Sweet babe in school skirt enjoys fingering

Sweet babe in school skirt enjoys fingering
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This is a sequel to the story Condo Condo, where an eighteen year old student falls under the spell of a couple of forty year old vixens. The characters black guy and gir sex story fictitious. Thanks for reading. It was ten o'clock in the morning and Troy Staats walked out of the condo that he shared with his mother and started walking towards his girlfriend/mistress Stephanie's place.

Then he saw the door open and a young dark headed guy walked out, following him was Stephanie, she put her arms around him and kissed him twice as he was leaving. The obviously hadn't seen him, he waited a bit and then walked over to Stephanie's door and knocked on it. She answered it, "Hey baby," she said, mother caught daughter getting fucked and joins on in." "Hi," Troy said as he walked in the door.

He waited a bit and then said,"Who was that guy who just walked out of here?" Troy asked pointedly. "Evan Lombardo," Stephanie replied matter of factly. "Who's he," Troy said. "He's one of Kate Shade's boys," Stephanie said. "What's he doing here?" Troy asked. She was standing in front of him, her tan legs showing and a short white skirt over her leggy ass. "He spent the night," Stephanie said, "it's okay with Kate." "What do you mean by that?" he asked in a pointed tone.

Troy thought he knew what she meant but he went ahead and asked anyway. She said, "He came over for a fuck session, Kate let me borrow him." "Oh wow," Troy said, "I'm not sure I always like that." Troy stared at the sexy older woman without saying anything. "I told you that you were going to come and go when I asked," Stephanie said, "do you remember agreeing to that?" Stephanie had a late starting career going as seducer of the young, after being talked into pursuing young guys by her friend Kate Shade, as she found out, she had developed quite a talent for it.

Troy looked at her without saying anything. Troy had been her first conquest, and she had been sleeping with him regularly since, the time period of about eight months, but there had been others, including boy friend swapping with Kate. Stephanie wanted Troy to know up front what the score was, and not to cause any trouble, or else! He would be booted out. "I don't want to explain about Evan, and if you tired of coming over here, you don't have to come anymore," she said.

"Uh oh! He thought, Stephanie was a hot and spicy cougar and he didn't want to piss her off at all. "I'm not tired of coming over at all," Troy said, "you're very sexy and attractive and I really enjoy the time we spend together," Troy said hastily. "Really," she said. "I don't need to know about Evan or whatever," he said quickly backpedaling, that's fine." "That's fine," he said sweating.

Stephanie was amused at how he was mad and now he was backing away from any confrontation. Her potent sexuality was giving her lots of seductive power. She nodded her head up and down slowly, then said, "Good answer." She put her arms around Troy and kissed him then she took his hand.


Stephanie said, "Have you ever heard of CFNM parties?" "Yeah, I've heard of them," Troy replied, "one of my friends over at SIU E gets asks to them." "Have you ever been to CFNM?" Stephanie asked.

"No." Stephanie stood in front of Troy, she said, "Well we want you to come next Friday for a CFNM party, we're calling ourselves the Chesterfield Witches now." "Cool!" Troy replied. "Some of the other women have had their boyfriends come, and I want you to be our guest next week," Stephanie said. "I thought it was just you and Kate," Troy said.

"No, it's Monica and Stacey too," Stephanie replied, "Kate ran into a couple of other women who are interested in young men, and Kate began organizing CFNM, and sex parties and stuff." "What do I have to do?" Troy asked.

Stephanie laughed, "Dress nice and show up, I'll drive over there with you, I'll probably be so drunk, I won't be able to drive home anyway." "But what will they do?" Troy asked. "We'll do whatever we want," Stephanie said, "you have to show up and do what we want, that's CFNM." "Cool,"Troy said, "I'd like to go to CFNM party." "Excellent!" Stephanie replied. "Guess what else I've been doing?" she asked. "What?" "I've been writing sex stories," Stephanie said excitedly.

"Cool!" "I'm writing about a forty year old hot divorce and her boy toys, the threesomes, the orgies, and she met and seduced them, cool stuff," Stephanie said proudly.

"Excellent," Troy replied. "I'm using the name Zoe DeJarden, like it?" "Yes very chic sounding, continental," Troy said. "Yeah, I thought you'd like it," Stephanie said, "I want you to read my stories." "Oh yeah," he said.

2. Troy drove Stephanie's Lexus and the two of them drove to a house in St Charles that he had never seen or heard of before. They parked in front of the big house, they were five or six cars already parked there. "Come on," Stephanie said. Troy had on dress pants, a dress shirt and a tie, Stephanie was wearing a short jessa rhodes vs cali carter in lesbo vid skirt and a tittie top that showed off her excellent cleavage.

Stephanie walked in the door without knocking. Troy looked around, there were three women about Stephanie's age, sitting and drinking, one of them was Kate Shade, she was the only one he recognized. The women got up and began walking towards the door. "Hello," a woman he had never seen before said. "Hi." She was a brown haired cutie that reminded Troy a bit of Jennifer Connelly. She came over and stood in front of him, "And you are," she said.

"Troy Staats," he said. "I'm Monica Goldblatt," she said. Monica grabbed his tie and pulled on it. Monica had on a revealing top showing firm deep cleavage, she put her hand behind him and caressed his butt. "Nice ass," she said. Kate sauntered over she had on very high heels, and dark hip hugger slacks, and a dark top, which she had tied up to show a bare midriff.

She also had a small pointed hat. "Hey hottie," Kate said, then she kissed him. "Sexy Kate," Troy replied. "Where'd you come from?" Monica said pulling on his tie harder. "I found him," Kate said, "he's really mine, I've just been letting Stephanie borrow him for awhile." "That's not true!" Stephanie said loudly from across the room, she had been over making a drink.

Troy could see that Kate and Monica had been drinking quite a bit. The started laughing when Stephanie said that. Then another older woman who he hadn't met before school girl licking pussy feeling sexsually invitingly at Troy, she said, "First old women and yong women sex he replied.

"I'm Stacey Inglesa," she said. Both Stacey and Monica had on brightly colored party dresses, and resembled each other, pretty with brown hair. Kate said, "Well, we're going to introduce him to our group." Kate put her hand down and began caressing his penis.

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Stacey put her hand on his xxx america bf 18 shall ka, she said, "He's got a good ass!" "Right!" Stephanie exclaimed. Kate stared at Troy and she could feel his penis grow into a nice erection. Troy said, "What's the hat?" "It's a witch's hat," Kate replied, "I'm the head witch." "Did Steph tell you the rules here?" Kate asked. Troy said, "Not really." "I wanted it to be a surprise," Stephanie said and put her tits into his back.

Kate said, "Well consider yourself our guest for the evening, actually you're more like our prisoner for the evening." "Prisoner?" Troy asked. "What I mean you have to do what we want, whatever we want, without argument," Kate said. "Okay," he said, not knowing how else to reply.

"And the first thing we want is for you to take your clothes off," Kate said. Several of the women laughed at this. "If I was going to take my clothes off, why did I have to dress up?" Troy asked.

Kate said, "Fuck you! What did I just say?" "I was just asking," he said. "Didn't I just tell you that you had to do what we told you to do," Kate said and laughed again.

"Yeah, you said something," Troy said. "Then shut up," Kate replied, "and do it." Kate stuck her hand up under his dress shirt and pulled it out, "Let's get those clothes off," she said. Kate grinned at Troy and began unbuttoning his shirt. Stephanie undid his belt and unbuttoned his trousers. "Why did I have to dress up if you were going to take my clothes off?" Troy asked again. "Shut up," Stephanie said and anal teen lita phoenix gets her tight asshole oiled up and poked in me his ass.

Monica pulled his pants down. Stacey slapped his butt too, and began laughing. When he was down to his underwear, the women stood there laughing. "Lets measure him!" Monica said loudly.

"Fuck yeah," Stephanie replied. "Measure?" Troy said. "We're going to measure your cock," Kate said, "and if it's not big enough, we're going to kick you out into the street without your clothes on." "Get the tape measure Monica," Kate ordered. Kate took his chin and kissed him again. "If it isn't at least seven inches, out you go darling," Kate said. Troy wasn't sure if they meant it or not. Stephanie came up to his left side and kissed him on the neck several times.

"Here it is," Monica said. Troy was already very excited and had been since the cougars had taken his clothes off, he already had a good erection. Kate took the tape measure and said to Monica, "Hold it up while I measure." Troy heard Stephanie and Kate laugh. "Hold it up straight," Kate said and giggled.

"Eight inches and almost a quarter, good," Kate said with a satisfied tone. Then Kate got down on her knees and kissed the erect penis several times, the other women also gave the hard on several kisses. Kate got up off the floor and put her arms around his neck kissing him hard, jamming her tongue in his mouth. Troy had this eyes closed very briefly, when he looked again, Stephanie was still on the floor and had taken her top down.

"Shoot at this sweetie," she said. "Yes, masturbation contest!" Stacey said. "Go to baby," Kate said, giving him another kiss and then pulling back away. Monica got down and gave his erect cock two quick sucks before he started.


The drops of pre cum came very quickly and he took his throbbing dick in hand and began stroking it. He got into a rhythm of masturbation and the women clapped to it. "Stroke! Stroke!" Kate said as though she were running a rowing team, then burst out laughing. Troy thought he would be embarrassed but he wasn't it, the rowdy women pulling his clothes off had really turned him on.

"Come on!" Stephanie said loudly encouraging him. She was down the floor in front of him on her knees with her top open and those two amazing tits pointed right at him. She leered at him and again said, "Come on baby, shoot it, blast me." Troy stared at his mistress's great looking rack as he stroked himself.

For him the room was a blaze of desire as he felt himself get more and more turned on. Monica then stepped around the side of him, took his erection in her hand and began stroking it herself. "Have you luscious teen chick gives a good blowob this before!" Troy managed cream in sweet teen pussy teen amateur teen cumshots swallow dp anal say to her.

"Of course!" "Shoot on my tits honey," Stephanie said. "Let me get a kiss," Kate said pushing Monica slightly. Kate leaned down next to Troy's cock and began kissing it. "Mmmm," she said kissing the swollen tip. Stacey went over to Troy's other side, she put her arms around his neck and began kissing his ear and the side of his face. Kate took over pumping Troy erect cock and she expertly stroked it harder and harder! "Come on baby!" Stephanie yelled at him. Faster and faster it went until he shot a laser beam of hot white cum right at Stephanie's tits!

"Ohhhhhh!" she exclaimed when it hit her. The cum hit right above her jugs and then rolled down between them. Troy breathed very hard after his exertions. Then Kate said, "Go sit down and I'll grab you a beer." Troy went and sat on a couch and presently Kate handed him a mug fill of beer. "After you rest up a little, we'll play spin the dildo," she said.

Troy nodded, not knowing what this would be, be sure he would find out pretty soon. After two or three minutes with everyone drinking Troy said, "I'm sure I'll be shown, but just what is spin the dildo?" Kate replied, "That's where we all sit around the table and you spin the dildo, whoever it points at, gets a fuck." Stephanie said, "And then after we do that, we're gonna use it on you!" The women erupted into peals of laughter.

In ten minutes the women were all seated around a square table with four corners, Kate had placed a ten inch rubber penis in the middle of the table. She looked at Troy who was standing next to her and said, "Okay, spin the dildo dude." He tried to move it around with his fingers but the first time he tried it didn't spin much. Kate laughed and said, "Try it again." "Okay." This time it spun around and around on the slick table top and more or less stopped in front of Monica.

She stood up and said, "All right!" Then she looked at Troy and said, "Don't worry darling, I'll take your virginity." "I already did that," Stephanie said, "last year!" This made the women laugh and laugh again. Stephanie seemed to be drunk, she said, "He knows how to fuck because of me." Kate looked up at Troy and said, "Get going, we'll look in on you once you're into it." "Where?" Troy asked.

"Monica knows the way," Kate said. Monica put her arm around his side, "Yeah come on baby." They walked down a hallway that had many closed doors and Troy idly wondered just who's house this was. Monica opened one of the doors and went into a bedroom. "This gonna be a good fuck, "Monica said, "you'll like them watching you, all the boys always do." Troy helped her remove the party dress and then she rolled onto the bed pulling Troy on top of her.

Quickly her arms went around his body and she pulled in as tight as she could. He was just tasting the first few thrusts into her velvety snatch when the Witches came into the room. They starting chanting, "Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her." Troy heard Kate say, "Harder, harder!" Then, "Let her have it!" As Monica had said, the group sex aspect of it had heightened the excitement. The excitement and passion built and built quickly for Troy, and with earthquake of emotion, he shot another laser beam of cum into Monica's hot pussy.

He got off her after a bit and the women clapped. 3. Troy was sitting on the couch, after the session with Monica, the women were up in the other room getting more drinks. Kate came up to him and said, "Look at this." It was a plastic covered placard that had been embossed. Troy took it, it was a picture of a devil, a woman, red colored with horns and a tail, she was smiling and sexy looking. Kate took it away from him and put it on the floor. "This is our goddess here," she said, "bow before it." Troy looked up at her, he couldn't tell if she was serious or not.

"I don't want to," he said. "Do it, all the other boys we've brought here have, it's part of our procedure for CFNM," Kate said. "I don't want to, leave me alone about it," Troy said. "Go ahead," she said. "No, I don't want to," Troy said and got up and went to where his clothes were. "We'll see about that!" Kate said decisively. Troy watched her take a long thin cigarette out of her purse and light sex poren bulu ketek lebat. She came over to where he was and blew smoke at his head, Troy was reaching for his trousers which were draped over a chair and most the smoke ball missed.

"Go sit down," Kate said. "I don't want to bow to to that god," Troy replied. Kate took another puff and blew again, this one connected and the smoke hit him flush in the face.

"Hey!" Troy said. "Go sit on the couch," Kate commanded. "I want to leave," Troy said, "will you stop blowing smoke at me?" Kate said, "No, I will not stop, and you don't want me to stop, you want me to smoke you up." Troy turned away from Kate and began putting his shirt on.

She came around to where he was, and said, "Watch this." She put the lit cigarette back to her lips and took another good puff, then, like it had before, a thick ball of white smoke hit Troy square in the face, taking his breath away briefly. He was stunned and shook his head. Kate smiled broadly at Troy. "See what I mean, you like that smoke," Kate said.

Kate smiled again at his reaction. "Sit down!" Kate commanded Shocked, Troy headed for the sofa. Kate moved until she was now standing in front of where he was sitting.


Here it comes again, he thought! A blast of creamy white smoke hit him in the face and took his breath away for a second or two. Kate waited a bit, until the smoke around his head dissipated a little. Kate said, "Look at me." Troy noticed with satisfaction the high heels and the slinky dark outfit that Kate had on, very witch like.

Troy looked up at her, he watched her take another puff and again the thick smoke hit him.

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Kate said, "Are you gonna start cooperating?" He moved his head up and down to signal yes, it was hard for him to talk he was so excited.

Troy looked up again at the sexy older woman leaning over him "Are gonna do what I tell you to do?" Kate said. "Yes!" Troy said quickly. She waited a bit and then said, "Now that you have been smoked, my first order to you is to say yes ma'am when you're told to do something, do you understand?" "Yes ma'am," Troy replied. "Alright!" Kate said pleased with herself.

Kate grinned, she had used smoke before and it had worked, and it had really worked again! Troy was stunned by his experience, he felt something like an emotional thunderbolt had come over him. Then another ball of smoke came and blasted him again, he was shocked by how he felt.

Kate reached down over him, then she said, "Bow down to our goddess, like I told you to do before, and do it now." "Yes ma'am," he said, before he could even think about it, each puff of smoke had made him more excited than the last one, Kate had bent his will to hers. He had never noticed smoke all that much before, did smoke have this much seductive power socando o pau e a matildeo no cuzinho do marido it?

Or was it Kate? What he knew was he couldn't wait to please her. He quickly got down and bowed before the picture, it was a female devil with horns and a tail. "All right," Kate said with a satisfied look, "you can get up now." "Yes ma'am," he said quickly. Troy sat down, his cock ached from desire, he was turned on in a way he hadn't been before, it's was terribly exciting, it was like Kate had turned his mind off and he couldn't think about anything but sex.

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Kate eyed the hard on that was sticking out. "You like being smoked huh?" she asked with arched eyebrows. "Yes ma'am!" With that Kate put her cigarette out and began to suck off the beautiful hard on that was right in front of her.