Nasty lesbians fill up their big bootys with milk and splash it out threesome and creampies

Nasty lesbians fill up their big bootys with milk and splash it out threesome and creampies
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I'm new to this site so I would like to introduce my self as the punisher. I write erotic stories purely for fun. I have no desire to become an official author. This is the beginning of a series of stories.

After showing them to friends, I have received alot of positive feedback with constructive criticism. I can only frisky lesbians fill up their big butts with milk and burst it out that I receive a similar response from the enthusiastic readers of this site.

I would appreciate any feedback or notes you have for me. So please enjoy the first story about the most dangerous woman in the world! Chapter 1 Hello. My name is slave. Sometimes slut. My false name was Jackie. Jackie Dallas. I am a cunt munching whore. It's my purpose in life. To eat pussy on demand, or suck cock. Mistress taught me that. I think back to my vanilla life and I can't believe I didn't realise it sooner.

That I was born to kneel at My Mistress's feet. Thankyou Mistress I love you and I will do anything for you. My life is yours to shape however you want. Thankyou for showing me what I am.

Thankyou for accepting me. And thankyou for allowing me to be with my husband. He has no idea of my new life. If he did he would leave me and I would be heartbroken. But at least I would have my sisters and my Mistress to help me through it. This is my story. I lived with my husband Jim Dallas. We met in high school and have been in love ever since.

He's a doctor at the local hospital. He's a kind honest man in his early 30s. Our love life is wonderful. Deep and passionate. He never fails to give me rebecca linaires and sasha grey lez it out together amazing orgasm.

I'm an office secretary. I work regular hours. It's a good job with decent pay. My boss Bill Is a kind man but it doesn't take a genius to figure out he has a massive crush on me. Always sneaking glances at my bum and my breasts when I when a tight top. I don't mind too much he's an older, divorced man for nearly ten years. He's a bit chubby and recently I can smell alcohol on him. But he's always been kind to me and I find another man staring at me oddly arousing. I love my husband and have never thought about cheating.

Though the opportunity has arisen in clubs or bars I have remained faithful and cherished my marriage to my husband. I guess you want to know about my physical assets. I have 36DD breasts that I'm very proud of and a nice round bum. My body is toned thanks to my time in the gym.

I have long blond hair that I straighten every morning. It falls just below my shoulders. I'm 5'6 and 29 years old. Only 2 years below my husband.

The story begins at 7:00 in the morning on a Friday. I was awoken by my alarm. It was nice to wake up with Jim holding me. He's always on call so sometimes I wake up and he's not there. This morning I turned over in the bed to see him sleeping peacefully. I switched off my alarm and as quietly as I could, slid out of bed. My routine consists of shower first, then breakfast, usually oatmeal, then I dress and apply my make up, then i set out.

Driving my black Mercedes to work takes a little under 20 minutes and I arrive at work by 8:45. I'm sat at my desk by 8:55 and start work. That morning, Bill came out from his office to say good morning. My work station is at the back of the room. My station is behind for other cubicles, opposite another row of cubicles. The other women work as Bill walked up to my cubicle and said good morning. "Good morning Bill. How are you?" I asked pleasantly.

"I'm fine, I'm afraid tonight is going to be a long one. Are you ok with a little overtime?" He asked already knowing the answer.

"Yeah I can do that, however my husband might be a bit peeved." I said smirking. He chuckled and said "I'm sure he'll understand. Thankyou Jackie, I appreciate this." He said. He took a peak at my legs and wandered off. I shook my head and continued working. As it was coming close to lunch, my attention was drawn by my friend Mai leaving the room.

Nothing unusual about that except her face was bright red and she looked almost afraid. She was sleeping young mother in law rape son xstorys for about 10 minutes before she came back. She looked like she'd been crying so I joined her in her cubicle to see what was up.

"Mai honey what's wrong?" I asked with concern. "Nothing I'm fine!" She said rather bluntly. "Honey you know you can tell me anything." I said solemnly. "I said I'm fine!" She snapped which threw me off. "Ok.well anytime you wanna talk." I said and left her to work. Lunch came. It was a beautiful, warm day, so I decided to have my coffee outside rather then in the cafeteria.

I like some time to myself, it helps me think more clearly. I texted Jim to tell him I would be late home and he was perfectly understanding. He promised to cook dinner and make a romantic scene for me. I undecent legal age teenager sucks a shlong girlfriend homemade as I read the message on my phone. "Excuse me dear, do you have a light?" Someone said behind me.

I turned to see a woman towering over me. She had to be at least 6ft. She wore a bright red corset with massive breasts heaving out of it. She had a black leather mini skirt, stockings, black knee length boots and a black trench coat. Her hair was black, straightened and hung by her shoulders. Her make up made her face pale, almost white with black lipstick. She was quite older then me.

I guessed late 30s early 40s. She was beautiful, her eyes were almost hypnotic. I got lost in her gaze. "Sorry, what did you say?" I asked politely. "I asked do you have a light?" She replied.

I went into my bag and pulled out a lighter for her. She then pulled a cigarette out of her cleavage and took the lighter. She took a puff and handed the lighter back to me. For reasons unclear to me, I was transfixed by this woman. She sat at the table in the chair opposite me.

My heart started beating faster when she smiled at me. "I'm Jackie." I said extending my hand. She smiled and shook my hand. "My name is Mistress." I had to take a second to make sure I heard correctly. "Sorry?" I asked. "I'm Mistress." She said again casually. "But I guess you can call me Missy." She smirked at my reaction which made butterflies in my stomach. "Is that you're real name?" I asked. "No, but it's what everyone calls me so I'm happy to own it." I decided to just go with it and continued the conversation.

"So what brings you here?" I asked curiously. "I came to see a friend of mine who works here." She said taking another puff from her cigarette. "Oh really, who's your friend, I might know her." I asked.

"Mai." She said. "Really? I saw her earlier she seemed to be having a bad day." I said trying to get some answers. "Yes I'm afraid I had to deliver some bad news. A mutual friend of ours has left the country and won't be coming back." She said coldly. "Oh that's a shame." I said sympathetically. For some reason I was intrigued by this woman. She was beautiful, strong and she knew things about Mai that I didn't. Mai was my best friend, she told me everything and yet she was keeping things from me.

I wanted to know more. That was my first mistake. "Well it was nice talking to you dear, but I'd best be going." Missy said putting out her cigarette on the table. "Wait, why don't we hang out some time?" I asked before thinking.

I don't know why but Lesbian chick jenna seduces april for an office fuck wanted to see her again. And the idea of not being able to, made me sad. "I'm afraid I'm a very busy woman who doesn't have alot of free time." She said bluntly. "Well how about a cup of coffee sometime today." I asked hopefully. She eyed me curiously and took out a notepad and pen.

She wrote something down and tore the page off, sliding it to me. "That's my home address. I have an appointment at 7. If you can come any time before then, I'd be happy to have coffee with you." She said smiling.

It wasn't a typical smile. It was like she knew something I didn't. Then she simply walked away. My heart started beating faster with excitement. I couldn't explain why, but the idea of seeing that beautiful woman again had me giddy.

I went back to work and noticed Mai was no where to be seen. "Hey Sarah, where's Mai?" I asked my friend sitting in the cubicle opposite me.

"She asked Bill if she could go home early. Apparently she's having some stomach troubles, poor dear." She said. It seemed a little strange but I shrugged and went back to work. I texted Jim and told him about Missy and told him I'd be late back tonight. He was understanding and said he'd leave some dinner in the oven for me. I finished work at 6 and headed straight to Missy's house. I asked Bill if I could leave the overtime to someone else and blamed a family emergency. He didn't ask questions and said it was fine.

As I drove towards the address, I wondered what the hell I was doing. I had lied to my boss just for the chance of seeing missy again. Why was I so obsessed with seeing her again? My train of thought was broken as I arrived at the address. I expected to see a house, but instead drove to the front gate of a mansion. It looked old but maintained. Something about it was creepy. I leant out the window and pressed the buzzer on the gate.

"hello?" Said a woman's voice through the speaker. "Hi, I'm here to see missy." I said and there was another buzz. The gate opened and I drove through, parking just in front of the stone steps. I knocked the door and it opened. I saw a woman. stood there. I put her age at late 30s. She was a dark haired woman.

She was wearing a tight red top with red jeans. She had large boobs and a perfect bottom. "Ummm.Hi, I uh I'm looking for missy." I said stuttering. She looked at me with what looked like concern and told me to follow her. "My name's Jackie" I said as I followed. "Mary." She said bluntly. As we walked down the hallway, three more girls walked out.

The varied in age from early twenties, to late twenties, to mid thirties. The were almost naked except for cream colored bra and panties. Their high heels clicked on the wooden floor as they walked, talking and laughing to each other, from one room to the other. I began to feel very uncomfortable as i followed the Mary up the stairs.

At last we arrived at a wooden door. The handle looked like a giant diamond. The wood on the door was varnished. Mary knocked and I heard a voice say come in. She poked her head in and announced that I was here. She was told to enter and she opened the door for me. There I saw missy sat in a very big, very posh looking chair that looked like a queen's thrown.

Beside it was a wooden table with a decanter on it and a half filled glass of whiskey. The room was warm and inviting with an arm chair opposite missy's throne. There was a fireplace at the back of the room. To the left was a four poster bed with red velvet curtains. Missy saw me and smiled as she stood.

She was wearing the same clothes as earlier, minus the coat. Leaving just the leather skirt, knee length boots and black and red corset. Her breasts strained to get out and jiggled as she walked over to me me. "Good to see you again Jackie." She said guiding me. Her touch made me shiver as she led me to the armchair. I sat and missy poured a glass for me. I don't usually drink whiskey but since I was the guest in the house, I took it and said thankyou.

Mary was stood by the door with her hands behind her back. "So how do you like my home?" She asked and my mind instantly flashed back the the half naked women I'd seen walking through the house.

"You have a very beautiful home." I said honestly. "But?" Missy said, sensing my discomfort. "There.was.alot of. girls. walking around not wearing much." I said and missy chuckled. "Oh yes, I should've mentioned that. Those women work for me." She said making me confused. "What do you mean they work for you?" I asked. "When one of my business partners is lonely, one or more of my girls gives them a service." She said and my eyes went wide.

"So you run an escort service?" I asked. "Of sorts." She said smiling. I never knew there was an escort service in the city. This had me interested. I took a sip of whiskey which burned in my chest.


f you win the fight you can fuck her "So how did that get started?" I asked. "My mother started the business with her friends when i was younger. She was raped which resulted in my birth. That's when she decided to take charge of her eva notty with small boy. After she died, when I was 15, I inherited everything sex publicagent com storys completos nudevista porno her.

I had her friend's and partners to help me learn about the business." Missy said. I was surprised that she would share something so personal with someone she barely knew. She obviously trusted me. "So do you get customers in here often?" I asked. "Only a select few know about it. Business men and such." She said. This woman was astounding. We continued drinking and talking. "But the girls stay busy when they're not with a client." Missy said. "How so?" Missy one girl and tow man sex and snapped her fingers at Mary.

I'd almost forgotten she was there. Mary looked at Missy with a hint of disgust and went down on her hands and knees. Missy spread her legs and I got a view of her vagina. My jaw dropped and my eyes went wide.

Mary crawled between missy's legs and started licking away. "Hmmmm good pet!" Missy said. "What on earth!?" I thought to myself but I couldn't take my eyes off the scene in front of me. My next shock came from between my legs. I was wet!? Why was I wet!? In all my life I had never tried or even thought about sex with another woman. Yet here in front of me, was this mysterious woman having her pussy licked with no hint of shame.

I couldn't look away. My mouth started watering and I started to imagine myself between those legs. Without realising my hand crept over my legs and I started rubbing myself through my skirt.

Missy looked at me and smiled. "Someone's enjoying the show." She said. Suddenly I realised that I was pleasuring myself. I quickly pulled my hand away as my face burned with embarrassment. "Don't be embarrassed my dear. I think you like what you see." She said as Mary continued to lick away. I went defensive and said "No I don't. Make her stop!" I snapped. The truth was that she was right. The scene in front of me was making me very horny and I actually regretted telling her to stop.

"You may stop now my pet!" Missy told Mary who pulled her head away and sat in a kneeling position. I bigtits babe rides and sucks cock pussylicking and glamcore disappointed for a moment until I saw Missy still had her legs open. Her pussy was still on show and I was mesmerized by it. "Want a taste?" Missy said. "No absolutely not!" I lied, looking Missy in the eye. "Mary, give Jackie a taste of my pussy." She said.

Mary stood and walked over to me. I was frozen as she kneeled beside me. Slowly, she pulled me in for a kiss. The kiss was slow and sensual. I could taste Missy's juices on her lips.

It was amazing. It was sweet, I wanted more but was disappointed as Mary pulled away. I desperately wanted that heavenly taste again. At that moment I would've given anything to taste it again. It was like a drug, I was hooked. "Judging by the desperate look on your face, I'm guessing you liked it." I looked at her desperately and didn't speak. "There's no shortage between my legs my new pet!" I was so overwhelmed I didn't even notice her call me pet.

I needed to taste her again and at that moment, nothing else mattered. I looked into her eyes and again I was drawn into her beautiful, hypnotic saphires. I begged her "Please, Missy, can I taste you?" She smiled. "Firstly, My name is Mistress. Secondly, taste my what?" "Your vagina Mistress. I want to taste your vagina!" I said and she looked at me oddly. "Vagina? I have a pussy slave. You're not a child." She said. The word slave had me filling with shame. I couldn't believe what I was saying.

I was a good, faithful wife to a wonderful man. But here I was begging a woman I hardly knew, to let me eat her pussy. Guilt would've overwhelmed me if I wasn't so horny. "Please Mistress, let me taste your pussy.

Let me please you!" I begged. "Crawl to me my pet." She ordered. I didn't hesitate as I dropped to my hands and knees and crawled between her legs, ready to taste her heavenly sweetness. I moved my head closer to her heavenly gates but she pushed my head back. "I didn't say you can have a taste yet." I was so disappointed and horny I would've done anything for just one drop of her juices.

"Please Mistress! What do you want!?" I asked desperately. "You want my pussy?" She asked. "Yes Mistress!" I said quickly. "You're my slave now, yes?" She said. "Yes Mistress! I am your slave." I answered. "And I am?" She asked. I hated this teasing. "You're my Mistress! Now please let your white slave please you by licking your sweet pussy." I begged. "Eat my pussy slave!" She ordered.

It was like music to my ears. It was like I was dying of thirst. I dived right in with my tounge as I eagerly sucked up her juices. The taste was unbelievable, I couldn't get enough. Mistress moaned above me and I felt a sense of pride that I was pleasing her. I licked up and down her slit. Her hand ran through my hair, I looked up and saw her eyes closed as she moaned softly. She started rubbing her breasts. Watching her play with her breasts made me so horny.

I doubled my efforts. I started kissing her pussy and taking her clit in my mouth and sucking gently. Mistress's moan's became louder and quicker. He hands took my head in a vice like grip. It hurt a little, but all I cared about was feeling her juices flood my mouth. I pushed two fingers inside her and started pumping them in and out of her while I sucked her clit.

"Aaaaahhhhh yes! Yes! Yes! Aaaaahhhhh!" She cried and came all over my face. Her lips quivered as she came down from her orgasm. After a minute, she started chuckling. It was almost sinister. Suddenly, the realisation hit me. I had cheated on my husband. Oh my god what have I done!

What kind of wife was I!? "Not bad for a first time my new pet!" Mistress said which only added to my guilt and shame. "Look missy I Uhhh.This was a mistake! I'm sorry but this can't happen again. I have to go!" I said running for the door.

Mary was stood in front of the door. She moved aside as I reached her. "Stop right there slave!" She said angrily. I stopped dead, my arousal and need to obey still controlling my april oneil way sex with busty stepmom vanilla deville. "Missy I."It's Mistress slave!" She said interrupting me.

"Mistress. I'm sorry but this was a big mistake." I said pleading with her. "Really, cause you seemed to be right at home on your knees." She said casually.

"No I'm a married woman, This needs to stay between us ok?" I asked hopefully. Her expression changed to a cold one. "This isn't going to end pet! You belong to me now!" She said harshly. "If not I'll make sure your husband knows full well, who I am, and what we did." Was she blackmailing me? I was terrified at the idea that my husband would find out. But I wasn't going to give this woman any sort of power over me. I stood confidently and said "Then I'll just go to the police and have you arrested for blackmail." She smiled evilly which made me uncomfortable.

"You can do that if you want, but then I'd have to take the security footage from this room and leak it on the internet." Now I'm ready to piss myself.

I hadn't realised there were any cameras in here. My friends, neighbours, family, everyone would watch me cheating on my husband with a woman. I held firm. "I'll happily suffer that humiliation to put scum like you in prison." I said it and her smile instantly dropped. Mary looked at me as though I'd just spat in a lion's face.

Mistress's look was cold and without emotion. She rose to her feet and my fear rose as she approached me. The sound of her boots hitting the wooden floor were scaring me more then anything. She stood right in front of me and look dead into my eyes. "I'll let that slide because you're new.

You ever disrespect me like that again, I'll whip your ass and tits until they're bloody." Mistress said. Her tone was one of quiet anger. It scared me and I instantly regretted my words. "And you may be willing to deal with the humiliation I can bring, but what about your husband. Can he deal with it?" And with that all the confidence I had dissolved. I couldn't let him suffer for my mistakes. I was stuck. I stuttered. "I.I can pay you!" I said with uncertainty. "I don't want your money." She said blankly.

"Wwhat d'you want?" I asked, scared shitless. She smiled and took my face in her hands. Tears started falling down my face. Mistress had this look of animalistic hunger in her eyes as she leaned and licked up the side of my face, collecting my tears with her tounge. She looked back into my eyes and said "Your body. Whenever and wherever I want." A sinister smile crept across her lips as she released my face.

"Go now slave. I'll call you when I have need of you." I stood there shaking but slowly turned and left the room. Narrative. Mary watched Jackie's car watch sex with hot luscious gal hardcore and blowjob the gate through the window. Mistress was sat in her throne reading a book.

"Beautiful isn't she?" Mistress said not looking up from her book. "Poor girl." Mary said. Mistress closed her book and set it on her lap. "You make it sound like im taking something from her." Mistress said "She'll be very happy with me.

I can give her freedom, protection and alot of new sisters." Mary pulled the curtain closed and looked at Mistress. "You don't think maybe this is going too far?" She said with attitude. "Not really. All these women seem very happy to serve me." Mistress said shrugging her shoulders.

"Only after you've brainwashed them and ruined their lives." Mary said hotly. Mistress face went hard. "Is there a problem between us Mary?" "No Mistress, not at all. I'm just your mindless cunt munching whore!" Mary said sarcastically. Mistress was tired of Mary's constant attitude. "Any other slave that talks to me that way would be punished severely.

The only reason you get away with so much is because of women strip under hypnosis in public history.

But if this attitude continues, I'll send you to play with the pack." Mistress threatened. Mary grimaced at the idea. She'd never been sent there but she'd seen the state of every girl that had. "Apologies Mistress!" She said sarcastically and bowed as she left the room. Chapter 2 I was parked outside my house for nearly sora aoi in front of hour.

I didn't know how I could face my husband after what I'd just done. I was afraid that the guilt would cause me to break down and force me to confess everything. Then I'd lose my husband, the best man in my life since my father died three years ago from a stroke. Jim and I had been friends at the time and didn't start dating til a year after my father's passing.

When I think about Jim helping me through my grief, it makes me sad. The fact that he'd done so much for me and I'd betrayed him so easily.

How can I face him now. Yes it was a mistake but I know I'd want a divorce if he made a "mistake". Ofcourse that's not my only problem. That bitch is blackmailing me into being her personal sex slave. I don't know what to do. If I go to the cops, she'll release that footage and ruin my life. What can I do? Wait a minute. Mai! She must be under Mistress's control too. Maybe she can help me!

I start the car and pull off down the road. Mai lives with her brother in a small apartment building. I feel hope and smile as I pull up outside the building. I knocked on the door and waited. It took a while but the door opened slowly and Mai stuck her head out. "Jackie? What are you doing here?" She seemed genuinely surprised to see me. "We need to talk." I said pushing my way in.

The place was a mess with clothes and rubbish all over the floor I could also smell weed smoke. That would be her brother. "Jackie I don't appreciate the late night call. What's so important it couldn't wait til tomorrow." She said angrily. She stood their in a night gown with her arms folded. At that moment her younger brother Kevin hot gym buddies pleasure each others pussy in.

"Hey what's all the.Jackie desi college slut divya gets deep throat from client hi!" He said blushing. He's always had a crush on me. I thought it was cute. "Kevin, me and Mai need to talk alone for a few minutes." I said and he looked at me hard and folded his arms. "Whatever you need to say, you can say in front of me." I sighed and rubbed the sweat from my forehead.

"Mai I know about Missy." I say it and her face turns to horror. She gasped and put her hand over her mouth. Her face turned bright red. "Does she mean Mistress?!" Kevin asked and I looked at him shocked. "How do you know?" I asked. I didn't get a reply as Mai grabbed my arm and dragged me towards the door. "I'm sorry Jackie but you need to leave this is my problem." I stopped and pulled my arm out of her grasp.

"It's our problem now! She's blackmailing me too." I said loudly and she looked at me in total shock. I walked back to the living room and sat on the armchair. Mai and Kevin sat on the couch opposite me. Both looked to be scared shitless. "I need to know how to get out of this." I said and Mai was quick to reply. "Jackie you need to go! If she finds out that we're talking she'll punish us!" She said desperately. "Mai who is she?" I asked desperate for any information.

"Jackie this is our life now! She's evil! She'll never give up!" Mai said and I could see the fear in her eyes. "Mai we can figure a way out of this together." I said trying to get through to her. Kevin piped in and said "Jackie, you don't know what she's capable of." defensively as he jumped to his feet.

"How do you know her?" I asked confused. His face had a look of shame and worry. It's then that I figured it out. "She got you too?" Slowly Kevin sat back on the couch. That's when he broke down in tears. Mai put her arm around him and started telling me the story.


"I met Mistress in the club one night. She seduced me and threatened to release the footage she had of me on the internet. I got a call from her a week later telling me to meet her. I refused. So she came to my home with three of her bodyguards and punished both of us. She said she wanted us to have sex." At that point my jaw dropped. Mistress actually asked Mai to have sex with her own brother!? "I refused again. That's when she started laughing at me. She pulled out a long metal pole with a symbol at the end and put it in the fire.

Then her bodyguards held Kevin down. Mistress took the pole out of the fire. It was glowing hot. She pressed it foxy latina megan salinas getting her tight pussy devastated by a big his back and burned the symbol into his flesh." Kevin stood and pulled his top up to reveal a symbol burned into his lower back.

It was the letters JP. "Kevin screamed in pain. I screamed and begged her to stop. I said I'd do it just stop! So me and Kevin had sex.

When we were finished Mistress said that she owned us. That she had a far worse punishments in store if we tried to disobey her again." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. How could she do something like that. Kevin was innocent and didn't deserve that! "So now you know. You need to leave before she finds out." Mai said with a pleading tone. I don't know what to say. I simply rise to my feet and slowly make my way towards the front door.

Mai opens the door for me and I step out. Quickly I turn around and said "Mai we can fight this." Weakly. "Jackie me and Kevin have had sex everyday since it happened.

It's wrong but we can't stop.


That women has destroyed our lives. This is the way things our now. Accept it." She said and shut the door in my face. The drive back home was a blur as I was still trying to process what I had been told. Even harder was trying not to think about Mai sucking her brother's dick, which was probably happening right now! When I finally reached home, I went to my room to see Jim in bed asleep.

He was always on call so he needed as much sleep as he could get. However I looked at the clock and realised it amalisedin sentando e gozando no pau do amante 1:45 am. I didn't realise I was out so long. I checked my phone and was filled with dread. 12 missed calls from Jim and a hundred texts. Jim would not be happy with me tomorrow. The next day we didn't talk to each other. I felt terrible when he wouldn't even look at me.

He had a late start for work and simply said "I'll see you later." He didn't even kiss me goodbye. I wanted nothing more then too fall at his feet and confess my sins, then beg forgiveness.

I wasn't in thr emotional state to work so I called in sick. Jim returned home that night at 6. I was sat watching tv when he walked in. I turned the tv off and stood looking at him.

"Sit down Jackie." He said sternly. I obeyed and sat on the couch. He sat beside me and took my hands. "Where were you last night?" He asked. I was about to tell him everything tell him everything but my mind suddenly told me that I would never see Mistress again. Somehow the words wouldn't come out.

"I was with Missy." Was all I could manage. "All night?" He asked sceptically. "Yes." I said looking at my lap. "Why didn't you call me to let me know you'd be out late." He asks.

I knew gina lovely showed off her tight pussy he was thinking but he'd never accuse me of being unfaithful without proof. "I'm sorry, we had a few drinks and I didn't realise how late it was. You can call her if you want." He read my face for signs of lying and then nods. He pulled out his phone and took Missy's number.

I was nervous of what Mistress might tell him but I had no other option if he thought I was cheating on him. "Hi, is that Missy.My name's Jim Dallas, I'm Jackie's husband.I just wanted to make sure she was with you all night.I just wanna make sure.Really?.Why?.Ok thankyou. Goodnight." Jim hung up and looked at me. I was nervous until he hugged me and told me he was sorry. I hugged him back and breathed a sight of relief. "Missy told me everything.

But next time it's late and she offers you a place to stay, you take it. And text me!" I don't what she told him but I promise and apologise.

I couldn't believe she covered for me. Why would she do that? After our loving moment, Jim suggested we grab a bottle of wine and watch a movie. I was snuggled up to Jim in a pair of shorts and a tank top on the couch. On the coffee table in front of the couch, Jim lit two candles. It painted the perfect picture of romance.

Usually a scene like that would make me smile. But tonight I was so distracted by my current predicament. I was terrified that Jim would find out about Mistress. I would just have to keep this deception up until I could figure out a way out of this.

Half way through the movie, I was feeling tipsy on wine and that helped take my mind of things. As the movie ended, Jim was getting handsy. He ran his hand from my thigh up to my pussy and started to rub my clit under my shorts. I started moaning lightly when my phone vibrated. I looked at the text and my heart rate quickly increased as I saw Mistress's name. "I fancy a night out. Wear something pretty slave." - Mistress. My pussy started getting wet. I lied to myself that it was Jim making me wet.

But the idea of getting to taste Mistress's sweet pussy had my panties gushing. "Who is it?" Jim asked. "It's Missy she's invited me on a girls night out." I told him. "Tell her you've got your hands full right now." Jim said smirking. I was walking on a very slippery slope as I insisted that I go.

"Jim please, I haven't gone out with one of my girlfriends for a while." I asked him. He sighed and said fine as he blew out the candles on the table. I hated having to leave him cold. I thought I would have to make it up to him tomorrow. A trip to victoria secret and then give him the ride of his life. I dressed in a pink dress.

It went down to my mid thigh. It was backless and showed some side boob. I decided to keep my hair down. I pulled on my heels and left the house. As I left the house, I saw that Mistress's rolls royce was already waiting outside the house. A driver climbed out of the car and opened the rear passenger door. I climbed in where Mistress was sat at the opposite side.

"Hello slave." She said looking at me with her hypnotic eyes again and my shame returned. I always saw myself as a strong capable woman. Now I was nothing more then a slave. "H-hello Mistress." I replied. We rode in silence for a while before I said "Mistress about talking to Jim earlier, Thankyou." She looked at me and smiled at me the way a mother smiles at her child.

"Ofcourse slave. I love you." She said which made me feel warm inside. I ignored the feeling. Mistress was wearing a tight black dress. It was split down the front in a V. Her impressive cleavage was on show and my mouth watered. The bottom of her dress wasn't so tight as was flared across the seat, revealing her legs and boots. "Are you checking me out slave?" She asked looking at me curiously.

"No Mistress." I lied and she was on me. "Don't lie to me slave! Or I'll take you home and spank you in front of your husband!" She snapped. "Sssorry Mistress. Yes I was." I said scared.

"What were you looking at?" She asked. My face burned with embarrassment. "Your breasts Mistress." I said and she looked at me stupidly. "Breasts? I told you slave. I have tits!" She said bluntly."Sorry Mistress. I was looking at your tits." I said embarrassed. "Have a closer look." Mistress then pulled one of her tits out of her dress and pulled my head into her. My hunger getting the better of me, I wrapped my lips around her nipple and squeezed her tit.

Mistress moaned softly beddable charlotte sartre begging to untie her to bang stroked my cheek as I gently nibbled her nipple. My pussy was begging for attention as I flicked my tounge over her nipple. "Good girl. My pretty slave will have a special treat in store if she keeps this up." Mistress pulled my head away and I was disappointed as she pushed her tit back in her dress.

The car pulled up outside a club and we both exited. The man on the door bowed his head to Mistress as we both entered. The club was dark. Only the different colored club lights illuminated the place. I followed Mistress to the bar where we waited to be served. The man behind the bar saw Mistress and immediately came to ask what she wanted. Mistress asked for a vodka martini and didn't ask what I wanted. I guessed I wouldn't be drinking tonight. The barman came back with her drink and left to serve others.

I noticed further down the bar there was a man younger then me looking Beautiful teen makes love to his cock up and down. "Don't do it kid!

Don't do it!" I thought to myself. Mistress had obviously noticed him looking but kept her eyes forward. Soon the man got the courage to come over.

He slipped his arm around Mistress's waist and said "Hey honey!" Mistress looked at him with a cold expression. What happened next shocked me. Mistress grabbed him by the balls through his pants and squeezed. The man squealed as Mistress tightened her grip on him. "Now I'm feeling generous so I'll let you buy me a drink. But if you ever touch me again, I'll have you over a table til you beg for mercy.

Am I understood?" Mistress said coldly. "Y-y-yes ma'am." He grunted and Mistress released him. He looked at her shocked as he clutched his balls. "Now I'll have a sex on the beach!" She said bluntly. "Crazy bitch!" The man pretty teen floozy likes handjobs a lot and walked away. Mistress shrugged her shoulders and turned to me.

"Slave buy me a sex on the beach." She ordered. I opened my purse and payed for her drink. Mistress walked away from the bar and I followed her to a private booth. Once sat, Mistress sipped her drink through a straw. A few minutes later, a couple of college kids came up to us.

A boy and girl holding hands. "Excuse me this is our booth." Amateur couple homemade show fuck from camscom girl said kindly. "Yes. Now it's mine. Go away." Mistress replied bluntly as she sipped her drink some more. "But.but this is our booth. We paid our the last of our earnings for it." She said sadly. "Well my dear, you're welcome to join us.

You can eat my pussy while my slave sucks your boyfriend's cock!" Mistress said. I looked at her with horror. The kid couldn't have been more then 21.

"She wouldn't really do that would she?" The girl asked. Mistress sipped her drink again and said "She will if I tell her to." "David do something." The girl said to her boyfriend desperately.

He stepped forward and Mistress stood. "David back off or I'll put you over my knee and spank your bare ass in front of your girlfriend!" She said angrily.

Fleshly bawdy cleft pleasurings lesbian and college

David very quickly backed off and Mistress sat back down. "Now young lady. Get between my legs and get licking or get lost." Mistress said simply. Slowly the couple started to back off and went towards the dance floor. Seeing Mistress so commanding, so controlling, so dominating had my pussy begging for attention.

Mistress snapped her fingers at me and pointed at her legs which were spreading. I could feel my face burning bright red but my mouth was watering. I slowly sank to my knees in front of her and went on all fours.

I slowly crawled between her legs and started licking. The minute her juices hit my tounge I was in heaven. I had to have more and started eagerly licking up her juices. I completely pinay sex dh hidden cam in guest house hongkong about everyone in the club. All I wanted was to make my mistress cum.

I wrapped my lips around her clit and started gently sucking. Mistress's legs instantly wrapped clamped onto head, holding me in. I could hear her moaning loudly above me and soon I was reward with her cum coating my mouth. I pulled my head away from her pussy and licked up her sweet honey from around my mouth. Mistress patted on the seat next to mom and soon xxx filim and I sat.

Everyone was sneaking looks at me. I was so humiliated which only made my pussy wetter. I had to cum. "Do you wanna cum slave?" Mistress whispered in my ear as she stroked my thigh. Her warm breath on my neck had me squirming. "Desperately Mistress!" I said. "Do you want your vanilla husband to make you cum. Or do you want to come home with me." I was going to say my husband but the words stopped just before they left my mouth.

My husband was a wonderful lover but no one had ever made me horny like Mistress. I felt guilty for wanting Mistress over my husband. "Please Mistress will you make me cum." She smiled at me devilishly and said "Ofcourse sexy brunette amateur madlin moon gives amazing head pet.

You've earned it." I followed her outside where her car was parked down the road. The driver was leant against the car smoking. When he saw us approach, he dropped his cigarette and opened the door for Mistress. Mistress climbed in and I followed. "Where to ma'am?" The driver asked pulling away.

"Home! I need you to take Slave Jackie home when I'm done with her." Mistress said. On the journey I tried to touch my pussy but Mistress slapped my hand away and threatened to cane me if I tried touching myself again. The drive back to Mistress's home was excruciating. I was so horny. Mistress even said she could smell my horniness. She teased me mercilessly with small touches and innuendos. When the car eventually stopped outside Mistress's house, I leapt out of the car and ran up to the front door.

Mistress was taking her time walking up the stone steps. "Please Mistress hurry!" I begged. "Someone's eager to cheat on their husband." She said, I ignored her. Mary opened the door for us and like a rocket I shot through the door, up the stairs and round the corner to Mistress's room.

Mistress came up slowly behind me smiling evilly the whole time. Finally she opened the door for me and I ran inside. In record time, I pulled my dress off and kneeled at my Mistress's feet. "Please Mistress, make me cum!" "lean over the table." She ordered.

I eagerly obeyed and leaned over amber needed for a tour to europe hardcore blowjob table with my ass in the air. I looked back at Mistress who was holding a riding crop. "You've been a very bad girl slave." She said.

"Why Mistress?" I said wondering what Ravina tantan ka seks story xxxxx had done to upset her. "Choosing me over your own husband to make you cum!" She said and I heard the crop sexy gorgeous gf gets full throat of cum hardcore and blowjob through the air. I sucked in the air through my teeth as it made contact with my bare ass.

"Why did you choose me?" She asked plainly as she struck my ass again. "Aaahh! You make me hornier then he does." I said being painfully honest. She struck my ass again. "aahh!" I squealed. "Bad, Bad girl" she said striking me on my bare pussy. I screamed. It was painful but only added to my pleasure. Mistress sat in her throne and crossed her legs.

She snapped her fingers at me. I slid off the table and went on all fours, crawling to her. She lifted her leg to me and ordered me to take her boots off.

I pulled each one off slowly. "Worship my feet." I desperately wanted to cum and was willing to do anything for release. I arousing and juicy oral sex deepthroat and blowjob her right foot in my hands and sniffed it. I could smell the sweat on her feet and it was intoxicating.

I rubbed it against the side of my face and moaned with my eyes closed. The feeling of her flesh against mine was incredible. I put her feet against my nose and inhaled deeply. It was like being high on the scent of her sweaty feet. "Lick them." She said. I stuck my tounge out skinny amateur teen babe eveline dellai railed in the car hardcore and brunette licked from the heel of her foot, up to her toes.

I licked all around her toes and took them in mg mouth, sucking gently. Mistress pulled her feet away from me and pulled me up to her. She kissed me on the cheek. "You've earned your reward" she said seductively. She pointed towards a wall where there was a dildo attached with a suction cup.

It was twice as long as my husband and double the girth. I walked over and turned my back to it. Bending over, I slowly backed up onto it. As the tip was pushed into me my eyes went wide. I felt myself being stretched open. I felt my ass touch the wall and started bouncing on it. I went crazy as my hungry pussy was finally getting the attention it needed. I cried in ecstasy as I started bouncing faster.

I started rubbing my clit. It felt so good inside me, I couldn't get enough. My tits were bouncing back and forth. I was so close to cumming. I looked up to Mistress who was watching me. "Mistress please can I cum!" She smiled at me and didn't answer.

"Please Mistress, I need to cum. Please can I cum!" I begged as I was on the edge of cumming. "I'll allow it." She answered. Her words were like the flick of a switch as my orgasm came crashing down on me. I cried in pleasure as I squirted all over the wall behind me.

I pulled away from the plastic cock and fell to the floor shaking. I don't know how long I was like that but my legs were jelly. The orgasm had taken all the energy out of me. I found the strength to look up at Mistress and smiled. "Thankyou Mistress." She nodded at me and told me to get dressed. "Geoffrey will take you home." She said. I was silent all the way home.

Once I came back from my orgasm, I reflected on all I had done. Guilt soon filled my heart. I cheated on my husband for the second time and I loved it. I chose Mistress over him. What kind of wife was I? Geoffrey was sat next to me driving and didn't say a word. I didn't want to talk. I was feeling too shitty. Why can't I stop meeting this woman. Her long, sexy legs, her big tits, cold expression and dominating persona made me so wet. I hated myself.

The car stopped outside my house. I tried to get out but the door was locked. "How do I get out?" I asked Geoffrey.

"Payment?" He asked. "Oh! I'm sorry of course!" I said reaching into my purse. "How much do I owe you?" I asked and he smiled at me. He started undoing his zip and pulled his cock out. I gasped and put my hand over my mouth. "Please! No!" I pleaded. "Mistress said your mouth is mine when I take you home.

Either you suck my cock. Or I tell Mistress you refused and you'll be punished. Either way I'll get my dick sucked by someone." A tear formed in my eye as I slowly moved my head down to his cock. He was impatient and grabbed my head, pushing it down on his cock. I opened my mouth took him in my mouth. I sucked as best I could. He was pushing my head up and down on his cock. The sounds of me gagging made him hornier and soon began fucking my mouth harder.

I did my best to give him a half decent blow job. His moans grew louder and my eyes went wide as he filled my mouth with sexy amateur kassie kensington fingers her trimmed pussy masturbation pornstars cum!

I never let anyone cum in mouth in my life. Not even Jim. I saw it as degrading. This fucker came in my mouth and didn't even ask. I quickly sat back up and made angry noises. His cum was still in my mouth as he hit the switch on the door and the door unlocked. I jumped out of the car and spat his cum all over the sidewalk. He laughed and told me that Mistress wanted me in her room at 7pm tomorrow night. Then he drove off. "That bitch!" I thought to myself angrily.

She humiliated me in the middle of the club and just offered my me to her driver! I wanted to take a stand and say no. But if I do she'll tell my husband about what I've been doing and ruin my marriage. I marched into my house angry at my predicament.

I took a deep breath before entering my room where I found Jim in bed asleep. I stripped naked and climbed into bed and cuddled up to him. Trying to put this awful night behind me before the next one. Chapter 3 A new day dawned. My mind was racing with fear as I thought of what Mistress had planned for me tonight.

Probably a new way to humiliate me. She was really smart and no doubt she had a hundred ways to embarrass me. Maybe make me eat her pussy somewhere public again.

As scared as I was, that idea had my pussy getting wet again. I cursed myself for letting myself think of her with such lust. But I couldn't help it. My mouth watered at the memory of eating her pussy. Tasting her heavenly nectar. Having her cum all over my face. I shook my head and tried to put the ideas out of my head.

It did no good. My whole day at work was a blur. My pussy was soaking with anticipation. I left work at 6:30 and called my husband to tell him I was going to dinner with missy. He was frustrated as he had another romantic dinner planned. It tore at my heart that I had to blow him off again. His disappointed tone nearly had me crying in the car.

Once again my loving husband was being put aside for my Mistress. He very sarcastically told me to have fun and hung up on me. I couldn't hold it. I cried in the car thinking of my husband feeling lonely. My duty as a wife was to make sure he was never alone. I remember it was in my wedding vows. I had failed. Not by choice. But I'm in this mess because of my weakness on that first day. With a heavy heart, I started the car and drove to Mistress's house.

I was sat in Mistress's Private room with the other girls. I didn't know what was going on but we were waiting for mistress on our knees with our heads bowed.

A few minutes later, Mistress entered with a riding crop. Wearing a latex miniskirt and crop top with stockings and knee length boots. "Ladies. I have a social gathering tonight with a few partners.

I need a slave to attend the event with me." She said and I couldn't believe the girls actually raised their hands eagerly with desperate looks on their faces.

"Hmmmm. Which one?" She said with uncertainty. She walked up and down the line of girls inspecting us. The riding crop brushed each girls cheek as she passed them. She reached me and the leather crop brushed my cheek and slid off as mistress passed me by.

My pussy moistened as she passed me. She turned and went back up line again. Some of the girls looked like they were gonna piss themselves as they stretched their arms in the air. The only one not raising all natural college blondie fuck ready pornstars hardcore hand was me. Maybe that's what drew mistress to me.

She looked at me and smiled. She approached me again and pointed to me with the crop. "Oh God No!" I thought to myself but my pussy was flooding. "Slave Jackie. You'll be joining me tonight. Slave Jasmine, slave Edna, make Slave Jackie pretty!" She said. The other girls looked at me with jealousy as Jasmine and Edna pulled me to my feet and led me to a nearby bathroom. All I could feel was fear of what was to come. Fear and horniness. I didn't know what this event was but I imagined that I would be humiliated beyond all comprehension.

Strangely that idea made me wetter. Mistress said make me pretty. Make me look like a prostitute would've been more appropriate. I looked in the mirror with horror on my face. The girls dressed me in a pink boob tube, a black pleated skirt and knee length boots.

My hair had been tied into pigtails and my make up made me look bitterly sweet. Shame burned within me as I saw myself dressed like a common whore. I stood outside mistress's room waiting. Eventually Mary exited and told me that mistress was ready for me.

I entered after her and saw mistress sat on her throne. Beside her throne was a table with a decanter and a wooden box. Mistress looked me up and down and nodded her approval. "Looking good slave." She said. "Thankyou Mistress." I said bowing to her. When she stood I noticed she too had changed her clothes. Her red, black laced corset, a black leather skirt, 6 inch heels and her long trench coat. She took the wooden box from the table and held it up to me.

"I bought you a little present slave." She said with a sadistic smile. I opened the box and gasped and put my hand over my mouth. Inside was a dog collar and chain. On the collar were the words "Slave Jackie" engraved on a small metal plate. "What do we say when someone buys us a present!?" Mistress snapped. "Th-thankyou's very nice." I said holding back tears. "You're very welcome, now lets put this on you." She said with an evil smile. Mistress led me out of the house by the chain attached to my collar.

My mind was a jumbled mess of fear. "What if someone saw me dressed like this? There's no way they wouldn't talk. What if Jim found out? He'd start asking questions. Oh god. I need to get out of this!" I thought as we entered Mistress's Rolls Royce. I was quiet for the entire journey which took us out of town.

Eventually we arrived at a mansion. A young man dressed as a valet opened the door for mistress. As I exited the car, she dropped the keys in the valet's hands and took my chain again. Yanking on the chain, she led me into the building towards a large hall.

The lights were dimmed and there were purple club lights illuminating the place. The room was filled with people, mostly older people, sat in arm chairs with their much younger slaves kneeling beside them.

Some of the slaves had a dog bowl on the floor in front of them. from which the slaves lapped at the water like dogs. Mistress greeted a few men and women but seemed to be looking for someone in particular. As soon as she spotted them, she yanked on my chain again leading me to an older couple, sat on a comfy looking couch. Both were dressed very elegantly. The old man in a grey suit and pink tie.

The old woman in a green dress and high heels. She had a pearl necklace around her neck. Beside the man was a young redheaded girl kneeling on the floor.

She couldn't be more the 20 years old, almost naked except for her bright pink thong. She didn't seem to be embarrassed. She looked as though she was totally comfortable. "Janet! Honey! Glad you could come!" The woman said as she and kissed each other on both cheeks.

"Hello Christine. Glad to see you too." Mistress said pleasantly. "Look at you babygirl. All grown up!" The old man said as he greeted Mistress in the same manner.

"Hi Gareth. It's been a long time." Mistress said equally pleasantly. The couple then looked me up and down and smiled at me evilly. "You're latest conquest?" Gareth asked. Mistress looked at me and shrugged her shoulders. "Hmm. She a work in progress." Mistress said as she sat on the couch beside Christine. Mistress yanked on the chain, pulling me to my knees. "Is she any good?" Christine asked curiously. "Try her out, see yourself." Mistress said smiling.

Christine snapped her fingers at me and pointed between her legs. Busty amateur redhead is paid for some wet public sex spread her legs and said "Get licking girl!" In a strong tone. The shame and embarrassment burned into my cheeks as I went sunny leone six open story my hands and knees and crawled to her. She wore no panties and her naked pussy was staring at me.

I poked my tounge out and started licking this strange old woman's pussy. At least no one could see my face. I lapped her pussy and suddenly, I couldn't stop. She tasted so good. I wanted more, as much as I could get. Above me Mistress and Christine were talking about their various slaves. Mistress explained how she seduced legal age teenager whore enjoying a dick hiddencam and hardcore and the couple seemed to be impressed.

I continued licking for nearly 10 minutes and my tounge was beginning to ache. This woman was much harder to get off then Mistress. I didn't care all I cared about was getting as much of this heavenly nectar as possible. I sucked up as much juices as I possibly could like a hungry slut when i heard Gareth speak. "Mind if I give her a go?" He asked. "Be my guest!" Mistress said. "What!" I said lifting my head from Christine's pussy.

"Shut up slut!" Christine barked pulling my head back to her pussy. "You're mouth is to be used for one thing tonight! Talking is not it!" I tried to continue eating her pussy. But I was distracted by Gareth hiking up my skirt. A second later I felt his enormous cock pushing into my pussy.

I pulled away from Christine and howled as his huge cock started pumping in and out of me. His strong hands grabbed my hips as he pounded me. It felt so fucking good and I hated it. The only man I wanted to touch me was my husband. Yet this total stranger and his enormous cock were splitting me open and it was incredible.

I felt my orgasm rising. "No!. No I won't cum for any man other then my husband." I thought to myself. I resumed eating Christine's pussy, hoping the distraction would keep me from cumming.

I thought of other things but the burning in my pussy grew stronger and stronger til I could no longer hold it. I cried in total ecstasy as I came hard which triggered Gareth's orgasm.

He thrust his cock into me and filled me with his cum. Tears fell from my face, guilt and self hatred flooded my mind. "Clean my cock slut!" Gareth ordered but I was frozen in place on my hands and knees. Gareth then grabbed my hair and turned me towards him. He blonde teen pov creamed cumshot and blowjob my tear streaked face and looked at Mistress curiously. "You haven't fully broken her in yet?" He stated as a question. "Like I said she's a work in progress." Mistress replied.

Gareth shrugged his shoulders. "It's ok, I like it when they cry." He said and then pushed his huge cock in my mouth. I cleaned him off as best I could. I didn't want to make Mistress look bad through fear of punishment. When he was done with me, he zipped himself up and took his seat beside Christine.

Many other men and women used me that night. All of them came inside me. My mouth ached so much from all the cocks I sucked and all the all the pussies I licked. My legs wobbled from the amount of times I came. Which I don't even know the number to. My shame and self loathing was reflected on my face which earned me a caning from Mistress.

We left the event several hours later and Mistress told me to call my husband and tell him I would be staying with her tonight.

Again He was frustrated. "Are you cheating on me!?" He shouted down the phone. "No honey Ofcourse not, I would never do that to you!" I replied solemnly with a heavy heart. "Ok so you're just bored of me is that it?" He barked. "No honey I swear I just wanted to stay with Missy tonight." I told him.

"Ok then. You stay with her I don't wanna see you tonight anyway!" He said before hanging up on me. As I put down the phone my tears dropped. I lied in the bed that Mistress had provided me and thought of how badly I had betrayed my husband that night.

"I'm sorry baby. I didn't want to cum. They made me. I'm so sorry!" I whispered to myself and cried myself to asleep. I awoke to the sound of someone entering my room. I checked my phone and saw it was 3:00 in the morning. I switched the bedside lamp on and saw Mary stood there. She was wearing tight jeans and a tight black t shirt. She had a look of sympathy on her face as she walked to the side of my bed and sat beside me.

"Mary? What are you doing in here?" I asked confused. "I wanted to see if you're ok. I know what happened tonight, I know that must've been alot for you to do so early." Mary said putting her hand on my shoulder. "What fo you mean so early!?" I asked getting annoyed. "Usually Mistress doesn't take any of her slaves to a party until they're fully trained. It helps to improve her image." "I'm not her slave!

She's blackmailing me. I will never be her slave." Mary nodded her understanding. "Jackie I'm sorry, I know this is hard but you have to accept this.

If you don't, Mistress can be very cruel." She said. I could tell she was worried for me. It made me feel a glimmer of hope that someone here cared about me. "Yeah I've seen how cruel she can be. I went to visit my friend Mai and her brother." I said hotly. "You haven't seen anything yet. Mistress is ruthless, ambitious and very clever.

Don't fight her because you'll lose. Trust me I've been with her longer then anyone. I know." She warned me and I scoffed. "How do you think she's never been caught. You're not the first to want to break free from her. She knows what you're going to do before you do. Wherever you go, whatever you do, she can see you. She's everywhere." Mary's cryptic speech confused me. "Why are you here? What do you want?" I asked tired and confused.

"I wanted to show you that you have friends here. At that moment Mary leaned in and kissed me. It took me by surprise but I didn't fight it. She broke the kiss and looked at me. Probably trying to read my reaction. Then she leaned in and kissed me again. This time with more passion and I returned it.

We both went down til I was lying with her on top of me. I felt her tounge poke my lips so I opened my mouth and let it invade. My hands ran from her ass, up her back, to the sides of her head. Her hand traveled up my body to my right breast, squeezing it gently.

I couldn't deny this gentle make out session was making me very wet. Mary eventually sat up, straddling my hips and pulled off her shirt. Her large breasts hung free and I desperately wanted to wrap my lips around them. She smiled at my reaction. She took a breast in her hand and lifted it to her mouth. My whole body was shaking as I watched her sucking her own nipple. Then she leaned over and fed me the same nipple. I latched onto it hungrily and she gasped in pleasure.

Sucked her tit like a hungry child. Mary started grinding against me and I did the same. After a few minutes, Mary pulled her nipple from my mouth. Much to my disappointment. She unbuttoned her jeans and slowly pushed them down her thighs, revealing a red pair of panties. She climbed off me and pulled the jeans off completely, followed by her panties. I watched in awe as this beautiful woman stripped in front of me. I rubbed my pussy and squeezed my breast as I watched her.

"Lie down." She said smiling. I eagerly obeyed. Slowly she crawled up my body and kissed me again. Then she stood on her knees and positioned her pussy over my mouth.

I wanted it so much. I pulled her down and hungrily licked her. She immediately gasped and started rubbing her clit. As I licked up and down her slit, she started grinding on hot latina slut alexis amore takes it up the ass ceska hd face.

So I stopped my movements and stuck my tounge out, letting her grind on that. Mary was becoming very vocal, with high pitched squeals. Sensing her oncoming orgasm, I took her clit into my mouth and sucked on it as I licked it. "Aaahhh Aaaahhhh aaaaahhaahhh! Oh yeeessssss!" She cried as I felt her cum coat my mouth. She collapsed on the bed beside me. I looked at her grinning as I watched her breasts rise and fall while she panted.

"Done already?" I asked her sarcastically to which she smiled and said "Why you feeling tired?" We both giggled and repositioned ourselves. We sat opposite each other so that our pussies were facing each other. I pulled her in for a kiss as our pussies made contact. The we started rubbing against each other. The feeling was incredible, I'd never done anything like this before. My whole body shivered as we continued grinding against each other. "Wow! Oh shit! Aaaaahhhhh shit!" I said.

Mary smiled at me while also moaning in a similar way. My orgasm was fast approaching as we started grinding harder and faster. Like electricity all over my body, my body spasmed as I came. Which triggered Mary's second orgasm. We both howled in absolute bliss and fell back into the bed. After a few minutes there was a knock at the door and a small Asian girl poke her head in.

"Mistress says to shut up and go to sleep or you'll both be caned." I was mortified that we'd been caught. Where as Mary looked annoyed. "Tell Mistress that I said to go suck a banana!" The Asian girl's face dropped and went bright red as she left.

I was worried for what may happen to Mary for that insult. She climbed out of bed and started dressing. "Aren't you worried about being punished?" I asked with concern. "No!" She said bluntly before turning and heading for the door. Before she left she said "Goodnight Jackie sweet dreams.". Then she blew me a kiss and left. I chuckled and went back to sleep. Chapter 4 Over the next week, Mistress seemed moe hey ksexy free vedio leave me alone.

I went home the day after the event and near enough attacked my husband. Asking him to fuck me hard. Pull my hair, call me names, smack my ass. Anything to put the control back in his hands. When he was done cumming on my face and I licked it all up, he asked me "What brought that on?" I told him I wanted to apologise for being so distant. He accepted my response and took a shower.

From Monday to Friday I heard nothing from Mistress. No calls, no messages nothing. I was happy to return back to the home life that I loved so much, but I kept checking my phone everyday. The text came on Saturday afternoon. "My house buy 4 o'clock. - Mistress." It read. I sighed and the typical feeling of dread I had come to know returned. I wore a blue dress and high heels. As per Mistress's rules, I wore no bra or underwear.

Mary was the one to let me into the house where she led me upstairs to a room she called the chamber. As I entered I saw 3 other girls stood there all dressed very slutty in tight tops and short skirts.

My attention was drawn by a man who stood naked against the back wall. He had a ball gag in his mouth and looked humiliated. He was strapped with his arms and legs spread so he stood in an X formation. I looked to Mary for answers. She simply motioned for me to stand in line with the other girls.

It didn't take long for Mistress to enter and she looked at the man with her typical evil smile. "Officer Duncan! Thankyou ever so much for coming. I'm sorry my girls had to restrain you, I hope they were gentle." Duncan looked at her with fear and anger as he began shouting through his gag.

Mistress turned to us and told the story. "This sunny xxx desi xb in girls, is Officer James Duncan. A middle aged cop who made the mistake off pulling me over earlier today for speeding. I freely admit I was doing 45 in a 30 zone." Mistress said holding her hands up.

"But in the end that's not the point." Mistress stood before Duncan and removed the gag from his mouth. "Nobody tells me what I can or can't do. I'm afraid you have to be punished." She said sweetly. "You said if I came round you would apologise and we would forget the whole thing." He said angrily. "Oh sweety!" She said stroking his face. "I never apologise!" Mistress returned to her throne which had been repositioned directly in front of the back wall and sat in front of Duncan.

"Slave Jackie! Come stand beside me. As the newest girl you should get a front row seat at what is probably the lightest punishment I can dish out!" I obeyed and stood beside her throne with my hands behind my back and watched. "Girls. I fancy a cocktail!" She said. "Yes Mistress." They all said in unison. The girls all walked over seductively to Duncan and began running their hands all over his body. The chestnut haired girl began licking his neck, while the ginger girl tounge kissed him.

Duncan's small penis began to grow. The blonde girl began kissing down his body til she reached his cock. She wrapped her hands around it and began to jerk it. Duncan moaned into the mouth of the ginger girl he was kissing as the blonde jerked faster. The blonde jerked harder and began massaging aletta ocean got fucked in the ass balls.

Duncan broke this kiss with the ginger girl and started grunting loudly. The ginger girl quickly ran to the shelf and returned with a cocktail glass. She kneeled beside the blonde just as Duncan shot his cum. Load after load shot out and the ginger girl caught it in the glass. The glass was half full when Duncan stopped cumming. He stood there panting. The ginger girl pulled an olive from a nearby bowl and dropped it in the glass.

She ran to Mistress and kneeled, holding it up to her. Mistress took the glass and crossed her legs as she took a small sip. "Release him." She ordered and the girls went to work uniting the straps. Once he was free, Duncan fell forwards onto his hands and knees. "You're probably thinking that wasn't much of a punishment." Mistress said as he fell to the floor panting. "That's because it wasn't a punishment. I just like a little refreshment while I watch the main event." Mistress said holding up the glass with evil eyes.

Duncan looked up at her confused and nervous. "Send Brooke in." Mistress told Mary who bowed and I wondered what else mistress had in store. Mary opens the door and about 200 pounds of pure muscle and walks in.

Brooke's arms and legs were built like steel, was nearly as tall as Mistress and her head was shaved. If it weren't for the fact that her tits were enormous, I would have sworn she was a guy. The scariest thing about her by far, was the strap on with the massive black dildo. Now I'm scared for Duncan. Duncan satp dad son couch satpsister it and went bat shit crazy, freaking out.

He tried to make a break for it but Brooke pushed him back onto the floor with little effort. He hits the floor and the girls hold him down. He struggles to get up and the girls roll him onto his tummy and put the ball gag back in his mouth. Mistress just sits there watching as Brooke kneels behind Duncan and grabs his waist.

Duncan looks at mistress mumbling something I can only assume is a plead for mercy. Mistress has none. Mistress snapped milf and daughter share studs big cock fingers and Brooke thrust forward. Duncan screamed at the top of his lungs. His face was red and scrunched up as the massive dildo was forced into his ass.

Brooke had a psychotic smile on her face as she started pumping in and out of Duncan. Duncan's face went from scrunched up to wide eyed with painful grunts. Mistress sat there watching, occasionally sipping from her glass of cum and I stood there in horror of the scene in front of me.

Brooke grunted with every thrust like an animal. The thrusts were quick, hard and merciless. The ginger girl walked to the table and takes a whip. She stood beside Duncan and raised the whip above her head, only to swing down and land a hit right across his back and he screamed.

The sounds were terrifying. WHOOSH! CRACK! "Aaaah!" WHOOSH! CRACK! "Aaaah!" The whipping continued until Duncan's back is full of slashes that were bleeding. Brooke was still reaming his ass and her grunting was getting heavier. She fucked his ass faster before pushing the whole thing deep inside and growling. Duncan screamed through the gag and his cock shot a stream of pee onto the carpet. Then he collapsed into the puddle of his own piss.

He was panting. Brooke withdrew a shit covered dildo from his ass and stood, waiting for further skin diamond asphyxia noir bonnie rotten meet bonnie rotten. "You can go now Brooke." Mistress said. Brooke bowed and left the room. Mistress stood from her throne and finished the glass of cum. Using a toothpick, she took the olive from the glass and turned to me.

It was still coated in cum as she rubbed it across my lips. I opened my mouth and grabbed it with my teeth. Mistress pulled the toothpick out of the olive and i took it in my mouth and ate it. Mistress kneeled by Duncan's side. Slowly he looked up at her and I could see it in his face. That was a broken man right there.

It was like the life had been snatched from him. He had tears in his eyes. "You never cross me again." Mistress said in a serious tone that scared me.

Duncan frantically shook his head. "The security cameras in this room recorded every detail of what happened here. You belong to me now!" Mistress said in an evil tone of voice.

"I own your life." She said and stood, still looking down at the broken man. "Now apologise for making a mess on my carpet!" She said heartlessly. In an instant Duncan crawled over to her feet and began kissing her feet saying sorry over and over again.

"I'm sorry Mistress!" Kiss "I'm disgusting!" Kiss "I'm sorry for making a mess on your floor!" "Clean it up with your tounge!" She ordered and without hesitating, Duncan eagerly licked up the wet patch on the red carpet. I watched in total horror as this officer of the law, with his ass in the air, licked up his own piss. "Officer Duncan, you can leave now." She said coldly. Duncan scooped up his clothes and ran out of the room. I stood there frozen with horror all over my face.

This woman just had a cop tortured and raped for a speeding ticket! Holy shit! What am I into! I gotta get out this! My thoughts were suddenly stopped by Mistress slapping me in the face. I came back to reality and realised I had been staring blankly at her. She looked at me menacingly as I rubbed my cheek. "You ever wanna try anything clever, just remember. This isn't the worst thing I can do." She said and I stood there shaking.

"Y-y-yesss.Mistress." I said petrified of this woman. Just then she smiled and kissed me deeply and passionately. "I don't need you anymore go home!" She said and I bolted out of the room.

Chapter 5 I ran out of the house not looking back and saw Mary stood by her car waiting for me. "Let me give you a ride." She said not waiting for my response.

I climbed into the car eager to get as far away from the house as possible. We were silent the entire trip as I tried to process what just happened. Before I knew it we were parked outside my house. I tried to get out but Mary asked sexy preggy karla kush pussy nailed good to wait. "I'm sorry. I know what happened was alot to take in. I wish there was something I could say to make it better." She said solemnly.

"That woman is evil. She hurt that man for no reason." I said and Mary nodded. "Tell me something. Some of the girls are afraid of her, some of them are practically in love with her. You're different. You're not afraid but you're not head over heels for her. You said you've been with her the longest. How long?" Mary looked down at the steering wheel and was silent for a while.

"Since we were kids. She was my best friend, we grew up together. You've heard about her mother's rape yes?" She asked and I nodded. " She wasn't always cruel. We met when were both 10. When she was 14 her mother started teaching her about the business. Teaching her how to be a dominatrix. Back then she was smoking hot chicks get to please each other kind, loving girl.

So she struggled with the moral aspects of the business. When she was 15 the man who attacked her mother came back. He raped Janet for hours and made her watch as he raped her mother. Then he killed her mother right in front of her. That whole incident changed her. She grew cold and angry. That's when she really molded into the role of Mistress, with help from her mother's friends.

She turned on me. I was her first seduction and I've been her slave ever since." Mary was sniffling and had tears in her eyes as she recounted the painful memories. I rubbed her back and she looked at me and smiled. "Don't tell anyone I told you this story or else it'll be both our heads on the chopping board." She said and I nodded. "You remind me of her.

Before she changed. I'll do my best to help you through this but if you disobey her, I won't be able to stop her." She warned me and I nodded. We hugged and I climbed out of the car and went home. That night my husband was seel band xxxxnx sex stories vidio the mood for some play time but I just asked him to hold me. We lied in bed together and he held me tight. Narrative. Later that night, Mary was tied naked to a table, face down.

Whoosh! Crack! "Hmmph 8!" Mary moaned as the bamboo stick landed on her bare ass. Mistress was punishing her for her constant attitude and back chat. Whoosh! Crack! "Aaaahh 9!" She cried in pain. Mary hadn't been punished by Mistress in years.

Whoosh! Crack! "Aaaaahhh 10" she cried hot mom xxx with son friend in pain but her pussy was very wet. "Are you ready to be fucked by your Mistress?" Mistress asked. "Yes Mistress Punish my pussy!" Mary begged. She looked back to see Mistress in nothing but her corset and a huge strap on. Mary stared at the plastic cock with fear and hunger.

Mistress grabbed Mary's ass, sending a shiver up her spine. She felt the cock touch her pussy and squirmed, desperately trying to get more of it inside her. Suddenly Mistress moved the cock up to her ass. Mary's eyes went wide before feeling the whole thing shoved up her ass. She cried out in pain as Mistress proceeded to brutally fuck Mary's virgin ass. There was no pleasure in this only pain. Mary cried out as her jaw hung open, begging Mistress to stop.

"This is your punishment slave. Take it like a big girl." Mistress said rocking her hips harder and faster. Mary continued to cry in pain as her as clamped on the dildo. Mistress drove the whole thing in her ass making Mary cum. Mary collapsed on the table panting. Mistress removed the strap on and dropped it on her throne. She pulled her red lacy panties back on and untied Mary. Mary fell to the floor still panting. Mistress kneeled beside her. "Say sorry." She ordered.

Mary looked at her with anger but managed to say sorry. Mistress leaned in and kissed her lovingly. "I don't enjoy this. But a mother has to be hard on her kids.

Go now." Mary dressed in her red top, jeans and boots and stormed out of the room angrily. Jackie's story. I didn't hear from Mistress for a few days and I took the time to try and figure out a way out of this mess. Preferably a way where she wouldn't realise it was me if it fails. I had many ideas but they all had risks that I didn't feel comfortable taking. I sat there with my head in my hands as the idea of going to the cops kept coming back to me.

Jim was at work and I called in sick. I needed to think clearly. If I went to the police, I could testify against Mistress and ask to be placed in witness protection. That would mean telling Jim everything but this was getting out of hand.

I took a deep breath and decided it was my best option. I would go to the cops tell them everything and both me and Jim would be placed in witness protection til the trial.

I drove to the police station with my heart damn near beating out of my chest. It was making me physically sick as I walked up the stone steps.

At the front desk I said that I wanted to report a crime. When they asked what crime I asked to be taken somewhere private. I found myself in an interview room with a plastic cup of water in front of me. Eventually an officer, wearing jeans, a white shirt and leather jacket entered and sat opposite me. He introduced himself as officer Dyson. I told him everything. Every detail. Of what had happened to me, the other girls, even officer Duncan. I promised to testify if me and my husband could be placed in witness protection immediately.

He eyed me suspiciously and told me that it wouldn't be a problem and that he'd make the call now. He was gone for some time and I started to get worried when he eventually returned.

"I'm sorry miss we don't currently have any safe houses available. What I need you to do is sit tight until we can find you a place to go." He said. "But what about me!? What about when Mistress calls again!?" I said frantically. "I need you to stick with it for now. The more evidence you can get for me the longer we can put her away for.

Take my number and call me every night when you're not with her." He said sliding his card over to me. "when she contacts you. Give me a call and we'll work out a plan." He said.

I felt reassured he seemed committed to taking this bitch down. He walked me out of the station and promised it would all be ok. The next day was Thursday and I received a text from Mistress.

"My house by 11:00. - Mistress." I immediately called officer Dyson. There was no reply, so I tried again. Again, no reply. "SHIT!" I thought to myself. I took a deep breath and decided to go and try to gather as much evidence as I could. Like Dyson said.

I was dressed in my work clothes as I originally planned to go to work today. My black skirt, white shirt, stockings and heels. Maybe Mistress would like me in my work attire. Once at the house, a Hispanic girl I've never met opened the door and told me that Mistress was waiting in her private room.

I followed her to Mistress's room where she opened the door and motioned for me to enter. Mistress was sat in her throne with her legs crossed, reading a book. She saw me stood there and smiled. "Hello Slave Jackie, I missed you." She said as teen sex teen sex pela prova pornporn approached. She stroked the side of my face that she'd slapped a few nights before. Her smile morphed into a look of rage as she back handed me on the same spot.

I screamed and fell to the floor, holding my face. I looked up at her terrified. "You really thought I wouldn't find out? Stand!" She barked. I picked myself up and stood, still holding my face. I felt piss running down my leg as her evil eyes locked onto mine.

She backhanded me again and I went down again this time crying. "Kneel!" She ordered and I wasted no time getting on my knees. She looked down at me with a shit ton of rage. In one quick move she grabbed a handful of my hair and dragged me out of the room.

I screamed and cried as she dragged me down the hall, kicking my legs as we went. Many of the girls poked their heads into the hall to see what the commotion was. One of them was Mary and she looked at me with horror. Mistress dragged me around the corner and kicked a door open. Then she threw me inside where I landed on the floor on my face. I looked back at Mistress who stood their with her hands on her hips. I looked in front of me to see 3 naked girls stood in a line, looking at me with hungry expressions.

"I warned you that I could do alot worse. But you decided to test me. I sure hope I pass the test." Mistress said smiling sadistically. "Look on the bright side, Officer Dyson is going to get a very special reward for informing me of your betrayal." She said. I looked at her shocked. How many people does she have in her pocket? I stood up and thought about begging for mercy when Mistress said "Feeding time girls." Then she left the watch great bi sexual action hardcore groupsex. The minute the door closed I was tackled to the ground by one of the girls who ripped open my shirt and yanked my bra below my tits.

"You're ours now little slut!" "You're not going to be the same when we're done!" That's what i heard as one of the girls latched onto my nipple with her mouth and bit down hard. I screamed in pain. One of the girls behind me, wrapped her arm around my throat and put her hand over my mouth. I screamed into her hand as they ripped my skirt off. One of them pushed my legs apart and dived into my pussy like a hungry animal, flicking her tounge up and down my slit.

I looked to the left to see one of them squeezing my tits. She twisted my nipple way to much and I screamed into the bitch's hand again. "Oh Shut up you little whore!" She said slapping me in the face repeatedly. "Daphne get the strap on!" The girl holding my throat said. The girl between my legs got up and ran off.

"Rachael get between her legs. Make the slut cum!" She said and the girl on my left took Daphne's place eating my cunt. Daphne returned with a strap on tied around her waist. She stood over me and pushed it between my lips. It slid into my mouth and it tasted fucking awful. Daphne grabbed my head and fucked my face with the huge dildo.

My god it tasted disgusting. It hit the back of my throat and I gagged. "Suck my cock bitch! Get it nice and wet for your slutty pussy." She said. I just couldn't get over how bad it tasted. It made me feel sick.

Daphne pulled it from my mouth and laughed. "She sucked it! She actually did it! You nasty bitch!" She taunted. I looked up at her confused and afraid. "This dildo was used on Officer Duncan. You know the one covered in his shit!" The realisation hit me and I felt my stomach rising. I threw myself to the side and threw up all over the floor.

The girls were all laughing at me as I lay there crying. My humiliation had reached all new heights. I felt someone grab my leg and drag me to the centre of the room. Before I knew it I was flipped onto my belly and I ass was lifted into the air.

I felt Daphne's cock poking my pussy and before I could say anything, she rammed it inside me. I screamed so loud I'm sure the whole house heard me. Daphne hammered in and out of me and begged her to stop. "Ow! Ow! Ow! Please stop! Please stop! Ow!" I don't know how I looked but my face must've been red and my make-up ruined by my tears.

As I was brutally raped by Daphne, Rachael took her position in front of me. Lying down so that my head was between her legs. She grabbed my head and pulled it down to her moist pussy. How could something like this ever make someone horny. The pain in my pussy was excruciating and prevented me from focusing on Rachael's pussy. She pulled my head back up and slapped the shit out of my face. "Eat my pussy you whore, or Daphne will shove that thing in your ass!" She growled.

That was all the the incentive I needed. I dived in with my tounge and start licking her pussy up and down. Her moms deepest fantasy is having sex outdoors tasted strange.

Daphne was still pounding my pussy and it was still unbearably painful. Rachael started moaning loudly and her pussy into my face. I knew now was the time to finish her off. I wrapped my lips around her clit and started gently sucking on it. "Aaah Aaah Aaah Aaah yeah! Aaah xnxx sex with office boss full sex stories porn story Aaaaaaaah!" Rachael screamed as her orgasm overwhelmed her.

I pulled my head away as she came down from her orgasm. Her legs were shaking and she was panting hard. Daphne pulled her plastic cock out of me and walked where I could see her smiling at brunette babe fingering wet pussy to orgasm. Rachael looked at me and smiled.

The bitter taste of her pussy lingered in my mouth. "Why did her pussy taste so bad?" I wondered. "Thankyou for cleaning the piss out of my pussy slut!" She said mockingly. Again I threw up. This time all over her. She screamed at me and kicked me in the face.

"You disgusting bitch!" She screamed at me. The other two girls laughed hysterically. I lied their shaking and crying. Daphne grabbed a towel and threw it at Rachael who used it to wipe the puke off her body.

"Bethany hold the bitch down. She's gonna pay for that!" Bethany once again wrapped her arm around my neck and held me down as Rachael approached me with rage in her face. She inserted a finger into my pussy. Then two, then three. Then without warning pushed her entire fist inside me.

I screamed in pain as Rachael fist fucked me. "Dirty little bitch! Take my fucking fist!" Rachael growled. While Rachael fist fucked me, Daphne grabbed another strap on and dropped it next to Bethany. The pain I was in was indescribable. It hurt so bad. Rachael showed my pussy no mercy as she brutally fisted me. She yanked her fist out and slapped me again. Bethany pushed me away and tied the second strap on to her waist. At the same time. Rachael was putting on a strap on of her own.

Bethany lied on her back and the other girls pushed me to straddled her. Bethany positioned the plastic cock at my pussy and pushed up, making me scream in pain. The brutal fisting I had just endured made me unbelievably sore. Bethany didn't care about that as she hammered my pussy. The pain quickly came back and I cried out in pain. My screams were muffled by Daphne shoving her shitty cock in my mouth. I did my best not to puke again.

I was distracted by Rachael poking my ass with her cock. I quickly looked back and yelled. "No! Please! Not my ass!" She ignored me and thrust the cock in my ass. I screamed and Daphne shoved her cock back in my mouth.

They raped me for what seemed like hours. Eventually they all pushed me away where Rachael sat on me, holding me down. Bethany held my mouth open as Daphne removed her strap on and hovered her pussy above my mouth. Tears streaked down my face.

I screamed as a stream of piss poured from Daphne into my mouth. Bethany was also pissing on my belly. I could feel it traveling down my body. I was slapping my hands on the floor. The girls laughed and taunted me. Rachael pushed my mouth closed and made me swallow. I coughed and crawled away from them. I puked all over the floor again. The girls mocked me and laughed. I was still on the floor crying. The girls left me there crying for who knows how long.

I cried until I couldn't cry anymore. It was like all the crying I could possibly do in a lifetime had been used up. I just lied there emotionless, stiff as a board. The door opened and I saw Mistress enter. I went from emotionless to scared shitless in a second.

"Jesus Christ! They went all out didn't they!" She giggled as she looked at the piss, puke and strap ons. I sprang onto my knees and crawled to her. "I'm sorry Mistress! I'm so sorry! I'll never do it again!" I kissed and licked her boots desperate to make her happy. She kneeled by my side.

Her cold face back on, I was terrified. "You belong to me! You are mine and you live for me!" She said coldly. I nodded frantically. I was shaking. Mistress left and called to Mary. Mary walked in and Mistress told her to clean me up. I sat on the floor in the shower still shaking as Mary washed me. "You big tit brunette teen karina white loses anal virginity on camera have done it." She said plainly. "Who were those women?" I said in a shaky tone.

"They were Mistresses once. Til Janet came and made them in to her slaves. But they still crave control, so once in a while Mistress gives them someone to dominate. As you saw they take full advantage of the opportunity.

Mistress calls them The Pack. On account of their animalistic hunger." Mary explained and reinforced that I couldn't fight this. "You need to get on board it's your only choice." I said nothing.

She washed and towelled me. Geoffrey drove me home again. This time I didn't argue as I took his cock out and started sucking before he even mentioned it. He came in my mouth and I gulped it all down. I went to my room where my husband was sleeping and didn't even cuddle up to him as I didn't want to be touched right now.

Chapter 6 It'd been almost a month since Mistress had me raped to teach me a lesson. Every night since then, she has me go to her house and eat her pussy. I obey, desperate to taste her and also apologise for being a bad slut. But my punishment had been hard to get over. The scene replayed in my head everyday. My work had gone down since then and I was worried that Bill would let me go. I looked at my progress at work and put my hand over my mouth when I saw I was in the red.

My whole time working there I was always green. Never dropping to amber. I thought any day my boss would ask me into his office to fire me. "Oh my god I can't lose my job!" I thought to myself. Two weeks later Bill asked me into his office. I walked in shaking. "Have a seat." He asked in his professional tone. He took a peak down my top as I sat. "Jackie you're one of my best people. You've worked for me a long time and in all that time I've never been worried real mom and son moody your work.

Until now." He said. "Oh god this is it. He's going to fire me!" I thought to myself. My heart started pounding and I couldn't feel my legs. "I'm sorry sir. I've been having problems at home. I don't feel comfortable talking about it." I told him and he was silent for a minute. Eventually he nodded and said "Very well. Like I said you're one of my best people and you're to valuable to fire so fast.

I'll give you some time to sort your problems out." He said and my eyes went wide. That's not what I was expecting. I thanked him and went back to work. I tried to focus on my work more but it wasn't working. I just had too much on my mind. My work remained I the red and Bill kept giving me more time.

I was shocked. No way. Why does he keep giving me second chances. Any other boss would have fired me long ago. My thoughts were stopped when I heard call my name. I turned and saw him stood behind me. "Can I have a word with you?" He said. His face was hard. I thought this couldn't be good. Maybe my second chances had finally run out. I took a deep breath and left my cubicle. I followed him to his office and sat. "Jackie, you're husband is a good friend of mine.

It's one of the reasons I hired you besides your qualifications. Recently your work hasn't been good enough despite all the chances I've given you." He said and I immediately started with the apologies and excuses. "Jackie stop! Let me finish." He snapped and I quickly went quiet, like a child being scolded by her parents.

"Jim called me a couple of weeks and told me how distant you've been. He wanted to know if I thought you were having an affair!" He said and my face went red. If Jim thought I was cheating, he might have me investigated and he'd find out about me.

Bill went into his draw and pulled out what looked like pictures. "I told him no, but now it appears I was wrong." He said dropping several pictures of me pleasuring Mistress in the club and me sucking Geoffrey's cock in the car. It's then I knew I was all over. I had been caught. I wanted to cry but no tears came, just guilt and self loathing. "and It's only respectful that I call him and tell him what I've found out." He said picking up the phone.

"Please! Please don't!" I begged weakly. He looked at me sternly and put the phone down. "I don't like cheaters. It's the very thing that ruined my marriage. So you better give me a good reason not to call Jim.

He is a friend of mine after all." I knew what Cuties drill boyfriends asshole with big strapon dildos and splatter c amateur and babe had to do and didn't think twice. I started unbuttoning my shirt. He watched me without blinking. I pulled my shirt off revealing my cream coloured bra.

I stood there with a blank expression. I had learned to numb myself emotionally. It made the guilt of betraying my husband easier to handle. He walked over to me, I stood with my hands behind my back looking straight ahead.

He pulled my bra below my tits and squeezed them gently and gasped. He'd spent many years drooling over me and now he could have his way with me. I looked down and saw the tent in his pants. He guided me to my knees and I unzipped his pants.

I took out his cock which was pretty small and started sucking. He gasped as my lips made contact with his meat. I began bobbing my head and he grabbed my head, fucking my mouth. The drool began leaking from my mouth and the room filled with slurping noises. Next he pulled me to my knees and pushed me over his desk. Eagerly, he unzipped my skirt and pulled it down.

I had no panties on. Mistress had a rule against slaves who wore panties. Usually I wore panties at work then took them off in the car but I had gotten used to feeling of going bare. I felt his meat poking my hole. I looked forward and stared blankly at the wall, trying to ignore what was happening. I barely felt him enter me, until he pulled out and rammed it back into me.

He growled and I grunted. He took slow hard thrusts into me. I hardly reacted save for the occasional grunt. Each time he rammed into me, the desk shook. He squeezed my ass and continued his assault on my pussy. I continued to stare at the wall. His pace quickened and he started groaning. Seconds later, I felt him unload inside of me. I did nothing until he pulled out of me.

I said nothing as I pulled my clothes back on and tried to leave. "Jackie!" Bill called out to me. Slowly I turned to look at him. "Tomorrow at lunch, no bra or panties. On your knees in my office." I nodded and left to return to work. I was quiet for the rest of the work day. I knocked on the door to Mistress house. Mary answered and saw the look on my face. She kept asking me what happened but I was silent as I walked to Mistress room. When I walked in Mistress knew something was wrong too.

"What happened to you?" She asked grinning. When I told her what happened between me and Bill she was pissed. not that I had been raped but because I was used by someone who wasn't her or one of her partners.

"Tomorrow slave. You will do nothing. You belong to me, no one else. And you never.Use your pussy to solve your problems. Now go home." I bowed and said "Yes Mistress." I opened the door and she spoke again. "And slave! The next time someone tries to blackmail you, don't be so quick to spread your legs. You come to me!" "Yes Mistress." The next day, I was getting nervous. It was close to lunch and I hadn't seen Bill all day.

Ten minutes til lunch and Bill walked into my cubicle. My fear rose as he stood there not looking at me. "I'm sorry!" He said which shocked me. "I'm so sorry about what I did. It will never happen again, your secret is safe with me." I was too shocked to speak.

His face went red before he spoke again. "Mistress says you can stay home with your husband tonight." He turned and walked away and I noticed he was walking funny. "Thankyou Mistress." I whispered. Chapter 7 Once again I was stood in Mistress's room. She texted me saying she had a job for me. No details just instructions to meet her in her room for my first job. After my brutal punishment, I dare not try anything else.

I haven't thought of anyway to get out of this. It looked like this was my life now. I was to spend the rest of my life obeying Mistress. Worst of all I was to spend the rest of my life betraying my husband.

I desperately tried to hold back my tears as Mistress returned from the bathroom. She was wearing a black tank top, her tits nearly popped out of the top, she wore her knee length boots. As she sat in her thrown, I could see up her black pleated skirt. No panties. Her face was cold and emotionless as she snapped her fingers at me. I immediately went down on all fours and crawled towards her. When I reached her, I sat on my legs in front of her.

She spread her legs showing me her pussy. "Slave, I'm out of toilet paper. Clean my pussy." My face burned red as I leaned forward and started licking. After my last punishment, I recognised the taste of pee on her pussy. Some how it enhanced the taste of her heavenly pussy juices and like every other time I ate her cunt I was hooked. I dived my tounge deeper into her, trying to lick up as much of her juices as I could. I couldn't get enough as I licked like a hungry animal.

Mistress started squirming in her seat. She grabbed my held and held me to her own personal gates of heaven. My pussy began to burn as I felt the need to cum growing within me. But I knew I wouldn't be aloud to cum before Mistress. I inserted two fingers into Mistress and focused my tounge on her clit.

"Aaah Aaaah! Shit! You're learning slave!" She moaned as her breathing became more rapid. I fingered her faster and harder. Mistress's legs wrapped around my head to keep me in. This made it hard to finger her so I removed my fingers and tounged her clit. The grip of Mistress's legs around my neck became tighter as she cried out loud.

"AAAAAHHH AAAAAHHH AAAAAAAAH! I'M CUMMING SLAVE. I'M CUMMMIIIIIKNNNG!" I was reward with Mistress coating my mouth with her cum. She held me too her pussy and I cleaned her up. Eventually she released me and I went back to my submissive position on my knees. Mistress came down from her orgasm and smiled at me. "Very well done slave.

You're advancing quickly with your cunt eating skills." I bowed my head and said "Thankyou Mistress." She pulled me up and kissed me passionately.

It was weird but I melted into her. Like I was falling in love with her. She broke the kiss and stroked my cheek. "You're probably wondering why I called you here?" She asked letting me go back to my submissive position "Mistress you said you had a job for me." I replied and she nodded.

"Do you know Samantha Winsley?" She asked and I looked at her confused. "Yes Mistress. She's married to the priest at my church." I replied and I think I know where this is going. "Well I've had my eye on her for a while. I want her. And I want her daughter too. Remind me slave how old is she?" Mistress asks. "Mistress she's only 17." I tell her.

"Well I want both of them as my slaves. You're gonna bring them too me." Mistress says with finality. "Mistress the family is pure Christian. How am I supposed to get them to come here." I ask. "That's for you to figure out!" She says shrugging her shoulders.

"You can go now slave. I want both of them here by the end of the week. Now go away." I rose from my knees and left the house thinking of how to accomplish this extremely difficult task. It was Thursday when Mistress called me to ask how I was going to being her new slaves to her. I had an idea. It wasn't a great plan but it was the best I could think of. "Mistress I will bring Samantha's daughter Abigail to you first.

She's a young naive teenager. She should be easier for you to seduce. When the deed is done I will call her mother and tell her where Abigail is. I'm hoping she'll come straight over without her husband. When she sees her daughter on her hands and knees serving you, she'll be emotional.

Therefore vulnerable. And you can move in for the kill." I explained my plan to Mistress and she seemed genuinely impressed. "It's not a great plan. But it's very clever slave, maybe I underestimated you." She said and I had butterflies in my stomach.

I smiled and said "Thankyou Mistress." "I want Abigail in my private room by Sunday. Don't disappoint me slave." Mistress said and hung up. I put the phone down and my guilt returned. Abigail was a sweet, innocent girl. Here I was plotting how to throw her into the same hell I was currently in. Then there was her mother. Samantha was a good friend of mine. I was going to corrupt her daughter and then leave her to the hell in high heels. Sunday came and both me and Jim went to church.

The whole service was a blur for me as I couldn't keep my eyes off Samantha and her daughter. Abigail was very pretty blond girl with nerdy glasses. Those glasses made her look so cute. It was hard to comment on her body since she kept herself well covered with clothes. My heart was beating fast and I was sure everyone could see my discomfort on my face. When the service ended, everyone piled out and Jim tried to hold my hand to lead me out.

"Honey you go home I need to talk to Samantha." I told him and her looked at me curiously. "How will you get home?" He asked. "I'll ask Samantha for a ride." I said trying to smile. "Umm. Ok then." Jim said and kissed my cheek. The church was empty and it was just me and Abigail.

She was dusting the organ with a feather duster. She was dressed very conservatively in a cardigan and a skirt that went down to her ankles. Knowing her father, he'd probably crucify her as a whore if she dared show any skin. "Hello Abigail." I said pleasantly. "Oh hey Mrs. Dallas." She said sweetly as she looked over shoulder at me. "How are you?" I asked. "I'm great, how are you?" She asked with her sweet smile.

We both sat and talked a great length. I asked her about school and she seemed quite saddened. It seemed she was being bullied at school by the other girls. Making fun of her glasses and her religion. I asked about her friends and she told me she didn't have alot of friends. It tore at my heartstrings. When I was her age, I had a large group of friends.

After a while she started to open up and she confided in me about her secret desires. "All of the girls at school have been talking about the parties they go to. I would love to try alcohol just once but daddy says that my body is a temple and I shouldn't corrupt it with things like alcohol." I nodded in understanding.

"He's right. Alot of people get into trouble because of drinking." I told her. "I would be careful. I just want too try it. Can I tell you a secret?" She asked and nodded. "A few days ago I took a cigarette from my grandpa's box and I smoked one behind the house." She said looking very devious.

"Oh my god!" I said and immediately covered my mouth, remembering we were in a church. We shared a laugh and I forgot for a minute what I supposed to be doing. The dread filled my soul as I decided to press on with the matter at hand. "Abigail I'm going to a party in a minute. Why don't you come with me?" I asked and she shook her head. "Daddy would never allow that." She said sadly. "You don't have to drink. It'll just be me and a fr.friend of mine. I'll be there to look after you." I said solemnly.

She looked unsure but said "Yeah ok then." I helped her clean up the church and I called Mary to pick us up. She had been told by Mistress what I planned to do and looked at us both stood outside the church. When she saw Abigail, she put on a fake smile. Mary exited the car and we hugged as we said hello. "Abigail, this is my friend Mary." I said.

Abigail held her hand out and said "Hello miss Mary, it's very nice to meet you." Mary smiled and shook her hand. "It's very nice to meet you too Abigail." We climbed into Mary's car and I told Abigail I would text her mother to tell her where she was.

Instead I texted Mistress and told her we were coming. She texted back "Yummy!" The three of us entered the house and there were no slaves in sight. Thank god! Abigail would probably run away at the sight of a girl in nothing but bra and panties. Mary knocked on the Mistress's door and we heard "Come in." We entered to see Mistress sat in her throne. She looked at us outstanding babe tina loves having her behind penetrated pornstars brunette put on a big smile.

"Why hello there! You must be Abigail. You can call me Missy." She said. Abigail shook Mistress's hand. Mistress was dressed more conservatively then usual. A black skirt that came just below her knees. A red top that showed only a little boob, the long sleeves had been rolled up to her elbows. Her usual white face make up and red lipstick. "Have a seat dear." Mistress said leading Abigail to a seat beside her throne.

I sat on the other side of Mistress. "Mary pour our guest a glass of coke." She said with little authority. The use of Mary's name without the word slave was strange to me. I watched Mary turn her back to us. Before she poured the coke in, she half filled it with vodka. So this was how Mistress planned to seduce Abigail. Mary brought the three of us our drinks.

Abigail sipped her drink and I almost laughed at her reaction. She looked at the glass with a funny look but took another, larger sip. "So Abigail, do you have a boyfriend?" Mistress asked. "No, Daddy says I'm not aloud any boyfriends until I'm older." She said. "And why's that?" Mistress asked curiously with her eyebrow raised. "To make sure that I can't be influenced to lose my virginity before I get married.

Daddy doesn't trust the boys at school." Abigail said. "He's quite right too, the first time I had sex, it was in the bathroom at school. It was good but the guy came inside me and I nearly got pregnant." Mistress said giving me a little insight into her past. Abigail's face went red. The poor thing was shy talking about such things. "Keep drinking dear." Mistress suggested and Abigail took another gulp of her drink.

By the time Abigail finished her glass she loosened up alot. Soon she was giggling at everything. "Tell me Abigail do you wear clothes like that all the time?" Mistress asked. "Yeah Daddy says I mustn't dress like a whore like the other girls." Abigail said almost in a frustrated tone.

"I have some other clothes for you if you want to try them on." Mistress said. "Daddy would be very cross with me." Abigail said with a little fear. "It'll be our little secret." Mistress whispered. To Abigail this was a massive secret and an opportunity and soon she was giggling again and nodded.

Abigail xxx story sex stories 2019 bfxxxxxxx from the bathroom in her new clothes and my jaw dropped. She looked sexy in her new clothes. A bright pink top which showed off her belly, she had bigger boobs then I thought.

They were heaving against her top. A short black skirt that went down to her mid thigh and 5 inch heels. Her nerdy glasses only made her hotter. Her eyes were sparkling and she was smiling ear to ear.

We all applauded her and she blushed. "Come over here Abigail, sit on my lap." Mistress said smiling. Abigail had trouble walking in the heels and nearly fell over a couple of times. She turned her back, giving me a view of her ass. It was amazing and I was shocked that my mouth was watering. Abigail giggled as she sat on Mistress's lap. Mistress put her hand on Abigail's exposed thigh and rubbed it up and down. I noticed Abigail shiver slightly and her nipples were getting hard. They were poking through her top.

Mistress's hand was creeping higher up her leg. Eventually, Mistress hand went fully under her skirt and Abigail froze. Mistress suddenly stopped and looked up at Abigail. "Are you wearing panties?" Mistress asked. Abigail's face went bright red as she shook her head no.

"Show me!" Mistress ordered sternly. Abigail looked at her shocked. "Now." Mistress said in a quiet but powerful tone. "Please no." Abigail quietly begged. "Do it or I'll call your father and tell him." Mistress threatened, Her true persona now bleeding through.

Abigail's eyes were watering as she slowly rose to her feet. Her hands slid down her body and grabbed the hem of her skirt. Slowly, she pulled it up to reveal a thick bush of hair. Abigail hung her head, her face burning sunny leon fucking sex stories amazing shame. "Please don't tell my dad! I'll do anything!" She quietly begged not looking any of us in the face. "Anything?" Mistress asked. "Yes anything!" Abigail said not understanding the enormity of what she said.

"Good. Then get on your knees." Mistress said casually. Abigail suddenly looked at her and said "W-what?" "You heard me.

On your knees!" Mistress said mercilessly. I watched as the poor girl slowly fell to her knees. "Now crawl to me." Mistress said. Abigail's face couldn't be any redder as she slowly crawled to Mistress.

Mistress stood and hoisted her skirt up to reveal her own lack of panties. She sat back down on her thrown and spread her legs. "Lick my pussy." Mistress said as if it was a perfectly normal request. Abigail looked at Mistress's bare pussy and her mouth hung open. "Please don't make me do this!" Abigail begged but she hadn't taken her eyes off the pussy in front of her. She looked to me for help girl fucking tow guys in somewhere outdoors I just nodded to her, hiding my guilt.

Mistress had lost the last of her patience as she grabbed the young girls head and pulled it into her pussy. Abigail barely resisted. I watched her give Mistress a small lick and then dived in licking hungrily.

Mistress gasped and closed her eyes. I watched her big tits rise and fall as her breathing grew heavier. "Aaaaah Aaaaah your a natural my new pet!" Abigail said nothing as she kept licking. Clearly she was as hooked as I was. "Aaaah yes! Do you like my pussy my pet?" Mistress asked.

Abigail lifted her head and said "Yes Missy! I love tasting your vagina!" "Two things! One, from now on you call me Mistress. And two, I don't have a vagina. I have a pussy!" Abigail looked up with a fearful expression. "Those words are blasphemous." She said. "And until a few minutes ago, so was eating my pussy. And look at you, eagerly lapping my pussy like a good pet." "So I'll ask again. Do you like my pussy?" Abigail's face burned red as she answered. "Yes Mistress, I like your pussy." Mistress smiled in triumph over the young girl.

"You want more?" Mistress asked. "Yes Mistress I want more!" Abigail quickly answered. "Beg my pet. Beg to eat my pussy!" Mistress ordered. "Please Mistress. Let me taste your pussy again!

Let me please you!" Abigail begged and I was shocked at how easily she was able to degrade herself. Mistress chuckled and pulled Abigail's head back between her legs. Abigail went back to work licking Mistress's pussy and I actually felt a twinge of jealousy. I wanted to be between those legs. But seeing Mistress seduce the good Christian girl had my pussy dripping. Abigail put her hands on Mistress's thighs and eagerly licked. "Aaaaahhhhh, Oooooohhhhh yes! Lick me slave!

Lick my juices!" Mistress's dirty talk had me squirming in my seat. Mistress started grinding her pussy against the girl's face. "Aaaaahhhhh Aaaaaaaah I'm cumming slave! I'M CUMMING! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!" Mistress squirmed and pulsated as she came all over the girl's face. Mistress sat their with her eyes closed, her mouth hanging open, shivering in her seat as she came down from her orgasm. Abigail sat on her legs, her face coated in Mistress's cum. Mistress sat up straight still panting.

"PHEW! Pretty damn good for a first attempt." She said and Abigail's eyes sparkled. "Thankyou Mistress." She said bowing her head. Mistress then looked to me and nodded. I pulled my phone out and sent a text to Samantha. 45 Windsor drive. Abigail's needs to be taken home. Please come. Jackie xx Chapter 8 Mistress straightened her clothes and sat in her throne with her legs crossed. Abigail was still on her knees in front of her. She seemed totally at home in her submissive position.

Maybe she had fantasised about this. She just needed the opportunity to experience it without her Christian values getting in the way. "This will happen again my pet. When I call you, I expect you too come to me and kneel at my feet. If you're an obedient slut, I will allow you to taste my pussy again. Am I understood?" Mistress explained. Abigail's eyes sparkled. "Yes Mistress I promise I will be an obedient slut!" She said, her profanity no longer bothering her.

My phone buzzed. It was Mary texting to tell me that Samantha was on her way. "Mistress it's time." I told her and she had her evil smile on. She spread her legs again and said "Start licking pet!" Abigail's eyes sparkled as she said "Yes Mistress." She crawled back between Mistress's legs and started licking again. The door opened and I watched Mary enter followed by Samantha. She obviously had just come from her jogging session.

She was wearing a pair of grey yoga pants, a loose grey top and running shoes. Her blonde hair was tied in a ponytail. The minute she saw Abigail servicing Mistress all hell broke loose. "ABIGAIL! WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!?" Abigail nearly fell over as she quickly looked at her mother's horrified expression. "MOM! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?" she asked now terrified that she'd been caught.

"Jackie hot sex swallows lots of piss from 2 guys me to come here!" Samantha then turned to face me. "How could you let my daughter disgrace herself like this!" The guilt flooded through me.

I wanted nothing more then to fall to my knees and beg for her forgiveness. As I tried desperately to hold back my tears, Mistress decided to speak. "Mrs. Winsley. I'm the Mistress.

I'm glad you could make it." She said smiling. She held out her hand to Samantha but she didn't take it. "What have you done to my daughter!?" Samantha said furious. "I simply helped her realised her true identity. A submissive little girl in need of a Mistress." Mistress replied confidently. Samantha had heard enough. She grabbed Abigail by the wrist and pulled her too her feet.

"We're leaving!" She said with finality as she dragged Abigail towards the door. "Stop!" Mistress ordered. Samantha froze and looked back at Mistress. "If you leave, I'll ultra wet japanese bawdy cleft toying hardcore blowjob the whole town the video I have of your daughter!" Mistress threatened.

Abigail's face burned with horror, while Samantha's face was filled with fury. She Marched up to Mistress and said to her face. "Give me that recording!" Samantha demanded. "First, you need to do something for me." Mistress said calmly. "No chance, I'll just go to the police and have you arrested for blackmail and rape." Mistress smiled confidently and said "Okay then. You do that. But by the time the police come for me, I will have already sold your daughter to the highest bidder.

I'll be in prison but your daughter will most likely be kidnapped in the night. I know alot of men who pay well for virgin pussy." SMACK! I watched with horror as Samantha back handed Mistress. Her face flew to the side and slowly turned back to face Samantha. Her face was calm but filled with anger. "Was that your best shot? Here's mine." Mistress right hooked Samantha in the jaw and Samantha fell to the floor. "MOM!" Abigail screamed.

She tried to run to her mother but I grabbed her and held her back. Coco de mal cums hardest when she gets double penetrated looked up at Mistress rubbing her jaw. The anger in her face was replaced with fear and tears. "What do you want?" She cried desperately.

"Simple really. I want you and your daughter as my obedient sluts!" Mistress said. Samantha was lost in thought. She was trying to figure a way out of this. But I knew from experience. There wasn't one. Samantha stood and face mistress. "And you'll give us the recording?" She asked hopefully. "Nope. I'll keep hold of it for my own personal pleasure but I won't show anyone." Mistress replied coldly.

Samantha thought for a while but Mistress wasn't a very patient woman. "My time is valuable slave. Call the police or get on your knees." Mistress snapped.

Samantha stood there thinking. A tear fell down her face as she slowly sank to her knees. Mistress grinned. "You're my obedient pet now. Say it!" Mistress ordered. "I'm your obedient pet." Samantha said staring at the floor. "Look at me when you speak to me slut!" Mistress snapped. Samantha looked up at Mistress towering above her and said "I'm your obedient pet." "And what am I?" Mistress asked. "My Mistress." Mistress sat in her throne and spread to her legs.

"Time for your to test your skills my pet. Start licking." Slowly Samantha crawled forward and started licking away at Mistress's pussy." Mistress gasped. "Your very talented my pet. Have you eaten pussy before?" Samantha looked up and said "I had a girlfriend in college." Both me and Abigail looked at her shocked. Samantha never told me that before. Mistress just smiled. "Mmmmmmm. Well you still got it." She said pulling Samantha's head back between her legs. Mistress looked at Abigail with an evil smile.

"Slave Abigail, eat Slave Jackie's pussy!" Not what I expected but I was happy to be given a small bit of power for once. Abigail wasn't as reluctant as her mother as she immediately sank to her knees and crawled between my legs. She pushed my dress up my legs and started licking my bare pussy. I immediately gasped and clutched the armrests on my chair. Abigail sucked my clit into her mouth and my hands immediately grabbed her head, holding her in. My orgasm came faster then I expected as I cried out and came all over The young girls face.

I pulled Abigail up and lustfully kissed her. She returned the kiss and our hands were all over each other. We were interrupted by Mistress's cries of ecstasy as she came all over her new slaves face.

Her whole body pulsated and she gasped while her legs shook. Samantha continued licking mistress all the way through her orgasm. She didn't stop until Mistress eventually pulled her head away.

Samantha's face was shiny with pussy juice. Mistress licked her juices from Samantha's face and kissed her lovingly. Samantha fell to back to her in her submissive position on her knees while Mistress tidied herself up.

Once she was tidy, College girl rape xxx story started to explain her new slaves roles. "You belong to me now. I call, you come. And you don't cum til I tell you too. My other slaves are now your sisters. They will teach you and your daughter how things work. I expect complete obedience. You disobey me, there will be consequences. If you're a good pet, you will be very generously rewarded. Am I clear?" "Yes Mistress, but what about my husband?" Samantha asked.

"You may stay with him. Love him anyway you choose. Just remember that my needs come first." Mistress said showing the kindness that was rare with her. "Thankyou Mistress." Samantha said bowing her head. "I love you slave like tara holiday gets fucked by her man own daughter." Mistress said with a loving expression.

"You and your daughter can go home now slave!" Mistress said. "Mistress, can.can I.can I stay. Jackie can take Abigail home. I want to stay here tonight." Samantha said nervously, which shocked the shit out of both of us, especially Mistress.

"You WANT to stay with me?" She asked. Samantha nodded. "Yes Mistress. I want to stay and please you all night long." She said desperately. Mistress smirked and said "As you wish slave Sammy." Chapter 9 I never would've known Samantha was a natural sub. But I guess life has a funny way of surprising you. Before i felt guilty. Now I was actually happy that was there to share Mistress's pussy with. I also never would've guessed what a horny little minx Abigail is. I was currently driving her home, she fingered my pussy and played with my boobs like a hungry child.

It made it very hard to focus on driving. I was so horny I couldn't wait to get home and attack my husband. I missed his cock and the love which gave me intense orgasms. Abigail was slowly bringing me to orgasm. I pushed her hands away from me and told her to sit in her seat. "But I wanna play " she said pouting. I smiled at her and promised I'd find a time for us to play together.

She was unhappy with my response but, like a good girl, sat back in her seat. We were quiet in the car until I dropped her off home. I stopped the car around the corner from her house so she could change back into her boring conservative clothes. Once she was dressed, she kissed me on the cheek and said goodbye, skipping up to her house. I smiled and shook my head as I pulled out of the driveway and headed home. I was so horny I struggled to keep under the speed limit.

As I drove I started to think back. I realised that the guilt and shame I had at the start was no longer there. I actually enjoyed being with Mistress. I enjoyed being her submissive slave. I should've felt guilty about that but I didn't.

I still loved my husband with all my heart but I also loved Mistress. I couldn't get my head around it. Before I met Mistress, I had never considered being unfaithful. I hated cheaters and had never even considered trying lesbian sex. Mistress had changed me, right to the core. The only thing that hadn't changed was my love for Jim.

I'm sure Mistress could've changed that if she wanted. But she hadn't. Was it because she liked the idea of me being a cheating whore? Or was it because she had a tiny spark of goodness inside her? Whatever it was, I realised the truth. I was hers til death. Waiting for Jim to get home was excruciating. I sat on the couch naked. Knowing that Samantha was currently between Mistress's legs or being pleasured by our sisters had me even hornier.

I fought the temptation to touch myself. I wanted Jim to give me my release. I owed him that since it had been a while since sunny leone full sexe xxxstory had sex.

Oh how I couldn't wait for Mistress's next call. At that moment, I heard the front door unlock. I spread myself out on the couch.

Jim entered announcing he was home. He dropped his Keys in the bowl beside the door and froze as he saw me. "Welcome home honey!" I said smiling devilishly.

"Wh-what!" He said mumbling. "I want my husband." I said seductively. It didn't take long for the tent in his pants to grow. "Bring that nice cock over here." I said and I swear I was gonna have to wipe the drool from his mouth. He walked over to me and I set to work unzipping his pants and pulling them down.

His cock sprang free and I smiles as I wrapped my fingers and lips around it. He gasped as I sucked the tip slowly. Slowly I took inch by inch into my mouth.

It was obvious that Jim was enjoying the treatment I was giving him. His moans became louder and his legs were shaking. As I started to bob my head I made slurping noises. "Honey, I'm gonna cum." I pulled my mouth from his cock and started jerking it. "Not yet honey, I want you to make me cum." I turned my back to him and kneeled on the couch with my hands on the back. My spine tingled when Jim started teasing my pussy with his cock.

I knew he was taking a few seconds to calm down so he wouldn't cum too fast. I couldn't help it. I needed him now. I pushed my ass back and his cock slid into my pussy. We both groaned as I started pushing back on his cock. Oh how I missed him. He grabbed my hips and started thrusting savagely into me. Oh he felt so good. "Yes! Yes baby! Fuck me! Oh I missed you!" I cried. He grabbed one of my tits, squeezing my nipple between his thumb and finger.

"Ahhh Yes! Ahhh I missed you too!" He grunted. My orgasm was fast approaching and I could tell he was close too. His cock started to swell as my pussy clamped down onto him. "Ohh Yes! Baby! I love you!" I said as my orgasm exploded. "Aaahahh I love you too!" He said as he thrust into me. His cum shot inside me, making us both shiver in pleasure. After a few seconds he withdrew his cock from my pussy and collapsed on the couch next to me with his pants around his ankles.

I took the time to clean our combined cum from his cock before snuggling up to him. "What did I do to earn that?" He asked smiling wide. "I miss you. I've been spending so much time with my friends. I wanted to make it up to you." I replied truthfully. "Well it's hard to stay mad at you when you surprise me like that." He said before kissing me. We spent the next few minutes just kissing and feeling each other. It didn't take long for him to get hard again.

As soon as he was fully erect, I straddled his lap and slid his cock back into me. He played with my tits as I bounced on his cock.

The room echoed with the sound of my ass slapping down on his lap. Jim grabbed my ass and began fucking me while he nibbled on my nipples. We both started to sweat as we fucked for all the lost time. As my second orgasm got closer. Images of Mistress flashed in my head. The day she seduced me, that night old guy horny towheaded wants to attempt someone tiny bit more experienced the club, all the pleasure she'd given me. My orgasm hit me hard.

"Aaaah Aaaah AAAAHHH! I LOVE YOU!" I cried in ecstasy. "Aaaaahhhh I love you too!" Jim grunted as he shot his second load inside me. It took me a while to come down from my orgasm. I was still thinking about Mistress.

Eventually, I moved from Jim's lap and kissed him deeply. We had sex for the rest of the night. On the kitchen counter while I cooked dinner, again on the couch, in the shower and again when I pulled him to the bedroom. I woke up the next morning feeling very sore down south from the pounding Jim gave me last night. Jim had already left for work but I found a rose on his pillow. I smelt it and smiled. I was still naked as we didn't see much point in staying dressed.

So I pulled on a pair of white underwear and one of Jim's shirts. I was sat drinking my morning coffee in the kitchen, since it was Saturday and I had a day off. Suddenly my phone buzzed and my heart started to beat faster with excitement. "Come to my house within the hour slave. - Mistress." Immediately I ran upstairs and struggled to find something to wear. I decided on my navy blue summer dress and ran out of the house. Mary answered the door and i pulled her in for a kiss.

She was shocked at first but returned it. When I broke it, she gave me a sad smile and escorted me to Mistress's room. I gave her a slap on the ass as she lead the way. When I entered her room, Mistress was no where to be seen.

So I sat in my submissive position on my knees and waited. I wasn't waiting long as Mistress entered a few moments later in her usual attire. Red and black corset, black pleated skirt, knee length boots and a long black coat. "Hello slave Jackie." She said smiling. "Hello Mistress." I said bowing my head. "Would you like me to eat your pussy Mistress?" I asked hopefully.

"Not why your here my pet." She said deflating my excitement. "But if you really want to eat my pussy." She said teasing me. "Yes Mistress please, let me please you!" I begged no longer feeling shame or guilt. Mistress then spread her legs and said "Go ahead." I quickly crawled between her legs and luna star and anikka albrite in a sexy anal way tasting her pussy.

"Hmmmm now while your doing that, I'll tell you why you're here." She said. I continued licking but also listening. "You're coming with me longe legged babe gets fucked from behind a ceremony.

There you will meet all my partners and you will be marked as my slave forever. Once the ceremony ends, the party begins and you will suck any cock or lick any pussy put In front of you. Do you understand?" She asked. I was still licking while I thought about it. I was to become Mistress's slave forever. After this there would be no going back. That idea had me very afraid. But then I thought that I didn't want to leave Mistress. I spent so long trying to escape her that I didn't realise what she offered.

Pleasure, protection and a second family. I still loved Jim and wanted to stay with him. I knew Mistress would let me. Nothing would change. It would just be official. I pulled my head away from Mistress's pussy and looked up at her. "I understand Mistress." She smiled and said "Good pet." My eyes sparkled as I went back to licking her pussy.

It wasn't until late that we left the ceremony. Strangely, I hadn't received a text from Jim. Normally I would get a message asking me where I am and what time I'd be back. So I sent him a text saying that I was staying with Missy tonight. I didn't receive a reply. Mistress put on my collar and chain and together, climbed into her Bentley and set off. On the drive, Mistress gave me permission to suck on her tits until we arrived.

I was so happy by that, I latched onto her nipples like a hungry child. The ceremony was held in the same hall where Mistress took me for her party. The place had been re arranged. There were about 50 people sat in tables and chairs in the hall, all dressed in suits or in the women's case dresses.

All the business partners were talking amongst there selves.

Sunny leone with daisy marie sex strip porn story

I noticed that I was the only slave in the hall. All the men and women looked at nerdy curvy milf in for a plug ride with hunger in their eyes. My pussy became very wet with anticipation. Everyone saw Mistress and started to sit straight, facing the stage. Mistress left me kneeling in front of the stage as she went towards the microphone. "Ladies and gentlemen. Thankyou for attending the ceremony.

We're here to initiate my newest slave. Jackie Dallas. She started as a wife and secrets but has grown to become a good obedient slave." My heart started faster.

I was happy that Mistress was pleased with me. "I have allowed her to stay with her husband and continue her vanilla lifestyle when she's not with me.

Her husband is still oblivious to the whore his wife has become." She said and the crowd started laughing. I felt defensive for my husband and wanted to tell them all to shut up. But I bit my tounge. "Jackie, you are my newest slave and have been a constant irritation to me.

But we made it here together." She said with a caring tone. "I'm sorry Mistress. I didn't see what you offered." I said and she smiled lovingly. "You're forgiven my pet. As per the rules of this organization. I'm required to tell you what we are." My eyes widened at the word organisation. I thought this was all business mixed with pleasure. "We are the league of domination.

My mother created this organisation to save men and women from societies shackles. We believe that there are only two types of people in this world. Those who submit and those who dominate. We will show the people who they truly are. We will train the doms to be members and seduce the the subs to be our slaves. Over the years our reach has grown. We have members or subs in almost every corner of the country. In the police, in political party's even the supreme court judge is one of our longest lasting members.

We have helped move this country in a direction that best suits us and saved many people from their vanilla lifestyles in the process." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. These people were slowly taking over the country from behind the scenes.

I couldn't fit it into my head. One thing I did know. All that power made Mistress so much sexier. I never thought it possible. "So there you have it my pet. Foxy euro teen gets rammed hard outside blackmailed you not for my own pleasure, but to show you who you really are. A sub in need of a Mistress." Thinking about it, Mistress was right. I felt at home on my knees serving her.

When she punished me it was like being punished by a parent. It wasn't nice but it was for my own good. To teach me a lesson. And I deserved it. "Are you ready to be initiated my pet?" Mistress asked. "Yes Mistress, I am." I answered without hesitation. Mistress stepped down from the stage and snapped her fingers in the air. I crawled to her and kneeled at her feet. "Get down and raise your ass." I obeyed and she kneeled beside me. It was then that I saw another member approach with an iron pole, glowing hot with a symbol at the end.

JP. Her initials I guessed. I knew her first name was Janet but I didn't know her last name. I simply knew her as Mistress. Mistress took my hand. I felt the burning symbol pressing against my ass and screamed. I squeezed Mistress's hand so tight as it burnt the phat ass jada stevens analyzed by throbbing cock outdoors into my flesh.

What was only a few seconds seemed like an eternity of pain. But it was worth it. To be claimed by Mistress. To be sure she would never leave me. I was sure I would kill myself without her. The pole was removed from my flesh but the pain was still there. Mistress released my hand and stood. I wanted to kneel but it meant sitting on my brand which was too painful. "You did well my pet. I'm proud of you." Mistress said and I was overjoyed that I had made her proud.

"Now my pet, you will service every member here. You will allow them to use your body in anyway they choose.

You will take their cum in any hole. Understood?" "Yes Mistress I'm ready to be a good slut!" I said excitedly. Mistress stroked my face and kissed me lovingly. "I have to go now my pet. I have an appointment. Geoffrey will take you home when I call him." I was disappointed that I would not be able to service Mistress tonight. But she was kind enough to give me all of these beautiful cocks and pussys to pleasure.

That's my story of how I became Slave Jackie. Mistress left and soon I was knelt down sucking two cocks with more waiting. As I was hungrily licking a pussy with a cock in my ass, my thoughts turned back to my husband. I loved him with all my heart and that's why I would never tell him who I really am. I know he would make me choose. I would choose Mistress, I loved her too much to leave her. I would stay with Jim as long as I could until Mistress orders me to leave him.

It would hurt me deeply but I would do it for her. I love you Mistress. Meanwhile across town. ??????? I was on all fours licking her toes. She'd ordered me to make her feet clean.

Damn this wretched woman. And damn myself for falling for her. As I licked her toes my cock was rock hard. Being treated like a little fuck boy was turning me on too much to resist her orders. I Licked each of her naked toes individually. They tasted of sweat, it was intoxicating. I was naked with my new choker that she'd purchased for me. After a few minutes she kicked my head away and stood up.

I stayed in my submissive position with my head bowed. "Follow me pet!" She ordered and I crawled after her towards the kitchen. She took a bowl from the kitchen cupboard and filled it with water. She placed it on the floor beside me and told me to drink.

I lapped the water up like a dog while she sat beside me smoking. When she finished she retrieved something from her purse. My eyes went wide as she pulled out a shiny pink butt plug. "Time to train that ass slave." She said smiling seductively. My fear rose but also got more turned on. Forgive me Jackie. The Mistress will return.