Cum as dessert after rimming and sucking tom

Cum as dessert after rimming and sucking tom
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Sorry i did not post yesterday but here is the next part. Part 4 out of ? I woke up to the movement of my sister climbing over me.


I grabbed her and rolled over her so i was on top of her, and gave her a passionate kiss. "hey there big boy" she said "hey sexy" i replied "i am planning on doing something today that may make you a little jealous" i said "what are you going to do" she asked puzzled at my statement "you will know it when you see it" i said "Ok" she said as she got up to get a shower for the day It was part of my plan that i thought up yesterday.

I added some details to make it so that people would not get suspicious of me and my sisters. Sara walked in to my room and i patted the bed next to me, and told her to sit next to me. "so are you close to the girls in your cheer squad" i asked "i just joined Dave i barely know any of them" she said questionably "Do you know if any of them is single" I asked "Why" she said still not knowing my intentions " um ah Johnny the kid from my homeroom wanted to know" i said "um Alexis is in pretty sure" she said "thanks" i said as i gave her a kiss and ran to get ready for school I think she bought the lie i made up.

I did not even know a johhny. As the first period started the coach pulled me aside. "Dave about the game foxy sweeties screw the biggest strapons and spray load all around the place you will not be starting" he said "will i play at all" i replied "I plan on putting you in at the beginning of the 4th quarter" he said "thanks coach" i said " i cant start you right away he said but you will start next game" he said I went on the day so excited for the game, but not because of the i was going to play but because i knew i could put my plan into action as long as we were losing at the end of the 3rd quarter.

I could barely contain my self. The day went on and school was over. I went to the locker room got dressed for the game. As i was finishing getting ready the coach came in and gave on of those speeches.

All for one and what not. The game started and the opposing team ran the Kickoff back for six. Then we had the ball we burned up a lot of time running the ball and getting a first down on every 3rd and short attempt. Before i knew it the 1st quarter was gone and the score was 7-0. The got the ball back and scored on there third pass.

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We had a good run back and we got a field goal the score was 14-3 at the end of the second. Before we went back to the locker room i ran over to Sara. "Which ones Alexis" i asked. She pointed and a ran back to the locker room. After another Go get them speeches we ran back on to the field and they kicked of to us.

we ran it back to the 50, and as a result we scored. The score was 14-10 them. They had a fourth and out. We fumbled at the 10 yard line the 3rd quarter ended.

They took the ball up the field and got a field goal. We got a bad run back from there kickoff. The coach came over to me. "Its all up to you kid you need to get us back in this game." he said "Leave it to me" i replied I ran onto the field.

I changed the play to a Fade route. I hiked the ball.


the defense was so predictable the always blitzed on the left. So i ran out of the pocket right and Bombed it down the field and right into the hands of the wide reviver who was wide open for a 80+ yard touchdown pass.

The crowd got silent in awe of what just happened. As they got the ball with plenty of time on the clock but they got sloppy and had to settle for a field gaol with 2 minutes left. I ran back onto the field The defense tried to outsmart me by blitz both sides. So i ran up the middle and got a 20 yard gain. The crowd was getting louder.

I hiked the ball but the defense dropped back so i stayed firm. and waited for my tight end to cut. When he gentle orall service and sexy fuck smalltits homemade i already had the ball in his hands. For a big first down. It was First and 10 on there 30 yard line, with 50 seconds on the clock.i dropped back and the Defense blitzed to the right so i ran out left for a 5 yard gain.

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2nd down and 5 40seconds and counting i dropped back the stayed firm and bam i was hit from behind. #rd and 7 15 second and winding down i dropped back and hit my wide reviver in the end zone for six. As we were celebrating our win i ran over to the cheer leaders and grabbed Alexis and gave her the most passionate kiss ever.

Almost everyone was applauding us. "what was that for" she said I could tell the kiss was still lingering. "i like you" i told her "i did that to impress you" i added "oh really how sweet" she replied "How about we get outta her" i told her "alright where to" she asked "how about we get something to eat" i asked.

"Good ill drive" she said. I went to the locker room and changed out of my uniform, and ran out to her car. As i got closer she ran over to me and jumped into my arms i collapsed onto the grass. As we landed she started kissing me. "When your sister told me you asked about me and you were going to set me up with one of your friends, my heart sank because i was admiring you in small tits petite babe fucks thick cock development." She said as she was on top of me.

"I was admiring you to. I was hoping to get you as my partner but they put me with Kelly my other sister." i said To be honest i did not even know she was in that class. I was still in shock over my sisters to notice the Head cheerleader was in my child development. "let's go" i said I was starting to get a boner after her sitting on my groin.

We got into her car. I told her to drive to the park. "so where do you want to eat" she asked "wherever you want to" i replied so she pulled up to this hibachi restaurant.

"lets go this place is the best" she said "ok i will trust you. i've never been here" i said We got out of the car she ran over to my side and gave me a Kiss, and held my hand as we started walking toward the restaurant. We got in the waitress seated us next to a family, which was not to bad.

good thing the dad and mom were next to us and not there 2 kids. As we ordered i felt Alexis's hand start rubbing my dick under the table. She leaned over and started kissing me. I was trying to pull back because i was a little shy in front of the family but they did not mind.

She kept rubbing me harder and harder. Our cook came up to us and started preparing our meal. As we finished our meal. I paid and left a generous tip. We got into the car and she pulled off just as we were about to pull up to my house and she kept going past my house. "where are we going" i said "you will see" she said devilishly We pulled up to the park near my house. "I know this place" i said sarcastically She Giggled.

She stopped in the parking lot and turned the car off. She threw her left leg over me as i sat. She undid my pants and pulled hers down she started ride my cock i started getting hard. I lifted her up and started teasing he little pussy with my hard cock. She was moaning so loud.

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I let her down easily onto my cock feeling it penetrate deep into her tight little pussy. I started to feel her about to cum but i was far from done. I just kept thrusting up ward harder and harder after about ten minutes i came deep inside her nice pussy. As we finished she hopped of and we got out of the car and laid on the hood of her car.

Watching the stars. after about an hour we got back in and she drove me home. As we pulled up she gave me a long hard kiss. Then gave me her phone number. I got out and she drove off. I got inside and went to take a shower i was so sweaty after the game and our little celebration after words. Kelly was trying wicked beautiful gal drills virgin slit hardcore and russian act asleep so i hopped into her bed.

I could tell she was crying. "i had to do it" i whispered into her ear "why" she asked "because if id did the talent show and no one saw me with another girl they would get suspicious of how close we are." i told her "OK as long as it did not mean anything" she said "it did not mean anything she is just a fake girlfriend." i said I kissed her neck.

She turned over and kissed me. I pulled the blanket over my head and crawled down between her lags and started licking around her pussy and her clit. I added my fingers into the mix. First rubbing her lips the went inside her pussy.

i Kept licking her clit. i pulled out my fingers and started prodding her tight ass hole. She started moaning louder then ever she was cumin again. I went back up and laid next to her. Holding her until we fell asleep.