Hot lesbians fill up their massive butts with whipped cream and ejaculate it out spreading creampies

Hot lesbians fill up their massive butts with whipped cream and ejaculate it out spreading creampies
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It all started on a Monday afternoon, I had just returned home from school and I went upstairs to change into my work clothes and begin my yard work. Mother always made sure I did the yard and she was extremely picky about how it looked.

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As I got to the top of the stairs I heard a strange sound, almost like moaning. I took another step and was in front of the door to my sister Judy's room. The moaning was coming from her room alright.


I stepped up and looked inside. My jaw damn near hit the floor. There was my sister on her back on the bed with her legs spread wide and a HUGE black dildo working in and out of her pussy. I caught my breath and stood there, unable to move. She worked this black monster in and out of her sopping wet pussy at a torrid pace.

She began to shiver and exploded into a very violent orgasm, with her juices literally running down her legs. She slowly returned to earth and opened her eyes only to see me standing there with the beauty ebony rides her dildo on webcam erection of my life, holy fuck was I excited. I figured I was a dead man, but instead she pulled the big black cock from her pussy and licked it clean all the while staring at me.

Then she started smiling and said "It's about time, I've been waiting for you for a while. Come here, we need to talk". I couldn't speak anyway so I just stumbled into her room and over to the bed and stood there looking at Judy.

She is 18 years old and extremely hot.

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She is five foot six tall with long black hair almost to her waist. Green eyes that almost glow and a perfect complexion. 34D tits and a 23 inch waist.

I know these measurements now after having measured her after this happened. Her ass is by far her best asset. It's perfectly shaped like all the TV infomercials and butt lift videos. 37 inches of man pleasing pussy and ass. Perfectly groomed with no hair, only a small landing strip above her oversized clit.

Her navel is pierced and has a long ornament that hangs from a chain and really turns me on. "I've been thinking of this for a while now" she said, "And I decided today that I haciendmadura peru amateurs real anal senoras culonas infieles xxx suegras going to see what would happen and what you thought. If this is too much for you, say so now and I'll stop and never bother you again. If not I would like to make you a proposal." Judy continued, "I have never done anything like this and I want you to know that you can never tell anyone what happened here today.

Understand?" I looked at her in the eyes and said "I swear I'll never tell anyone." "I'm tired of all the guys at school trying to get in my pants and when it comes down to it, they can't handle it anyway. I want you to practice with me to learn how to be the best lovers in the world. We can experiment on each other and try new things and what we learn will make us better in bed. We won't have to try to find other partners and we will always be here for each other. I know it sounds freaky, but what do you think?" I stood there looking at this beautiful young woman and what she said was still being processed in my brain.

"Sis, you may not know it, but I have dreamed about this happening and you are the focus of every masturbation session I have ever had!

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I know it may be a little bit perverted to have the hots for your sister, but holy shit, I'm all for it!" Judy reached out and touched my dick through my pants and I thought I would cum. She started undoing my pants and I almost fell over trying to help her. In record time I stood before my sister completely naked and my cock pointing like a flagpole. She reached out and touched my hardon and said "It's much bigger than I had expected, and it's very hard!

Can I lick it?" I said "Use it like it's yours." Judy moved me around her bed and had me lay on my back. She got between my legs and started stroking my dick. "It's beautiful" she said as she leaned ahead and touched her tongue to the shaft. I thought I would cum on the spot, but I managed to hold on. She licked all the way up and down the shaft and then she sucked the whole head into her mouth at once. She twirled her tongue around the head and sucked on it.

Then she began to go down on the full 8" length of my cock and swallowed it all. To top it off, she stuck her tongue out and licked my balls! I looked at her and warned her that I was going to explode. "Give it to me" she said, "I want you to try to drown me with jizz." That was all I needed to hear as my cock exploded. One, two, three long shots straight into her mouth. She was swallowing, trying to keep up, but I had plenty of cum saved up and it continued to shoot into her mouth.

She pulled her head back and it sprayed all over her face and dribbled onto those fantastic tits. I'll give her credit, she never missed a stroke or gagged. I thought I would pass out before I spurted the last of my cum on her tongue. Judy looked at me, smiled and finished licking the goo off her lips and my cock.

"Damn" she said, "You did try to drown me. Do you cum like that all the albela danger in yoga classes. I looked at her with white sticky cum all over her nose, cheeks and forehead and laughed, "Only when I jack off she loves to please his pulsating donger about you." I looked at my beautiful sister and took her face in my hands and licked the extra cum off her face and let her take it from my mouth with her tongue.

She responded with a deep kiss that lasted a long time. I moved on down to the mountains on her chest and licked my juice off them too, spending plenty of time sucking the nipples that I had seen stretching her blouse every day. God, they were even better than I had dreamed. On down to the wonderful charm on the navel. I licked around her navel all the while working both tits with my hands. I love navel jewelry and Judy knew it. But, I also love to eat pussy and that's where I was headed.

I licked the strip of neatly trimmed black hair and boy watching girl get naked at the size of her clit. It was as big as my finger. When I touched it with my finger she almost jumped off the bed. I licked around her thighs and purposely avoided her clit.

I moved down a little and she picked up her hips so I could see her gorgeous ass. My sister would learn about my fascination with assholes in the near future, but now I wanted that pussy. I licked my way up and down and stuck my tongue as far inside as I could. Licking and sucking on her pussy for all I was worth I heard that familiar moaning and she started to shake like a convulsion.


I picked up the pace and went for the clit, licking and lightly biting it and I thought she would buck me off like a rodeo cowboy, but I held on. The juices ran out of her pussy and I did my best to lick them all up.

I looked at my sister and she had a glow on her face and she was staring at my hard pecker. "I want that in my pussy, now." Who was I to argue? I started to work my cock into her pussy when she grabbed my ass and slammed it all the way in.

"I see how you want it" I told her. Her response was "FUCK ME NOW!" so I proceeded to give her all the cock my 17 year old body could deliver. For the next ten minutes, she was hammered to the hilt with everything I could muster. I was sweating and gasping for air when she said "Cum in me".

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I said "But what about". "I'm on the pill so it's OK." Just then it happened and I shot stream after stream of cum into my sweet sister's pussy. When I stopped, we were both a sweaty mess of flesh. I felt my cock going soft inside her and cum was oozing out everywhere. She looked at the cum running out of her and asked "Do you always cum like that?" "Only when I'm really excited" I replied.

We laid there for a few minutes just feeling each other, I had those great tits to nibble on and massage and Judy stroked my cock lightly. Finally I looked at her and asked, "What have we started?" She smiled and said "something we will have forever, I hope.

We better clean up and get ready for Mom to get home. She would kill us if she saw us now!" I headed off to the shower wondering what would happen next. My dick twitched just thinking about it.