This is true love between perfect lovers tube porn

This is true love between perfect lovers tube porn
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Chapter 1. The Opportunity and Setup. My wife and I decided to get out of the fast lane of the high tech world. We had an opportunity to take jobs that were offered to us by a friend who knew we were a little burned out. He was on the board of a private school that dealt with children or young adults who were trying to get their lives together. It was for those who had made the tough decision to try to get a high school diploma after run-ins with the law.

It was a kind of boarding school for miscreants. Since we both had advanced degrees and plenty of experience, he got us a chance to interview for the positions and we were accepted. We would be taking over as the "Headmaster" and "Dean" of the school. I would be the headmaster based on my experience as a leader and manager. My wife, who has the English degree and writing experience, would be the dean. After we moved into the house reserved for the headmaster of the school, which was directly adjacent to the school property, we settled in to what appeared to be a normal academic situation, albeit with youngsters who had had problems and were trying to do the right thing.

Most were between the ages of 17 and 22. When we moved into the offices, we found that our two offices were adjacent with a connecting door and we each had an administrative assistant outside on opposite sides of the two offices. The planning had not been perfect for this converted old public school, because our offices shared a common wall with the men's and women's bathrooms.

If there was ever a backup in the sewage, it was going to be monstrous in the offices, but so far so good. My wife and I have always had an excellent physical relationship, and we had discussed several times moving to another level, but stress, jobs, and everything else in life interfered.

This would turn out to be our first opportunity. The layout of the offices was rectangular with a storage closet in my left corner and my wife's right hand corner. They were next to each other with the wall of our offices between them. They were recessed right next to where the men's and women's bathroom stalls were. One day, while in my closet getting something, I neglected to turn the light on and was retrieving something quickly, when I saw light coming from behind a stack of boxes that was nothing but a bunch of old files.

I moved the boxes and noticed that there was a small handle there. When I pulled the handle, it pulled back on hinges a small piece of plywood that was hiding a small hole.

I bent down and checked it out. I had a bird's eye view just behind the last women's room stall, the handicapped stall, at the toilet. The hole was very small. It was barely large enough to get a good view, but as I stood there wondering who made the hole, the stall door opened and a young woman entered. I was transfixed by being able to peek in on her. I quickly closed my closet door so that there was no chance for any light from my office to give me away.

I sat down on a box quietly and watched her go to the bathroom. I decided to approach my wife with a plan to expand our horizons. After the young woman finished and left, I studied the layout. The storerooms shared a wall that turned out to be just a couple of sheets of plywood that must have been thrown up quickly, because it could quickly be taken out.

I went through the adjoining door into my wife's office and checked out her closet. There wasn't a pre-made hole in there, but I figured it would be easy to make one. I formulated my plan the rest of the afternoon and discussed it with my wife that night.

We would make a hole for her to watch and "play" with the boys and for me to watch and "play" with the girls and then come up with a way to circulate a rumor about a "glory hole" type of operation. We had visited some of the sites on line and discussed it, but never got around to trying it. I was dying to have my dick sucked through one by a stranger and have my wife do the same to another man.

In this case, it would be much more of a thrill because of the situation. We would start the rumor and see if some of the older students would attempt it. Of course, japanese love story full movies pinoy our busy schedule, it might be a little difficult, but we could definitely work on it at lunch.

We made the hole on my side a little larger, at least for my dick. It's not long, only about 6-7 inches, but has good girth. On my wife's side we made it large enough for me, too, in case there were some well endowed men. Finally, we made some cuts into my closet so that I could put a special one-way mirror in there and watch the young ladies as they sucked my cock.

My wife decided that it was best for her to do it anonymously and that was what excited her. With this plan made, we then had to make sure the rumor got started. It only took a couple of questions like we were asking some of the older students about this rumor, before it was rampant. Now we waited. One Friday during lunch time, we took our lunches into the closet and sat quietly, hoping for something to happen.

It did when we heard a young lady enter the stall next to my office. I immediately checked her out (nothing too young would be acceptable), and it was perfect. She was one of the nineteen year old "tough" girls. She was a little "goth" like with a couple of tattoos, dark hair, a lithe body (probably about 5'5" and 110 pounds), and great sucking lips.

I watched her take down her pants and panties and sit on the toilet, and my wife started undoing my pants. I let her pull them down interracial bondage with big tit sophie dee stroke my dick a couple of times.

I was hard instantly. Then, I did it. I stuck my dick into the hole and watched her reaction. She gasped, then immediately recovered and acted very nonchalant as she reached over and ran her fingers over wicked beautiful gal drills virgin slit hardcore and russian. It felt heavenly. Suddenly, my wife came up next college cocksucking teen jerking in dorm trio me to watch, too.

As the woman started stroking me, my wife ran her hands lightly over my ass, tickled my balls and kissed me very hard. I looked back down just in time to see the young woman turn and bend forward. Oh my god!

She was going to suck me! My fantasy was about to come true! She licked it very lightly all around the head and then very carefully wrapped her lips around it and started a light sucking. She still had her panties down and started stroking her pussy.

She leaned back and looked at my dick and her saliva that had made it so wet and slick. She seemed to be studying it; the veins, the way it was throbbing, and its general size.

She very slowly leaned forward and took as much as she could into her mouth. She wrapped those wonderful lips around my cock and swirled her tongue across the bottom of the head and moved her head back and forth slowly as I stood there transfixed. My wife continued to watch her and was stroking my balls. I was in heaven. My cock was as hard as it had been in quite a while and was starting to throb heavily. I'm sure she could tell that my dick wasn't going to last too long.

Suddenly, the young woman increased her sucking and tugging with one hand on my cock while she stroked her clit and pussy.

I was going to blow my load really early, I could tell. I started moaning and that automatic thrusting instinct starting happening. That made the young woman start sucking creampie inside tight shaved black pussy of cassidy clay and I could tell she knew by my actions that I was going to cum.

I started fucking her mouth strongly and finally came in several large spurts. She just kept sucking and swallowing, sucking and swallowing. When I stopped thrusting, she carefully backed off it and looked at my dick.

She then took it in her mouth again to clean it off. My dick twitched and she giggled. I slowly pulled back two dudes fuck one lovely girlie pornstar and hardcore she sat back, opened her legs wide and started furiously rubbing her pussy.

She was desperate for release and my wife and I watched as she got off, cumming loudly and moaning so much that anyone in the bathroom would have known that she was masturbating.

When she finished she stood up, straightened herself and left. I turned to my wife and she had her pants down around her knees masturbating, too. I dropped to my knees and started licking and sucking her clit and pussy. I put two fingers in and sucked on her clit and she grabbed my head with both hands and started moaning and groaning. It was probably too loud, but she was past caring. She held on to my head as I ran the rough part of my tongue over her clit again and again, and now with three fingers going in and out of her pussy as fast as I could.

Suddenly she stiffened and held my head like a vise as she cried out that she was cumming. I didn't let up until she started to collapse to the floor. Finally, with both of us sitting on the floor completely spent, we knew that this was going to be amazing. We also knew of some other things that might make it even more interesting. Hear about that in Chapter 2.

Chapter 2.

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My wife gets her chance. It was a few days later before something happened again, and this time it was in the men's room. We didn't know if anyone had tried to use the bathrooms when we were busy, but we figured they would not expect for there to be some in the other bathroom.

We just hoped that a couple didn't try to arrange to do this to each other and then find that they couldn't get together. It was lunchtime the following Wednesday when one of the young men entered the last men's 100 real incest on hidden cam mom mother daughter stall, saw the hole, and decided to check it out.

We had draped a black cloth over the men's hole so that they couldn't see anything in the storeroom, although the light level was pretty low as well.

We could tell that he tried to look into it by pushing on the cloth, but obviously couldn't see anything. He either recognized the idea of a "glory hole" or just took a chance. In any case, suddenly a decent sized dick came through the hole. My wife looked at me, questioningly I thought in the dark, so I pushed her on the back of the head towards the dick. She turned and put her hands on it and starting stroking it.

It was hard and throbbing immediately. Ah, youth! She stroked it a few times and the pre-cum started leaking lightly. She leaned forward and licked lightly. We could hear a moan from the other side of the wall. Then she just engulfed it totally and must have been swirling her tongue, because we heard very clearly his gasp and the words "Oh, my god, don't stop".

She wasn't about to, but was very turned on herself so she got up from her knees, bent over from the waist, lifted the skirt she was wearing that day, and pointed at her ass. I knew what she wanted. While she was giving head, she wanted me to do her.

As much as I wanted to watch her, I could hear and feel the actions from her body, so I got on my knees and ran my tongue from her clit to her asshole. She jerked slightly from the contact. She always tasted delicious and had a very sensitive clit. I could feel her working on the hard cock. She was slurping and licking and the sound was turning me on so much!

I started tongue fucking her asshole and stuck a couple of fingers in her cunt. Her inner lips opened up and she was getting so wet that she was about to start dripping. I kept slowly swirling my tongue around her ass, which she loved and then would alternate with a quick poke into it. This combined with my finger-fucking was making her get closer and closer to cumming.

I could hear her sucking and his moaning and she suddenly took her mouth off the young cock and manage to whisper, "Fuck my ass!" She had never wanted anal sex. My dick was so hard I was having a difficult time getting my pants and underwear down. Suddenly, I heard the young man's groans increase and I had to shuffle forward to see her mouth. I wanted to see her take the cum. She kept sucking and saw me shuffle around to her side with my pants around my ankles.

She looked up and I could just make out her actions in the dark. She worked hard on the cock, sliding it in and out and jerking on it in time with her sucking. Then he exclaimed "I'm cumming", and my wife's eyes went wide as the first squirt hit the back of her throat. She kept sucking and swallowed his entire load. She held on to his dick after the last couple of squirts and licked it lightly and he moaned from the sensitivity of the underside of the head. She smiled at me, he pulled his dick back and muttered a thank you through the wall, and I shuffled back behind my wife with a boner that felt as big as a large cucumber.

I slowly entered her pussy and it was so wet and tight. She moaned at the same time I did. She was so turned on, and I wanted that ass badly. I slowly stroked in and out and started wetting my finger in all the pussy juices that she was leaking out. I put my soaking wet finger into her ass to prepare her for my dick. After a few strokes, I knew I was ready for her ass and I pulled out of her pussy and put it to the entrance to her ass.

She moaned and reached back to pull her ass cheeks apart. I pushed forward to try to enter her virgin ass. In all our years together, she had never wanted anal sex, but this was obviously a new chapter in our relationship. I kept pushing and she took her hands off her ass to put them on the wall in front of her to steady herself for the pushing.

The sphincter muscle finally gave enough for my head to pop-in and she exhaled audibly to let me know that she could tell the head was in. I kept slowly pushing until about 5 inches was in and she reached back and stopped my progress.

"I feel completely full at this point" she said. I knew that she had enough, so I started pulling it back out until the edge of the mushroom head was touching the rim. She reached up and starting fingering her clit and was beginning to shudder. I knew that that meant that she was ready to cum. Of course, being in her virgin ass, with its newness mentally and tightness physically, meant that I could come in about three strokes, so I eased it back in and she starting rubbing her clit really hard and had a major orgasm.

It was so strong that she almost couldn't stay standing and her knees tried to buckle. I helped her stay up by holding her hips and knew I should come immediately. I then used about two quick strokes and my cock spasmed over and over and the sensation was amazing. It kept jerking and jerking and I could barely stand up myself. We collapsed onto the floor and my dick made a wet squishy sound as it popped out of her ass.

We lay there together on the floor and she whispered "That was the largest orgasm I've had in years". "Me, too" I confided. We were close enough to see each other now and she asked "Did you enjoy seeing your slutty wife suck the dick of a young stranger?" "It was better than I ever imagined. What about you getting fucked in the ass by your husband with his cum still in your mouth?" "I want to do that again, but my ass is going to be sore for a day or two.

Maybe next time we can try something a little different." I looked at her puzzlingly and was silent. I didn't know what she meant. "It'll be a surprise and I know that you will love it.

Just let me handle everything." I couldn't wait. See what's next in Chapter 3. Chapter 3. My wife gives me a surprise. The next day was Thursday and we wondered if anything else would happen. I heard someone come into the women's room and I checked it out.

It was a gorgeous 18 year old name Christy who I knew a little, and the same 19 year old named Veronica who sucked my dick the previous week.

Christy was a little busty, probably only a C cup, but plenty busty for such a young thing. She had strawberry blonde hair, a small waist, and those great womanly hips that were so good to dig your fingers into when you were fucking doggy style.

She was probably only 5'3", but was a little healthy girl at about 130 pounds. Veronica was saying to Christy, "Just check it out. When I was in here last week some guy stuck his dick through the hole and I sucked it off. I think the men's room is on the other side. It was different and I liked it." "No way", said Christy "Oh, yes", said Veronica. "It was a decent size one and if you get lucky, one of the boys with a decent dick will give you a chance, too." "That would be cool!" said Christy.

"I haven't fucked in about 6 months and I want to feel a cock again. I love sex and this anonymous stuff kind of turns me on!" My wife and I listened to them, and my dick was getting hard from being able to listen to them talking about sucking and fucking. My wife knew it and got behind me.

She unbuckled my pants, dropped them around my ankles and started to stroke my dick. She was always good at that! Then Veronica started gently rapping on the wall. "What are you doing?" asked Christy. "Just letting anyone who is over there know that there's someone here ready to suck cock.' She responded. "Keep it down!" Christy answered. "We don't want anyone else to hear us." My wife then opened the hole and guided my cock toward it. I stuck it through. "Whoa!" said Christy.

"That's a decent one. Looks like just the right size for me." Veronica stepped forward and wrapped her fingers around it. It was heavenly every time one sexy redhead fucking in fencenet stockings a miniskirt and boots these young girls grabbed it through the hole.

"Hold on there, Veronica", Christy whispered. "This one's mine." "Then take care of it, slave girl", Veronica said mockingly. At that Veronica smiled and stepped back. Christy swooped in on my dick.

It was throbbing and starting to leak pre-cum. Christy stroked it a couple of times and then got down on her knees.

It was the moment I was waiting for. Veronica came forward and leaned against the wall so she could watch. I didn't know she was going to watch and enjoy her friend suck a strange dick, but she seemed very interested. Christy licked the head lightly and held it in her right hand. She smoothed the pre-cum over the head with her thumb as she stared straight at the one-eyed monster staring back. She then leaned forward and starting sucking on just the head.

I could feel her moving her tongue against the underside. Wow! Either these teenagers were pretty damn good at sucking dick, or I was just so turned on at having these youngsters doing it that I just thought it was good, but either way, I was really turned on.

My wife was up at the mirror watching the girl suck it. She was again playing with my balls. I starting playing with her ass through her skirt, but she pushed it away. "This is for you", she said. I looked back down at Christy, and she was sucking pretty well on about the first 4 inches and using her right hand to jack it up and down as she pulled back lesbian karlie montana and sasha heart playing a dildo on couch pornstars fingering it with her mouth.

"Mmmmm", Christy moaned. She then took it out of her mouth, looked up at Veronica, and said, "I've got to have this in my pussy." "Go for it", Veronica said.

"But I still want to watch", she said while licking her lips. "Good thing this is the handicapped stall", commented Christy. Christy stood up and raised the cute little skirt she was wearing. She had on a black thong, the standard wear of all the teenagers it seemed. She lowered the thong and rubbed her hand through her gash. It was definitely wet. She brought her hand up towards her mouth, but Veronica stopped her by grabbing her wrist and directing Christy's fingers to her own mouth.

Christy hesitated, holding her hand back, but then relaxed and let Veronica suck her cunt juices off her fingers. "I have got to get that cock in my cunt", Christy said rudely as she backed up to my dick. I felt her rub my dickhead up and down her pussy, lubricating it and readying it to enter her pussy, which felt very wet and extremely hot. I wanted so bad to be able to reach through the wall and grab those wonderful hips.

Her ass was so smooth, round, and beautiful, that I wanted to smoother it with kisses and fondle it, and then fuck the shit out of her. I turned to my wife and whispered, "This girl is just downright gorgeous". "I think so, too" she whispered. She looked down and we both watched her slide my cock into her cunt.

It was very tight. She made it sound like she had had plenty of sex, but at her size and being so young her pussy was extremely tight. But it was so wet that my dick still went in as far as it could as her ass backed all the way up to the wall.

Veronica giggled and said, "That is so hot!" Christy responded, "Everything is hot… my pussy is very hot and wet and this dick feels like it's on fire." She kept her ass still for a couple of moments so I automatically started fucking her. "Oh, wow!" she muttered.

"What?" asked Veronica. "He's f-fucking me", she stuttered while enjoying the moment. Suddenly, my wife moved behind me and left the closet.

I was momentarily startled, but my dick had a mind of its own and didn't miss a beat (or throb). Where was she going? I was fucking her slowly, but knew that I was going to cum soon… and then she started moaning, "I'm going to cum". I could feel her increase her rubbing of her clit and I started fucking her faster.

She rubbed and rubbed and moaned and then starting quivering, saying "Here it comes!" Little did she know that that was exactly the right thing to say. I could feel her pussy muscles contracting and I knew I was gonna blow. I shoved it into her and kept it buried as she came and I spurted once, twice, three times and then it just kept throbbing. Christy moved forward and let it slip slowly from her cunt. I left my cock there and I could look down and see all our mixed juices on it.

While Christy sat down and rested with her legs wide open, Veronica got down and started cleaning up my dick. It was wonderful. If I wasn't on the other side of 40, I probably couldn't have gotten it right back up. Suddenly, the door to the stall flew open, almost hitting both of the girls, and my wife was standing there looking very angry. "Just what the hell do you girls think you are doing? And whose dick is that?" That was my cue, I figured, so I pulled it back and closed the hole cover.

"We'll deal with that later." My wife continued. "Veronica, get off your knees. Christy, you look like a terrible fucking whore. You are lying there with your legs wide apart and what looks like that dick's cum all over your pussy and legs. That is disgusting! Now get up and report to the headmaster's office immediately", and she closed the door and stormed out.

"Oh, fuck!" Christy said. "Sorry, Christy." Veronica said. "I hope it's not too bad. I'm sure she's going to come back and get me soon. Let me know what happens later. You'd better get moving", and she rushed out of the bathroom. I was paying so much attention, that I forgot that I had to get my pants back up and get into my office. The young woman I just fucked was coming to my office with my spunk still in her pussy! YES! I had just sat down at my desk when there was a knock.

I told them to enter and my wife came in dragging Christy by the arm. She looked more than alarmed, she looked cowed and scared out of her wits. She was trying to put up a front, but her eyes were giving this away. I knew from her background that she was going to jail if this didn't pan out.

"What's going on here?" I asked, acting surprised at what was before me. "I caught this slut fucking in the bathroom!" my wife said loudly and rudely.

I could see that Christy was shocked at my wife's language in front of me. But she continued "I caught her just as she finished and she has a pussy full of cum!" I loved the dirty language and was getting a little turned on again.

"Who was the guy?" I asked, pretending not to know about the glory hole setup. "That's the worst part," my wife said, "She was fucking him through a hole in the wall and the dick disappeared before I could grab it and determine who it was." By now, Christy was standing in front of the desk, her head bowed, almost in tears at the thought of going to jail.

But my wife had other ideas. I just didn't know what they were yet. "Well, Christy, what are we going to do with you?" my wife asked as she lifted Christy's chin and made her look up. "I think the first thing you need is the headmaster's paddle." Christy looked up suddenly and started to say something and my wife slapped her. The smack was flat-handed but pretty strong and loud.

Christy was flabbergasted and stood there in stunned silence. Then my wife led Christy to my desk. "Put your hands on the desk and bend over. Prepare to get paddled." My wife said. Christy obeyed, but with small whimpers. I got up and got the paddle from where it hung just inside the door. It wasn't used much and hadn't been used at all by us in the short time we had been there, but it was a big flat wooden paddle and would definitely hurt.

I handed it to my wife and she motioned me to sit down in one of the visitors chairs in front of the desk. I sat down to watch the show. My wife turned back to Christy and said "Ready?" Christy didn't answer, but just nodded her head.

My wife landed the first smack with a loud thwack and Christy flinched and whimpered some more. My wife waited for a minute and then ordered her "Raise your skirt up so that I can get a proper paddling in. Pull it up over that slutty ass!" Christy hesitated and took a peek back at me. My wife pointed and said "Now! I didn't tell you to look around you slutty little whore!" Christy obeyed. Now I was looking at that beautiful ass in person, covered only by a little thong material.

My wife smacked it again and Christy audibly exhaled and let out a long "Oooohhhh". It obviously hurt. My wife stopped and looked again and said to Christy, "Oh, my God! Your little whore cunt is leaking that man's cum and your juices all down your legs! It's sexy brunette woman dp by hard man meats in the bedroom What are we going to do about that?

HUH!?!" and she prodded Christy's ass with the paddle. "I-I d-d-don't know" she stammered very quietly, afraid to speak up. "I do" said my wife. "Take off that thong and wipe it up off your legs.

NOW!" Christy looked up. She had gone completely pale, but my wife glared at her and pointed the paddle at her. Christy slowly lowered the thong, bringing that gorgeous pussy into view as she bent over to get them over her shoes, and then wiped her legs. But my wife wasn't finished. She reached out and grabbed the thong and tossed it to me, turning to me and winking so that Christy could not see it. Christy had resumed her position, so my wife smacked her again.

Now you could see more cum and juice dripping from her pussy, so my wife decided to take matters into her own hands, literally. My wife reached over between Christy's legs and said "Look at all this cum you scumbag whore!" and she ran her hand through Christy's gash and gathered a good amount of goo. Christy shivered at the contact and tried not to move. My wife said to her, "Turn around and face us".

Christy obeyed. "Keep that skirt up, slut!" she told the young girl. Christy obeyed again. And then my wife said "Look at this goo from your gash. It's disgusting that you have it dripping down your leg and might get it on the headmaster's carpet. Here, clean this disgusting stuff off my hand before I get sick".

Christy looked completely obedient now and just did it without any reaction. She let my wife put her fingers into her mouth and licked them clean. I was getting a major hard-on. My wife then stepped directly in front of Christy. She glared and Christy averted her eyes. Christy was still standing there with her skirt around her waist, holding it and I could see that she shaved her pussy, leaving only a little triangle above it.

It meant that the lips were clearly on display. While I was checking all this out, my wife moved to the next part of her plan. She slowly slid her hand down the front of Christy's bare pussy and stuck two fingers in. She pulled up like she was grabbing onto something heavy. She looked Christy directly in the eyes as Christy's eyes fluttered and focused on my wife, and said "This is now my pussy.

I will tell you when and where you can let it be fucked and who can cum in it. I will use it as I see fit. If you don't agree, then we can call your parole officer right now and send you back to jail.

Do you understand your Mistress, my little obedient slut?" Christy looked a little confused at first and then her shoulders sagged and she acquiesced. "Yes, Mistress. I will do whatever you order." I was amazed and shocked and so fucking hard I could almost come just sitting there without touching my dick! "OK, Christy," my wife continued. "First, I want you to go clean yourself up, get to class, and come back to the headmaster's office after your last class.

At that time we will discuss the next step in your punishment and how you will serve me. Understood?" All Christy could do was say "Yes, Mistress" again. My wife pointed to me and said "And that's your Master. We will be Mistress and Master whenever the three of us are alone. Got it?" "Yes, Mistress" she said one last time.

"Now go get cleaned up and get to class" my wife ordered, as she waved Christy for the door. Christy finally lowered her skirt and smoothed it out as she headed for the door. She was gone quickly and my wife turned to me with a big grin on her face. "Well, what do you think? Is this something you are interested in?" my wife asked me.

I stood up, dropped my pants and grabbed my engorged dick. I had Christy's thong in my hand and wrapped it around my dick. "Does this answer your question?" "Obviously", she responded. She came over and wrapped her hand around it, but didn't start moving at all. She looked at me, smiled, and said "But I think we should let it rest until this afternoon when you get to fuck that gorgeous creature, don't you?" My dick throbbed at the thought and she said "Yep, I can tell that your dick approves.

I'll get back to my office and come up with my plan for later". She left to go to her office and I tried to get my pants back up and sit down behind my desk. I wanted to get my emotions under control before I starting whacking off right there on the spot. I was extremely turned on but I managed to get under control so that I could save myself for later.

"Wow!" I thought. This was going to be amazing. To find out go to Chapter 4. Chapter 4. Christy's Punishment. I was trying to get some paperwork done, but couldn't concentrate very well. I kept thinking about what my wife had done to Christy and how that beautiful young thing was going to be coming back at about 3pm. I checked my wife's office at about 2:30 and she wasn't there. I walked all the way through to the other side and asked her assistant about it and she said that my wife had run out on some errands and would be back by 3.

I went back to my office and told my assistant that she could leave early today if she had no pressing paperwork to get done, and she said she would leave as soon as she finished some report she was working on for me. I was afraid it might get too loud in my office after 3pm. Finally, around 3pm, my wife strolled in with a shopping bag and sat down in one of the visitor's chairs. I asked where she had been and she put her finger to her lips and shushed me. She grinned like a Cheshire cat and finally said "Anticipation baby, just enjoy the anticipation." It was well after homemade porn videos search watch and download homemade free sex, in fact closer to 3:30 when there was a knock on my door.

I knew that my assistant was gone, so my dick jumped a little in anticipation of it being Christy. My wife went to the door, opened it, ushered Christy into the room, and told her to stand before my desk.

Christy was dressed in the same outfit from earlier; a white button down shirt and a mid-thigh skirt. My wife told Christy to face me to tell me what exactly had happened in the bathroom. Christy hesitated and then began telling the story. "Veronica said she had a surprise for me, so we went in to the lady's room and she led me to the last stall and told me to go in there for the surprise. We went in, and then she told me that some guy had stuck his "thing" through a hole in the wall and she sucked him off.

I didn't believe her at first, but then a dick came through the wall. I was excited and put it in me until he came. Then I had just sat down when Mrs… I mean Mistress came in." We both knew that that was an abbreviated version of the story.

My wife got up and stood directly behind Christy. "Are you afraid of the more common terms for the human body, Christy?" my wife asked. "You said he put his "thing" through the hole. It was a big dick, right?" "Yes", said Christy tentatively. "Yes, what?!?" my wife demanded. "Yes, mistress, it was a big dick." "And where did you put this big dick, Christy?" "I put the big dick into my vagina, Mistress." She responded. My wife wouldn't let it go at that, though. "That's all?

Just into your vagina?" my wife continued. "I think I might have sucked on it when it first came through." "You mean "Yes, I sucked on that big dick, Mistress" don't you, Christy?" and with that my wife grabbed her face with her right hand and squeezed her cheeks. "Yes, Mistress, I sucked on the big dick" Christy said weakly.

She appeared to be putty in my wife's hand. Meanwhile, my hard on was becoming uncomfortable. "And then you let that big dick fuck you, right?" my wife continued. "Yes, Mistress, I let that big dick fuck me." "Did you like it?" my wife asked. Christy hesitated, but then it seemed that she figured the truth was best. "Yes, Mistress, I liked it." "I could see that by your pussy juices running down your leg." My wife said.

"I think it's time for some more punishment. What do you think, Christy? Are you ready for some more paddling?" Christy hung her head and muttered faintly, "Yes, Mistress".

"Assume the position" my wife said. Christy bent forward and placed her hands on the desk. My wife lifted Christy's skirt up over her ass onto her brunette teen marry lynn vs bbc interracial pornstars. Christy had put another thong on after cleaning up all the cum juices.

This one was pink. "Master," my wife said to me, "Please retrieve the paddle for me." I looked at her questioningly. I had a boner the size of Wisconsin in my pants and getting up with Christy leaning onto my desk meant that she wouldn't be able to miss it. My wife nodded and winked at me, leading me to believe that this was part of the plan.

So I stood up and my hard on was unmistakable. Christy saw it immediately and kept her eyes on it the best that she could without moving her head as I moved to get the paddle. I retrieved it and handed it to my wife. My wife looked at Christy's ass and ran her hand gently over it. Christy squirmed just a little. "It is a very nice ass, isn't it Busty mommy kendra lust and ariana marie my wife asked me and she motioned me over.

"Yes, I would say that that is a very fine young 18 year old ass." And I ran my hand over the cheeks. "Oh yes, it's very firm and in good shape". "Well, let's hope it's ready for this." And my wife smacked her with the paddle.

Christy jumped at the first contact. My wife acted like she just noticed my predicament as I stood on the other side of Christy. "Oh, my god. Christy, stand up and turn around, but remember to keep your skirt up to your waist." My wife said. Christy did angels of porn tube porn she was told.

"All your terrible, dirty talk about sucking and fucking a big dick has gotten my husband's dick hard. Now you've made him terribly uncomfortable and even at his age, he's going to need to relieve it soon or he'll get blue balls. I don't want to have to satisfy him every time one of you sluts decides to display yourself or talk dirty around him.

Do you think that's fair to me, Christy?" "No, Mistress." She answered. Her eyes were locked onto my dick, but she seemed unaware of where this was going. "Well, what are you going to do about it?" she asked Christy sharply. Christy started to open her mouth, but was unable to come up with anything that might please her Mistress and looked questioningly at my wife.

"You are a brainless slut, aren't you, Christy. I want you to get down on your knees, take out my husband's dick and relieve him of that pressure, understand?" Christy looked quickly up to my wife and started to say something, but was greeted with a slap across the face. She didn't get to object. She stood there in shock for a second, but then let go of her skirt, slowly lowered herself to her knees and started undoing my pants.

I, on the other hand, was ready to explode at this idea of my wife ordering this young woman to blow me and watching it. Finally, she had my pants pulled down and my boxers, too, and my dick was there standing up waving in the open air. I looked down at Christy, who was wrapping her hand around my dick and smearing the pre-cum across the head just as she had done earlier in the day.

I looked up at my wife and she was grinning at me. I was in heaven. I then watched as Christy took my cock into her mouth and started sucking. She was doing it much better than I expected considering she had been ordered to do it, but she seemed to enjoy it no matter the circumstances.

I was aware that my wife had moved, but I was not paying attention until I saw her come back into my field of vision. Christy's sucking was so good that I was not paying attention to the fact that she was now naked and wearing a large strap-on dildo. It was larger than my cock! Oh man, she was going to use it on Christy! I watched transfixed as she got down on the floor behind Christy. "Master, please sit down in that chair behind you.

Christy, don't stop sucking Master's big hard dick." My wife said. So I backed up a couple of steps slowly as Christy shuffled along on her knees and then slowly lowered myself into the chair.

Christy came with me, her mouth remaining connected to my hard cock. I was going to last a very short time again with this. She was very good at sucking my dick and I was watching my wife come up behind Christy.

My wife grabbed Christy's hips and said to her, "Christy, do not quit sucking Master's dick. I wanted to let you know that I know this kind of thing makes us all horny, including you. Mistress doesn't want you to go back to your room unsatisfied so just relax as Mistress fucks you with a big strap-on dick." At the sound of that, Christy lifted her head off my dick and turned around to see what was happening. My wife shook the dick at her, lifted her skirt, and put the dick against Christy's pussy.

Christy moaned and went back to sucking my dick. I could feel Christy rocking as my wife pushed the dick against her hole. My wife didn't go easy on her, but she didn't try to tear up the young girl either.

She was just forceful enough and when it was in a ways, Christy raised off my dick and moaned. She was really enjoying it now.

My wife started fucking Christy with the strap-on, and I knew that I was going to cum from her blowjob. I said storys xxx seaa a aa a oras Christy, "Christy, Master is ready to cum, so keep sucking and don't spill a drop." Christy just looked up at me and nodded. Then she closed her eyes as she also enjoyed my wife's fucking her. Then I exploded into her mouth. I spasmed hard and my whole body went rigid.

I held on to her head and kept pumping sperm into her mouth and she kept sucking and sucking until I was done. Then I pulled out of her mouth and she started moaning loudly. It was apparent that she was about ready to cum as well. I just sat there and watched her face as she reached up and braced herself using the arms on the chair. Her face was beautiful as I watched her with her eyes closed savoring the hard fucking my wife was giving her.

"I'm c-c-cumming" she finally stammered, and started shaking and spasming. The orgasm lasted quite a while and I looked down to see that my wife was not only fucking her, but appeared to have a finger in Christy's ass as well. When her orgasm had subsided, she leaned forward and placed her head in my lap, her cheek resting against my limp dick. She was exhausted. My wife pulled out of her and there was quite a sucking sound as Christy's pussy released the large dildo.

My wife stood up and she was gorgeous standing there naked wearing this large strap-on covered with Christy's juices. She reached down and slapped Christy's ass, startling Christy out of her relaxed moment. She remembered where she was and stayed there kneeling, being very still. She was staring at my cock and probably thinking about what just happened to her. "Did you enjoy being fucked by this dildo and sucking Master's cock?" my wife asked her.

Christy seemed a little unsure to admit that she enjoyed it, but finally said "Yes, Mistress." "Good. Now there is one member of this group who is not satisfied. Do you know what that means Christy?" my wife asked as she sat down in the chair next to mine. "Yes, Mistress." She said, and without further prompting, she turned around on her knees and shuffled over to my wife. My wife removed the strap-on, leaned back, and opened her legs for the young girl.

Her pussy was soaking wet. She was as turned on by all this as I was. Christy looked at my wife's cunt, which was also fairly well shaven, and started licking. My wife leaned back, turned her head toward me, and smiled.

She had never told me that this was something she would do either, but all of this was new and she was enjoying being in charge of this beautiful young woman. For her part, Christy seemed to know her way around a pussy, and my wife looked like she was going to come quickly.

I watched as Christy now had two fingers in my wife's pussy and was sucking on the clit. My wife was moaning loudly, and getting close, because she grabbed Christy's head and said "That's it, my little cunt-licking slave, suck on my clit and fuck my cunt.

Eat me all up you slut." And with that she came. Her orgasm was a major one. She spasmed over and over and held Christy's head like vise grips. She kept saying, "Oh yeah, Mistress is cumming!" until her last spasm and she relaxed. She raised Christy's head up, looked at her, and said "You are a very good slave, young lady.

Now watch your step or we may have to take more drastic action and punishment, understand?" "Yes, Mistress." "Now tell Master thanks for cumming in your mouth." "Thank you for cumming in my mouth, Master." Christy echoed. "And thank me for fucking you and letting you eat my cunt." "Thank you, Mistress, for fucking me and letting me eat your cunt." "Now get back to your room." My wife said.

After Christy left, we slowly got dressed ourselves and my wife looked at me with a twinkle in her eye. "I think you're satisfied for now, eh big boy?" "Whew!" I said to her.

"That was the most fantastic thing I have ever seen. If I hadn't already been blown twice by that girl, the second time just before she sucked your cunt, I would have been hard again watching that. You were just too fucking hot!" "Well, thank you, good sir." She said.

"We'll have to see what else we can cook up." I was also thinking of some things I could cook up for her. She had taken care of me, so I wanted to try something similar. I set to work on that idea while we dressed and closed up for the night. In Chapter 5: Christy's Back… with a friend! Chapter 5. Christy's Back… with a friend! We hadn't had any action of any kind, which was surprising and I kept mulling over different ways for my wife to get her share of attention.

I was thinking about something to do with the Halloween party that was coming up while my wife and I sat in the closet one day when something very interesting happened in the ladies room. Christy, who had been punished for using the glory hole, was back, and bringing with her another girl, this time 18 year old Jennifer (Jen for short). Jen was a petite about 5' tall girl with just enough hips and tits to make her a woman.

Not extremely attractive, but cute. She was wearing a polo shirt and skirt, just like Christy. We had not had Christy back into my office for more "punishment" in the 10 days since her last episode. We were trying to think of a way to get her back in there, but she was staying out of trouble and working hard on her schoolwork. My wife and I were immediately at the busty brunette schoolgirl audrey bitoni fucks teachers big dick because this had our attention.

Christy was obviously taking some sort of action. Christy brought Jen in and said to her "I'm not kidding. You just come in here during lunch alluring cookie slamming session hardcore and european, and if you rap on the wall at the right time, one of the boys will stick his dick through there and let you play with it.

I did it a couple of weeks ago and it was way too cool!" Jen looked at her with a smile. "You're kidding, right? I mean, this is just a gag and you've been trying to get me in here to scare me or something, right?" "No, and I can prove it.

Just tap gently on the wall and see what happens." Jen tapped gently on the wall and looked back at Christy. "Nothing's going to happen." But she was about to get a surprise. My wife had already dropped my pants and was stroking my dick hard, but it didn't need much help. She opened the hole and I stuck my dick through. "Shit!" said Jen, and she immediately reached out and grabbed it.

"I think I'm going to like this. I don't have to worry about the drooling and pawing of those morons, just get my jollies and get out." Those words were sweet music to my ears. "Go ahead and suck it" Christy was saying. "I sucked it and fucked it and it was great!" When she said this and Jen started to kneel down, I noticed the nasty grin on Christy's face. She definitely had this planned. When Jen's little hands and mouth started working on my cock, I was wondering how I was ever going to give this up.

It was just too good to have these anonymous young things suck my dick while my wife tickled my balls. My wife leaned over to me and whispered. "Tell me when you are about ready to cum. I'll go the ladies room, wave to you over the top of the next stall and then in about five seconds, fling the door open again.

I want to startle them and have Jen let go of your cock so that you cum all over her face." "Sounds fantastic" I whispered and kissed my wife hard. She returned it and sucked on my tongue almost as good as Jen was sucking on my dick.

I knew I wouldn't last long, so I gave her the thumbs up and she left. A minute later, Jen was still sucking when I saw my wife's hand. I was glad, because having this little thing's mouth on me while Christy was watching was making it hard to hold back even this long.

So I let it go and was just about to start cumming when my wife flung open the door and yelled, "Stop right there". Christy was standing there watching and fingering her pussy under her skirt.

She jerked upright and stopped. Jen, who was still sucking my cock, pulled back and looked up just as I started cumming. I looked down as I spurted several streams of cum across the side of Jen's face, hair, and her polo shirt. She flinched, but was so taken aback by my wife, that she didn't move out of the way.

"What the fuck do you think you are doing?!?" my wife demanded. She stepped over and grabbed my cock as it oozed the last drops of its cum out. She got some on her hand and said to the girls, "Whose dick is this?" They both muttered "I don't know" and my wife moved on. She released my cock and I immediately starting getting dressed and watched my wife work.

She looked at Jen and said "Were you going to swallow all the cum from that dick?" "Yes." Said Jen quietly, eyes down on the floor.

"And you," my wife turned and spoke to Christy "I guess you are back for more punishment?" Christy looked my wife right in the suck it hanna hilton and meggan mallone and whispered "Yes, Mistress".

Holy shit! Christy wanted some more. She was horny and wanted to fuck and suck some more of the Mistress and Master! Jen looked confused, but my wife just grabbed both of them by the arms and started dragging them out of the bathroom.

I went and sat back down at my desk to await the "punishments". My wife stormed in past my unaware assistant and said "No interruptions". My assistant didn't seem to bat an eye because my wife had two obviously in trouble girls. My wife marched them over to my desk. She told Christy to assume the position, and she did immediately. She bent over, pulled her skirt up over her ass and put her hands on the desk.

Jen just stared. My wife moved over to Jen and said, "That's the position, so assume it and prepare to receive the paddle!" Jen looked very worried, but did as she was told. I got up before my dick got hard again, but Christy was looking anyway to see if I had a boner yet.

I went and sat in one of the guest chairs in front of my desk and prepared to see what my wife had going here. I took a good look at the pristine asses in front of me and my dick started to rise again anyway. Christy's was just so beautiful and round. It was perfect! Jen's was a little smaller, but it looked absolutely scrumptious and I licked my lips involuntarily. I could see them so well because Jen was wearing the standard thong and Christy, well, she was not wearing any underwear at all.

I could see her lips where they disappeared between her thighs and they appeared to already be glistening. My wife came back with the paddle and took in the same view.

First, to Christy, she said "My, my, you are a little slut aren't you. Wearing no underwear at all, your cunt easily seen by anyone in your classes or when you want to flash them." Then, to Jen, she said, "And you. You are covered with cum. Your face, hair and blouse are a mess. Take off that shirt and wipe your face and hair with it." Jen looked back and hesitated. My wife smacked her on the ass with the paddle and said "I mean now!" Jen quickly removed her polo, revealing no bra, and tried to get it off and start wiping her face and hair without displaying her tits to me.

My wife just looked over and winked at me. She was really getting off on being in charge of these young ladies. I smiled and pointed to my raging hard on. This led to my wife saying, "Well, well, Jen. I see you are in also in violation of the dress code by not wearing a bra. I guess it's not easy for us to tell because you have small tits. Christy, do you have a bra on? I hope so because you seem to have larger tits than Jen, right?" Jen didn't move a muscle.

She seemed complete petrified. Christy answered "Yes, Mistress, my tits are larger than Jen's and I am wearing a bra." Jen then glanced at Christy, apparently over the use of the word "Mistress", because the larger tits comment was too obvious to draw attention.

"Well, " my wife said, "Christy, remove your blouse and bra and Jen remove your thong. I want you two to be uniform while in this office." "Yes, Mistress" Christy responded and started removing her polo and bra.

Jen didn't move. She started to get up and turn around. Smack went the paddle again. "There are no options here, young lady. I just caught you sucking dick in the ladies room through a hole in the wall. You had best cooperate." Slowly, Jen removed her thong and reassumed the position. I took in the view. Christy had turned slightly so that I could get a peek at her tits, but now that she was back in position, I really had a better view as they jutted downward.

They were definitely large and heavy and beautiful. The nipples were very pink and her skin was pale. Jen, on the other hand, had slightly darker areola and bent over I could see that even her pussy lips were darker than Christy's. "Jen" my wife started. "You have some things to learn about these punishments if Christy has not already told you. When in this office with just the headmaster and me you will refer to me as Mistress and the headmaster as Master.

You will do whatever we say and always respond whenever we ask a question repeating what we ask. Understood?" "Yes, Mistress" Jen said, haltingly. "Good. Now Christy, you appear to be very wet. Don't tell me that your pussy is wet and wants some more attention!" "Yes, Mistress, my pussy is wet and wants some more attention." "See how that's done, Jen?" my wife asked.

"Yes, Mistress, I see how that's done" responded Jen. "OK. First, we need to apply some punishment to these asses. Master, you apply them to Christy with your hand while I apply them to Jen with the paddle.

She was doing the more troubling thing." I moved up behind Christy and she looked sideways at me and actually smiled. Wow! She was wanting and enjoying this!

My wife landed the first smack with the paddle and Jen jumped. I then landed a good open hand on Christy, leaving my hand's imprint on her ass. She, too, jumped. My wife landed another one on Jen, and I hit Christy's other cheek. My wife stepped forward and started stroking Jen's ass. "I hope you understand why we are doing this.

We don't really want to hurt you, but you need to be taught a lesson." And she kept stroking Jen's ass. I decided to do the same and started lightly running my hand over Christy's ass. She arched her back down a little and pushed her ass out some more. She actually wanted this, so as I stroked her ass, I let my fingers brush over her asshole. She moaned, which caused Jen to turn and look at Christy and see what was going on.

My wife suddenly said "Men really have a problem when there are bare tits, ass, and pussy on display, don't they Christy?" "Yes, Mistress, men have a problem when there are bare tits, ass, and pussy on display." She replied. "Well, Master has that problem and I want you to relieve it so that he can go back to concentrating on the punishment. But I want you to use a different hole this time. You sucked his dick last time and now must let him fuck you in the pussy or ass.

Which do you prefer?" My wife asked, making sure it sounded as dirty as possible. "I want him to fuck my pussy, Mistress." "Ask him nicely." My wife said to her. Christy turned and looked at me.

"Master, will you please fuck my pussy?" I looked at Christy and in my most fatherly voice said, "Yes, dear, I will fuck your pussy." Christy didn't move from the desk and I dropped my pants and shorts to my ankles. I positioned myself behind her, but I wanted to taste all of her first, so I dropped down and licked her from her clit to her asshole very slowly.

She moaned again and I could see Jen watching wide-eyed. I licked her a few more times and that young cunt was so delicious. It opened up and was very wet. I ran my fingers through it and her outer lips were wide open, revealing her inner lips. A very nice clit was peeking out. Her ass was also very delectable and so untouched. I knew that I wanted that next time. I stood up and pointed my dick at her hole. I was so turned on that I thought I might come as soon as I was buried in that twat, so I did it slowly and let her pussy get used to me.

She was still very young and tight. I also enjoyed grabbing those wondrous hips. I looked down at my cock disappearing in that tight young twat and at the smooth round ass. Everything was so gorgeous. I looked over at Jen. She was watching, but also had that glazed look in her eyes, so I turned further to the left and saw that my wife was watching us and running her hands down between Jen's legs and rubbing her pussy. I started fucking Christy in earnest now and she kept saying "Yes, Master, fuck me!" It only made my dick harder and my fucking stronger.

I wanted it to last a emo teen blowjob teen amateur teen cumshots swallow dp anal time. I could feel how her cunt walls clung to my dick. It was throbbing and hot and I kept fucking and fucking and then suddenly, it was there. "I'm cumming!" I yelled, and started gushing. My orgasm was so strong and my reaction clenching so tight that when I finished, I realized I had been really clutching her hips.

I was holding on so hard that I was afraid I was leaving handprints on her hips. It all happened so fast that Christy did not have an orgasm. Everyone knew it because she was still trying to move her hips and get some fucking for it.

So my wife did what every good Mistress does. She asked Christy what the rule was about satisfaction. "Everyone has to receive satisfaction, Mistress" Christy said. "Did you hear that, Jen?" my wife asked her.


"Yes, Mistress," she moaned as my wife removed her hand from Jen's pussy, "everyone has to receive satisfaction." "That is correct." My wife said. "I want you to kneel behind Christy. First, you need to clean the Master's dick of his cum and Christy's pussy juices. Then you need to clean up Christy's pussy and get all of Master's cum out.

You also need to makes sure that Christy has an orgasm. Do you understand?" "Yes, Mistress, I understand." Jen responded. "Have you ever eaten pussy before, Jen?" "Yes, Mistress, I have eaten pussy before." So Jen got down on her knees, took my dick in her little hands and started licking and sucking on my dick to clean it up. That only took a few seconds and then she was on to Christy. She put her hands on Christy's ass and Christy arched her back pushing her ass out again.

I shuffled around and pushed Christy down so that she wasn't leaning on her hands, but had her face on the desk. Her ass was really sticking out now and Jen redhead attractive teen rainia belle wants that wang licking and sucking on Christy's pussy. She was doing a good job from the sounds Christy was making so I decided to fondle Christy's tits for the first time.

I reached under and grabbed them. They were fleshy and heavy and the nipples were already partially distended. When I mauled them, the nipples got very hard and I could tell that Christy's nipples were very sensitive. She was really moaning now and Jen was acquitting herself well as a cunt-licker. I then saw my wife petite babe takes an anal dicking critical x just behind Jen and she was again wearing that large strap-on.

Finally, the words "I'm cumming" came from Christy and I teased her nipples as Jen sucked on her clit. She shuddered and shook and her orgasm left her gasping for breath. "Okay, ladies" my wife said, "Now I want you two to get into a 69 position on the floor, with Christy on the bottom. We are going to take care of Jen next." They got into position, both eyeing the large strap-on, not out of fear, but lust.

They both were hoping on getting fucked by that monster. My wife positioned herself behind Jen and told them to get started on each other's pussies. While Christy was licking Jen, my wife moved forward and placed the strap-on at the entrance of Jen's pussy. Jen picked up her head from eating Christy's pussy, looked behind her, and moaned.

As my wife started pushing it in, Jen groaned, "Oh, shit, that's enormous!" But she didn't pull away. Quite the contrary, she arched her back and tried to caught jerking off in yoga class my wife get that thing plunged all the way in to her pussy.

My wife got most of it in before it seemed that that was all the Jen could take. Jen exhaled audibly as my wife started picking up a rhythm and went back to eating Christy. It only took a couple of minutes and Jen shouted "Oh, Fuck!" and started shuddering and cumming and my wife pounded her and Christy clamped down on Jen's clit.

Jen spasmed for about 30 seconds and then collapsed flat onto Christy. My wife pulled the strap-on out of Jen and asked Christy to lick it clean, which she did. "Now, ladies, it's Mistress' turn." My wife announced as she stood up unbuckling the strap-on. "Christy stand up and put this on. I need this monster in my pussy." Christy stood up and started putting it dani daniels sex in outdoor. "Lay on the floor and let me sit on it." She commanded.

Christy lay down and my wife squatted over it. She slowly lowered herself, oohing and aahing as she did so. I was sitting there watching and my dick was again as hard as iron. Jen was just standing there watching and doing nothing to my wife said to her, "Master has that problem again and I want you to relieve him." Jen looked at my dick, wondering how to do so without direction of which hole to use.

I just watched to see what she did. Finally, she decided to blow me and kneeled down, took my cock in her hands, lifted it, and started by licking my balls.

This was just too fantastic. I was sitting in my office with a cute young 18 year old girl licking my balls as I watched my wife and Christy. My wife was bouncing up and down on a huge strap-on dildo, moaning and rubbing her clit and tits. She was completely self-absorbed and looked fantastic as she worked towards her orgasm.

Christy was doing what she could with the strap-on and her large tits were bouncing all over. Finally, my wife screamed and yelled and came all over the dildo.

As she was doing that, I knew that I was going to blow my load. Jen was getting as much of my dick in her mouth as kinky slut loves old and hard dicks and slurping up and down as fast as she could. I told her I was going to cum and deposited my third load of the afternoon into her mouth. She sucked and swallowed it all up. We were all recovering, but my wife got right back to business. She got up, unbuckled the strap-on on Christy and ordered the girls back into "the position".

They obeyed immediately and didn't look scared this time. My wife went to her strap-on bag and came out with two small conical items, which I immediately recognized as butt plugs, and some lube.

"Ladies", she began, "I have something for you. You will have this in whenever you are ordered to come to the Master's office. Also, there is a Halloween Party next week for the entire school and you will wear it to that party. Master will be checking and not wearing it will bring a severe paddling.

Understood?" The two girls had turned and looked at what she was talking about and both murmured "Yes, Mistress" simultaneously. My wife lubed the butt plugs up and slowly worked them into the two girls.

It went into Christy fairly easily. It took a little more work, my wife moving it slowly in and out until it finally got past the largest part and popped into Jen. "Stand up, ladies" My wife commanded. They stood up. "Check the plugs, Master" my wife turned to me and said. I checked the plugs. It felt wonderful running my hands over the two different asses and feeling the butt plug securely in place.

"Perfect" I said. "Okay, ladies" my wife said to the two. "Get dressed and get back to your rooms." And they dressed and left. I turned to my wife. "I have now had the pleasure of a couple of young ladies in this office. What are we going to do about getting some young dick for you?" "Not sure." She said.

"I don't see any young men that appear to be that easily manipulated. What do you think?" "I'm working on it." I answered. "I'll see what I can find out." She came over and kissed me and since we were still naked, I felt her ass and ran my hands over her tits. She stopped the kiss, looked up at me, and said "I still love sex with you more than anyone", and so we went home and fucked our brains out. Chapter 6. The Halloween Party We have been at the school now since July and the Halloween Party was approaching.

My wife and I decided to go out and get some costumes that covered us enough that we couldn't be recognized if we didn't want to uk casting babe creampied during audition deepthroat reality. I ended up going as a ghoul with a face mask and a completely covering robe with a hood.

My wife selected, of all things, a Star Wars storm trooper with the headgear and everything. There was no way to tell who was who and you could barely tell that she was a woman. I told her that I had a surprise for her and I could tell that she was hoping it was some young cock.

I had had some chances with two young ladies and now it was her turn to get fucked by some of the students. The party took place at the school, so there were going to be plenty of opportunities to sneak off. As an administrator, you always try to limit this, but you know that it's going to occur. We got there late to make sure the party was in full swing. There was a lot of dancing in the gym and there were some students in a couple of corners doing a little making out already.

We moved around and talked to some of the students, trying to conceal our voices and who we were. There were many folks who had their faces covered. Finally, I directed my wife into the library and we went back to an office in the back.

We knew it would be locked to prevent anyone from getting in there, but I opened it with my pass key and led her inside. I asked her if she was ready. She said yes very quickly. I pushed her down on the desk. I then got down and, using the scissors in the office, cut away a small portion of her costume so that her pussy was exposed. No panties! Very naughty! I teased her by stroking her a couple of times.

I had her turn around and bend over and it was perfect. You couldn't see much, but you could get your dick in there and fuck her. I tested to see if she could get a cock in her mouth, by using mine of course, and the opening was just the right size. Besides, I didn't expect the youngsters to care or last that long.

I turned out the lights and told her to stay there and await her "gifts". I made my way back to the party. I knew some of the guys because of their lack of costuming, but there were some I did not. I struck up a conversation about a young lady with one and he was gushing about her tits.

I then leaned over and whispered, "I have a babe back in the library waiting for me. She wants to do two of us. You want to come?" I thought he was going to drop his teeth.

"Absolutely!" he said when he recovered. We snuck our way around a couple of corridors, avoiding everyone else until we got back to the library office. The windows from outside barely provided enough light to see anything.

I moved in first and said "Hey, baby, I'm back… and I brought a friend." "Mmmm" was all she said. She walked up to me, lifted my robe and grabbed my bare dick (no underwear for me either). She told the other guy, "Get your cock out, I want you to fuck me." He had it cock out so fast we barely had time to blink.

It was already hard. Not big, but sufficient to fuck my wife with. She bent over and said "Put it in, baby", and he shuffled forward. She reached back and guided it into her pussy.

"Mmmmm" she said again. "That feels good." And battering beautys hawt fuck gap hardcore and blowjob she took me into her mouth. The guy started a fast rhythm almost immediately and my wife stopped sucking my dick and turned around and said, "Slowly, slowly.

I want to come, too".


He slowed down but started moaning. My wife turned back to my dick and started sucking. I was so turned on. She was being rocked slowly back on forth onto my dick by this young guy who was fucking her. She worked on my head, sucked my balls, tried to do everything, but the rocking made it a little difficult.

Suddenly, I sensed movement and looked to the doorway. Another young man was standing there with his mouth open. "Oh, shit" he said. "Are you guys fucking a girl in here?" "Yeah" I said.

"If you get your dick out, you can, too." He got his dick out and started stroking it. It was hard instantly and this one was maybe a little larger than mine. My wife glanced over and waved him over in front of her.

He stood next to me and she grabbed his dick. She hot amatuer in sexy lingerie fucked and facialised from me to him and starting sucking him.

I was standing there watching as she sucked his cock! The guy behind her was pounding into her pretty hard and I knew he wouldn't last long. My wife was moaning and sucking and jacking me, but I knew she had a while to go yet. Much too soon, the guy in back yelled "Oh, yeah, baby, I'm cumming in your pussy!" and jerked his spunk into her cunt. My wife took it all and didn't miss a beat with the other guy. She took her mouth off of him and said, "Now you.

Fuck me!" I added "Yeah, man. Fuck this little slut!" My wife looked up at me and smiled. The first guy was still pulling his pants up when the second guy started pounding her. He was larger and pushing my wife much closer to orgasm. The first guy stood there and continued to watch while she sucked my cock and the other young guy fucked her.

He kept pounding and pounding until finally my wife let go of my cock and yelled "Oh, yes, keep pounding my pussy. I'm going to cum!" and she did. She jerked and spasmed and kept moaning and letting out little "Oh"s. The young guy then yelled, "Here I come. I'm going to fill that fucking cunt with cum.!" And he jerked and spasmed and came in my wife. He stood there for a little while, letting his cock slowly shrink back up before pulling out.

"That was fantastic" and he slapped her on her costume on her ass. The first guy said "No kidding. Give me your name and we'll get together and do this again." "Sorry, stud," my wife answered. "This is my little secret." They didn't seem too concerned and turned to leave.

My wife looked at my rock hard cock and said "What about you?" "I'm okay." I answered. "I'm going to wait to check on a couple of plugs that I know about." I snickered and grinned. "Good." My wife said to mia khalifa porn story lesbian. "After you fucking me last night and those two young boys just now, I need a break.

I'm going to go back to the house so that they don't see me in this costume and rest. Let me know how it goes with the slave girls." "You bet." I said. I kissed her on the mouth. Hard. The mouth that had just sucked me and some young stud. I then ran my hand down to her cunt. It was soaked and dripping cum. Between those two they left a lot of cum in there.

I brought my hand up to her mouth. "Here's some of that young cum, milady." She licked them clean, hugged me and left. I returned to the party to look for Christy and Jen. The party was going full bore now, so I was having trouble finding them. Finally, I spotted Christy by her tits. Most of the young women had something on display, legs or breasts, but for some reason I just knew it when I saw the shape and size of the woman and those breasts.

I sauntered up and waited for her to finish getting something to drink from the drink table. "Hello" I said in a voice different from my own.

"Hi" she said, not sounding very interested. I switched back to my normal voice and leaned closer. "Master needs to check to ensure that you followed Mistress' instructions." She looked up at me, smiled, and said "Yes, Master".

She led me by the hand over to the side of the gym near the wall. She was wearing a skirt that kind of went with her outfit, but without the mask, she could have worn it anywhere. She turned and faced the room and said. "You may check now, Master." I looked around. She wanted me to check right here in the gym while all of the dancing and partying went on around us. This girl was fantastic!

I turned and faced the party, too, and acted like I was putting my arm around her. In fact, I slipped my hand down to her lower back and placed it on her ass. I ran my hand over her ass a couple of times and then down to the bottom of her skirt. I lifted it enough to get my hand under there and then ran it up her legs to her ass. As soon as I got to her ass, my hand hit the rubber piece of the plug protruding outside her asshole.

It was delicious and turning me on so much that my dick was hard again. I grabbed it and turned it a little. Christy sucked in her breath. "Ooohhh." She cooed. "I like that." So I did it some more.

She was starting to breathe heavily. So I leaned over a little more and ran a couple of fingers past her plug and onto her pussy. It was soaked. This girl was a sex machine! "I think we should go somewhere so that you can satisfy Master." "Yes, Master, we should go somewhere so that I can satisfy you." Damn, I loved this game. I led her towards my office, but she stopped me. "Master, I must get Jen so that you can verify all of Mistress' instructions." "Yes, you must. Please get her and return to my office for proper verification and satisfaction." "Yes, Master." She said and she hurried away.

I went to my office, took off my robe, which left me in just a polo shirt. I had worn no pants or underwear under the robe. I sat at my desk and it left me looking somewhat proper. There was a knock at the door and I told them to enter. Christy and Jen entered, but now they had another young girl with them. I didn't know this youngster, but I could tell she was young. She looked to be about 17; a short-haired brunette, with overly large tits and a small, tight ass.

"Who is this?!" I demanded. "Master, this is Cindy. She saw Jen and I put our butt plugs in and said she wanted one, too. I told her that that was very bad and that she was going to be in trouble with the Headmaster. She called me a liar and said that the Headmaster didn't know anything about butt plugs.

When Jen and I were coming in just now she was hiding outside in your assistant's office. What should I do, Master?" I was lost for words at first. I was sitting behind my desk with a hard on and no pants and they bring in a totally new person.

I tried to thing it through. I didn't want to ruin a good thing and I loved all the fucking and sucking from the young girls. I figured I better be firm. "Cindy. What were you doing hiding outside my office?

What did you think you were going to do?" She looked at me and then said, "I wanted to see if Christy and Jen were lying. Christy said I would be in trouble and get punished if I kept talking about those things. I didn't think it was any of your business." She thought she was a bold, smartass.

I had a plan for that. "Christy and Jen, show her the position." Christy and Jen led her rather forcefully over to the desk. Jen said "Like this" and showed her the "position", including lifting her skirt up over her ass.

"No way", said Cindy. I looked at her firmly. "Cindy, you are going to get a paddling for being a smartass to the Headmaster and for talking about butt plugs and sex like a whore.

Now get into the position. NOW!" Cindy slowly put her hands on my desk. "Christy, fetch the paddle." Christy retrieved it. I continued to sit in my chair, hiding my nudity under the desk. I suddenly reached over my desk and held Cindy's hands down. "Christy, three smacks with the paddle." Cindy started squirming, but I held on to her by her wrists and hands.

Jen pulled Cindy's skirt up over her ass. Christy smacked her once, twice, three times. By the third one, Cindy was almost in tears. After number three, I looked at Cindy and said, "Are you going to try to be better and not act like such a slut?" "I'm not a slut", she whimpered, "I just like sex." "Do you like butt plugs?" I continued.

"Yeah. My sister and I started playing with them in the seventh grade." "Christy, come here." Christy came around to my side of the desk. Her eyes opened wide when she saw me without pants and my hard on sticking up.

"Bend over, putting your ass toward Cindy and show her your butt plug." Christy obeyed. I ran my hand over her ass and put it on the butt plug.

"Are you sure about this?" I asked Cindy. I looked up and her eyes were as big as saucers. She looked at me. I was fondling Christy's ass and holding two luscious lezzies lick each other pussies brunette lesbian to her butt plug like it was a normal everyday thing.

"Yes" she whispered. I reached up and pushed Christy so that she bent over a little more and slowly extracted her butt plug.

Playing with her ass and extracting her butt plug meant that my dick was now freely leaking pre-cum. I stood Christy up, handed her the butt plug and said, "Christy, put this butt plug into Cindy's tight little ass." "Yes, Master" she echoed, "I'll put this butt plug into Cindy's tight little ass".

Cindy again looked at me incredulously. But she didn't move. She let Christy come around behind her and push her over more at the waist. I watched her face as Christy slowly inserted it into her ass.

She looked a little concerned at first, but once it was in, let out a big sigh and smiled. "I guess we have another sex lover here", I thought. "Cindy, I want you to go back to your room with that plug in your tight little ass. Then I want you to come back tomorrow and report to me with it already in. You understand?" "Yes, sir." She answered.

She stood up and Christy and Jen watched her go. "But that was my butt plug, Master" Christy said with just the hint of a smile. I stood up, showing them my rock hard boner. Jen's hands flew to her mouth. "Master! You are naked!" she exclaimed. "Not yet" I said as I removed my shirt. "Christy, since you lost your butt plug, I think we need to put something else up your ass, don't you?" "Yes, Master." "What do you say?" "Master, will you please put your big hard cock in my tight little ass?" She playfully asked.

"Yes, Christy, I will put my big hard cock in your tight little ass." I moved to one of the guest chairs and sat down. "Sit on my cock facing away from me." I ordered. "But wait. Jen, get my dick wet." Jen got on her knees and took my dick into her mouth. She wet it completely and then licked my balls for good measure. She, too, was loving this game. "Okay, Master, your big hard cock is wet enough to go into Christy's tight little ass." Now Christy did as she was told and turned around.

I held my dick up and she looked back between her legs and lined up her ass with my dick. She was ready because she still had lube on her ass from the butt plug. She lowered herself slowly and tried to relax her asshole. I stayed still and reached up and took hold of those wonderful hips. Her ass was just too beautiful and this will mean that all three of her holes have been mine. Wow! She kept pushing down and I pushed up until the head popped in.

As soon as it did, another two inches slipped in because of all the pressure the two of us were putting on it. Man, was it ever tight and hot. She slid a few more inches in and then stopped. She started rising back up. "Christy, lean back and let me feel your tits. I want to play with your nipples." I ordered. "Jen, get on your knees and lick my balls, my shaft, Christy's pussy, and whatever else you can get to down there." They obeyed immediately. Christy leaned back and I covered her tits.

I rolled them around, then pinched her nipples, eliciting a moan, and just started rolling them between my hands. We both were thrusting up and down to get a rhythm for me fucking her ass.

Meanwhile, I could feel Jen licking my balls, and then moving up my shaft to lick Christy's pussy. Man, was I hard. I felt like my dick could just break off it was so hard. Jen was doing her job well, because I felt Christy reach for Jen's head and feel the increase in her tempo.

"Right there, oh yeah, lick my pussy, suck my clit, yeah, slut, make me come". Christy started talking dirty to Jen and rocking hard. I knew I wasn't far behind.

Then Christy had a major orgasm. She held Jen really tight and started jerking and spasming and my cock was getting squeezed and her muscles were contracting and just as she was finishing, my dick went off in her ass. I jerked and jerked and shot a huge load into her ass. It felt like it had been building since my wife was sucking it while being fucked by those two young guys.

I had so much building up, it hurt to spew it all out. Finally, Christy and I settled down. She extracted herself from my lap and my dick slapped, completely spent against my leg. Jen wasted no time in getting in there and cleaning up my dick. She sucked every last remaining drop out of it and cleaned up the mess all around my balls and my pubic hair.

I watched in amazement at her voraciousness. She didn't want to miss a thing! "Christy, that was fantastic." Christy, remembering the earlier lesson said, "Thank you, Master, for putting your big hard cock into my tight little ass and cumming in my ass. It felt wonderful." I looked down and Jen and said, "Still one left to be satisfied." And Jen just smiled and nodded. "Jen," I said, "lay down on the desk, hang your head off the other side, and pull your legs wide apart." She obeyed and it was a spectacular view.

I moved around to the other side and stuck my dick in her face. "I don't know if I can get hard again after that, but I want you to suck my dick and lick my balls anyway. Christy, you get over on that side and slowly remove her butt plug. I'm going to eat her pussy, and you are going to tongue fuck her ass." We started working on Jen as I planned when suddenly Christy moved up and started kissing me. I realized that I had had sex with these girls, but no kissing.

She was fantastic as we traded tongue sucking. I was really enjoying it and realized that between that, Jen's pussy, and her sucking my dick and licking my balls that Hd months pregnant heather deep final video pregnant before birth was getting hard again. Wonderful! I stopped and said to Christy "Change places." We swapped. Christy decided that Jen should watch what I was doing and didn't ask her to eat her pussy, just held her legs back while Jen watched me slowly enter her pussy.

Was she ever tight! I watched my head slide in and as I pulled back, her inner lips held on to me like they never wanted to let go. She was very wet, but still very small and tight and I slowly started to fuck her.

Christy reached down and started massaging Jen's clit. Jen moaned and I started fucking her good then. I started getting a rhythm and was pounding her pretty good when she yelled out that she was cumming and orgasmed all over my dick. It felt wonderful because she really released a lot of fluid when she came. Now my dick was well lubricated, so I pulled it out and aimed it at her ass.

When Jen felt that she flinched, looked at me, and then nodded. I pushed. She was even tighter here and my dick didn't want to go it at first. Christy started massaging her clit again and she relaxed a little and my dick went in. I slowly went in and out, in and out, until after about only 1 minute, she announced again that she was cumming and went off like a roman candle. I wanted to blow my load, but I wanted it to be in Christy's mouth.

I always liked the idea of ass to mouth and wanted to try it. "Christy," I said. "I'm going to pull my big hard cock out of Jen's tight little ass and I want you to bend over, open your mouth, and suck my cock until I fill it with my spunk. Then I want you to share it with Jen." "Now?" she asked. "Now!" I commanded. And with that I pulled out of Jen's ass and leaned forward.

Christy leaned as far as she could over Jen, barely enough to get my cock in her mouth, and I came as soon as she got there. I pumped stream after stream of my load into her mouth. Finally, I stopped and pulled back. Christy stood part of the way up, leaned over, and unlike in some of those ass to mouth movies where they just let it drip in, she opened her mouth and as my cum started to pour out, bent over and hungrily kissed Jen, swapping all my cum with her. After about 20 seconds, she stood up, smiled, and smacked her lips.

Jen did the same. I looked them over and thought. What beautiful women. And as sex crazed as I am. "Okay, ladies. You had better get back to your rooms." Christly looked at me and said, "Master, thank you for all that cum.

It tasted lovely." "Yes, Master, I want to do this again," said Jen. "I also want to fuck your wife." I smiled and looked at them. "Get out of here." Chapter 7. My wife gets a new friend. Chapter 7. My wife gets a new friend. I was out jogging that weekend, a couple of days after Halloween and I ran into another gentleman out on the road.

We ran along exchanging pleasantries and he told me he lived just down the street from us. He and his wife had moved in about the same time as us. Being a good neighbor I invited them over for drinks on Friday night just to get acquainted. I told my wife when I got home and we went out and got some more wine, beer, and various munchies for that night. About 7pm, the doorbell rang and my wife answered it.

She came back in with the gentleman and his wife and introduced them as Jeremy and Joanna. He was dressed well in a light jacket and business clothes, and although I had not noticed before, was a good looking guy, at least as far as I could tell being a man.

His wife, however, I knew was gorgeous. She was about 5'8", auburn hair and had a nice well-rounded body with curves in all the right places. She was wearing a light summer dress, which was probably not warm enough with the way the temperatures got at night.

It revealed a little cleavage, a little leg, and from where she was standing in front of the windows with the setting sun, that she had a killer body.

We sat and talked and my wife did a little flirting with Jeremy and I did a little flirting with the Jo as she liked to be called, but nothing serious.

We ate all the munchies and had consumed quite a bit of alcohol, when Jo stood up and asked me to show her the bathroom. I told her where it was, but she staggered a little, and asked me to show her. I led her back down the hall, hoping she would not get sick, and into the bathroom. She said thanks and then lifted up her dress and sat on the toilet with me standing there. "Sorry" she said, "I couldn't wait. I hope you don't mind." "No, I don't mind." I answered. So I took a chance, "And neither does my hardening dick".

Jo looked up at me and smiled. She placed her hand out on my crotch and said "I really don't have the energy tonight, but I'll take care of you later if you let my husband fuck your wife. I'm just too drunk, I know he's horny, and he's been eyeing your wife like a wolf. We both enjoy other partners." My dick was instantly hard anyway. "And what, pray tell, did you have in mind for us later?" She looked up, heavy-lidded and, obviously, very drunk.

"Whatever you want. I do it all. I'll suck your dick, fuck you in my pussy or my ass. Do your wife. Whatever. Just not tonight." I took my dick out of my pants and said. "Kiss it and promise on my cock." She kissed it, sucked it for a second, and then sighed. "I need to lay down before I pass out." I watched her wipe her pussy and get up. I told her hot omegle girl strips and shows all and masturbates don't you lay down on our guest bed for awhile?" "Oh, that would be wonderful!" she said, so I led her to the guest bedroom, let her lay down, and watched her fall to sleep almost immediately.

I looked for a second at this goddess. I decided to take a peek. I picked up her dress and studied her pussy and ass. They were magnificent. I ran my finger over her pussy and marveled at the wetness and the slight patch of dark, still faintly red hair that she had.

Then I stuck my hands all the way up under her dress and felt her tits. Oh, my, god, they had to be D cups and so soft and wonderful! I couldn't wait for this. I returned to the living room. They looked at me quizzically and I told them, "Jo asked me to wait outside and when she came out she said she was exhausted and I showed her where she could lay down on the guest bed. I think she was asleep before her head hit the pillow." Jeremy looked at us and said, "She's been working too hard and has been worn out lately.

I think she drank too much on an empty stomach, too. She'll probably sleep the night away. I'll just take off and come back tomorrow to collect her." "Nonsense", I said. "We still have plenty of alcohol, the night is young, and we have a horny young woman here." My wife jerked her head around, stared at me, and said, "What is the matter with you.

He's going to think you're a jerk. And don't talk about me like that in front of strangers." "Oh, sorry. I guess I misunderstood the way that Jeremy was looking you up and down." "Please, hun, stop." My wife said and then turned to Jeremy. "I apologize for my husband's lunacy. It's the alcohol talking." "Well, don't apologize too quickly.

He's right that I was staring too intently at you. I'm sorry, but I admit that I find you very attractive." I was afraid that my wife wasn't going to make the move, so I went over to her and kissed her hard.

She responded almost immediately, so I put my right hand on her tits and started rubbing. She knew what was going on by now. We had discussed doing this, but had never felt comfortable with a couple. Plus, I thought, there was a fantastic piece of ass in the guest bedroom. My wife stood up, took off her dress, looked at Jeremy, and said, "So is somebody gonna fuck me or what?" "Jeremy, I think you should do the honors." I said.

I kissed my wife again and started removing her bra. When her tits were free, I stopped kissing her, and bent over to remove her panties. When I turned around to face Jeremy, he was naked, too, and I got quite a surprise. His dick was already hard and was probably 9 inches long.

My wife was staring at it. His body was in very good shape, too, but my wife's gaze never got above his dick. "That's quite a tool you got there Jeremy" I said. He just smiled. I gave my wife a quick shove in Jeremy's direction and she plastered herself against him, kissing him furiously and grabbing his dick with her right hand.

I got undressed, too, so that I could enjoy some of the fun. The two pawed each other while they swapped spit. He was mauling her tits and she was jacking his dick like crazy and it was enormous.

It was not only two inches longer than mine, but even a little larger around, and mine had a pretty good circumference.

Jeremy picked her up and put her down on the sofa. He extracted himself from her grasp and started kissing his way down her body. He sucked on her nipples and she was squirming and moaning each time he changed tits.

He kissed his way down her body and then started eating her pussy. I moved over to the side of them and watched him work while pinching her nipples. She latched on to his head and held him there while he licked her slit and sucked on her clit. I leaned over near him and said "Asshole" and he knew exactly what I meant. He grabbed her legs just above her knees and lifted them until they hit her chest and he worked his way down to licking and probing her asshole.

She moaned and squirmed even more. He alternated between rimming her ass and sucking on her clit until she starting yelling that she was coming. She came hard, but as soon as she could stand up she got up, pushed him down on the couch and sat on his lap. She started kissing him, then pulled back and said, "I have to have mature slut bangs a younger stud cumshot blonde humongous cock in my pussy right now.

No more foreplay, sucking, or anything else!" He raised her up, and she grabbed his cock and aimed it at her pussy. She slowly lowered herself onto it. "Oh, god, but that's enormous" she said. "Oh, oh, oh, oh!" she kept chanting as she slowly got her pussy to accept it.

I got behind her and couldn't help but kneel down and watch from behind as her pussy tried to take it in. She was doing rather well, I thought, as it looked like she had most of it in. She finally stopped with about an inch out and said "No more room." Then she started an up and down rhythm of bouncing on it. I was watching her inner lips cling to it as she came up.

It was so tight that you could see that huge dick pulling on everything as it came out and then barely being accepted by her pussy as it went in. I decided to join in the fun so I came up behind her and grabbed her tits and started to pull on the nipples. I also rubbed my dick on her back, leaving pre-cum all over it. He was holding onto her hips and helping with the up and down, so her tits were completely free and I was pinching the nipples pretty hard.

She noticed, but was enjoying the major salami in her cunt. She had her head back, enjoying young shelly is now addicted with anal sex these feelings and had no idea who was where except for the enormous dick in her pussy. She was moaning and groaning and saying "Fuck me, fuck me, oh my god, just keep fucking me with that enormous dick".

Things went on like this for about 10 minutes and finally she started breathing hard and going faster and we knew that the orgasm was coming. Jeremy kept fucking her, I kept squeezing her tits, and she reached down and started rubbing her clit and we all went faster and faster until she cried out loudly and said "C-CUMMING!" Her shudders and spasms were so violent that Jeremy was right behind her and fucked up into her and started jerking sex nepal bf story com pushing quickly back and forth to milk his cum from his cock.

Finally, they both settled down and she collapsed against his chest. After a couple of minutes she got up and the cum gushed out before her pussy could close its lips. Then she turned to me, kissed and hugged me and said "Thank you.

I love you so much". Jeremy got up, went into the kitchen to clean up the cum all over his lap with some paper towels. He came back and got dressed. My wife waddled back to the bedroom, completely exhausted after her joust with the huge cock.

Jeremy said, "I'll come back in the morning with some things for Jo. Just let her sleep it off." "Okay" I said. But after he left, I realized I still had a hard on. I thought about it for a moment and then went into where Jo was sleeping. She had turned over onto her stomach and was laying there with her dress halfway up over her ass because of my fondling. I went over and worked her dress up under her to get it off.

I managed to get it mostly off, but had to turn her over to get it over her tits. I turned her over and she moaned a little, but I got her dress off. I checked her out. She was gorgeous. Her tits flattened out a little on her chest, but they were beautiful. I grabbed them and rubbed them. The nipples immediately stood up and she moaned.

I pinched them lightly and she moaned again. I sat up on her and placed by dick between them. It was a beautiful picture. I pushed them together and checked out how it felt to titty fuck her. It was pretty nice. I then moved up and rubbed my dick across her lips. I was hard as a rock as I took advantage of a passed out woman for the first time.

I then moved down and studied her cunt. I pushed her legs apart and ran my finger through the slit. Her pussy opened up a little and I got down and studied it up close. Her pubic hair was trimmed in a little landing strip above her pussy.

The lips were completely hair free. She had either just shaved or been waxed. I opened her up and looked at her entire pussy. I then skinned the hood back and looked at her clit. I touched it lightly and she moaned again. Then I pulled her legs apart more lifting them a little so that I could study her asshole. I ran my finger around it and pushed a little on it big tits milf fucked in the ass on casting couch she started to move a little.

I stopped and watched quietly, hoping she wouldn't wake up. I then put her legs down and lightly licked her pussy. She moaned and her eyes fluttered for a moment, but she seemed to go back to sleep. I got up and straddled her chest again. I wanted to titty fuck her and come on her face. I pushed the together and lightly stroked my hot bitches in police uniforms are having hard outdoor sex with black stud back and forth in between them.

I had been hard for so long, it was going to be easy to cum. I took my cock in my hand and started masturbating, rubbing the head on her lips. She just lay there. I jerked it faster and faster until finally I shot several long ropes of cum across her face.

I managed to avoid her eyes, but it was all over her cheeks and lips. I loved the look of it, but I went and got a washcloth so that she wouldn't wake up like that. Then I went to bed. My wife was already snoring lightly.

Next in Chapter 8, Breakfast in Bed Chapter 8. Breakfast in Bed When I woke the next morning I was alone. I could hear someone moving around in the kitchen. I was getting out of bed when my wife came in. She saw me getting up and said, "Are you ready for breakfast? Breakfast in bed?" "Sure" I said, starting to get back into it.

"No, go ahead and shower while I get it ready. Be out in about 15 minutes." I went in, got the water hot and took my shower. I even got a little bit of wood in the shower by thinking about Jo and last night. Even the remembrance of my wife in the throes of an orgasm by a cunt-stretching dick was exciting. But I got distracted and got out. I just put a towel around my middle and exited the bathroom.

My dick was not hard, but it was pretty thick from those thoughts. When I stepped out into the bedroom, it went hard. There on the bed were my wife and Jo. Jo was laying there with her legs spread and my wife was slipping a strawberry into her cunt. "Ready to eat?" my wife asked. "I'd eat that any day, any time" I said, looking at a gorgeous woman with a strawberry in her cunt, and my equally gorgeous nude wife stuffing a strawberry into her snatch.

I just stripped off my towel and showed them my almost fully hard dick. My wife reached out and grabbed my dick. "Strawberries are supposed to be covered in cream" she said with a laugh. "And we need some cream." I lay down on the bed on my side so that I could get my head in between Jo's legs and fetch the strawberry and so that my wife could continue to play with my dick. I slowly licked her outer lips and ran a finger down through her cunt. The lips parted and the inner lips, slick with her juices and those from the recent strawberry insertion, showed themselves.

They were dark red, apparently from both the strawberry juices and from becoming blood gorged as they got more excited. I looked up from my vantage point and she was propped up on her elbows just watching me. "See anything you like?" she sexy pon story katrina kaif with a chuckle.

"No, just browsing" I quipped, with a grin. I bent down while staring at her eyes and gave her clit a quick lick. She watched closely, twitched at the intimate contact, and moaned. I dove in and started licking in earnest, while trying to extract the strawberry. I could tell that I wasn't going to be able to get it out with just my tongue.

But then she squeezed her pussy just right and I could see the strawberry there right at the entrance. I ran my tongue under it and was able to pop it out. I sat up. "This strawberry already has the right kind of cream on it", I said. My wife laughed and said "Yeah, right!" "Do you want some" I asked her, pointing at Jo's pussy. "Not sure I'm ready for that yet. I had Christy lick me the other day and that was a close as I've come to sex with another woman. I'm not sure it's my cup of tea.

That was more of a dom-sub kind of thing." Jo spoke up. "I can understand that, but will somebody do something to my pussy, please", she said half-joking, but half not. I dove back in and then she fell back flat not watching any more, but using her hands to grab my head and guide it to where she wanted. I licked her lips, flicked her clit, and then pushed her legs back so that I could get to her asshole. "Ummm", she responded to that. "I love having my ass licked.

Just keep doing that for a while." No problem, I bangbros hot sex session with girlfriend and stepmom. So I kept tickling her asshole and then every once in a while would ram my tongue into it, trying to break through.

She just kept moaning and rubbing her tits. I noticed that my wife had moved from away from my dick and I looked up to find her watching me closely and clambering on her knees towards Jo's head. When she got up there, Jo looked up and said "C'mon baby, sit on my face and let me taste your pussy." I decided that I wanted to be fucking Jo when this happened so I straightened up and leaned forward to put my cock in her cunt.

She was so wet and hot that it felt fantastic. I slowly entered her and watched as she started eating my wife out. My wife starting moaning and then took to rubbing her tits hard. She was loving it. I continued to watch this great scene as Uk teens get fucked suck cock and get facial started fucking Jo.

I had my face just about even with my wife's tits, so she pulled her hands off, leaned forward, and pushed my head into her chest. I immediately started lapping at her nipples. Jo was starting to go crazy and bucking like mad.

I knew she was ready to cum so I reached down and as I pounded into her, I mashed her clit with my thumb to ensure that she got maximum contact. That put her over the edge and she turned her head from my wife's pussy and exclaimed, "Oh god, here it comes." And cum she did. She hit her orgasm and started jerking her pelvis and thrusting up at my cock. She spasmed a few times and then stopped. I stopped fucking her and let her calm down a little.

When she went back to eating my wife's pussy, I slowly started picking up speed again. Now I was fucking Jo, sucking my wife's tits, and leaning on Jo's tits with my hands to hold myself up. I was almost in complete sensory overload.

My wife started thrashing and saying she was going to cum, and I knew that I was ready, too. I fucked Jo hard, but slow and savored the feeling of my cock in her. And then I exploded shooting once… twice… three times really hard. I finally slowed down and my wife was still humping Jo's face toward her orgasm. I took my cock out of Jo's pussy and stood up on the side of the bed between her legs.

I offered my cock to my wife and she leaned forward and started cleaning it up and then had an orgasm. She shook several times, my cock popped out of her mouth and she spurted obscenities while she came. "Oh fuck yes, suck that pussy. My pussy is going to cum all over your pretty face. Ram that fucking tongue into my cunt you cunt-sucking bitch!

I backed away a little and watched this while my dick softened. Suddenly, my wife dove into Jo's cunt and started sucking and lapping at it. It seemed that she was caught up in the throes of this hot threesome and decided to taste pussy for the first time. She sucked and slurped and slowly collapsed on top of Jo. Jo stopped eating my wife out and rested, too. "Damn," my wife said.

"I didn't plan on doing that, but after tasting you and her together on your cock, I figured, what the hell, go to the source and suck all your cum out of her. It was pretty damn good." "I'll say," said Jo from under my wife. "I loved it when you did that." "I say we all need another shower now." I offered.

"Not for me." Said Jo. "I need to go home and get some work done." "No problem." My wife said quickly. "I don't think I can fuck 'til later after your husband fucked me last night." "I hope that doesn't leave you out?" she said to me. "I don't know if your wife wants to do two with that monster cock. I know when I fuck him, that's all I can take." "That's okay," I replied. "I have a young "sub" at school for that." "Really?" Jo asked. "I love that. I have a 19 year old boy that was referred to me who is mine.

Maybe I can send him over here sometime?" she offered. "Oh, yeah." My wife responded. "We've found a couple of girls for subs at the school, but it's a little harder to identify the boys." "OK. I'll give you a call about it later." "OK. Take care. You are a very good pussy eater." My wife teased.

"I love anything and everything about sex." Jo said. "I do anyone." I had to say something about that. "And with a body like that, I would think that anyone would do you, too." "You just like big tits" she responded. "I didn't even get to your tits this morning," I said. "But you did last night, eh?" "You knew about that?" "Oh, yes." She said. "I loved it. I wanted you to do that." "Just let me know the next time you need that sort of thing," I said with a grin.

"I'm always available for titty-fucking." "On, no." She responded. "My husband is too big, so next time from you, I want it in my ass. I don't get to do that enough and I've wanted it more lately." "Again, always happy to help a neighbor." She got up and went into the guest bedroom to get her dress and head home.

My wife came to me and hugged me. "I think we can say that all those things we talked about as only fantasies are coming true faster than we can create new ones." "Yes, my dear. We are definitely having fun now." And we both got dressed. Later, about 4:30 in the afternoon there was a knock at the door.

It was Jo, with a young man in tow by a leather collar and chain. "Hello, neighbor. I knew I said I'd call first, but I wanted to surprise your wife with a little afternoon delight." I looked at the young man. He was only about 5'8", but young and appeared to be in good shape. "Sure" I responded. "She's in the office working on the computer. Come on in and I'll go get her." I went to get her and I told her that Jo had a surprise for her.

Her thoughts must have been about the young sub that Jo had mentioned because she immediately smiled. When we walked back into the living room, the young man was naked and laying on his back. Jo was standing over him with a foot on his dick. It wasn't large, but not bad. She was rubbing her foot over his dick pretty, I guess demonstrate to us that he definitely liked to be dominated. "If you don't treat my friends nicely, I will hear about it." She was saying.

"Now what do you say?" He looked up at us and said, "My name is whatever you want it to be. You can use and abuse me however you see fit. Mistress Jo is my owner and she is loaning me to you for the rest of the day. Thank you, Mistress Jo." My wife smiled and looked wickedly at the young man. We had never had someone who was this much a sub, although I would have to say that I think Christy would go that far if pushed.

She loved it, too. At that Jo handed my wife the leash and a note and left. My wife looked down that the body on the floor and the hard dick. She licked her lips and I knew that there was something about this that she loved. Ever since that first day with Christy, I could tell that she loved dominating. She said to him, "Get on your knees and follow me into the office." He did as he was told and I watched as she led him into the office, the young man following like a dog on a leash just behind her.

I went into the kitchen to get something to drink and went back past the office to see what was going on. My wife had her pants around her ankles and was sitting at the computer desk typing. The sub was under the desk, his head buried between her legs, licking her pussy. I went back to watch some TV. I watched for a little while and then got curious again.

I peeked back into the office and now my wife was naked kneeling on the desk chair working on the computer, with her ass in the air. The young sub was tongue-fucking her ass. Hell, I thought, so far nothing that I wouldn't have done for her. She turned right then and said to him.

I have to go to the bathroom. Follow me. I watched them and as she passed me she grinned and winked. I followed behind him. My wife got to the bathroom and told the sub to kneel in front of the toilet. He did. She sat on the toilet and peed. He watched closely. Then she raised herself off of the toilet, turned around, and said, "Now clean me off with your tongue." He did immediately. He licked her pussy and ass clean from any urine. She shuddered with delight. "Now get down on all fours and wait here." My wife told him.

He obeyed instantly and she left the room. I wasn't going back to the TV now. I wanted to see how far she would go with this. When she returned she had in some Playtex gloves, the sex lube, and was wearing the strap on. Now this was something that she and I both knew I wouldn't do, so she was taking advantage of this situation. She put on the gloves and lubed up both the strap on and her gloves. "I am going to brunette babe victoria gets pussy fucked from behind your ass," she said.

"What do you say?" "Thank you, Mistress, please fuck my ass as you desire." With that she starting running one hand around his asshole and with the other starting massaging his dick and balls.

She grabbed his dick roughly and held it while she forced one finger into his ass. He tried not to move, but it was clear that his dick was hard as a rock and he was enjoying naughty teens plow the biggest strapon dildos and spray sperm everywhere. "You may not come until I tell you, understand?" "Yes, Mistress." She then let go of his dick and slowly sank two fingers into his ass to finger-fucked him.

He was moving around a lot and she picked up the pace. She was moving pretty rapidly and reminded him "No cumming until I say so. If you come early you will be severely spanked." She suddenly removed her fingers and stood over him and lined up the strap on head with his ass.

She looked like she was going to slowly ease it in, but seemed to decide that since he was her sub, she should take advantage of that, so she just rammed it home. He tried to stay still but gasped. "What? Did you say something my little ass slave?" "No, Mistress." She started working a rhythm with the strap on, although she was not quite as practiced at burying her "dick" in someone and thrusting with it as a man.

She continued like this for few minutes and then took it out of his ass and said "Turn around and clean up my dirty strap on." He turned around, took the entire thing into his mouth and sucked on it. After he did that for a few seconds, my wife too off the strap on and said, "Lay down on your back and lick my ass and pussy." He immediately lay on his back and started working on her.

She moaned and within 30 seconds started cumming all over his face. I loved watching her in action. She was completely into getting her self gratification at that moment. When she was done bengali hardcore and great cumshot i will catch any perp with a ginormous ebony dick and grabbed his cock, which was very swollen and purple and reminded him, "Remember, you will not cum." And with that she leaned over, said "Keep eating my pussy" and pulled his legs up so that she could shove the strap on up his ass again.

She crammed it in and started working it back and forth as strongly as she could. He was slurping for all he was worth and she was starting to moan. She said to him "Eat my pussy. I love fucking your ass, you ass whore. Make me cum again and I will let you cum, too." I could tell he wanted this because he renewed his attack on her clit and she started to shudder.

She came and came and came, and finally relaxed. She left the strap on inserted into his ass and stood up. His face was covered with her juices. "Get up and stand facing the tub," she said, "and don't let that strap on slip out of your ass." He managed to get up, although he looked a little worse for the ass fucking.

He stood up next to the non stop satisfying for wet wet cracks and faced the bathtub.

She looked down at his dick and the strap on and said, "Are you ready to cum?" "Yes, Mistress, may I please cum now?" With that she grabbed the strap on and started twisting it in his ass. Then she slapped his dick hard enough to make a loud slapping sound and watched it bounce.

"Do you like having your dick slapped?" she asked. Slap! "Yes, Mistress, I like having my dick slapped." Slap! "Are you ready to cum?" Slap! "Yes, Mistress." And so she resumed with the strap on. She twisted it and pulled and pushed, but didn't touch his dick again. She did this for a couple of minutes and the pre-cum from his dick was dripping all over the place. Finally, she shoved the strap on in as deep as she could and grabbed his dick and pulled back on it.

He immediately jerked his hips and went off. The first shot was so strong it hit about head high on the tile on the far side of the tub about 5 feet away. The second and third were not as strong, but there was plenty of it. After about 10 squirts he was finally done, and looked like he was ready to collapse. My wife said, "Oh, my, you got some on my gloves.

Please clean your slave cum off my gloves." And she shoved the glove she had just used into his mouth. He licked it clean and she said, "You may rest." He collapsed onto the floor.

I looked at the clock. 6:30pm No wonder. He had had a hard on for most of two hours. Wow! And my wife had finger and strap on fucked his ass, had her pussy and ass eaten, and then watched as his cum flew almost across the room. She definitely loved doing this and I was glad that she had a toy. I was not going to let her butt fuck me with that thing. When she came back in, she said, "Okay, aspen romanoff in getting ass on grandpa walker whore.

Mistress Jo is going to pick you up in a few minutes. I'm tired and need some rest. Mistress Jo said she has some things for you to do. Crawl back in the living room and wait for her there." He crawled back past us and she looked up at me, smiled, and said "Oh shit, I didn't know I ever wanted to do that, but it was great. Did you like watching?" "Oh yes," I said. "You were really getting off on being in charge." "Well, I guess we have some fun new neighbors now. I don't know which I enjoyed more.

Controlling that young man or getting fucked by a 9" schlong. Both were delicious." And with that she went back to our bathroom to shower. I went and sat down in the living room. The young man was there on all fours in the nude waiting for Jo. When she came, she took off the collar and told him to get dressed.

He didn't say a word, but got dressed. She came over to me, where I still had a hard on from watching my wife, grabbed my dick through my pants, and said "We'll take care of you next time, baby." My dick twitched and she left. I couldn't wait until Monday when I had some plans for Christy.

Chapter 9. Fun with Christy, Jen, and Cindy. The following Monday after a very interesting weekend with Jeremy, Jo and Jo's slave, we returned to work refreshed. We had taken Sunday off from sex completely. We needed to recharge our batteries. While relaxing on Sunday I had come up with some ideas. I put some clothespins into my briefcase, along with some of my wife's toys. I also remembered seeing a set of kneeling punishment stocks at an antique store a few miles down the road.

I left work at about 9:30am on Monday to run down and see if the store still had them. They did, so I bought them and brought them back to the school with me. They were in a large box, so nobody could see what they were. I retrieved a dolly and rolled them into my office and into the closet. I unboxed them, but left them there. I had my assistant send notes to Christy, Jen, and Cindy for them to report at 4pm to the Headmaster's office.

My wife came in about 11:30am and asked if we were going to check out the restrooms today. I said that I was going to save myself for the slaves coming to see me at 4pm. She smiled. Well, I'll let you have your fun without me today. I think I'll just catch up on some work and see you at home later. She left and I thought more about what my plan was.

At 4pm, the three girls appeared together at my door. I asked them in and told them to close the door. I then told them all to assume the position. They all lined up in front of my desk, leaned over, pulled up their skirts, and put their hands on the desk.

Three perfect young asses stared at me. But not just three asses, also three pussies were peeking between the legs as all three had gone without underwear.

I could also see that Jen and Cindy had the two butt plugs. I told them to stay put and I went over to my closet and pulled out the stocks. They were pretty low and required the supplicant to kneel and lean forward to put their hands in the stocks. I looked at the three girls and then at the stocks. Who would be first? Cindy. She was still uninitiated into our circle. "Cindy" I said. "You have not been properly punished by the Master and initiated into this little group. I want you to come here and get into the stocks." All three girls got up and Cindy looked a little uncertain at the stocks, but Christy gave her a little shove so Cindy started walking toward the stocks.

She wasn't sure she wanted to do this. I think she was just thought we had group sex. She looked like she was going to chicken out, so I said to the others "Help her into the stocks." "Yes, Master" they said in unison. And they grabbed Cindy tightly and led her to the stocks. Cindy didn't fight too much, but was a little uncooperative, so Christy smacked her on the ass once and they managed to get her there.

They forced her to kneel and put her hands into place, and then I lowered the top of the stocks and put the pin in place. Unfortunately, she still had her clothes on.

I forgot about that, so I went to my desk and got my scissors. At first, there was a little alarm in all their eyes. I got to Cindy, lifted up the back of her shirt and started cutting.

I cut it all the way up the middle and across the shoulders so that I could get it all off. Then I cut all the straps on her bra and took it off.

I loved her large tits, so I grabbed them and pinched them. She jerked. I then just pulled up her skirt because it was not going to be in the way. I pointed to her ass and said, "Jen, remove her butt plug.

Christy, get the bag on my desk." Jen reached up and slowly removed the butt plug. While there, she quickly stroked Cindy's pussy and ass. Cindy jerked and moaned. Christy came back with the bag of goodies that I had brought. I pulled out the clothespins. Both Jen and Christy stared at them. Cindy couldn't see them, but she would soon see them. "Cindy," I said, "You are going to be punished for putting yourself into a situation that was none of your business.

I'm going to make sure that you remember this, got it?" "Yes, Master, I understand." I took out some of the clothespins and went to her tits first. When she saw them her eyes went wide. I pulled and pinched on a nipple and pinned it. She went "Ouch!" and starting jerking. I did the same thing to her second tit.

She looked lovely with the clothespins hanging from those big jugs. Now I moved behind. She couldn't see very well, but she was craning anyway to try to catch a glimpse of what I was going to do. I told Christy and Jen. "Hold her pussy lips open." They did as told and I put a pin on each side of her pussy lips holding them open slightly and pinching the flesh.

I decided that that wasn't enough so I put three more on each side. She now had 8 clothespins, 4 on each side of her pussy. Each time I did it, she jerked and moaned. I stepped back and looked. It was something I always wanted to do. I took off my clothes and stood behind her. Christy and Jen guys dick sucked well hardcore and massage kneeling on either side of her ass.

"Suck my cock and get it wet, both of you" I ordered them. They slid forward and together started working on my cock. It was pretty hard in a couple of seconds, but I loved standing there watching two young things worshipping my dick.

I pushed them away a little and said, "Open her ass." Now Cindy jumped. She had obviously never been fucked there and I was going to do it without lubrication. I just moved my dick forward and aimed it at her asshole. Christy and Jen were holding her cheeks apart. "Please, I have never done anal" Cindy pleaded. "Please, Master". I slapped her ass hard and said "Shut up, cum slut.

You won't be able to say that after today. I'm taking that ass cherry right now." She continued pleading so I slapped her on the ass again really hard. Once on each cheek. "Shut up, you cunt!" I spat at her. "You wanted some sex, so here is some sex." And I put my dick against her asshole.

She was just whimpering now. Christy and Jen were staring at my dick and her ass. I pushed it hard and it started to go in, but it was very tight with her fighting it. I pulled back and stuck it out at Christy, who wet it very thoroughly again. Then I put it back there and pushed hard. My dick popped in and went in about three inches. "Ooooowwwww!" came from Cindy. I started a rhythm and knew this wouldn't last long. I had never been this forceful and the combination of that and the very tight ass meant it would be quick.

"Pull the clothespins off her pussy, Cindy. Jen, get down there and lick her pussy and my balls." The other two did as they were told and with each tug of a clothespin, Cindy jerked. I could tell when they had removed them all because suddenly there was a licking on my balls and Cindy started moaning more as her pussy and clit were licked. I picked up the pace and was slamming into her now.

She was moaning like crazy. I finally got ready to cum, but instead of inside her ass, I wanted to cum all over her ass and back. I pulled out and started to cum. I jerked it hard and my first few spurts were up to her shoulder blades and then the rest on her ass. I stood up straight and ordered Christy and Jen to lick up the cum.

They did. "Have you cum yet, Cindy?" I asked her. "Nooo, Master" she said quietly and with a little whimper. "Good. I want you to think about trying to get in the middle of something you don't know about.

You can cum only when I tell you." To the others I said "Jen, put on the strap on and lay down just in front of Cindy. Christy, mount the strap on. You are going to get filled up now." Jen put on the strap on and lay on the floor a couple of feet in front of Cindy.

"Christy, get on board the strap on." She did. "Now bend over and get ready to be double-fucked. She looked at me, smiled, and said, "Something I've always wanted to try, Master." She was impaled pretty good on the strap on. I lubed up her ass and my dick and scooted forward to where her asshole was calling me.

I lined it up and started to push it in. I looked at Cindy. She was staring and watching intently.

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There were still a couple of tears on her chin. "Isn't this what you really want Cindy?" I asked her. "Yes, Master." She murmured. I was a little stunned. She had just had her first ass-fucking and it was dry and forced and I'm sure she was sore. But she claimed she wanted to be double-fucked. I started sliding my dick into Christy. She moaned, a lot. It was very tight and hard to get in there with the large strap on dick in her pussy taking up so much room. She leaned forward a little more to where her tits and Jen's were mashed together.

I pushed and was finally able to pop the head in. The rest went in easier. I looked at the two of them and Christy rose up a little and mashed Jen's tits with her hands.

Jen had her hands on Christy's hips and mine were over the top of them. I was straddling both of them. I looked over at Cindy.

She was completely enraptured by what she was seeing her two 18 year old classmates do to an older man. I kept up a little rhythm and this caused Christy to slide forward so that the strap on came out a little when I pushed in and then it would go back in when I pulled back and out. She was getting an alternating fucking. I was amazed at where I was a couple of weeks ago compared to now. I wanted to fuck this young thing for hours. But I knew that I couldn't last forever and I had further plans for Cindy.

I was fucking Christy for about 5 minutes when she cried out and came. She was really having a good one and it lasted for a while. Jen was playing with a lascivious japanese cunt hardcore and groupsex at Christy, watching every move on her face while she orgasmed.

She seemed as interested as I was in that. I was getting close myself, so I pulled out and turned to Cindy.

"Suck my cock clean and swallow Master's cum you cum slut." I expected her to hesitate, but she immediately opened her mouth and started sucking for all she was worth. Obviously, she had done this before. Maybe not straight from another woman's ass, but she could suck with the best of them. I held her head and fucked her face for a couple of minutes and then told her "Master is going to cum. Make sure you don't spill any of Master's wonderful seed." All she could answer with was "Mmff.

I finally came with a big shudder and spurt down her throat. She really started sucking and swallowing hard to make sure she got it all. I gave her several big squirts and then relaxed and let her keep sucking to get it all.

She did a very good job. I looked back at Jen and Christy, and Christy was absent-mindedly rocking lightly on the strap on and rubbing Jen's tits, but both of them were watching Cindy closely. "Very good, Cindy" Christy said. "Maybe you do belong in this group." "Christy, get off Jen and stand up in front of Cindy. Jen, get behind Cindy with that strap on." They complied and Cindy looked a little scared again, afraid I was going to have Jen ass fuck her.

But I had decided once was enough for Cindy. "Christy," I ordered. "Turn around and bend over the stock that is holding Cindy's hands. Cindy, I want you to eat Christy's pussy and ass until she comes. As soon as she comes, Jen will fuck you and you will be allowed hot tits japaneses wicked toying hardcore and blowjob cum." Christy backed up and bent over the stock.

I watched Cindy lick Christy's ass where my dick had just been and then work her way down across her pussy to her clit. She was doing a pretty good job and Christy was having a hard time holding still. I watched for a couple of minutes and decided that she was doing a good job and that Christy would be cumming soon.

Jen was kneeling behind Cindy watching. I decided that that wasn't good enough. I wanted to fuck her, too. "Cindy", I said to her. "Take your mouth off Christy and suck my dick back to life." She turned and sucked my dick. With all the young tits, ass, and pussy around, and the smell of sex being so strong, I was already getting hard again.

She had me hard in a couple of minutes. "Okay, stop. Now what do you want Cindy?" "I want johnny sins on pizza delivery cum." She said. I slapped her on the ass hard. "What did you say?" "Master, may I please cum?" she corrected. "Soon, my baby, you can cum… soon." I pointed her back to Christy's ass, who was looking a little disappointed that Cindy's tongue had been absconded.

I smiled at her and winked. Cindy went back to work on Christy. I bent over and yanked the last clothespin off her right nipple. "Mmmmff" she went with her tongue buried in Christy's ass.

She was doing well. The left one had fallen off, but the right one had left her nipple very sensitive. It was red and swollen and I stroked it. She squirmed and moaned. I then got on my knees and stuck my head under her and sucked it in strongly. She broke free from Christy and said "Oh, my god!" I was ready now.

I went back behind her to where Jen was dejectedly kneeling. She was feeling a little sora aoi in front of. I looked down and could see that Cindy was very turned on. Her pussy lips were very red and she was leaking fluid all down her legs. Jen smiled and pointed the strap on at Cindy.

I shook my head no. Again she looked disappointed. But she perked up when I went behind her and told her to bend over. I had the lube in my hand and was lubing my dick. It was also leaking pre-cum and hard as a rock. She bent over and I looked at her delicious tiny ass. She still had the butt plug in. I pushed her forward a little and took hold of it. I twisted. She moaned.

I then slowly slid it out and looked at that opening. I looked up at Cindy and Christy. Christy was enjoying it, but didn't seem to be cumming yet. I squatted a little and put my dick easily into Jen's ass. She moaned loudly. I told her to see how Cindy was doing with her tongue.

She leaned over and licked Cindy once from her clit to her ass. Cindy yelped and quivered. She was so turned on that she was starting to shake. I then told Jen that she needed to be able to fuck Cindy while I fucked her ass.

She raised up a little with my dick in her ass and scooted forward keeping me in her ass. She laid the strap on dildo on Cindy so that it was in nestled in her ass crack pointing up in the air.

Cindy scooted back and moaned loudly. Christy was getting pretty close to cumming. She was squirming under Cindy's tongue that was now probing her ass and she was rubbing her clit for all she was worth. I was slowly ass fucking Jen, and Jen was waiting for the moment to fuck Cindy. Cindy was visibly close without any touching from the way her body was now quivering.

Then Christy went off like a shot. She yelled and shook and kept saying "Eat my ass, eat my ass". She finally collapsed on the floor and Cindy yelled "Please may I cum, Master!!!" "Yes, you may cum. Jen, stick that fake cock in her pussy." Jen waited for me to be on an out stroke and lined her "dick" up with Cindy's pussy.

When I pushed hard into her ass, she let my momentum force the dick into Cindy. "Ooooohhhh!' cried Cindy. As soon as it reached bottom, she came… in buckets.

She started shaking and moaning. Her whole body was racked with spasms and she kept jerking and jerking. She was putting out so much cum from her pussy that there was a puddle on the floor.

We had stopped to watch this, but now I started fucking Jen's ass in earnest. The fake big monster fuck teen my very first creampie was pounding in Cindy who was almost delirious.

Her cunt and clit were so sensitive after that long orgasm that she was cumming again. I motioned Christy over and told her to lick my ass. As soon as Christy made contact with my ass while I was fucking Jen's ass, I came, too. I jerked and jerked and came more buckets in Jen's ass. I removed my sensitive dick from her ass and she had stopped fucking Cindy.

She pulled out and as soon as she did, Christy pushed her over and started eating her ass and my spunk out of it. She put two fingers into Jen's pussy, licked her ass like crazy and Jen, too, came buckets.

She completely soaked Christy's face. "Oh, god. That was fantastic Christy" she said as she collapsed to the floor. "You bet it was" said Christy.

She then moved over and cleaned up my dick. I was exhausted. But I had to get Cindy out of the stocks. I went over and opened the stocks and lifted her up. She could barely move. I lay her on the floor and she worked to catch her breath. We were all still naked. Finally, she looked up at me and said, "Master, that was the greatest thing I have ever had happen to me in my life." I just smiled and patted her fine little ass.

"Okay, girls, let's get this place picked up." I said. We put everything away and I expected them to leave, but they waited for a few minutes. "What?" I asked. Christy, always the outgoing one, spoke for them. "Master, you have to pick two of us and put the butt plugs back in before we leave. And we need another plug for the other girl." I smiled. This was too much fun. I put the plugs in Christy and Jen, figuring Cindy might be a little sore, but she still looked disappointed.

Chapter 10. The Sub Club. A few days after my wife's escapade with Jo's slave, I answered the doorbell to see Jo standing there. "Come in" I said. "What brings you over here on a Thursday night?" She walked in, said "I'm doing fine", and patted me on the crotch. "Just wanted to ask you something". "Anything" I said, chuckling at the little crotch tap. "How good a slave is your little favorite at school?" "Pretty good.

I haven't been too rough on her yet, but she loves both boys and girls, uses toys, helped me be a little rough with another girl, and is very obedient. Why?" "I have my regular meeting with my slave club tomorrow and we could use another young girl, so I thought of you. I would be introducing the two of you and you'd have to be her master and she would have to be up to all the things done in the club." "Like what?" "Well, we use bondage, light physical abuse, and any master can have sex with any slave and can make his slave perform for sex on another master or with any other slave.

We have 6 members now, with four women, since we women started it, and two men. The four women have three men and one woman slave, and the two men have women slaves. We have decided that we need more men masters with women slaves.

I told them that I would approach you. Any misgivings? Do you think you want to try it? We are willing to give you a one night trial run tomorrow if you so desire and it will only involve a little sex." "I think I'd love that.

I'll approach Christy tomorrow. What would the light physical abuse consist of?" "Usually, there is spanking, some titty and pussy clamping and clothespins, some bondage by cuffs and ropes, and things like that.

Nothing too terrible. We have decided that we don't want to leave too many markings on the subs and we aren't that hard core that we are into needles yet." "Okay, give me the particulars and I'll call you tomorrow afternoon." I said, just licking my lips at this. She gave me the information and left. The next day I had Christy paged to my office at the end of the school day. I was returning from a teaching meeting when I walked into my office, expecting her to be there already.

No sign of her. I went to my desk and realized she was hiding under it, completely naked. "Hello, master." She said. "Would you like a blowjob?" Even if she said no to the Sub Club, I knew that I was going to have fun with this girl. "Not right now. I have something to discuss with you." I pulled her out from under the desk.

Unfortunately, this gorgeous young thing was so distracting that even while trying to discuss the Sub Club with her I was getting a boner. "There is a small master-slave club sophie amp cindy at open air competition meets every so often that I want to take you to.

It consists of some minor bondage and torture, and a lot of sex. Are you willing to do this?" Her eyes glowed and she smiled. "Whatever you say, Master." And she got down on her knees and started unbuttoning my pants. She could see my hard on and decided that it needed relief. "Not now" I said as I pulled her to her feet. "The first meeting is tonight at 8, so go back, get well cleaned up, including an enema, and be ready for me to pick you up at 7:30.

Now go" and I slapped her wondrous ass. "I'll be ready, Master." She said and got dressed and left. I picked Christy up at 7:30 and she was a sight to behold.

Her makeup and hair were fixed like she was going out on a date. Her clothes consisted of a light silk blouse without a bra and a short skirt, with no hose. I checked and she was not wearing panties. Definitely a hottie! We arrived at the appointed time at the provided address.

It looked like a warehouse on the edge of an industrial district. We went to the door next to where all the cars were parked and tried to go in. It was locked. Immediately someone looked out. It was Jo. She let us in and directed us to the room at the end of the large open warehouse. When we entered the room, from what Jo had told me, it looked like everyone else was already present.

Everyone was aligned in a circle sitting on chairs with the slaves sitting or kneeling next to the master on the floor. She made introductions to the other masters, but ignored the slaves. They were all naked. She turned to Christy and said, "Slaves are not allowed clothes in here. Go over there and take off all your clothes." She pointed to the area where there was a desk and some chairs. There were already a bunch of clothes there. I took notice to see that there were only 5 masters present, 4 of them women, so one of the men was absent.

When the naked Christy returned and sat on the floor next to me, Jo turned to her and said, "Your slave name is Blondie. Any time we are in here, you will answer to it, respond to it, and obey your master at all times. Understood?" "Yes, Mistress" she answered, figuring it safe to call her that. "Very good." Jo said.


"Come into the center. You will be restrained." Christy went into the center very obediently and let Jo restrain her. There was a large bar about 7 feet off the ground with two cuffs hanging down. Jo put her hands in the cuffs. Then, on the ground, there were two tie-downs and Jo pulled out two sets of cuffs and cuffed her ankles to the tie-downs. She was now spread out with her arms and legs about 3 feet apart each. She could still stand, but not lower her arms very much. Jo turned to me and said.

"In order to be initiated into the club your slave has to submit to three masters and/or his/her slave. It's their choice who participates. We drew lots and Mistress Joyce, Master George, and Mistress Jenny will initiate her. So let's start with Mistress Joyce. Mistress Joyce, who will participate?" "Slave" she said and then turned to her slave. "Go fuck her pussy." I looked at her very young male slave. He was young, in good shape, and had a normal size dick.

He stood up and Mistress Joyce stroked his cock until it was hard. He walked up to Christy, held her thighs apart and immediately thrust up into her. She grimaced at the lack of lubrication, but didn't say anything. As he fucked her she started moaning and he tried to look like it was just business. Christy's tits were flopping around and the slave boy didn't do anything else except hold her thighs and fuck her. He came in about 3 minutes and left her hanging here, with cum dripping down her thighs.

Jo pointed to the next master. "George, who will participate?" George looked at the young Christy and at his young slave and decided he wanted the fun, so he said, "I will. Lower her so I can fuck her mouth." Jo walked over to the wall where there was a small winch that adjusted the height of the bar.

She lowered it until Christy was on her knees. While she was doing that George had taken out his cock and had his slave girl weliketosuck shona river deep throats and gets her pussy fucked hard him to hardness. He then walked over to Christy and checked her out.

He walked around behind her and ran his hands down her back to her ass. He stuck his finger up between her legs. He walked around front and grabbed her tits and pulled on the nipples.

Christy moaned. "I want you to lick my balls and suck my dick and swallow every bit of my cum." He said to her. "Yes, Master" Christy responded. He pushed his crotch into her face and lifted his dick. Christy licked and sucked on his balls and ran her tongue all over them. She must have been doing a good job because he kept saying "Oh, yeah, slave, lick those balls." Then he pulled his dick down and pointed it at her mouth. She opened and he jammed it in until she gagged.

She reacted by jerking her head back and he immediately grabbed her by the hair and said "No, no. Don't you back off my dick. Deep throat it and swallow it, but don't you ever back off." He started really face-fucking her then. He was jamming it into her mouth and she would gag, but try to limit her reaction as he kept up his rhythm of thrusting. He was thrusting and thrusting for what seemed like 10 minutes. Christy had tears running down her face from the gag reflex and her mascara was running down in little dark streaks, but she didn't say anything.

Finally, he went stiff and jerked his load into her mouth and she swallowed it all. He left his dick in there until he started going pretty soft and then pulled it out of her mouth. He looked down at her and said "Good job, slave" and slapped her across the face. It left a red hand print. My own dick had been hard for a while, and I wondered how long I could take this. Next up was Mistress Jenny, who had a male slave. Without even waiting for Jo to say anything, Mistress Jenny stood up and whispered something to her slave.

He nodded. She then took off all her clothes and walked over to Christy dragging her slave by his cock. She was a very pretty woman, in her mid-thirties I guessed, who had put on a little weight.

Her slave looked a little tougher than most of the ones here, but was a slave, so it was interesting. He had piercings in his eyebrow and several in each ear. He had tattoos in several places. Mistress Jenny said to Jo, "Lower her to the floor." Jo lowered the girl. When they reached Christy, Mistress Jenny got into the 69 position with Christy and said, "Eat me, bitch" and lowered her pussy to Christy.

Christy started eating Mistress Jenny. Once she started getting eaten, Mistress Jenny directed her slave in front of her and sucked his dick until it was hard. Then she said, "Okay, do my ass." He moved around behind her and stuck his dick down toward her asshole. He positioned himself behind her and she said, "Blondie, get my slaves dick and my asshole wet." Christy responded by licking Mistress Jenny's asshole and slathering it with her pussy juices and then licking and wetting the slaves dick.

He pushed it into her ass. I was not directly in line of sight with Christy's pussy, but I noticed it when Mistress Jenny started cramming several fingers into Christy.

Christy was going "HMMMFFF!" into Mistress Jenny's pussy and getting slapped in the face by her slaves large balls as he drilled Mistress Jenny's ass. She was getting very filled up and I noticed that Mistress Jenny was concentrating very hard on Christy's pussy. "C'mon bitch", I heard her say after a few minutes, "Take my fist." Then I knew what was going on. She was trying to cram her entire fist into Christy's pussy. I remembered how tight Christy had been, and I was wondering how that was going to work.

Christy was squirming and moving around, but without her hands and feet available, it was difficult for her. She was still eating pussy, and the slave was pounding into Mistress Jenny's asshole while she forced her entire hand into Christy. I guess it suddenly gave, because she exclaimed, "There you go, take that fist, you little bitch. I knew you were a fisting babe.

Take it all, baby. I'm going to fist you til you cum." My dick was hard as a rock as I watched this scene. Suddenly the slave started groaning and I knew he was going to cum. Mistress Jenny knew it, too, and said "On her face, slave. On her face." And as he started pumping cum, ella hughes seduces a waiter danny and fucks him pulled out and aimed it at Christy's face. He pumped a very large load all over her face, covering her eyes, nose, forehead, and running down into her hair.

"Keep eating, bitch" was all Mistress Jenny said. She was working really hard on Christy's pussy and cramming her fist in and out of her. Suddenly, Christy started moaning and bucking and I knew she was cumming. "That's a girl. Cum for Mistress Jenny." She said. Just as Christy was reaching her peak, Mistress Jenny jerked her hand out of Christy's pussy and started slapping Christy's clit. She was slapping it hard and Christy pulled off Mistress Jenny's pussy and started yelling "Oh my god, oh my god." And kept jerking and cumming while Mistress Jenny flogged her clit.

When she quit, Mistress Jenny stood up, walked around to Christy's legs, pushed them back as far as she could with her being cuffed, squatted, and pissed all over Christy's pussy. Christy gave a sudden start and then just lay there, trying to ensure that it didn't splash up near her face. Christy could barely see with all the cum on her face and covering part of her eyes. She looked very surprised at the pissing and I know I was.

I didn't expect that. When she finished, Mistress Jenny looked down and said, "That's a good piss-cum bitch" and reached down and pinched Christy's nipple hard enough to elicit a groan. Then she went and sat down. Jo stood up and looked around the room and said only one thing "Votes?" All the masters put out a thumbs up and Jo turned and said "Welcome to the Sub Club." Then she went over and uncuffed Christy, who staggered over to where I was.

Jo handed her a towel for her face, and Christy used it immediately so that she could see. She wiped down her face the best that she could, and then she tried to wipe off most of the piss on her pussy and running down her legs. I was still turned on and had a very large boner in my pants. Christy sat down on the floor next to me without a word. She looked up at me and smiled a little, but she looked a little stunned.

I looked up when one of the young female slaves appeared in front of me. She was the one female slave of a woman master. I looked up at her. She got on her knees in front of me and said, "Master, my mistress asks that you fuck my ass and cum in it to relieve the pressure of your hard dick." I looked at her. Another girl who was probably only 18 or 19. She was petite, about 5' and maybe 90 pounds. But she was very cute, and her body had just enough curves to be very inviting.

"Yes, of course I'll cum in your ass." I stood up. Like I was about to say no to that! "Take my pants down and get my dick wet." She undid my belt, unzipped my pants and stripped them down to my ankles. She took my dick into her mouth and got it really wet. "Now, Master?" she asked. "Yes, now would be good." I answered. She turned around on her knees and lowered her head until it was on the floor, offering me her gorgeous butt and pussy from behind. I looked up at her Mistress and she was smiling.

I smacked her ass and asked her "What do you want, slave?" "Please, Master, fuck my ass and cum in it." She begged. I told Christy to guide me in, so she took my dick and aimed it at this slave's asshole.

I started pushing and her ass started to very slowly part. Then it opened and my dick head popped in. "I need more lubrication" I said to Christy. She leaned over and spit on my dick and the slaves ass. It would have to do. I started ass-fucking the little bitch then. She was starting to groan and seemed to be enjoying it, but this was all for me.

I just slapped her ass a couple of times and kept pumping, feeling how tight and tai phim sex mien phi mp4 that little ass was.

I was not going to last long, so I just pumped furiously until I shot buckets of cum into her ass. I kept it up for what seemed like a minute of jerking until I was done. I pulled out, slapped her on the ass again and said, "Okay, I'm done." "Thank you for cumming in my ass, Master." She said. "Return to your Mistress" I said to her.

She left and went back to her Mistress. I looked around the room and noticed that other folks were involved in some action, too.

One of the male slaves was face-fucking one of the female slaves while his mistress had a finger up his ass saying "Cum on her face, slave. I want to see you cum all over her face." She kept massaging his prostate until he came buckets all over her face. Then she said, "Now clean up your mess" and slapped him on the ass.

He bent over and shared his cum with the female slave who was trying to lick up some of it as well. I noticed that a couple of them had left already, probably because it was just an initiation and maybe they had other things to do. I just knew that it really wasn't that late. Jo came over to me and said "Blondie, you did well. I think you will like it here." "Yes, Mistress, I will" she said back.

"You are quite the little sex lover. I wonder if you get off on pain as much." Jo said to Christy. "Yes, Mistress, I like a little pain, but not much." "Good," said Jo. "Now I need a good fuck, so while I get undressed suck your Master back to life." Jo was probably the most beautiful woman there, and that, coupled with the other sex and the beautiful Christy sucking my dick, meant that I got hard pretty fast.

Jo came over as soon as she was undressed and said, "I'm going to sit on your Master's dick. I want you to lick his balls and my ass while we fuck." "Yes, Mistress" Jo climbed on my dick and started fucking me. "You are a gorgeous woman" I said to her. She smiled "I bet you say that to all the girls when they are sitting on your dick." "No" I said. "You are really my kind of woman. I love busty, curvy, auburn haired women. It's like you were designed with me in mind." "Thanks." She said.

"I like the circumference of your dick. I think it was made for me." And she giggled. Then she turned her head and directed herself to Christy "Blondie, more ass-fucking with that tongue." I was grabbing and feeling everything on Jo.

Her ass and hips were fantastic so I ran my hand over that great ass and pulled her cheeks apart as Christy dug in to her ass. I ran my lube sex fairy tales vidixxx bale up over her great tits and squeezed them. I fingered the nipples and pinched them lightly, Jo moaned, so I kept doing that.

She suddenly kissed me hard. "Ommmfff" she said as she started shaking and cumming. I had not realized how close she was, but she suddenly came all over the place. Her juices were washing over my dick and running down both our thighs. I stiffened and shot my load into her just as she finished her own orgasm.

Christy was still licking her ass and she loved the contact. Finally, she stopped and she stopped kissing me. She sat back and said "Wow. I haven't cum in three days and watching your bitch get abused really had me fired up." She stood up off my lap, turned around and sat on me facing away from me.

My limp dick hung down in front of me. She looked at Christy. "Clean up this mess in my pussy and on your Master's dick." She commanded. Christy obeyed and lapped at my dick, along my thighs, on Jo's pussy and thighs, and she started sucking the cum out of Jo's pussy. "Mmmmm" was all we got from Christy.

Finally Jo stood up and said "I need to go home. Some of the others had to leave early for some other engagements, so everyone's going to be gone soon. I'll let you know when the next meet is. And sometimes we do smaller groups because everyone is so busy. I'll call you." Then she bent over and kissed me.

She was a very good kisser. She finished and then she bent over, lifted Christy's face by the chin, and kissed her hard, too. "You have a very talented tongue" she said. "Yes, Mistress. The better to please you with." She replied. Jo smiled. "This one learns fast, doesn't she?" and with that she left. I told Christy to get dressed while I surveyed the few folks remaining. She came back and we left to get into my car. Once we were alone, I asked her "Christy, what do you think about that?

What about the woman who pissed on you?" "I loved everything" she said. "Even the pissing. I was surprised and not ready for it, but I've always been willing to try anything and it was interesting. I'll be ready for more next time. You said they do some clamping and stuff, right?" "Yes, they do." "I'm still very horny, Master." She said.

"I only came once and had to watch everyone else get off, including that incredible Mistress Jo. She has a body that I want to devour." "You and me both, darling. Well, if you are still horny, then put your seat back, take out your tits, expose your pussy, and start pleasuring yourself. I'll find a place to pull over and take care of you on the way back to the school." "Yes, Master" she said.

And she did, and I did, and we got home completely sated. Coming next. Chapter 11. My Wife's Surprise Birthday Party Chapter 11.

My Wife's Surprise Birthday Party My wife's birthday was coming up soon and I decided to prepare a little surprise for her. We had been married for quite good to fuck with chinese college teenxxxnetworkcom while now and our recent activities had changed our lives quite a bit. I figured it would be good to build on these recent experiences. I called Jo and Jeremy and asked them to come to the Party. I had also invited Christy.

I then asked Jo if she and Jeremy did any other swinging and knew of any other men with large cocks. She said they had done some and she knew of another guy who was hung almost identically to Jeremy. I asked her to bring him, and she said, "What about his wife?" "Do you think she would want to come, too? I already have the four of us and my slave so with your friend that makes three guys and three girls.

What do you think?" "She'll be fine" Jo said. sexy lucy rides on a pulsating shaft lingerie cumshot loves sex, she loves parties, and she loves women, too, so that shouldn't be a problem." I agreed and set it up so that they would all meet at Jo's and then come over when I called.

On the evening of her birthday, we had a quiet dinner at home because I told her that I had a surprise for her. We finished eating and I gave her some small presents. Then I asked her if she was ready for her big surprise. She said yes and I told her that there were some preparations. I went in the bedroom and called Jo and said to be here in 5 minutes and to sneak in the back.

I then led my wife into the family room and told her to undress. She smiled and undressed and then I told her I had purchased a sleeping blindfold that she had to put on. She grinned even more, hoping that it was going to be interesting. I had her stand in the middle of the room and I started running my hands lightly over her breasts, ass and pussy. Then the crowd came creeping in and, seeing me, they all went into the bedroom and got undressed.

When they came back, I had to admire the size of the schlongs that I saw there. Jeremy and this other guy, who I still did not know by name, had very large cocks, and they were starting to rise in anticipation and because of the vision of me teasing my wife. I motioned them over and then indicated quietly that we should all put our hands on my wife. I told my wife not to peek and I knew she was wondering what was going on. Then she felt multiple hands on her body and started grinning and laughing.

She was definitely ready for this, but she was in for a surprise. Her hands were at her sides so I moved the stunt cocks on either side of her and placed her hands on them. She gasped. "Oh my" she said. "Now that's some meat!" I grinned and told her to take off the mask. She took her right hand off one of the cocks and ripped the mask off. She immediately put her hand back on the cock and then looked at the two men on either side of her.

She smiled and said "Yum!" When she saw everyone who was there she went "This is a great birthday gift." Jo introduced her friends to everyone as Jack and Diane. There was the momentary laugh about them being referenced in the John Mellencamp song, and they said they always get that. My wife, however, was not interested in music at that point.

She was interested in getting her birthday present in her birthday suit. I wasn't interested in the musical reference either, but I was definitely checking out Diane. Jo was a gorgeous auburn-haired beauty with nice curves, and Diane was also a well-endowed, hippy, large-breasted woman. She had very dark hair, but light eyes and pale skin. She, too, was a drop dead gorgeous woman, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on some new tits and ass.

I looked at how things were progressing and my wife was now on her knees moving her mouth from Jeremy to Jack and back again, testing them to see which was the larger and if she could get either one all the way into her mouth.

She was not a deep-throater, so she was content to just suck on them and enjoy the fact that she milf catches teen sucking cock first time horny step mom gets slammed two large cocks all to herself. I was the only other man in the room, and my dick was getting hard as a rock watching that and see the other three naked women in the room.

Jo was watching my wife blow the big dicks, and starting to rub her pussy. Diane was standing right next to Jo and starting to rub Jo's tits and tug on her nipples.

Christy was just sitting there on the chair next to them, either enthralled with the view, or unsure what to do and where to join in, so I took matters into my hands. I walked over towards Jo and Diane and they looked at me and my hard cock and smiled.

As I approached I motioned to Christy and she stood up. "Christy, I want you to welcome Diane to the group by eating her pussy and ass until she cums." "Yes, Master." She replied and I could see Diane smile at that. She evidently was not aware of that before, but now knew that Christy was my slave. Jo led Diane to the chair that Christy had just vacated and sat her in it. Then Jo went behind the chair, leaned over Diane so that her tits were in Diane's face, and reached down to yank her legs way back up in the air.

Christy saw the target and immediately dove into it to do her job. Diane started sucking on Jo's tits and moaning as Christy went to work on her nether regions.

I walked over and watched Christy work for a while. She started by slowing pealing Diane's lips open so that she could see the pussy and then licked and sucked on the lips. Every so often she would let her tongue brush Diane's clit and Diane always jerked her hips a little and moaned into Jo's tits. Then Christy slowing worked her tongue down to Diane's asshole and lightly ran her tongue all around her ass and lightly tongued the hole.

I could tell that Diane loved it by the way she was squirming and trying to slide down to give Christy all the access ava addams massage creep porn to her ass. I decided to join in and got on my knees next to Christy. While she was working on Diane's ass, I moved in over top of her and starting sucking on Diane's clit.

Diane immediately released her sucking hold on Jo's left tit and looked up to determine where the other mouth came from. She looked me in the eye briefly before she rolled her eyes back and went back to work on Jo's tits.

Then she raised up again and said "Christy, use your fingers baby." I watched as Christy stuck her finger into Diane's ass.

Diane moaned. Jo was now roughly handling Diane's tits, rubbing them and pinching the nipples. Christy was inserting a second finger to butt-fuck Diane, and I was sucking and licking on her clit.

Diane was definitely getting some attention, but wouldn't last much longer. She was moaning and squirming. "Faster, everybody." Diane managed to say and we all picked up the pace. Christy started banging her ass pretty hard with two fingers and I pulled my mouth off her clit and started rubbing it faster and faster.

She started moaning "Oh, yeah, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, oh, yeah, here it comes, oh, yeah, oh, oh, oh, arrrrrrgghhh". And she came hard. She was a little bit of a squirter and I could see a little hit Christy in the face and she smiled.

She starting slowing down her finger-fucking of Diane's ass and I let up on her clit, and she slowly came to a rest. She sat there slumped down in the chair with her legs pulled back blissfully enjoying her post-orgasm relaxation. I looked up and saw that my wife had positioned Jeremy on the couch sitting and was sucking on his cock. Jack was behind her, plowing her pussy and pounding her pretty hard.

She was loving it and would let go of Jeremy's cock to give directions to Jack. I looked up at Diane who said "That was fantastic. After the week I've had, I needed a good cum." She reached up and grabbed Jo and said "Your turn." She stood up and put Jo in the chair and took up the same position.

Christy just smiled and went back to work. I had other ideas, though. I stood up and walked behind Diane. I rubbed my dick up and down her ass crack as she bent over holding Jo's legs and reached around to grab her amazing tits. She smiled and said "See anything you like?" "You bet," I said. "I'll just help myself to these treats." This was perfect.

She wiggled her ass a little and arched her back so that I had easy access to her pussy. I reached down and guided my dick to it. It slipped in easily. Now, this was fantastic. I was standing behind a beautiful woman, fucking her for the first time and feeling her voluptuous tits. I could look over her shoulder and see Christy eating out Jo. And I could watch as my wife got totally fucked by the two big dicked men. I was on visual overload, and the rest of my senses were pretty taxed, too.

I watched my wife change positions. She went and sat on Jeremy's lap and slid his dick into her pussy and decided that all her recent anal play might allow her to take both cocks at once. She directed Jack to try to stick his cock in her ass. Christy was now sticking two fingers into Jo's ass and sucking on her clit, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.

Meanwhile, I was feeling great as my dick explored the new pussy it had found in Diane. I rubbed my fingers around her ass and amazing footjob session with a delicious babe that I needed to try that. I moved my right thumb to her ass and slowing poked it in. She raised up a little and moaned.

She knew what I wanted and said "Go ahead, butt fuck me." Well, I always aim to please so I pulled my dick out of her pussy and lined it up with her ass. I pushed and it seemed much tighter than it should be considering Christy just had two fingers in there and I had my thumb.

Finally, the head of my dick popped into her ass and she groaned almost as loud as I did. Arse fingered pussy fucked hardcore and blowjob was very tight. I looked around and could see that almost everyone was getting close to orgasm.

I knew that all the screaming and moaning could cause a chain reaction at this party. Finally, when Jo started cumming, the chain reaction occurred. "Fuck, yeah!" Jo exclaimed. "Uh, uh, uh, uh, that's it, put those fingers up my ass. Lick my clit and make me cum." Jo seemed to highlight this as she got close to put herself over the edge. And she made it. "Ugggghhhh! C-cumming!" and she started shaking and jerking and Christy kept sucking and jamming her fingers up Jo's ass until she started relaxing.

I looked up to see that this was setting off the other folks. Jack suddenly said, "Yeah, I'm close, baby. I'm gonna cum hard. Brother sister xxx jur kore, your ass is so tight I won't be able to get it out until I cum." My wife was yelling, "Cum in my ass.

I love big dicks in my holes. Cum, both of you. I'm gonna cum, too. I need all the spunk in me. Come on. Get those big dicks moving. Oh, yeah". And Jeremy was just saying, "Yes, yes, yes, oh, yes." My wife went first. "AAARRRRRGGGGGHHHH!" she yelled. "Here I cum!!!!" She started jerking and spasming and when she did Jack went next. "UNGH! Ungh! Oh! Yeah!" he said a word with each tattomilf peta jensen gets anal drilled and squirt of his cum deep into her ass.

Jeremy was set off by those two. "Me, too, oh, yes, me, too" and he jerked and came hard. All of this was too much for me, so I started pounding Diane's ass and grabbed her tits to pull her to me. She went off like a rocket and her jerking and spasming meant that I could barely hold on and continue fucking that tight ass. But I did and I came long and gorgeous nicole rey gets fuck by dudes big cock for money into that ass.

It was such a scene that when I finished I looked around and everyone was panting and gasping for air. I looked down at Christy and she was smiling, but since she hadn't cum yet, I knew she was hoping for some attention. "Ladies" I said after a couple of minutes. "Please take one of the men's dicks and bring it back to life." And to Christy I said, "Stand up and spread your legs". Diane turned around and took my dick and started sucking it back to life. She was very good at this.

My wife took Jeremy and Jo took Jack and all the guys were being sucked back to life. When it looked like we were all hard again I said, "Gentlemen, my slave needs some spunk. Jack, lay on the floor. Christy, get on his dick. I'll get the ass and Jeremy you sleep mom fack his small son on xstory her your dick." Christy just gasped agreeingly and immediately jumped on Jack's dick.

She put him all the way in and then leaned over so that I could insert my dick into her ass. It felt funny with another dick right there also pushing around.

Christy then raised her head and turned to the side enough to suck Jeremy. We slowly started pounding the shit out of this young woman.

She was moaning and groaning around Jeremy's dick and we just kept at it. Suddenly she came and none of us were close yet. She let go of Jeremy's dick and said "Oh, yeah, that's good", but I pushed her head immediately back on Jeremy's dick. She gladly started sucking again.

In no time at all her young ass had me cumming. I yelled out I was cumming and shot a load deep into her ass. My second ass of the night. Jack was next and said, "My turn, oh, yeah, take my load, baby" and came in her as she tried to keep Jeremy in her mouth. Jeremy, watching all this, decided to join in and pulled out and jerked his cock to shoot plenty of cum all over her face.

He covered her pretty good. Christy got up off Jack's cock and I immediately said. "Lay on the coffee table with your legs in the air. Ladies, clean up that spunk." The three ladies looked like I was offering them ice cream. They all smiled and launched themselves at the youngster.

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Should I continue this series???