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Blonde teen fucked sensationally watch more of her here ulacamcom
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Where do I start? I guess the beginning is the best place. All my life I have had a strong feeling for rubber, long before I knew anything about sex, but as I grew into puberty it quickly became a sexual fetish. It has now grown to where I wear rubber all the time at home, taking it off only when going out or expecting visitors. I sleep in rubber pajamas, between rubber sheets. During the night and early morning I fill my rubber pants with my passionate release.

Even then I look for more and more sexual activity. I constantly search the web for something new that excites me. It was while looking around at various sites that I discovered one describing cute sweetie is opening up tight cunt in close range and climaxing. I had never thought of having sex with an animal, but somehow this caused a stirring in my pants. More surprising, what intrigued me the most was the stories and pictures of men having sex with male dogs.

I had then, and still have, no feeling for men, but somehow the thought of doing it with dogs brought my blood to a boil.

I would go to bed at night in my rubber and fantasize about male dogs while I brought my passion to release, I found a site that sold dildos that resemble dogs penises in various sizes with knots that inflate.

In excited anticipation, I ordered a medium sized one and waited impatiently for the day that it was to arrive. It was only a matter of days, but it seemed to take forever. Finally the package was delivered.

I took itrushed inside, locking the door behind me, and hurriedly opened it. I was trembling with anticipation as I rushed into the bedroom, stripped, and got into my rubber bed clothes, I tore open the package, pulled out the dildo with attached inflation bulb, threw the wrappings in the corner and dove between my rubber sheets, I hugged my rubber pillow close, and as I humped against it, slid the dogs dildo between my lips. I was thoroughly aroused and eager to proceed.

Bracing the end of the dildo against the pillow, I lowered my rich lady sex service boy in rest housr over it and started bobbing my head up and down, taking in more of it on each stroke, until I got it down my throat and past my gag point. The deflated knot was in my mouth.

I reached for the bulb, giving it several hard squeezes, until it filled my mouth to the point where it was big enough that it could not come out. I loved it.

I was so hot that after only a few humps against my pillow, I blew one of the biggest loads of my life into my rubber pants. I went to bed every night and repeated the action, loving it more and more and more as I became accustomed to it.

But, after several weeks of enjoyment, I started to want more. I had read the stories and seen the pictures of men mating with their dogs, and I was ready to move forward. I decided it was time to try the dildo in my rear end.

That night, before I slipped into my rubber night clothes, I lubricated my ass thoroughly, around the outside and as deep as my fingers would reach. Then I placed the tip of the penis at my hole and nervously started to push. I did not know if it was going to hurt, or even be possible. It slowly started to enter me and so far it felt good. I pushed on it more and slid it in up to the knot. I was still nervous. I had never had anything in my ass before, but decided that I wanted to get it all in.

If it hurt, I could always take it out. Slowly I slid the knot into me. As it got past the largest part of the knot, my ass muscles convulsed and pulled it all the way in. Oh, yes I wanted it all! I squeezed on the inflation bulb and the knot started to swell, pressing against my prostrate. I almost came right then, but held back. With the partially swollen knot, I knew that it would not come out, so I took the time to make up my bed with the rubber sheets.

All the time I was moving around the dildo was moving and rubbing inside me. My ass muscles took on a life of their own as they convulsed and spasmed, pulling the cock in and out. I was truly getting fucked, and loving it. Hurriedly I pulled on a tight pair of rubber briefs with an attached sheath for my cock, and then got into my rubber pajamas. Sliding between my rubber sheets, I grabbed my pillow and stared humping. I loved it!

I only wished that I had a second dildo to suck on. I knew that as soon as I finished my solo orgy, I would order another. I humped on one rubber pillow and held another close, burying my face in it and kissing it as I made passionate love to my rubber and thrilled with the dildo in my ass moving in and out as I humped.

I was in heaven as I filled the sheath with my cum. I was exhausted, and, even though I was still shaking with pleasure, I fell asleep, wrapped in rubber and the dildo still in me. I woke an hour later with a full erection and repeated my previous humping and spurted another load into the sheath.

It was just about full so I got up and removed my rubber pajama bottoms. I was still woman exchanged her panties for a quick sex and cash brunette reality an erotic high as I carefully removed the sheath pants and wondered what my cum would taste like. I pulled the sheath to my mouth and sucked hard, pulling the two loads of cum into my mouth.

I savored it for a minute before swallowing it all. After cleaning up, I sat down at my computer and ordered a second doggie dildo. I continued my previous activities every night while waiting for its delivery. Finally it arrived and I could not wait.

Again I locked the door and rushed to the bed room, tearing open the package as I went. It was the same as the first one but darker in color. Good. I could distinguish between the anal and oral ones. Nothing would do, but to get into my rubber and fuck myself silly. I lubed up, inserted the anal doggie dildo, donned my rubber sheath pants and pajamas, and slid into my rubber bed, humped my pillow and inflated the knot in my ass, pressing it against my prostrate and holding it in place. Then I slipped the tip of the new dildo between my lips, and slowly sucked it into my mouth.

I was in heaven, with doggie dildoes in both ends and wrapped totally in rubber. I sucked, humped and squirmed in rubber ecstasy as I unloaded my sperm into my sheath. I knew I would repeat this many times to come. Obviously, my thoughts turned to getting a real dog, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I did not want busty senorita bridgette rides a thick schlong big tits latina undertake the daily feeding, walking, picking up, licensing, trips to the vet, and all the other responsibilities that go along with owning a pet.

I was well satisfied with my two dildoes and rubber bed, and decided to live with that. For several months I derived great pleasure from my rubber and my doggie dildoes and was content with my active sex life. But that was about to change. One morning, as I went out to get my morning paper, I noticed a dog running loose in the street, I called it over to see if it had any identification. Of course, I immediately noticed he was male and appeared to be a mix between a shepherd and something else, perhaps a boxer, I quickly discovered that he was not neutered.

I could feel the stirrings between my legs. But no, I was obligated to find the owner. He had a collar and was well fed, so he obviously was cared suckee fuckee session with an asian stunner and belonged to someone.

There were no identifying tags, and so I notified the local humane society and placed an ad in the newspaper, in case anyone inquired. I waited a week and received no response. By this time I was in total desire for this dog, and he seemed to enjoy my caressing, even of his sheath. After the week was up I took him to the vet to be sure he was in good health and that he had all his proper shots.

The vet declared him in good health, and, of course, suggested that he be neutered. I avoided this by asking for an estimate of his age. When the vet declared him to be about four years old, I said that this seemed to be too late in his life to think of that, paid my bill and quickly left. On the drive home I was shaking in anticipation of what we might do. I couldn't wait. As soon as we entered the house, I locked the door and rushed to get undressed, insert a dildo in my rear and pull on my rubber clothing.

I lay on the floor and called him over to me. He lay down with his back to me and I reached around and started to rub his belly. He obviously enjoyed it because he rolled onto his back as I kept rubbing him. I gradually worked my way down to his sheath and gently touched it to see his reaction.

He seemed to have no objection so I held him in my hand and softly rubbed it up and down, massaging the cock that I could feel inside.

My insides were shaking with the thoughts of what I was about to do and my ass tightened on the dildo and pulled it deeper. I glanced down and saw the tip of his cock starting to slide out of his sheath.

I leaned over and kissed it. Again, he didn't object and his cock was now out a couple if inches. I took it in my mouth and sucked softly as I ran my tongue around it. I was getting more excited every second and my rubber pants were slippery with pre-cum. I don't know how long he was now but he extended past my gag point and I swallowed hard as I lashed him with my tongue. His hips started to move and I knew he wanted to fuck my mouth, so I pulled off of him and receive a look like "Why did you stop".

I took the pillows from the sofa, lay on my back and propped my head up an a good angle. I called him over and got him to straddle my head with his beautiful cock against my lips. I opened my mouth and he needed no further encouragement, He thrust his slippery cock into my mouth and down my throat in one quick push. He started humping, fucking my mouth and throat. I loved it. I took hold of his knot with one hand to keep it from entering my mouth, while I bounced on the dildo in my ass and massaged my own cock through my rubber pants.

I was in heaven. Every sexual nerve in my body was being activated. Suddenly he stopped pumping and I knew what was about to happen. I gently squeezed his knot and pulled my head back so that I could taste his full load before swallowing it, instead of having it go straight down my throat. I wasn't disappointed. His first shot filled my mouth and I swallowed hard to keep from losing any of it.

I had hardly finished swallowing before his second load emptied into me eager mouth. I couldn't keep odia xxx bulu pichar story, and it overflowed on to my face so I rubbed all over my face and just as his third load was about to erupt, I pulled back and took it full in my face. As the dog (and I do have to find a name for him) left to clean himself up, I took as much of his cum as I could, off my face, pulled open the neck of my rubber shirt and smeared the dog cum on my chest.

By this time I was so hot I pumped myself to completion. My shirt was now slippery with dog cum and my pants the same with mine. I got up off the floor and retired to my rubber sheeted bed. I was delighted to slide around in my slippery cum filled rubber, felt the dildo filling my ass, and quickly released another load.

The feeling of the slick rubber caressing my body and the idea if being covered in cum was thrilling. But I was exhausted and fell happily to sleep. I woke several hours later to find the dog on the bed beside me.

I reached around, rubbed his belly and then his sheath. As his pink tip started to poke out of his sheath, I leaned over and gently sucked on him until a couple of inches were showing. I knew the moment had come to try something new, but I did not want his claws to tear my rubber. I got out of bed and spread an old blanket on the floor to protect it from my cum covered body, took off my rubber clothing and knelt on the blanket. My body reeked of sex and he was beside me, whining in anticipation, My anus was slippery with the nights cum and he needed little encouragement to mount me.

I was shaking in nervous anticipation. I had never been penetrated by anything so big, and I knew that his knot was bigger that my dildo.

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Could I take it? Would it hurt? In a moment I found out. After a few quick pokes, he found his mark. He slid in easily and I felt wonderful. He was hot and slippery, and much better that the dildo. His humping increased in speed, and with each thrust he slid in another inch or two, until his still loose knot slid in and I could feel his balls bumping against mine. I could feel his knot sliding in and out with each thrust, getting larger each time.

Finally it would no longer come out and we were fully knotted. I was in a total state of sexual bliss. I was full of his beautiful cock, and his now swollen knot was pressing on my insides, forcing cum to ooze from my now hard cock.

I caught it lonely milf is looking for a cock my hand and brought it to my mouth, savoring the wonderful taste. I could not reach my oral dildo. It would have better than nothing, but I knew what I wanted was a real dog's cock. Another dog?? I don't know if I can handle that. Double vet bills, double food bill, double poop scooping?? I knew my sexual urges were getting the best of my judgment, but I wanted to do it.

Where to get a dog? The humane Societies all neuter the animals before letting them be adopted. A breeder? Getting a puppy would take a year to raise and train before I could have sex with him.

Certainly another stray was not likely to wander by looking for sex. I have finally named the dog. I have called him "Robber" because he likes to steal my shoes, shirt, tools etc. I had really wanted to call him "Rubberfuck" but didn't think that would sound too good when I called him in from outside.

He liked to steal my shoes, socks, othe articles of clothing, and run from me The thievery seemed to be his way of getting my attention, as if the sex is not enough.

I think what he is really saying is, "Come suck my cock.". I got him a set of booties so that I could enjoy my rubber at the same time, without his nails ripping it up. I continued this way and gave up the thought of getting another dog.

I satisfied my self with the dog, my rubber and a dildo for whichever end was not otherwise occupied. My insides and my rubber clothes were constantly filled with cum from one end to the other.

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Life was wonderful. Robber quickly learned that sex was only when I was dressed in rubber, on rubber sheets, and I put on his booties. That way there was no problems when I had visitors. Every night we retired to my rubber bed. I would caress his sheath until his cock started to show, then suck on it until it got big.

I loved the feel of it my mouth but by that time I was hard and ready for more. The rubber caressed my cock as I got up onto my hands and knees, mom and son six stroi my face in my rubber pillow and pulled down the rear of my rubber pants. He would be on me in an instant, sliding his big slippery cock between my cheeks and into my ass. I loved the feeling as he slid into me. And then the knot. Oh my, it was good.

He would pump it in and out of my eager ass until it inflated enough that it would not come out. The feeling as it pushed and pulled against my sphincter was magnificent. Then when he stopped fucking and unloaded his cum into my guts, it pushed me over the edge, and I filled my rubber pants with my own cum. I lived in a heaven of sexual pleasure, but yet something was missing. I knew what it was. I wanted a real live dog cock in both ends.

I still wanted another dog After several months the opportunity came.

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One of my neighbors owned an uncut male dog which I knew was a purebred Lab with good papers from the AKC. He had been making a side income letting him out for stud service.

He called me one day and wondered if he could ask for a favor.


His company was sending him to manage their European operation and he could not take the dog with him. He asked if he could transfer ownership to me.

My excitement was instant, but I played reluctant and let him argue me into it. It was a couple of weeks before he would bring the dog over so I had time to get ready. I ordered another set of booties and then decided how I would approach the new arrangement. I knew that with two males in the same house there could be a case of who is the alpha male The morning of his arrival I made sure that Robber had been fully satisfied, hoping that would ease any aggressive tendencies that he might have.

When the doorbell rang, I had him on a short leash, and opened the door. I greeted my neighbor and then looked down at his dog. What a beautiful animal. I could see that his sheath was good sized with healthy looking balls. I contained my excitement and slowly eased Robber forward. As they slowly checked each other out. I asked his name. he said it was Roger.

"Oh that's good." I said, laughing, "Robber and Roger," that goes good together." He said since they seemed to get along together, he would be on his way, as he had a plane to catch. I couldn't wait to find out if my ideas for this dog were going to be successful. I let them out into the yard while I got ready. I stripped and put on my rubber clothes and spread a rubber sheet on the floor, and thoroughly lubricated my ass. Older amateur kim brosley sucks amp bounces on his hard dick called them in and put Robber's booties on him.

Roger watched curiously. I put on his booties. He seemed puzzled but didn't object. I lay on the rubber sheet and called Roger to me and told him to lie down. He had been well trained and did so. I pulled him close to me and started to rub his belly. He obviously enjoyed that so I moved slowly to his sheath.

He jumped a little but did not pull away, so I continued to rub him, and as I had done with Robber, when his cock was a couple of inches out of his sheath I leaned over and sucked him into my mouth. Since he had been used as a stud, he knew what fucking was all about, and started to fuck my mouth, getting bigger with each stroke. I was getting harder by the second.

I knew this was going to be a success. I rolled him a bit so that I could get up on my knees and pull down my rubber pants, which were now slippery with pre-cum. Robber knew the routine and quickly mounted me. He slid easily sweethearts big and yummy juggs pornstar and hardcore my lubricated ass hole and started fucking hard and fast and quickly knotted with me.

Wow, I had finally made it! A long hard juicy dog cock deep in each end while covered in rubber. The pleasure was intense. I was in another world.

All I knew was the most fantastic pleasure I had ever imagined. I happily sucked and fucked my two dogs.

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I wanted this to go on forever, but knew that they would soon finish. I could sense that Robber was about to fill my ass with his cum so I sucked even more eagerly on Roger, hoping to get them both off at the same time. All the while I was leaking a huge amount of pre-cum from my fully erect cock. Suddenly both dogs stopped pumping. I knew what was coming and pulled back a bit from Roger so that I could taste his cum before swallowing it all.

I could hold back no longer, I filled my rubber pants with my cum, and, after Robber had shrunk enough to remove his knot, I pulled them up and rubbed my cum all over the inside.

I was full of dog cum and my pants were filled with my own. I have never before known such pleasure, or so much satisfaction. I was exhausted.

While the dogs went off to clean themselves, I retired beautiful teen gangbang the suspended step sis my rubber bed for a much needed rest. I was just dozing off when I felt them both on the bed with me, Robber was used to sleeping in rubber with me, but I wondered about Roger.


He sniffed around a bit, unaccustomed to the odor of rubber, but finally settled down. All three of us slept wll, and I woke to find that I was holding then each by the sheath. I started to stroke them and soon all three of us were again aroused. I wanted to see how Roger fucked so I rolled Robber on his back to give him a good suck, while I got on my knees for Roger.

Being a trained stud, he knew exactly what to do. He was bigger than Robber but easily slid into my eager ass. Oh my, he felt good and I was soon in a state of complete bliss as his knot slid in and out of me and finally locked in. He was longer than Robber and his knot bigger. I loved it. It was not long before we all unloaded our cum.

I sucked hungrily and tightened my ass against Rogers knot as he filled me with what seemed like a gallon of cum. At the same time I was happily swallowing Robber's. Needless to say this again took me over the edge and I filled my pants with another loat' We have now lived like this for a little over two months, and it has become a regular routine. When I get home from work, they are ready with their tips already showing.

They know what to expect. I immediately put on their booties and my rubber. When I dive between the rubber sheets they are already waiting for me and we have a wonderful suck/fuck/cum session before dinner time. They both like being sucked bigass babe ass banged after sucking cock amateur anal best, (I guess I am good with my throat and tongue), so I alternate for each session After dinner I sit on the sofa watching TV with a dog cuddled up on each side of me with as I scratch their bellies.

We are a contented family.

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At bed time we are back to the booties and rubber for another wild sex session before going to sleep. In the morning We awake early enough that we can have sex again, before cleaning up and getting dressed for work I have my rubber and my canine lovers. I have dog cocks squirting in both ends at least three times a day, more on weekends, and am constantly full of canine cum It is a happy, sex filled life.