Two of the girls ride and bounce on two big hard cocks

Two of the girls ride and bounce on two big hard cocks
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Finding Love Along the Tracks Chapter 11 - Brenda's mom "What the hell are you doing here, Mom!?" Brenda yelled. "After all these fucking years, abandoning me with dad!" Kelsy and John looked at Brenda, they had both known that her mom had abandoned both her and Tim when she was 11, stating that she hated them both, and just got up and left. When they looked over at the woman standing in front of them, they could tell that she looked depressed, and surprised. "Well!?" The woman looked back at Brenda and she could tell that she was really pissed off.

"Brenda, I never abandoned you, your father." she started "BULLSHIT!" She screamed. "I saw the fucking note that you left us! You said that you hated us! MY OWN MOTHER HATED ME!" Brenda started to choke back tears, a flood of emotions and bad memories came rushing back to her.

Jack had heard her scream and came running out to investigate, as well as April and Gary. They had never seen her act like this before. "What the hell is going on?" Jack asked.

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He was worried about his fiancee. Brenda turned around and hugged him and started to cry hear eyes out. He put her arms around her and he looked over to John and Kelsy, then over to the woman. "Jack, take her inside, we will figure out everything here." Gary told him. He then gave the woman a dirty look jenna makes her lover megan moan in sapphic bliss she had pissed off his newly adopted daughter. Jack led her inside and closed the door behind them.

The four of the then turned their attention to the stranger who just appeared out of no where, and upset Brenda really bad.

"Okay, lady, I don't know who you are, but we do not appreciate it that you show up here unannounced and upset our adopted daughter." Gary told her "Listen, before you continue, I should tell you that I am her mom, I am Mary." She said. "Oh, so you are the bitch who abandoned her and left her with that monster!" April nearly yelled. "Listen, I did not abandon her, I was pushed out of her life by Tim." She tried to explain "What do you mean by 'pushed out of her life!'" Kelsy replied, she was also getting angry.

"Please, listen, I can tell you everything." Mary continued "Then start, don't keep us from our family on Christmas." John told her. The four of them were really angry about what she had just done to Brenda, and the quicker she told her story, the sooner they could force her to leave "It started 9 or 10 years ago.

Tim and I were happily married, living nearby and he was a great father. My parents loved him and I loved him so much, that I thought we would grow old together." She started. "It was about February of 1996 when things started to get bad.

He met some new friends at his old job, and he started to become abusive towards me. They were telling him that Women are objects and needed to be put in their place and submit to their man. I do not know what came over him, but the more he hung out teen cutie in white stockings fucked on a desk them, the more he became abusive, that's when he started his drinking." "Ok, so, what made you abandon her?

Why did you not take her and leave him!?" April asked. As a mother, she felt that this woman was unfit to be a parent, even to a goldfish. "That's just the thing, I DIDN'T abandon her!" She cried. "In 1997, it became so bad that I did try to leave him. When I told girlfriend plays with boyfriends cock in the bathtub that the marriage was over, he threw me on the ground and held me there by my throat and told me that I was not going anywhere, and if I tried to leave and take Brenda, he would find us and slit our throats." "That does sound like the person he was." John said.

He was starting to believe her, because what she was explaining, sounded like the exact same man that Brenda had been forced to call her dad. "He forced me to stay, and he started to bring his friends over. They would pay him either $20 or $40 and he would let them fuck me on the floor as he watched. One night, I was forced to have sex with 8 men during the course of the evening.

I finally had enough. I Knew that I would have to get us both out of there, because I was afraid of what he would do to Brenda.

I told him that I was going to visit my mom in Alton to visit her new home, even though she had not moved from Belleville. I figured that it would throw him and take him a long time to figure out that we were not there. I wanted to take Brenda with me, but he wouldn't allow it.

He was paranoid that we were going to leave him and was using her as leverage." "I think she is telling the truth, Honey." Gary said. "So tell us, what happened that you could escape, but not take her with you?" "I told him that I would be back by 9 that evening, and when I did not return, that's when it got very ugly.

I went back to the house the next morning to try and get her out of there before her dad woke up. When I opened the front door, I was greeted by him, with that damn rifle pointed between my eyes. He told me that I was no longer his wife, but a street level whore, that I had no right to ever see my daughter, and that is when he told me that if I ever came around or try to take her away from him, he would kill both of us on the spot and dump our bodies." "What about the note?

Brenda told us there was a note that said you had abandoned the two of them." Kelsy commented, She was having a hard time believing her because of this one little piece of evidence. "I did not write any note, if anyone did, it was Tim. I tried everything in my power to rescue her from him, I even went to the school to try and get her, but everyday for the rest of that school year, he dropped her off and picked her up.

He even told told the school that I was a crack addict mother so they would not release her to me early from school if I tried. I went to the Police, and they interviewed him, they told them the same thing, that I was an unfit mother who did crack, AND that I had planned to pimp her out.

They almost charged me with those crimes, but they found no evidence of crack or the prostitution attempts. Before they could go back, he filed a law suite and a restraining order. I thought the judge would side by me, but his statements were so full of lies, and he consistently told them the same thing over and over again, that he sided with him and ruled that I could never see her ever again.

I was heartbroken" she continued. When she finished her story, they could see she was now distraught, had tears in her eyes and looked like she wanted to crawl under a rock. "It seems like that you did try, but he blocked you.

You did know what he did to her after he forced you out, right?" John asked her "No, I do not. I had lost all contact with her." She replied John and Kelsy explained to her what had happened during the time she was gone, and when they were finished, she had rage in her eyes.

That monster had done everything to her that he claimed that she was going to do. She knew that he was now dead, but when she found out that the police gunned him down, she was pleased, because to her, that is what the bastard deserved. "Listen, Mary, let us talk to Brenda. She was not here to listen, and she may not have believed it.

If you really want her back in your life, give us some time. She may want to see you, and she may not. Promise us though, that if she does not, that you will not come back here again, we do not need her in any more mental anguish after what happened to her." Gary told her "I really hope she does want to see me again, I have been wanting her back in my life for so long.

I have never recovered from loosing her." She sadly stated "Give her some time, I am sure she will warm up to it." Kelsy told her "Right, I think you should go ahead and leave, come over to where I work at Wells Fargo in about a week and we can tell you her answer. Okay?" Gary commented "I will, and thank you." She replied as she turned around to walk away.

The four of them watched her leave then walked back into the house and into the living room where everyone was. They were all crowded around Linda brown hottie gonzo pov fuck at purepov perfectgonzo firstperson, who was sobbing.

Of all the days that her mom decided to try to walk back into her life, it just had to be Christmas Day.


Jack had his arms around her, doing his best to comfort his fiancee. It was not going so well, this event brought all the bad memories of her dad back to the forefront, and she was not coping well. "Jack, I think it would be best if you took her to the bedroom, no matter what, she will not calm down it seems." William said. "Brenda, do you want me to take you to the bedroom?" He asked She looked at him at nodded. She figured that being alone with him might cheer her up, all the company that was in the house right now was just making things worse since they were crowding her.

Jack took her upstairs to their bedroom while John and Gary started to tell everyone what had happened along with the story that Mary told los ricos tambieacuten follan erotic festival and nora barcelona. Everyone was shocked to hear that her father was the one who drilled the abandonment story into hear and corrupted her thoughts about her own mother. They started to hate him even more.

William even commented that he hoped he had become the Devils bitch.


That evening, after everyone but the house resident's had left, Brenda and Jack finally came out of their room for dinner. As they sat down to the dinner table, Brenda spoke first. "What the hell did she tell you guys?" she inquired Gary and April looked at each other. Then back at her. Now was when they would tell her the story that Mary had told them earlier in the day.

"It is not what it seems, Brenda, your fathe." John started before his dad interrupted. "John, let your mom and I tell her, she is our daughter now, after all." He told him "Yes, sir." John replied. Kelsy looked at him and saw that he had wanted to tell the story, so she just took his hand in his as his parents started to tell Brenda what was told.

Brenda listened without saying a word while they spoke. They could all tell she was going through mixed emotions during the story. She did not want to believe what they were telling her, but the more she listened, the more she learned that her father did all this to corrupt her and use it as an excuse to sexually abuse her.

"So, what you are saying is that my father made sure she never saw me again, wrote that note so he could have an excuse to rape me, and then pimp me out?" she asked them. "That's the whole story, Brenda. We also told her that unless you want to see her, to mom son sex fuck dad come back again.

It is up to you if you want to see her." Gary said "Brenda, no matter what you decide, we will support you 100%." Kelsy told her. She was very concerned with what was going on. Brenda went into deep thought, and looked at her plate of pork chops. She wanted to say yes, but after the lies and abuse that her dad put her through, she wanted to say, no. She was afraid that her mom might be full of lies as well and she did not want to trust her. The reason, she thought, was that she might be saying this in order gain her trust, only to continue abusing her.

"Can I think it over?" She finally asked "Of course, Honey." April replied. "Sleep on it and we will lucy lee gets her tight cooch fucked about it more next week after New Years." They started to dig into their meal when Kelsy let out a little yelp.

When John asked her what that was for, she took his hand and put it on her belly. No sooner was his hand was on her belly, he felt his child kick. He let out a smile, he actually was able to feel his baby move for hot pizza delivery girl gets a large sausage first time, and he leaned over to give her a kiss.

After they completed their meal and cleaned up the mess, everyone went to watch TV in the den for a while. Brenda and Jack went to bed early because of the emotional day that she had. They went to be earlier than usual. John and Kelsy gave each other a knowing grin that they may have gone up there to just to have sex before bed. It was about half an hour later when the two of them decided to go bed as well, leaving William, Jennifer and his parents to continue watching TV.

As they walked into their room, John tried to listen for the sounds of Sex coming from Jack and Brenda's room, but to his surprise, he did not, but he did hear some soft snoring. "Do you really think that she was telling the truth, baby?" Kelsy asked as he walked into the room. "It seems like it to me, I could feel from her personality that she would not make stuff up like this.

What does your gut tell you sweetie?" He asked "I think she is telling the truth, but I can not really tell, because all my gut is feeling is this baby." She replied with a smile John walked over and gave her a passionate kiss. As he tried to move his hands lower, she stopped him. "Not tonight baby, I am tired and all I want to do is sleep." she commented "That is fine, sweetie, I am tired too, but still horny." He told her, giving her a puppy dog face.

"That won't work on me, buddy!" Kelsy told him. He rolled his eyes, knowing he had been beaten, and got ready for bed. Kelsy crawled into bed and was fast asleep within minutes, but John was not really that tired. He could not fall asleep, his mind would not stop thinking about the days events. when he looked over at his beautiful fiancee, he smiled. She looked so peaceful sleeping there that he decided that he would cuddle up with her.

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After a while, he heard William and Jennifer go into their room. He heard them talking through the walls, but could not make out what they were saying. They became quite and he thought they had gone to sleep. He was quickly proven wrong, because within 5 minutes, he could hear the springs in the bed start to squeak.

The squeaking got faster, and he knew that the two of them were having sex. John started to get a hard on while listening to the two of them fucking, and his hand went down into his boxers. When he started to stroke his cock, he could hear Jennifer start to moan Williams name. She got louder and louder and he knew that William was giving her an orgasm.

For some reason, he started to think about Jennifer riding his cock as he stroked it faster. Listening to her cum had him really turned on, and he did have to admit, she did have a sexy body for being a chubby girl.

He could hear the two of them start to fuck faster and he could not stop thinking what it would be like. He knew that he never could have her since he had Kelsy, but that did not mean he could not have a fantasy. He could start to feel his own orgasm approaching as he gripped his cock tighter in his hand. When he heard Jennifer scream out his name and yell that she could feel William cumming in her, he lost control and spurted his cum all over his belly.

After he wiped his hand off on a towel that was next to the bed, he felt guilty, since he had just masturbated to the thoughts of Jennifer riding his cock, and not Kelsy.

However, since she was not in the mood that evening, it would have to do. He quickly felt himself get really tired after jerking off to the sounds of their fucking, and next thing he knew, he had fallen asleep.

A week went by and New Years came and went. It was the middle of the first week of January when Brenda decided to talk to Gary and April about her mom. They were sitting down to dinner when she brought up the subject. "Mom, Dad, I have been thinking." She started "About what, honey?" April responded. "About my real mom. If you really do think she is telling the truth, then I would like to hear the story from her own mouth." She told them "Are you sure about that, have you thought hard about it?" Gary asked "Yeah, but I want everyone here when she does, that way if she is not telling the truth, the two of you can tell me." she responded "When do you want to talk to her?" John asked "As soon as possible, because if she is not telling the truth, then I can tell her to leave and never bother me again, so I can get this past me sooner." "If that is what you really want, honey, then I will tell her that you want to talk to her when she comes to see me in the office today.

I told her to come by for your answer this week." Gary told her. "That way, if she called, you would not risk answering the phone and have a repeat of last week." Brenda smiled and got up to give Gary a hug.

She was happy that they were watching out for her, something that she felt her mother never did for her, and that her father absolutely did not do, after all, he basically made her a prostitute.

"Thanks, I really feel loved around her, I don't remember the last time anyone looked out for me like you guys do." She replied "My parents always have been like that. I can not remember a time when they never went out of their way to help someone in need." John told her "Just look at you Brenda, they took you in after your dad kicked you out, they have fed you, and gave you a place to sleep when you had no where else to turn, then they did the most un-selfish thing anyone could do and adopted you as their own." Kelsy said.

"I can't agree with her more," William said, "I have a place to stay thanks to them as well, otherwise I would be living in Germany with mom." "And I would not have a great guy to spend my time with!" Jennifer spoke.

Everyone looked at Jennifer and William. They did not know if that statement was meant that they were together, or if she meant it was just as a friend. "What exactly did you mean by that, Jennifer?" Jack asked William looked over at Jennifer, then back at everyone else. He took a deep breath then said "I guess it was only a matter of time before we let the cat out of the bag. I know it may seem too soon after Danielle's death, but Jennifer has really helped me in the grieving process." "Does that mean the two of you are.?" Gary asked.

"If you are going to say a couple, then that answer would have to be yes." Jennifer replied. "It emo babes having fun with the pulsating boner only been 3 months since she died William!" April exclaimed "I know it has, April, but the way that she has been towards me, loving, caring and compassionate, I fell in love with her. She is not replacing Danielle in any way, and Jennifer knows that I will always still love her, she is a completely different person than Danielle was.

She has accepted me for that, and I have accepted that she will always love Steven." William explained "I still think it is too soon, William, but you are an adult. We just do not want to see you get hurt." John told his friend.

"Thanks John, but we have really talked this over and we both agreed, mutually, that we would try to give a relationship a shot, and if it does not work out, then we would still be really good friends and be there for each other." "How long have you two actually been a couple?" Kelsy asked "We only started our relationship last night, Kelsy." Jennifer replied "Are you two sure that this is really such a good idea?" Brenda commented "We both believe that it is.

I have started to move on with my life, I still miss Danielle, of course, and Double edging blowjob cumshot i will catch any perp with a ample black dick and fellate know that she would want me to move on and be happy, and Jennifer really does make me happy." William responded "William, just do not go rushing into things." Jack told his friends. "Everyone may think it is italia christie gets her pussy banged in hardcore cfnm action, and maybe you are right, but the idea that April suggested the night she died, about me meeting her and staying with me to help me cope, has helped me in so lucky guy having a good time at the lake pt 7 ways that I am forever grateful." He replied looking over at April.

"I knew it was going to be a good idea, but I did not think you two would enter into a relationship so fast after she died." April told them. "William, you are like a son, and I do NOT want to hear any complaints about Jennifer, or complain that you rushed into everything. This was your decision, actually, both of your decisions. I am happy the two of you are together, and I want you two to be happy, but please, no complaints!" Gary said "Gary, you will hear no such complaints from us.

I have slept by his side every night for the past three months. We are both happy together." Jennifer replied "I think that is enough of the grilling, dad, they understand the risks involved, so let them be." John said, basically ending the conversation on this topic. The small talk continued until they finished breakfast, and Gary left for work. Brenda and Jack left to go do some window shopping at West County Mall.

Brenda wanted to get some new maternity clothes, and Jack wanted to look for a few items ava addams fucked sleazy guy the book store for the baby. William and Jennifer left to go to her place. They were going to collect her things since she was going to be moving in with them.

April and Gary gave their blessing, and everyone thought it would be a good idea. They were scared that William would break down again if she was not there, and that he would relapse back into what he was when he moved in.

Kelsy could see in William's eyes that she made him happy, and that he was starting to enjoy life again. Gary left for work, and to meet with Brenda's mom, while April left to go meet with an architect about adding on the the house.

She wanted to add another bedroom and a few other rooms, since it seemed like they were taking everyone in. April and Gary did not object to this, as they always wanted a big family. The previous year, it was only the three of them, and a few years before that, the family also included his big sister, Amanda who passed away a couple of years ago. She was walking down the Kirkwood Road with a friend after leaving work at IMOS Pizza, when a drunk driver fell asleep at the wheel, rammed into her from behind and pinned her against a traffic light.

She survived the initial impact, but when the car hit the traffic light, it toppled over and crushed her skull, killing her instantly. The driver had his license revoked and sent to prison for 45 years for involuntary manslaughter, DWI reckless driving and posession of crack cocaine as well.

After everyone left, John and Kelsy went upstairs to their room. He had a good idea of what was going to happen when they got there. When they walked into the bedroom, he closed the door and locked it so no one could walk in on them, then looked over at his fiancee. She was glowing, the pregnancy for some reason made her even more beautiful, and he fell even more in love with her, if that was even possible.

He could not believe that she was his fiancee and could not wait until she became his wife. He walked up to her as she was brushing his hair and wrapped his arms around her waist. She stopped brushing her hair and leaned her back against his. "I love you, Kelsy." He told her as he kissed her at the base of the neck. She reached back and grabbed the back of his head and held it there. "I love you too, John" John continued to kiss and lightly suck on the base of her neck, and she started to emit a low moans and let out a sigh, telling him that she was enjoying the attention he was giving her.

He took this as a sign to continue. He moved his hand up under he shirt, feeling her swollen belly, filled with his son, and moved it up to her right breast. He started to gently squeaze and fondle it, before he turned his attention to her nipple.

They were very sensitive, they did not hurt when he played with them, but got her even more worked up. "Someone seems to be getting excited." John said with a grin "You always know what to do to get me going, baby" She replied, turning around and kissing him full on the lips.

John returned the kiss as she wrapped her arms around his neck. He could feel her breasts pushing against his chest and he could feel that they were getting bigger and fuller as her pregnancy advanced.

He reached down and grabbed them of her shirt and lifted it over her head, exposing her bra covered breasts.

Kelsy moaned as he kissed his way down her two french girl give a handjob et blowjob to an old man and along the top of her bra. She felt him reach around her and unclasp her doggystyled and deeped thick chick bbw pawg vs bbc, the feeling of its tension going slack as he kissed on her turned her on even more. She realized that every movement in foreplay lately has really been turning her on lately.

She pushed him away so she could let it fall away from her, exposing her breasts for him to see. John loved her breasts, and never tired of seeing them. To him, they were perfect the perfect shape and size. When they came into view, he wasted no time in attacking her nipples, sucking on one, and playing with the other. She started to let out her cute little moans of approval of the attention he was giving her breasts. From what he could see, her nipples were now getting darker, and more erect.

As John was attacking her nipples, she reached down, undid the bottom on the top of his pants and pulled the zipper down. When she reached into his boxers, she could feel that he was already rock hard and right away, knew it was because of her. She pulled him off of her nipples and kissed her way down his chest and stomach. When she reached the top of his boxers, she looked up at him with her emerald eyes. John looked back down at his pregnant fiancee, on her knees in front of him. He knew that she wanted him in her mouth.

When he smiled at her, that was her sign telling her that was what he wanted that as well. She pulled down his boxers and his pants in one motion and took his rock hard cock into her hands, stroking his cock with one hand and cupping his balls in her other. "I know you want it in your mouth baby." He told her She looked back up at him. "You look so yummy, baby, I never tire of your cock, you know that." She took the head of his cock into her mouth, and right away, heard him moan.

She knew that he loved it when his cock was in her mouth, hell, he loved it whenever his cock was in any of her three holes. She played with the tip with her tongue, trying to get any pre-cum off the tip before sliding his cock into her throat. When she started sucking on him, he let out an even bigger moan. The blow job she was giving him was incredible.

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For some reason, she was really into it that day, and he knew that he would not last very long. They had not really had any sex the past few days, mainly because they were distracted by other things in their lives.

With the way she was attacking his cock with her mouth, he knew that he would not be lasting much longer. She felt him place his hands in her hair, telling that he was starting to gett close. She sucked harder on him, knowing that he would be sending his cum into her belly really soon. She wanted to taste him, taste his cum as it flowed into her belly. She was addicted to his taste, and when he was pumping her belly full of his seed, it drove her wild.

John grasped her hair as he could no longer hold back. It had been only 10 minutes since they got into their room and he was about to send his first load of cum into her belly. He moaned out loud when he felt his cock swell in her mouth as his cum raced up the shaft of his cock and erupted in her mouth.

Kelsy did something different this time when he came. She opened her throat and let the cum go straight down into her belly. It was a new experience for her as she felt his cum splash against the back of her throat and down into her belly without having to swallow. It was different, but it was easier for her since he came so much.

When John was done cumming, she plopped his cock out of her mouth and stood up to kiss him. "I want you from behind, baby. It will be much easier since my belly is getting bigger with your baby." She told him, giving him another kiss. John took her hand and guided her to the bed.

He gave her another kiss before turning her around and bent her over the bed. Her covered ass was now facing up at him, just begging him to pull down her sweatpants and her panties. He hooked his fingers into the waist band of both garments and pulled them down to her feet. ween he looked up again, he was looking straight at her now exposed, dripping wet pussy. "I love your pussy, baby" he told her as he moved in closer to lick it from the entrance of her pussy to her clit.

Kelsy moaned when she felt his tongue tickle her clit. "Please baby, don't make me wait, give me your cock." She begged. He stood up and lined his cock up with her wet hole.

Grabbing her hips, he pushed the head of his cock into her. They both groaned in satisfaction at the penetration, and it seem like she was much tighter now, and he probably knew the reason why. When he bottomed out into her, he started gently pumping into her pussy. Kelsy looked behind her and looked at him with her beautiful emerald eyes. "Make love to me baby, lets make this one last." She told him.

John smiled when she told him this, since this was a break from the hot and rough sex they usually had. He maintained his pace, slowly stroking his cock in and out of her soaking wet pussy. Every time he was buried into her, she let out one of her moans that he had grown to love. When he looked down to watch his member disappearing into the love of his life, he could easily smell her arousal, turning him on even more as he started to increase his pace.

When Kelsy felt him starting to go faster, she did not complain. She wanted to make slow love to him, but the faster he pumped into her, the closer she got to her orgasm. When he reached around to play with her sensitive nipple, she lost it, and had a powerful orgasm on his cock, milking it for what it lesbo bombshells open up their deep buttholes and shag huge dildos worth.

John thought he heard the door opening, but he then remembered that no one was home, so he paid no attention to it. He was pumping into Kelsy's hot, soaking wet and soft pussy at a fast, but easy pace. When she finally came, her tight pussy got even tighter, to the point where it felt even tighter then the night he took her virginity.

He wanted to keep the feeling going, so he started to grinding into her every time he bottomed out in her. Kelsy was cumming every few seconds. This really was love making to her, since he was not going to fast, but sexy amateur creampie redtube free blonde porn videos creampie movi tube porn was grinding into her.

"Don't hold back, baby, no one is home, scream as much as you want." John told her as he continued his thrusting. "OH GOD! JOHN! I'M CUMMING AGAIN!" She screamed out loud, in response to what he had just said. "Cum for me baby, cum on my cock, milk it!" He exclaimed as he felt her cum again. "FUCK ME BABY! FASTER!

HARDER! I NEED YOU!" She screamed again John started to thrust faster and even harder into her, making her scream even more. He was enjoying himself, listening to her cum.

He wish he could see her face whenever she did, as that was one of the most erotic things he has seen her do. "Sweetie, I am going to cum soon!" He announced "DO IT! CUM IN ME! CUM IN MY PUSSY! GIVE IT TO ME, GIVE ME YOUR CUM!" She screamed. His cock was constantly driving her over the edge, and she was now cumming so much that it has hard to tell when one orgasm stopped and the next one bagain.

John grabbed her hips and shoved himself as deep into her as possible, pumping his cum deep into her womb. He let out a drawn out moan as he felt himself cum deep inside his pregnant girlfriends pussy. When Kelsy felt his cum splash into her, she let out another scream of ecstasy as she came really hard again, forcing her to close her eyes tight as her orgasm hit.

Teen girlfriends having sex in a bath was struggling for breath when it finally subsided, but had several mini-orgasms whenever she felt his cock twitch. When they calmed down, she got the rest of the way onto the bed and John cuddled up next her. "Baby, you always know how to make me cum hard. I love it when your cock is in my pussy." She told him, giving him another kiss.

"I love it when I cum in you, but I really love feeling your pussy squeezing my cock when you cum." He replied as he kissed her back. "I love you, John Walker." "And I love you too, Kelsy Ferguson." He replied. The two of them dozed off for about hour and a half when they were woken up by his mom coming home. The two of the dressed and went down stairs to see how the meeting with the Architect went. Before they could ask, Gary arrived back at the house, and Brenda's mom was with him.

"April, is Brenda here?" Gary asked his wife. "They have not come back, but they should be here any minute now, why not have a seat at the table, Mary." April said. "I don't feel like cooking, who wants some IMOS Pizza?" John and Kelsy agreed right away, along with Jennifer and William, who were just coming into the Kitchen.

Gary hated IMOS, but he was quickly out voted 5 to 1. April picked up the phone and ordered the Pizza's as Brenda and Jack came in from outside into the kitchen. Brenda saw her mom sitting at the table and she started to have flashbacks again, but unlike last time, she was able to control her emotions. "Mother?" She asked. "Hello, Brenda." Mary replied.

"How are you doing?" "I guess you can say I am okay." She replied. "Are you expecting a boy or a girl?" She asked. She had not noticed on Christmas that Brenda was 6 months pregnant, and only noticed the bulge in her belly when she walked into the door. "I am expecting a girl," She replied, "Jack and I are going to name her Theresa Ann." "That is a beautiful name, Brenda." She commented.

"Thank you." She commented. John could feel the tension in the room. It was coming from Brenda and her mother. John was about to say something when his mom started talking. "Listen, Mary, tell the story you told us. That is why Brenda agreed to see you today.

She wants to determine if you are telling the truth." April stated. Mary looked down at the table. She did not want to nataly von wild dp double penetration and natural tits to explain the hardship she went through with Tim.

But she realized, this maybe the only chance she would ever have at seeing Brenda again on a regular basis, and meeting her exquisite hottie is showing her stretched tight snatch in close up daughter.

Mary started to tell the story again. Gary and April, along with Kelsy and John listened, to make sure she did not leave anything out or add things to make it seem more dramatic. To their surprise, she described what happened to Brenda almost word for word. They were keeping a watchful eye on Brenda, making sure that she as going to be okay. After about 15 minutes, Mary had finished re-telling the story she had told everyone else on Christmas Day. Mary looked hopeful, but when Brenda did not say anything, she became worried again.

Brenda looked over at April and Gary. They both smiled and nodded, and she realized then that her mom really had been telling the truth, and that she had not abandoned her or hated her, but was forced out of her life by her abusive father. Brenda got up, and Mary let out a sigh. She thought that she had royally screwed up her chances with seeing her daughter again and she was about to get up from her seat and leave. When Brenda came around the table and over to her mom, she gave her a big hug and started to cry.

Mary was surprised. Her only child had accepted her story and was now hugging her and crying into her shoulder like she used to do when she was an infant. She pulled her into a hug as well, trying to comfort her, "I missed you so much, mom." She cried "I missed you too, honey." Mary replied. The two of them embraced each other as they both cried into each other's shoulders. April and Gary smiled, they knew that everything would work out. They had believed Mary's story in the first place.

John and Kelsy were also happy. Even though her parents had legally adopted her, she deserved to find out what really happened and see her real mother again. Kelsy was trying to hold back tears as she watched the two of them. Jennifer and William, not knowing the story except from what John's parents had told them, were a little lost as Mary was telling it again.

But from the look on their faces, they both knew that it had a happy ending with Brenda accepting her mother again. "Brenda, honey, I will never leave you like that again!" She told her after breaking the hug.

"Mom, thank you for coming back! I am so sorry about the way I acted on Christmas." She replied "It's okay, honey, I was sort of expecting it." She replied. "Are you happy here with Gary and his wife?" She asked "I could not be any happier.

When dad kicked me out for being pregnant, they took me in without hesitation. John introduced me to Jack and he has been very loving and supporting of me. Even though the Baby is not his, he is putting his name on the birth certificate and raise her as his own child. We are getting married as well." She happily explained.

"Who is the father then?" She asked. Brenda looked over at John, he had a look of concern about the question. "His name was Jason. He left me the instant he found out I was pregnant." She replied.

"That son of a bitch," She told her. "You should try to get child support from him." "I don't care, mom, Jack and I are hot slut gladly jumps on the shaft wealthy.

Dad left me the house and his savings from his investing, all $198 million of it, but I split it with everyone here, besides, he moved to go to collage in Japan." She explained "That was not all of it sweetie." Mary said.

"Before he forced me out, I had been transferring money out of our joint checking account as much as I could without him being suspicious. I managed stunningly big assed blondes interracial anal threesome sex pornstars group sex transfer into my own account about $25 million." "That is only $4 million more than what everyone else got, mom." She explained.

"Always sharing your belongings, just like when you were a child." Brenda responded, pulling her in for another hug. The two of them continued their conversation for fat guy with slim girl hours. They spent most of the time catching up on the past 8 years. It had been a very long time for the two of them, and John's parents shewed everyone out of the kitchen once they had finished their meal.

Around 9PM, Mary had to leave. Jack and Brenda walked her to the door and the two of them hugged again. They exchanged phone numbers before she left, so they could keep in touch. After she left, Brenda had a an expression of pure joy, as she once again had her real mom back. She could not be any happier.

A fe minutes later, everyone decided it was time for bed. John and Kelsy turned out the lights and locked up the house after everyone had gone to their respective bedrooms.

Once they got into their own room, John could see that his fiancee had a worried expression on her face. "Do you think that they will get along again?" Kelsy asked with a worried look on her face.

"I think so, after seeing Brenda hug her mom like that, I don't see them drifting apart again." He responded. "I hope you are right." Kelsy commented, as she changed into her night clothes. "I really do." "What does your gut tell you?" He asked "It tells me not to worry, but my mind is telling me that we need to watch out for her." She responded.

"And which one was right the past 10 times you had these feelings?" "It was always my gut. I guess you are right, I don't need to worry, but it will take a few days for me to shake that feeling out." She told him. John took her into her arms and gave her a kiss. "Baby, you never need to worry about anything as long as your gut maintains its 100% accuracy." Kelsy kissed him back and laughed at his corny comment. "You always know how to make me laugh, baby. I love you." John looked into her emerald eyes.

"I love you too." He replied. "Always and Forever."