Beauteous chick likes being nude and fucked squirting and japanese

Beauteous chick likes being nude and fucked squirting and japanese
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my name is Sudhir. My wife Rajshree works in a MNC at Delhi. I will tell the story how my wife got banged by her boss for job promotion. The story starts the month after I lost my job due to recession and Rajshree had to work hard to make our expenses meet.

I used to stay at home and she used to go to work. Recently I got a new job so asked her to quit her job and stay at home but she rejected saying her job is also necessary for her. On that fateful day she told me she urgently needed to impress some one called Mr. Sultanali a big business honcho whom she called home breasty sluts are actually good at fucking dinner.

Rajshree left for work the next day and told me she would be getting off from work a couple hours early so she could get ready for her dinner date with Mr. Sultan. So I decided to leave early from work myself so I could be here for moral support for my wife because I knew she would be a little nervous tonight.

I got home just in time to see Rajshree pull into the driveway. Rajshree gave me a kiss on the way in and told me she had to hurry and take a shower and get herself dressed because she only had a couple hours before she was to meet Mr.

Sultan. I decided to straighten things up around here while she got ready. I had to admit that I had butterflies in my stomach thinking about this evening myself. I walked into the bedroom just in time to see Rajshree walking in from her shower. She looked stunning as always. Her hair had been neatly combed and dried and I could see she must have shaved her pussy.

If things go well tonight with Mr. Sultanali, I'm sure Rajshree is planning a hot night in bed with me to celebrate. Rajshree always picked out sexy things to wear no matter what the occasion and tonight was no exception.

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I noticed tonight she had a red panty with nude stocks and matching red brassier picked out and laying on the bed. Over on the chair was a black skirt and matching black top that had buttons down the front. By the bed setting on the floor I could see black spike heels with a thin buckle. I walked ariella ferrera in mother daughter mixup full on out into the kitchen to finish cleaning while Rajshree dressed for the evening.

Twenty minutes later my lovely wife walked thought the doorway. Rajshree walked in turning in a half circle asking me what I thought.

She looked absolutely gorgeous as I reached out to hold her. I could smell Rajshree's perfume as I hugged my wife. Glancing downward half of her breasts were exposed in this top. I wanted to kiss her but didn't want to smear her lipstick. Rajshree told me she had to leave in a minute, and wanted me to go out and buy some wine for this evening when she brought Mr.

Sultanali by the house after dinner. Rajshree told me she should be back here around eight tonight and not to be nervous and made sure I remembered that I was her better half and not her house husband. I will be glad this night is over, at least until Mr. Sultanali gets the contract signed and leaves. I can't wait to get Rajshree in my arms tonight. I know she has to be as horny as I'm tonight.

Everything will be just perfect with the girls being gone. Tonight I have plans to make love to my wife all night long. As Rajshree walked out the door she told me to wish her luck and said she loved me. I know this guy Mr. Sultanali will be getting an eyeful of my wife tonight.

I hope we can get rid of him early to top off the night with a celebration of our own. Later that evening I sat down and tried to read the paper but couldn't concentrate on what I was reading.

I had gone out and picked up a couple bottles of good wine. I had remembered Rajshree mentioning she was meeting Mr.

Sultanali at her office and she would leave her car parked there overnight. It was now a quarter after eight, and Rajshree should be here any minute now. Let me hope that she got him to sign the contract tonight over dinner. I know Rajshree will still have to bring him here for a little icing on the cake but it will soon be over. I wonder if this is how I will feel when my daughters start dating. Wondering if they will be all right and their dates treating them with respect.

This is my wife I was waiting to return tattood girl with big ass enjoy in this lesbiens homemade from a date with a guy knowing fully well two kinky bimbos have fun with toys she was a married woman.

I want to think Rajshree's date acts like a gentleman and don't try to touch her or even steal a kiss. After all these years of being married to this wonderful woman we have always had the deepest trust for each another.

Right at that moment the doorbell rang. I must have locked the door when I returned from the store. Walking over to the door and opening it slowly, there stood my wife and standing next to her was a muscular looking black gentleman who looked like south indian in a grey suite. Rajshree walked in first as Mr. Sultanali following close behind her. I noticed his hand was around the back of my wife's waist as they walked through the door.

Rajshree introduced her guest as a Mr. Sultanali a business client she is working with right now on a big project. Rajshree introduced me as her husband Sudhir. At least she remembered the little plan we had worked out. When I shook hands with Mr. Sultanali, I couldn't help noticing how large his hands were and he had a firm grip.

He looked around 6'2′ tall and looked like a line backer. Mr. Sultanali followed my wife into the great room and Rajshree motioned for him to set down which he did on the sofa. Rajshree than motioned for me to follow her into the kitchen to fetch some wine. As she prepared the drinks for her and her guest, she had told me that everything was fine and she wanted me to make up an excuse to leave the room so she could speak to him alone. Rajshree said she needs to iron a few things out and wanted to make Mr.

Sultanali and thought I'd make her nervous setting in the same room. We made our way back into the room and as Rajshree was handing a drink to Mr. Sultanali I mentioned to them that I was going to my room to read a book so they could chat and take care of business. Mr. Sultanali said it was nice meeting me and that I had a very lovely wife and suggested that if I had anywhere to go tonight that things would be fine here. As I made my way to our bedroom, I thought about what Mr.

Sultanali had just said to me. In a very polite manner, he was asking me to get lost. I almost walked back to say something but I decided not to. I didn't want to ruin anything for Rajshree's business deal. It would only be a matter of time before he was gone and hopefully she has the contract signed and sealed.

Let him have his little drink. Take a good look at those nice breasts being pushed out for you to see tonight because that's as close as you'll ever get I thought to myself. We have a setting area in our room with sliding doors that lead out into the screened area around the pool. From there we have sliding doors that lead off from the great room. It had been almost an hour now. I was thinking of walking out and around and take a peak and see if everything was all right. I decided to do just that and got up and opened the door and made my way over to the doorway off the great room where my wife and Mr.

Sultanali were situated was dark now and the lights were off back here so I wouldn't be noticed. As I gazed in the room, I could still see them seated on the sofa. Rajshree was laughing at something Mr. Sultanali was saying. I could see two bottles of wine sitting on the table next to the sofa.

They must have gone through the first bottle already. Mr. Howard had his right arm on the back of the sofa behind my wife, but didn't seem to be touching her.


He was holding his glass of wine in the other hand when I saw him set it down on the table and put his hand on his knee. Rajshree seemed to be listening to busty mature jerking dick and gets cumontits it was he was saying when I than notice his hand slowly work its way over to my wife's knee until it was gently in place just below the hem of her skirt.

By this time my heart seemed to be pumping at a faster rate. Rajshree was looking straight into his eyes now and I wish I could hear what he was saying to Rajshree. I could see his thumb start to move against the hem of her dress as kept talking to my wife. Than Rajshree glanced down toward his hand on her knee and gently pushed it away. That's my girl I thought to myself. I knew Rajshree was trying very hard to be nice to this man but wouldn't let things go any further than having the pleasure of talking or getting a good look at her lovely charms on display.

I decided to make my way back to the bedroom and read because I felt Rajshree had everything under control after I saw Rajshree move his hand off her knee. It would only be a matter of time before he was gone and she made her way in here to celebrate her new contract. I guess I feel asleep for a few minutes. I looked over at the alarm clock on the dresser and it was after eleven. I jumped up pretty fast wondering what was going on out in the great room.


I worked my way out the door wall around the corner and looked inside. My heart sank. I didn't see anyone. Could, Mr. Sultanali had gone home and Rajshree was in the kitchen or something? I could see into the kitchen and the light was off. I could see a light through the window in one of the girls rooms over to the right so I waked over to that window.

I could see a shadow on the wall so I knew someone was in there, maybe Mr. Sultanali had left and Rajshree was just checking the girl's rooms for something. As I looked around the corner, my heart sank even further. They were on the edge of the bed. I could see my wife and Mr. Sultanali. He had his head tilted down and appeared to be kissing her neck area. His right hand was around her shoulder with his left hand on her breasts through the brassier. Her top was completely unbuttoned. I felt like I was going to panic as my heart began to race.

He was moving his head now and his lips met hers as I could see Rajshree tilt her head up to kiss him back. I could barely make out what was going on but I could see his tongue as it made its way inside Rajshree's mouth. She was sucking on his tongue. Rajshree had reached around and put her arm around him as they continued to kiss.

Mr. Sultanali had dropped his hand down to her inner thigh and was working his way under her skirt toward her pussy. I didn't remember seeing any panty's tonight when my wife had all her clothes laid out in the bedroom. This would mean that he was about to touch Rajshree's bare pussy. He would soon feel how soft and smooth her pussy mound was. Something was about to happen to summer bailey casting sucking riding long schlong wife that should only be meant for me.

Should I go in and stop this. My mine kept going in different directions. Instead of running in there and pulling him away from my wife I just stood there like I was frozen to the ground and watched what was taking place in that room. As I kept watching what was taking place, Mr.

Sultanali reached around and pulled Rajshrees top off and was reaching around to unclasp Rajshrees brassier. Rajshree's firm breasts broke free of their confinement. Mr. Sultanali tilted his head down and started sucking on one than the other running tongue in circular motions as my wife held the back of his head to push him in tight against her breasts.

Rajshree seemed to be accepting everything that was going on. I wasn't sure what I should do. As I kept watching, Rajshree stood up and it looked like she was helping Mr. Sultanali with her skirt. That's when I saw the skirt fall to the floor.

I was right, Rajshree had no panty's on and her pussy was now on full display to Mr. Sultanali. All that remained was Rajshree's garter belt, stockings and her heels.

Rajshree sat herself back down on the bed when I saw Mr. Sultanali reach around my wife's small waist and pull her as close as possible toward him. Rajshree now had her one hand in his lap and seemed to be stroking him through his pants. His suit jacket was already off and Rajshree reached up with her right hand and started working on his tie and getting it off.

Rajshree sort of got up and moved herself onto his lap and worked on his tie with both hands.


I saw the tie being tossed over on the floor as they started kissing again. Mr. Sultanali had reached all the way around my wife and was cupping her right breast in his large black hand. The contrast of their body's made myself very hard as I continued to watch. Rajshree was looking at Pal relaxes with his amazing gf hardcore and blowjob. Sultanali and he seemed to be saying something to her.

She was shaking her head as if to say no to something. Rajshree was just reaching over to start unbuckling his pants when he pulled her hands away and got up. He was walking toward the door. He was leaving the room. I hurried back to the master bedroom. Once inside there was a knock on the door. I'm trying to figure out what this guy was doing or what he wanted from me. Was he coming to ask permission to screw my wife? I opened the door, Mr. Sultanali was embarrassed but asked, "Do you have any condoms." I stood there stunned for a moment when he told me everything was fine with my wife but she had mentioned not being on the pill.

He said he felt embarrassed about asking me but my wife was a stunner and it was just fine if he fucked my wife. I went over to the drawer and got him a couple and handed them over to Mr. Sultanali. My hand was shaking as he grabbed them from me.

He told me thanks and told me I was a life saver. As he hurried himself away from the door he looked back and said he would see me in the morning. Did I just hear him say he would see me in the morning?

I just handed a man some condoms so he could screw my wife without her getting knocked up and than he tells me this!

I waited for a couple minutes and decided I wanted to keep an eye on this but didn't want to go back outside. Instead, I decided to go through the third bedroom and there was a joining bathroom in between the two rooms where I could see but had to be careful. I walked through the great room and down the hall into the adjoining bedroom and slowly made my way toward the bathroom.

Good, I thought to myself the other door is open just enough to look inside that room. They had dimmed the light but I was still able to see what was going on. I slowly moved toward the door and looked inside. The bed was straight ahead on an angle so I was able to see everything where I stood. When I looked inside, I could see Mr. Sultanali laying on his back. My wife was on her side just above his legs.

She was licking his shaft. Rajshree had her left hand massaging his testicles while she held his shaft with her right hand. I focused on her action when Rio lee and katt dylan enjoying a cock finally realized how big and thick this man was.

He had to be at least 9″ or 10″ long and the girth was like a small log. Rajshree could never take this man inside her.

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She may have told him so and decided to giving him head. Even if he could get this thing in my wife she would be stretched to the limits.

Besides, the condoms I gave him would never fit his shaft. They fit snug on my cock but a guy his size would never fit. Rajshree kept lovingly sucking and licking his entire shaft. I watch as she tried to push as much of it inside her mouth. It looked like she could only get the head to fit as she continued to lick the sides. Every once in a while she would go down and suck his large testicles in her mouth only to hear him groan and tell her how good her mouth felt.

Rajshree still had on her garter belt, stockings and heels and it looked very erotic watching my wife make love to this large black man. Mr. Sultanali told Rajshree to move herself over his face and he wasted no time getting his face between her legs.

Curvy slut gets her wet crack drilled could hear the slurping sounds he was making as Rajshree was grinding herself down onto his mouth.

She had both of her hands wrapped around his shaft as she continued to suck his massive pole. I was actually getting turned on watching my wife suck on this man as I was hard as a rock and I could feel myself dripping from the excitement. I was excited for the first time ever being a voyeur to watching my own wife in bed with another man. Rajshree started to shake and I knew she was close to having an orgasm. Mr. Sultanali kept working on my wife's pussy. I could still hear the slurping sounds he was making.

His big hands were holding her waist as if to hold her on his face as she let out a scream that she was there while Mr. Sultanali kept up the action with his tongue. Just as Rajshree started to relax, another orgasm hit her and a tiny girl gets fac fuck in colombia with step brother in svensk film wife was pushing herself into his face for all it was worth. Just as Rajshree's orgasm was ending, I saw him reach over on the night stand and grab one of those condoms I gave him to use on my wife.

He fiddled around until it opened. He than threw the wrapper on the floor.Rajshree moved off him while he tried to place the condom on the head of his shaft. It looked like he stretched it out and over the head than rolled as much as there was down the shaft. It didn't cover the entire length but at least it was on and would trap any sperm that he would pump out of that giant thing.

Rajshree reached down to the floor at the side of the bed searching for something. When she came back up, she had a tub of K-Y jelly in her hand. She had been ready for this after all, sexy bombshells get rammed in a foursome Rajshree had it ready and waiting on the side of the bed all this time.

I watched as she placed the tub on the tip of the head of Mr. Sultanali's shaft. Rajshree smeared it around the head and with her hand she stroked the shaft with the remaining jelly in her hand. Rajshree than got up and swung her leg up over Mr. Sultanali to straddle him from the top. She sat facing him with his shaft just touching her crack from the rear.

It looked like a massive pole from that angle. Rajshree had lowered her head to kiss Mr. Sultanali and I watched her tongue enter his mouth as he sucked it in. Rajshree then moved her rear end up as he grabbed his giant pole in his left hand and held onto Rajshree's waist with his right hand.

I watched as she also reached around to help guide him to her waiting hole. She looked very wet as I could see his saliva still glistening around her mound.

My wife was about to get screwed for the very first time by another man since our marriage. From the looks of things she was also going to be stretched beyond its limits. Rajshree now started to move her body in slow up and down motions apparently trying to gently slide the giant head inside her pussy. After a few moments it seemed to be working as Mr. Sultanali now had both of his hands on my wife's hips as she continued to rock herself in up and down motions. Rajshree now moved her hands around and put them on Mr.

Sultanali's chest as she used them for support as his shaft was feed inside her pussy. I raised my head a little so I could see myself and sure enough I had a clear view of my wife's stretched pussy with just the head of this man's shaft inside. Rajshree's pussy must have been dripping wet from the excitement otherwise there wasn't anyway he could have got in this far.I was getting excited to no limits.

I also began jerking my cock. Rajshree kept up the same pass telling her lover how tight it felt. She was starting to moan again as his shaft slid inside at least another inch. I could see Mr. Sultanali now raising his own hips to meet my wife's down thrusts trying to get more of him inside her. Rajshree started moving in a faster rhythm as they both fought hard to get as much of him lodged inside her as they could. I could see at least three inches inside.

His shaft was now inside my wife up to the point where the condom covered his shaft. The rest of him was bare. Mr. Sultanali seemed to hold on to Rajshree with a stronger grip as he rolled himself over with Rajshree now on the bottom. He held himself up with his hands under her rear keeping his weight from fully resting on my wife.

He now started to rotate his lower torso trying to gain whatever space he could. He lifted himself up further as Rajshree raised her legs over his shoulders as secretary rachel roxxx is giving a blowjob worked hard to get him inside her.

From my angle I could see it was working as now he started with a slow circular in and out rhythm. I could now see Rajshree's pussy lips as they held onto Mr.

Sultanali's shaft each time he thrust inside my wife. Her pussy was gripping him not just on purpose but because it was stretched out and around his shaft.

Rajshree now moved her legs out to the sides of his buttocks and held onto him with her hands as he started a faster rhythm. I could now see his shaft during each outward stroke covered with Rajshree's pussy juice. I could now hear the sounds of there love making as there was a sucking sound each time he withdrew from Rajshree to a squishing sound each time he entered her.

Rajshree now had her legs wrapped around his buttocks as he kept up his pass. He now had his hands cupped underneath my wife as to pull himself deeper inside with each powerful stroke downward. I was stroking my cock in rhythm with their push. He now seemed to be getting deeper inside my wife with each stroke. I stretched my neck out as far as I could to see without getting caught. I think at this point they wouldn't have cared anyway if they saw me. I could see the condom. It was no longer covering the head portion of his shaft.

It looked like it had ripped apart from being stretched and all the friction. It was bundled up around the center of his giant pole now. He was now screwing my wife bare cock. He was now kissing my wife again as he kept up the pass, her arms now gripping his shoulders as he kept pumping his shaft in my wife.

She broke the kiss and was telling Mr. Sultanali to keep it up harder and how much she loved his thick shaft deep inside her. He yelled out that he was about to dump his load. Rajshree told him to give it to her. I could see his buttocks start to contract and shake as he said, "Here it comes baby just for you." At that point Rajshree started to shake again and I knew she was having an orgasm the same time he was pumping his hot load of sperm deep inside my wife.

They both were moaning now as each was at their peak. Mr. Sultanali gave one last shove and held his still shaft in my wife as deep as he could for at least a good three minutes before finally raising up and releasing his hold on her. I cummed at the same time and spilled all on the bathroom floor. He than started a very slow withdrawal from my wife's stretched out pussy.

I could see and hear the plop as the head dropped out of my wife's pussy with a large trail of white sperm behind it. The first thing that entered my mind was the fact that he had just filled my wife's pussy with his potent sperm.

Hopefully she goes right into the bathroom and cleans herself out. At this point I just sat back on the floor thinking this cassandra calogera deepthroating and riding huge dildo all over now.

Mr. Sultanali made a statement that he would see me in the morning. Does this mean he plans on sleeping here with my wife all night? I couldn't imagine them going another round. Rajshree's pussy must be sore by now.

I took one more look and as I watched, Mr. Sultanali had reached over and pulled my wife next to him on the bed and began kissing her again. She was telling him how much she enjoyed it. I got up and went into the adjoining bedroom and laid down thinking about what just happened. I was thinking about everything I just saw in that room. I kept thinking about seeing the czech katy rose outdoor blowjob and anal breaking open and his sperm dripping out of my wife's pussy.

I kept thinking of my lovely wife Rajshree before falling asleep. Something seemed to wake me from a deep sleep. I'm not sure exactly what it could have been. It was like I was dreaming of hearing people talking. I looked over at the alarm clock on the dresser. It was after four in the morning. I could hear the voices again only this time I knew what the sounds were.

I sat up in the bed, pulled myself up and walked to the bathroom doorway. The light was now off but I could hear the mattress getting a workout and my wife's voice. She was begging her lover to screw her deeper. I carefully looked through the doorway and tried to adjust my eyes. Once my eye's were able to adjust I mom rides cock as a cowgirl hardcore and mature make out that Sultanali pushed Rajshree on couch and spread her legs as far as I could see, exposing her tight pussy.

It was brownish black in color with reddish color of flesh inside, which was full of whitish love juice. He sat in front of her and moved his head in between her legs. The pungent aroma of her womanhood was driving both of them crazy.

It was a mixture of urine and love juice making the room so arousing that I could not resist and wanted put my tongue in her slit but refrained from doing it. Rajshree was getting out of control with each lick on her Choot (Pussy) she closed her eyes and started screaming in pleasure.

"OOOHHHH GGOODD please don't stop please eat me put your tongue as deep as you can, please Sultan don't stop OOOHHHH YYYYAAAAAA OOOOHHHH YYYEEEESSSSSS. Her moans were getting louder and louder as his tongue was traveling all over her juicy choot. He opened her Pussy lips with my two fingers exposing her virgin vaginal flash and put tongue inside. She screamed in joy and placed her hand over his head and started pressing hard against her pussy.

His tongue was moving like snake and covering the whole area including her asshole, which was by now, became very soft and tender. After ten minutes of intense licking he asked her for some sexual lesson by adopting the techniques of blowjob. As he asked her to hold erect stick Rajshree got very much confused plus exited as well. She followed instructions and opened her mouth taking the head of 8 inches long Dick. I could also make out my wife's hands as they were holding on to her lover as he drove his meat into her from above.

Rajshree's legs were being held up by her black lover. I wondered how long this had been going on since the first round of passion. I could barely make out his buttocks as they hammered into my wife's pussy. I couldn't imagine at this point what kind of shape it was in now. I could hear Mr. Sultanali's voice as he told my wife how sweet and tight her pussy was and he was looking forward to getting more of this fine white stuff.

I could hear them both panting like wild animals when I heard is voice again. He was telling Rajshree, "I am ready to shoot another load in your belly and are you ready for it." I could hear my wife respond to her lover. Rajshree said, "I am ready and for you to shoot it in deep inside my love canal." Mr. Sultanali's grunting was all I could hear next as he began to fill my wife with yet another load of his hot seed.

I could hear my wife again saying, "I can feel it spurting inside my belly and it feels hot." Rajshree's lover seemed to lie on top of her for several minutes until I could just see him lift up off my wife.

I could hear my wife's voice again. She was saying, "Darling don't leave me now I want you right here next to me." With that note, I could see him lay back down just behind my wife. I could really see her now as she scooted her rear end back toward Mr.

Howard. I could see his big hand on her hip as they lied still for a few moments. Than I could hear his voice again as he told her,"I am getting hard again and I want you to slide back and put it inside your hole." Rajshree was laying on her side as she wiggled back against her black lover. I heard Rajshree give out a grunt and knew he must be inside my wife again at this very moment. I could hear his deep voice again telling her how beautiful she was and how much he was enjoying making love to her.

My wife responded back telling him she loved every minute of it and couldn't believe he was able to screw all night like he has and keep getting hard again. They must have made love while I was sleeping and they are still going at it.

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Than I could hear my wife's voice again telling her lover that she wanted to fall asleep with him inside her. My wife wasn't even going to get up and wash herself out from all the seed that was still floating around deep inside her.

Now her pussy was being plugged by his stiff pole again. I waited for a few minutes but didn't hear too much and figured they fell asleep or at least took a break so I decided to go back to the master bedroom and get some sleep. As I lay on the bed, I wondered what would happen in the morning. I was too tired to go to work tomorrow and figured I would call off work. I woke up around seven and first thought that came to mind that they might be at it again. I hurried out in the great room with the same clothes I had on the night before and there stood Mr.

Sultanali by the sofa adjusting his suite jacket. He told me good morning and apologized for bothering me last night. He said he would have brought his own but things were unexpected and laughed about it. He than told me my wife was still taking her shower. Mr. Sultanali he asked me to come closer because he wanted to tell me something. His big frame dwarfed me and I could imagine this man on top of my wife last night. He said to me that my wife was a wonderful little lady and he felt he was falling in love with her.

He had said they went out to lunch many times on business and it always turned out to be walks in the park afterwards or just setting by the river and talking about different things. This hit me as a big surprise because I'd thought this was just a business deal waiting to be settled. Than he hit me with another one that made my heart stop for a moment. He said he didn't think the condoms held up very well and maybe in nine months I was going to be a father to a little boy or girl.

He than told me he just couldn't help himself and that he was caught up in the moment as much as Rajshree was and hoped that I wouldn't feel Rajshree was a bad wife to me. He also said she wanted it more than he did last night. Before he left Mr. Sultanali also told me that if Rajshree does get pregnant after last night that he planned on asking her to marry him and he would be a good father to the baby. When he walked out the door, I went over to the sofa and sat down. I would have to talk to Rajshree as soon as she got out of the shower.

Moments later Rajshree walked in giving me a kiss on the cheek and said," I have to rush because I don't want to be late for work." I said, "What about last night." and Rajshree told me she got the contract and not to worry about a thing.

I told her I had questions to ask her and she said she had to go and would explain everything to me when she got home. Just as she got to the door she turned back to me and said she might about two hours late tonight so I should fix dinner and eat without her tonight.

When Rajshree was out the door I went into the bedroom they were having sex last night. The bed was still a mess and the whole center was soaked. This guy must have shoot buckets of seed inside my wife last night.

I leaned down and smelled the sheets and sure enough it was the strong smell of seed that had teacher and student sexy vedios deposited in my wife last night.

I walked back out of the room and noticed a small wrinkled paper on the floor. I picked it up and it read. Rajshree, I love you and will see you later this evening. It was signed Mr. Sultan ali.