Horny pregnant brunette wants you to fill her mouth

Horny pregnant brunette wants you to fill her mouth
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This is NOT a free standing story. In each succeeding part you will find new characters introduced, but only embellishments on existing characters. Just click on author name to find earlier parts/chapters.) Suzy decided to try to get her father to punish her early.

This way she could avoid getting a strapping at bedtime in front of their maid, Molly. Immediately after dinner she removed the 'house strap' from its prominently displayed hook in the main hall. (Robert decided to keep the strap visible so that all occupants and employees of the household understood what awaited them should their behavior warrant it.) She took it down and knocked on the door of her father's study.

Upon getting permission to enter, she did so quickly (NOT wanting anyone to see her holding the strap) and greeted her father, "Hi, Daddy!

I'm here for my spanking!" Just as quickly, she put the strap on his desk and began removing her skirt. "Just a minute, young lady," growled her father and he continued, "you will get your spanking at bedtime with the others." "Others, Daddy?" playing dumb and not wishing to let him know she knew about both Molly and Mom.

"That's right. You will not be spanked alone and I have no desire to deal with you now. So put your skirt back on and go do your homework." "OK, Daddy. I just wanted to get it over with.

You know how hard it is to concentrate when you have a spanking to look forward to." "Yes, I imagine it is, but the 'WAIT' is part of your punishment," explained her father. "Daddy, can I ask who is on the schedule for tonight?" "No, you may NOT and further the way things are going today, we may have an 'entire house' punishment tonight.

It's been a few years since we've had one, but . you never know." "Yes, Sir ., but ., but if there is a full schedule wouldn't it be better to do me now . so that you won't be up half of the night?" politely offered Suzy.

"14 years old and already scheming like your mother! Just one more word out of you now and you WILL get a good strapping now and then another one at bedtime!" growled Robert. "Yes, Sir," Suzy responded softly and turned to leave the room.

"Suzy, take back josh n jenny havin fun bigdick and pussy strap and replace it on the hook. In addition, remove your panties and hang them on the hook. After you've hung your panties, find Molly and tell her to hang her panties on the hook as well." (This is the standard method Robert used to let miscreants know what fate awaited them.

In addition, it broadcast to the entire household that strappings would be dispensed that night.


Everyone became fearful of being added to the list, so "angelic behavior" became the norm for the balance of the brittanya razavi public blowjob and cum, Sir," said Suzy demurely as she quickly removed her yellow nylon panties.

Suzy figured it was better to do it here rather than in front of an audience in the hall. 'Damn,' she thought, 'that didn't work out .

at all! All I accomplished was losing my panties and insuring Daddy gives me a super hard strapping! DAMN!!' Still mumbling to herself, Suzy hung both the strap and her panties on that hook in the main hall. She them went looking for Molly.

She found Molly in the kitchen cleaning up. Upon spotting Molly, Suzy greeted, "Hi, Molly! My Dad told me to find you." "Yes, Suzy, I was expecting to hear from Robert. I guess I had better go and get my strapping over with," replied Molly. "Noooo, don't do that, Molly . I already tried and that just made him angry. Nooo, he just told me to tell you there is a certain hook in the hall on which your panties better be hung!" "Oh No!

That is NOT good news. I'm certain now to get a real HARD spanking. DAMN!!" "Sorry, Molly. Just don't delay and get us both in trouble . PLEASE!" Molly reached up under her uniform and quickly lowered her drab cotton panties to her knees and from there she removed altogether.

She then walked out and headed for that dreaded hook. At the hook she saw a pair of expensive nylon panties already there. 'Hmmm! Those must belong to Suzy, as no staff has such expensive underwear,' she though while hanging her panties, 'Darn, everyone who walks by this hook will know at least one family member and one staff are going to get it good tonight!' Meanwhile, Suzy went over in her mind what happened at school today.

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~00O00~ Suzy and Mary were chatting away during their typing class chocolate bitch sucking cock with face full of sperm of concentrating on their assignment.

This irritated their teacher, Mrs. Cooke, to no end. She had spanked this same pair just 3 weeks ago for talking instead of working on their typing assignment. Suddenly, Mrs. Cooke stood up and yelled out, "OK, you two. Get up and follow me." She then led them out of class into the hall. Mrs. Cooke brought her pad and while writing said, "I've had it with you two. I'm sending you with a note to see the principal." "Oh nooo, Mrs.

Cooke! Please don't do that. We are very sorry. Won't you please handle this in the usual way?" begged Suzy. Mrs. Cooke quickly responded, "I've already dealt with you the 'usual way'. In fact, just three weeks ago! No, you two need something more!" Mary was beginning to tear up and pleaded, "Please, Mrs. Cooke, don't send us to the principal. We'll gladly accept any punishment you choose. Won't we, Suzy?" "Of course we will, Mrs. Cooke! Please give us what we deserve; we won't complain!" quickly responded Suzy.

"Alright! Against my better judgment I'll handle your lack of discipline one more time, but any more nonsense from you two and to the principal you WILL GO! Now, get into the cloakroom and proceed to the very end. Each of you claim one of the end hooks and on that hook you'll hang your shoes, skirt, slip and panties. When I return, I want to find both of your standing immediately under your hook, nose pressed firmly to the wall with your arms locked together behind your backs.

Now get moving!" "Oh, thank you, Mrs. Cooke," said Suzy as she entered cloak room. Both girls knew from experience that their bare behinds were destined to be spanked soundly by Mrs. Cooke, but that was still far, far better than being sent to the Principal Harding. His punishments were legendary and were to be avoided at all costs.

They knew the very best they could hope for from Principal Harding would be 20 swats of the school paddle on their very bare behinds.

Much, much worse would be Principal Harding's reformatory strap. Now, neither had ever experienced it, but the entire school had heard recipients of his strap screaming and howling at the top of their lungs.

Needless to say, neither classy attractive teen plays with her vagina to chance an encounter with the principal, so both were determined to obey every single instruction issued by Mrs. Cooke. As the girls entered the cloak room, they were immediately impressed with how quiet the room was. Instead, of the clanking and clattering of the old keyboards, the cloakroom, full of coats, was totally quiet and smelled of wool.

Suzy lead the way to the back of the room and while walking began to unbutton and unzip her skirt. While doing so she told Mary, "We better hurry up and get into position BEFORE Cookie gets back here. I hear she gives a minimum of two swats with the school paddle for anyone NOT in position." "Yep, I heard the same thing and let me tell you about that paddle.

Just two weeks ago I got that school paddle and believe me . that school paddle burns something awful when whacked on your bare behind," answered Mary as she also removed her skirt.

Skirts were quickly hung on the hooks. Shoes were removed, tied together and also hung from the hook. After removing their slips, each drew her panties down from their doomed fannies, stepped out of them and hung them from the sturdy hook immediately on top of their slips. They then folded their arms together behind their backs and stood immediately under the hooks.

While nervously waiting under the hooks, both girls snuck a peek to see what instrument Mrs. Cooke would bring. They were praying that it would NOT be her black rubber sole. Neither had gotten spanked with it before, but both had heard from classmates that the rubber sole on bare fannies was the absolute worst. That is, unimaginable pain while getting the spanking and a badly bruised behind that was too sore to sit on for days to come.

Shortly, the door burst open and in marched Mrs. Cooke carrying her thick black rubber sole. As she looked at the two miscreants, she yelled out, "I can't believe you'd disobey my instructions!" "Nooo, we kinky cheerleader leenuh rides a black dong brunette teen, Mrs.

Cooke. Look at us. Standing just as you ordered," replied Suzy. "Really? I thought I clearly said that your noses were to be pressed firmly to the wall." Mary answered, "But .

But that would mean our noses would be pressed against our panties?!" "Is that my problem? Fortunately, a standard issue school paddle is kept in the desk.

I'll get it and you are both going to get three swats in addition to your spanking," said Mrs. Cooke as she took the paddle from the drawer. "Oh, noooo!" Suzy cried out, "Look, Mrs. Cooke! My nose is against the wall." "Too late, Suzy. That is the way you were supposed to be when I came in. Now Suzy, turn and face the door!" Suzy knew what was coming, but immediately obeyed Mrs. Cooke's command. She stood with her arms locked firmly together in the small of her back. Her bottom was quivering and jutting out, just waiting to be pounded by that school paddle.

Mrs. Chennai aunties seducing boobs press wasted no time, drew the paddle as far back as she could and then slammed it into the soft white cheeks of Suzy's behind. CCRRAACCKKK!!! Suzy lifted her head straight up towards the heavens and let out, "YYYOOOWWWWEEEEEEEE! Oh, that HURTS! Please, Please, Mrs. Cooke no more. I've learned ." CCRRAACCKKK!!! After the second swat, tears began to pour from her eyes, as she cried and begged for an end to the paddling.

All the while Mrs. Cooke raised the heavy wood instrument and delivered the final swat. CCRRAAAACCCCKKKKKKK!!! "YYYYOOOOOUUUUUUUHHHHHH. It hurts! It hurts so bad!" blubbered Suzy as she continued to cry. Her hind cheeks were wiggling and just throbbing in pain. Suzy knew, however, that if she made any attempt to sooth her sore checks, she would just get more swats from that dreadful paddle. She also gained new respect for Mary, who warned her about the paddle on bare backsides.

Moreover, she was really happy that she wasn't going to get the standard 20 paddle swats from Principal Harding .

on the bare. Meanwhile, Mrs. Cooke had Mary turn to face the door. Mary, after hearing Suzy, could NOT stop her hind cheeks from trembling wildly. Mary knew what was to come and she wasn't disappointed. The first hard swat from the paddle had her screaming and crying. The next two were just as bad and had tears pouring from her eyes and mucous dripping from her nose. Like Suzy, Mary made no attempt to rub her scorched cheeks.

The danger of additional swats insured Mary's hands were well clear of her bottom and that those quivering hind cheeks were well presented, just in case Mrs.

Cooke wanted to apply the paddle some more. Fortunately, three paddle swats was all Mary got, but it was far from the end of their punishment. Still to come was an over the knee session with the black rubber sole. Mrs. Cooke had both girls turn back to the wall with their noses pressed firmly into their panties hanging from the hook. Clearly this was NOT a position they enjoyed, but they enjoyed it far, far more than another three spanks from the school paddle.

Mary was still carrying on pretty good while Suzy had calmed down. Both bottoms were on display and both clearly showed bruising on the crowns from the paddle swats. Mrs. Cooke then pulled the heavy chair out from behind the old desk and called Suzy over. Suzy scurried over as quickly as she could terrified of another three paddle spanks if she was perceived as NOT cooperating.

Once at Mrs. Cooke's side, Suzy dived across Mrs. Cooke's lap leaving her hands pressed firmly against the floor stretched out in front of her. Her toes were touching the floor and her red, quivering hind cheeks were presented in perfect position for Mrs. Cooke to dispense some well deserved punishment.

Mrs. Cooke then said, "Suzy, you've been here before so you know the rules. Mary, listen up as these apply to you as well. Once I begin the spanking, your hands must never leave the floor. Your toes should be pressed into the floor in a way that pushes your bottom up and properly presented. If either your hands or your feet leave the floor, I'll get Mr. Hunter in to hold you while I finish the spanking.

Then, you'll get a 'do over' tomorrow and we'll see whether you've learned how to control yourself. And we'll keep doing 'do overs' until you do learn! Do you understand?" Suzy quickly replied, "Yes, Mrs. Cooke! But please NOT too hard. Please! My bottom is so sore from the paddle." At the same time, Mary mumbled, "Yes, Ma'am!" As Mrs.

Cooke lifted the rubber sole high above her head she addressed Mary, "You should face me, Mary, and watch the spanking that I give to Suzy. You will be getting exactly the same, but Suzy has been in this position far more often than you. She knows what is expected of her and you had better get in your mind that you should take your spanking with as much fortitude as Suzy.

And we are expecting Suzy to behave . Right?" "Yes, Mrs. Cooke, only . I've never been spanked after getting the paddle. That was awful and it still hurts. Please, please NOT too hard, Mrs. Cooke." "I WILL NOT EASE UP! You got the paddle for disobedience and you are getting this spanking for talking during class.

All you have to do to avoid punishment is . behave!" and with that Mrs. Cooke slammed the sole into Suzy's far cheek with serious force. WHHHAACCKKK "YYOOOUUUUUUIEE," cried Suzy as her cheek shook and wobbled. With this first spank, Suzy knew she was really going to get it. At the same time, Mary's cheeks winced in sympathy at that first twmom and milf rachel steele fuck son for a blaind and Mary also understood she was in for a hard time.

While Mary had not been spanked by Mrs. Cooke nearly as often as Suzy, Mary was no stranger to HARD spankings. Indeed, she had been dealt with by other teachers and had had plenty of whippings from her father. Mary knew she could hold position even ferrera gomez and victoria sweet share a jacuzzi her hind end was getting scorched. Indeed, her father demanded exactly the same behavior under punishment as Mrs. Cooke.

The next hard crack from the sole landed on the same cheek and got an even louder response from Suzy. The spanking then continued by alternating cheeks with Suzy howling and crying the entire time. After some thirty hard swats, Mrs.

Cooke paused and moved Suzy further to her left on her lap. This brought Suzy's feet up off the floor, and placed her white soft thighs in the target position. The contrast between these unblemished thighs and Suzy's squirming and clenching purple cheeks was startling. "OK, Suzy, get ready for the last ten," ordered Mrs. Cooke. "Oh, Noooo, Mrs. Cooke! Not on my thighs! On my fanny, please! Please .

Please, I'll take DOUBLE on my fanny!" shouted Suzy. "Well, OK Suzy, it's your backside, but twenty more will put blisters on these cheeks," answered Mrs. Cooke as she ran her hand over the trembling cheeks. "It's still better than that rubber sole on my thighs . please, Mrs. Cooke?" With that Mrs.

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Cooke returned Sweet sophie analsex with dad from her friend to her previous position and delivered the 20 hard swats.

As expected, several blisters began to form on Suzy's cheeks and Suzy's response was to howl and scream the entire 20 swats. To say the least, this spanking engendered new found respect for Mrs. Cooke's spanking ability and total respect for her black rubber sole. Suzy vowed to herself to never again misbehave in Mrs. Cooke's class. Suzy was then told to stand with her arms crossed behind her back and to watch carefully the spanking of her co-conspirator. Of course, Suzy obeyed, but was still crying and her hind cheeks were still clenching and unclenching as Mrs.

Cooke began slapping the rubber sole HARD into Mary's very pale and bare hind cheeks. Mary, for her part, began wiggling and squirming, but NOT so much as to prevent the rubber sole from delivering a HARD spanking; a spanking Mary would never forget. Mary's hands never left the floor and neither did her hot brunette babes get horny showing off their greedy asses. Tears were soon running out of her eyes while mucus dripped from her nose.

In spite of the terrible sting and smart, Mary knew that moving hands or feet out of position risked a "do over," so she fuck rape in the wood her eyes and focused all of her energy into keeping her cheeks thrust up in the proper position to accept the rubber sole.

Now this was hard . very hard and required extreme concentration, but Mary had experience. Just two weeks ago she had to present her bare bottom for ten hard paddle swats from her math teacher.

Mary knew she'd get additional swats if she moved out of position during that dreadful paddling. So, while she screamed and cried throughout the entire paddling, her bottom never left position. Today, just as in her paddling, Mary cried and cried, but her hind cheeks and tender thighs never left the target zone and Mrs. Cooke, of course, expected nothing less. She delivered the hard spanking she promised.

Her threat of a "do over" was not to be taken lightly. As with Suzy, Mary was moved into position to receive the last ten swats from the rubber sole on her bare, tender thighs. Unlike Suzy, Mary took just the ten swats - five to each thigh and howled her head off.

Naturally, with a thigh spanking, the miscreant kicks and kicks and kicks. It is unavoidable . such is the agony of this kind of punishment. And so during her 10 smacks Mary's thighs bucked and kicked, but . they never left position! She kept her hands stretched out in front of her on the floor as the rubber sole crashed into her tender thighs at top speed that left thick, puffy welts which would be sore for days to come.

After the spanking was over, Mrs. Cooke had both girls get dressed while she filled out the parental notification forms. Both girls well blondie jessica hunter shows her tits for some cash that they'd get "augmentation" spankings from their parents and that .

was exactly the intent of these forms! In addition, Mrs. Cooke reminded them that any further nonsense and she would march them to Principal Harding's office. ~00O00~ At 10:00pm sharp the three miscreants knocked and entered Robert's study. Robert was prepared as he'd cleared his coffee table, covered it with a blanket and placed a large bolster in the middle.

The three walked in slowly as they well knew the fate that awaited them. Margaret, in particular was terrified of the thought that Molly, one of the maids, would witness her strapping.

She was tempted to say something, but had no idea what to say and was fearful she'd just make Robert angry. Robert was the first to speak and addressed his remarks to Margaret, "Dear, would you please fetch the house strap and any undergarments you find on the hook?" "Of course, darling," answered Margaret as she quickly headed out to that dreaded hook in the main hall. Robert than asked Molly, "You do know why you are here, Molly?" "Yes, Sir," answered Molly followed by, "I'm due a 'reminder' spanking as Mrs.

Morgan had to spank me earlier today." "Excellent, Molly! Well, let's get this unpleasantness man loves sex and massage likewise hardcore handjob with. You've been here before, so please remove your skirt and lie in position on the coffee table." Molly quickly removed her black cotton skirt and positioned herself over the bolster so that her bottom was highest and in perfect position to receive punishment.

Once Molly was positioned, Margaret walked back in holding the panties and the heavy house strap. (As you recall, this strap is almost identical to the straps used in the women's prisons to maintain order.) "Molly, when were you here last and what punishment did you get?" asked Robert.

"Sir, it's been a while . almost 4 months and at that time you gave me a full dozen with the strap." "Thank you, Molly. Margaret, do you have a recommendation for this 'reminder'?" Margaret thought for a moment and remarked, "Well, actually Molly has been been pretty good lately. Just a tad slow, so I think 6 swats with the house paddle should be sufficient to remind her to work a little faster." Molly couldn't believe what she was hearing.

She was fearful of getting two dozen with the strap as typically punishments increased over the last one. Six with the paddle was the least severe spanking Robert gave in this formal setting. Naturally, on spur of the moment situations he would put an offender over his knee, but that would be followed up by a more formal 'reminder' at bed time.

"Molly, what do you think? Bear in mind, Molly, that if this lesson doesn't take, I'll give you a strapping to remember." "Yes, Sir. I understand and am prepared to take a sound paddling now. I just want to thank Madam for treating me so fairly." "OK, Molly, please place your arms behind your back, locked tight on your elbows.

If you let go of your elbows, you'll earn additional punishment," replied Robert as he reached for the paddle hung on the wall behind his desk. (This paddle was an exact duplicated of the famous 'company paddle' used daily at the 'noon parade'.) Molly reached back with her arms and got into the punishment position knowing full well what was coming.

She knew that she could easily handle six paddle swats, but felt she should put on a good show. That is, she better squirm and squeal as the last thing she wanted to do was make Robert think the punishment was insufficient. Robert was wondering why Margaret was being so merciful, but decided he didn't care.

If Molly didn't learn from this, both she AND Margaret would pay the price. With that he raised the paddle up well over his head and brought it down hard on the slightly red bare bottom . CCRACCKKK! "Ouccccchhh!" yelled Molly as she wiggled back and forth. Robert delivered the next swat in exactly the same place . WWHHACKKK! Again Molly screeched out another loud "OUCH" and wiggled.

This pattern continued for the next four swats. Molly was ecstatic to get off so lightly. Yes, the paddle spanks hurt, but nothing like the house strap and then . only six swats! After the sixth swat, Robert was dark dick for white angel interracial and hardcore and told Molly to get up, put her skirt and panties back on and to go to bed.

Molly, of course, thanked Robert for her 'reminder', dressed and left as quickly as she could. Margaret was also very, very happy as this meant that she would NOT be punished in front of Molly after all. She made a mental note to show Robert during their time together in bed tonight how much she appreciated that he was so considerate of her feelings. Once Molly left, Robert addressed his women, "You know you are both in for a good spanking tonight.

Suzy, we are tired of your poor behavior at school and Margaret, you had better start watching your tongue. Here's the deal . ladies it is a dozen for each with the household strap. However, if you stay in position, that is offer up your rump for punishment, I'll reduce it to 6 hard swats?

Do you have any questions?" "Daddy, I can't take a dozen strokes of that strap. Can I ask Mommy to hold me in place?" questioned Suzy. "Of course, Suzy. Now, get into position and pull up your nightgown up.

Margaret, get in front and hold her down," directed Robert. With that Suzy raised her nightgown high on her back and then climbed over the bolster. Once she was in position she put her arms behind her back and locked them on her elbows. This position pinned down the pulled up nightgown leaving her bottom completely bare and positioned for the strap.

Margaret grabbed Suzy's hands and pushed hard against her back and elbows as she wanted to ensure Suzy could not wiggle out of position during her strapping.

Both Margaret and Robert saw that Suzy had a few blisters on her bottom and both knew the strap would really light a fire in her tender cheeks.

Nevertheless, Robert knew that he could not raven haired slut fills her pussy with a brutal dildo up as that would send the wrong signal. Suzy must learn that she was to behave at all times and in particular in school, where she represented the family. Robert pulled the strap back over his shoulder and brought it down HARD on the red, bruised cheeks .

CCRRACKKK!! Suzy screeched out, "YYYOOOWWWIEEEE, it hurts . it hurts ." and began to wiggle and buck. The next stroke was aimed lower and again Suzy screeched and bucked. The next two strokes continued the downward pattern and Margaret struggled hard keeping Suzy in place. For the last two, Robert decided that her bottom cheeks had been punished enough and delivered both on Suzy's writhing thighs.

This was met with intense screaming and wildly kicking and flailing legs. Margaret held her firmly until Suzy settled down. While the strapping was over, the fire in Suzy's rump and anial and human xxx rated storys burned on.

As Suzy stood up she hopped from foot to foot while rubbing her sore bottom and thighs. This was a dance she did on many occasions, but it never helped much. Margaret meanwhile grabbed a few tissues and began to wipe the tears and mucus from Suzy's face. Once Suzy had reached some semblance of control, Margaret began to undress. Suzy while still hiccupping asked, "Mom, what are you doing?" Margaret responded, "Why I'm getting ready for my spanking.

Now, I'd like you to hold me. I too want to keep my spanking to six swats and need your help . just as I helped you." "Sure, Mom, I'll hold you, but why are you taking off ALL of your clothes?" "Sweetie, you'll eventually learn that whenever you are punished by your man, whether he's your husband or boyfriend, you always get it in the NUDE. This way, if your man decides he's in the 'mood', you are . well .

dressed for it!" With that Margaret climbed over the bolster and put her hands back just as Molly and Suzy.


It had been five months since Margaret's last "formal" spanking, and she was NOT looking forward to getting the strap now. On the other hand, six with the strap was NOT a severe punishment and she could easily manage it as long as Robert delivered it on her bottom and not on her thighs.

To that end Margaret offered up her backside to make sure Robert had a clear and well presented target. Suzy did her best to hold her mother's hands and arms firmly as she expected her mom would be bucking just as she did.

Robert wanted to get this over with and delivered the first swat right on the crowns of Horny teen and step mom hot teens fucking cocks trade twins to forgive sins hind cheeks .

WWHHACKKKK!! Margaret moved little, but let out a strong "YYOOOUUCCHHHHH! That stings! It stings awful!" Robert wasted no time and delivered the other five swats as quick as he could all on the rapidly reddening hind quarters.

Margaret's plan worked and while her rump was on fire, it was a fire she could manage. She did screech loudly though as it hurt plenty and she wanted to make sure Robert knew it hurt. As Margaret calmed down and her wiggling ended, in a coarse voice Robert commanded, "Suzy get to bed! Margaret, stay where you are!" As soon as the door closed, Robert lowered his pants, and climbed up on the coffee table as he decided johnny castle gets bang kimmy granger was in the mood for some relief from his strenuous day.

~00O00~ Early the next morning Margaret called Carolyn at work: "Good morning, Carolyn. This is Margaret Morgan. I understand that my husband is considering taking you as a girlfriend. Is that right?" queried Margaret. "Yes, Ma'am, it is and I am really look forward to joining your household in one to two months," answered Carolyn. "One to two months? Why, Carolyn, whatever are you talking about?" "Well, that's the normal amount of time a 'girlfriend' remains in the dorm before joining a household.

This give the boyfriend a chance to make sure this is a relationship he truly wants." "Nonsense, Carolyn. You will move in to our house TODAY and you'll be on a two week or LESS trial.

And I don't want to hear any more about a 'trial period' of months . understand?" Carolyn could not believe her ears. No more report strappings or dorm spankings! Unbelievable! She quickly responded, "YES, Ma'am. Should I report to you immediately after work? What should I do about my dormitory and dorm matron?" "No, Carolyn, you go to the dorm as always and pack your things. I'll send our driver over with a letter authorizing your release.

Now, I know that some dorms believe in 'Farewell Spankings'. I don't know about yours and don't care, but I'll specifically make clear that you are EXEMPT. Our driver will help you with your things and bring you directly here.

Do you understand the plan, Carolyn?" "Yes, I do and thank office slut takes a rough fuck balls licking doggystyle so much, Ma'am!" Again, Carolyn could not believe her good fortune. Maude Grubber did very much believe in "Farewell Spankings" and she dispensed them with the dorm strap. Although all of the inmates without exception hated "Farewells," they gladly accepted because it would hopefully be the very last spanking ever .

ever from Maude Grubber. On the ride home, Carolyn got to thinking about the "Farewell Spanking" and Maude's well publicized belief that these spankings provided the necessary incentive to "behave" in their new household.

Carolyn desperately wanted to "behave" and greatly feared being turned out and returned to the dorm in two weeks time. She even toyed with the idea of asking Maude to give her a 'Farewell' before the driver arrived. She quickly discarded that idea, because well .

Maude's dorm strap hurt something awful and further, this might make Margaret angry. That's when the bulb lit! Instead, she'll ask Margaret for a "Welcoming Spanking" and will further have a pale, unmarked bottom to present to Margaret. Well that is, a reasonably 'unmarked' bottom as she still had a few bruises from Maude's strap and Robert's brush.

Carolyn congratulated herself on thinking up such a wonderful plan. After all, she was due a hard spanking upon leaving the dorm. By submitting to Margaret, this should get her off "on the right foot" with the head of her new household and she'll only be getting the spanking she was due to get anyway.

~00O00~ Everything went according to plan. A soon as Carolyn arrived, Margaret took her into Robert's study and spent some time discussing the organization of the household and her expectations for Carolyn.

Naturally, Carolyn would have to contribute just as she had to help in her dorm. Margaret made clear, however, that her most important duty was to help in the "re-population efforts" and that she better hear the pitter, patter of little feet within the next year. Carolyn blushed a little and adriana chechik porn preference test answered, "Yes, Ma'am. I'll do my best." With the interview coming to an end, Carolyn stood up and removed her skirt and slip.

She then took off her shoes and finally pulled down and stepped out of her coarse cotton underpants. "Carolyn, what are you doing?" "Oh, just getting ready for my 'Welcoming Spanking', Ma'am," answered Carolyn.