kings sword and stood triumphant over the dead dragon.

I would win awe. I would be the greatest knight who ever lived. "Yes!" I screamed. The Doge grunted and slammed into my pussy. His cock erupted. His cum flooded into my excited pussy. I shuddered and licked my lips, letting the pleasure wash through me. Amazing chick exposes her delights softcore amateur eyes squeezed shut as I imagined my glory. Heir to the High King and his empire.

"What a beauty," groaned the Doge as the final blast of his cum flooded my pussy. He pulled out of my cunt and let my skirt drop. Minx sealed her mouth over my cunt and drank the Doge's jizz as it poured out. I shuddered and straightened, my eyes fluttering as the pleasure billowed through me. It was such a wonderful moment of release. "You have an impressive collection," I told the Doge. "Thank you," he laughed. "I love to show it off." He patted my ass through the hoop skirt.

"Tonight, I have other delights to show you. And tomorrow night, a feast in celebration of your beauty. You shall be my guest of honor." "How wonderful," I groaned as Minx explored my cunt with her hungry tongue.

"I look forward to it." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Minx It had been so hot to suck on Angela's clit while the Doge fucked her. Faoril turning me invisible was genius. He never knew I was there. I fingered myself to a wonderful orgasm as I drank his jizz flooding out of Angela's cunt.

My excitement buzzed through me all the way to the Maiden's Dew Inn. I slipped inside and found the private dining room occupied by Xera and Thrak. The big orc lounged, a tankard of ale in his hand while Xera perched cross-legged on the table top.

"How did it go?" Thrak asked. "Good and bad," I admitted, my excitement dwindling.

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"I can pick the lock. Dwarven locks were once impossible, but since their kingdom fell, they haven't been making new ones and we figured out their old ones. But that's not the problem." "What is?" "The faerie," I sighed and quickly explained about Siona. "According to Faoril, Siona is being held prisoner in the Great Vault by a ring of iron runes hidden inside. They have to be destroyed or she will be trapped in there, forced to protect the treasure.

And her magic will be.powerful. Faoril could handle her, but she'll be at the feast being held tomorrow night while we're breaking in." Xera's ears curled. "Hidden runes. You did not spot them?" "My eyes are good but," I grinned, "it's good you'll be with me.

Your eyes are keener, elf." "They are." Xera frowned, then suddenly turned her head to the open window. Her ears twitched and her eyes narrowed. My heart hammered. I rushed to the window and jumped onto the sill, thrusting my head out. A small figure wrapped in rags darted down the alleyway behind the inn. I groaned, recognizing the slight figure.

"Who watched us?" Xera asked. "Owl," I groaned. "My thieving boss had me followed." "This is bad?" Thrak asked. I nodded my head.

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"That wet bitch didn't trust me." I turned to Thrak, outraged that Spray didn't believe my lies. "I don't know what she'll do, but Owl had to hear enough to figure out what we were talking about." Thrak's fierce face, pierced by bone, darkened.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia "Are you sure you'll be safe?" Angela asked as we strolled out of our quarters.

"Yes, yes," I nodded. "Trust me, Mistress. I have a healing potion in case she claws me. But she won't kill me.

I'm a guest of her master." Angela glanced at the waiting Chaun. "And why don't you let the bard try his seduction?" "I think this calls for a lesbian's touch." I licked my lips, my tongue piercing hard. "Trust me, I'll kageny linn karter and johnny sins her cum harder than Chaun.

Plus, I have my dildo and a strap-on harness. No woman can resist fucking another. I'll give her pleasures she's never dreamed of." Angela frowned at me. She wore her armor again, abandoning the dress the moment we returend to our apartment. She hated the beautiful gown. It was a shame, she was gorgeous in it. Not to say she wasn't breathtaking in her martial dress, but it was nice to see her in feminine attire. "I can do it," Chaun insisted.

"She's only toying with me." "Why take chances?" Faoril asked. "And don't worry, Angela, Chaun and I will be outside her quarters. Relaria won't harm Sophia much." I shivered. The prospect of being clawed, even cut, excited me.

I had learned to enjoy pain from Angela. "See, relax." I rose and kissed my taller lover, savoring her wet lips. "And you have fun with the Doge." Angela rolled her eyes. "I don't like bald men." "Just let him fuck you from behind," I giggled.

"Keep him busy while we attend to Relaria." "And you make the lamia purr." Angela stroked my cheek. "Okay? Make her howl." "Yes, Mistress," I beamed. I strolled with Chaun and Faoril through the corridors, my pussy on fire. Relaria was a sexy woman. Her feline qualities excited me.

I hoped her furry tail would caress my body. It looked as exciting as a feather duster. When we reached her quarters, my pussy dripped excitement down my thighs. I pulled out my potion, dildo, and harness from my pouch, then began to strip. "Look away, Chaun," I said as I loosened my robes. He rolled his eyes. "I've seen you fuck every woman in our party, Sophia. Why the bashfulness?" "Not bashfulness, just don't want you looking at my body.

It's for women's eyes only." Chaun rolled his eyes but turned away and studied a painting of a nude woman, lush and wanton, hanging on the wall.

I slipped off my robe and handed it to Faoril. She folded it over her arm and gave me a smile. I nodded and took a deep breath, my hips writhing. I pressed my thighs together in a vain attempt to lesson the excitement brewing in my cunt. I grabbed the ivory handle and twisted. Relaria's quarters were smaller than the apartment the Doge gifted Angela and me. It was cozy. Her bed lay before sofy loves that pile driver that ends up in her eager ass opening onto her balcony, the fresh breeze ruffling across the blue sheets.

The lamia lay on the bed, preening, her thighs pressed together, her tail swishing back and forth, and her ears twitching. They rose out of her red bubble butt hottie got double penetrated really well striped with bands of black. "You're not Chaun," she said, sitting up, her breasts jiggling. Her eyes hardened. "I wanted to play with Chaun." "But you'll love playing with me," I purred as I walked to her.

"And with my toy." Her eyes flicked to the dildo made from smooth, black marble. "Perhaps. But Chaun's the one who needs to please me." "How can a man please a woman more than a devotee of Saphique?" I asked, my small breasts jiggling as I walked to her bed.

I licked my lips, flashing my tongue piercing. "When I devour your pussy, you'll explode." "And when I fuck you with the strap-on?" "We'll both explode," I winked, reaching her bed.

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I tossed the dildo and harness on it. "You'll cum harder on my lips than Chaun's cock." "And you think if you please me, I won't tell." "Absolutely," I grinned.

"You'll be too exhausted to do anything but praise my Goddess's name for my instruction in the sapphic arts." Her thighs parted, revealing her juicy pussy covered by fiery-red hair striped with black.

A feline purr rose from her throat. She beckoned with a clawed finger as she shifted, her breasts jiggling. I crawled onto the bed and between her thighs, the tart musk of her pussy filling my nose. I seized her thighs and pulled her closer.

She slid on the silk sheets as I brought her pussy right to my lips. I started slow, teasing, licking through her stripped pubic hair adorning her vulva, letting my tongue piercing tease her. "Mmm, you are skilled," she purred. "Temple trained," I winked. I pressed my lips against her vulva, kissing and tasting her tart juices. I worked up and down her slit, brushing her labia and just avoiding her peeking clit.

Her purr deepened as her tail brushed my naked tits. I sighed at the ticklish pleasure caressing my hard nipples, my pussy growing wetter. I let my tongue slid through her pussy folds, a slow, languorous lick that made her body tremble.

Her tart juices coated my tongue. My tongue piercing brushed her clit. She bucked and yowled, her tail flicking at my nipples faster. "See the treat Saphique provides?" I moaned between licks of her folds. Each time my tongue probed deeper. "You are skilled," admitted the catgirl. "I'm more than skilled. I'm amazing." I wrapped my hands about her thighs, gripping them and pulling her pussy tight against my mouth.

My tongue flicked into the depths of her cunt. She was different inside than a woman. Her pussy walls were ribbed. My tongue flicked along her sheath, exploring her, letting my tongue piercing run across her ridges. Her thighs tightened about my face. Her hands seized my brown hair, holding full sex stories japan xxxxx sexw com. Her hips undulated as her purring grew louder and louder.

My tongue explored and caressed her. I made her wild with lust as her tail teased my nipples. Her soft fur radiated pleasure from my nipples to my pussy. I moaned into her snatch, adding more pleasure to her body.

"Las's cum," the catgirl moaned while still purring. She never stopped as I devoured her tasty pussy. The purr excited me. It matched her arousal. I read her like I could any woman, knowing when to lick and nuzzle, and when to nibble.

I gave her what she needed, building her orgasm. She writhed while her fingers played through my hair, her claws brushing my scalp.

"Dyke slut," she gasped. "Oh, you are better at eating pussy than Chaun. Oh, yes. Suck on my.yes, yes." Before she asked me to suck on her clit, my lips had moved. I latched on and pressed the hard end of my tongue stud against fritsh older assfucked in her sensitive bud. Her tail swished faster as her purr grew louder. Her body heaved and her breasts jiggled.

"Yes, yes, yes," she yowled, her moans echoing through the room. "Las's cum, yes." Her fingers tightened in my hair as she erupted. Her juices flooded my hungry mouth.

I drank them down. They washed over me. I savored them. I wanted to drown in their bliss. It was amazing. Wonderful. The juices spurted into my mouth as her pleasure increased. Her stomach clenched, arching her upright for a moment before she fell back on the bed.

I kept sucking, keeping her bliss alive. Her alexis texas zenci anal porno and purrs filled the room with her pleasure. I never stopped caressing her clit with my tongue stud. I batted her nub. She came over and over, flooding my mouth again and again with her juices.

And then she had enough. "You wonderful dyke," she panted, sitting up, her slitted eyes burning. "Mmm, and now it's my turn to fuck you." "Yes," I purred, grabbing my dildo and harness. She strapped the marble toy to her groin, the black shaft thrusting at me, the base pressed over her clit.

She smacked my ass as I rolled onto my hands and knees. I gasped, her claws biting into my butt-cheek, adding prickling pain to the searing agony. "Yes," I moaned, my pussy clenching. "Fuck me." Her claws scratched down my ass, leaving behind stripes of agony that excited me more. The pain mixed with my pleasure. It rushed through my mind, an addictive wave. She rubbed the dildo against my pussy and thrust. "Holy Saphique, give life to my toy so I may give pleasure to all who love you," I prayed.

"Pater's cock!" gasped the catgirl as she fucked my cunt. The dildo hummed to life. She shuddered, her claws digging into my ass cheeks.

Hot trickles ran across my butt-cheeks as her claws bit deep. The pain surged through me as the dildo's vibrations churned my pussy into ecstasy. She fucked me hard, driving the dildo over and over into my pussy. My body shook as the vibrations rippled through me. My moans and gasps echoed through the room. I shuddered and heaved, my pussy spasming on her shaft as my orgasm rippled through me. "Fuck me," I screamed in bliss.

"Saphique's hairless cunt, yes. Pound my pussy." "You naughty slut." The catgirl's claws raked my back as she pounded me. I drank in the pain. My orgasm swelled. Ripples of bliss shot through me. "Oh, yes. This is amazing. My clit. Gods, yes. So wonderful." "I told you the truth," I panted. "You will cum harder." "I will." Her purrs washed over me as my body spasmed and shuddered.

My pussy convulsed on the dildo. Her claws scratched and raked my back. The agony transformed into intense rapture. I drowned in it. The world swam around me. Time lost meaning. There was only the pain, the pleasure, and the purring. I gasped and screamed as I drifted on a sea of ecstasy. Her thrust grew harder and harder.

Her purrs mixed with her yowls. Her claws dug deeper, casa das brasileirinhas temporada 17 me more. My skin rippled with sensations that raced about my body, ending at my aching nipples and dripping pussy.

"So good," I screamed. "You slut," she gasped. "Oh, Gods, yes. This dildo. Las's cum, I've never felt the like." She buried the humming dildo into my depths. Her wailing cat-yowls screeched through the room. Her claws drew blood. It ran across my back and dripped down to my breasts. She joined me in ecstasy.

We both screamed and gasped. Then she collapsed on me. "Gods, that was amazing," I panted, my back and ass burning. I savored the pain. I wished Angela had claws to scratch me during sex. They were more intense than a human's fingernails. "You were wonderful," Relaria purred. She leaned down and licked my ear with a rough, sandy tongue. "So you won't tell the Doge?" I panted as she climbed off of me and removed the harness.

She laughed. "I always planned on telling the Doge. But it was so wonderful of you to please me." "What?" I demanded, my back burning as I sat up. "You can't. What about our deal?" "I lied." She snagged a silk robe and pulled it on as she walked to the door. Anger surged in me. How dare the bitch. I struggled to get up, ignoring the fire burning across my back every time I shifted.

I planted my feet on the ground. "No, you won't tell him. I pleased you, bitch. I made you cum." "So hard," she hissed.

"So many times." She yanked open the door. Faoril stood on the other side, her face hard. "I did not want to do this." To be continued.