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Gorgeous arab casting home away from home away from home
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Hi, my name is Chris and right now I'm 18. Sitting right next to me is Steven and he is 17 and we live in bonny Scotland. We're both Caucasian and I have dirty blonde hair while Steven's is black. We've both decided to write about our sex lives together because basically it turns us on to think someone else will be wanking to our story. I'll be amazed if we can ever finish the story as no doubt we'll be jerking each other off as we reminisce on our exploits non stop!

Our story contains themes that will no doubt disgust most people. The story will be written from my point of view but Steven will contribute orally. to jog my memories, heehee! Also, every part of this story is 100% true. Steven is the younger nephew of my best friend, and we met essentially the same way as any other normal friends do. We would all hang out together and run amok and generally get up to boyish mischief - chap door run and climbing trees and all that shit.

One day as we were messing around in a wooded area we stumbled across a pornographic magazine. Whether it had been dumped there by some horny guy and left to rot or found by a group of young guys like us and hidden there didn't matter, it belonged to us now. After inspecting it's pages and excitedly making plans as to where it should be hidden, we took it to my friends back garden, behind a couple of sheds that were there.

It was sheltered from rain and view by a tall, enclosing hedge and fence, leaving a space of dirt covered ground that was about the size of a single bed that you had to climb to get in 1st night with black man. No one save us ever went there.

Now it was left there for us to look at whenever we pleased, but we always did this alone in private, and we never knew when another one of us had been there. Since the days got dark early, my friend had the idea to leave a torch there so that we could see it properly at night.

The porno mag was missing it's cover and smeared lightly with dirt, and some of the pages were stuck together with water (or perhaps something else?). What we could see was plenty of beautiful naked models and some amateur girlfriends posing and lightly fingering themselves. There were no guys in it.

They weren't particularly hardcore images - certainly not by internet standards anyway - but there was a section for readers to send in their stories, which were decidedly more graphic. Whenever I looked at it I got hard and touched myself, but I never orgasmed (I didn't know of such a thing at the time). After getting tired of it after a while I would just get up and leave, securing it back it's hidey hole under the hedge.

One fateful winter night I decided to walk down the road and visit my friend to hang out with. After chapping on the door his mum answered and she told me he had some homework to finish and that he wouldn't get dinner until he did it and that he wasn't allowed out.

I shrugged and said goodbye, my friend was always pissing his mum off like that. I then decided to go visit the porno mag, since it was dark by now and I'd be undisturbed. I made my way down the garden under cover of darkness towards the sheds and leaped onto the fence to shimmy across to it. I then heard frantic rustling and Steven's voice saying "Shit!". "Steve?" I whispered.

"Chris, is that you?" he whispered back. "Aye, I've just come sunny leone hard sexamazing story look at the magazine" I said with a laugh. "Fuck, you gave me a fright, I thought some bastard was sneaking up on me or something." he replied.

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I love so much chinese selling her sex for good fuck teenxxxnetworkcom down into the space and sat on the ground next to Steven.

The porno mag was propped up against the shed, the torch light pointed towards it, the way I also liked to look at it. It was too dark to see if Steven had a stiffy, as we called them back then, but he assures me now that yes he did. "What part are you looking at?" I asked. "I'm reading a story about a lesbian, the one that says she licked her friends pussy" he answered. "Oh aye, I've read that one too. Which picture is your favorite?" I asked. He flicked through the pages and showed me an image of a raven haired woman on her knees, showing off her fine pussy and asshole.

"This one here". "Nice!" I said, nodding my head. Now I flicked through the pages and found my favorite one, a luscious blonde with her legs spread wide, her fingers spreading her vagina open. I especially liked it because both soles of her shapely feet were showing. My attraction to feet was developing nicely, but I kept it to myself. Not out of shame or anything like that, but merely because I didn't really feel the need to discuss it.

"Cool" he said. I was already hard by now but I didn't let on. "So are you nearly finished then?" I asked him. "Well I've nothing else to do, **** isn't allowed out right now". "Mmm, I know" I said.

We both just sat there and consented to look at it together, silently looking through the pages and occasionally pausing to read an article, perhaps making a short comment on the contents.

By now my twitching dick was aching to be rubbed, but I didn't think I could just take it out and jerk off while he was there. Eventually I asked him casually "So what do you do while you look at it?" "I just take out my dick and play around with it" he said unashamedly. "Aye, me too" I replied.

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"Well, I want to do it now, so go away for a while!" I said with a tone of annoyance. "Aye. well I want to do it too!" he said in matching tones. "Well how about we just do it at the same time then?

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I mean, I don't really have a problem with it if you don't" I said with the air of someone making a compromise. At this time we weren't particularly aware of homosexuality, or any other kind of sexuality for that matter. This magazine was the first thing of it's kind that we had ever encountered. Jerking off next to each other didn't really seem like it should be this big forbidden thing.

"Aye, alright then" he said, shrugging. We both pulled down the fronts of our trousers, revealing our boners which were held in place over the rim of our trousers. Being 14 and 13 at the time, my dick was 5 inches long with an average girth, and his was 4 inches long with slightly thinner girth.

Our penises are both uncircumcised. Inevitably we were going to look at them. "How the hell is your's bigger than mine?" Steven asked curiously. "I dunno, maybe it's 'cos I'm older I guess." "Huh, you've got more hair too" he said simply. Both of us being into puberty, Steven had hair as well, just not as much as mine. "You'll probably get it in a while" I said, somewhat reassuringly.

At this we started to slowly masturbate ourselves, looking at Steven's favorite girl. My technique was to focus on the head, rubbing the corona (aka the bulge) between forefinger and thumb, while he chose to enclose his fist around his shaft and pull the skin up and down. "You do it differently from me" he pointed out. I glanced over at him. "I used to do it that way, but I think it feels better like this now. Plus it's quieter for when I do it in bed, so my mum doesn't hear it" I said.

"Cool, I'm gonna try" he said, and he copied my technique of playing with the head. "I think it's better when you touch the bulge bit here" I said, pointing at mine. "What do you think?" I asked. "Pretty good, aye. I think I'll do it like this from now on!" he said with a note of thanks. "Cool" is all I said. We continued like this for a while, and I switched the page over to my blonde girl with the sexy feet.

After a few minutes the combined thrill of seeing a gorgeous naked woman's pretty feet and that of sharing a wank with my friend began to really excite me and I started to moan and groan softly. "You OK?" Steven asked, looking over. "Nmm. yeah, it feels good." I said. I started to feel a tension in my balls and a wave of pleasure that I had never felt before surged through my penis, making me convulse, and I shot a load all over the ground.

"Woah, what the fuck was that?" Steven said wondrously. "Fuck knows, it just felt really weird and then this stuff came out. This hasn't happened before. What the fuck is it?" I said breathlessly, my cock still twitching.

"I double fisting skinny teen sluts greedy pussy stretching and insertion. are you OK though?" he said, concerned. I admit, I was a little shaken by the fact that my body had done something unusual, but there was no way I was going to admit that to him, and besides, it had actually felt good, and I feel fine now, so surely there wasn't any problem, right?

"I'm fine, actually" I said, prodding the glob of cum on the ground. "It's sticky, look" I said, picking it up and rubbing it between my thumb and finger. "Eww, it looks like a fucking bogey" he said disgustedly.

I flicked it away into the hedge and said to him "See if you can do it!". "I dunno. what's it like?" he asked reluctantly. "It's fine, it's really good actually, just try it and see for yourself, trust me" I said encouragingly. "Alright then." he said with a tone of uncertainty. He continued wanking and I reached down to continue myself but my cock felt really sensitive and I couldn't.

Besides, blonde cougar loves eating cum after sex had already went flaccid anyway. I figured I just had to rest it or something. "I can't do it again, it feels weird" I said. "Weird?" "Aye, like I should just leave it alone for a while. Don't worry, I feel fine, just keep going, come on" I said, dismissing his worries. I sat and watched him for a few minutes and started to get hard again, but it was still too sensitive.

He looked up at me watching him, noticing that I wasn't looking at the mag any more, but didn't comment. "Anything?" I asked. "Nope, just the usual. It feels good but nothing like that" he said, indicating towards my groin.

"Try doing it faster" I said, and he did. Sitting there watching, I felt I desperately wanted to touch it, although I wasn't quite sure why. It seemed completely inappropriate yet the idea of doing sexy ladies chanel and marley in a hot lesbian sex pornstar and brunette peaked my arousal intensely. After a few minutes of vigorously rubbing his penis, Steven started to moan much like I did.

"Oh yeah, I feel it now" he said strainedly. Sure enough, he too came hard, his penis squirting out a nice big load of juicy cum that landed on the ground between us. We sat for a while and wondered at what exactly had happened, eventually coming to the conclusion that whatever it was, it was normal and was meant to happen. After talking for a while about how good it had felt and how we intended to go home and try it again later that night, we got up, shook off any dirt on the backs of our trousers and left for home, but not before deciding not to tell anyone about what happened between mistress scolding her piggy rp mouth fuck punishment financial domination and money slave. We didn't want anyone to think us strange, sensing it was wasn't exactly the kind of thing to go around shouting from the rooftops.

With that we leaped over the fence into the night and were gone. Over the next few days our friendship continued as normal, although occasionally we would give each other knowing looks.

At night I masturbated as per usual under the bed covers except this time I found that I could now cum, as if it was a new ability I had just suddenly mastered.

I quickly learned how to do all this silently so as not to wake any sleeping family members, and used an old white sock as a cum rag, which I hid under a wardrobe after using it to wipe away any cum that landed on my belly. Sure enough it quickly became highly stained and crusty - rather gross, not that that stopped me!

I had pinpointed the word cum while scouring the sex stories in the mag for what exactly these things were called.

Orgasms. Of course, I enjoyed all this immensely, and now I looked forward to visiting the porno mag even more for stimulation. But there was one thing I wanted more than anything - Steven.

Every night I would go back there in the boyish hope that I would find Steven there by chance as I did before. Luckily, my odds were improved as Steven tells me he was doing the exact same thing! And so, sure enough, a few nights later there we are again. "Hey, you're back again!" I said, trying to sound surprised, but probably coming off as more excited. He laughed "Cool, I've been coming here more often, now that I can do that thing.

It just feels so much better." "I know right? I've been here a lot more too, I even once saw ****, but I left him alone" I said. "Why didn't you join him?" Steven asked.

"I dunno. it just didn't seem right" I said with a shrug. "You joined me!" he pointed out. "I know, but that was different then, now that I can do this orgasm thing it just seems. different, I don't know" I finished lamely. Steven sat down in front of me, leaving the subject. "Orgasm?" he said with an eyebrow raised.

"Aye, that's what these things are called, and the white stuff that comes out is called cum. It's what happens when you keep doing it for long enough. I read it in some stories". "Cool" he said. "So, how many times have to done it now?" he asked. "About 10 times!" I said enthusiastically. "I can do it sometimes 3 times a day!". "Aye, me too, I can't bloody stop doing it, it's fucking amazing right?!" he said excitedly.

"Want to do it again?" I blurted out. My heart was pounding with nerves anticipating his answer. Before it was just a matter of convenience to do it at the same time, now I really wanted to share it with him. "Aye!" he said, sounding like he wanted nothing more. We both quickly pulled down our trousers, down to our knees this time, affording each other a teacher spanks and fucks her coeds with dildo view of our already hard cocks, despite the porno mag currently being out of our view.

I picked it up and went to prop it up against the shed, while switching on the torch and laying it in front of the magazine, illuminating it. "Which part do you want to look at first?" I asked, barely able to take my eyes of his lovely bouncing hard cock.

"Umm. let's read some of the stories" he said. I flicked over to them, having memorized their location by now. I had also read them all a few times already but they still worked for me. Awaiting no cues to begin I started masturbating straight away, albeit much slower than usual, teasingly, as I didn't want to make myself cum just yet.

Ideally I wanted Steven to make me cum. It was just a matter of figuring out how to make that happen. Steven began too, using my same method of playing with the head. I looked over at him as he did this. "I like it this way a lot better too now" he said with a grin. We both sat there in silence reading the stories, slowly fiddling with our dicks, our smooth bare asses sitting comfortably on the backs of our legs.

All throughout we were both desperate to wank each other off but too afraid to ask each other to do it! What a terrible dilemma that really is! Next we moved on to the pictures and eventually I asked him "If you had naughty college babes getting fucked at dorm room party of these girls, what would you do with her?" Steven sat and thought for a moment.

still slowly rubbing away. "Umm, I guess I'd stick my dick in her mouth and pussy and lick her tits, then I'd squirt in her mouth" he said matter-of-factly. "Cool. I would do all that too and lick her asshole and rub my dick on her tits and her feet and cum on her tits or on her face" I said, my dick aching to be touched by him as I imagined doing so. "You'd rub your dick on her feet?" he asked curiously.

"Aye, what, wouldn't you?" I said, afraid I'd said something stupid. "Wow, I think feet are kind of hot too, but I didn't think it was normal" he said, a little awkwardly. "Really?" I said elatedly. I reached over foxy sweeties screw the biggest strapons and spray load all around the place the mag and flicked over to my favorite image of the blonde.

"This is my favorite one because you can see her feet right there" I said, pointing. "Cool" he said. We were both still rubbing our dicks slowly, almost casually, as if delaying for as long as possible.

I couldn't help glance over every now and again at his dick out of the corner of my eye, how it looked so smooth and hard and how nice it would be to feel. "Whenever I'm alone at home I look at, you know, those womans clothes catalogues. You get pictures of girls feet in them, as well as girls in their underwear" I told him. "Really? Cool, I've never thought of looking there. Sometimes I just find pictures of women in magazines or something, but I hardly ever see anyone really sexy like this", he said, indicating the porno mag.

"Well have a look some time, it's pretty good" I said. After another short while I said conversationally "I once looked under the changing cubicle at the swimming baths one time and saw a girls feet, and I did it there while looking right at them".

Steven laughed and told me that he did that too sometimes, and how he also liked looking underwater at all the girls in their swim wear. "Do you ever look at your mums shoes or socks?" I asked tentatively. He looked over at me and said no he didn't. "Oh" I continued anyway. "Whenever I'm in the shower, she sometimes leaves them in the bathroom, and I just pretend they're someone else's.

I imagine that some sexy girl has had her feet in them" "Really?" Steven said, sounding interested. "Your mum is pretty hot, I wouldn't mind seeing her shoes too sometime". A little taken aback to hear that he thought my mum is attractive, I told him 'Umm. I suppose you could if you wanted to. I think your mum's pretty hot too actually. I'd like to see her shoes sometime" I said. "We could trade my mums shoes for your mums shoes!" Steven said with a laugh. "Maybe some day if you come over and she isn't around I'll let you see them, and I'll let you spend some time with them too if you want.

"Cool, really?" Steven said. "Well thanks man, you can look at my mums shoes too then whenever she's not there". "Awesome" I said, feeling like I've made an accomplishment. All this talk about feet and shoes while sitting next to Stevens beautiful penis had made me even hornier than ever.

I nice a bit of butt before web camera torn between simply speeding up and just cumming to get it over with or continuing to try and figure out a way for me to touch Steven's cute dick. And then I had an idea. "Hey, do you want to look at my feet?" I asked, trying to sound as casual as possible. "Umm. your feet? I dunno" he responded warily. "You can pretend they are a girls, they kind of look the same anyway.

I mean, sometimes I look at my own feet in a mirror for the same reason". He hesitated. "Uhhh. OK then, I guess, if it's cool with you" he said, sounding somewhat eager. "I'm cool with it man, I won't tell anybody. How about I get to look at your feet too?" I said in an appealing tone. "OK then." he said, sounding intrigued. This was the most exciting moment so far for me that night. Here I was, about to jerk off in front of a pair of fucking feet! For a foot fetishist like me this is a very important moment!

Personally I had never found much distinction between male and female feet save for the slight addition of hair. They are shapely and curvaceous, smooth and intriguing and beautiful and strangely forbidden. Had I known the word then, kinky would have been it, and the world of kink invokes in me feelings of arousal that are incredibly intense and exciting. Imagine that the best thing in the world is about happen to you right now, at this moment - well, that's how I felt blonde takes a load to the face then.

I moved the torch further away from gentle orall service and sexy fuck smalltits homemade magazine to afford a greater area of light, allowing us to still see the mag and now our feet.

I realized that to show off my feet I'd need to pull my trousers back up to cover my ass, so that I could sit properly without getting my ass cheeks covered in mud. So, I moved from sitting on my knees to sitting on my ass, allowing my dick to poke up over the rim of my trousers.

Steven followed suit. I then made to slip off my scruffy black trainers, giving Steven a cheeky grin while doing so, revealing my white socked clad feet. I placed them by my side, my fingers feeling the residual warmth of my foot inside them. Steven took off his trainers too and laid them to his side, showing his navy blue socks. We both quickly removed our socks and tucked them into our shoes, much preferring to indulge in bare feet at this time.

Finally we were both barefooted, sitting facing each other. Steven started wiping off the little bits of sock fluff that had stuck on to his sweaty feet and in between his toes.

"Just get rid of that." he said, and I did so too without comment. The space we shared was rather cramped, and we weren't quite sure how to accommodate each other. Finally he told me to scoot over and sit up against the shed, while he sat against the fence. We now sat across from each other, our bodies obscured in darkness, our legs stretched out in front of us, his legs touching the side of mine. This close contact didn't bother us at all, quite the opposite in fact. I started wiggling my toes and rubbing my feet together and watched as he responded in kind, his long, thin toes moving back and forth and scrunching tightly, making the occasional cracking noise to my delight.

His soles were beautifully smooth and I longed to sensually coat them in my saliva. "Do you like them?" I whispered, almost like a lover. "Yeah" I heard him whisper back. I could see in the darkness some rapid movement and a fast, rhythmic rustling sound and I knew he was masturbating. I began too, savoring his perfectly proportioned feet squirming around next to me. The porno mag lay forgotten, my focus saved for Stevens perfect feet and nothing more. A few minutes later, I was gently awoken out of my reverie by Stevens whispered voice telling me that his feet were cold.

Now remember that we're outdoors in a Scottish winter night, and sure enough my feet were also crying out for warmth. Right now the sexual tension was higher than it had ever been. I didn't know what to do or say.

I was desperate to hold his feet in my hands and massage them back to warmth, to feel his smooth, soft skin against mine. But naturally I was cautious. What if doing that was crossing a line? What if all this was simply co-operative friendliness and certainly nothing more? The awkwardness of getting it wrong would be unbearable, but after a few stomach churning moments I threw caution to the wind and decided that the potential gain was simply too great to ignore.

And so, with shaking hands, I reached out and gently took a hold of his foot. I heard a slight gasp and for one split second I dreaded I had done the wrong thing, but then I felt his warm hand immediately wrap around my foot in reciprocation. All throughout this I was masturbating hard, and the temptation to cum there and then was immense, but I slowed down, way down, holding off, waiting for a greater opportunity, a shared experience.

We sat there in silence, enjoying the feel of each others soft feet in our hand. I ran my fingers up and down his soles teasingly, tickling slightly, eliciting some squirming and soft giggles.

I ran my fingers over the top of his foot, his ankle, and in between his toes, loving the ever so slightly wet sensation of the perspiration that was there. I gave a firm massage to promote circulation and increase warmth in his foot, and eventually I settled into a comfortable routine whereby I was determined that his foot would never go cold, and soon enough Steven did the same. It was so relaxing and yet the most intense and exciting moment of my life.

All the while I was gently stroking up and down the shaft of my penis, with just one lone finger, forbidding myself to cum unless it was Steven who made me.


The desire at that moment to just leap over and touch his cock, to put it in my mouth, to do something, was almost overwhelming. I wished that he would simply end it by wrapping those gorgeous toes around my cock and stroking me to the brink, or by telling me that he wanted me as badly as I wanted him.

I couldn't tell how long we sat there, but it certainly felt like a long time, and neither of us had cum yet. I could see that Steven was stroking himself as slowly as I was. It must be to merely keep himself erect. I knew there was no way he could cum going at a pace like that. Taking all that information into account, adding up all the signs and feeling like it was clearly what we both wanted, I was finally ready to take the plunge and take it to the next level. I didn't feel so nervous anymore, I knew it was what he wanted.

This wasn't a risk, because I couldn't possibly be wrong. I broke the silence that had lasted for so long. "I want to cum so badly" I told him. "Me too" he answered back. At that and without hesitation I lifted the foot that he had been massaging and placed in on his lap. Immediately I felt around with my toes for his hard cock and I found it. "Chris.!" he said with a gasp. "Shh." I hushed him. I gently rubbed up and down the shaft of his cock with the big toe of my right foot, scraping it ever so slightly with my toenail.

I lifted his left foot luna star and anikka albrite in a sexy anal way to my face and immediately planted some light kisses on his sole, my nose nestling in so comfortably at the base of his toes.

There was almost no odor, only a slight scent, a salty tang of flesh, one I had encountered occasionally whenever I sniffed my own feet when they were clean. Nevertheless I savored it as if it were the worlds finest perfume. Clearly I made the right decision, because without any protest Steven started to rub me back with his foot, and as I presented my sole to his face he took hold and began licking and sucking passionately. Right away I felt that the pleasure increased immensely when someone else is doing it to you, as I had suspected it would.

I knew from then on that this is something that I will simply have to do all the time with Steven. Without word we moved closer together, so now it was less straining on our calf muscles to play with each others feet. I watched closely at what I was doing to his penis and concentrated on maximizing his pleasure.

I put his cock in between my big toe and second toe and gently held it against his belly, then rubbed up and down with the ball of my foot. I also scrunched my two toes, pulling his foreskin up and down with them. The feeling of his extremely warm, hard, throbbing cock in between my toes was delightful. As I did all this I was sucking and licking in between his toes and up and down his sole. I was in bliss as he did essentially the same thing, rubbing my cock intently with his toes, making sure he felt every inch of me that he could, wriggling his toes in my mouth and spreading them apart so that I could slip my nose in and take a deep sniff.

There was no awkwardness or hesitation anymore, I wanted him to feel like he could do anything with me and he wouldn't be judged. I presented my foot to him and allowed him to lick blowing gloryhole ho jizz interracial and creampie sniff any part of it as much as he liked, and I showed that by clamping his nose in between my toes and moving my foot along his nose, from the ball to the heel.

My foot was now his to do with as he pleased. Finally I started to feel the buildup of cum in my balls, starting with a wonderful hot tingling sensation at the base of my shaft. In what was perhaps a moment of greed I stopped sucking Stevens toes and directed his soaking wet foot towards my cock.

Understanding completely, he placed his toes on both sides of my cock and essentially gave me what best german ebony bedfuck short best storys a toejob. I quickly moved into a kneeling position and pulled down my trousers to my knees. Despite his penis no longer being stimulated by my foot, he co-operated and squirmed a little closer and lay on his back, with his legs bent and his feet on my cock.

He continued to give me a toejob, very skillfully I might add, pulling the foreskin as far back as it would go and then bringing it back up over the head. The visual of him giving a footjob from this position with his well formed feet was a major turn on, and I knew without a doubt that we would be doing this a lot more often.

Seconds later the best orgasm of my life shot through me and I squirted cum all over his toes and feet. I masturbated the rest out at blinding speed, shaking out the next load of cum onto his waiting soles, his toes playfully wiggling away. Finally after I was convinced I was spent I flopped back down into a sitting position, panting, my heart going like a jackhammer. "That was fucking amazing man" I said with genuine awe. "Shut up and do me!" is all he said.

Not wanting to disappoint him, I pulled my trousers back up and adopted the position that he was in, my feet inviting him to place his cock there, and he knelt in front of me as I did with him. I easily took a grip of his cock with my toes and began masturbating him in the same way that he had done. I had reluctantly come to accept that one you had orgasmed you simply had to stop and rest for a while, but frustratingly I still wanted to experience some part of him stimulating me.

Then remembering his shoes lying there, I reached over and picked one up. He watched me as I took out the sock and held it up to my nose, sniffing deeply. "Give me your sock as well" he said to me with a grunt. I grabbed one of mine and tossed it to him, and he quickly began sniffing it.

All you could hear was us two taking deep sniffs of our socks, which were admittedly quite clean, but that didn't matter, it was the sexual kinkiness of it that counted.

Soon enough Steven started to buck his hips, and he grabbed both my ankles and forcefully thrust his cock in between my tightly held fuck my pussy and cums my face, his head lolled back in ecstasy.


A stream of cum shot out and landed across my jacket and legs, and as it died down he directed it more towards my feet and toes. "Phew.

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woah, that was more cum that I've ever done before" he said, exhaustedly. I moved to sit cross-legged. We both just sat for a moment, then I said "That was really awesome." "Aye." is all he said. "Would you ever like to do it again sometime?" I ventured hopefully. "Aye, of course! But. but don't tell anybody!" he said, almost sternly. "Duh, obviously I'm not going to tell anybody you fuckface" I said, giving him a playful light kick to the side of the head.

I wiped away the cum that had landed on my chest and legs with my sleeve, hoping that it wouldn't be visible to mum when she washed it. I wondered at what to do now. We were both still barefoot and our feet were covered in cum. "What do you want to do now?" I asked him. "I dunno." is all he said. Then without thinking, as if possessed, I lent over and kissed him on the lips, my right hand securing his chin, my left hand gently rubbing up and down his leg.

Immediately he responded in kind. Both our eyes were open for the first few seconds, but feeling completely at ease I closed mine and focused entirely on the movements of my tongue. It was a strange sensation at first, but we soon got a feel for it and were kissing as expertly as someone doing it for years.

We did this for a few moments that felt like forever, and then we both pulled apart, simply feeling that it was the right zoey kush all xxx storys to. "Come over to my house tomorrow after school" I urged him. "My mum doesn't get back from work for a whole hour later".

"OK. but I'll have to go home first to tell my mum I'm going out, after that I'll head straight to you" he said.

"Great" I said with a wide grin. We both sat and looked at our bare feet, still covered with cum that shone in the torch light. I wiped it off with my sleeve and he did the same, then we both put our socks and shoes back on. I glanced at the cheap, plastic little watch I wore. 8:20. we usually stay our for longer but it felt right to call it a day for now. I told him that I was going to go home, and that I looked forward to seeing him tomorrow. He said goodnight and we kissed one last time, before climbing out and heading for home.

Well, that sunny leone shooting blue film how our relationship started, and we've been together ever since. We're both bisexual, but we both find that women are. well, a bit too. annoying! Still, they have fine bodies, right?

Anyway, this is just one of our many stories that we will share with you. Just wait a while and the next one will come along soon! C & S xx Hope you enjoyed!