Mr plus mr plus bangs nia thikk hardcore and creampie

Mr plus mr plus bangs nia thikk hardcore and creampie
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My best friend's sister My name is bubba. I'm just your average 16 year old teenager going through all the hormone shit teens go through. I'm 6,6 and no in the best shape of my life.

My life can be a living, breathing hell from time to time. Enough about me. I'm going to tell you a story about my sex life with my best friend's sister.

I think of them as my second family because I've known their whole family since 5th grade. It was a bright morning for a soon to be shitty Saturday. My friend's family was invited over for a cookout later on that day. I don't like this because of my friend's sister. Her name is Ashley. You see, me and her used to be good friends when we first met. We were for 2 years. She's only a year younger than I. But as we got older, she decided that she doesn't like me anymore.

She wanted to be more mature and I still wanted to enjoy being young. Since three years ago when she decided to be mature, she has grown in nicely. She used to have a flat chest and ass. Now you can't help but get a boner when looking at her. I estimated her tits to be 34ds. I don't really know but I really don't care. They are nice tits indeed. She also grew a nice ass with a body to match it. She has a perfect body in general.

She really leaves a lot to the imagination. Back to the story now. On this soon to be shitty Saturday, I woke up and started playing grand theft auto IV on my 360. I was boosting a banshee for brucie when they started arriving.

Then, out of nowhere, Ashley walks in my room fallowed by her brother Johnny. I was shocked because she NEVER comes in my room. Then she gave me a hug witch she hasn't done in 3 years. Johnny left to go help cook after saying hello. Then she really surprised me when she sat on my bed. I had smoked a whole pack of cigarettes that morning and I sweat a lot when I sleep.

Hey. She said. Startled, I said hi. How ya been? She asked. Fine. I said without looking away from my game. You? I asked in return. I'm really good. She replied. Why? I asked. I finally broke up with my asshole of a boyfriend. She said. O, that's kewl I said wondering when the hell she got a boyfriend. Why was he an asshole? I asked even though I knew the answer.

He said I was an uptight, stuck up, bitch she said. DING DING. Finally someone agrees with me. Hahaha. Your so mean she said almost in a playful tone. Then I started thinking to myself.

What hell is wrong with this girl? She normally ignores me. I was brought back to reality when she got up and locked the door. Then she sat back down. Why did you lock the door? I asked. So we can talk privately. She replied. She then shocked me further when she asked if Dolly leigh alura jensen in my step daughters bf had anymore cigs.

I said in the nightstand. She shrieked when she found them and said camel reds. My favorite. Still in shock. I said ok then. She offered me one and I accepted since I haven't had one for about 30 minutes. Later on that day, she wanted to spend the night and they said yes. WTF I thought. We don't have any spare rooms and I have the only other king size in the house. I got to sleep on my floor. When it was time for bed, I was on the floor playing MW3 and she came in with just a set of black lace bra and panties on.

Instant boner. The bra had a red plastic heart that held the cups together. There was also a red heart of her pussy. Hey. She said. Uhh, h-h-hi. I said stuttering in the process. What? She asked. Nothing. I replied. 10 minutes later, she was dead asleep.

I then thought to myself. I want her sooooo bad. I then made a plan that I would put into action after my last MW3 match. After the match, I put my plan into action. Since I only sleep in shorts and boxers, it wasn't difficult undressing. I got up on the bed and slowly pulled the covers back. She looks so sexy just sleeping there. I was mesmerized. I then got an idea. I'm going to video tape this. I setup the video camera on the tripod and aimed at her. I then undid her bra in the front and her tits bounced free.

She stirred a bit but I didn't give a shit. I started suck and lick her nipples. They were erect already from the cold air. She moaned a bit and I kept going. After about 5 minutes of that, I wanted more. So I pulled down her panties and started eating her cunt like there was no tomorrow and she stirred some more but I still give a shit.

She moaned some more and I kept going. Another 5 minutes passed and then I positioned my 8 inch by 2 inch rock hard cock at her entrance pushed lovable sweetie gapes pink fuckbox and gets deflorated bit.

She was so tight I could barely get an inch in. after as little more and the head popped in. when that happened, her eyes snapped open and she was about to scream so I gagged her with her panties.

I told her to shut the fuck up or I would hit her.

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She started crying and nodded ok. I started pushing some more and it divine tight and juicy pussy watch part on suzcamcom so damn tight I was in ecstasy. I then felt her hymen and without a second thought, I plowed right through it. She screamed through her panties so I hit her and said shut up bitch. I started pumping her pussy like I was about to die the next day. I then started rubbing her tits and sucking on her nipples while I was building up to a climax.

Then I pulled out of her and pulled the panties and put my pole in her more and said suck it whore. I said if you bite, I will hit. She nodded slightly and started giving me amazing head. I was about to bust my not when a thought popped into my head.

I'm fucked anyway. I pulled out of her mouth and worked on her pussy. 10 seconds later, she convulsed and started bucking in her own orgasm. I said you little slut.

You're enjoying this. 10 seconds later, I said I was going to cum. Then she started freaking out and said, no bubba, not in my pussy. I will get pregnant. I slapped her and said I will cum were I damn well please slut. Then I started pumping her full of my baby juice. After I finished, I pulled out and stuck my cock in her mouth and said clean it bitch. Then I got dressed and laid down and she cried for an hour and went to sleep. The next morning, she woke up and started hitting me playfully.

WHATS WRONG WITH YOU? I JUST RAPED YOU LAST NIGHT AND GOT YOU PREGNANT. WHY ARE YOU HAPPY? Maybe I wanted you to. She said. You devious bitch. But you were crying the when I came in you.

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I know. I was scared at first but I'm happy you did. She replied. Why would you be happy getting pregnant at 15?


The idea of having your child turns me on. Plus my parents are going to hate it. She replied. What if they find out it was me? Then you stand up to them and say you love me and we both want it. She said. I am so turned on right. I said. Me to. She said.


Want to go again? I asked. Part two will come if I get good ratings.