Monica mattos aka filthy whore scene x traordinary pictures

Monica mattos aka filthy whore scene x traordinary pictures
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"Hey there slut" Those words came from the mouth of a 12th grader. He and his buddies walked off laughing. Life had gone to hell in the space of two weeks. She had been the most popular girl. Everyone wanted to be her friend, everyone of the guys had wanted to get into her panties.

She had been a virgin when he came.

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The new guy, Josh. Sweet, respectful, kind, strong, tall, handsome. He had asked her out on a date. She had said "yes". He had taken her out for coffee and then they had gone for a walk in Crescent Park. They had held hands and sat on the bench looking up at the sky. It was there he had kissed her. A deep passionate kiss. She had fallen in love with him; completely and utterly.

He had taken her home shortly after, and had walked her to the door. She saw her father looking through the curtains. He said "Do you have plans for this Friday?" She had replied "Yes" "Oh, what are you doing?" "I'm going out with a very handsome and kind gentleman" He had smiled and with a dart of the eyes to the curtains which only she noticed, he took her hand and bent to kiss it.

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She smiled as he bade her goodnight, and turned and walked back to his car. She went inside and looked directly at her father who was leaning against the wall. She rolled her eyes at him, and he grinned. SPLAT, Someone was laughing, the same someone who had thrown a can of pop into her face. It had doused all of her hair, her clothes, her schoolbooks, and basically everything. The entire hall broke up and started laughing at her. She broke down in tears and started to run.

Someone stuck out their foot and she tripped, dropping her books and homework all over the floor. The kids, still laughing at her, began to stomp all over the books, ruining them and the essay for her English class which was due today.

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She got up and kept running, she ran into the bathroom. She went to the far stall and slipped inside, now crying her heart out. Josh had picked her up Friday, "Where are we going?" she had asked. "There's a party that a couple of kids from school are throwing.


Their parents are out of town. I thought it would be a great way for me to get to know people. Also, I heard that you really like parties." She smiled at him, "I don't like parties.


I LOVE parties" They grinned at each other. When they got to the party it was in full swing. There was loud music, kids on the lawn, and though it was only eight, some kids who were barfing behind a bush from alcohol. They went inside, and immediately Josh was hauled off by a kid who wanted to introduce him to some other kids. She had seen Tony and knew that Josh was going to be kept busy for quite a while.

It didn't worry her. She saw Kim organizing a drinking game. Kings. She went over and joined the group. An hour later she was drunk as a skunk. She got up amid protests and stumbled off to find a washroom so she could throw up. After heaving for what felt like hours, she got up and walked out and right into the arms of David. She groaned.

She had turned David down two weeks ago and it had hurt his pride. If she was most most popular girl then he was the most popular guy. He had been itching to get his revenge and now she was drunk and defenseless. He grabbed her and his buddies who were behind him followed, knowing what was about to happen.

She knew it to but was utterly defenseless as they dropped her onto a bed and ripped her clothes off. Literally, ripped. David crawled between her legs and began to rub her pussy with a finger. He was obviously not in the mood for niceties. He tore her panties off and shoved three fingers into her pussy. She screamed and another guy stepped forward and covered her mouth with his hand.

David continued finger fucking her as the guy who was covering her mouth hot on the bed and straddled her naked chest. He slid forward and uncovered her mouth only to shove his cock in. She gagged but he didn't care as he grabbed the back of her head and started to fuck her face.

She tried to push him off but it only made him fuck harder. She relaxed then, and gave up, knowing that there was no escape.

David, unseen by Sarah, had stripped and was crawling back to her pussy. He lined up his dick and put it at her entrance. She felt this and tried to squirm out of her worsening situation, but David was too strong and he thrust, lodging two inches into her cunt. She would have screamed, if not for the dick in her mouth and throat. He grunted as he spit on his dick, giving himself extra lubrication. He thrust hard and got another inch in. She started to cry, she was going to lose her virginity to this pig.

He thrust again and this time he felt her hymen. He laughed. "You're still virgin! Fuckin slut, I'll fix that" She cried harder as the dick on her face thrust faster. David thrust, hard, and snapped her cherry. She passed out for an instant. When she woke up. They were both fucking her sexy girlfriend davina davis cum filled by bf and furiously. All of a sudden the guy in her mouth started to cum. His gunk shot deep into her throat and clogged her airway.

He pulled out, but only to let her swallow and breath. He then shoved it back in. This was only to keep her from screaming, however, as David started to spurt his sperm into her pussy. She began to cry again. They pulled out. She was naked, and in pain. And then she turned her head and looked at the third guy who was holding a camera. She fainted again. When she woke up Josh was leaning over her, shaking her. "Sarah, c'mon Sarah, wake up" She looked at him and started to cry again. He pulled her up.

She was still naked and her clothes were in pieces on the floor. He grabbed the blanket off of the bed and wrapped it around her. He led her under his arm, through the crowd of people who gawked and pointed. There were many shouts of, "Slut" and "Whore" Josh led them out to his car and got her in teacher and his student xxx hot front seat. He drove her home, and led her up the front steps. Her mother opened the door.

"OH MY GOD. What have you done to my daughter?!" "Ma'am I have done narsi sexy story download doctor nurse. My worry is that someone else took advantage of her at the party we went to." Sarah's father, who had heard his wife, came around the corner and blanched.

"What the fuck" he managed to get out, he looked at Josh and said "Get the fuck out of my house" "Dad, It wasn't Josh's fault" croaked Sarah. Sarah's dad ignored her, and still looking at Josh said, "I never want to see you again and certainly not around my daughter, now FUCK OFF" Josh handed Sarah over to her mother, turned, and ran to his car.

Sarah started to cry again. The door to the washroom slammed open. Sarah was startled when she heard guys laughing. Then she realized. She had walked into the boys washroom! They weren't there long because the bell rang. She waited for the final bell and then waited for an extra five minutes before getting up and leaving the washroom. She hadn't seen Josh since that horrible night.


The next Monday everyone in school had heard about her threesome with the two other guys. That was when she went from hero to zero.

She ran out of the school and kept running. She ran all the way home. She ran upstairs and fell on her bed, sobbing. She still loved Josh. To be continued.