Xxx story full sex stories online official

Xxx story full sex stories online official
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London England, August 2014. I was sitting at my desk, daydreaming, looking out across the Thames towards the London Eye from my eighth floor window when the phone rang.

"Hi, Uncle John?" a young female voice said awkwardly. "Er yes," I replied thinking very quickly, as I didn't actually have any neices. "Its Saffron Uncle John," she explained, "Can I come to see you?" "See me?" I asked, as I wondered who this 'Saffron' actually was, "Why?" "Can I explain when I see you?" she said, "Only it's a bit awkward, and to do with my gap year." "Gap year?" I asked stupidly.

"Yes, will you come to Bramptons," she asked, "Or shall I come to your office?" "Bramptons, Lord Marchington's house?" I queried thinking aloud as Lord Marchington used to be one of my clients. "Yes, its Saffron here, Saffron Giles, Lord Marchington's eldest?" she reminded me.

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"Good lord, I while parents not at hime, you were about twelve when I last saw you, didn't we have tea in your tree house?" I remembered, I remembered climbing the rope ladder to that tree house when I had just started as a broker aged around twenty two when I was still reasonably fit and athletic. "Perhaps I could I come to your flat?" she suggested, "I have the address as one twenty one Reidsmuir Street?" "Yes, on the third floor, yes, my flat, Ok?" I agreed, "When?" "Tonight, seven thirty?" she queried.

"Ok," I agreed and I tried to work out exactly what was going on. I had this image of a twelve years old kid in my mind, a child, a tomboy but Saffron had changed, the twelve year old tom boy now had nice pert C cup tits, nicely accentuated by her tight crisp white top and dark mid thigh skirt. Her shoulder length blonde hair was held in place with a classic hair band and expensive sunglasses were perched on the top of her head. She swept imperiously past me as I ushered her in, "Are we alone?" she asked unnecessarily.

"Uh, hello, nice to see you again," I said trying to inject some normality into the situation.


"Yes, very nice, are we alone?" she repeated. "Yes, I'm afraid Robin went back to Zimbabwe, some time ago now actually," I admitted, "But why did you want to see me and what, do you want?" I asked as I ushered her into my lounge where the three seat black leather settees stacked milf rides on a massive cock big tits and cumshot matching easy chairs waited. "Its A level results day,"she she said.

"Ok, so?" I asked. "I needed three A's, A stars ideally," she said. "And?" I asked. "Don't ask," she said, "But there is no way in the world I'm going to Oxbridge any time soon." "Oh dear, oh well," I suggested, "So what is plan B?" "Do some re-takes," she said, "Only Daddy must not know." "Right," I agreed. "He put everything into putting me through Cheltenham," she said awkwardly, "You know, after 2007, the crash?" I nodded, "So I let him down," she said.

"He will understand," I lied, I knew he would never understand, he went to Cambridge as a quid pro quo because his father built them a new library, but now the Marchington family money and and with it their influence had gone. "He doesn't need to know," she replied, "If you help me." "With what?" I asked. "A car, and a salary while I do my re takes?" she suggested.

"And why should I?" I asked, "What is in it for me exactly?" "Your freedom," she said, "Think about Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, no one likes a pedophile?" My blood ran cold, "What do you mean?" I demanded, "What do you mean pedophile,I never did anything remotely like that," I said, "Who said I did?" "I did, in the tree house," she said as she fixed me with an icy stare.

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"But I didn't!" I said, "Not with you not with anyone!" "I know you didn't," she said, "But it was a Tree house, no one could brother and sexy sister forced read me some Enid Blyton,"I said. "You wanted to though," she said, "I saw it in your eyes, you wanted I told my friends we did it." "Oh hell," I exclaimed.

"Josie and Dhuska," she added, "They remember, at the they said I should go to our house mistress or the Police, but I don't think that is necessary, I think we can come to an accommodation don't you?" "No!" I said as I stood up abruptly, "I wont be blackmailed, get out." "Your funeral," she retorted.

I grabbed her arm, dragged her to her feet, she swayed against me, her blonde hair brushed my cheek, her firm breast against my arm.

"Stop it, let me go!" she demanded. "No, get out," I insisted, I had my arm round her, I felt her warmth and breathed in her perfume, my mind wandered, pleasant warm thoughts spread through my mind.


"You pervert you have an erection, Rapist!" she shouted. The flat was sound proofed, "Rape!, Rape!" she wailed. "Ok, why not?" I asked and I lifted her top over her breasts and popped her breasts out of her bra cups.


"Oh lord no, stop," she said, "I'm not on the pill, Daddy said you were gay?" "Robin is a girl," I explained as hooked a finger in the waistband of her skirt and pushed it down.

"Look, stop, lets discuss this," she said but it was too late, my hands cupped her breasts as I kissed her neck leaving a love bite. "Might as well be hung for a sheep as a goat," I explained as she stumbled with her skirt around her ankles, I pushed her pants down too really hobbling her until she kicked them off and tried to run.

Her white ankle socks and black shoes set off her tanned legs to perfection, drawing attention to the almost obscene pale un tanned panty area with her neatly trimmed pubes. She couldn't shake me off and instead I swung her around and through the doorway into the spare bedroom where a king size bed awaited with black sheets and white pillows.

"For pities sake," she wailed and then she sprawled head first into the duvet with her buttocks raised and waiting. I wrenched my smart black trousers down and off as I turned her, I threw my Y fronts aside threw my shirt in a corner and launched myself at her. There was no foreplay, just raw sex, her thighs spread wide I jabbed my erection in the general direction of her vagina with more enthusiasm than finesse.

I found the slot at my third attempt, the tip of my penis eased inside until I could really press it firmly home as she yielded to my assault, rapidly moistening as I pressed ever further inside her forcing deeper with every thrust, forcing her thighs ever wider with every movement until I was completely inside her and my balls were slapping her crotch.

"No," she said, "No condom, not on pill." I luxuriated in her warmth, she was swimming in juice, "I, uh, actually, uh, thought what a nice, clever, intelligent, uh, pretty little girl you were, you, uhstupid cow," I explained, "I wished I had a clever little sister like you, but that, uh." "No, pull out, pull out!" she wailed, but it was no good, the dam was broken and my seed gushed out to fill her wanton parts with baby making fluid.

"You filthy pig you spunked in me!" she protested, "Bloody hell!" "Thanks," I whispered as I still continued to hump her gently, "I haven't had unprotected sex for ages," I admitted as I kissed her, "I forgot how good it feels!". "What are you doing?" she asked incredulously. "Fucking you, making love as it were," I explained, "And don't pretend that you don't like it." "Ok, so let me up," she said.

"Hush, I'm getting hard again," I said and I began to hump gently. "Oh that's so not fair, I could be pregnant or anything," she protested. "Anyway what sort of car did you want?" I asked. "What?" she asked. "Mini, Beetle, old MG?" I suggested, "For you gap year." "I don't know, you can't talk cars and stepbro fucks her hot sexy stepsis as a summer surprise me," she said.

"I can," I said, "It's not just women who can multi task." "Oh sexy lily jordan steals and fucks for freedom funny, well don't," she said, "Shut up it spoils it!" I was good and hard again now, I started humping, really going for it, she started gasping moaning, calling out, "Fuck!" so I pounded harder and she gasped louder until she was wailing and then I shot my load again and my mind exploded, and there was just Saffron and me and nothing else.

"I'll sort the job, part time, and the car," I said. "You raped me, you actually raped me," she protested. "If I can fuck you when I need to," I suggested.

"You made me cum, my boyfriend never makes me cum," she protested. "So ditch the loser," I asked, "Do we have a deal?" "And if I am pregnant?" she asked, "Or have Aids or something?" "I'll sort it," I asked, "Do we have a deal?" "No, no I don't want to be some kind of concubine, either you get me the money and a car, or you go to jail," she insisted. "And how does that help you?" I asked, "With me locked up and you still broke?" "Actually if I don't get what I want I don't care," she declared, "If you get locked up it will encourage the other perverts." "You really don't care about me at all do you?" I asked.

"No, frankly," she admitted, "You seemed nice once." "Actually I quite admire your ambition, and you fuck really nicely," I agreed, "So what's wrong with doing something to our mutual satisfaction?" "You actually expect me to prostitute myself?" she said, "To fuck you for money?" "Rather crudely put, but yes, myself and trusted friends, why not?" I suggested.

"Oh no, no way not your friends as well," she protested, "No I like my way better," she insisted. "It's not an option," I replied, "For one thing its all on CCTV, your admission is anyway." "Shit," she said, "Oh hell." "But you fuck nicely, and I do like bareback," I admitted, "I'll meet you half way, just me, no friends and shall we say one hundred pounds a time, two fifty for all night?" "Plus a car," she insisted.

"Anything else?" I asked. "A flat?" she suggested. "No," I said thoughtfully, "I have a spare room, so why not share? like fuck buddies?" "Like a live in whore," she protested, "No thank you." "Why not, I would expect you to be naked at all times," I suggested, "Cook, clean." "No way!" she gasped, "You're mad!" "And Fuck," I said pleasantly. "What would Daddy say?" she asked "He won't know, he won't know Robin left, he'll think you are staying with Robin and I," I suggested.

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"Just like that?" she said, "I move in, as your sex slave just like that?" "Live in whore," I suggested. "Oh Christ, no, look this is totally weird," she admitted.

"You started it with false allegations," I reminded her, "But you are gorgeous." "Really?" she queried.

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"Really," I chuckled, "Damn it if you were a bit older, why we could have, you know." "We just did," she pointed out. "We just did," I agreed, "How did you get here?" I asked. "Taxi," she replied.

"Better tell Daddy you are staying over." I suggested. "Oh no," she said. "Oh yes, but I need some time," I admitted, "So ring Daddy, tell him not to worry because his little Saffron has grown up." "Can I get dressed first?" she asked.

"No, I like you like that," I explained, "I think Robin left some things somewhere, sexy nighties and." "Uncle John," she said, "Can I call you John?" "Yes, of course," I said. "Have you finished raping me?" she asked quite earnestly. "For now, I need a while to recover," I explained. "Viagra helps," she said, "Would a blow job speed things along?" "Possibly," I agreed, "In fact the thought," I said as my now flaccid tool showed distinct signs of interest.

"I never really had unprotected sex before," she admitted. "It's good isn't it, addictive." I suggested. "I could get pregnant," she said, "I'm not on anything." "Or a disease," I said, "Come here, I want to kiss you." I was nicely stiff now as she noticed as she came closer, "I think you want to fuck me again," she said.

"Fuck now not rape?" I suggested. "It's addictive," she said, "And anyway I fancied you like mad when we had the treehouse and you used to climb up and play." "Right," I agreed. "Which is why I told everyone we did it," she said. "Great, so?" I asked. "You know 8 inch ka land sex I want," she said. "It's not a problem," I replied, "I don't have a girlfriend, so we can be fuck buddies." "On your terms?" she asked.

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"On my terms," I agreed. "What if I want it on my terms," she said as she guided my cock back inside her, "What if I decide I want you?" "Don't take the morning after pill, go the child support route, safer than having me arrested," I suggested. "That's what I thought," she said as I started to hump again, "I haven't put you off then?" "No," I replied she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me even deeper into her.

"Oh god that feels good," she said. "Au naturel," I explained. "Not having to worry about, you know," she said, "Its terribly terribly liberating." My mind was all over the place as Mom san braezzrs sex story shot my load for the third time that evening, "Have a rest," she said as she pulled the duvet over me and I drifted into a contented sleep.

I woke to the smell of fresh coffee, it was morning, Saffron was wearing one of my shirts and looking at me, "You need a shave," she said, "And a bath, but first," she kissed my cheek and reached down to to stroke my shaft, "You need to relax." "Relax, that's about the last thing," I responded, "I'll do if you carry on like that!" "Good," she said, "Wasn't that fun last night!" "No frankly it was a nightmare," I responded.

"Oh don't be such a wuss," she said, "I felt all tingly and nice, I've been so worried about telling Daddy and now I don't need to." "Right, tell him what exactly?" I asked. "That I'm doing re takes, he can think I'm sort of doing an internship with you," she suggested, "Don't look like that," she added, "It will be fun." "You're too young," I said.

"I'm nearly nineteen, look, ok, cook, clean, fuck, the works, I'll do it all," she said, "You know it makes sense," she said as she stroked my cock hard again.

"See, now let me show you the benefits again," she said and she climbed over me and sank down onto my erection, "How can you possibly resist?" she asked. I didn't try, resistance is futile.