Dad and pals daughter friend sleep over first time the study swap

Dad and pals daughter friend sleep over first time the study swap
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Violet shifted veronica rayne has the worlds finest milf cumshot mature the rug she'd laid out on the ground and ran her fingers through her short black hair, stopping to tousle the purple-dyed fringe.

She took a cigarette out of her bag and lit it, letting out a contented sigh at the relief of nicotine. Things seemed a bit better for a moment, until the first raindrop landed on her nose. "Fucking, shit!" She cursed to herself, pulling up her hoodie and hunching over her knees, trying to cover her legs. Wearing her short black and purple skirt probably wasn't the best idea for the weather, and her legs were cold in the thin tights that stuck tight to her smooth legs. Today the forest didn't feel the same.

It was cold and drab; the vibrant forest hues seemed to have gone through a strainer, draining everything of warmth and colour. The leaves that hadn't fell and rotted had turned grey and lifeless, the bitter cold leeching away at them.


The sun was starting to set, and the forest had taken on an eerie, foggy darkness. Maybe it would be best to go home? She thought of her foster mom - the screaming cow she was, and decided against it. Maybe it would be okay to stay out here for a little while longer.

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She took another long drag on her cigarette, pulling it closer into her hood and away from the rain. Violet was blonde slut gets fucked hard by a big cock "orphan" - abandoned near birth by her crack-addict mother, and never knowing who her dad was. Now eighteen years old, she lived with a set of foster parents.

Her foster father was a spineless accountant and her mother was a pretentious slag too preoccupied with trying to claw back her youth three tanning sessions at a time, to fulfill any kind of parental role.

On the upside, the house was quite nice- a large estate set beside a wide lake. A thick forest grew on the edge of the property borders - Kyne's forest, which is where she always went after an argument. To be fair, telling her Foster Mom that she was 'So completely past it, no man would ever want her' was completely true - and was her opinion. Grounding her was a violation of basic freedom of speech! She had every right to come out her and protest.

Too busy wrapped up in her thoughts; she didn't notice a shape slinking through the forest; a silhouette low to the ground, weaving carefully between the thin trunks of the trees, pausing by tall ferns and wiry shrubs. It wasn't until Violet looked over to check if she'd put sweets in her bag that she saw what was watching her. A large wolf stood only a few feet away. Its dark, yellow eyes were locked on her, its silvery teeth bared.

Thick grey fur covered its body, with a softer brown and almost white underbelly. Violet froze on her rug, loud music still hammering her ears. Her heart was pounding as the beast took a second step forward, sniffing the air curiously. She had heard wolves don't attack people, but the way it looked at her - rabid and hungry.

Suddenly it threw up its head, shaggy mane bristling in the wind, and let out an ear piercing howl. She took her chance, taking off from the blanket like a frightened rabbit, petrified for her life. Her earphones dragged her phone behind her for a few minutes before they snapped free of her ears.

Now she could hear the wolf bounding behind her, powerful legs tearing across the forest ground and the thud of its heavy paws on the grass. Suddenly another wolf erupted from the shrubs, snarling viciously and blocking her path. She skidded to her left, barely able to steady herself as she ran with a renewed fear coursing through her body.

How many more could there be? A whole pack? Despite her best efforts, her heavy boots were not designed to carry people quickly away from danger and the thudding of paws was growing closer. As one last ditched effort at escape those waiting jaws, she hurled herself onto a tall outcrop of mossy rocks. Clawing her way up as high as she could, Violet desperately hauled herself to the top, just quick enough to be free of those snapping teeth - For now.

The rocks were only about six feet high at the very top, and the sloped stones gave the animals some leeway as they scrambled up at her, snapping and snarling. Luckily, the rain had made them slick, and hard for their paws to get a grip on. She turned away from them, looking for another escape - some higher rocks, anything! "Shit." Busty japanese teen fucks with two horny blokes spat to herself, running trembling fingers over her face "Shit.

Shit, shit, shit." There was no other place to go - just flat woodland all around. She'd lost the trail to get back home, and couldn't see which way she had just come from. Tears welled in her eyes and she looked down at the savage animals, quickly gaining more ground up the rock with each cautious step.

Her phone was gone, lost in the grass somewhere with her earphones, and she'd left her bag on the rug. Violet knew they'd get up the rocks soon, but she wasn't fast enough to outrun them on the ground. Maybe if she could get to a tree?

The forest was mostly tall pines - too high for the wolves to climb but she might just be able to, out of sheer desperation. Taking a moment to think, she undid her boots, losing precious seconds on the straps and buckles as one of the more daring wolves climbed steadily towards her, nearly within reach.

Raising a boot in her hand, she hurled it down at the closest wolf as hard as she could, quickly followed by the other. Seizing her chance, she turned and slid down the rock on the opposite side. Her feet hit the soggy ground, only wearing high socks this luscious babe widens legs wide open girlfriend homemade tights ripped from tearing through the undergrowth, and set off running.

After only a few steps, cold fear hit welled in her chest. All the trees in the vicinity had hardly and branches to climb and even those were high up the trunks. She hurled herself to the closest tree and tried to scramble up, clawing herself up soft the bark, desperately reaching for holds. Maybe if she could just get to a branch! A set of sharp, canine teeth closed on her skirt and dragged back, as the biggest wolf leapt up the trunk after her.

With a wail, Violet was pried from the wood, dropping down hard onto the ground. She stumbled across the forest floor, mud splattering her hoodie and skirt. With a shriek, Violet staggered up, and tried to run again, but the four wolves were circling around her, snapping forward each time she made a move for freedom. Suddenly, a big weight pounded into her back, sending her sprawling into the mud. In an instant it was on her, teeth clamped around her hood, yanking it back.

She slapped at the animal, her hand banging on the wolf's big muzzle. It backed away, powerful body arching down while his bushy tail stood straight up in the air, fierce eyes glittering with feral excitement while his jaws hung open, panting with excitement.

Violet crawled back across the ground, whimpering. Her makeup was smeared with tears, mascara running down her face with each wracking sob.


She stared at the pointed daggers that filled his gums, the way they glistened with his spittle while his tongue hung out of his mouth. He was growling, a soft, low growl of a coming attack. Screaming in terror, she rolled again to try and get up, but felt teeth clasp onto the back of her hoodie again, dragging her backwards.

The material gave way, tearing apart as the wolf shook her like a toy. She rolled around, desperately pushing at the wolf as her hoodie was pulled away. Its sharp teeth had caught the tight black tee-shirt underneath and shredded it too, leaving her body covered by ribbons of black cotton.

The wolf dived in at her again, this time biting down on her skirt and heaving. The thinner material tore quickly, leaving her legs covered by nothing but her tights and socks, already ripped by the running and fighting. Another quick bite tore a small gash across her hip shredding the tights and pulling most of the material away.

This wolf was obviously the Alpha male, as he was free to bite and play with his defenseless prey, the other wolves just circling and watching.

The ferocity in the air had them panting, pacing back and forth as they watching their Alpha impatiently. Their dark grey fur rippled and stood on end, the smooth pale skin before them so enticing, as its coverings were torn away.

They snapped at each other, drawing out a pecking order amongst themselves. The Alpha began to react too, drooling more fervently, large drops landing on Violet's now bare back as the tattered ribbons of her shirt fell around down her.

She shivered out of fear and cold, goose bumps rising across her mud covered skin. The rain had picked up, really showering now. Her hair was soaked, and the ground was turning to mud, churned by the rolling and fighting. Violet desperately struggled once more to escape, with what little strength she had.

Thankful that her clothes had stopped the bites, she tried to crawl away, dragging herself on her hands and knees. Pure dread clouded her mind as she began to expect a maiming blow at any second - a swipe from those massive paws, or those teeth around her throat. The Alpha was bounding around her, savagely butting her body with his head, snapping at her arms and legs. Circling around behind her, he bounded on top of her, front paws on her shoulder blades, pushing her to the ground again.

Slim ebony with huge natural tits fuck in interracial struggled to get up and escape, but the massive animal was far too heavy for her to throw off.

Her arms wobbled from the weight and she was helpless as he bore down on her.


Glancing down, Violet saw something that made her skin crawl. All this savage excitement - bounding and biting - it wasn't because he was hunting. He wasn't hungry; He was horny. His cock - a long, red, knobby thing, was slithering out of its furred sheath! It was smooth and contoured, pointed at the tip and glistening red with a lattice of pale white veins just under the skin.

Violet had seen a cock before - from porn definitely, and a few of the boys she'd gone out with in the name of teen rebellion, but she'd never gone anywhere with it. She was a virgin. The other wolves paced with an odd, clumsy gait. Their hind legs were definitely not moving as smoothly as they should.

As one turned, she saw the reason; they also sported their fiery lances, bigger than a cock should ever be, swinging like hellish pendulums under each beast. "No!" She screamed, trying to claw forward through the mud, away from her attacker. Violet's blood began to run cold as she realized just how exposed she was to the elements. Her clothes torn away, gracious dude fingers licks and pounds pleasing darlings cunt and ruined, and in the scuffle she hadn't realised her underwear had been torn violent throat fuck choke pass out. A slick, wet feeling tore her out of the shock.

The huge Alpha was pressing its animal cock across her thighs. It dribbled, coating her skin and what was left of her tights with a smooth oily precum. "No!" She desperately yelled out, as if pleading would save her from her fate, "No, God don't!" She struggled violently, almost pushing her way free before two subordinate wolves stepped forward and snarled at her, ferocious and drooling.

Their sharp teeth were enough to make Violet freeze again with fear. The Alpha jumped forward again, trying to bring her closer. Violet slipped backward a little in the mud, moving her legs slightly apart to stop her falling under the sudden shift in weight above her. He deftly hooked his forelimbs around her, wrapping around her hips and yanking her backwards towards his thrust. The oiled tip of the cock hit perfectly on target as she slipped backward, slick tip driving into her hole, tearing her hymen and burying itself deep inside her.

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Their joint howls echoed across the forest, followed by the jeering howls of the other wolves. Her eyes flew wide open and the jaw dropped as he violated her virgin pussy. With another smooth thrust he was all the way in, spearing her up to the hilt on his animal cock.

She squealed loudly as the pumping began. Her innocence well and truly taken as the feral beast fucked her like a bitch; Paws tucked under her, back bent and hunches bucking wildly. She could feel it probing around inside her with each violent movement. The pain was incredible, like forcing a square peg into a round hole - so to speak. Cascades of drool dripped into her short hair. He hugged her close, the pace quickly increasing as he tore Violet apart. She half groaned half yelped, more tears welling in her eyes, his coarse fur hanging over her body like a coat, enveloping her into this bestial act.

She yelled and swore, her insides clenching around the invader, trying in vain to push it away. After a volley of rapid thrusts, burying his hunk of meat deep into her he began to judder; each push becoming frantic and uncoordinated.

He began to slow - not out of choice but because a large swelling, as big as a tennis ball, was forming on his shaft. He pumped harder despite Violet's futile yells in protest as her opening began to stretch - the thick ball slowly sliding in. It was like the vicious penetration all over again but three times the size.

Her vision began to blur. She wanted secretly recording super hot teen call girl fucking shot in pov cry but her eyes had run dry and all she could do was whimper. An intense pain and a few steps from his back legs, as if he was trying to walk into her.

Then he was in. The ball popping into her abused cunt, wobbling with each shortened thrust. Her pussy tingled from pain, and other new sensations. Huge furry balls slapped against her thighs and ass, leaving them red. Suddenly he stopped, lunging forward and hugging her close.

A feeling of warm squirting shocked are you ready to swallow a hot load of cum cei as the huge beast filled her with burst after burst of hot, creamy seed.

His balls hung against her clit, rubbing the sensitive skin with his soft hair and sending shivers down her spine. The fear and adrenaline of this brutal rape being fucked by this powerful animal, naked outdoors with the only warmth coming from the animal fur and burning cock, the ball of flesh wedged in her keeping the river of cum from escaping.

It had left her thoroughly dazed, unable to comprehend what was going on. After a few moments of filling his bitch, the wolf relaxed and began to turn backwards, his knot still tied to Violet. After a brief fumbling on his part, they were now tied in the middle by a thick rope of meat. She weakly tried to crawl off of it, maybe dislodge herself somehow but it was stuck deep. The rest of the pack watched with anticipation, their pointed cocks erect and dripping with pre-cum.

They paced and whined, sitting and standing again, eager. She relaxed for a moment, taking a second to rest her arms on the ground. She felt dizzy again, the fear and stress forming and odd haze of euphoria. A harsh bark brought her back to reality. A large wolf had stepped forward from the pack, huge cock slapping across his underbelly as he walked. The Alpha tried to stand up, and pull free of Violet but he was firmly stuck not matter how hard he tugged. She was glad he stopped - worried he might turn her inside out with his wrecking-ball.

At the sight of the next cock, it dawned on her that when he did pull away, would she have to be used by each animal? Could she escape when he left her? She panicked at the thought of going through that again, that her womanhood had surely already been destroyed.

As it turned out, Violet would have given anything for another brutal rape in her battered pussy than what happened next. The second wolf, impatient for his turn with the prey bounded over. For a moment there was a heated snarling match, an Alpha and his subordinate contesting over mating rights. The Alpha knew, with his cock tied so deeply in this bitch he was too vulnerable to put up a fight. With a whine he lay down, head between his paws. The other wolf stood proud, stepping over his former-Alpha.

The relief of knowing she was not going to be dragged around in battle was short lived as the second wolf leapt over and impatiently mounted her, seemingly oblivious to the fact her pussy was already filled beyond the brim. He probed her skin with the tip of his cock, a slick trail painting over her back and ass.

He experimented pushing his weight around, dick flopping over her like a fish out of water. A few slaps later a Violet screamed in horror. The dripping tip of his cock landed straight on her asshole. She tried to scrabble free or do anything to escape her next fate, but pinned between the two animals she was helpless. ~~~~~~ Liked this?

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