Godage en voiture entre teen et milf avant un trio bord de route

Godage en voiture entre teen et milf avant un trio bord de route
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NAUGHTY MOTEL MAIDS by Stanford A. Donovan Millie and Mary were maids at the Southside Motel, several buildings comprising approximately 50 units.

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Millie was a brunette in her late 20s. She was about 5'7" tall and, while she was carrying probably 20 pounds too much, she still had nice big protruding breasts and a narrow waist that emphasized her ass. Mary was younger, in her early 20s and dishwater blonde.

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She had a nice figure with large, conical shaped boobs. While working at the motel they became friendly, working on adjoining areas. They started going to lunch, and on breaks together. One day, Millie said to Mary, "Would you like to see something very interesting?" Mary replied, "Sure, what is it?" Millie mom and boy sexs porn grinned and said, "Meet me after your shift, up on the second floor of building A, at the door marked, "Employees Only - Custodian Closet." Later that day, Mary made her way up to the door marked.

"Employees Only - Custodian Closet." Millie was standing there, smiling, waiting for her, college sluts pleasing cock together after dodge ball said, "Okay, Mary, you're going to get quite a surprise." At that point, Millie took out a key and opened the door.

She gestured to Mary to enter the room. As Mary walked in, she said, "Oh my God, what is this?" Millie followed her in, and still smiling, and said, "This place is called the Owner's Suite. When this motel was built about 50 years ago, the owner, the man who put up the money, decided that he wanted a place where he could relax while exclusive brandi love takes cock after shower was at work.

He didn't want his wife or anyone with whom he socialized to know about it. As you can see, it has a big king-size bed, a bathroom with a shower, a spa bathtub, a closet, and a dresser, Millie paused, and this little item." With that, Millie pointed to a couch that faced the bed and was on the right as one entered the room.

Mary said, "What's so unusual about a couch.?" Millie smiled, then went to a switch on the wall. She pressed the switch. The couch turned 180 degrees, so the back was now facing the bed and the front was facing a large picture depicting a quiet country scene.

" Mary said, "Why would anybody want to do that?" Millie said, "Watch this, Mary." She pressed another switch on the wall and the picture silently glided up the wall revealing a large window into the adjoining suite.

Mary gasped and exclaimed, "Millie, we can see into the adjoining suite! Can they can see us?" Millie said, "No, Mary, we can see in there, but they can't see us, because that is a one-way mirror, just like they have in police stations when a suspect is being interrogated." With a look of surprise on her face, Mary said, "Millie, why would the owner want to do that?" Millie replied, with a smile, "Because the original owner was a voyeur.

He wanted to be able to look into the adjoining suite when certain people were engaging in certain acts. Mary started to smile and said, "You mean he wanted to watch people having sex?" Millie smiled again and replied, "You've got it, Mary.

Over the years, usually the original owner and the man to whom he subsequently sold the motel had the only key. But several months ago, the motel was sold again, this time to a handsome man in his late forties or early fifties. One day, as my shift was ending, the new owner invited me up here to watch a young couple who had rented the suite that day. He fixed us drinks at the bar and then we sat down on the couch. He opened the window into the adjoining suite and we watched the young couple." "Millie, what did the couple do?" Millie smiled again and said, "Well, Mary, first they took off each other's clothes, then he started kissing her, rubbing her tits, squeezing the nipples and putting his finger into her pussy.

By this time, he had a big hard on and she was rubbing and stroking it. Then, she got on the bed, spread her legs and he started to eat her pussy. Then they changed positions and she started to suck his cock. After a while, he climbed onto her and started to fuck her, first in her pussy, then in her asshole." "Oh my God, Millie, what did you do?" "Well, Mary, by this time, I was getting really horny.

My pussy was making serious honey in my panties and I could see the new owner was getting excited too." At one point, he opened his belt, unzipped his pants and out protruded a big hardon, maybe 7" or 8" long.

He started jacking off and said, "Millie, if you're feeling as horny as I am, go ahead and play with your tits and your pussy." "Well, I didn't need another invitation. I opened my uniform and started rubbing my tits, squeezing the nipples, then I blonde slim siren sucks and rides pecker in bathtub up my skirt and pulled down my panties, spread my legs and started rubbing my clitty and finger fucking my pussy.

It wasn't long before he said, "Millie, I'm going to come. With that he started shooting jets of jizm on the floor in front of the couch. Then I noticed that there was a rubber mat which had been put there for the very purpose of catching squirt of jism and could be easily cleaned up.

It was about that time that I had a cum as well. "In the days that followed, he gave me a key to the suite, as well. I would meet him here in the suite, we would have drinks, watch people in the adjoining suite have sex and have sex ourselves.

The next time we met here, I let him eat my pussy and then I sucked him off. I liked giving him blow jobs. We usually timed it so there would be interesting people in the room when we came up.

This suite is soundproof, but we can hear whatever is said in the adjoining suite which only enhances the experience. The reason that I invited you to come up here today was because some interesting people have rented the suite for the day. Let's make ourselves a drink, sit down and watch the show. Mary said, "Millie, what if the owner comes up and catches us in here?" "Mary, he told me he was going to a trade show today and probably wouldn't be back until tomorrow morning. Besides, he is a pleasant, good-looking man, who is very tolerant of other people's sexuality." There wasn't much going on in Mary's life at this point so she was excited at the idea of this new experience.

Millie fixed them both drinks; and they sat down and waited. Several minutes later, a woman entered the adjoining suite carrying a small suitcase. She was in her 40s, medium height, blonde hair and really big tits protruding out ebony girl with nice ass takes on big dicks a brassiere under her white blouse.

She wore a black skirt and high heels. She mixed herself a drink from the minibar and sat down on the edge of the bed. She was obviously waiting for someone. A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door.

She went and opened it. A young man entered. He was probably half her age. She put her arms around him and gave him a long deep kiss on his mouth. She said, "Oh, Ian, I'm so glad you're here. I've been anxiously waiting for you to arrive." He said, "Well, I'm here and I hope we can have some fun." She looked at him intently and replied, "Well, honey, I'm ready for some action. I've been masturbating all week.

I've been shoving a big power dildo up my cunt and rubbing my clitty until I come." With that, she reached down and started rubbing his crotch. He took his hands and gently fondled her big tits still encased in her lacy brassiere in her white blouse. She said, "I love it when you play with my tits. Look how hard the nipples are getting?" He said, "I can see that.

They're like big pencil erasers." She said, "My pussy is already getting juicy, thinking about your hands and your mouth on it, as well as your big prick in my cunt.

He smiled and they sat on the bed together, facing what they perceived to be a mirror. She reached down, undid his belt, unzipped his pants and an enormous hard prick came into view. With a wicked grin on her face, she said, "So, Ian, have you been having dirty thoughts about my big tits, hard nipples and my sloppy wet pussy the last few days.

Has your prick gotten really hard. Have you been jacking off thinking about us getting together." He smiled and said nothing, but leaned over and kissed her tits through her brassiere. Mary turned to Millie and said, "Millie, look at the size of that cock!" Millie replied, "Yeah, it is a big cock isn't it. It must be eight or nine inches long and three inches thick" "Do you think they're going to fuck?" Mary said, Millie replied, "Probably that and a few other things." At this point, the man, smiling, said, "You know, Mom, I've been thinking about you all day.

I really got horny thinking about us together." Mary turned to Millie and said in an excited voice, "Millie, they are mother and son!

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Millie smiled and said, "Yeah, they've been here before and we're going to see quite a show." With that, the couple entered into a long deep kiss. He continued to gently fondle her breasts through the blouse. She slowly and lightly ran her hands up and down his big prick, occasionally stopping to fondle his balls.

She said, "Ian, stand up, so your mommy can unbuckle your belt and drop your pants and shorts to the floor." He stood up in front of her, slowly passing his hands gently and lovingly over her hair, face and neck. She unbuckled his belt, dropped his pants to the floor, then pulled his shorts down from over his giant prick teensloveblackcocks sneaky small teen gets a bbc pounding living room and interracial dropped them on the floor as well.

"Oh Mom, I wish we could fuck right now." She smiled and said, "OhIan, the more we play with each other, the more delicious it is. Why don't you unbutton my blouse and play with my titties through my brassiere.

He started to do just that, and then she said, "Oh, my pussy is getting so wet, I want to take my panties off and have you to play with my labia, pussy and clit with your fingers." He smiled and kissed her. Then he said, "When do I get to kiss your pussy?" She replied, " Soon, honey." With that, she stood up, pulled her skirt up to her waist opened her legs and impishly said , "What do you think of mommy's pussy.

Huh? As she said that, she exposed a wide triangle of thick brown pubic hair that covered her mons pubis, extending to her thighs, down onto her legs and tapering up to her naval. Her outer labia were swollen and red. Her inner labia were a bright carmine. There was a clear fluid seeping out of her vagina. "Oh, Mom, you have the most gorgeous hairy pussy!

I have just got to kiss it." With that, he turned on the bed sank to his knees in front of her and buried his head in her crotch. He had apparently done some pussy licking before, because she immediately reacted. She said, "Oh, honey, you do that so well. Get your tongue in my cunt and then lick my clit. "I'm probably going to come in a minute or two." He didn't say anything.

He just kept licking her pussy. She then opened her blouse and pulled it off. Her upper body was covered only by her brassiere. She reached behind her back and unfastened it. Then a most magnificent set of tits fell out. They sagged a little, but not much. The nipples were hard and protruding. She started squeezing and pinching her nipples while her son was licking her pussy. She said, "Oh honey, please keep stimulating my cunt and licking my clit with your tongue." Back in the adjoining suite, Millie and Mary were starting to get agitated.

Millie was shifting her weight and squeezing her legs together. She kept putting her hands up to the buttons on the center of her uniform and then stopped, giving sidelong glances to Mary. Finally, she said, "Mary, I am getting so horny. Would you be embarrassed if I played with myself" Mary smiled, and said, "It's OK Millie." With that, Millie reached up and unbuttoned the buttons on her uniform and pulled it open so her big tits stuck out.

Then she pulled her brassiere up so her big melons were exposed. Then she stood up, pulled her uniform up to her waist and dropped her panties down on the floor. She spread her legs and put her right hand into her crotch.

She started squeezing and playing with the nipples with her left hand, while rubbing her pussy with the right hand. At that point, Mary said, "Millie, I'm getting horny too, so if you won't be embarrassed, I'm going to play with myself, also." Mary did much the same thing that Millie did, pulled her skirt up, dropped her panties down and opened her uniform so she could play with her smaller, but quite ample jugs.

As the two motel maids watched, listened and stimulated themselves, the action in the adjoining suite was getting more heated. Mother was showing more and more sexual excitement and finally gasped, "OhIan, Mother's going to come. Keep licking my pussy." The son started licking her vulva faster, while sensuously stroking and and rubbing her thighs and her full luscious buttocks.

Finally she said, "Oh, I'm commmmmmmming honey." She let out a long breathy sigh and fell back on the bed. Her son got up and started masturbating his penis. She said, "Oh honey, don't shoot your jizm yet. Aunt Jean is going to be here in a few minutes. I know she would want to see and fondle that big beautiful hard cock before it shoots its first load of jizm." "I know Mom; it's just that I'm really horny and I would love to shoot my jizz." She said, "I know honey.

If you would like to, you can stick your prick in my cunt and stroke it, except you have to promise me you will not shoot your jizz in my cunt. He said, "Well, Teen babe skye gets seriously orgasm by a specialist devious milf afraid that if I put my penis in your hot, tight cunt, I'll blow my nuts; and I don't want to shoot my jizm yet. I think we had better wait for Aunt Jean." He sat on the bed and slowly stroked his prick while his mother continued to pinch her nipples, while making slow broad strokes on her clitoris and into her vagina.

In the adjoining suite, Millie and Mary were almost beside themselves at this stage of the proceedings. Millie turned to Mary and said, "Mary, give me your hand." She took one of Mary's hands and put it down in her crotch. Mary said, "Oh Millie, your pussy is so wet.

Do you want me to rub and stroke it for a while?" Millie said, "Oh Mary, I would love that and if you could, would you mind sucking on my titties." Mary said, "I'd love to!" Then Mary turned and started to give Millie her attention.

Soon after, Millie reached down with her hand into Mary's crotch. She said, "Mary, your pussy is hot and wet too!" Mary said, " I can't remember having been so sexually excited before." As the two ladies sexually stimulated themselves, they heard a knock on the door of the adjoining suite. They turned to see the son get up, cover himself with a towel and answer the door. It was his Aunt Jean. She smiled and said, "Can I come in?. "Of course, Jean, we been waiting for you." Aunt Jean was about his mother's age and had the same big delicious tits over a small waist and somewhat flaring hips.

She was wearing a lacy violet blouse and dark skirt. As she walked in the room, she saw her sister lying on the bed with her skirt pulled up and her bare naked pussy exposed. With a wicked grin on her face, she said, "My oh my, what have we been doing here? Mom said, "Well, we've been doing some pretty naughty things, Jean." Jean said, "I can tell that from looking at your son, because there is something causing a big tent in the towel he is holding over himself." With that, the young man dropped his towel and showed his Aunt Jean his big stiff phallus.

She turned and gently grasped it, rubbing it up and down several times. She said, "Has this big thing shot its jizm yet?" "No, Aunt Jean, we were waiting for you to get here.

Is your pussy getting wet yet?" "It's starting to. I was hoping somebody would lick it and suck it. Then his Mom said, "Well, Ian is a very accomplished pussy licker and cunt fucker." Aunt Jean unbuttoned her blouse showing a pair of beautiful big tits in a Bali brassiere.

She said, "I just love to have my tits sucked. I can even come from the efforts of an accomplished tit sucker." At that point, the son turned and started fondling his Aunt Jean's breasts through her brassiere and said, "Aunt Jean, besides Mom, you have the most gorgeous well formed tits.

My nipples are getting hard." She replied, "I can hardly wait for that big hard prick to be put into my cunt and my asshole as well." "Oh, Aunt Jean, I think my prick is too big for your ass hole, but I'll bet it would fit nicely into your cunt." She replied, "My pussy is getting so juicy just thinking about it." With that, she started unbuttoning her blouse and exposing her more than ample breasts, still covered by her brassiere. When she unbuttoned her blouse, she tossed it onto a chair, then undid her skirt letting it fall on the floor.

She was wearing black lace panties and a wet spot was visible at the crotch. She pulled down her panties and threw them on the chair with her skirt. Then her sister pulled out the fingers with which she had been masturbating her pussy and said to Aunt Jean, "Oh, Jeannie, I would love it if you would put that talented tongue of yours on my clit and suck my cunt as well." With that, Jean dropped to her knees and blonde babe kate englands tigh ass gets fucked by bf pornstars and big dick her head right down to her sister's pussy and started attending to it.

At this point, Ian, who was standing there with his big bare prick in the air, moved up behind his aunt and said, "Oh Aunt Jean, I just have to plunge my cock into your wet, glistening, pink pussy." With that he slowly and gently inserted his big penis into his aunt's vagina.

He started moving gently back and forth; and moaning at how much pleasure it was giving him. Jean responded by taking her hand and rubbing her clit and her pussy, Her clit was now quite wet and lubricated from her cunt. Meanwhile, in the adjoining suite, Millie and Mary were still engaged in their own sexual maneuvers.

Mary was teasing and sucking Millie's hard nipples; as well as plunging her fingers in Millie's cunt; then rubbing her clit. Millie was moaning and getting more excited. She said, "Oh Mary, keep it up because I'm going to cum!.The she sighed, her legs tensed up and she said, "Oh Mary, I'm cummmmmmmmmming so hard!" After her intense and exquisite cum, Millie relaxed and she said, "How about you, Mary, are you ready to cum too?" In a breathless, whispered voice, Mary gasped, "Oh Millie, all you have to do is squeeze my nipples and rub my pussy.

I will come like a firecracker!" Millie turned and did just that.


She used one hand, squeezing and pinching Mary's hard, erect nipples, while rubbing her sloppy wet pussy with the other. At this point Mary exclaimed, "Oh, Millie I'm going to come too!" Then she moaned said, "I'm commmmmmmmming!" In the adjoining suite, the threesome was getting more agitated and excited. Jean was feverishly licking her sister's pussy, concentrating on her clitoris, as well as pinching and stroking her nipples with her hands. Ian was behind her, avidly thrusting his hard penis in and out of her cunt.

Then, Mom said, "I want try something stella cox and jasmine jae full sex She pushed Jean away from her pussy and then turned her body so that she was on her back and her head was at the foot of the bed. She said, " Jean, come and get over me on your hands and knees so you can lick my pussy. "Ian, you get behind her, take your cock out of her cunt and gently insert it in her anus and rectum.

There should be more than enough lubrication so that your prick will slip in easily." Jean did as she was requested. With her ass sticking up and close to the foot of the bed, Ian got up between her legs, pulled her butt cheeks apart to expose her asshole and then slowly inserted his huge cock into it. Jean moaned and said, "It kind of hurts, but I think it will feel good after a while." Ian started slowly stroking his penis in and out of his aunt's anus. At this point, Jean's crotch was hanging right over mom's face.

She reached up and started licking Jean's clit and putting her tongue in and out of her cunt. It was a close fit but there was enough room, because Ian was busy penetrating his aunt's ass hole. After a few minutes, Mom said, "Oh Jean, It feels so good when you lick my clit and put your fingers in my cunt.

"I think I'm ready to come again. Jean replied, "I don't think I can hold on much longer either. It feels so good with you tongue fucking my cuntlicking my clit and Ian ramming my ass hole.

Jean then exclaimed, "Oh, here I go. I'm commmmmmmmmmming again!" Mom said, "So am I. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, what a wonderful cum!" At this point, Ian said, "Oh, Mom and Jean, I'm going to shoot my jizz in Aunt Jean's rectum." Mom quickly replied, "Ian, don't shoot your jizm inside Aunt Jean's asshole. Pull your prick out and shoot it all over her ass and vulva, so it'll drip down onto my face and into my mouth.

With that, he pulled out and started shooting multiple squirts of jizz all over Aunt Jean's ass and vulva, so that it dripped onto his mom's giant boobs woman banged in local store for a few bucks and into her mouth. Then the threesome lay still for a few minutes, recovering from their physical endeavors. Then they fixed themselves drinks from the motel's minibar. In the adjoining suite, Millie and Mary took a break as well and fixed themselves more drinks.

Mary said to Millie, "Do you think they're going to do anything else?" Millie looked at her, smiled and said, "They're just getting started. The ladies like to see the boy jack off and shoot his jizm on their tits and their pussies, so that it drips down onto their assholes. The young man also enjoys seeing his mother and his aunt masturbate themselves to an orgasm.

The show will probably start a few minute's so let's relax a while and wait for the curtain time." In the adjoining suite, Aunt Jean pulled up one of the chairs so it was at a right angle to the bed. Ian was sitting on the bed next to his mother. By now, his penis had become flaccid. Aunt Jean sat down in the chair, smiled at Ian, and said, "Ian, do you like to see women masturbate?" Ian smiled and said, "Aunt Jean, I love to watch everything sexual women do by themselves!" Aunt Jean smiled and started gently running her hands over her ample tits.

At first, she stroked them on the sides with her fingers. Then, she took her hands and hefted them up, so Ian and his mother could see how big they were. The nipples started to harden in the middle of her large brown areolas. After some minutes of this, Ian's penis started to stiffen and lift up. Mother was an avid spectator of her son and his aunt's sex play. She moved over to sit next to Ian. She said, "Ian, would you pleasuring beautys sexy clits hardcore and bondage play with my tits, rub and pinch my nipples.".Ian reached over and started to do as she asked.

At the same time, she reached down with her hand and started to gently stroke his large cock which was quite hard by now. She did not actually jack him off, but simply rubbed her hand over and around his penis; then rita sinclair takes her boyfriends his balls. He said, "Oh Mom, it feels so good when you rub my penis like that." Mom said, "I just want to please you son, that's all." By now, Aunt Jean's nipples were fully erect.

She leaned back in the chair and spread her legs wide to display her vulva more openly. The inner labia were bright crimson and the clitoris was protruding from the top of her pudendal cleft. Her vagina was secreting a clear fluid. She sighed, took her hand and started rubbing up and down the surface of her vulva and the inner labia, pausing every now and then to give her clitoris a stroke. She said, "I'm still horny.

I've only had one orgasm." By this time, Mom had closed her hand in a somewhat tighter grip on her son's penis and was now slowly jacking him off. Ian said, "Oh Mom and Aunt Jean, it is making me so horny, watching Aunt Jean masturbate and Mom jacking me off at the same time." Aunt Jean just smiled and and continued to rub her pussy and flick her clit a little faster.

Mom said, "That's all right, son, your aunt and I are thrilled to give you this pleasure. We know you won't shoot as much jizm this time as you did earlier, but you're young and we think you'll still have a nice load for us." In the adjoining suite, Millie and Mary were now seated side-by-side on the couch facing the one-way mirror.

They had put down their drinks and were now pinching and stroking their tits as well as running their hands up and down their vulvas. "Mary said, "I wonder what they're going to do next?" Millie replied, "Well, whatever it is, it's certainly going to involve fingers, tongues, tits, pussies and prick." Mary laughed out loud. In the adjoining suite, Aunt Jean was now furiously rubbing her pussy and stroking her clit with both hands.

She was breathing hard and obviously in the throes of extreme sexual excitement. She said, "Oh, Sis and Ian, I'm going to come again. With that, she let out a sigh, closed her legs together and said, "I'm commmmmmmmmmmmming again!" Priya rai face johney sinr cum short that, Jean got out of her chair and knelt in front of Ian.

She said, "Mom, why don't you get down here beside me. When Ian comes, he can shoot his jizm all over our faces and our tits." Mom turned, got off the bed and knelt beside Jean. Mom was still jacking off Ian and had increased the speed on his prick. After a while, Ian started to moan and said, "Mom and Aunt Jean, I'm going to shoot my jizm." Mom said, "Okay son, I want you to shoot your load in our faces and all over our tits.

By this time, mom had her legs spread and was busy masturbating yourself, as well as Ian. She wanted to come when Ian did. Ian's breathing sped up and his legs started to tremble. He was getting ready to shoot a big load of Jizz. He said, "Oh, Mom and Aunt Jean, I'm going to come!" His mother could feel the pulsating in his penis and scrotum. She knew she was going to see a big stream of white creme spurt out of his prick.

He started squirting it into the faces of his mother and Aunt Jean; then aimed the last few remaining spurts onto their tits. Shortly after that, Mom started breathing heavily and said, "I'm commmmmmmmmmming again too!!!" Back in the owner's suite with Millie and Mary, a new person entered the room. The new owner, Jake, had returned unexpectedly and had come up to the owner's suite.

It was a surprise. The girls had not anticipated his arrival, but, of course, he and Millie were well known to each other and the three of them became comfortable with each other very quickly. Jake fixed himself a drink and came over to the couch. He asked Millie and Mary if they would mind if he sat down with them. Millie smiled and beckoned him over.

She said, "Jake, why don't you just sit in between us so that we can fondle your big prick and your balls. You can play with my tits and my pussy; and I don't think Mary would mind if you played with hers, as well." "Also, there ought to be some kind of new festivities starting in the adjoining suite which we can all enjoy." Jake, smiled, came over and sat down between them.

He dropped his pants and shorts. His big penis protruded up, Both the girls reached over and started stroking and fondling it, as well as his big ball sack beneath it.

He said, "I think I'm going to like this" The girls smiled and nodded affirmatively. Back in the adjoining suite, Mom, Ian and Aunt Jean were starting to get sweet and whore blonde wants all your milk in her face again after their little rest.

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Mom said, "What you think we should do now folks?" Aunt Jean smiled and said, "Well, "I brought something with me that I would like to use on you, Sis, and me. It is a very special double dildo." With that, she opened her purse and brought out a very interesting looking device. It not only had a semi-rigid pink lifelike penis about 10 inches long and 2 ½ inches wide on each end, but on the top of the dildo, it had a smaller protruding structure that curved up, with a soft rubber pad at the tip.

Also, Jean took out two additional smaller penile-like items about 3" - 4" long. Jean said, "Sis, I'd love to use these on you and me.

As you can see, there is a smaller penis that will stimulate both of our clits and we will each have a dildo in our anus. If we do it right, we could probably both come at the same time or pretty close.

At the same time, Ian could get in front of you porn interview with big dick you could suck his prick." Ian got up and lay on the bed with his head closest to the head of the bed.

He spread his legs so his mother could kneel between them and have ready access to his hard, swollen, red cock. Mom left her ass sticking up, so after Aunt Jean inserted one end of the dildo in her own cunt and buckled on the sex toy, she stood behind her sister and slowly but carefully inserted the big dildo into her sister's cunt and the smaller dildo into her ass hole.

Jean had previously inserted the smaller dildo in her own asshole and when she strapped on the sex toy she put the smaller protrusion with the rubber pad against her own clit and seated the protrusion on the other end of the dildo against her sister's clit.

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. She put her hands on her sister's hips and started to move slowly and gently. Mom said, "OhJeanthat feels so good." Aunt Jean didn't say anything. She just kept moving her hips. At a certain point, mom noticed Ian's big cock protruding in front of her. She started to lick it, as well taking one hand and rubbing and fondling the big ball sack. Back in the adjoining suite, things were starting to heat up. Neither of the girls had been fucked yet. Millie said, "Jake, I've got an idea.

I'm going to lie on my back on the couch. I would like Mary to get over my face ,so I can lick her clit. You should get behind Mary and fuck her cunt and her ass hole alternately.

If we do this right, we can all come together. "This is going to be fun!


Mary said." Millie lay down on the couch. Mary got over her and put her wet vulva on Millie's face. Jake got behind Mary and started to fuck her cunt first to get the necessary lubrication for her asshole.

By now, there was quite a scene. The trio in the adjoining suite were working the sex toy, while Mom stimulated Ian. In the owner's suite, everybody's sex organs were being stimulated, either by tongue, penis or fingers. After a while, Millie said, I think we should position ourselves so that we can see what antics Mom, Ian and Aunt Jean are engaged in the adjoining suite.

With that, the three of them put themselves in position and started to work their genitalia back and forth. The three people in each suite increased the speed with which they were moving theirs bodies and sex organs, with attendant oohs, aah and expressions of great pleasure. Finally, they all started to cum. Mary exclaimed, "I'm cummmmmmmmmming again!". Jake said, "So am I!!!" He pulled out and shot his jizz all over Mary's ass, just as Millie came from Mary licking her clit and cunt.

The three of them collapsed and were exhausted. In the adjoining suite, Aunt Jean and her sister were vigorously moving their genitalia together using the double dildo to great effect. The long rubber pricks were reaching up into the women's vaginas to the point where they were stimulating the each women's G-spots, enhancing their sexual enjoyment. Mother had not forgotten her son and in spite of her wicked lesbian honeys are stretching and fist fucking anals with her own sexual pleasure, she was still licking and sucking her son's hard, stiff prick with great effort.

Finally, at a certain point, Ian exclaimed, "Mom and Aunt Jean, I'm cummmmmmmmming!!!" That was enough for his mother and aunt. They both almost simultaneously scouted out, "I'm cummmmming too!!! At that point, they too collapsed and rested for a while. Now it was time for all the participants to shower, get dressed and leave with affectionate goodbyes, caresses and kisses. They all promised to meet again as soon as practicable, for more fun and games!