Sex xxx mom san family room

Sex xxx mom san family room
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THURSDAY: . After yesterdays debacle I wasn't looking forward to meeting a Congressman's wife, Dania I think her name is. After calling J & J's security to get 'Jackie' a 24 hour security detail I received a couple of phone calls.

Willie called to find out what the score was; and, to my surprise, Gino called to check up on me. The call from Gino has me meeting this woman tonight. I guess I will have to pay for Jackie's security personally. There is a rally tonight at Janet's Hotel. I'm to meet this Dania babe for dinner and keep her company until her political husband is though his bullshit. If ever anything looked like a set up, this is it. Not only have I never met this woman, I've never even heard of her.

Maybe I will get lucky and see Janet. I haven't seen her for a long time. It would be nice to renew old acquaintances. I arrive at the Hotel via one of Gino' Limos'. I have two security people with me tonight. This is a surprise to me and registers as a minor shock It appears I am early as Dania is not here yet.

I go looking for Janet, hoping she is working tonight. I locate her office, and walk in: "Hello is Janet working tonight?" I ask the secretary. "Yes, may I ask whose calling sir?" "Bob Smithe, and old acquaintance." "Just s minute please.".

I wait as she calls Janet. Soon Janet appears. "Hello Bobby, what a surprise this is, come to collect have you." I smile as we walk into her office. Janet closes the door behind us. "Collect?" I ask. "Yes, collect. ., you know; for saving my life a couple of years ago." "Oh. ., right, sex. No Janet, I decided a long time ago to forgo sex as payment for saving your ass." [ I smile ] "I enjoy having your friendship. I don't want to risk that by offending you." Janet looks at me.

She smiles. Her smile grows into perhaps the warmest smile I have ever received. "Thank you Bob." She steps toward me and gives me a huge hug, and a shy little peck on my cheek. I smile back at her and return the hug. "So, how is my friend Janet these days?" .

She smiles, "Fine.". "Come and sit, let's catch up Bobby.". Janet and I talk and laugh the time away. I sit in Janet's office with her for nearly an hour before we are interrupted by my security team. It seems Mrs. Congressman has arrived and is unhappy that I am not waiting for her. .,'uh huh', I think to myself; 'a bitch'. I take my time bidding Janet good bye, feeling a little pissed off that I have to give up a nice visit to go baby sit a congressman's wife.

'Fuck!' "Thanks' for the visit Bobby, and the gift." Janet squeezes my hand as we bid adieu. I walk up three flights of stairs to the third floor, burning off some energy and getting my temper under control. The banquet hall / theatre has boxes, suites, so one can eat and enjoy the entertainment in privacy.

It really is an upscale Hotel. The congressman's wife is in one of these dinner suites. Her security is at the entrance to her suite, I go to enter and he stops me. My security detail moves in and we discuss the options. I'm hoping her security won't let me in so I can go home, knowing full well I can't do that. Gino would be choked; I would pay for it later. So it is decided school girl megan fucked like a slutby her security would go in first and get her approval for me to enter.

' Whoopee fuck'n doo!'. I say to myself; still in a black mood. A couple of minutes later her security returns, and I move to enter her booth. "Mr.

Smithe." "Yes", I reply to the head of my security team. "We've got to check before you enter that room sir." Another discussion takes place, finally Jeff, the head of my team, goes in and returns in less than a minute giving me the go ahead.

Oddly enough, the other member of my security team, a very big man, is called Mutt. Definitely an odd name for man I thought. Finally, after much ado about nothing, I enter the lady's booth. Her back is to me. She is waving to the audience below, she can be seen through the window, blinds open. . Dania is wearing a three quarter length dress, mostly black. Black heels with patterned hose. Her hair is black, straight, and semi-short with a touch of gray. She appears to be near five foot five or six, slender with square shoulders.

This mystery woman stops her waving and stands still for a minute or so. She reaches and closes the blinds. Still facing the window. "So your here to get me to give you something to secure a contribution to my husband's campaign for re-election." "I was told to have dinner with a congressman's wife, beyond that I know nothing.

To be honest, I'd rather be elsewhere." She turns, looks into my eyes and smiles at me. "Well that's refreshing to hear young man." "What, that I'm here to have dinner with you or that I'd rather be elsewhere." I said curtly.

Her smile fades. "Both I suppose." . She has a handsome face, plain to be sure. Think you re a model suck my cock first nose is straight, eyebrows thin, her hair is straight with a part on the left side, and appears to be an uneven cut.

Her eyes look hazel, maybe light brown. She is only wearing lipstick for make-up, a light shade of pink. I did not want to stare at the rest of her but my peripheral vision would say she was fit and small breasted. "Why don't we put down our weapons . " "Bob." "Bob., nice to meet you Bob.", she says, extending a hand for a shake. "I'm Dania." "Hello Dania. Sorry about my black mood." I said, feeling a little like a jerk. "I apologize also Bob, I'm just tired of phony people and ass kissers." I shrug, not really knowing what to say.

"I didn't know whether I should get on my knees in front of you or not Bob." "I'd prefer a different position Dania if I'm going to kiss your ass." Dania looks at me, she starts to laugh, a hearty laugh.

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Our conversation turns from one that was confrontational to one of mutual understanding. We ordered dinner with wine, I told her I would pay. She smiled and called me a gentleman. I did not correct her. We finished our meal and I suggested that we go for some fresh air, as the rally was getting pretty load.

"You don't want to sit here, drink wine and talk." "If we do that you might get drunk and I'll try to take advantage of you." "Well you're a forward speaking man aren't you Bob. "Yes I am." "Let's stay and enjoy the wine Bob. No one has tried to take advantage of me in a good long-time.


I might look forward to that." I reach across the table and touch her hand. She looks at me, but does not remove her hand. "I'm just showing you that I'm serious Dania." "So am I Bob." I looked about the room. "Not much here for us to use Dania." " We have those arm chairs. You did mention kissing my ass." "Yes I did." "Let's finish our wine first." Dania says. Dania juicy fur pie is ready for hot fuck I sipped at our wine for another half hour.

Our conversation becomes more and more personnel. My interest in her was changed. I'm looking forward to whatever transpires between us. We finished our wine. I text my security team. 'I want strict privacy'. The reply was an open mouthed smilie. I showed Dania, she got a chuckle out of it. Dania's security, a fellow named Scott, opened the door, Dania nods in the affirmative. He seems surprised an closes the door. I look at Dania, "Why me?" "You're not political, and I feel I can trust you Bob.

It's been a long time since I met someone I believed I could trust. . I can trust you Bob. . .can't I?" Dania eyes bore into my eyes. "Yes Sexy aneta has her tight pussy pumped, you can trust me.

., to keep all your secrets." I smile as I answer, and wink, without breaking eye contact. "All my secrets." Dania smiles knowingly. "Yes." "Ok, my husband cheats on me, I haven't let him touch me in nearly ten years. I would like to get laid. Are you up for that." Says this lady with a dead pan face. "You bet." Dania stands and reaches under her dress; pulling her panties down her legs, stepping out of them as they drape about her ankles. Leaving the rest of her clothing intact.

My cock hardened as her panties dropped. A woman taking her panties off is so sexy to me. Dania and I meet at the arm chairs.

She puts her arms about my neck, I place my arms about her with one hand at the nape of her neck. Our lips meet. Her deprivation heightens her response.

In mere seconds her kisses are passionate. We kiss; I letting her set the pace. I'm enjoying her ravishing my mouth. I separate us, moving away from her placing her hands on my erection. "Undo my pants!" She fumbles in her haste to strip off my pants. Her breathing is already coming in gasps. Once she exposes my cock I hear her breath catch in her throat. Her hands are on me. Dania drops to her knees. "Ohhhhh. You've got a nice one Bob." No sooner said than my cock is in Dania' mouth being sucked hungrily.

Sucking, licking and slurping the shaft I've presented to her. Dania is gentle, yet devours my cock, pouring that freshen shaft into the back of her throat as if starved for food. I am rock hard. Having had sex with three different women in the same number of nights gives me complete control over myself. Desperate housewives; this lady applies that title literally. Her panting and pace are feverish.

She sucks, she licks, she drools; the saliva runs down her chin. Her eyes are ablaze with lust. Looking down atop her dishevelled hair I see eyes looking up at me; "I don't want to stop." She says. I watch, almost detached from the sex. I wonder how long a woman pushing fifty can go at this pace. The answer to my question comes quickly. She pauses, reaching for my hand. "Help me up, I can't wait any longer Bob." Dania rises and moves quickly to one of the arm chairs.

Hiking her dress up, she sits, swinging her legs up an over opposite arms of the chair, facing me. Moving toward her I drop in front of her. I swoop in for a closer look at Dania' pussy. Sniffing, I dart my tongue out for a lick. "Are you ever a pretty woman Dania; soft creamy white skin, small lips, a little clit. and a tiny pink hole. Shinny from your passion sweetie.". . Dania turns her head away from me in embarrassment. Once more I swoop in for a lick, touching her clit with my tongue.

I slip my tongue about in her furrow; rubbing my nose in her dark triangle. Pulling Dania toward me in the chair, I position myself to enter her. Her glistening hole winks at me. Pressing the tip of my cock into her entrance, I look to Dania' face to watch her reaction as I take her, this near virgin woman. Her mouth is open, and her eyes wide in anticipation. I press ahead, feeling the tip of my cock find its way; I watch Dania' face change.

Her face shows anticipation, changes briefly to a slight expression of pain, followed by a wide eyed expression of being penetrated. Her eyes close some, her head sinks back into the chair, and Dania' lips purse from the pleasure she is having. She lets out a slight sigh as her tongue touches her upper lip. I move slowly in Dania, feeling her tightness.

I am enthralled by this mature, respectable woman's facial expressions. Her mussy hair hangs about her face with several strands covering parts of her face. I pull Dania closer to me, blonde milf big tits lovely hottie masturbating p high definition my cock in farther, and moving her legs higher.

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Slow fucking this lovely mature woman with the creamy white skin; I dude seduces a playgirl for sex hardcore blowjob up the pace and watch her eyes narrow to near slits, her nostrils flare as her breathing changes.

Dania' mouth opens again while her face and neck turn a radiant pink. Dania' moaning gets loader as we fuck. Looking about I pickup her panties from the other arm chair, where she threw them. I push Dania' panties into her mouth to quieten her.

To my surprise Dania moves her arms over her head in a submissive gesture. Moving forward I take the thumbs of her respective hands with my left hand, and hold them firmly together, thus restricting her, but not hurting her.

I watch myself fucking her. Watching my cock between her creamy white thighs. Her blemish free thighs up and open giving me complete access to her. Grinding into her I watch her hips gyrate under me; a few minutes of good hard fuckng and the congressman's wife peaks. I place my hand over her panty filled mouth to hush her.

Dania' orgasm lasts. Her orgasm has me at the edge of my control. Finally I cum, shooting into her. Dania' eyes open wide at the feeling of me cuming in her. Her first expression is one of surprise and fear.

This turns into a look of love as our eyes lock. She climaxes a second time with my semen splashing into her body. Dania and I hold one another for a minute or more. I finally release her hands. She removes her panties form her mouth. We both smiled at that moment. I stay inside Dania for another couple of minutes, both of us enjoying the feeling. Regrettably, I slip out. "Thank you Bob, I really needed that. I'd like to do this again sometime. It's difficult for me to get away as you can imagine.

Would you be interested in banging an old lady from time to time Bob ?" "Yes I would love to Dania." "Oh goodie." Dania replies. "Oh goodie." I repeat, with a wink.

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Dania gives me a playful punch, and giggles. Dania used the linen we were given with the place settings to clean up. We both got dressed and where ready to leave. "Dania, would you come here and bend over for me please ?" "Do we have time for this Bob," She said as she moved to the table and bent over for me. I pick up her dress exposing her panties.

Getting down behind her I kissed each cheek. "I didn't want you to leave feeling unappreciated because nobody kissed your ass sweetie." Another playful punch to my arm. We hug and kiss for a brief time.

We left the dinner suite together, walking down the hall toward the elevator arm in arm; with our security. I looked at her quizzically. Her reply to my facial query; "Fuck them." Dania exited on the mezzanine, I got off on the main floor.