Faye sisters xmas present 2

Faye sisters xmas present 2
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On a cold Friday afternoon in February 1969, a group of us guys were gathered at our sania mirza sexy bf story stretch of country road to see who had the fastest car.

I was 19 & had recently acquired a white 1966 Ford Fairlane GT 390 4-Speed. I would be racing against my friend Jeff; who had a 1966 Chevy SS396. The 3 mile stretch we used had some curves and and a bridge over the river. We received the start signal and bolted down the road with Jeff in the left lane and my car in the right. I was pulling slightly ahead as we approached the curve near the bridge. I didn't see the patch of ice until it was too late.

I lost control and my car plumetted off the bank into the river. I began to panic as the car filled with icy water and began to sink. The door wouldn't open and the water was now covering my face. As I was frantically pushing against the door on the passenger side; the pressure equalized and the door opened and I swam out.

I wasn't a strong swimmer and became disoriented as to where the surface was. Unable to hold my breath any longer; I began to take in water and everything started to go black and I realized I was drowning. From what seemed to be a long way off; I could see about a dozen bright lights slowly getting closer. But suddenly I felt a tug as I was being dragged to the surface.

The lights maintained their distance. My cold body was carried by the arms and legs and then was placed on the ground. Rolling me over on my stomach; I could hear Jeff and another friend talking as they attempted to drain the water from my lungs before turning me on french fuck faces mey li back again and beginning CPR.

Soon after that; I could hear the wail of the siren of an ambulance approaching. Jeff stopped the CPR and one of the paramedics took over as I was loaded onto a gurney and placed in the ambulance.

Upon arrival at the hospital; I was examined by the young doctor on duty; if you could call it an exam. He quickly made the decision that I was dead and I heard him call the time of death as 6:18PM. Dead; I couldn't be dead or could I? I was frozen and and coulld not move my arms or leg or anything else. My eyelids wouldn't even respond when I tryed to open them. Talk about being terrified. The bright lights were still there and maintained their distance from me.

A sheet was place over my "corpse". Horny babe sandra bell gets impaled and creamed short time later I could hear my mother crying as they entered the room. The sheet was pulled back and I felt my mother touch my cold face and hand before my father led her out and I was covered again by the sheet before being placed on a gurney and being moved again.

The movement stopped and I was slid onto a tray. My clothes were removed rather roughly from my body and now I was nude. I could feel the cold stainless steel beneath me as the hospital morgue attendant slid the tray in and slammed the door shut. In absolute darkness and silence; I lay unable to move. Some time later; I heard the door open and felt the tray move as I was slid out. Then I heard a sexy female voice talking with the morgue attendant.

I had heard that voice before but I couldn't immediately recognize it.


Suddenly he called her Mrs. Wyatt and mentioned that her husband normally retrieved the bodies. She replied that her husband had taken their young teenage daughter's Sunday School Group on a snow skiing trip and wouldn't be back until Sunday evening.

Mrs. Catherine Wyatt operated the local funeral home with her husband Ronnie. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on. At about 36 yrs old and almost 6 ft tall; she had long dark brown hair that she kept in a bun when she was working but let down into a fall at other times. If I was actually dead and was going to be embalmed, I couldn't think of anyone I would rather have touching my body than her.

I was zipped into a body bag and placed on a gurney and rolled into the back of a hearse. At the funeral home; I felt the jolt as the gurney was rolled from the hearse.

The body bag was slid from the gurney and I heard the sound of the zipper. Gloved but warm hands pulled my freezing body over onto a cold stainless steel table. I could hear the sound of spraying water and then I began to feel the warmth of the water that was being sprayed on my body. A soft brush was being used all over my body and then I was being sprayed down again.

Now I could feel my body being dryed by a towel. Catherine Wyatt's sexy voice startled me as she blonde babe naomi woods gets fucked in reverse cowgirl "My, my; you are a handsome young man". "Too bad you had to drown yourself". Yeah it was too bad, I thought but couldn't answer her. Suddenly I felt her warm hands on my face as she softly rubbed my cheeks.

I was literally shocked as her warm lips kissed my cold ones. She gently opened my mouth and I could feel german babe toys her ass masturbation and european warm tongue touching my tongue and exploring the inside of my mouth.

Her gloveless soft warm hands began to caress my chest and slid their way down past my groin onto my thighs. Slowly; I could feel a warming sensation throughout my body. Her hands slowly made their way back up to my groin and I was shocked when she cradled my balls into her hands and said"You've got a nice bundle there". Too bad I wasn't going to ever get to use it again, I thought. Now her fingers began to stroke my cold little soft penis and I felt her retract the foreskin as the warming sensation I was feeling continued to grow.

I was further shocked as I suddenly felt her warm lips encircle the head of my penis and began to suck it before taking it all into her mouth. This was becoming more pleasurable by the minute until suddenly she stopped and was no longer touching me. Yet I heard her somewhere near the table.

All of a sudden; she was up on the table straddling my body with her knees beside my head and her big sexy tits rubbing against my stomach. I felt one of her hands encircle my penis and then her lips cover the head of it. Mrs. Wyatt alternated sucking my dick and stroking it with her hand. During this time I could feel her nylon stockings rubbing the tops of my shoulders and the sides of my face as she rocked about. My sense of smell began to detect the aroma of what I soon realized was her delicious pussy above my face.

I was going out of mind. Was I dead or alive? I didn't know which but I wanted to touch so much this curvaceous body that giving me such pleasure. Abruptly she sat up on her haunches and repositioned her long legs and sat down on me so that now her delicious pussy was rubbing my nose and mouth and the aroma was driving me wild. Her juices were dripping down and running into my mouth. I wanted so much to lick my lips but couldn't.


I heard her moans of pleasure as she rubbed her pussy and clit against my nose and mouth. I wanted to eat her flavorful pussy. Suddenly she stopped and shifted on the table again such that she was now straddling my groin. I could feel her warm hands caressing my chest as her hot juicy pussy settled down against my dick and she began to rub her pussy and clit against it. Was this heaven or hell? It was heavenly the feeling of pleasure I was getting but it was hell to to not be able to touch her.

She blondie gets impaled on pounder hardcore and massage to moan with pleasure again as she settled into a rhythm as my non-erect dick rubbed her clit and thru the lips of her hot juicy pussy. I could feel my body continuing to warm and then something started happening that I really couldn't believe at least initially.

I could feel my penis start to stiffen and lengthen; it was getting hard. Surely she would realize now that I wasn't dead after all. I could feel it rubbing deeper inside her hole each time my dick slid thru it until suddenly it was inside.

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But Catherine Wyatt didn't appear to notice this new developement. Her moaning and tempo were increasing as her pussy began to grab my stiffening organ on each stroke. All of a sudden my eyelids opened and I was able to view the beautiful woman who was fucking what she thought was my dead body.

The bright lights that had remained at a distance receded toward the first time virgin sex porning storys. Mrs. Wyatt had taken her long dark brown hair down and it swayed about as she rocked up and down on my now fully erect dick. Her breasts were big but has amazingly little sag. My dick was starting to feel like it was going to cum. Her vaginal muscles continued to tighten and I could hear a popping noise as she came all of the way off my dick and thrust it back inside her luscious hole with each stroke.

She came down extra hard as I felt her body quiver; her vaginal muscles tighten and then pulse and her hot cum bathe my excited organ as she reached her orgasm. That was just too much for my body to stand. I felt the hot semen squirting from my now fully erect dick bathe her pulsating pussy and cervix filling her full.

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She now collapsed on my chest with her head turned to the side and her long brown hair against my face. I was no longer cold but I still couldn't move. She now slowly sat up and I'm not exactly sure what happened next. Her eyes looked into my open staring eyes, she screamed at the top of her lungs and she either jumped or fell sideways off the table.

I heard a thud and a crack and then a gurgling sound as she hit the concrete floor; then an eerie silence. I began to get some feeling in my arms and neck and slowly turned over brunette gives facial blowjob on webcammore videos on sexycamsorg see what happened to Mrs.

Wyatt. The first thing I saw was her left black high heel shoe and stocking clad ankle upside down caught between the two rail sections on the side of the table. Raising up gave me a splitting headache so I laid back down. After a while longer; I began to get feeling back in my lower legs and feet.

I slid off the opposite side of the table into the floor. I couldn't yet walk so I crawled around the head of the base of the table to check on Mrs. Wyatt. To my horror; her beautiful brown eyes were staring blankly into space. A tinge of blood was pooled at the right side of her open mouth.She was laying partially on her right side with her legs spread widely apart. A yellow puddle of her urine was on the floor beneath and in front of her exposed crotch.

I could also see where the mixture of her death urine and cum and my cum was on her thick lustrious dark bush and where it had leaked into the crack of shapely ass. I crawled closer and touched her outstretched right hand and felt for a pulse in her wrist. No luck; she was a goner. The most beautiful woman I had ever seen was now a corpse. How was I going to explain this especially in light of the condition of her vagina all full of my semen.

I was starting to get cold again and needed some clothes to put on. I crawled over to the counter against the wall and pulled myself up. There lying spread out on the counter were the clothes that Mrs. Wyatt had removed from her body; a black lace bra and matching black panties, a medium blue blouse and black mini-skirt and a white labcoat. I grabbed the white labcoat, put it on and buttoned it. A white plastic bag was sitting further down the counter.

Inside I found my wet clothes, shoes and other personal effects. I slowly looked around the funeral home and eventually found a laundry room with a dryer and placed my clothes and shoes in the dryer.

Now back to Catherine Wyatt. I now felt after our previous interlude I knew her well enough to call her Catherine.I pulled her left ankle and shoe out from between the table rails and slowly lowered it to the floor. I marveled at her shapely calves and thighs and my dick began to stiffen. I was getting turned on at the site of Catherine Wyatt's lovely corpse and couldn't help it. I took a roll of toilet paper and soaked up the urine and cum on the floor and flushed it down the toilet.

By now the feeling had returned to all my body parts and I grabbed Catherine under the armpits and pulled her body into a nearby room and onto a large couch. Strange as it sounds; I had to have her one more time. I unbuttoned the bottom of the labcoat; positioned Catherine and slid my dick into her sticky cooling pussy and began to pump.

It felt so good it is hard to describe how good! My hands explored her tits and thighs as I fucked her. It didn't take long for me to reach orgasm and I shot another load into her exquisite pussy. I stopped pumping and let it soak a few minutes savoring the extasy of the moment then withdrew and looked at Catherine. I turned her over and rubbed her shapely butt and slid my hand into the crack of her ass. My finger slowly slid into the pucker of her asshole devon lees tits bounce on a shaft then burst through into her rectum.

My girfriend Debbie had never allowed me to explore her ass but Catherine, given her condition, had no objections. After a few minutes of finger fucking her ass; I slid up behind her and entered her with my dick. Her ass felt good inside but different from her pussy. I began to fuck her ass but was getting that dizzy headache I had earlier so I decided I better stop and withdrew from Catherine's ass.

My clothes were almost dry when I checked on them in the laundry room. I put then on and returned to Catherine's corpse. I grasped her under the armpits again and pulled her into the embalming room and placed her on the embalming table I had been on.

A plan was forming in my head. I removed her stockings and shoes and grabbed the hose to clean her up. I placed a plastic bag over her face/hair so as not to wet her hair or run her makeup. Then I sprayed her corpse with warm water; particularly her crotch. Changing the spray to a stream; I inserted it into her pussy until the liquid draining out was clear. Next I positioned her lovely long legs so as to be able to have better access to her asshole and inserted the hose into it for a few moments before stopping the flow.

I toweled her dry and placed a ramp behind her back to elevate her so her orifices would drain. Meanwhile; I inserted her firm big tits into the cups of the bra and fastened it before putting on couple in pussy licking and blowjob in bedroom hardcore couples blue blouse and buttoning it.

Next I rolled her thigh hi stockings back on to her legs and placed her black hi heels on her feet. Satisfied she was drained reasonably well; I placed a towel under her and put her feet inside the leg openings of the panties and slid then up to her crotch and in place before sliding the black mini-skirt on and buttoning/ zipping it.

Maneouvering her body on the table; I placed the lab coat on her and buttoned it. I carried Catherine's corpse over to the stairs coming down from the Upper Street Level viewing room hall.

I positioned her at the bottom of the stairs with her left leg caught in the last iron rail post before the lower level. This might work yet! I called the emergency number and explained there had been an accident at the funeral home and Mrs. Wyatt was dead. I sat and waited for the authorities to arrive. The police and the coroner arrived and I told my story. I had been brought here linda sweet daped to the interracial xxxtreme by three big black cocks everyone thinking I was dead.

After Mrs. Wyatt had placed me on the embalming table and had went upstairs; I had revived and raised up just as she was coming down the stairs. She was so startled and shocked that she fell down the stairs. It was several hours I guess before I was able to get off the table to call anyone. While initially skeptical at first; everything looked pretty much as I had explained so the coroner ruled it an accident. He was known for being lax on performing autopsies so no real autopsy was performed.

I was reunited with my parents, girlfriend and my buddies. Mr Wyatt and his daughter Jenna were called home early from their skiiing trip.

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Reluctantly with much initial guilt and apprehension I attended Mrs. Catherine Wyatt's viewing and funeral. A more beautiful corpse I have never seen and I've enjoyed many beautiful female corpses in my many years in the funeral business. That's right; I became a mortician. EPILOGUE: Another little bit of irony is that Jenna Wyatt did not blame me for her mother's death. After obtaining a pathology degree she returned home. We began dating and fell in love and have been married for over twenty years.

She is my partner in purani xxx story 2 gp funeral business her father and mother once owned. Jenna is almost an exact copy of her mother Catherine and she is the most beautiful living woman I have ever met. Before we were married I told her what happened the night her mother died. She is the only living person who knows besides me.

Jenna enjoys dressing up in her sexiest outfit, having me lay her on the embalming table where I slowly strip her to just her nylons and heels. After lots of foreplay; I carry her to a coffin and fuck her delicious body until we both cum.

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Every once in a while I get a female "client" whose body is very sexy and in good condition. Jenna likes to watch me fuck them on the embalming table. On a couple of occasions she has enjoyed a handsome young man on the embalming table after we checked to make sure he was really dead.

Wouldn't want Jenna to suffer the same fate as her mother did; would we! Just how lucky can a man be to have a wife like Jenna and have made love to a corpse like her mother Catherine? ________________________________________