Lovely amateur babe play both her holes

Lovely amateur babe play both her holes
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Liesje looked around. The coast was clear. She dragged Bob with her into the little storage room and locked the door behind them. "We can fuck my ass in here." Bob threw his arms around her and pushed her up against the wall, kissing her. He groped her ass crack through her bike shorts. But just as his jaws was starting to bite into her mouth real good, she pulled away. She pushed him off her. "What's the matter? I know you're horny in that ass.

Don't fucking deny it." Liesje looked scared. "I'm just so worried that you're gonna tell somebody. If the other dykes find out I've been penetrated by a male, I'll never get a girlfriend again." Bob couldn't believe it. "Oh, look in the fucking mirror. Short hair, small tits you're a fucking ugly homo dyke! I'm not exactly going to brag about fucking you!" He was going to fuck her, though.

He needed a dyke's ass. Dykes had such sick levels of testosterone that theyy grew prostates, just like males. And all Bob wanted in bed was to press his penis against a prostate.


With Liesje, he would get what he needed without having to have actual gay sex. And she did have a nice ass. "You have a nice ass, though." "Thank you." Liesje pulled her bike shorts down to her knees and lay down on the floor, face down.

"No! Not like that!" Bob barked. "Doggy style! Like a fucking girl, like a straight bitch!" Liesje got up. "Yes, pretend I'm a straight bitch, that we're only doing this for your pleasure!" "Stop fucking talking!" Bob was busy power-stroking his oversized fuckmeat to get it hard enough to forcefully penetrate an ass. "Oh, fuck", he sighed. "Penis. Penis. Penis.

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My cock feels so fucking good." "Please, Bob, stick it up my ass!" Bob loved his big cock. "Say prostate." "Yes yes yes Bob, PLEASE, FUCK my prostate!" "You fucking lesbo dyke. I'm gonna fucking CRUSH your prostate!" Bob knelt behind her white ass and masturbated his beautiful man-meat in her ass crack.

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"Admit that you're a fucking dyke. Say it!" "I'm a fucking dyke and I HATE it!" said Liesje loud and clear. "Grrr, I fucking HATE LESBIANS" Bob growled and plunged his swollen schlong forcefully into the female ass.

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* * * Liesje almost passed out. There was a sharp burst of pain as her sphincter snapped, but that was swept away as soon as his huge tool rammed into her prostate.

The pleasure was beyond words, beyond imagination, each second like a million orgasms. Heavenly waves of prostate ecstasy pulsed through each and every cell of her body. Her eyes rolled back fully into her skull, and she felt the hot, warm contents of stomach pouring out her mouth.

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She wasn't exactly throwing up, it was more like a waterfall. With his dick in her ass, she was in Seventh Heaven, oblivious, outside space and time.

She was orgasming from first impact, but she didn't even feel it. Bob struggled to push his fuckmeat past her swollen lump. Her prostate felt huge, at least as big as a grapefruit in there, and rock hard. "Fuck, Liesje, that's LARGE! You're WAY bigger than ANY man!" Liesje couldn't hear him.

"How do solo beauty is passioantely masturbating for you even shit?" Liesje didn't answer.

She was gargling her own vomit, oblivious to the world around her. He grabbed her spasming body and braced himself, trying to push past the tumorous growth where it narrowed Liesje's anal canal. "Fucking DYKE!" Finally his power tool ripped the huge glandular mass from its fascial sheath inside her body and dislodged it just enough to fully penetrate her gut. He groaned and pushed until his robust scrotum was flattened in her ass crack, finally fucking her rectum, prostate, colon AND butt.


Fucking with cock and balls. And Liesje's fit, strong boi-dyke body was orgasming so hard, massaging every inch of his long hog. It took just a few thrusts with her prostate against his shaft for Bob to experience heavenly pleasure and start unloading in her colon.

Over and over and over he yelled the word "PENIS!" at the top of his lungs, as he pumped and pumped and pumped more hot, warm sperm through her gut tract. It was the best orgasm he had ever had.

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The sperm never stopped coming. * * * Afterwards, Bob stood over her, looking at ass. He was pulling his semi hard penis. He always yelqed it like this, to keep it growing even longer. "Oh my god", Liesje mumbled. She was lying in a pool of her own vomit. "That good, huh?" "Did I puke?" "Are you kidding?

You puked as soon as I pushed it in." Liesje sat up. "Jeezus Christ! There's gotta be a gallon here!" "Don't worry, I refilled your belly with more than a gallon of sperm." He pulled his beautiful cock hard as hell. "When I fuck an ass, the orgasm is unbelievable. Can't describe it. The sperm never stops coming." Liesje coughed.

"When I get my prostate fucked ." She trailed off. "That good, huh?" Liesje was silent for a long time. "It's hard to explain. If you took all the orgasms in the world put together, they wouldn't come close. The pleasure is out of this world, I pass out. Did I cum?" "Are you kidding? You were cumming non-stop for over five minutes." "I didn't even feel it. The prostate pleasure is so intense that an orgasm doesn't even register . it's like the whold world was coming out of my ass" Bob stopped pulling his dick and got dressed.

"You fucking lesbo dykes sure need gay sex in your asses", he said and closed the door behind him.