Dirty foot domination everythings got a price

Dirty foot domination everythings got a price
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"Omigosh, Ellie, are you serious? This is gonna be so awesome!" That was Merri's answer when I invited her to Ocean City, MD for a week with my family during spring break. This was her reply when i told her that my parents were letting us have the beach front shack for the week.

"Holy fucking shit. Omigosh! Omigosh! Omigosh! Are you fucking serious?

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Wow this is totally what i needed after Michael." Michael was her ex, obviously, annd he was found fucking the school slut, Amber, after a pep rally one day. Needless to say she was upset about it. Merri showed up at my house with her bags on Sunday afternoon around 12:00. My parents had to leave earlier to make check in at the hotel they were staying at, and in about an hour Merri and I were gonna drive down with my bother Dane, who also had to stay in the one bedroom apartment.

Dane was 19, he was an English major at UMBC and one of my best friends. He had dark hair like me, my moms green eyes, and dads tall 6'3 slender figure. "Remember guys I'm gonna put your realtor sells the house by riding his big pecker inside and the maid will put your stuff in the drawers and open the door for u when u get there.

Alright? bye!" Mom said while driving away. "I guess I'm stuck with you brats all weekend" My brother said jokingly while mussing both my long black hair, and Merri's short blonde hair. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::+::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: When we got there Merri hopped out of the car, grabbed my hand and skipped up to the door.

"Yay!" she said quietly before ringing the door bell. "It's open" shouted a voice from inside.

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i opened the door to an open yellow living room on the right with all modern black furnishings, and a nice flat screen across from the couch . Then there was a small kitchen on the left with all stainless steel appliances and red marble countertops with black cabinets.

In the center of the back wall was a hallway zuzana dreams of a big career and works hard I guessed led to the bathroom and the master bedroom. "Damn." we all said in unison. "Hey, I'm Tori." said a tall red head in a blue halter top and a black jean skirt and flip flops. " Hi," Dane said coming out of his stupor. "So, you're all set here my number's on the counter if you need anything, I'm in here between 3:oo and 4:3o everyday.

The only thing is that your parents hadn't told me who was staying on the couch so i put all your clothes in the bedroom.

"Tori said before heading to leave. "alright girlies, let me grab some of my stuff so i can hop into the shower." Dane said before heading down the hallway.


After we heard the bathroom door shut me and Merri headed back into the bedroom. Quite gasps escaped both of our mouths as we saw the king sized bed in the off-white bedroom. "Have i told how much i love you yet?" Merri said before grabbing my head and planting one right on my mouth. she pulled away quickly as i sputtered "Dude, what was THAT about?" she laughed nervously "i guess i just got carried away." I acted disgusted but only to hide the flames that were now searing through my body.

"i call shower when Dane gets out." I said braking the silence. I went into the bathroom to find Dane toweling off, black girl sucking their first big white cock 46 tube porn, Elle, why didn't u knock?" he asked wrapping the towel around his waist " oh,uhm, I dunno. I mean I'm sorry, I mean I needed a shower w-what I dunno. sorry." I stuttered eyeing up his body, and let me say this was not helping my current state of horniness after the kiss with Merri.

"whatever, can i just finish getting dressed?" he said while pushing the door shut on me. I began to walk back to the bedroom to hear muffled moans. This was not what I needed to be hearing at the moment but I couldn't help my curiosity. I walked up to the door to hear the moans get louder. I quietly cracked the door about an inch and when Merri didn't notice, I opened it to about three inches.

There was Merri, knees bent, legs spread as wide as possible, left hand clutching the back of the bed, biting on her lower lip, and furiously fucking her pussy. I could feel a sudden pang in my abdomen and juices leaking onto my panties. I waited for the right moment and just as her screams hit their peak I walked in and sat on the bed next to her and softly placed my lips on hers.

Her eyes flew open and I pulled away. "having fun?" I asked teasingly. She was still gasping as she tried to stutter out an explanation.

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"Elle, y-yea, I mean, wha-what was th-that about. I mean sorry Ellie." I weighed the pros and cons of telling her the truth. The worst that could happen is her being disgusted, but judging from eirlier i dont think she will mind much. "what were you thinking about?" I asked. Maybe is i knew it would be easier to make a decision.

" what, when? oh.its a bit embaressing," she said, i noticed that she had closed her legs by now and had her knees pulled up to her jest.


I nodded hinting for her to go on. " you." she said simply. At this piont a new the best was going to happen but what i didn't know was that it would get even better. =================================================================================== hope you enjoy, this is based on real people in false events. Constructive critisism is enthused. Also, this is just a promo type thing, if you like it i'll continue the series through all 7 days