Arab couple fucks with the webcam turned on

Arab couple fucks with the webcam turned on
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ConnieJo's Life Story A fiction story. This is a story about me and how I learned all about sex starting from the first time I ever did anything with a boy. A recent boyfriend of mine suggested I write it and put it on here. He wrote some stories on here and showed me this site and a few other story websites. I've always kinda wanted to put some stories on the internet for guys to jackoff to and girls to masturbate to.

I've known guys that do it but they usually won't admit it. I've done it a fair amount and it helps get me in the mood. Sometimes sex is easier and better when you are all alone and I think that's why this site is so popular. You have to remember we're not all beautiful, sexy, well built sex machines. But we all like to have orgasms by the dozens. So go for it. It's a turn on for me when others have their orgasm I've read a bunch of the stories by lots of different people on this site and a couple of other sites.

You can tell who has really had sex and who hasn't. But that's OK because they don't have to be real accurate to enjoy them. My boyfriend wants me to write about all the things I've done since I started with my cousin Arty aunty fuck steep son brezzer Aunt Charlene. I told him it would depend on the comments I got after publishing this one. Some people are sooo stupid. They read a story about nasty stuff and then run it all down for being nasty and sick.

Well what the heck are they doing on here and reading it for? How stupid!!! Just go away if you don't like this stuff! I swear, some guys are just plain dumb. So I want to know if I should keep on going with my life history or not. What I'd hooker sucks and rides reality and blowjob like to know is if you got off while reading this story.

I have a thing about making guys (and girls) get their nut off. It's almost like an obsession with me and I think it started with this first sex incident of my life.

I know I had fun, lol, writing it. ConnieJo Growing Up We had lived with my grandmother until she died and then we moved into a midwestern town of about 50,000 people and my mom rented an old 2 story house in a rundown neighborhood.

We were pretty poor and everyone else was too. It was just me and my mom and little brother. There were lots of kids living all around us which was new for me because we had lived waay out of town on an old farm and I never had anybody to play with.

Which meant I never played "doctor" or any of the other games kid play when they are little that teaches them about sex. So I knew NOTHING about sex. I had seen my brothers peepee a couple times when he would run around naked like little boys and girls do sometimes but other than that.nothing. I guess I got started into sexual stuff at about the time I was going into 5th grade.

We had just moved into this old house a week or so and I didn't know any of the neighborhood kids too well. My aunt and cousins came right after we moved in to visit for the 4th of July that summer and Arty, my cute boy cousin who was going into 8th grade, was just starting to go through puberty then.

Of course at the time I had no idea what that was nor did he. I remember bits and pieces of what was said that weekend. Mostly the parts that confused me and caused me to start wondering about boys. So Arty was my first boy to tease and get started into my life of pleasing men and boys. He was supposed to watch us kids while the grown ups went out drinking that night. I loved being around Arty and had a super crush on him so I was looking forward to being with him.

I could tell he liked me too cause he was always staring at me. That evening while I was in my bedroom upstairs I could hear my Aunt Charlene and mom talking out in the kitchen. I had discovered by accident that the all natural college blondie fuck ready pornstars hardcore house had heating vents that connected to all the rooms and my room was right over the kitchen.

I could hear every word they said as they sat there drinking beer. I heard Aunt Charlene tell my mom "Make ConnieJo to wear PJ's tonight cause if she keeps running around in just her panties and little tee shirt, like she did this morning, Arty is gonna get another bommer.

He couldn't take his eyes off her little cute ass.

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She really is developing isn't she Joan?" ] Mom laughed "Yes she is growing up fast. OK, I'll tell her to wear her jammies. Is Arty starting to, know, like play with himself?" My Aunt laughed and explained. "Oh yes!

I caught him sniffing my panties and having a good time. He didn't see me watching so I just let it go. He gets excited real fast this past few months or so. I see pecker tracks in his underpants all the time now. Now that he's 13 he thinks he is a stud! Boys! They are all the same" "Oh I know! ConnieJo is still pretty good but she is filling out quick. It won't be long before she starts her periods. They grow up so fast!" Aunt Charlene, who had just married my mom's brother a few months ago, agreed that kids grew up fast.

She explained to my Mom that she took in young girls from Juvenile Hall until their case came up and they were sent somewhere else. Aunt Charlene would have them anywhere from a night or rio lee and katt dylan enjoying a cock for up to a month. She bragged that she made pretty good money doing that.

"But I see some real tough girls and they all go for Arty. I've caught two of them kissing him and doing some other stuff." "Oh my" Mom replied. "Aren't you worried about Arty getting in trouble?" Arty was my uncle's son from another marriage and was now Aunt Charlene's stepson. "No way Joan. I had the talk with him and explained sex completey so he wouldn't wind up getting a girl pregnant.

I swear these girls nowadays know more at 10 than I did at 20. The last little slut I had was 12 and she was on the PILL! The juvenile hall case worker said I had to make sure she took it every day! Can you imagine that!?" "Wow! Really? On the pill at 12? Wonder how many guys she did." Mom laughed. "Have you had the talk with ConnieJo yet?" Charlene asked innocently.

"Nooooo I don't know how to approach the subject. I never was good at that sort of things. Nobody explained it to me and I just learned it the fun way." They both laughed. Aunt Charlene jumped on this bit of information and offered "Well Joan do you want me to tell her the facts of life?

I can do the talk with ConnieJo just as easy as I've done it with all the girls I've had from Juvie Hall. I know all the questions they usually ask." "OH WOULD YOU!!! That would be GREAT! I've been worried about this for the past month since her breasts started to swell." Mom wanted no part of explaining sex to me. Aunt Charlene, on the other hand, wanted a large part of it. It turns out Aunt Charlene liked girls better than boys. A LOT better as I was to find out soon. That was why she took in problem girls.

It was a ready source of willing young girls and she got paid for it too. "Well Joan I'll be glad to help you out.


Do you want ConnieJo to know you said to teach her?" "Well. I don't know. You've done it a lot. What do you suggest Charlene?" Of course this played right into Charlene's plan. She could set it up any way she wanted. "Well Joan" Aunt Charlene explained "I think you should just mention to ConnieJo that I'm a nurse for Juvenile Hall and teach girls about their periods and stuff. Explain to her that she should do everything I tell her to do." "Oh OK.

I can do that" My mom said in a relieved voice. Charlene went on with her instructions. " I'll tell her it's all a secret and I'll never tell you or anybody else about what I teach her. That always gives the little girls trust in me so they can ask questions." Charlene paused and then went on " But it really has to be kept a secret from you.

So you can't ask me any questions because then Bengali hardcore and great cumshot i will catch any perp with a ginormous ebony dick and won't trust me if she knows you are going to find out about her sex lesson stuff.

Little girls are soooo paranoid. OK Joan?" Mom laughed "I could care less what you do just so she doesn't get pregnant. And I assume you'll teach her how to put a tampon in.

Believe me I won't ask any questions." "I've got some junior tampons with me I keep for the girls I get. They never have any of the stuff they need. Don't worry Joan, I'll show her everything." That was an understatement!!! My fate was sealed. Aunt Charlene was going to have her way with me and it would all be a secret.

My mom then went to the base of the stairs and hollered up to me. "CONNIEJO!! HURRY UP AND GET DOWN HERE." They walked into the living room and I came downstairs, pretending I didn't hear them as I had my Walkman earphones on but no music playing. It was a good way to overhear grownups talking because they assumed you couldn't hear what they were saying.

"CONNIEJO" my mom hollered, thinking I couldn't hear. "Turn THAT OFF". "What mom?" I asked innocently as I pulled off the really cool pink earphones. "We're leaving in a few minutes and Arty is babysitting you and your little brother.

I want you to do everything he tells you to do. Oh and also I want you to wear those new PJ's I got you last week. You know the pretty pink ones. We'll be home about 2am so go to bed when Arty tells you.

You three kids all have to sleep in the middle bedroom cause your aunt and uncle are in your bedroom." "OH MOM!! I hate sleeping with brother! he kicks me all NIGHT!" "Well put Arty in the middle." My mom looked at my Aunt "Sis does your Arty kick in his sleep?" "No, he sleeps like a rock.

He won't kick you Connie. If he rolls on you just push him off." My aunt informed me. Mom instructed me to do as my aunt wanted "Go get your PJ's on honey cause it's getting late and you need to get to bed early." "Oh mom!!! They're too hot! I don't wanna wear my jammies" I whined. She stared at me with that mom stare that we woman have and I agreed to wear jammies. As soon as I came downstairs in my new PJ's, that were just a longer cotton cotton top that went to my knees and had Mickey and Minnie Mouse on them, mom looked at my Aunt and she just smiled and nodded an OK to my mom.

They took off shortly and me, Arty and my brother were all alone watching TV. I had been thinking about all that was said. Arty would get a bommer looking at cute roxy shaves pussy in shower masturbation amateur What was a bommer I wondered. At the time I didn't realize my aunt had said boner but I didn't know what that was anyhow. And he was sniffing panties?!

EEWWWW how disgusting! Playing with himself? Like with cars and trucks? Pecker tracks.Huh? And I was going to start my period soon? Start what? Aunt Charlene was going to give me the talk? What's the talk? Sex education and tampons, Hmmmm. At the time I knew nothing about what any of these terms meant. I would find out more between now and in the fall when I started 5th grade.

I was to start the "curse" of my periods at school that fall and would soon learn all about boys and bommers. As for Arty staring at me this morning I did notice he was staring at me in my panties a lot. I didn't know he was getting a "bommer" though. My aunt didn't want him to see me in my panties, why not I pondered. Hmmmm she said I had a cute little ass. Maybe I should go look at my butt. I ran up to my room and took off my PJ's and stared at myself in the mirror.

All I had on were those same old cotton panties from this morning and as I twirled around I noticed I did have a nice butt. I stuck it out a little bit. WOW I'm kinda sexy!! That was the first time I had any inkling of an idea that my body was "cute" or "sexy" I kept staring at myself and turning around to see how my butt looked at different angles. My well worn white cotton panties with little faded rosebuds were quite tight and getting thin in the back where I sat on them.

As I stared at myself an idea began to form in my now maturing female brain. What if I took off my PJ's and walked around in front of Arty? Would he get that "Bommer" thing Aunty said he would?

Hmmm. I wonder what would he do if I stuck my butt out like this. I stuck my pantie covered ass out pretending he was watching it. A chill went up my back. OMG!! YES he wants to see my ass! My sexy body! I'm not a little girl anymore, I'm a SEXY WOMAN. I kept posing more and turning around staring at myself as I practiced how I would lure him into looking at my body. It was having a very strange new effect on me. My tummy started to get butterflies and I tingled just a bit down inside my privates.

A man staring at me!!!! In my panties! Arty wasn't a man of course, but to me at that time he was kinda grown up. And I was going to stand in front of him in just my panties showing off my sexy butt! I eased the top band of my little cotton panties down an inch or so very teasingly.

WOW I wonder what he would do. Then I pulled them down to just the top of my slit and smiled very sexy like. Then it hit me. My privates started to tingle a lot and I could actually feel my slit getting wet! My face felt all hot and I noticed my heart was going faster while the butterflies in my tummy started flying around inside me. What was happening!!?? It felt so wild and nasty and good and bad and fun and naughty!!!

Everything all rolled up into one new sensation. And I LOVED it!! "YEAH Baby" I growled in a dark sexy voice like I heard women do on TV "Yeah baby I'm gonna give you a BOMMER!" I laugh now as I look back on it. A bommer! Well maybe I should coin it as a new word for an erection.

Luscious babe sucks and bounces on cock at the time I was THE sexiest woman alive! Period. And that is how little girls feel when they first discover that they are wanted by men for their body.

We enjoy being sexy and making guys get "bommers" and falling all over themselves trying to get our attention. And of course us big girls feel the same way, it never goes away, even when you are getting sex pretty regular from a guy or a girl. I made a plan. I would put my PJ's back on and go watch TV with them. Then I would ask Arty if I could take my PJ's off cause it was hot. But my brother would see and maybe tell. OK I'll wisper to Arty what I want to do but tell him to put brother to bed so he wouldn't tell on me.

I'll take a book with me and lay on the floor in front of Arty with my legs up and spread a little and cover my face with the book like I'm reading. He'll be able to see my panties and stare all he wants cause he thinks I won't see him staring because my face is behind the book. I ran downstairs and into the living room. My heart was thumping because I was kinda scared and didn't know what would happen when I started to tease him.

Lying down on the floor with my feet pointing to Arty I pretended to be reading my book. Slowly, kinda absent mindly I brought my knees up and then, pretending I had an itch on my knee, I scratched my knee knocking my PJ's up to my crotch. As I turned a page I let my legs spread wide apart for about five seconds and then closed them and pulled my PJ's down over my knees, covering up the view for a minute or so.

Then I itched my knee again and slowly spread my legs wide apart even further than before. I seemd to get braver as time went on and my brother didn't notice cause he was sitting almost on the TV and not paying any attention to us.

Not able to wait any longer to see what Arty was doing and what effect my lewd behavior had on him I quickly dropped my book. OMG he was staring right at my crotch and his hand was rubbing a BIG bulge in his jeans. His face was red and he had a dazed look in his eyes. I pretended not to see and rolled over, dropping my book and stared at the TV. I felt my PJ's were up around my waist and I knew he could see my ass.

I slowly reached back and pulled my panties out of my ass crack and then pushed my PJ's down to the back of my knees. All very innocent like. The movie we were watching ended and Arty said "Time to go to bed kids" My little brother had fallen asleep so I woke him and he ran upstairs and I went and jumped in Arty's lap like always. My brother was out of the way! "I wanna stay up for a while and watch TV Arty. But it's sooo hot tonight.

These new PJ's are too warm. Is it OK if I take them off?" I ask in my little girl innocent voice. "Don't tell momma though cause she said to wear them, but it's too hot" He probably couldn't believe his ears and couldn't talk, Arty just nodded his head as he stared at me.

I stood up and pulled the long cotton gown up slowly over my face and pretended to have trouble getting it off as I kept my head covered, giving Arty a sexy view like I had done in front of the mirror earlier. Turning around slowly I put rear end towards him and bent over fighting my PJ's. Then I fell back towards him and he caught me, his hand briefly holding my ass cheek. His touch set me on fire even though it was just a short time.

Arty pulled my PJ's clear off and threw them on the floor. I quickly turned around and started to climb in his lap again. I looked at his crotch and he was hard as a rock. I could kinda see the outline of his thingy as it stretched out the thin fabric of his blue jogging shorts.

I straddled him and said "let's play horsie like we used to last summer" as I started humping him now with no clothes on and just my panties between us. His face got all red as I put my arms around his neck and bounced on his very hard thingy. My, he has a nice bommer I thought, as my pantie clad crotch banged on his boy manhood.

Somehow I knew what I was doing, instinct I guess, as I had never done this before but I knew to just keep on humping him. Arty started to pant and his face stayed all red as sweat started to break out on his face. This was all in about 30 seconds. Then he made a little funny moan/groan and started humping up at me a couple times as he grasped me tight down around my waist and held me tight against him.

"OHH OHH OHH" he groaned as his hips arched up tight against my privates. Arty's eyes were closed and he had like a grimace on his face. It kinda scared me a little as he had never done anything like that before. He stayed arched for about 20 seconds and humped a couple times before he relaxed. I had NO idea what was going on and tried to keep humping him but he quit. Just like a guy. Premature ejaculation. Just about every young boy I've ever had sex with had premature ejaculation.

Of course I didn't know it at the time but he was shooting a load in his pants. Pretty blond sucks off and drilled in ice cream parlor blowjob bigcock I knew was my privates were on fire with tingles shooting all thru my female organs and chills going up and down my back.

My nipples were getting very tingley and hard like when I was cold but this was way different. It felt like they were hot but had chills in them. It's hard to explain. Needless to say they felt VERY GOOD. All the rubbing against my clit had me turned on BIG time because this was the first time my clitoritis had ever been stimulated like that.

I have a large clit anyway and when I was young it stuck out at the top of part of my slit. So, of course, all this dry humping we were doing was setting me on fire. And the more I humped him the more I discovered how to do it so it felt really good to me. I could feel the wetness between my pussy lips starting to leak into my panties that were now starting to get a tiny bit damp. I guess I have overactive juice making glands because many times since then I have soaked through my panties and jeans, which can be quite embarrassing at times.

All these feeling were so new and exciting to me that I was a bit overwhelmed by it all. My heart was beating a thousand miles an hour and my face was all hot and I remember now that I had pissing com puppy girl calico to grind my attractive japanese gal in red stockings pleasures her hairy snatch tube porn against his "bommer" as it felt soooooo good.

I guess I was a little slut even at that young age just starting out. The female hormones are very powerful in a little girl entering puberty and cause her to do whatever is necessary to get bred. I didn't know anything about hormones and desire at the time. Just that it felt so very nice and naughty. The fact that I knew it was naughty made it even more exciting. And I knew it was naughty.

Every girl knows legal age teenager sucker gets a grade naughty. And I also knew he would never tell on me. I don't know how I knew that but I did.


Boys never tell. They just wanna screw. So Arty, now that he had shot his load, was ready to quit fooling with me. He kinda pushed me back and said ' I have to go pee" and went upstairs to pee. I was all hot and confused. What should I do now? Somehow I knew he was not gonna want to fool around anymore so I put my PJ's back on and went to bed.

Even though I didn't get to a point where I was satisfied sexually I had learned a lot in that encounter. I was also now aware of my body and the sensations that it was capable of producing. Little did I know that night of the extreme sensations that an orgasm would produce, but, at the time, I was definitely more curious about sex now that I had experienced first hand the arousing aspects of my female organs.

I climbed into bed next to my brother and fell asleep quickly as all the excitment had worn me out. It was about 10 o'clock and I slept until about 2:30 in the morning when everybody came home all drunk.

They sent Arty to bed and I pretended I was asleep when he came in and closed the door. He got undressed and got into bed next to me. Arty lay there awhile while everyone in the house finally went to bed and it got quiet. I stayed awake but pretended to be sleeping as he began making his moves on me. He started to try and wake me to make me move over and I just kept "sleeping" like I was dead to the world.

Confident that I was asleep he put his hand on my leg between my knees and slowly started moving it up towards my crotch, kinda gently spreading my legs apart as he inched up to my panties. I had taken my PJ's off when I got in bed so I was just wearing my little panties and nothing else. I started getting excited again just like earlier when we played horsie down on the couch.

I spread my legs a little as I kept on trying to pretend I was asleep so he would keep on going to do I didn't know what. Nobody had ever felt me on my privates before and I was getting really tingley again knowing I was being naughty and not stopping him. I WANTED him to feel me! Oh God this was so exciting for me. Just knowing a guy was wanting to feel me up and I wanted to know how it felt. So far it felt REALLY GOOD and I wasn't about to hamper him.

He didn't know exactly what he was doing, just that I was asleep and he was going to feel my slit in secret. Arty kinda knew by actions earlier that night that I was maybe willing to let him feel me up but he didn't know for sure so he was being cautious. It turns out he had never felt up a girl before and I was his first. Thinking I was sound asleep, as he tried to wake me and Alexis fawx and chloe couture way fun stayed "asleep", he figured he could feel me up with no chance of getting caught.

As his hand reached my panties he felt my slit through the thin cotton crotch. My clit was already hard and protruding. As he brushed it through my panties it felt like an electric shock went though me and I gasped and jerked. He instantly took his hand away and lay very still. I could hear him breathing hard as he was all turned on.

I lay very still and continued to play I was asleep hoping I hadn't scared him off. Not to worry, his strong desire to feel me up brought him back to start on my leg again and work his way back up to my slit. I know I was wet then as I could feel the moisture in my slit and actually making my slit pretty wet. My nipples were tingling again and chills were shooting through me as he now started rubbing my crotch again, trying to feel my slit.

I allowed my legs to be spread as he became more aggressive and slipped a finger under the legband of my little panties and finally put his warm finger into my crack. I remember I almost groaned but supressed it because I didn't want to stop him. He was on his side the whole time while feeling me up and was jacking off.

I didn't know about jacking off at that time but I could feel the rhythmic motions he was making as he felt me up and stroked his penis. The bed would start amazing teen babe gives a good blowob a little with his movements and he would stop when it got too loud. His finger in my slit made me so hot I couldn't help squirming a little.

I was afraid that my uncontrollable movements would frighten him away but he was too far gone and nothing would stop him now. I could hear him breathing really hard now as his finger found my little hole. Arty tried to stick his finger up inside me but I closed my legs as it hurt a bit. This didn't deter him either as he then slid his finger up by my clitoris. OMG!! I humped up and groaned.

I was ON FIRE!!! A couple times he would stop feeling me and sniff his fingers. How weird I thought. Gross!!!!! His feeling me up was having such a strong effect on me that it made me feel kinda like I had to go pee but a bit different.

It's hard to explain but when you're little and first start getting feltup you think you have to pee because it makes your female organs swell and puts pressure on your peepee.

Iwasn't worried if he made me pee cause I wet the bed sometimes at night and mom was used to me peeing the bed so I wouldn't get in trouble. But then fate struck again and I heard Arty give that same funny groan, like he made before on the couch, as his hand stiffened on my clit.

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Something hot and wet shot on my hip that was next to him. Then he groaned again and shot another spurt onto me. Was he peeing on me!!!!! What the heck is he doing????? He was breathing so hard I could feel his hot breath on my neck as he shot more wet stuff on me again and his heavy breathing excited me even more in my aroused little girl confusion. All I knew was I wanted him to keep feeling my spot right there where his fingers were mashing my clit.

It felt SOOO VERYYYY GOOOD and was soooo nasty and so bad and so very naughty and so EXCITING!!!! As I lay there pretending to be asleep while he got his jollies off I tried to figure out what it was squirting on me.

It was warm and it kinda stuck to me and didn't run down my side like pee would. Oh well I'll wipe it off later. I didn't want it to stop, but again, boys climax really fast and as soon as they do fucking xxx story of sunne leone all over. Arty pulled his hand back and he rolled over on his back and kinda sighed. There I was hotter than a pancake and he was done.

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The stuff he squirted on me was getting cold and the side of my panties were getting cold where he squirted on them. Some of his wet stuff had run down my thigh and got my side of the bed all wet. So what else is new? My first time to have to sleep in the wet spot. Gezzzeeeee. Wanting to know what the wet stuff was I slowly put my hand down to touch it. EEEEWWWWW it was all thick and slippery.

Kinda like snot. Not pee for sure. How could he make snot come out his peepee? I was all confused now. He fell asleep very quickly but I was wide awake, filled with new feelings and wanting to keep getting feltup.

My privates were all tingly so I slipped my hand down inside my panties and touched my hard bump of a clitoris. WOW that felt GOOD!!! I started to rub it a little like Arty had done horny secretary gets her ass fucked deep the same good feeling shot through me just like when he did it.

I soon learned to dip into my crack and get some more of the slippery stuff that was all over the inside of my little slit and bring it up onto my hard bump. I now had both hands down inside my panties using my left hand to spread my lips apart so my right hand could rub around my feel good spot. I was breathing real hard just like Arty had done and chills were shooting all over my body.

I thought about his bulge and how it felt on me when I was humping him last night in the living room and how he groaned and humped up at me. OMG it felt so good and after a couple minutes I started to feel a very weird, wonderful sensation beginning to grow.

CRASH!!! BANG!!! WHAHHHHHHHHH!!! My damn brother had fallen out of stepbro takes advantage and pound her his hard cock bed! I jerked my hands out of my panties as quick as I could as Arty woke up and my brother kept crying. Soon the lights came on and Aunt Charlene came in to see what was the matter.

She got him up and put him back into the bed with us. "ConnieJo move over and put brother between you and Arty so he doesn't fall out of bed again." She pulled the covers back to help put him there and I saw her stare at the wet spot on the bed where his snot, or what ever it was, was laying and then she looked at my panties that still were wet with Arty's wet stuff. I giggled a little bit as I thought about the fact that I made him MAKE that mess.

She stopped for a second and then kept on going like she didn't see anything. OH DANG!!! I'm in trouble now! I felt a pang of fear shoot through me. I had been caught! OH NO! I was so scared she was gonna spank me or something, I didn't know what she would do. Well it turned out she didn't do anything but I was real scared so I didn't feel myself any more that night. Arty and brother fell right back to sleep. I did notice while everyone was getting things straightend up that Arty had a wet spot in his white briefs where his wet stuff had leaked out.

Good! He had a wet spot too! After seeing the mess he made and thinking about it I was quite proud of myself. I caused all that just by letting him feel me up. I must be sexy!!!!! But it kinda ticked me off too because I had my favorite sheets with Cinderella on them and his wet stuff was right on her face.

I told Cinderella I was sorry and giggled about it. The next few weeks would be even more enlightening as I met the kids that lived around the neighborhood. I would soon learn about bommers and much more as Aunt Charlene had her way with me.