German teen loves to fuck doggy and public compilation tube porn

German teen loves to fuck doggy and public compilation tube porn
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I AM CURIOUS (Eighteen) When I turned eighteen I knew I needed to get out of town. I am a curious girl and I was frankly bored. I'd quit school perverted fun for astonishing beauty homemade and hardcore after turning sixteen and spent two years partying, sleeping late, and fucking just about everyone in the area.

I didn't have a job and didn't want one, and I guess I was lucky my parents let me hang out like that, but of course my dad really had no choice but to let me. If he ever did forget, I just looked at his groin and he shut the fuck up right away. Finally, after another adventure at the frat house, and seeing the same faces and their dicks doing me, and then finding myself preggo once again, how many was that, I'm not even sure anymore, a bit of good news came my way.

I've always been curious about who the fuck got me preggo each time and I know I'll never really know but I can guess, and this one for sure was most likely one of the frat guys because I took a lot of dick that weekend, and for sure I wasn't taking any pills, and like, did I even have any pills, but I think it was one of those guys who did this to me.

My cousin Joey had moved to Hollywood a couple of years back after he'd graduated from college and I'd heard through the family grapevine that he was in the business. I really didn't live that far away, a little more than fifty miles I think, but it was like traveling to the moon for me.

Anyway, I decided to call Joey and see if I could stay with him for a while and Joey's the best and he said sure, so I packed up a little bag and told my parents I'd be gone for a while, maybe forever, so like don't leave the light on.

I was a little nostalgic about leaving home and looked around for a couple of days just remembering all the stuff I'd done. Even my own backyard made me remember that birthday with Joey when I was fourteen, and the Christmas when I was sixteen and my aunt and uncle stayed over, and he's the one who fucked me in his garage at Christmas when I was fourteen, and I guess he wanted more because early on Christmas Eve morning he got me out behind the garage where Joey did me, and I ended up sucking him and swallowing his cum and then he fucked me right there, after pulling my jeans down and putting his dick in me.

My uncle fucked me hard for a good ten minutes before he came with a grunt then pulled out and walked away without a word while I was still bent over with cum dripping down my legs.

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I visited my old schools and was kind of thinking about how many dicks I'd taken out there in the small woods behind my elementary school, and a couple of really young guys walked up to me and snickered a little and said they knew who I was, and the said I should suck them, and so I thought, why not, and I was soon on my knees and I did them both and a couple of other guys who wandered back there.

Kind of the same thing happened out behind the high school on a night when there was a dance, and I was leaning back against the wall where I'd taken a lot of dick and a bunch of guys came out to smoke some weed and a couple of them knew me and wondered what the fuck I was doing there, and anyway they wanted to fuck me, and I'm never one to turn down dick so I did what turned out to be a whole lot of guys that night and I guess I gave the place a proper goodbye.

The day I left home, I took the bus to L.A. and then hitched to Joey's place. L.A. is much bigger than my little town and like moving really fast but I found this exciting and full of possibilities. Luckily Joey was at home when I got to his apartment. He lived in a pink building with a pool in the center courtyard with two stories of apartments surrounding it. He had a room mate who was there and a few friends were there hanging.

He told me the couch was all mine, and then he really looked me over and he said I looked a little bit on the chunky side and I told him yeah, that's because I was preggo and I'd be looking for a clinic in the next couple of days. He asked my how far along and I shrugged and told him I wasn't sure,maybe three months, maybe four, and he squeezed a tit and said he thought it was more like four, and then he licked his lips and pulled out a tit and smiled and said, oh yeah, preggo, and he sucked my tit and kneaded it hard.

He kept at it and then pulled off and grinned and told his friends to look at the tit juice, and shit, my tit was leaking the stuff, and Joey latched on to it again and sucked hard and kept kneading, then he pulled out the other tit and worked on that one two. He stopped abruptly and pushed me down onto my knees then he pulled out his dick and stroked it until it was really big and hard and I heard him tell me to open wide, so I did and I felt his dick in my mouth and I started sucking.

I could see his friends watching and then I saw Joey, gesture to them to come over, and I felt hands all over my tits which were huge and hanging out of my top, and Joey's dick was moving in and out of my mouth fast and he was groaning and breathing heavily and he told me he'd missed his little cousin, and then I felt his cum rolling over my tongue right after he grabbed my hair and pulled my face into his groin.

When Joey pulled out he told me to be a nice and service his guests and like I never have a problem taking dick so I sucked off the other guys, and when I was done Joey said he wanted to fuck me too, so he pulled my jeans and thong off and patted my belly and I could see his dick was standing up again and dripping a little, like my tits were and he sits down and tells me to sit on him, so I do and then he's sucking my tits and bouncing me up and down on his dick and then he leans back on the couch and he tells his room mate to put his dick in my ass and I feel this monster dick push in next to Joey for a minute then pull out and slide into my ass and start doing me hard while Joey sucked on my tits and thrust up into my cunt.

The guy in my ass dropped his cum pretty fast and Joey was still fucking my cunt, but when the guy pulled out he told another friend to put his dick in my cunt next to Joey's and, wow, nice on my first day in L.A. They were both rocking my body, and finally Joey says he's gonna cum in my cunt and then he groans really loud and the other guy's pumping in deep and Joey stops and I know he's coming, and then the other guy starts unloading his cum, and I'm feeling nice and full of the stuff.

The other guy does me like a dog, says he wants to feel my preggo belly while he fucks me, so he alternates between rubbing my belly and kneading my tits, and the guy is reaming my cunt while he's doing this, and when he's pounded in like that for a while, he starts grunting and fucking me harder and harder until he goes deep and pumps his cum in.

When he pulls out he turns me around and squeezes both tits and stuff drips out and he licks them both then starts sucking hard and kneading and I guess he's drinking the stuff or something but like he's really enjoying this but finally he pulls off with a loud popping sound.

He leaves me on the couch and goes and high fives Joey and the other guys, and I'm wishing I could get more dick. Maybe later, I hope. Anyway so we all start drinking and Joey tells me how he knows a few people and that it's pretty respectable to do porn films now, and that he knows that chicks who are preggo can make some nice money so he'll set me up for an audition if I want and I say sure why not since I'm gonna need some money, so he makes a few phone calls and sets me up for the next day at a studio in Burbank and he'll even drive me there.

Sunny leone xxx story play online in yousex fairy tales new 2019 his friends leave, Joey takes me out for a burger, then we go to a party in his apartment complex and drink some more and I take a lot of dick, like at least twenty, but I'm pretty tired so I leave early and shower and curl up on the couch and don't wake up until the next day when Joey's kicking me off the couch and telling me to get ready for my interview, so I do, and he says I look good except for looking a little preggo.

When we get there I meet the guy who's gonna interview me and Joey says he'll wait so I go with this guy into a room and there's a bunch of guys there and a bed in the corner with a camera aimed it and he tells me to take my clothes off and extremely hot xxx sexy youthful girls alexa nova and kendall woods take a trainride to I do he squeezes a tit and smiles when he sees a drop come out of the nipple, and then he pats my little belly and tells me there's a demand for preggo girls getting fucked, so I should get on the bed and the guys will fuck me and they'll tape it and if Unusual sweeties screw the biggest strapon dildos and spray cum all over the place look okay and do okay, they might do a film with me.

I decide to go for it, so I get on the bed and hold my tits up and squeeze them and shake them a little and I've got two guys sucking on them and then there's a guy between my legs spreading them and then he's in me and fucking in deep while the other two keep sucking. Someone's yelling to get a close up of the tit juice and the guys sucking me and after that they flip me over so my belly hangs down and looks really big while the guys fucks me.

They ask if they can come in me and I say definitely yes, and so they're talking about a cum shot and so the guy fucking me is holding me open and I guess they're zooming in or something and I hear him groan and then he almost pulls out and he's squirting his cum and I guess you can see it going into me, and he pulls out slowly and I can feel the cum moving out too and they're getting the shot of it and saying, wow, really nice, and then the rest of the guys fuck me sister brother selpak sex story they shoot all of it.

When they're all done, they tell me strip poker foursome chicks happy dick stockings and athletic lie back with my legs spread and to spread myself open to get one more cum shot, and there's a guy jerking off and when he's ready he holds his dick close to my spread open cunt and groans while he squirts his cum into the opening and the camera gets the whole thing, and then they tell me to squeeze and pump my tits and try to squirt tit juice out of them and I think I do pretty good because it's flowing out and then they have two guys move in for another close up of the guys sucking my tits and drinking the juice, and then a shot of me squirting it into their open mouths while all three of us moan.

When someone yells cut, the guys move away and I'm still on the bed with my legs spread, and frankly I'm wishing I could get some more dick in me. But they tell me to get dressed and that they'll be in touch with me. After the interview Joey shows me Hollywood Boulevard and it's fun to look at the stars on the sidewalk, but I'm also looking at the girls getting in cars with random guys, and I do know they're hookers, but I'm thinking that might be a fun thing to do and actually get money for it and I tell Joey what I think and he says why don't you try it right now and see what happens, and yeah, why not, but I know I need little shorts, so I buy a pair, and then I get out there with my tits pushed up and wiggling my ass and right away a guy in a car is telling me to get in so I do and he drives to a parking lot and he tells me to blow him and I do and he gives me ten bucks and cruises back to Hollywood Boulevard, and the minute I get out I see Joey and he's smiling and show him the ten bucks and he frowns and says no way.

Joey says to never take less than twenty for a blow job or less than fifty for balling, and that's per guy in case there's more than one guy in a car. He slaps my ass and tells me to get back out there, and I get another ride with two guys who want to fuck me and they don't want to pay fifty each so I settle for seventy-five for both of them and they park in an alley around the corner and do me in the back seat, then kick me out of the car when they're done, so I have to walk back and I see Joey again and tell him I got seventy-five for two guys and he's pissed but tells me it's my life.

He tells me he's got stuff to do but I should do more guys and make some money, so I stay out for a few hours and get into maybe thirty cars and do mostly blow jobs and take a few dicks in my cunt, then I get myself pervs on patrol pop addison oreilly clip off at Joey's apartment after hitching home and getting a ride in exchange for sucking the guy's dick.

I'm really tired but Joey's there and he's all excited and says the porn studio wants to do a film with me as long as I'm preggo, maybe a few of them and it'll start next week so I have to stay preggo. So I kind of want to get my abortion because I'm getting like fat, but I go and shoot the film and it's kind of fun.

Not sure if they have a title yet, but a good one would be Lola Does Burbank, because it was a gang bang deal and I had to pretend I didn't want their dicks in me, like that would ever happen, and they made a big deal out of the tits and showed a lot of squeezing, sucking and squirting which makes me wonder just how preggo am I.

After the shoot, I met a lot of the crew and other actors, many of whom had been watching and who wanted to do me and I told them, fuck yeah, put them in me, and they did just that, must have been a hundred of them, and they told me I may have set a new record, and to please stay preggo for a couple more weeks because they wanted to do at least one more film, so I waited and three weeks later they shot another film, and I was like pretty chunky and my tits were even bigger and this time I was a slut who loved taking dick, I guess they figured out the real me, and they showed off my big belly and big squirting tits and did a bunch of cum shots, and a few triple penetrations shots, and afterward I mature and teen enjoying facesitting lesbian and babe the whole crew again, and it was good times.

When that was done I told them I had to get my abortion, so they told me if I ever got preggo again to let them know, so I guess they only wanted me preggo for their films, oh well, their loss, and so I went to the clinic and had my umpteenth abortion and was sick for like a week after and Joey was pissed that I didn't want to fuck him, and that I couldn't make any money even though I'd given him some of my film money, so I decided to get my own place because who needs this crap, but I did give Joey a bunch of blow jobs before I moved and did his friends too and let all of them fuck my ass, so I don't see what the big problem was.

I was excited about having my own place and even though it was kind of a dump in an old building off the Sunset Strip, and was kind of small, like one room with no kitchen small, but it had a hotplate and it's not like I cook anyway, so it had a bed and some really old chairs and a kind of dirty bathroom and one window with a fire escape, and it didn't cost much, so I decided to move in.

The manager liked the cash I flashed and I could tell he liked me so when he showed me the room I bent over to look out the window, and I wiggled my ass a little, and then I felt a hand on my ass and then a finger in my cunt and I wiggled into it and then the shorts were pulled over and I felt a dick push inside me and so I braced myself on the window sill while the guy fucked me taut cum hole stretched wide hardcore and blowjob grunted softly in the quiet room and the only other sound was when he slammed in balls deep and skin hit skin, and I could see the dust floating in the little beam of sunlight coming into the room which danced around me when the guy rocked my body because he was fucking me so hard.

I remember the smell too, musty and kind of heavy, the smell of sex, and it made me think about what this room had seen, a thousand fucks, a thousand cum loads pouring into hundreds of slutty cunts. I felt almost like just another ghost in the room, and knew that's exactly what I was the moment the guy was done and pulled out. Before the guy was done, I heard him gasp and then he fucked in hard a few more times before slamming in deep and I felt his dick twitching and felt his cum pumping out of him and into my cunt and he groaned the whole time, and I thought I could hear a thousand groans just like that from the ghosts in the room, and when he was done he pulled out and tucked back in and I stood up and adjusted my shorts and I could feel his cum right at the entrance to my cunt and it kind of squished when I walked and then I pron new xxxx saxy story d around the room and decided to rent the place.

The manager was real happy about that. I wasn't sure how I was going to pay my rent and live but I figured I could always hit the streets again, and I did that and I also brought a lot of guys back to my room and did them there, and the manager didn't care because I took his dick for free whenever he wanted, and anyway there were other girls and boys too who were doing the same thing, so I made out okay, and while I took dick for money, I still took it for free too, because I still couldn't get enough of it and not everyone wanted to pay.

Most of the guys I did for money were cool in the sense that they just wanted to get off and then wanted me to go away, but there were a few who weren't exactly nice.

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Some guys thought it was fun to try and hurt me, either by hitting me and, God, do I have a few bruises to show for that, and some liked to tell me what a fucking piece of shit slut I was, but I really didn't care as long as they paid me before they fucked me. I ran into the occasional movie star too. They cruised around mormongirlzfucking his wife and making a teen watch their cars and liked the hookers for the fast, down and dirty sex.

Mostly they just wanted blow jobs and I knew this but one night a guy who was one of my idols picked me up and I blew him in an alley behind the Strip.

When he was done, he pulled me off of him by my hair and slapped my face, and telling me I was nasty. I was so enamored of him and I wanted him to like me so much, that I told him he could fuck me for free if he wanted, and he laughed and told me he didn't fuck skanks like me and to get the fuck out of his car.

He pulled out a five dollar bill, spit on it and threw it at me. He kind of hurt my feelings. I met a few non-celebrities too in Hollywood, and if they weren't friends really, they seemed to like me, and they invited me to parties, and that was fun, and I usually got some decent food and booze, and as much dick as I wanted. That's probably why they liked me, but so what if I got what I wanted too.

There was a great pool party at some house in the hills where I ended up kneeling on my of the steps at the end of the pool and doing a line of guys, probably half the party and then I ended teensloveanal teaching my step daughter anal sex bent over a patio table while the other half of the guys fucked me.

More good times. I told them jokingly they were lucky I did them all for free and a couple of them said aww and threw me a couple of bucks, which I kept for sure. Sometimes my friends would show up at my door and want to do me, so I'd take my shorts off and lay down on the bed and spread my legs and they'd do me and then go away.

This happened most every day and it was nice to have so many visitors who wanted to do me. Sometimes they came over in groups of two or more and want to fuck me, and so I would, and they'd bring booze and we'd all get drunk and fuck all night long or until I told them enough already, I needed to go out and make some money.

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It was hard sometimes to tell who was a friend and who was a paying customer so eventually I made the rule that if you visit you pay and then I'll do you, except for Joey, of course, because he was family. When I needed a break from guys in cars, I hit the bars and did the guys either in the bathroom or out in back of the bar, and sometimes I did a whole young girl with hot body loves anal sex one of those ways.

The bartenders knew what I was doing and were okay with it as long as I did them too and gave them a cut of the money, so I learned how to do that and I had my regular places where they let me work, where my regular customers were.

I slowly got a lot of the guys I did in bars over to my place and then I got to keep all of my money. I still did it for free when I felt like it and one day when I walked down the street I got one of the usual guys who'd drive slow and ask me if I wanted a ride, and this one guy had a convertible and I'm a sucker for fucking in the open air, so Tuebx porn sex stories uttar koria got in and the guy took off for the hills and parked in a quiet place and got me in the back seat and did me there beneath the bright and sunny LA day, and then he did me again, and he drove me down the hill and told me to get out, and then he peeled out of there.

I got preggo again just after getting my abortion. I swear those stupid pills don't work, and I ignored it as I usually did, but since I was preggo and once I was chubby again, and maybe four months along, I called the film guys and they said to come in and we could talk about it, so I did, and they looked me over and squeezed my tits and told me to wait another month until I was good and knocked up and then they'd be willing to shoot another film and I knew I was pushing it but I waited and so I was about five months and they finally got me in there and shot this little film where I was tied up and helpless while about fifty guys did me.

They liked that so much that they scheduled another shoot and concentrated on my tits, on guys sucking them and drinking my tit juice and then they had me on my knees and taking a lot of dick while guys squeezed my tits and squirted tit juice into their open mouths while I was being double fucked in my very preggo cunt. They did a lot of cum shots too and one scene had a group of guys doing a circle jerk and then they all put their dicks in my cunt and squirted their cum into me while two guys spread me wide so the camera could record the cum squirting in.

After the shoot, there was a huge line of guys wanting to do me and I told em to do it, and, God I took a lot of dick that day, and I was well paid too.

They told me they might want to do another film if I wanted to stay preggo and I wasn't sure since I was so far along, but I found that a lot of guys wanted to fuck a preggo chick and play with my tits so I still didn't get my abortion and after another month I realized it was too late and so I would have to unload this kid in me the old fashioned way. I did make one more film when I was eight months preggo and took a ton of dick and did a ton of cum shots of guys coming all over my huge belly and tits.

My tits were extra big at that point and ready to be sucked so there were a lot of tit shots, most of them showing my tits being pumped and squirting into guys mouths, and others of two guys sucking my tits and kneading them and drinking my tit juice. There were also a lot of close up shots of cum squirting into my cunt. I did the usual number of asian money and sperm for anal specialist after the shoot and again made a bunch of money.

The more preggo I was, the more I wanted to just lie flat on my back and take dick that way and I had a steady stream of customers once the word got out that a nine months preggo girl was taking dick for money. I'd heard knocking at my door even while a guy was fucking me and it got so bad I left the door unlocked and told them to come in and wait their turn. In my last month of pregnancy I must have taken a couple of hundred dicks.

Joey came to visit me too along with a friend and of course Joey always gets a freebie, and both of them did me, and they sucked my tits a lot, and said I tasted yummy, and Joey said I looked kind of cute being that preggo, but that he also looked forward to doing me when I was thin again. I took dick right up until labor started. I'd been fucking all night, one after another, a few groups who wanted to double team me, but mostly singles with a a bunch of guys watching.

Late that night I was doing the last couple of guys and I was going to stop because I was tired, and a guy was pounding into my cunt while I leaned over the bed so his friend could suck my tits, and, God was he liking that, and like slurping my tit juice, squeezing it into his mouth.

I heard the usual grunting and the big pre-come groan from the guy doing me and then he slammed in, hard and so deep, and I heard the long groan along with, "Fuck, oh fuck, you fucking slut," and then I knew he was pumping his cum in me, and then I felt a deep pain that rocked me, and I felt the guy pull out and his friend was waiting to do me so I felt his dick slide right in and he slapped my ass and started fucking me hard while the other guy grabbed my tits and started sucking on one, and another huge pain rocked me and I heard myself cry out in pain and the guy fucking me laughed and fucked me harder and said he knew he was good and had a big dick and all, and I might have screamed and he just kept on doing me hard, and he grunted and said he was gonna come and he was going deep and he fucked in hard and he said, "Oh, fuck," and he was unloading deep inside me and another pain rocked me and I screamed for him to get out, and young girl with hot body loves anal sex he did I fell onto the bed, and the guy sucking my tit said, "Shit," and I felt like thirty cum loads dripping out of me and more pain and I told them I was having the kid and to do something.


They didn't know what the fuck to do and I could tell they really wanted to get out of there, so I saw them drop a couple of twenties on the bed and leave and I got up and got my big t-shirt on and got to the door down the hall and screamed for someone to help me and finally someone made a phone call and the paramedics came and took me away and I had the kid a couple of hours later. I am curious and did kind of want to know what giving birth would be like, but now that I know, for sure I'm not letting that happen ever again.

They asked me if I wanted to see the kid and I told them, hell, no, I didn't and I signed the papers they gave me and then they told me to go home and rest up, so I did, and only went out once to get a burger because I was hungry and it took me a few days to feel better, and even then I only sucked dick for a while, that and tit sucking since I was full of mother's milk and some guys really liked that, not sure why, but whatever, as long as they pay me twenty to play with my tits, I don't really care.

I spent a lot of time in my room for the next couple of weeks sucking a lot of dick, and it kind of brought me back to when I was really young, something about having those dicks in my mouth and smelling the flowers that Joey brought me so I'd feel better, reminded me of when my daddy first showed me his dick and told me that if I loved him I'd kiss it and lick it.

It was second grade, in the late spring, in the middle of the night and the house was very quiet. My bedroom window was open and I know I could smell forsythia and honeysuckle, and my daddy who had a kind of spicy smell, and he woke me up one night when he came into my room and said to be very quiet and then he sat me up on the edge of my bed and I saw he had something in his hand and I asked him what it was, and he was stroking it, and he told me it was his dick and that it was special and since I was such a good girl I could touch it if I wanted, and did I want to.

I shrugged and inhaled and smelled the flowers and daddy, and he told me to open my mouth, and it was so quiet, and something was happening in my stomach, something not good, but my daddy asked me please to open my mouth, and so I looked up at him and I opened up and then his dick rubbed against my lips and slowly, so, so slowly daddy put his dick in my mouth, just the end of it and told me to suck it like a lollipop, to think of it like a lollipop, and it tasted okay, wife playing with pussy while sucking cock I kept looking at daddy, and he pushed his dick in a little more and I heard him sigh and moan just a little and he told me to roll my tongue around it, and when I did he moaned again but still very quietly.

I could hardly breath, and I remember being scared but I don't know why because daddy would never hurt me, and he kept telling me that while he started moving his dick in and out of my mouth, not too deep because I could barely get my mouth around it, but the more he did it, the heavier he was breathing, and he had his hand on the back of my head while he pushed in and out, and when I did breath, I smelled flowers again, spicy flowers and then daddy groaned, and told me he had a special present for me from his dick who was so happy now and it was daddy's way of thanking me and it blonde amateur makes her teen pussy cum he loved me, and I wanted to ask him what it was but my mouth was full of his dick so I just kept looking up at him.

Daddy started moving in a little deeper and much faster and told me to keep sucking and he was almost there, wherever that was, and he told me I had such a pretty mouth, and he was breathing hard, and he was pushing my head closer to him, and he kept moving in and out of my mouth, and daddy told me to get ready for my treat and to swallow it all down right away, and he started grunting but very low, very quietly and I breathed in the flowers again, and I noticed the moon was high up in my window and the light was shining so brightly really for moonlight, but all I could really see was my daddy's stomach, and then I really couldn't see anything because my face was pushed into his stomach and I smelled spice and then he groaned again, while his dick moved in and out of my mouth, and then he moved in deeper and stopped and daddy's dick twitched a few times and I tasted something salty when a thick liquid covered my tongue and I guessed it was my reward except it wasn't sweet, but I swallowed it like daddy said to, and it seemed to stop and then daddy took his dick out of my mouth.

He kissed my forehead and told me I was a good girl, and said this would be our secret, that no one else could ever know, and could I do that for him, and I said, yes, I could, because I loved him, and I did, I loved my daddy, and so he left then, but he came back several times each week after that, and I sucked his dick because I was such a special girl, and when I was about nine, he wanted to put his dick inside what he called my cunt and one night he did, after spreading my legs wide apart, and I was so surprised that he could do that, and it took a while, but I started really liking having his dick in me, even more than sucking it, and the best part of it was when daddy gave me his cum, that it stayed inside me, and it was his special present to me and me alone, and I don't care what anyone says, I still think I'm lucky my daddy loved me so much.

I always thought of myself as a virgin, right up until cousin Joey and his friends broke f you win the fight you can fuck her cherry that time in the woods. What daddy did was different, and I was kind of sad when he told me he had to stop giving me his dick. That was when I was thirteen, and he told me I might have babies and he didn't want to give me babies, and I was really sad about that and I remember how much I missed daddy coming into my room almost every night, and when he didn't anymore, I missed the way his dick felt in my mouth and in my cunt, and I think I blame my mom, because something happened, and I could tell by the way she looked at him and at me, and she didn't seem to like either of us, but she covered it up most of the time, but my daddy was gone and I was alone in the world, and it made me sad.

Funny how just smelling a few flowers makes you remember stuff you thought you forgot.


To this day I hate flowers, and if anyone ever sends them to me again, I will throw them right the hell out. It wasn't that hard to lose weight quickly, probably because I don't eat very much, and in a couple of weeks I looked pretty good again and started taking dick, and in another month my tits were still big, and still producing lots of nice tit juice for the paying customers, but I was thin everywhere else and gorgeous looking again so I was out and about and making some decent money, and life was good again, and I took my pills and didn't get preggo again for another two months, and I think the reason I did was because of that long, three day weekend party where I'm quite sure I finally took close to a thousand dicks in all of my holes, and a good amount of cum loads in my cunt, and it was really fun and for free too even though the host threw me a couple of twenties when I left, and, anyway, I didn't take my pills that weekend because like they were in my room and not at the party, so like what could I do, and so one of those guys is likely the baby daddy, but this time I'm getting an early abortion, the hell with being preggo.

On my nineteenth birthday, about two months after my most recent abortion, I'd been in Hollywood for almost a year, and things were going pretty good. Joey came by and brought me chocolates since I told him I hated flowers, and I took his dick in my mouth and sucked him good and he came quickly, and then we sat down on my bed and talked a little.

He told me I should be doing better and have more money because I was taking a lot of dick, and I said, I guess, and he said I didn't because I was basically giving it away and I needed a manager so I'd have more money. I knew I didn't care much about the money, and knew I'd give it away if I didn't need to pay rent, but anyway, Joey said he'd be my manager and just take a little cut, maybe thirty percent, but he'd make sure I got enough for my services, and I told him I'd think about it, and he told me to think fast because I was almost old and didn't have very long to make some money, and that I also didn't have a brain in my head so it was no surprise I wasn't making enough, and I already knew I was stupid, thank you very much, Joey, and I was surprised that nineteen was old, and he said it was, and that if I was fifteen or younger I could really make some money.

Before he left he wanted to fuck me, so I took his dick again, and then decided to go out and maybe have a birthday adventure. The Strip was busy and when a nice, expensive car with a bunch of guys drove up and asked me to get in, I knew I was gonna have some fun.

They asked me how much and I told them I'd do all four of them for a hundred and they asked if that meant anything, and I told them, yes, it did, and the car sped off while music blasted out into the beautiful spring day, and we ended up parked in an empty space behind some old buildings, veronica rodriguez jelena jensen a teachers discipline part one playing hooky it was quiet with no one around, and when they pulled up I was sucking a dick, but he pulled out and they took my clothes off and one by one they fucked me in the back seat.

When they were done I heard another car drive up and then there were another three guys and they started fucking me too, and I asked about more money and they told me to shut up and be glad I was getting anything, and so the three guys fucked me and the first four guys wanted to do me again so they pulled me out of the car and pushed me against the wall and kicked my legs apart and did me, and the other three mom san xxx sex stories story did me again too, and the cum was like pouring out of me, and the guys threw my clothes at me and told me to get dressed then they drove me back to the Strip and told me to get out, and they threw me a couple of bills when they drove off, but it was only sixty and so I felt kind of depressed because it was my birthday and all, so I decided to go to one of my favorite bars.

I told the bartender to keep them coming, and I used the sixty from the guys in the car. I was lucky this bar let me both drink and hang out, and take dick for money, but of course every drink cost me a twenty, and I needed some free drinks so I worked the guys around me and so I slipped the bartender the other forty I had and let the guys buy me drinks.

When the bartender took a break, he gestured for me to follow him and as soon as we were out the back door he had me pushed up against the wall and had my shorts down around my ankles and he was in me and doing me hard, and I felt his breath on my neck while he fucked up into me over and over and when he came, he moaned and went deep while he pumped his load into me, then he pulled out and wiped his dick on my ass, tucked in and left pretty brunette sex worker elize threesome lingerie there without a word.

I pulled my shorts up and went back in and a guy bought me a drink and I was on my way. After about five or six drinks I was ready to party, and by that I mean, ready to start taking dick, so I told the guy I was drinking with to meet me in the boys bathroom, and I sucked his dick in one of the stalls, and when he was done I found out there was a line inside the bathroom, so I started taking them on.

Some paid me, some didn't, and I didn't really care because it was my birthday and I wanted to have some fun, but I was making enough to give the bar more money later, so I kept doing guys and after about thirty of them, I wanted out of the stall, and so when I finished blowing the dick in my mouth and swallowed his cum load, I left the stall and leaned up against a wall and stuck my ass out, and I felt someone taking my shorts off and spreading my legs, and then a dick slid into my already cum filled cunt and I almost felt like I was in high school again.

I did thirty or forty guys like that, word sure gets around in a bar, but when the last guy shot his cum in me, I was kind of glad, and so I cleaned up a little, by which I mean I wiped the cum off of me, and counted my money very quickly and put it away, and was kind of pissed that I'd only made two hundred after doing all those guys, and thought maybe I do need Joey to help me, but I went back out to the bar and gave the bartender another fifty and let a couple of guys buy me drinks until I got good and wasted and I told them to meet me out back because I wanted some air while I took their dick, and the minute I got out there, one of them pushed me against the dirty stucco wall and fucked me without even taking my shorts off, hard, deep, and fast, while he told me he liked girls as slutty as I was, and my hadn't I been a busy girl today, all filled with cum, and that he had some more of that for me, and then he slapped my ass through my shorts but really hard and then he fucked me fast and grunted until he unloaded his cum way deep in pure pov german blonde picked up from beerfest cunt.

When the guy pulled out he turned me around and slapped my face hard and spit on me then threw me a dollar and left, the other guy pushed me against the wall and pulled my shorts off and then he fucked me too, and fuck it, he came so damned fast, but he did squirt all that nice cum in me and threw me a five.

I was picking up my money and stuffing it down my bra when another guy got his dick into me and went at me like a dog, only he didn't pay me. I took a steady stream of dick on my birthday afternoon, maybe fifty dicks, until it was early evening and I found myself alone, and I pulled out all the money they'd left me and counted it and realized that a whole lot of guys didn't pay me, and there were also a lot of dollar bills and only a few twenties and tens mixed in, and so a long afternoon of fucking over a hundred guys had made me only four hundred.

Yeah, I needed Joey to help me. There was still some birthday left, so I went and got a burger and I was walking along the Strip eating it, and a car drove up and it was like a Mercedes or something, and the guy said to get in, and so I did, and he told me he wanted to fuck me, how much, and I told him fifty and he looked at me like, yeah, right, but said okay and drove in back of a little strip mall, and told me to get out of the car and take my shorts off and then to bend over the car.

He pulled a tit out and sucked it for a moment while he stroked what looked to be a pretty big dick, and then he got behind me and put it in me and fucked me deep and fast while he held me down with a hand on my back. He kept slapping my ass while he fucked me, so the only sounds out there were the slapping sounds and the sound of his dick slapping balls deep into me over and over, and then he groaned and he grabbed my hips hard and held me still while he fucked me so fast and he slammed in one last time and his dick twitched while his cum squirted into my cunt.


He slapped my ass good and hard after he pulled out. He spit on a twenty and threw it on the ground, then got in his car and took off, leaving me there with no shorts on and cum dripping out of my cunt. I got back to the Strip but it took a while, and when I did I just wanted to take some dick and drink some more and just forget about my not so great birthday, so I put the word out that I was receiving in my room and soon I had them showing up and I drank way too much and took a lot of dick, and drank a lot of cum and piss, but I felt pretty happy and when I woke up the next day after finally locking my door sometime after three, I found all the crumpled bills the guys had left.

I had no idea how many guys were there, so had no way to know if two hundred fifty dollars was good or not, but I figured not, because I could remember taking dick in all my holes for a good portion of the night.

I was tired but went out and got some doughnuts and a hot dog because I was starving then I lay down wanting to take a nap before I went out again. I closed my eyes and remembered back to my ninth birthday, just ten years ago, and just after midnight, and daddy had his dick in my mouth, and I was breathing him in, and he told me he wanted to show me something new, and I felt a finger go inside me down there and push in and out while I sucked desi college slut divya gets deep throat from client dick.

Daddy was talking to me and telling me what a beautiful girl I was and how much he loved me, and he wanted to put his cum in a really special place because it was my birthday. I just looked up at him with my mouth wrapped around his dick and kind of nodded, two mature lesbian honeys play with each other he spread my legs way apart then pushed me down on the bed then I felt his dick down there trying to get inside where his finger had been and then his dick was just inside and pushing in and daddy was moaning, but he pushed carefully and when just the top of his dick was in there, I felt his dick twitch and I heard him groan then I felt this wetness and then he took his dick out and put it back in his pants, and told me how good I was and he hoped I liked that and we could do it again, and that his cum was in my little hole and that was so I'd remember how much he loved me.

After that, daddy was in my room almost every night and sometimes on the weekends, he'd show me his love when my mom went out, sometimes in my room and sometimes in the garage. He alternated between letting me suck his dick and putting it in me, and I remember starting to like that better so I could keep his cum for a while, and best of all was when he put his cum in me two or three nights in a row because I was a lot wetter and his dick went in farther and I liked that, and I loved having all that cum in me, and I know I was feeling what true love is, and I can't seem to find that anymore.

I didn't know why I was remembering this right now, but I knew right then how much I missed my daddy and how much I wished he was here right now and that his dick was in my mouth and soon I'd have his cum and it meant he loved me. I shed a few tears and I hadn't done that for a while, and then I heard a knock on my door and someone wanted in to do me, and I thought, well, I'll just pretend it's my daddy's dick and his cum, and I let a couple of guys in and closed the door and they had my tits out and one of them sucked me while the other got his dick into me, and I just closed my eyes and thought about my daddy and I felt better.

So, it's a little more than a month past my birthday, and I'm nineteen now, going on twenty, and I don't know what's next, whether to try modeling because everyone still tells me I'm beautiful, and tall, and thin, well, unless I'm preggo, or to let Joey be my manager and just continue to do what I seem to do best which is taking dick.

Maybe Pretty brunette luscious girl rides up chunky cock should try for more porn roles, I really am kind of a natural. I think I might be preggo once again, and like how many times is that, and I need to get the abortion before Joey finds out or he'll want me to stay that way for a while and make him some money. This time I think I'll have them tie the tubes because this preggo thing is getting old, and after being forced to have that kid, I know for sure I don't want one of them.

I might visit my parents this year and maybe just see if my daddy wants me again, because I still want him. It can still be our little secret. I hope he wants me because no one loves me the way my daddy does. Meanwhile, I've had a busy night and did a shit load of blow jobs in cars tonight, and now I've got a line of guys waiting to do me in my room.

It's late at night and I'm kind of tired, but I want their dicks more than I want to sleep, and I know that a belly full of cum helps me to sleep better anyway.