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Breed Me Big Brother (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter One: Little Sister Begs to be Bred By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! I was so bored. It was Sunday and my book wasn't holding my attention. I lay on my bed in my bedroom, my Kindle resting on my naked stomach, my small breasts rising and falling.

They were little mounds, small handfuls of titties that had barely sprouted. It kept me looking girlish and childish, younger than my nineteen years. Which was good, because I enjoyed being my older brother Clint's little sister. His little princess. I had my right leg balanced on my left knee, my foot swinging from side-to-side as I tried to concentrate on my newest romance novel. But I just couldn't get into it. The poor girl was in love with her step-brother (it was never her real brother, always step-brothers which I thought was a real shame) but he was ignoring her.

All it did was make me think of my own brother. Where was he? My little cunny grew hot and wet. I squirmed my thighs, my snatch freshly shaved this morning, the slit girlish tight.

I bit my lip, my toes curling. I set my Kindle to the side, staring at my flexing toes, rolling them over and then straightening them again. I shivered as a wave of heat washed through me. Now I was bored and horny. I snagged my glasses off my nightstand, put them on, and brought the world into sharp focus. I didn't need them to read, but everything farther than a foot away was blurry. I sat up, my light-brown hair, gathered in a pair of pigtails, swaying alongside my head. The ends brushed my hard nipple, sending tingly delight through my body.

I shivered and flounced off of my bed, darting naked to the door. Going naked through the house was very common. Our family was different. My mother, my sisters and half-sisters, my aunt, and the other women were all part of Clint's harem.

Even the two lesbian sisters, Juana and her sex-slave Carmelita, who lived with us went around naked. (They moved in with us after their parents kicked them out for being lesbian lovers last week). I searched for Clint through the main house and didn't find him. The only people that were home were my half-sisters Melody and Pam.

Our dead kinky ashli has her wet pussy destroyed was like his son, Clint, a horndog. He'd turned my mom and her sister, Aunt Vicky, into his sex slaves. They then would find other women for him to love. Melody was Aunt Vicky's oldest daughter and Pam was half-Japanese, her mother one of those Asian women my mom found for my dad to enjoy.

We only learned Pam was one of our sisters a year ago. Clint had fallen in love with her hard. Melody and Pam were his girlfriends. Lee, Mom, Aunt Vicky, and Pam's mom were his sex slaves. My oldest sister Zoey and her girlfriend Stefani where his lovers. And Shy blonde teen gets fucked out by hookup hotshot was his little princess!

"Hey, Cupcake," Melody said, lying naked on Clint's bed in the master bedroom, lowering her phone. She was the only blonde member of the family, her sandy-blonde locks falling loose around her face instead of gathered in her usual braids.

She had her thighs parted, a landing strip of gold leading to her shaved pussy. She didn't have a tight slit but instead her inner labia blossomed out, looking so yummy. "What you up to?" "You know where Clint is?" I asked, squirming my hips back and forth.

"Looks like someone's got a hot pussy," Pam said, setting a tablet onto the nightstand. She was a petite girl with round breasts, her skin that pale-dusky olive tone from her Japanese mother. She had her silky-black hair gathered in a thick, French braid that draped out around her. "I don't know where Clint is," Melody said. "Maybe he's next door watching the children with our moms." I glanced at the window, rain falling hard.

I so didn't want to have to go outside. Our family owned three houses next to each other. One was the main house I grew up in, the next was Aunt Vicky's house, and the third Clint, through Mrs. Hiragawa, bought last year so our growing family had room to expand. Melody and Pam had both borne our brother children.

They were so lucky. I wanted to have his baby. Lee, my bratty half-sister, was pregnant, and so was my mom. They were both starting to show and it just was so unfair. On an impulse, I threw myself between my two half-sisters. I snuggled between their naked bodies, wiggling like a child between her parents.

I breathed in their perfume. They both smelled so good, sweet and flowery. Melody smiled at me, turning onto her side, her round breasts swaying before me, her thick, dusky nipples suddenly right before my face. I pushed up my glasses as I stared at her nub. "What's up, Cupcake?" Melody asked as Pam did the same thing, her round breasts jiggling on the amateur mom huge tits and worships playmates daughter ass dirty compeers daughter side.

She had darker nipples, a rich brown that made my mouth water. "You look so pensive." "I just want to have Clint's baby!" I said, kicking my legs as I lay between them, my thighs brushing their legs. "It's not fair! I want his baby so badly. You both had his daughters. And they're so beautiful. I just want to have his baby and love him or her!" "You'll get your chance," Melody said, her hand resting on my belly. She slid it up my body, sending a wave of heat through me.

My sister reached my breast, rubbing my hard nipple. "Just be patient, Cupcake." "Easy for you to say," I muttered.

"You've already had his daughter. And Christie's so beautiful. I just want to have one of his beautiful children!" "You will," Pam added, her hand sliding up and down my left thigh. Tingles raced up my skin, making my pussy tingle. My toes curled and wiggled as my pussy grew juicier and juicier. "When Clint says it's time. If every woman in his family gets pregnant at the same time, people will ask question." "People already ask questions," I muttered.

"I've heard the rumors. Half the school thinks I'm already fucking Clint. They're fine with it. Incest is spreading! Everyone secretly loves it!


I just want to have his baby!" I knew I sounded petulant, but I just didn't care. Then Pam's hand reached my shaved pussy. My Japanese half-sister's smile transformed from a supportive to a naughty smile as she rubbed my hot flesh. Tingles raced through my body. I let out a little whimper as she rubbed at my plump vulva, stimulating my tight slit. Her finger parted my folds, stroking my inner petals. And my clit. "You'll get your baby, Cupcake," Melody said, her fingers rolling my nipple between them, adding more tingles.

I let out little moans. Their touch felt so nice. My head turned, staring at Melody's nipple right before me. That dusky nub beckoned. I licked my lips and then latched on. I engulfed it, loving the feel of it in my mouth. My cheeks hollowed, and I nursed. Melody's creamy breast milk squirted into my mouth. I savored the sweet, hot treat spilling into my life. I suckled away, my frustration melting. It was so relaxing nursing from a breast. Especially my sister's breast. I gulped down her milk.

I loved how it felt in my mouth, how it coated my tongue and teeth. The flavor was so delicious, sweeter than normal milk, with a cantaloupe flavor that added an exciting delight to it.

I gulped it down as I suckled with such hunger. Pam snuggled closer to me, her fingers sliding faster and faster up and down my slit, brushing my clit, stroking my petals.

Her nipple brushed my cheek as I suckled hard. A shiver ran through me. I released Melody's nipple, turned my head, and hot college babes shares with the neighbors dick hardcore groupsex onto Pam's, my glasses shifting on my nose.

She let out such a soft sigh, her slanted eyes squeezing closed as her milk squirted into my mouth. She tasted similar to Melody, that same sweet and rich delight. It was so subtle, hard to quantify, but she had a melony flavor to it that made my pussy clench hard, her fingers stimulating my snatch.

"Mmm, Cupcake, don't you just feel better," Melody asked, her fingers rolling my nipple between them, making me tremble and whimper about Pam's nub. "I think so," Pam said. "She's getting all warm and juicy in her cute cunny." Her finger rubbed on my clit. She concentrated there, circling it, making me squirm and moan.

I suckled as hard as I could about her nub, her milk squirting into my mouth. I suckled with such delight as she rubbed my bud, sending sparks shooting through me. I let out such whimpers of delight, savoring the pleasure she gave me. Melody's hand suddenly shot down from my breast to shove between my thighs, joining Pam. Melody didn't rub my clit or stroke my pussy lips. Instead, she shoved her digits deep into my cunt.

I whimpered about Pam's nub as my sister's digits filled my snatch. She pumped them in and out of me, making me squirm and undulate on the bed. My mouth popped off Pam's nipple. "Oh, I. I. You're both so amazing! I want to have breast milk! I want to nurse Clint and you and my baby!" "You will, Cupcake!" purred Melody, pumping her fingers in and out of my snatch.

Such pleasure rippled through me. "Mmm, your hot, little cunny will be bred by our brother." "Yes!" My mouth engulfed Melody's nipple.


I suckled with happy girl enjoys cock hardcore and blowjob passion. I shivered and writhed, my pussy clenching down on Melody's fingers while my clit absorbed the wonderful massage Pam gave me. I nursed with such enthusiasm, the creamy treats pouring down my throat and warming my belly.

The pleasure built and built within me. The heat from the milk in my stomach melted down to my pussy stimulated by my two sisters. Their fingers stirred up such passion in my flesh. My hands twitched. They reached out, sliding down my sister's bellies and shoving between their thighs.

Pam had a thick, black bush, her pubic hair so silky beneath my fingers before I found her juicy snatch. She let out a moan as I jammed my digits deep into her snatch. My other hand found Melody's shaved snatch, stroking her wet pussy lips, making her moan and gasp.

I penetrated her pussy, too. "Ooh, Cupcake," Melody moaned as I matched the thrust of her fingers into my pussy. Such juicy sounds filled the air. "Mmm, yes, yes, you have such delicate fingers." "So delicate," Pam moaned, her pussy clenching down so hard on my digits. "Oh, yes, that so nice." My mouth popped off of Melody's nipple.

"Let's all have yummy orgasms!" I gasped before turning my head and latching onto Pam's. Her sweeter milk tasted so wonderful inside my mouth. "That's the spirit, Cupcake," Melody purred, her fingers pumping faster inside my snatch. I shivered, my clit absorbing Pam's stroking fingers.

Sparks showered through my pussy, my hot flesh clenching down on Melody's thrusting digits. Such delight surged through me, meeting the warmth I drank from Pam's breast. My fingers pumped faster and faster in both of my sisters' pussies. I loved the different feel of their silky depths. They were both hot and juicy, but tight and hotter in different places.

I loved their wet heat about my digits as I nursed from Pam's breast. "Oh, Cupcake," moaned Melody.

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"Ooh, work those fingers faster. I want to cum on those cute, little fingers." My mouth popped off Pam's nipple, her creamy flavor lingering on my tongue.

"I'll make you both cum!" My fingers curled inside my sisters' cunts. I latched onto Melody's dusky nipple and suckled so hard as I searched for their special spots. Melody sucked in a sharp breath as her milk squirted into my nursing mouth.

Then Pam whimpered, her cunt clenching down hard on my fingers. I found them. I attacked their G-spots. Pam massaged my clit so hard, her fingers dancing on my clit. Pleasure zapped through me. My body trembled, my toes curling. I moaned about Melody's nipple as I suckled as hard as I could, gulping down that creamy treat. My fingers massaged their G-spots in their juicy snatches as they pleasured me. My pussy tightened on Melody's fingers. My orgasm built and built.

Both my sisters gasped and whimpered, trembling. Their passion sang through the bedroom as their cunts grew so hot and juicy. Their cream flowed, staining my fingers. My thumbs swept through Pam's thick bush and Melody's shaved twat to find their clits. I massaged them. "Cupcake!" Melody gasped, such passion in her voice. She trembled on the bed beside me. Her cunt convulsed about my fingers.

"Oh, you're just so sweet!" Her fingers jammed deep into me. My body spasmed so hard. I sucked in a deep breath as Pam's fingers stimulated my clit. My two sisters' touches combined with the delight of nursing from Melody's breast. Hearing Melody's orgasm set me off. My pleasure detonated in the depths of my cunt. My pussy spasmed hard about Melody's fingers. My mouth popped off her nipple.

I whimpered out my pleasure as my head snapped to my left and found Pam's waiting nub. I latched on. "Alicia!" Pam gasped. Her pussy clenched down on my fingers. Then her flesh spasmed about my digits. All three of us gasped and shuddered, moaning out our shared, incestuous passion. We reveled in our lesbian love.

I gulped down such sweet breast milk as the ecstasy washed out of my snatch and flowed through my body and into my mind. Such delight burst inside of me. Stars exploded across my vision. I whimpered around the hard nub in my mouth. My sisters' cunts spasmed so hard about my digits. My cunny convulsed on Melody's. Pam's fingers rubbed so wonderfully on my clit, stimulating me, sending more and more xxx pmb story sex stories 2019 surging through my body.

I loved my sisters so much. "Cupcake! You little minx!" Melody's breasts heaved as she sucked in her breath. I gave a final suck on her nipple as my pleasure peaked in me. My pussy convulsed a last time on her. My mouth popped off her nub as I whimpered and mewled. I felt so warm and wonderful now. My fingers slipped out of my sisters' pussies. Their bodies cuddled up against me. My eyes closed.

"Our brother will breed you, Alicia," Pam crooned as she sexy gorgeous gf gets full throat of cum hardcore and blowjob my pigtail. I let out a little sigh. My orgasm buzzed through my body. I felt so secure between them. I let myself drift off into dreams of having my brother's babies. Cradling them to my girlish breasts, suckling them, loving them.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "I wouldn't mind getting bred by your brother," Stefani said as I passed the open bathroom door the next morning. I paused and pushed up my glasses, glancing in at my older sister Zoey, the bustiest member of the family, and her girlfriend, Stefani.

They were lesbians who worked as strippers and loved getting fucked by Clint. If Melody and Pam were like my big brother's wives, then Zoey and Stefani were his mistresses. Only everyone knew about it. "We could start our own family, Zoey," Stefani continued, hugging my sister from behind.

"You'd look so cute with a pregnant belly." "You're just going baby mad," Zoey said. "I'm not ready to have stretch marks. We're making good money stripping. So why ruin it?" Stefani, a redhead with such beautiful dimples, nuzzled into Zoey's ear, brushing back her brassy hair.

Her hands slid up and cupped my older sister's large, pillowy breasts. Every member of my family had tits but me. Zoey squeezed those lush mounds as she purred, "You'd look so hot nursing your brother." "And nursing you?" Zoey asked, squirming in her girlfriend's embrace.

"Oh, that would be hot, too." Stefani gave a wicked giggle. "Besides, it would be so hot getting bred by him. Having his cum spilling into our cunts." "We get that all the time," Zoey said, shivering as Stefani rolled her nipples.

"But without us being on the pill?" she asked. "Without us having any protection? Imagine his sperm wigging up inside of us, reaching our egg." I let out a groan as I shivered. I took my birth control pill this morning. I didn't want to. I sucked in a deep breath, about to march downstairs and eat breakfast before going to college, when Stefani added, "Those two lesbians are pregnant." I froze. "Clint's firing silver bullets. Imagine one of those firing into our cunts, Zoey." "What lesbians?" I asked.

"You mean Juana and Carmelita? They're pregnant? But. But. Clint only fucked Juana once!" "Yep," Stefani said, giving me a glance. "Both of them are pregnant. They were all excited next door. We're going to need more nursery space now with four children on the way for Clint." "More babysitting for us," Zoey sighed. "You love taking care of those cute babies," Stefani said. "Don't deny it." My sister smiled, something almost motherly.

I just let out a shriek. Juana and Carmelita? Clint only fucked her once as her price for his help in dominating her older sister.

And Carmelita, well, Clint had fucked her a few times, using the submissive lesbian because it made Juana so wet whoring out her sister-slave. But Juana. I darted away, my pigtails flying behind me, my cute, girlish skirt swirling about my thighs clad in my white tights. I couldn't believe it. "There's my princess," Clint said when I flounced down at the dinner table.

I just muttered something as Mom bustled in the kitchen with Aunt Vicky and Mrs. Hiragawa, cooking breakfast.

"Morning, Cupcake," Melody said, giving me a kiss on the forehead before sitting down beside Clint. "Sup, Master," Lee grinned at me as she burst in, holding her stomach.

You could just make out her baby bump. She wore a big boobed blonde milf teases you with her sheer black pantyhose top just to show off that she was bred. She sat down beside me, her breasts jiggling without a bra to constrain them.

"I am starving." I wanted to be starving and having to eat for two. I rubbed my stomach and sighed. "You're going to be a father again, big brother." Clint glanced at me, his eyes widening. "You?" That look of shock made me squirm. Did he not want me bred? "No, Juana and her sex slave. You knocked them both up." "Go, Master!" Lee shouted. "Now you just have honey turns massage into fucking hardcore handjob knock up those cute twins." Kimiko and Minako, a pair of Japanese twins, had just moved in down the street.

Clint had spent all day yesterday fucking them while I was bored and horny at home. He had such an Asian fetish, and Lee was so happy that she befriended our new neighbors and seduced them into fucking our brother. She glowed as Clint smiled. My brother wanted to breed two girls that weren't me. This was so unfair. I let out an angry huff, folding my arms before me. I glowered at the table as Melody and Pam both teased Clint for knocking up the lesbians. No one paid any attention to me at all.

My big brother didn't even notice that I wanted to be bred by him. That I wanted his cock spurting in me, breeding me. I kicked my legs beneath the table. When my scrambled eggs and bacon were set before me by Mom, I attacked them with such ferocity. Every woman Clint fucked got pregnant but me. I wanted his baby so bad I could just scream.

On the drive to our college, I sat in the back, my face pressed against the cold glass, my breath fogging on it. Kyle drove us with Melody riding shotgun. Lee sat between me and Pam in the backseat, babbling about Kimiko and Minako and how cute they were together. How cute could a pair of twins really be?

Big brother should have been fucking me all Sunday. I was his little princess. The moment Clint parked, I burst out of the car and raced towards the college, my light-brown pigtails flying behind me. It was so not fair. I wanted to scream out, not caring that anyone noticed my frustration. "Alicia!" a bright voice called out. My friend, Jenny, darted up. She was also pregnant, bred by her older brother James. She had light-brown hair held back from her face by a pink headband and wore cute, girlish clothes like me.

She wasn't showing her pregnancy yet, but she had such a glow about her. "Hey, Jenny," I said, falling in beside her. "Bad weekend?" I shrugged and muttered again. "You know, I can't understand Mutterese," Jenny said brightly. She nudged my arm. wrong turn movie porn story nothing," I said. "Just. I want to have my brother's baby so badly.

You are so lucky that James bred you." She put her arm around me. "You're so young. You don't have to rush into it." "I'm the same age as you!" I protested. "And you're pregnant. Why can't I be? You don't have to share your brother with every woman that crosses his path." "I thought you liked being part of his harem," Jenny said.

"That you enjoy playing with other girls and licking his cum out of their pussies. I mean. I like licking James's cum out of our mother's snatch." "I do!" I said. "But." I let out a frustrated moan. "It's just. Ugh, I have to get to my English class. I'm just jealous. I'll be fine." "We'll talk at lunch, okay?" Jenny asked. "Yeah, yeah," I said, my hips shifting from side-to-side. "I'm just horny. It's almost the middle of my cycle." "And that's making you baby crazy?" I nodded my head.

"Yeah." I took a deep breath. "You're right. There's plenty of time. He just wants to space out our pregnancies, and I'm being a spoiled child." "Well, you are his princess. He does like to spoil you." "I am his princess," Baby jewel shares classmates cock to stepmom ashley downs pornstars hardcore said, lifting my head and smiling. "Thank you, Jenny." She gave me a smile. I darted off, feeling better as I settled into English class.

I didn't glance over at Leyla who sat two seats down from me. She had turned into a complete slut over the last three weeks. She used to be this demure, Muslim girl who always wore a headscarf and didn't show any flesh, now her dusky tits were almost falling out of her top.

Twice, every guy at our college had gangbanged her and her three friends. Lee claimed they were all whores. She had such a big grin on her face as she sat in class, that just-fucked look.

I wonder who she screwed? From the sounds of it, any guy in school could be her lover. Her close friend, Kimmie, sat beside her, also a slut. They giggled when our teacher, Mr. Ferguson walked in. I frowned at the man and. He looked like he just got laid, too. Had Leyla fucked him? What a complete tramp. I suffered through my classes and then headed to the cafeteria. Clint hadn't invited me to Aunt Vicky's classroom today.

He didn't take me in there every day—he had my other sisters and my aunt to enjoy, too—so I joined Jenny at the lunch table. She grinned at me. "Hi," I said as I sat down across from her. Before she could answer, Lee appeared. She almost jumped onto the bench beside me, landing on her knees and leaning over the table.

Her black hair, cut short in a pixyish bob, swayed about her mischievous face. "You would not believe what I heard. "What?" I asked my older half-sister. She was nineteen, like me, but had a few months on me. "You would not believe who is pregnant?" Lee said. She had her hands clasped before me. I let out a groan. Someone else was pregnant? "Oh, yeah, Leyla," Jenny said, shifting on her seat. "It's all over school." "Leyla?" I gasped.

"That skank!" "Who do you think knocked her up?" Lee asked, such glee in her voice. "You know her dad pimps her out. And both her brothers have fucked her at the same time. That's how the first gangbang was kicked off. Ooh, I got so hot and bothered watching them fuck while Master seduced her mother. He fucked her up the ass during the gangbang." "Wow," Jenny said. "Mrs. Umayyah?" "And I wouldn't be surprised if Coach Young's daughter gets a bun planted in the oven the way I heard them going at it on Friday," Lee added.

"He owes Clint big time for his advice on getting into her panties. He should let my Master take a poke at her once she's good and bred." I let Lee's words roll over me. Everyone was getting pregnant but me. Even the sluttiest girl at my college. It was so not fair. I let out a shriek. I couldn't take it any longer. I needed to be bred right this minute. Lee blinked at me as I bounced to my feet. "Alicia?" I ignored her and darted off, my pigtails flying behind me. My big brother would spoil me!

He would breed me! He would knock up my cute cunny! I wanted his babies! Nothing would stop me from getting what I wanted!

Cuban amateur threesome more years of penis for this beautiful brunette ran so fast nurse fetish and all girl teen orgy xxx halle von is in town on vacation with her boychum the halls, my pigtails flying behind me.

My footsteps thudded through the empty hallways. I found the stairs and darted up them. I reached the second floor in a flash and darted to Aunt Vicky's History classroom. Clint used it as his private fuck palace. He would be in there like he was during every lunch break fucking someone. Today, he would fuck me!

I grabbed the door knob, twisted, and burst into the classroom. A girl whimpered in delight as I stared at Clint's naked ass flexing as he plowed into his lover. Feminine, pale-olive thighs wrapped tight about his waist. I almost thought he was fucking Pam until I noticed the second Japanese girl perched on the first's face.

Kimiko and Minako. I didn't know which one was being fucked and which one was getting her pussy licked by the other. They were identical, both petite beauties who were my height and with tits a little larger than mine. They had thick, black bushes and sleek, silky hair.

The twin grinding on her sister's mouth gasped in shock, her hands flying up to cover the tits I really couldn't see because Clint was in the way. My brother looked over his shoulder at me, not missing a beat as he drove his cock over and over into the Japanese slut's pussy.

He had such a handsome face, so much like our dead father's. Chiseled chin, dark eyes that smoldered with strength, short hair. His back rippled with muscles. He played sports and worked around the houses, keeping him in great shape. And that ass. It was such a yummy ass. I wanted to grab it. "Is something wrong, Princess?" Clint asked. I could see his balls thwacking into the slut's thick bush. "Yes, something is wrong!" I darted to him, racing past the desks. "I want to be bred right now!

I'm not waiting one second longer." Clint arched an eyebrow at me as I stopped beside him. The twin sister riding the other's mouth still had her hands covering her boobs.

Her round face contorted in pleasure, her twin licking at her hairy twat.

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Her delicate lip quivered. The other twin moaned into her sister's snatch as Clint plowed into her hard. "Right now, big brother!" I said, stamping my foot. I seized his arm, tugging on him.

"Stop fucking that skank and fuck your little princess! I want to be bred! It's not fair that every other beautiful september reign pussy fucked by bbc clad stud is getting pregnant! You're going to knock up Minako and Kimiko before me!" "What?" the twin covering her tits gasped. "You're going to breed us?" "Oh, yes, Minako," the one on top moaned.

And I swear she started grinding on her twin sister's face harder. "Stop fucking her right now, big brother!" I hissed, pulling so hard on him. My glasses slipped on my nose as I did, groaning and heaving to get him to stop. "I want to be bred." "Want to?" Clint asked, a dangerous note in his flat voice. He gave me a look.

I swallowed. But I wouldn't back down. I gave him a piercing look. "Yes. You are going to breed me right now, big brother." He stopped thrusting in Minako's cunt. Then he ripped his dick out of her. I grinned, my pussy tingling in delight. My hands went to my blouse to unbutton my cute top when I noticed the darkness building in Clint's expression.

His eyes bored down on me. "Have you forgotten how good, little sisters are supposed to act?" he asked, that dangerous note growing in his voice. I trembled, swallowed. "I. I." "Good little sisters don't make demands of their big brothers," Clint said.

He seized my arm, pulling me closer. "They obey their big brothers. Love their big brothers.

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Treasure their big brothers." "But." My lower lip quivered. "I want your baby, big brother. Please." "You could have tried asking instead of marching in here, ruining Minako and Kimiko's fun, and making demands like a spoiled brat." His grip tightened on my arm. "Like Lee." I flushed.

"I'm sorry, big brother. I'll be good. You don't have to punish me. I just. I just want it so badly." "You need to be punished." He pulled me between Minako's thighs and bent me over the desk, pushing my face right into her hairy twat. She had a tangy musk, her juices leaking out of her. "Apologize to her." "I'm sorry, Minako," I said to the girl who continued licking her twin sister's pussy.

I nuzzled against Minako's silky bush. Her ticklish pubic hair rubbed on my lips a moment before I found her pussy. I shuddered as my tongue licked out, sliding through her hot folds. Minako moaned into her twin sister's pussy. "She likes your apology," Kimiko said, her hands sliding off her breasts, exposing them. The Japanese girl's pale-olive cheeks darkened with a blush as she squirmed on her twin's licking mouth.

I kept apologizing as Clint flipped up my skirt. His strong hands gripped my ass, making me shudder.

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My tongue flailed through Minako's pussy, drinking her tangy cream. My hips wiggled as my big brother squeezed my rump, sending such incestuous delight surging through me. Then he pulled down my tights.

I whimpered as he exposed my naked rump and shaved pussy. I could feel my big brother's eyes on my girlish cunny as he rolled my tights down my thighs and bunched them around my knees. I felt so exposed to him. Excitement beaded on my pussy, the subtle air currents in the classroom caressing my twat and making me shiver.

I moaned into Minako's pussy, jamming my tongue into her hot depths. I swirled through them, licking her like she did to her twin sister's snatch. Kimiko moaned as she watched Clint fondle my naked rump now.

I clenched my pussy, aching to feel his cock penetrate me. He always spoiled me. I was his little princess. He loved— CRACK! I yelped at the pain exploding across my rump. My eyes widened in realization. "Big brother!" He spanked me. "You've been a bad little sister," Clint said, his hand rubbing at my stinging ass, soothing away the pain he just gave me. "Haven't you?" "I." Tears beaded in my eyes.

"Yes, big brother. I shouldn't have been such a brat. I'm not Lee. I'm so sorry." "Keep apologizing to Minako while you take your punishment, Princess." I shuddered, wigging my rear against his strong hand, the stinging almost entirely gone. I dove my tongue back into Minako's tangy depths, swirling around through her folds. Clint's cock had been fucking her, and then he pulled out of her because of me.

That was so mean of me to interrupt them. She didn't get to cum on my big brother's amazing cock. Every girl deserved that joy on occasion. I just wanted to be selfish and have him all to myself. Juices ran down my thighs as I waited for the next spanking, whimpering into Minako's tangy twat. She groaned and shuddered, humping against me.

Her silky bush rubbed on my chin and cheeks. She felt so hot and naughty against me. It made my entire body buzz in delight. My heart thudded in my chest. I just had pov amateur wanks cock till huge cumload lick her. Devour her. I had to make her cum. It was only fair after all. My tongue fluttered faster through her cunt while my fingers found her clit. I rubbed her little bud and— CRACK! I yelped, my entire body bucking as Clint's hand smacked hard onto my other butt-cheek.

My pussy clenched, forcing out more juices to trickle down my thighs. The pain stung through my rear. I whimpered. I wasn't like Lee. I didn't get off on being spanked. SMACK!

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"Big brother!" I moaned. "Ooh, yes, spank the naughty girl," Kimiko moaned, grinding her cunt on Minako's licking mouth. "She was so bad! Minako was so enjoying your cock, Clint-san." "Yes, Minako was," Minako moaned.

"Minako was so close to cumming on that big dick. Minako's cauldron was about to boil." "I'll make it boil," I promised as I rolled her clit between my thumb and forefinger. She shivered and whimpered.

The sounds were so sexy and— CRACK! I gasped again. The pain surged through me. Fighting back tears, I flailed my tongue through Minako's pussy lips, teasing her, concentrating on pleasing her and not on the burning heat throbbing through my butt-cheeks. I would make her cum as an— SMACK! I whimpered louder, my pussy squeezing down so hard. My hips danced back and forth, the pain burning through me.

I squeezed my eyes shut, pressing my face tighter into Minako's pussy. Her silky bush rubbed on my cheeks, her legs brushing my glasses. They slid up my nose as she squirmed, her moans growing throatier and throatier into Kimiko's pussy. "Oh, yes, onee-chan," groaned Kimiko. "Yes, yes, yes, make me cum." "Minako will onee-sama," Minako moaned, her thighs squeezing tight about my head. "Minako is about to cum, too." I rubbed hard on her clit. CRACK! I groaned into Minako's pussy. She let out a squealing moan of delight.

Her body bucked, her firm titties jiggling before me. She cried out into her sister's pussy as juices squirted into my mouth. I drank them down while my ass burned so hot. Kimiko shuddered atop Minako, the other twin's body bucking. They both were cumming. "Damn, that is hot," Clint moaned.

"Seeing your red ass, Princess, and a pair of Japanese twins cumming." "Uh-huh," I moaned, my pussy burning as much as my ass.

The pain and itching need swirled through my nethers. My hips rocked from side-to-side beautiful teen makes love to his cock I kept licking and tonguing Minako's bushy twat. Her pubic hair tickled my chin and cheeks while her tangy musk filled my every inhalation. She smelled so good. Tasted so good. I shoved my tongue deep into her spasming twat, stimulating her, wanting to give her more pleasure.

My butt-cheeks clenched, anticipating Clint's next punishing spanking as I pleasured the Japanese girl with my eager tongue. I was such a brat for ruining her fun. I deserved— I gasped out in shock. Clint didn't spank me. He fucked me. "Big brother!" I groaned as his cock filled my little cunny. His girth spread me open, my toes curling in my cute Mary Janes. I wiggled my hips, stirring my snatch around his dick as he filled me up. "Yes!" "My beautiful princess," he groaned as he sank into my twat.

"Alicia, you are so hot! Getting spanked made your pussy so tight!" "I'm so sorry, big brother!" I moaned. "Thank you for fucking me! For forgiving me!" "Always!" He drew back his cock. "I can't stay mad at my princess." Such joy surged through me.

I licked and tongued Minako's pussy, wanting to give her another orgasm while my big brother fucked my pussy so hard. He worked his dick in and out of my sheath. I wiggled my hips, meeting his thrusts. His crotch smacked into my burning ass, sending stinging reminders of my punishment washing through my body.

My pussy clenched down on his dick every time. Kimiko squirmed and moaned on her sister's mouth, working towards another orgasm. She grasped Minako's nipples, pulling on those dark-brown nubs. She twisted them, stretching out Minako's tits, making my own nipples throb against my blouse. "Oh, onee-sama," moaned Minako, her body shuddering. "Yes, yes, you spoil Minako." "Mmm, and you lick my pussy so good, onee-chan!" Kimiko purred, her round face twisting with pleasure.

"And Alicia-chan, lick my sister's pussy so good. Make her cum and cum. She needs it so much." "Uh-huh," I panted, loving her Japanese accent.

It grew so thick as she squirmed on her sister's mouth, rubbing her silky bush on Minako's face. Incest was so beautiful to watch. And to experience. My pussy clenched down over and over on my big brother's dick. He thrust it so hard into me. I whimpered, flailing my tongue through Minako's pussy, stirring her up just the way my big brother's cock stirred up my pussy.

He had me squirming and gasping. My eyes were so wide as I wiggled my hips from side-to-side. Every thrust swelled my orgasm. My cunny welcomed his incestuous shaft into my depths.

He filled me up with his large cock. Waves of tingling pleasure raced through my body every time he buried into my gorgeous slut audrey royal tastes and fucks a bigcock. His balls smacked into my clit.

That added delicious sparks of rapture to surge through me. I moaned and shuddered, plunging my tongue in and out of Minako's tangy pussy, fucking her like my tongue was a mini-cock.

I experienced the silkiness of her sheath, her juices running down my chin to my throat. "Princess!" Clint grunted, his voice so strained. "Work those hips. Mmm, you're such a good little sister. You give your big brother just what he needs." "Tight pussy!" Minako moaned. "Ooh, fuck Alicia-chan's snatch. She's eating me out so hard, Clint-san." "She's such a loving girl," Clint grunted, driving his cock even harder into me.

My body rocked to his thrusts, such joy surging through me from his praise. I wanted to make my big brother happy always.

I wanted to please him with my body. To give him such pleasure. I wanted him to enjoy me over and over again. I wanted him to love me. To breed me. My pussy clenched down on his dick as he thrust so hard into me. I whimpered into Nurse panic japanese nurse getting fucked in the hospital cunt, my orgasm about to overwhelm me.

I squeezed my eye shut as my body trembled. "Big brother," I moaned into Minako's snatch, rubbing my face through her silky bush as I licked her. "Cum in me! Breed me, big brother!" "Oh, yes, breed Alicia-chan!" groaned Kimiko.

"Breed your cute, little sister, Clint-san!" "Yes!" he growled, thrusting his dick so hard into me. His heavy balls smacked me. My clitoris absorbed the impact and exploded with sparks of rapture. I squealed as the delight surged me. My orgasm wracked my body. My fingers rubbed so hard on Minako's clit as my cunny writhed about my big brother's cock. Incestuous ecstasy reached my mind.

Stars burst across my vision. I loved it. I drank it in as Clint thrust so hard into my convulsing depths. My hot cunny writhed about his dick, massaging him, eager for his cum to spill into my fertile depths.

"Breed me, big brother!" I howled. "Please, please, breed me!" "Princess!" he grunted. And then that wonderful moment happened. My brother rammed his dick all the way into my spasming cunny. His hot jizz spurted. It splashed against my cervix. It spilled teen mia malkova and milf brandi love some his shaft, making me tremble and moan.

I closed my eyes shut, drinking in the pleasure surging through my body. It felt so good. So amazing. My big brother's cock unloaded into me with all his fertile seed. My second orgasm slammed through my body.

My head snapped up from Minako's pussy. My fingers pinched her clit as rapture boiled out of my pussy and throughout my body. "Big brother!" I screamed. "My cute little sister!" he growled. "Goddamn, your pussy is so tight!" I milked out all his cum as the twin sisters moaned and gasped. Kimiko leaned down, taking my place licking at her sister's pussy.

Minako groaned and gasped, the pair squirming together. I watched them while my spasming cunny savored my big brother's dick spilling the last drops of incestuous jizz into me. My entire body buzzed in delight, as Clint scooped me up in his arms. He cradled me, his spunk running out of my pussy. I shuddered, my legs kicking, stretching out my white tights bunched around my knees.

He sat down on a desk, holding me on his lap. I stared up at his handsome face, seeing the love in his dark eyes. My arms snaked around his neck, pulling him down. He didn't fight me. He gave me what I craved. His lips met mine. The kiss felt almost as amazing as my orgasm. My cunny clenched, swimming in his seed. My big brother's seed. Our tongues dueled. Our lips worked together.

I loved him so much. I just couldn't wait to have his baby. Let me use yours intead wanted it right now, but I couldn't make demands. I had to be a good little sister. I squirmed, my ass burning, making me shift on his dick. His cock throbbed against my stinging rump, still hard.

Still able to fuck. I whimpered into the kiss, clinging to him, loving being in my big brother's arms. He broke the kiss. "You can stop taking the pill, Princess." I blinked. It took me a moment to fully understand what that meant. "Big brother!" Nice pounding with hottie hardcore big dick squealed when I did and rained kisses on his face. "Thank you, big brother!" I loved him so much.

And now he would breed me. He would give me a baby. We were going to have so much sex! I loved being his nubile and cute little sister! To be continued.