Deepthroater round ass amara romani gets fucked by dr tommys big cock masturbation and pornstars

Deepthroater round ass amara romani gets fucked by dr tommys big cock masturbation and pornstars
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When I was younger I would have never fantasized about this but as I grow older and still play around a bit. I am completely curious about sucking a penis and swallowing it's sperm.

Amateur bisex twin cock sucking homemade mmf threesome like to get high once in a while and when I do the fantasy repeats and before I can act on it I am out of Meth. I wish I could have this fantasy played out just one time so I can get passed it or embrace it. I may never know. Like other stories I have read speed just makes me hot. My anus gets hot, my smell changes, and I get completely Horney and desire to feel the thrust and taste of a man.

i am walking down a nice neighborhood street when I walk up on two hot and younger men all their muscles are flex and they are watching me as I pass nothing is said and I walk on down the sidewalk and then I hear footstep coming from behind me. I reach the end of the block and turn the corner then stop and wait.

Just then the two of them come around the corner and see me standing there. One smiles and asks if I would like to get a drink? It's a hotter than normal day so I ask where? He responds at our home it's right up the street.

I say well Ok why not, they seem friendly enough. So they lead me to their home and It is a huge home with many square feet and as we enter the front door it is immediately obvious by all the art work this home is for men only, still I am not afraid so we continue to a room just off of the kitchen.

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Both leave me there for 5 minutes. I look at a magazine on the table and it contains sex machines and toys and such, I realize that the line I snorted before I left the house earlier is still buzzing me and my anus is heating up.

I feel my blood pressure begin to rush and I close my eyes and I see this exact same scenario I had dreams about starting to manifest in the real. Just then the taller thinner of the two of them walks in with a drink and sets it down close to me. He tells me he knows about my dream? I am shocked. He tells me to have a drink and relax he has a surprise in store for me. Then the athletic man returns and they ask me to follow them to another room, I am excited and frightened, but my inhibitions are gone.

the drink I took contains more than just liquid. My breathing starts to get deeper and I know something is about to happen. Is it my fantasy. I walk with them and they take me to a room where there is a table, but it is not a table like one would think, it is like an examination table.

What is this ? I ask them and he says it's a sex enhancement room. H e says please lay down here and tell me how comfortable it is so I follow his suggestion. He says the table tilts and it spreads in different direction including the head piece. He says it also moves back and forth as well as side to side. He smiles and says get comfortable and place your arms in the side holders so i do.

Then he tells me that they are going to fill my fantasy and he activates this table. Restraints cover my arms automatically. The side holders extend out from the table leaving my arms exposed. The head piece tilts back and I can no longer see everything. The table begins to vibrate and I feel my body starts to hum with it. It feels exciting and my cock grows hard. He makes another correction and my legs are now starting to part.

I feel a trap door under my ass has dropped out and the table tilts back men and women sexy story bit more. A probe of some sort is visible to me and he is now scissoring out all the areas of Orphisms I have.

My penis is exposed, my ass is too, He tells me relax and he'll be right back. By now i am unable to move, and I entered this whole experience without question. Soon a tiny girl comes in and she is college age with no clothes on and her perky tities are perfect and white, her hair is blonde and her pussy is hairless.

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She says she has something for me and sits on my chest with her pussy up to my mouth and says open wide so i open and begin to start licking her lips and she wiggles on to my tong she's bucking my head and it is a rhythm all of a sudden she's Cumming and it has the same taste I have when I am methamphetamining. She moans and cums drips like water from a slow facet out of her pussy and I drink every drop and swallow it gladly then she dismounts my face and walks out.

They return and it is about to begin. He tells me that all I need do is to hold completely still and the table and it functions poor fellow lets wicked buddy to drill his exgf for money make all the movements.

I agree and then he takes his long penis out and strokes it and wow is it long. he says he will enter my mouth and slowly penetrate it into my throat and farther and about that time the other man has also returned and I can't see what he is doing but it is soon obvious hr has begun to locate and inject me with Meth.

He locates the vain and plunges the syringe all the way and I begin to feel my ass get hot my mouth opens and my breathing increases as the rush in my veins of methamphetamine speeds through my body and I am inhibited to say the least. That probe I saw is penetrating my ass and it is almost hot as it enters a squirt of oils is released and it with draw and next a toy penis on a machine starts to penetrate my ass it too is hot and oily and it drives right in and starts to vibrate and pulsate in and out, it feels good now a different device swallows my penis it too is part of this table this machine and it feels so good I don't want this to ever end.


Finally he allows his long thin penis to enter my mouth I feel its head reach my throat and it keeps going it passes in and enters toward my stomach and he says OK hold still now and this whole table and everything begins to slide to and from and hid cock is slowing pumping in my throat he is starting to make sound aah oo-oo ah he it feels good I will be Cumming soon and again aah oo-oo eha back and forth and back and fourth it builds all of a sudden I feel the head of another cock at my ass and it penetrates as the apparatus is moving but his cockhead is much bigger than the toy was it starts to slowly penetrate deeper and deeper I am in cock fucking me heaven and as it speeds up faster and faster I can feel the two getting hotter and hotter and I know there about to blow and it keeps going and going there is no pain it is bliss my whole body now knows what smoking lesbian mistress i enjoy going to the temple and the thing i enjoy most is girl feels when she is being pumped with cocks in all her holes.

The time is right now and first I can feel the unloading of ounces and ounces of sperm in my stomach, I never knew so much hot cums came out of a cock until now and as he slowly draws free from my deep throat he is still Cumming and his penis head draws to my mouth and I can taste it to and it also has the aroma and flavor of Meth in it and all I can think of is I want to keep doing this for a couple of days, Finally I hear a moan and I feel the second blast go off in my ass which is also hot and feels like a gallon of cum.

I am extremely satisfied and want this fantasy to become real but I don't know how and I need who ever carries this out to be just like them, Kind and giving, well to do and like Meth also.


It is a hard combination to find. I really hope one day to achieve this fantasy because if it is as good as it is inside my imagination I can not wait much longer, I want it now, as soon as possible.

If I only knew where to find this i would walk out the door and come there now, I am certain the table is not necessary, but the Meth is and the hairless cock is and the lube is and I will do anything I am asked to have that.