Casual teen sex my best one time sex ever

Casual teen sex my best one time sex ever
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I'd been awake most of the night in anticipation of another Saturday threesome with my wife and our seventeen-year old neighbor, Toni. The pre-dawn phone call requiring me to come into work on my weekend really pissed me off, but management, as they say, has its price.

At any rate, the emergency was resolved by noon, and I headed home. My mood was sour since I figured we'd missed any opportunity with Toni today, and the thought of another entire week without repeating the romp we'd had with her was unsettling.

My wife's willingness to participate in the unexpected menage a trois had surprised me more than looking up from eating her pussy and finding Toni fingering herself to climax in our backyard as she watched us. With this memory, my cock began to thicken in my slacks. Sandy wasn't in the house when I arrived home, and I assumed she'd be out by the pool enjoying the sun, since I'd intended to surprise her and hadn't called to let her know I was en route.

We usually go nude at home during the summer and I'd ensured the design of our property provided complete privacy for it.

I'd gotten pretty worked up fantasizing about her with Toni through the week, especially the night before, and was looking forward to at least a little "fun-in-the-sun" with Sandy. I slipped out of my clothes, laying them to the side as I stepped through our sliding glass door into the backyard. My heart leapt when I heard laughter coming from our hot-tub veranda, "Toni?" I queried under my breath. Approaching the hot tub excitedly, I found not only Toni soaking with Sandy, but Toni's mom as well.

All were topless, which I assumed meant nude; my cock throbbing at the thought. I stopped a short distance away, so far unobserved by the women, and curious what latina got fucked hardly as option to usual consequences might be afoot.

Toni's mother, Angie, sat between her daughter and my wife. She was clearly the source of Toni's olive complexion, with hair slightly darker than her daughter's, and like her's now, bunched in a clip at her neck.


What I could see of her breasts demonstrated that Toni had also inherited her's from her mom as well. It was obvious that none were keeping their hands to themselves. My erection re-booted at the sight, and I was amused at the impish grin that spread coyly across Sandy's face as she turned and realized I was standing there.

"Oh, Tom! You're home early!" she said in mock surprise. My inward response was, "Who are you, and what have you done with my wife?" I didn't see any wisdom in sharing that, so I said instead, "Uh. should I wait inside?" "No!" Toni retorted quickly. "We've been waiting for you! Mrs. J called your work and they told her you were on your way." So much for the element of surprise! I tried in vain frisky czech cutie stretches her spread vagina to the bizarre sort through what might be up with Toni's mom and came up blank.

"Angie," I said to her in greeting, nodding and catching her eyeing my manhood somewhat hungrily, her tongue touching her upper lip. She smiled, a bit awkwardly as she replied, "Hi, Tom. Nice to see you." Toni and Sandy giggled at xxx pap not sex mom xxxson unintended pun and consequent embarrassed blush. "I made you a drink," Sandy smiled sweetly, even as I noticed wine flutes and an empty bottle of Chablis on the hot tub serving table.

Turning, I found a very tall gin and tonic beckoning from the cabana bar. Taking a large slug from the glass, I sat on the bench where I'd taken Toni's virginity just a week ago. Sandy smiled at me mischievously, "Why don't you just relax a bit, and enjoy your gin," she offered, winking. The three of them were a little drunk, and Sandy, I knew, intended to let me catch up. I leaned back against the wall, and took another long sip from the cool glass.

As I watched, my wife reached and turned Angie's face to hers and leaned in with an open-mouthed kiss. Angie returned the advance with passion, and the two were soon entwined with hands caressing each other's breasts and bodies. Both seemed easily comfortable with the situation, which I found quite interesting. Toni maneuvered within reach of both her mother and my wife and toyed with the women's nipples, pulling and rolling them gently in her fingers.

She cupped her hands around the soft flesh then dropped one hand between her own thighs. Angie drew away from Sandy and began to kiss her daughter with the same heated passion she'd just displayed with my wife. As Toni leaned into the kiss, her smooth ass and cunt lips rose above the swirling water, revealing what I'd suspected from the beginning; all were nude. Angie broke with kissing Toni, who turned and offered her parted lips to my wife. Sandy reached and caressed the younger woman's breasts in her hands as their tongues danced lewdly through their joined mouths.

Watching from the side, my cock ached for relief, pre-cum dripping wetly from the tip. I knew from Sandy's obvious arrangements that her plans, whatever they were, included me. I didn't wait long. "Toni, why don't you see if Tom needs help getting into the tub," Sandy suggested when she'd pulled away from the girl's lips.

Without hesitation, Toni rose from the water and stood in the tub. The water running in rivulets down her body glistened and droplets formed and fell from her hardened nipples. I noticed that she'd shaved herself completely since the last time and the moisture obvious between her pussy lips was not all water. Her boldness was intriguing, considering that her mother sat in the hot tub beside my wife. As had proven best the week before, I decided to just roll with the flow.

Toni stepped to the side of the hot tub and beckoned me toward her. I stood, my maleness proud and hard, bobbed rigidly with each step. Toni looked up with opened evelin stone and alena croft nasty some on the couch as I stepped to the edge of the sunken tub. I felt her tongue, hot on the tip of my cock, as she slipped over the head and drew me into her mouth.

Her firm tits pressed against my thighs and I reached, running my hands around them softly at the sides, as Toni encircled my legs with her arms. Until last week, I never could have imagined she'd become such a minx. Pre-cum continued oozing from my slitted piss hole as Toni pursed her lips around the throbbing, purple head of my cock. She extended her tongue and ran it around me, teasing and pleasing at the same time.

I was near cumming, but fought for control, wanting to enjoy Toni's hot mouth for as long as possible. "Toni, honey. . you've got to share. . don't keep Tom all to yourself Baby," her mother exclaimed. Just ebon man bangs pretty cutie interracial hardcore I thought I couldn't stand another second of her ministrations, Toni pulled her lips away from my meat with a smack.

"Come on Mr. J, Mama wants to play with you too," she said, rising and taking me by the hand. I stepped down into the tub holding Toni's hand and stood beside her in the swirling water. She guided me to a sitting position on the edge with my swollen rod above the water. As if on cue, Angie and Sandy moved over joining us.

Sandy was on one side, Toni on the other, and Angie knelt between my knees in the swirl. Six hands moved immediately to my aching genitals and began to rub and caress me from every angle. The view I had of their breasts was to-die-for. Angie stroked my cock, Sandy cupped my balls, and Toni love her circled my rectum and ran her fingers along my perineum ridge. Toying with me, the three women also caressed themselves seductively. I didn't want to waste my ejaculation into the water and struggled even more to hold back.

As if knowing I was very near climax, Angie suddenly grasped my swollen dick in both hands and leaned in, wrapping her lips around me tightly. She pushed forward until I encountered her throat before she began to slide back toward teensloveblackcocks sneaky small teen gets a bbc pounding living room and interracial tip.

Pushing down, she fell into a rhythm, stroking with her hands and sucking with her mouth, finally taking me to the hilt. The wonderful, hot sensation of climax washed over me within seconds.

Angie felt me begin and stroked me faster and sucked down even harder as she rocked back and forth on my cock. She swallowed the first two streams, then pulled back, still stroking me as I finished on her tits. Sandy and Toni were quick to lean in, licking long ropes of my cum from Angie's skin. I shuddered with release and slipped down into the warm streams of water in the midst of hot woman flesh.

I watched as mother and daughter, with my wife exchanged the taste of my sex, licking and kissing each other with my cum strung between them. It was the most erotic thing I'd ever witnessed in person. Ebbing from the euphoric rush of orgasm, my mind began to wonder just how all this had come together. I could partly understand how Toni had been intrigued by watching us over the years, and had somehow become bold enough to complete what we'd done the week before. But her mother?

I decided it didn't matter enough to interfere with the progression of today's excitement and watched in awe mia khaifa and big dick the three women continued to fondle and toy with each other. As far as I could tell, none of them had cum yet their libido was running in hyper-drive. Sandy stood in the water, her body firm and delicious.

She traced her fingers across her swollen slit, stroking herself slowly as she casually caressed her own breasts. "We need to move where we can be more comfortable," she said, water dripping from her, glistening and sexy. She pointed to an inflatable mattress equal in size to a queen-size bed that she'd inflated and covered with a fitted sheet at the far end of the veranda.

We'd used it on a camping trip earlier in the summer. Toni and her mother stepped up and out of the hot tub and began to dry each other with towels.

I couldn't help noticing how erotic it was as the two explored each other's bodies from a perspective I supposed they'd only learned today. Sandy and I stepped out as well and she kissed me fully on the lips. We dried each other, caressing and fondling before the four of us made our way to the shaded bed against the far wall. Angie, smiling a bit awkwardly, took her daughter's hand and drew her down beside her on their backs with their heads toward the wall.

They kissed deeply, relishing in forbidden feelings and lusts. My wife, after winking at me, positioned herself into a sixty-niner atop Angie and began kissing across her mons and swollen lips.

Angie pulled her down onto her own face and began to lap her pussy noisily. I marveled again at the unexpectedness of all this. I knelt, then lay forward with my face mere inches from Toni's youthful sex and inhaled deeply the scent of her arousal. I was again fully erect and had to reposition my cock as I lay on my stomach. Now in a better position, I looked closely at the smoothly shaved lips before me.

Toni's pussy was absolutely beautiful! With her feet drawn up and her knees spread apart, she was quite open to my view. Just seeing her was exciting, but the heat I felt radiating from her was as intoxicating as anything I'd experienced before.

Her mons was crowned and unblemished, the hood covering her clit tight and firm. Her lips were swollen in her linda sweet daped to the interracial xxxtreme by three big black cocks and gapped slightly below her small pink bud.

I could see moisture near the surface and the darker shade along each side before the juncture of her legs made me want to kiss her there. Below her slit, her perineum separated one opening from the other and I mused at how playful she had been with my own sphinctoral ring.

I leaned to one side and began to tentatively kiss her inner-thigh, working downward toward the source of her heat. She moaned. I continued, not too slowly, but neither too quickly. I could hear the swishing sound of my wife's cunnilingus on Angie's snatch to my side, even as I heard Angie respond audibly her delight into my wife's writhing above her. I extended my tongue as far as I could and lapped Toni from the brownish little star between her cheeks upward to the puffy flesh of her mons.

Her entire body tensed at this contact. I pressed between her spread lips and pushed my tongue into the tight canal of her sex as deeply as I could reach. Her moisture flooded my mouth. I tongued her for a moment and heard her grunt with each thrust. As I looked up, I saw that her hands were cupped over the tops of her breasts, pushing them together.

Her firm titties were peaked in pinkish brown, her tan lines erotic at the suggestion of her stringy bikini-top. As I began in earnest to push Toni to climax, I watched Sandy and Angie at my side. Their slurping and sucking girl-sex was an incredible turnon as I tongued the teen girl I'd deflowered just last week. I continued to run my tongue up and down Toni's dripping pussy, penetrating her deeply after each few strokes.

I licked her clit softly and circled around her labia, then probed her depths again. As her response grew in intensity, I focused near the top of her opening, spreading her lips with my hands.


She tasted wonderful and her moisture covered my mouth. I lapped at her clit, then would circle my tongue around her. Sensing her tense, I began a constant pressure and motion with my tongue while rocking my head from side to side. "Oh fuck Mr. J. Oh fuck, that feels so fucking good. Oh, lick me there. Right there. Oh fuck. . aungh, aungh, aungh.

FUCK YES!" Toni screamed, cumming in enormous waves of delight. Almost immediately, her mother began to wail into my wife's pussy beside us. Sandy was rocketed into orgasm simultaneously and grunted deeply into the wet pussy her own tongue penetrated. The release of sexual tension was tangible amid the grunts, groans, and screams that reverberated within the veranda. Angie and Sandy both slowly rose to their knees and began to tongue each other's mouths, tasting their own sex from the lips of their partners.

Toni spread her legs widely and reached to pull me down with her on the bed. I was fully hard and felt her heat again as I placed the head of my prick against the very wet lips of her cunt.

With her hands drawing me down at my hips, I felt the smooth tightness of her again as I slipped into her hot canal. I pushed as deeply as I could go, and enjoyed the tight contraction of her pussy walls against me. Then, slowly withdrawing from her depths, I pulled back until just the very tip of my rod remained inside her. My wife and Toni's mother were lost in each other, but watched from the corners of their eyes as I boned the teenager's awesomely tight little pussy. We fell into a quick rhythm of thrusting together, then pulling apart, then thrusting back.

She was tight and hot and wet and wonderfully sexy. I pushed her legs down straight and straddled her with mine outside hers, never pulling out of her. This pressed the top side of my penis tightly against her clit and stimulated both of us immensely.

I lay forward with my chest pressed against her tits, supporting my weight partly with my arms. She grasped my ass-cheeks with her hands and drew me inside her as we thrashed together. My face rested against hers with her lips at my ear. I felt her body stiffen and heard her stifle a scream, the sound becoming a moan instead. "Aungh, aungh, aungh!

Oh fuck me, fuck me. . aaaaaaahhhhhhhh. . ." she groaned and cried out as she came. I allowed myself to cum with her, the heat of my seed erupting inside her depths as she grunted into my ear. My balls contracted with each shot of semen that I injected inside her. We slowed our humping as we both unloaded in climax, finally coming to rest in sex's tight embrace. Our strength was temporarily sapped, and I rolled weakly to her side, my softening cock pulling wetly from her grasp.

As we lay side-by-side, Angie crawled over and hot sonya enjoys playing with herself in bed herself at her daughter's gapping pussy, my fresh cream-pie still oozing from her lips.

"Mmmmmmm, that looks yummy," she said as she lay forward and began to lap my sex from Toni's cunny. Sandy took my wilting rod into her mouth and sucked me deeply into her throat. I felt myself stiffen inside her warmth and thrilled to feel her revive me once more. She pulled away long enough to say, "You and Toni really taste good together," before engulfing me fully again.

Sandy stroked her hand along my rod as she suckled me. When I was fully erect and throbbing in her mouth, she pulled away and looked into my eyes. "I want to watch you do Angie doggie," she said huskily. "I want you to see you cum inside her." Angie continued muffing her daughter, her knees drawn up, ass in the air.

Her pussy was swollen and pink as I straddled her from behind. I pushed the head of my dick down to her perineum and felt her heat and moisture at contact. I began to rock my hips back and forth, my cock just sliding along her wetted surface. She reached between her legs using just her fingers and pushed the head of my swollen prick between the folds of her opening. I was immediately vacuumed inside paradise; her pussy seemed to swallow me all at once.

She was tight, and smooth, and hot. I began to piston in and out and Cfnm horny ladies cant stop touching cock grunted into her daughter's pussy. She raised just enough to instruct, "Harder, fuck me hard!" before she resumed eating Toni's beautiful cum filled snatch.

As I pulled back my prick slipped out of her pussy and Angie quickly reached between her legs to guide me back inside.

This happened a few times as I rammed her with all I had from behind. When it occurred again, Angie reached over her back to guide me instead against the sphinctoral ring of her ass. I pushed gently and felt her open to accommodate the mushroomed head of my cock. I paused just inside her before slowly pressing to the hilt.

Her whole body tensed as I pushed into her bowel.

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When I bottomed against her, I stopped allowing her to adjust to my intrusion. "Shit, don't stop now! Fucking give it to me hard," Angie grunted through gritted teeth. Toni was moaning in bliss as her mother continued to lap at her pussy randy and invigorating bang hardcore and reality. I resumed my pistoning in and out of Angie's tight ass-hole.

Sandy came behind me and caressed my ass-cheeks as Cocking mom and cock son pounded in-and-out. She placed her thumb against my rectum and began to gently push inside me.

The feeling was incredible and I literally felt my cock swell further with the sensation. She then placed two fingers inside Angie's pussy and began to stroke her as well. I felt her fingers against my prick through the thin membrane separating Angie's tunnels. Sandy fingered us, synced with our thrusts against each other until Toni began to cum under her mother's cunnilingus. "Oh, gawd. Oh, fucking shit! Oh, yes. . I'm fucking cumming! Aaaaahhhhhhh.

. ." Toni screamed as she climaxed intensely. I felt the heat of my own ejaculation begin as the contractions of my flesh spread from my balls to the farthest reaching extremities of my body.

I thrust as deeply as I could reach inside Angie's ass, spraying stream after stream of my hot seed. The rush of everything happening was so intense I came more than I thought was possible for my third go. I watched as my sperm began to ooze around my prick and run down Angie's inner-thighs.

As I sprayed her depths with my seed, Angie began to cum as well. She raised from her daughter's pussy and loudly moaned, "Oh, yes! Oh, harder baby, fuck my ass! Cum inside me, oh fuck. Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck me baby! YEEEESSSSSS! Unh, unh, unh, oooooohhhhhhhhhh!" I continued fucking into her until my softening prick slipped out of her ass. I slid down beside the mother and daughter and lay on my back beside them with my knees drawn up. My cum was dripping sexily from Angie's backside; the sight very arousing to my wife and I.

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Sandy had her two middle fingers buried inside her snatch, while she worked her thumb across her swollen clit. With her other hand she caressed her left breast and nipple. Angie leaned across from where she lay and kissed me fully on the mouth; the taste of her daughter's sex strong on her lips.

She slipped her tongue inside me and we frenched each other for a long, long moment. To my surprise, my prick actually responded to this arousal. Silvia loret maritza mendez daughter mother wasn't certain I could cum again, for awhile at least, but the multiple sensations being fed into my psyche were incredible.

From visual stimulation to passion hd kylie page and her man have their own private th of july bbq contact, and on to the actualisation of the forbidden fruit all were contributing to our tryst, this was incredible sex. There were no inhibitions and the four of us grew more and more comfortable with the situation as the minutes passed. Toni came around to me on the other side and leaned over to kiss me as well. The female forms above me were so similar it would have been difficult to tell one from the other if their faces had been hidden.

I wondered again at how this had come to be, but didn't want to ask and break the mystic of it all. Between the alcohol and the incredible sex, we were spent. I lay back and closed my eyes for a moment, and drifted to sleep. I awoke to find my wife had sucked my cock to erection as I slept, and was gently stroking my now rigid tool. I was unsure if I'd dreamt of the afternoon, or if it had been real and was afraid to ask. Sandy answered my thoughts for me. "Angie wanted me to tell you that she had a wonderful time, and hoped we'd do it again soon," she said.

"She was also happy that someone so gentle had been there for Toni." "About that," I replied, "are you ok with all this?" "Oh Baby, this has been fucking incredible. I've fantasized about something like this for years. Don't you worry about at thing," my wife answered.

"I just wanted to be sure, before anything else happens," I said. "I'm not really clear about how all this came about. . ." "Fate can be a funny thing," Sandy interrupted.

"Toni, apparently has been watching us for years and finally got the nerve to join in last week. Her mother wondered at her 'just-fucked-glow' and asked Toni point blank what was up. Toni told her the truth. Angie called me on Monday and we set this up for today. . are you surprised?" "I don't believe anything will ever surprise me again," I said, smiling.

"Well, Angie wants to know if her husband Bill can come with them next weekend?" "Are you fucking serious?" I said with my mouth dropping open. I guess I could be surprised after all.