Puke vomit dick woods men

Puke vomit dick woods men
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Ex-Daughter Grown Up, Part 6, Return of Ex-Wife (Introduction: if you have read parts 1-5, you will know the people involved: a husband back working in the country he loves and where his grown-up 17y.o.

step-daughter from a previous marriage has arranged for her 'daddy' to be taken care of by others during her school semesters back in her adopted Australia, where she lives with her mother, the ex-wife.

I am flying back to my northern office, after a wild weekend of erotic photography at home, and another lesbian virgin choosing me as her first man; now returning to where recently, Tinh, also a virgin, chose me for her first experience and wondering at the next stage to come in the care given to me; I didn't know then my ex-Vietnamese wife, Ha, mother of Yen, was on her way to Vietnam, and she had intentions of furthering complicating matters…) A meal on the plane and a short sleep, car waiting and off to the office, mid-afternoon.

Tinh was smiling as I entered the office reception area, but business-like as she led me to the meeting room, asked if I wanted coffee and went to get Mr. Ban, returning with coffee and water. I couldn't help but admire her swaying body, petite like Phung's and equally sexy.

I shook my head and turned to Ban. He updated me, and handed me folders of papers: contract negotiations and latest draft, in English as well as Vietnamese; project specifications and proposal, timetables for design and construction, and a financial feasibility analysis they had prepared. It was quite some amount to wade through; I asked him to arrange a meeting with our local lawyers for late tomorrow morning, but now I would take everything to the hotel and begin reviewing, and he and I could meet in the morning to discuss before meeting the lawyers.

I also suggested he ask the clients for a meeting late tomorrow when we should be ready. I packed it all up, noticed a sad-faced Tinh, and I said "See you tomorrow, Miss Tinh, after I get through all these." I headed for the car and drunk college sluts in for a good time reality amateur hotel, buying some cans of beer en route. Checked-in and entered the lift, hot slut debbie white gets some ass traffic a porter, and going to the same room as I had stayed in before; Tinh's mother was in the lift, and she insisted on taking a bundle of papers from under my arm, despite my protestations.

She smiled and said "Just part of the hotel service, Anh Steve." She was actually about my age, I guessed, and really beautiful, full-figured yet slim, and she could have dispensed with the 'Anh', but it was polite form of address, so I referred to her equally politely. "You have two very nice and beautiful daughters, Chi; they clearly take after their mother." She blushed and said "Thank you, they have told me you are a nice man; now I understand." We exited, and I opened my room, putting my bag on the bed and directing Tinh's mother - 'Linh' was her name when I asked this question next - to place the papers on the table.

"Anything else you need, Anh?" Linh asked; I looked in the mini bar: no ice, so I asked for a bucket of that, as my cans of beer were only slightly cool. "I'll be back in five minutes, sir." I stripped off my shirt and pants and underwear, naked for a moment as I opened my bag to get out a pair of 'home' shorts, but I was caught as Linh pushed opened the door, back very fast. She stopped and stared as I fumbled and got caught trying to put a leg in my shorts. She said "The girls told me you were all skin and bones well mostly they said, as she pointedly looked at my cock you need eat more, Mr.

Steve." I managed to flop onto the bed and cover myself somewhat as I finally got my legs through two leg holes, embarrassed and red-faced. "I am sorry, Chi Linh; you said five minutes, but I am so embarrassed, sorry." "Don't mind me; I am almost family, it's ok really" she tried to calm me, but still looking at my groin, shaking her head it seemed to clear images away; "Will you eat in tonight, Mr. Steve?" "I am not hungry, Linh, I ate on the plane; before I think of eating, I need do a lot of work; perhaps later, thanks." I gave her a tip for her help, against her protestations, but I insisted.

She held hold of my hand while trying to refuse the money and tug her own hand away, but I put my other hand on her shoulder to restrain her, and she fell forward, hitting her full, soft breasts into my chest, and momentarily, just for a second, she stayed there. I didn't pull away, and then she did, accepting the money and thanking me, hardly able to look at my face.

"You're welcome, Linh, see you later, and thanks again." She said "There aren't many nice men in this world, I am happy to meet one." She turned and left, closing the door behind her.

Glass, ice and beer later, I settled at the table and began; a lot of items were technical engineering and not my area, so I concentrated on the narratives and the financials, as well as the lists and attachments for the government permits status, making notes on my pad or on the copy documents themselves, and occasionally entering info and numbers into a financial model of my own on my laptop.

I paused only for beer and the odd cigarette, and when I turned the last page of the financials, I sat back, satisfied I had done a good prelim review, but needing a break before I refined my summary. It was dark, 8pm I was surprised to notice, and I was somewhat hungry, but also agitated and not wanting to stay in the room, I force for sex 1 day. Changed and headed downstairs and outside for a walk. Perhaps thirty minutes later, I found myself recognizing the restaurant I had been to the last time, and before I could even decide to enter or not, Miss Ha came out, dressed out of uniform in a long, tight skirt and blouse: she was very beautiful.

"Hi, Mr. Steve, where are you going?" "I was just walking, Miss Ha, and just found myself here; how are you?" "I am fine; perhaps something led you here, some desire…?" My face flushed and I stumbled over answering that I had just been walking…Ha said "I am finished early tonight because I have a wedding party to go to; why don't you come with me, it's not far and I promise you will find it interesting." While attempting to say I needed go back to work at my hotel, she linked arms, turned me around and steered me to her bike.

She started it, patted the pillion seat and took off gently for about 5m then she opened the throttle and I had to grasp around her waist to steady myself.

She laughed, and carried on driving the same, thankfully for no more than fifteen minutes to some function hall, where I got off and she received her parking stub and left her bike to be rolled away. She linked my arm and we entered; I was thankful I had at least worn long pants and a nice shirt, as it was clearly a more 'hi-so' wedding and everyone was dressed in their finest. I glanced around: I was the only foreigner, but this didn't faze me as I had faced such situations many times, so I steered Ha to the waiting bride and groom to offer them "One Hundred Years of Happiness" and they remarked to Ha how nice to have a foreigner know such traditional sayings (and Teen blowjob big tit amateur oficer of patrol agrees to help redhaired stunner to cross was quite handsome, said the bride to Ha!) I spoke local Vietnamese, and thanked her, causing a blush, and we entered the main room, Ha never letting go of my arm, showing me off to anyone who looked.

Again, I had become used to this it wasn't easy, but it was necessary if I wanted to be accepted, and I had always wanted and tried for this. Someone, a relative of Ha, motioned her over to a table and I was soon plied with food and whisky; I joined in one toast and downed angelina valentine and yuri luv girl play shot glass, but then asked Ha if I could order beer and sit on that, promising I would toast every time the men invited me.

She was delighted and explained I preferred beer, so a crate was quickly sent to our table and I filled a glass, with ice, and the normal Vietnamese wedding was underway: food and drink and talk and laughter, and I was able to join in as appropriate, even with a few lines of a song when the band played one of my favourites; it was fun with some speeches and toasts to the married couple, but mostly an orgy of food and longest and biggest deepest dildinsertion, then people leaving for home very early.

It was during the speeches, when most were politely listening, that I found Ha's hand gliding on my thigh, up and down, but mostly up. I couldn't look down and drawn attention to myself, so I had to endure the feel and the rising lump in my pants stoically. How can any man do this?! My cock surged in my pants and I opened my thighs to allow her hand to probe further, while I swallowed my beer, and poured another quietly.

When her hand grasped the bulge, I had to do something there was the father of the bride making a speech after all so I made my reluctant body turn in my chair, away from Ha, and crossed my legs, listening intently, or trying to, until the end when we all clapped and toasted. The band began music again, and the bride and groom walked the room for photographs at every table, and the older ones began to depart soon after. I had to go to the toilet, after I had been photo'd with the happy couple and they had moved on, and with a sense of déjà vu Ha offered to show me the way.

She again linked arms, and we had to stop to talk to various relatives and friends, introduce me, but finally made it out to the balcony and walked for the toilets. She steered me into the Men's, and went to the Ladies, asking me to wait for her. When she came out, she looked around and seeing no-one, dragged me with her inside the Ladies to a cubicle, pushed me to sit on the closed toilet seat and raped me!

There is no other description for what Ha did to me for thirty minutes in a toilet cubicle in a public function hall. Having pushed me down, she unbelted, unzipped me and totally removed my pants and underpants, hanging them on a peg on the door behind her. Then she unbuttoned her blouse, my eyes mesmerized, and revealed no bra covering her pert breasts; she didn't remove her blouse, just left it dangling while she took my two hands and placed them on her breasts, and auto-mode took over as I fondled her; and then she unzipped her own skirt, revealing a bare pussy maybe she didn't own any underwear I thought stupidly and hung it on the peg with my pants.

Sliding my hands around her to remain clamped to her breasts, she turned, and just plonked her cunt straight down on my prick, and then proceeded to fuck me as hard as I had ever experienced! She was a machine - and how could she not moan god, what if other women come in, sometime they must and I panicked.

But, once planted full length on me, she held her hands over mine around her breasts and made sure I was roughly twisting her nipples and squeezing them tightly, before she moved her hands to her thighs and used them to add extra support as she bounced. She spluttered "Oh, this is so much better than last time; I couldn't wait, I have longed for you again and again since we did this before, I must be having a lucky year for us to meet again tonight; please do it harder, Mr.

Steve!" I thrust up, must have hit into her cervix and she squealed; someone outside the cubicles tentatively asked "Are you ok in there?" and Ha answered, breathlessly, "Yes, just a stomach pain, I am ok" as she bucked again and squealed again, but now with a hand over her mouth to stifle her cries. She came, I could tell from the rigidity as she just stopped full down on me and then raised herself up to the end and plunged down, my cock getting to her depths, and she must have bitten her finger or hand because I could feel the scream reverberating through her body.

I could hear someone else outside, but I ignored them as I began thrusting up hard, and willed myself to cum, which I did, cock pulsing and surging inside Ha, as she spasmed down on me, and I grabbed her tits and pulled them almost off by stretching her nipples in my fingers, as she writhed and made inhuman noises behind the hand stuffed in her mouth.

I held her hips then, slowing her, kissing her back, licking the sweat up her backbone and she moaned quietly, still grinding on me as I slowly deflated within. She whimpered, wanting me to go on, but I 'ssshh'd' her gently, and fondled her also gently now, then I lifted her unsteadily up and off me. I turned her to face me and licked the wetness at her pussy, a wide tongue gathering her juices and mine to swallow. She panted and held my head close to her, until I turned my face up and sucked on a nipple, two nipples, able to swallow a whole breast into my mouth a la Tinh.

Then I said "Don't you ever like having slow sex, Miss Ha must you always do it like this?" "I like raping you, Mr. Steve, it is the most exciting thing I have ever done! And this 'thing' is so big inside me. Thank you!" She bent down and kissed my cock, sucking the end for a moment, before I had to pull her off and motion to be quiet, and to get dressed.

Now, I looked at her naked for the first time; no surprises, she was slim, small and cute, with long black hair, and a lovely face still suffused with excitement. Ha pulled her skirt on, then her blouse, and I stood close to her it was only a cubicle after all and managed to dress my lower self.

She opened the door and looked out, motioning me and pulling my hand; just as we exited the main door, a lady came around the blonde bdsm sub whipped till she squirts to enter and stopped abruptly when she saw me I mumbled 'sorry, wrong room' in English, and let go of Ha and went to the Men's again to freshen up, while Ha re-entered the Ladies to do the same. I didn't wait this time, but made my way back to our table where only a extra small teen gets stuffed deepthroat destroyed people remained.


I drained my beer, and refilled the glass as Ha returned, looking fresh and quite radiant. She actually beamed as she sat next to me, and sipped a glass of water, apologizing for the queue at the toilet delaying her.

She was quite amazing: a power-driven machine when it came to sexual opportunity, and the demure local girl when called upon to project that image. We soon left and she drove me to my hotel, kissing me out of the lit area, and saying 'good night' with a hope to 'do it all again, somewhere different next time'.

I just watched her ride away, shaking my head, entering the hotel to get my key and go upstairs; there was a note from Ban saying lawyers couldn't meet until mid-afternoon, so he had pushed the client meeting out until the following morning, trusting this was ok to stay tomorrow night. I sighed, but accepted.

As if pre-destined, I met Linh in the hallway and she asked if I had eaten; actually, I hadn't really, and I was famished and what I had a sudden craving for was a hamburger - quite oddly - and she said the kitchen could do that, and she would order for me and bring it up as she was finishing her shift; I asked for no tomato sauce-ketchup- and she smiled. I looked at my mobile's clock, nearly 10p.m, perhaps I could get some review work done after all.

I thanked her, and entered my room for a quick, cooling shower, and putting shorts on again, took a beer and sat at the table with my notes from earlier and began arranging them better on a list to discuss tomorrow.

But there was no urgency now, as I could do it in the morning, so I gave up and moved to the sofa and turned on the TV, just as a knock announced my dinner. I jumped up and opened the door and Linh carried the tray in, kicking shoes off at the door, and I motioned to the small table in front of the TV.

I hadn't had time to change the channel, and there was a new series just starting; Linh turned to look, and said "Oh, I wanted to watch this!" I said "You can sit and watch here, I don't mind; I will probably fall asleep soon you finished work for tonight, yes?" She said "Are you sure, and yes, finished now." I motioned her to sit on the sofa, just asking if she wanted a drink, and she said "water would be nice, thank you." I opened a bottle and poured her a glass, then began eating my hamburger; I offered Linh some French fries, and she took some, and nibbled, and I was full before I had finished half the 'burger.

I pushed the plate towards her and said "Oh, I'm full; anything here you want, be my guest, Mrs. Linh." She ate the remains totally, to my surprise, apologizing by saying she hadn't had time for any dinner earlier; no problem I said, then she picked up a tiny French fry remaining and pushed it to my lips, followed by her fingers.

I looked at her, and sucked them clean of sauces and salt from the fries, and she trailed them down my chest, then put them in her own mouth to suck; my shorts began tenting, and even more when she tucked her legs up on the sofa and snuggled up closer to me, her head on my shoulder and her hand down on my thigh/lap, where soon she skinny hottie smokes two poles like a pro pornstars and hardcore feel the building surge from my groin.

I could look down at her, and I saw a heaving breast under her uniform, and it seemed only an automatic thing to do when my hand reached and began unzipping her down the front. My other arm had been along the sofa when she had lain her head down, so it allowed my hand to caress her hair and stroke her cheek, while I continued unzipping with the other; she turned her face to kiss my hand and suck my fingers, unconcerned that her dress was nearly completely undone.

What a sexy dress/uniform that opened all the way, I thought, as the clip at the bottom slipped open, and I laid her bare and bare she was, once I had opened the front clasp of her bra and laid her breasts, her full big breasts, as naked as her hairy pussy below without any panties.

I wiped a hand up her slit; she was wet and so I slid a finger inside, surprised at her tightness, but knowing she hadn't had a husband for many years Liem had told me this mia ashley and ashton play strip darts she didn't have much sex. She groaned and arched up, and her breasts beckoned my other hand looped across her shoulder; I tried to cup her left breast in my hand, but it was too big, and at most I could grope and woman police officer forced sex storys and show her I thought it was beautiful.

I could, and of course did, hold her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and it grew to a huge length quite unlike her daughters' small breasts and I played with it. Linh reached behind her body and reefed at my shorts, so I eased away to allow her to do what she wanted: get rid of them, and I kicked them off as she groped for my cock which had been pulsing at her back and buttocks, and which she now wanted stab her elsewhere.

She maneuvered her body and as I kept up my fingering of her, she opened her thighs and pushed my prick through to seek her; I took hold of the head of my prick and pointed it where to go, and then just pushed straight through the slick juices and banged my pelvis against her hips from behind. I kept blonde in uniform and stockings stripping for older british guy tube porn fingers where they were, and found a clit to play with below while continuing playing with a nipple above, and now a second nipple as I twisted her within reach and had myself flat on the sofa, with Linh flat on top of me, buried inside and her body open to for me to reach every part.

But it was Linh who took over, and she moved her buttocks, thus her cunt, up and down and around on my prick; she did it hard and moaned every time she felt it deeper, but I knew it could be more, so I again twisted her over, but pulled out and re-entered when she was flat on her back, an urgency now to give myself to her.

I slid and then thrust inside, deeper than we could have done previously, and she groaned hugely and long when my pubic hairs mixed with hers and our groins ground together. This made me want more, and I pulled out and quickly buried my mouth around her cunt, my lips sucking the wetness from her hair and her lips, and my tongue hard against her clit, eliciting a muted squeal.

Then I bent over her again, my mouth finding her breasts god, so big, - and I nibbled her nipples, while slowly letting my cock plough around until it found its destination, and so easily slid back in. Linh lunged up, and I bit her nipple, as I dug deeply inside her, my hands now under her hips, groping her buttocks and lifting her to meet my inward plunges.

My mouth could still stay on her breasts and I alternated wherever I could reach, changing to slurp up her neck, and clamp on an earlobe, as I removed one hand to fasten on her breasts, and my other to slide to the middle of her buttocks, to maintain upward pressure against my cock, and allow a finger to play with her arse-hole. I was building pressure in my balls, and I pulled almost out, letting her breathing slow just a little, before I ploughed like I was digging up the earth, a straight furrow to the depth of the plough, again and again, enjoying her cries now of joy, and she screamed and I came, the Clouds covering us while the Rain pelted down from Linh and up from me.

It was minutes of extreme intimacy before Linh spoke" The girls never told me about this, sir…" "I sexy pon story katrina kaif not a sir, Linh, and certainly not when we are doing this." I stretched my body up along her and kissed her lips; she opened her mouth to me, and I thrust my tongue inside, and she spasmed again around my cock still inside her, clenching muscles to keep me there.


I eased away to look at her "You are very beautiful, Linh, and very sexy, and very, very nice to make love with. Thank you." "Oh no, Mr. Steve: thank you; I haven't had a man for years and this was worth waiting for, believe me!" She kissed me harder, and wrapped her arms around me, squeezing me so tightly I couldn't breathe until I had to press her away.

She apologised, but I only nestled against her, running my hand around her breasts, and telling her how magnificent they were. My mouth wanted a nipple and I moved her breast until I could grasp one in my teeth and suck it into my mouth; it grew yet again, making my job easier, and amazingly making my cock grow equally again, and Linh just moved her pelvis against me to get me fully hard once more; and we fucked on our sides like this, not deep but sliding through all the juices and feeling it all intensely.

No way was I going to cum again, but Linh seemed to be able to, and she speeded up as she got closer, and then thrust herself at me hard when she did. She sighed "You are amazing!" "No, I am not; you are, and your body is so sexy and so desirable, that my cock wanted to give you more. But I am afraid that will be it; I am an old man who needs rest!" "Rubbish" Linh said "But yes, I need to go home to Tinh, and be ready for work in the morning. See you then, Mr. Steve?" "Working in the morning; but yes, Mrs.

Linh, see you then" I kissed her and let myself slip out to her dismay, but she made no complaint until I couldn't manage to re-zip her dress, so then she took over and did it discarding her bra totally. I couldn't resist; I grabbed her hips and fed on her nipples once more, they were so…so made for sucking, and I told her so.

She smiled, telling me how nice it felt, and that no man had ever eaten her like me. I said "I was hungry". She laughed, but said seriously, as she stood, and adjusted her clothing respectably "I will never forget this, Mr. Steve." She waited while I stood and she kissed me, and then put her bra in her handbag; she hesitated, but then threw something over her shoulder at me, saying "Good night, Anh Steve" as she began to leave and the object fell near me to pick up: Linh's panties.

I laughed as she locked the door behind her. A good night's sleep worked wonders, as I rose the next morning, showered, breakfasted in my room, and began working on my notes. I called Ban on his mobile avoiding the need to speak first with Tinh on the office line - and asked he send the car for me about 11a.m, and I would be ready to go over things with him. I was actually ready quite soon, so stretched out on the balcony and had an early beer, two in fact, before deciding to shower again and ready downstairs when the car arrived.

After greeting Tinh, who managed to look at me and ask if I had seen her mother last night Tinh found her decidedly chirpy and radiant this morning she said; I agreed I had seen her, and she had brought my dinner as she finished her shift. I excused myself as she looked suspiciously at me, and I went to meet with Ban, reviewing my notes and the contracts and financials, reminding him I couldn't comment on engineering or design technicalities.

We were ready, and I had no real qualms about the project, and provided the lawyers didn't, we seemed set to conclude matters later with the client. I had a sandwich at a desk, and read the English-language newspaper, eyeing Tinh every now and again, dressed in a dress which, while plain, was really very accentuating of her lithe, small body. She caught me looking and smiled as I hurriedly returned to reading.

Ban and I met the lawyers in our office meeting room, and my only pertinent update was the emailed report from my investigator back in the south, who signed off on the client's capacity and viability.

The lawyers agreed, and only made a few suggestions to the contract wording, and we sat back satisfied we had done all we could to protect our company and be confident in the client. With nothing further to do for an hour until the client arrived, I phoned the boss and updated him, and he was both relieved and pleased, and naturally would wait for a further phone call later.

Client's meeting came and was actually finished very quickly; they had no serious issues with our contract amendments, and Ban and his team then went into the technical aspects, so I was able to excuse myself for a while and check emails, then to wander the office chatting with the staff, asking about matters, problems, ideas, anything they wanted to discuss with the HO man.

I did this in every office I visited, and found the staff appreciated it once they were sure I took them seriously; indeed, I acted on suggestions which had merit and always gave credit to the person who had come up with the idea, no matter how trivial. Tinh's suggestion was certainly a novel one, delivered in confidence: dinner after work and sex in my hotel room! "Do you think that will help the Company, Miss Tinh?" "Oh yes, sir, a happy employee, a satisfied employee, is a better employee, right?" "I'll let you know, Miss Tinh, but if our client meeting goes well, I think dinner might be something different.

We'll see." Ban eventually emerged to invite me back into the room, where everyone was standing and smiling; details sirsi sex story in kannada been agreed, and we shook hands all around on a deal done.

The client wanted us all to celebrate, but instead of a restaurant dinner, firstly invited Ban and I and several of the senior staff to accompany them to their office where their staff had finished a model of our development even as we had been finalizing our meeting. After viewing that we would go for dinner. Ban and I and our staff went in Ban's car and followed the others to their office, where indeed the model seemed to bring the drawings to life; Ban took some photos to download to the Boss as a starter, and we in fact called him from the client's office with the good news: he was very excited and congratulatory to us all.

Dinner was offered by the client, and he invited along some of his own office staff, senior technical staff, and a couple of very cute ladies from the accounting department, plus his own secretary, and their receptionist.

They were all young, beautiful and would certainly be the centre of the men's attention after a beer or whisky or two. The client's secretary had made reservations, and off we went. I silently thanked them for not choosing Ha's restaurant; this time a new one, outside but also on the edge of a lake, with a cool breeze welcome as we sat, about 15 of us, and the three girls took charge of ordering food, while the client ordered whisky and soda, and beer for me.

I settled back at the end of the table, three ladies to my left, Ban and the client and his secretary to my right, the 'techies' at the other end, and everyone was soon eating and drinking and making merry. After a little food and many beers, I needed the toilet; the receptionist from our Company, Ming, was also standing up to do the same, so naturally we walked towards the direction signs together, with me following and my eyes watching her long legs down from a short skirt, and the sway of her hips.

She stopped abruptly and swiveled, catching my eyes staring before they jerked up to her face; "You go this way, Mr. Steve" and she was pointing back around the corner, smiling, as I realized I was about to enter the Ladies' room. "Oh, sorry, Miss Ming, guess I wasn't concentrating." "Oh, I think you were concentrating, Mr. Steve, just not on where you were to go." She laughed and headed inside, while I bumped into one of our accounting girls, Hung, as I turned to go to the Men's; Hung also laughed and said "Get lost, Mr.

Steve?" I blushed and mumbled, 'sorry Hung' and berated myself as I went to my own side of the building. Back at the table, Ming had swapped chairs with Hanh, the other accountant, and was next to me; she smiled mischievously at me as I sat, and I had a sense of déjà vu of several other office dinners in recent months, and I moaned inwardly at the memories and the possibilities.

Meanwhile, some of the techies had departed, well inebriated and full, and the client boss and his secretary seemed to be agreeing their own plans quietly. Ban, I noticed was looking at his watch, and he turned to me and said he would like to get home to see his children before they slept; 'fine by me' I told him, I would get a taxi after this beer, and he made his farewells and departed, taking several more of our company guys with him. I was fed some prawns and rice into my bowl by Ming, who turned in profile to serve me, while Hung poured beer and ice for me; side-on, Ming's breasts took my attention; she was dressed in a white blouse top which stretched to envelop her breasts, and the short black skirt was well above her knees when sitting she was as delectable as the prawn in my bowl, and I was sure her sauces would be also.

Hung was shorter, but her hair was very long, and I loved it way down her back, covering her own pink blouse to the waist, and her tight long pants and high heels lifted her smaller height almost to my level. I hadn't really seen Hanh to describe her, but when the client had called for and paid for the bill, and he and his secretary and Ban had all departed, Hanh moved to sit on my right, so we were now a small group of four at one end of the table, and only 2 very drunk guys at the other end, absorbed in their own rambling conversation.

The girls now all faced me, leaning close over the noise from other diners, wanting to know about my life etc, so I ordered new drinks for them and myself, on my own bill, and I didn't even notice the other guys stumble away.

It was only 9pm. But normal for dinners and parties to end, and I asked the girls if they were ready to go home; they chorused "Not yet, what about a disco or karaoke, Mr.

Steve?" I agreed, so when we had finished drinks, by now with a hand of Ming's on my left leg, and Hanh's on my right leg, I paid the bill, and we left. I was the lucky one on Ming's bike, Hung sharing beautiful brunette sucks him off before slamming Hanh's, and we headed off with my hands on Ming's hips to steady myself.

She leaned back to call to me "Are you comfortable, Mr. Steve?" "Yes, Ming, very, thank you" and she moved herself back more comfortably, pressing against my body what did I think earlier about 'déjà vu'? We went to a disco, found a standing table, ordered drinks above the noise, and the girls dragged me in a circle to dance out on the floor; it was getting busier, although early, and soon we were in a very close circle, the four of us bumping hips and legs and breasts when the girls faced me and were either pushed or just moved closer to me while jumping around.

It was hot and not only from the number of people, but also from the closeness of three girls' bodies, Ming as tall as me, Hung asian whore has her hairy muff toy fucked well Hanh's sizes almost identical a little shorter, but all becoming more sexy with their dancing by each succeeding song. When a particularly raunchy one played, Ming was first to turn her back on me and dance backwards against me, grinding her bum against a cock which had grown a long time ago; then she moved and both Hung and Hanh did the same in turn.

They couldn't fail to feel the bulge pushing against them, and next change with Ming, I held my hands to her hips and pulled her even closer as we swayed to the music; she in turn, slid her two hot ladies getting fucked by a group of men around behind me and ground me forward against herself, pushing my bulge against the crevice of her buttocks through her skirt. She ground against me, until Hung pulled her away and took her place, and it was repeated, and again when Hanh pushed in for herself, by which time I was pre-cumming and felt like I had a rock in my pants.

I declared 'tired' and broke away back to our table and my beer, and found the girls also quenching their thirst but with their legs and feet doing their utmost to rub against mine below the table. I excused myself to the toilet, returning to find three girls' heads close together talking (hatching plans?) but breaking away when I appeared.

Hanh had her back to me as I walked to the table, and I took in her uniform dress, tight and showing another of the endlessly slim bodies here in Vietnam; when she turned to greet me, I saw the centre zip of the dress had been slid down quite a way, cleavage available to my view, and I locked my eyes there for a moment or two; when I raised them to her eyes, she had a questioning look, and I nodded 'very nice' as I sidled between her and Ming and took up my glass. "Karaoke, Mr.

Steve?" Hung asked; "Don't you girls need go home to bed?" I asked. "Oh, just a short time, Mr. Steve, finish off the celebrations of our two Companies working together for a long time in the future we all hope, right girls?" Ming and Hanh chorused agreement, and we raised our glasses. "Ok, but only a short time, agreed? I am old and need my bed!" They decried my age, but agreed 'short time', so I paid and we got back on the bikes to head elsewhere obviously a karaoke place the girls had decided earlier.

When we arrived, I was able to see my hotel only a block or so away, so knew I could go home when ready for myself. We entered and the girls got a room, ordered beer for all, and soon the machine was set and the girls began choosing songs to program.

I had two songs I knew in Vietnamese; both love songs from when I was married to my Vietnamese wife, so I chose them, even though the memories they stirred always made me sad, and prone to cry: I was a sensitive man, and easily provoked to tears by emotions in songs or movies or even stupid TV shows if they had a poignant moment.

First, however, the girls sang their chosen favourites, some they sang together, some individually, and they drank beer in between words or phrases, or choruses, but they were all tipsy before the first break in songs. Hanh's uniform zipper was lowered even further, and Ming and Hung's blouses were several buttons undone, revealing cleavage of all as if I needed further stimulation, they also crowded me on the sofa, laying back against me, pushing each other out of the way and ending up all crushed against me.

I had been sitting comfortably to then, but the girls were all over me; but then my song came on, so I swung my legs around and grabbed the microphone to refresh my memory by following the words on the screen, and feeling the pain of the emotions in the song's words. Ming began singing with the other microphone, and came to sit between my legs, her back to me, but her bottom pushing back against my groin as I had to look over her shoulder to follow all the words.

As she thwarted my view playfully, I placed one arm over her bodice crossways to hold her still, feeling her breast under my arm as I tried to concentrate on horny hottie chick sydney sky love massive dick to suck hard song. As it neared the end, soaring into notes I couldn't possibly reach, but it seemed Ming could, she moved so my hand was automatically drawn to cup her breast, and I kneaded the flesh through her blouse and bra.

She ended the final note and swiveled painfully around on my groin and planted her mouth to mine, wide open and her tongue probing to enter mine.

My cock surged in my pants, and I opened my mouth and, desperate now, fought with her own tongue as we became pasted together. Vaguely I heard clapping, and when Ming and I broke the kiss, Hung and Hanh were smiling and pouting at the same time.

"Not fair" said Hung, "I invited Anh Steve to karaoke first!" "But I attracted him first with my body, I'm sure!" interjected Hanh, while Ming twerking pawg masturbates with anal plug amp dildo masturbating big tits them and planted another kiss on my mouth. I remained silent, but broke off, and leaned over to Hung "Thanks for inviting me, Miss Hung" and I plunged my tongue into her mouth and sucked hers to mine, while a hand whose?

- moved to my bulging pants, and squeezed; I gently felt Hung's shoulders as I moved her away, and pulled Hanh closer to kiss her, her wide-open dress allowing her to crush her breasts against me, and I couldn't resist a hand pushing under the bottom of her bra and stroking the nipple I could find there. She moaned against my tongue as I pulled away, and said I was going to the toilet.

I kissed each of them on the forehead as I passed, and they all groaned at my departure: I had to figure out what I was doing, and what I was going to do, so I needed the time in the toilet to try and think rationally. My prick was difficult to pull out, and I was leaking pre-cum, as I asked myself: give in to whatever, or just go home? Entering the room, the first thing I noticed was 4 more opened beer bottles, but then my eyes, and my feet, were riveted at the girls: all topless, and all bra-less.

What was that question I had just asked myself…didn't matter now, as I moved down a line of 6 nipples and I sucked every one for all I was worth, kneeling on the ground. Then I repeated in reverse, slower this time; Ming's were first, were large and firm and I couldn't swallow a whole breast, but I tried for some minutes on both; she ruffled my hair and spread her legs to allow my torso to push against her groin as my mouth slurped and ate her breasts and nipples.

I trailed a hand on Ming as I looked at Hung's face and then took a nipple in my teeth and her breast in my mouth; slightly smaller than Ming and I stretched my mouth to pull her inside, eliciting a moan from her, and to my left also from Ming as I tweaked her nipple in my fingers. As my mouth moved right to Hung's left breast, I let my hand drag across from Ming to Hung, and twirled her wet nipple in my fingers, then moved my right hand across to Hanh waiting a long time and felt around her abdomen and chest and finally stopped on her closest tit; but Hanh, with the zippered dress, was more advanced than the others, and as my hand roved I found she was open a long way down, down as far as her panty covered pussy in fact, and my hand found this, even as Hung groaned in a small release.

My hand found Hanh's snatch, it was soaked, and I worked a finger, then two, up and down as I transferred my mouth to her breasts, small stunning sex for a hot slut smalltits and homemade to swallow whole, skin so soft, my tongue lapping at her nipple, then as I found her clit under my fingers, my teeth gripped on her nipple and bit.

Hanh jumped under me, and her slit pushed against my finger, so I pushed her panties inside with my fingers and used my thumb on her clit then. Wow, the small women seem to have so many erogenous points, and react so fast: Hanh did. She squirmed and screamed, louder than the song playing, and I stopped immediately, but she pushed her hand on top of mine and forced my fingers further inside, along with her panties, and I swirled my finger against the walls of her cunt as she writhed and moaned.

I released her breast and moved across to her left one, while easing my fingers out and moving them up her abdomen, gently stroking as I reached the ignored right breast and stroked that. Then I backed away slowly, and sat on the floor, my back resting against both Hung and Hanh's legs against the sofa.

I reached to the table for my beer, though the taste of breasts in my mouth remained sweet. Hanh reached down and cuddled my head, pressing her breasts against my back and neck; she whispered "You make me feel so nice, Mr. Steve, more please." She kissed the top of my head, before Hung leaned down and asked for the same whatever I had done as Hanh. Ming was singing, but as I lay my head back against legs my eyes were drawn to Ming's firm, upright breasts up over my shoulder to the side, and I curled to the side to Ming's legs, and slid my head upwards under her skirt: very sexy hot girl fuking faster best story was too tight, so I felt around her until I found the zipper and released it; her skirt became loose and I pushed my mouth towards her groin, while one hand reached for her breasts, and my right hand slid up Hung's body to hers.

My mouth found a wet cunt, surprisingly hairy, but through her panties easily able to discern and strike inside her slit, my tongue stabbing deep. I brought my hand down and pushed that under her skirt also, absently noting she was no longer singing, as my fingers probed her lips and found her huge clit. Instead of my fingers playing with it, I moved my mouth and my lips sucked hard on it, while I pushed my hand under my chin to poke at her slit, then to slide them inside her panties and get to the original wetness and slick tunnel waiting for them; now Ming moaned and again, and two fingers formed a probing lance pushing inside her as my mouth nibbled and sucked on her clit; god, it was the biggest I had ever felt!

And I loved eating it so much I stayed there, even through the gush of juices which Ming showered my face with as she hit a peak.

My fingers squelched as I removed them and still with my mouth around her clit, I pushed my fingers in my mouth to suck the juices and almost decided to give up beer! It was so nice to taste, as I slurped it all up.

I kissed her there and sat back, face slick and hair messy, and …there was Hung waiting. My tongue was tired, and even my jaws, but my prick had yet to be used, so I rolled back between Hung's legs, pulled her pants straight down her legs and off, and rolled her on to her hotty babe fingers herself and fucks boyfriends cock on the sofa, leaning against the backrest as I stroked a finger along her slit panty-less: when did she do that?

And then finding it wet, I unzipped myself and dragged out my hardness. Then I just entered her, no preamble, all the way in one slick dive; but she was small, and I bottomed before I had entered fully and she groaned and squeaked and pulled off a little.

Then she relaxed and pushed against me and I did the same and almost met my pubic hairs against her buttocks, but she moaned and pushed again and we met; I pushed and let her know this was the full length, then I pulled back and did some slow, shallow ins and outs, before diving headlong in, at the same time as I grabbed both breasts in my hands and squeezed hard.

She erupted with a loud squeal and squirmed on my cock buried within, and I twisted her nipples in my fingers and leaned down to kiss and suck on her back; and then I pulled back, and when she sighed in relief, I immediately thrust hard back in and surged, expanding, and she screamed again.

Then I was pulled back by the shoulders and a mouth, Ming's I realized after, swallowed my cock and sucked as I burst with the built-up fluid of hours of stimulation, and she, Ming, sucked so hard it hurtbut she never let up until I knew I was empty boy, was I empty.

Ming removed her mouth, and Hanh placed her lips on me, but complained there was none left! So, as I sat back, still holding Hung, I saw Hanh open mouth kissing Ming and, it seemed, trying to suck my juice from Ming's mouth.

I stroked Hung's bare back and buttocks, turned her over and kissed her vagina, before sliding her pants up her legs so she could take them and re-dress herself.

I managed to rise from the floor, kissed 3 ladies on the mouth, and fell on the sofa between them; "I need go home" I said, as I fell asleep. The singing woke me, and when I groggily found an arm with a watch, realized I had slept maybe 2 hours, and it was midnight. I sat up, found I was fully dressed and zipped as were the girls, and Ming said "Time to go, Mr. Steve, ok". "Yes, ladies, work tomorrow; thank you for a wonderful evening, girls.

Can you get the bill for me?" "Already taken care of, Anh Steve; we shared." Hung said. "No, no; how much was it and I will cute asian blonde is happy and squirting, really." I protested; so the girls agreed the little bit I should pay, sniggering that I had paid in other ways, and not to worry about money if I could do this again sometime!

Hanh insisted she would take me home to the hotel, so ignoring complaints from the others, I kissed them quietly 'bye, and Ming took Hung on her bike. Hanh looked around - daringsex brunette babe fucked by muscular stud near - and she unzipped my spicy lesbians fill up their big butts with milk and squirt it out and felt for my cock inside; she massaged and pulled it to hardness and then she, amazingly, lifted up the back of her skirt and shoving her panties aside, she literally stood on the pegs and then sat down on my rod on the bike.

I groaned she was hardly straight down on me and I was bent in pain, so she slid herself backwards so her vagina allowed me to be straight up inside her. She tossed a coat from somewhere behind her, and I understood this was to use to cover our joined bodies, and her legs where her skirt was naturally pulled high, and she pressed the electric start and off we went, bouncing on my cock suspension inside her. Alternating between groaning and squeaking, Hanh took off; it was erotic, to say the least, and I was amazed my cock could not only be hard, but could stay inside as we rode the streets.


At one set of traffic lights, red, Hanh slumped over her handlebars and groaned and groaned; she took so long I was worried, and other riders moved past looking at us. When Hanh sat back up, I asked if she was ok, and she turned to face me and smiled, "I always dreamed of cumming like this; but cumming for five minutes, maybe it was ten I don't know even where we are oh, wow, thank you, Anh Steve. But don't you move!" She looked up at the street signs and turned left and then I realized that, yes, my hotel was behind us; so we turned left again and finally got there.

Hanh lifted with another squeal, squelching herself up and I slipped out, stuffing myself into my pants and zipping myself up, and dismounting both from Hanh and the bike. I kissed her good night, and she smiled and said again "Thank you, Anh Steve" as she rode off home.

I tiredly retrieved my key from Reception, wished the girl on duty 'good night', and entered the lift: Linh was there. "Oh, Anh Steve, you have had a late night tonight?" 'Yes, Chi Linh, good meeting and dinner; now I need shower and sleep. Why are you still working this late?" "Oh, I am not working; I was waiting for you. I would like to see you go to sleep well." I couldn't speak; Linh took my key, opened my door ice la fox and mandingo we reached my room, and steered me inside after I had removed my sandals.

I unbuttoned my shirt as I headed to the bathroom, reasoning gone for the moment, and threw my pants and underwear out as I tied up my hair and turned on the water.

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Grabbed my toothbrush and paste and soaked as I cleaned my teeth, and then cleaned my body; refreshed, I stepped out and dried myself, stepping then into my room naked, and finding Linh watching me from under the covers of the bed.

She said, as I climbed in beside her "I had to do this, Anh; I hope you are not swinger wife luca bella takes a abc in her ass "No, Chi, I am not angry; but I am tired, so I would like sleep, ok?" She was naked and drew me to her breast after kissing me on the mouth gently; she moved to get her nipple into my mouth, and I suckled as she must have turned out the lights, and I went to sleep. Some time during the night I felt lips around my cock, but I hardly woke more than to know the sensation when Linh sucked and I spurted into her mouth, and she sucked me dry and crawled up me, her breasts full and heavy as they pressed against my chest, and we slept again.

In the morning, Linh was gone; when I looked at the wall clock it was 07.30. What have I got to do today, I asked myself? Recover: that was the smiled answer.

But the real answer was; the only remaining item between us and the client was approval by the local and central government authorities, which I hoped would come through today so I could fly home. I ordered a light breakfast, showered and called the car. Ban was able only to tell me the client hoped for approvals today, so I had no choice, under orders from my home office boss to stay here until all was finalized.

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I checked emails, called the office for messages and updates on other matters, and then it was lunch-time. Tinh brought me a sandwich and coffee, standing close and asking if her mum was taking 'good care of me' in the hotel; I choked because her words sounded particularly knowing, so I just nodded as I swallowed some coffee to help swallow the sandwich. The afternoon wore on; I called my house and checked with Mrs.

Phung that all was ok, and asked her to tell Ping it was looking like tomorrow I would be home. Finally, not enough noticing it was too late to catch the afternoon flight, the word came from the client that signed, full approvals had been issued, no changes and no problems; it was a done deal.

Ban and I and the office all self-congratulated each other, and we placed a conference call to the head office to inform bootylicious brunette rides hard on a bbc interracial cumshot manager, who was also relieved and very happy.

He said 'well done, see you tomorrow Steve' as it was then I realized the flight had already left. Another night, but now free to go back to the hotel and have another rest.

Tinh asked what I was doing for dinner; I owed her, ok. Back in the hotel, the only thing I did was strip and climb under the quilt and go to sleep.

I woke after 2 hours when the phone rang; Tinh said she'd be by in about 45 minutes to pick me up for dinner. I shaved, showered, put on my freshly cleaned change of clothes, and waited downstairs for only a few minutes when Tinh pulled up on her bike, and off we rode. panocha y pito rojos de tanto cojer are we going?" I asked; she just laughed and sped on, grabbing my hands to hold around her waist, her chiffon material blue dress slippery under my hands, but her legs below looking so smooth and slim, and her high-heeled shoes how do girls ride a motorbike in them I often wondered would add about 5cms to her height as we parked and she dismounted.

Then I looked at where we were: perhaps from a sense of wickedness, she had brought me back to the lakeside restaurant where Ha worked. I looked at Tinh, she was smiling wickedly, and I rolled my eyes, making her laugh. She said "I thought we would come back to where we first 'connected', Anh Steve; it holds special memories for me.

Do you mind?" "No Tinh, it holds memories for me also." It sure did. Like a moth to the light, Ha flew across the floor and met us as we entered, steering us to a dim corner table for two. She disappeared, and reappeared with a bottle of Heineken and ice for me, then gave belated greetings and asked Tinh what she would drink, adding "I knew what Anh Steve wants already." I almost rolled my eyes, but restrained myself, and just muttered 'thanks, Miss Ha', as Tinh ordered a cocktail.

Ha was, as previously, lithe and sexy in her uniform, and I had to wonder if she had bra and panties on or not she never seemed to when I had had occasion to be with her intimately. I shook my head and turned to Tinh, facing me across the table, and smiled at her; her dress was low-cut blonde babe naomi woods gets fucked in reverse cowgirl to show her small cleavage, alluring enough to draw my eyes, and she saw and squeezed her arms in against her chest deepened the line between her breasts.

I looked at her eyes and smiled again. "Now, what about my mother?" she asked unexpectedly. "Your mother - well, she's very nice, and does a good job that I can see, and she has 2 very beautiful and wonderful daughters." "No, what I mean doxy is fully in love with sex games did you and she get together; she hasn't told kendra james and raylin ann have hot but freaky sex, but she seems to be as happy as I was when you first made love with me, and that suggests to me maybe she experienced the same nice man I did.

Well, Anh Steve?" "Tinh, a 'nice man' doesn't talk about other women. Full stop" "That tells me you did; that's ok, Anh Steve, she has been very happy for the past few days, and she has had a hard life, so Liem and I are happy if she has had some happiness and love Liem told me herself she agreed when I phoned her this morning!" I paused to swallow some beer and then I nodded I don't like lying and I do always tell the truth.

"Yes, we did, Tinh, and I think your mother and I were both happy." Tinh nodded and smiled, then held her glass to mine and spoke a toast in Vietnamese for good health and luck. Tinh then looked at the menu and decided on some dishes, at which point Ha returned, standing next to me and rubbing her thigh against my arm as she leaned over to refill my glass.

Ha was fuck rape in the wood at Tinh when I glanced at them both, and Tinh looked like a woman ready to fight for what she felt was hers, but smiling as she ordered. Ha sania mirza sexy bf story it all down, then glanced at me and said "Call me if you need anything, Anh." Before I could even reply, a foot was prodding at my groin, and I looked at a smiling Tinh - smiling awesome teenie bouncing on one eyed monster homemade hardcore glaring.

I did answer Ha to order another beer, but devoted my attention to Tinh, especially to her foot rubbing up and down my groin; when Ha had departed, Tinh said "Liem told me doing this can be exciting at a restaurant: she was right again, it is." "Tinh, you are making me uncomfortable, and there are other people around, or do you want me to move?" She withdrew her foot but rested it on the edge of my seat between my legs, but not touching my cock at least.

Ha brought my new beer and poured, and soon afterwards, returned with food. Before I began eating, I had to go to the toilet; I excused myself to Tinh, and looking around for Ha, made my way down the corridors and around corners until I reached it.

Exiting, Ha was waiting, and she roughly pulled me into an alcove and kissed me hard, while grabbing my buttocks and pulling me against her well, no bra, that's for sure, but I didn't try and find out if no panties also. She let me go, smiled and said "The night is still young, Anh Steve; I'll be around if you need anything, remember." I made my way back to the table, sat and drank and ate some of the food Tinh had served into my bowl.

We talked through dinner, talked a lot: Tinh's life, her mum and Liem, growing up without a father for most of her life; my life, where I had travelled and lived and worked. We chatted about so many topics, and I was more and more surprised at Tinh's grasp of a great range of subjects, despite her youthful years; she was a great conversationalist, and joker, and I thoroughly enjoyed being with her.

Ha came periodically to top up our drinks, giving Tinh another cocktail and more beer for me, but she was discrete and didn't interrupt; only mildly pushing against me when she had to lean over the table for something. I smiled at her, receiving a kick at times under the table, and grinning at Tinh. She smiled sardonically and asked if I was paying attention to her: "Of course" I responded, "I think you are wonderful, Tinh; really, to have this dinner, just the two of us, shows me what a great young lady you are; and a beautiful woman to be with also." She smiled demurely and displayed flushed cheeks as I reached across the table for her hand; "Seriously, Tinh, I am having a great time here with you." "Do you think we have eaten enough to continue having a 'great time' elsewhere, Anh?" "Yes, Tinh, but is your mother working in the hotel tonight?" "No, she worked day-shift I think you might know that, yes - so she should be home asleep, but anyway, I always call her to say where I am if I'm late.

She'll be ok, Anh, don't worry." I motioned a disconsolate Ha over to ask for the bill, and Tinh checked it thoroughly no doubt making sure her 'rival' didn't add something on in revenge; she agreed it, so I paid, a small tip to the restaurant, and a big note under the bill plate which I ushered into Ha's hand.

She smiled and thanked me/us nicely, said "Hope to see you again soon, Anh Steve…and em" using the Vietnamese for a person younger than yourself, but in Ha's case also as a way of saying to Tinh 'I am older than you, so he should be mine first!' Tinh just smiled at her, then stood and reached for my hand to lead me out: ownership by possession rules, ok! That was what she was saying, leaving Ha in our wake as she sashayed in front of me to her bike.

She laughed, said "Oh, I had a great time, Anh! Thank you, and I so enjoyed walking in and out with you, in front of her." I kept quiet. Enough beer drunk, so I really did hold on to Tinh's waist as she rode the bike, allowing my hands to slip up to under her breasts now and again, and soon we were at the Hotel.

She dropped me off to get my key from Reception, then rode away to park her bike and was somehow outside my door when I exited the lift. 'How does she do that?' I asked myself. Inside the room, she did the same as last time: closed the door and thrust herself at me against the door, her tongue probing and her groin grinding against mine. Then she took off her shoes, and immediately sank 5 or so cms shorter, and broke away, saying "You have another beer and cigarette, Anh; I want to shower and freshen." She pushed me to the fridge and I took one of my beers, first shrugging off my shirt and pants, and putting on my in-room shorts; then I went to the balcony and sat there in the cool evening, sipping my beer and thinking about well, about Yen, in fact.

Was I a bad man, being with so many other women in her absence? I had no concrete answer: what will be, will be, I decided. Tinh emerged behind me, leant over my shoulder and kissed my cheek; I turned to look at her face, but found myself standing up to look at all of her.

She had showered and was wearing a short, sheer negligee of a mauve colour; so sheer her nipples were already poking out, and it was clamped to her body, showing every curve, every nook and cranny, and it was incredibly sexy. I was hard in a few moments, but I needed clean my teeth, so I sat her down, stroked her face and said "Don't move, you are too beautiful!" I rushed for the shower, and cleaned my teeth and my body urgently, before rushing, without unnecessary shorts, back to stand behind her, lean down and kiss her neck, spreading her long hair wide to allow my lips to press against bare skin.

Again and again I kissed all around the nape of her neck, burying my face through her hair to find her ears either side, and as she arched her head, to shift my focus to her throat, and then move down to the straps of her negligee on her shoulders; I moved myself around to her front, and my hands began sliding over the sheer material, feeling for the body beneath, as I sank mother caught daughter getting fucked and joins to my knees and began kissing up her legs.

"You are so sexy in that, Tinh; I don't want to take it off and I don't want you to take it off." I only used my hands to lift the hem and put my head underneath so I could lick up her thighs, my hands moving back up her body to find nipples rising and waiting for my fingers; I grasped them in my thumb and forefinger, using my hands to cup the smallness of the whole breast in each hand.

My mouth was open and my tongue licking as I moved higher; I couldn't wait, and I quickly delved for Tinh's open pussy, spreading her knees with my head as I sought the nectar of her juices. God, she was succulent, as I remembered from before, and I sucked her wetness into my mouth and pushed it all around my mouth before I swallowed. I lowered one hand, pushing it under her nightie, alongside my head, and grabbing her clit between my thumb and forefinger, eliciting a squeal, higher in note when I tried to turn my tongue into a prodding penis within her cunt, and stabbed inwards.

But it wasn't enough, and I was crazy with desire now, so I rose, a long slurping tongue along her slit before I withdrew from under her nightie, then I raised her body from the chair, turned her while sliding my hands up her legs, lifting her negligee, and sat her down, hard and fully, on my pole, facing away from me.

She screamed, and I pushed myself up harder, even as she relaxed her legs and sat down harder, and my two hands groped her tits, roughly but not cruelly twisting her nipples within the cusp of my hands on her breasts, and she laid back against my chest.

The sheer material was so sexy I couldn't keep my sister brother selpak sex story off it, and her breasts underneath were so inviting, through the material so erotic, I was in a rare state of Lust.

I didn't want to release her breasts, but I had to, to pick her up by the buttocks and slam her back down on my cock, so big, so tight within herand I squealed myself at the feelings it generated. Tinh burst into orgasm, "no more" she pleaded, but even as she spoke she squatted harder on me, and I lifted up and pushed even harder into her, surely reaching her heart; there to remain, while I emptied myself of all my juice and, it felt, all of my life, inside the sucking womb of Tinh.

I slumped back into the chair, pulling her with me, and again roved my hands all over that wondrously sexy material, kissing her neck biting her neck as she had bitten mine and massaging my hands over her small but perfect breasts. I stayed inside her, hard and comfortable, but drained of energy, and slowly slowed down, my kissing becoming very tender along with my hands and my prick just caressing her inside walls as I wilted and slipped out.

Tinh sighed, but didn't move, nor did I, only to caress her breast mounds lightly and then lay my hands on them with no pressure, and we sat like that for perhaps ten minutes. During those minutes, I loved her, and felt guilty and perplexed, but amazingly Tinh turned her face to me, and said "I wish I could love you (and I do" she whispered as an add-on)," but I can't love you, Anh Steve; you are promised to another Liem was very clear on that.

But thank you, again and again." As I stirred from the slumber of post-love making, I absently looked around, and there, on the balcony of the next room, stood a young lady, exciting a lewd phallus gloryhole and hardcore against the light, watching us; she smiled at me, blew a kiss, and cupped her own breasts in her hands as she turned and went inside her own room.

I couldn't see her face, but I hoped she felt as nice as I did, and as I hoped Tinh did. We went to bed, cuddled and slept. Sometime, I woke and it was light, but not time to wake up. (My wife in Thailand sometimes felt aroused at this time of the morning, but it was invariably one-minute sex before the alarm on her mobile began noisily squawking, and I had rebelled recently, arousing her more but not going inside, just turning over and going to sleep: I liked love-making to be spontaneous, yes, but also not finished like a 'wham-bang-thank you ma'am';) now I was fondling Tinh's breast in my hand, and I felt aroused and growing, so I rolled her on to her back gently, asleep, and used saliva-wet fingers to open her and start her flow of juices before I slid inside and made love slowly, deeply but gently in and out of her warm tunnel, and when she came in a tremble of quiet moans and body movements, I slowed and withdrew, smiling at the pleasure I had given Tinh.

Without need to cum myself, I was happy to roll to her side and cuddle her breasts and sleep again, reveling in her tininess within my arms and against my body, protecting her. We woke later and Tinh turned to face me "Did you do something to me, Anh?

I feel all squelchy and wet and nice." She smiled and kissed me softly, and I replied "If you feel nice, little Tinh, then that is all that matters" and I kissed her pert nose. Now, the clock showed time for Tinh to rise at least; she said "Mr. Steve, it is now 07.30; your flight is at 11.30a.m, the car will pick you up at 09.00 and take you to the airport; the driver will have your ticket, ok?" "You have organized me very well, Miss Tinh, thank you." She climbed out and stood; "Did you like my nightie, Anh?" In answer, I threw back the bedclothes to expose my cock which had sprung up at the mere sight of her in it, "Does this answer you, Miss Tinh?" She shrieked and laughed and ran for the bathroom, while I covered myself and dozed again with a smile on my face I was sure.

Tinh woke me soon after, her small breasts dangling down as she bent her face to mine, kissing my nose, and I grabbed her hips and pulled her to me atop the quilt, my mouth fastened on a nipple.

She moaned but jumped away and said "Enough, Anh! I would love to get back into bed, but some of us start work at 08.30!" I jumped out of bed and showered while Tinh, put on her make-up, dressed in her clothes but saying she would have to go home and change into new ones, and so we left the room together; Tinh, kissing me fleetingly, putting her fingers to my lips as I was about to speak what could I say?

She whispered "See you soon, Anh." She turned and headed down the back staircase, and I went to the lift to go for breakfast downstairs. As I entered, a voice called 'Please wait!" and I held the doors for the young woman running up the corridor; an elegant, body-clinging grey dress, and beautiful legs I noticed, before moving my eyes to her stunning, smiling face: oh god, it was my ex-wife, Ha!

"Ha? Ha-oi, it is you what are you doing here?" "Hello, Anh," she answered in English, "I came up here for a couple of days, business, before going to Ho Chi Minh to stay with my mum for a while. How are you, you look well and you looked well on your balcony last night also!" I was confused and stupidly just stared. God, she was beautiful; "Ha, you look beautiful!" I blurted, then realized I was probably looking like a forlorn puppy, "Sorry, you took me by surprise." I paused, thinking; "That was you on your balcony last night?

I couldn't see your face; you are so slim compared to last time I saw you; ah, you look very well, em." I reverted to Vietnamese and addressed her as I always had, "I didn't know you were coming over; how is Yen." "Sally is fine, Anh; doing really well, and she is so looking forward to coming over at the end of term break, another month.

She tells me you and she became ah, re-connected, when she was here last, just as you two always did when she was your young daughter. That's sweet but please don't do anything to hurt her, Anh. Who was the young lady you were with?" I took the point before answering "One: Ha, I would never hurt Yen you know I never call her Sally and two: the young lady works for the same Company as me, and her cousin is a good friend of Yen's, who asked them to 'take care of me' in her absence; Yen knows as we talk now and again, and you know me: I never lie to people I love." I let that hang in the air; it was true and always had been, whereas Ha had lied constantly to me during our 7 years together, when I was too much in love to consider she was telling me anything other than the truth.

"Are you going to breakfast, Ha?" "Yes, Anh, but only for toast and tea and yes, I have exercised and dieted since we last met, and I intend to stay this way. Do you like my new shape?" She twirled around in front of me, the clinging dress fitted every curve and crevice as if a skin, and while I knew her breasts had been surgically augmented after all, I had paid for them she was magnificent.

I could only answer breathlessly "Yes, Ha, I do." She leaned to my face and kissed me on both cheeks as the elevator, after a seemingly interminable trip, stopped at the ground, and the doors opened.

I was in a daze; 'Yen, why didn't you tell me your mother was coming' was on my brain. As we left the mom sexy xmas xxx boy storys downloads, Linh was waiting to enter; she said "Good morning, Anh Steve; are you going home today?

I hope we see you again soon Tinh and I, and I am sure, Liem also." She smiled as I said I expected to be back often to the office, and I wished her well.

Ha and I entered the dining room and were seated, Ha ordering as she said she would, while I opted for an omelette and coffee.

We talked about Yen, about my job a little and I asked what business interests she had here she was a southern Vietnamese, and had never particularly cared for the north; after all, her mother had slut mum sucking sleeping teen daughters pussy and lets young boy join in to hide under the kitchen table when the bombs fell, when pregnant with Ha, as the north began their final assault and soon-to-be victory.

She said she had invested some money mine? I wondered in the fledgling stock market, both here and more lucratively in the southern bourse in HCMC, and she was here to just check on things with her broker. She had always been a canny businesswoman, even with only schooling to end of primary level, before having to leave and help her mother to earn a meagre living for them both her father having run off when she was born and, had we still been married and had I still had my old job and salary, I had no doubt we would have been very wealthy indeed.

However, thoughts of wealth no longer played any part in my life, if indeed they ever had, as I followed the King of Thailand's ideals of 'sufficient is enough'.

But for Ha, I understood: brought up with nothing or little, given a chance when she met me she seized the opportunity, and she did very well from her marriage to me; it seemed Yen was correct: Ha had more than enough from our time together, and I could only wish she was also happy. I asked if she was married in Australia; she looked down, before replying "No, there have been some men; some Australians, some Vietnamese-Australians, but nobody I wanted to marry not since you, Anh." She appeared wistful, and then she added "I don't know why I left you, Steve; you were the best husband I could ever have found and the best man as a father for Yen there could ever have been she is a wonderful daughter, and a lot of that is because of you, perhaps even more than me.

But, for me, I regret what I did, driving you away. I have been sorry ever since, but it has taken me a long time to accept this thought: I needed to blame you, but that was wrong. I am sorry, Anh." She swallowed some tea, asked if I could settle the bill of course! And she said maybe she would see me in Ho Chi Minh before she flew home. I held her hand and said "I hope so, Ha; as for the past: I was never so in love as I was with you before, Ha, and I never ever regret those years; I was so happy with you, and with Yen, and I have no bitterness nor regrets - but sadness?

Yes, I have sadness, but that was a past life and now you and I have new ones. See you soon, em". I kissed her hand, as I had done a thousand, thousands times in the past. "Oh, I wish I had my camera, to capture this; photo you, Ha: I don't have any of you, and only one I keep secret of Yen at our photo wedding time; well, until she was here in January, but of our years together, I have only that single one of Yen.

But now, this moment, I would love to have another one of you.""God, I loved you, wife of me!" I sadly, strongly, spoke, using the Vietnamese for 'wife of me'; she smiled, also sadly at my use of the term which I had said so many times in the past to her, and to her alone.

She walked out, and I didn't know how she felt: not really; not about the past, the present, or even, maybe, the future. I didn't know. But I couldn't forget her. Never. I ate a little, drank my café and had another, then returned to my room to pack my bag and wait for my car. I checked out, paying my bill, and seeing Linh yet again; then my mobile rang, and Ha said "I will see you in Ho Chi Minh, Anh…chung em" I couldn't talk; her use of the words for 'husband of her' left me crying, and I couldn't do anything but sob into the phone before disconnecting the call.

What was I to do now? I asked myself. I had never stopped loving her, but now I loved her daughter. (End of Part 6)