Slut blowjob and sex while people watch massage turns into mighty threesome

Slut blowjob and sex while people watch massage turns into mighty threesome
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The next morning I awoke feeling pretty worn out, both emotionally and physically and I immediately wondered how poor Kristy was fairing. I didn't get a chance to find out until around 11:30 that morning when I was out under the canopy, reading my book, as Kristy finally made her appearance, walking rather stiff kneed down out of the coach. She wore her robe that I had wrapped her in the night before and the look on her poor little face brought a smile to my face.

"What are you so amused about," she said with a sneer in her voice.

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"Well, good morning to you, too," I replied. "Oh why thank you, Gramps. Did you have a nice night, too?" I replied to her in jest. She just continued her sneer as she looked the part of the proverbial horse that had been ridden hard and put to bed wet. I thought I detected bags under her eyes, but even if I was imagining those, there was no doubt about the daggers I saw glaring out of them "I'm sorry Honey, but you look so absolutely pitiful," I said and started to laugh.


"Well, how would you look if you took a 2 by 4 up your ass last night," she said rather loudly. "Shush," I said to her, "Do you want to the entire park to know what we did last night?" She changed her tone to a loud whisper when she asked, "Well, why didn't you warn me about how much it would hurt the next day?" "I didn't know that it would hurt the next day," I defended myself.

"I've never taken it up my butt before. How would I know? And besides, you are the one who switched holes, not me. I would have been perfectly content if you would have left it in the hole it started out in." "Give me a hug, Gramps," she asked but did not make a move to come towards me. So I rose out of my chair, went over and put my arms around her and gave her a warm hug. "I'm sorry, you aren't feeling up to snuff this morning," I said through the hug.

"Is there any place that I can rub and make it better," I said and started to laugh. She just hit me in the stomach as she sat down and grimaced in the other chair.

"What can I fix you for breakfast?" I smiled to her. She smiled back fellow assists with hymen examination and plowing of virgin teen said, "How about a nice soak in the hot tub? Maybe that would relieve some of my discomfort down there." "Let's go. I'll get changed if you really want to go," I said earnestly. "I think that that would feel pretty good," she said trying to get back up on her feet.

We went in and changed into our swim suits. I took off my clothes and Kristy just untied the belt to her robe and let it fall to the ground, we were both naked. "Can I see where it hurts," I asked in jest again, suspecting her to give me a hard time about it, but instead, she turned around, grabbed her cheeks and pulled them apart, exposing her sore little rose bud.

I instantly felt a tingle coming from my groin and decided that I wouldn't be a pain in the ass anymore; pun intended, and put on my swim suit. We walked down to the campground pool and spa area and after testing the water's temperature, I got in and told Kristy that it was a little hot but she would get used to it in no time. Submersing myself up to my chin in the hot water, I looked up as Kristy made her descent down into the hot tub.

Looking up into her crotch, I noticed a little pubic hair sticking out in view so as she settled in next to me, I whispered into her ear, "You need to trim up your bikini line if you don't want everyone seeing your pubic hair." She thought for a second then replied, "Ever since you shaved me down there on the cruise I've been waiting for you to do it again.

I guess that tonight is as good a time as any," and cuddled up to my shoulder. "The hot water is starting to work already," I said with a grin. We soaked our cares away as well as Kristy's pains, and swam and frolicked around for most of the afternoon and around 4:00, we got out and went back to the coach to change and get ready to have our evening meal. I fixed spaghetti that night from my own recipe and I took her out for dessert. When we got back to the coach, it was 8:30 so we took a walk down by the river and got home well after dark.

As we went to bed, Kristy reminded me about her pubic hair problem and asked if I was up to shaving her tonight. Uma cant continue gaming with her stepmom licking her pussy asked if she was up to it, considering her problem of this morning and she replied, "Just as long as you keep your fingers outside where they belong," and laughed.

I laughed also and got the razor. As I gathered the necessary stuff to accomplish this unexpected task, Kristy went in to change into her bed clothes and when she emerged, she was wearing a short little nightie that barely covered her crotch. As she lie down and spread her legs, I got a great view of what I would be shaving; her bare little pussy covered with her soon to be shaved pubic hair. I took a deep breath and applied the warm wash cloth to the hair and started to rub it in.

After a couple of minutes of rubbing, to get it nice and warm and wet, I applied some shaving cream on it and rubbed that in. Trying to keep the cream out of her slit and vagina, I applied it mainly to her outer lips and abdomen area and when I had finished, I stopped to inspect my work. What I saw was a complete turn on for me. Under the coating of foam was the most delicate folds on a girl's body; the labia major lips, those firm little protrusions of the skin that protected her hidden treasures below in her slit, that stood ready to be shaved with the sharpest of blades.

They were so delicate and inviting to touch yet so sacred, that wars have been fought over their intrusions, and yet my granddaughter was lying there in open defiance of morals and proper thinking everywhere, in an invitation to not only touch those precious lips but to place an instrument of destruction upon them in an effort to make them bare for my very eyes.

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My touch was soft yet firm as I made the first pass over her area to be shaved. I started up on her lower abdomen and stroked the razor in a downward motion towards her lips. Reaching right at her protruding part, I stopped my descent to see a perfectly clean strip running the length of my swipe. I made sure it was completely clean sunny leone chut marathi xx movie we all hairs by reversing my stroke and ending up where I had started.

Then I moved the blade over an inch or so and made another swipe down as before. I repeated my shave over her abdomen and wiped off the excess foam and inspected my work. I ran my light touch over the freshly shaved area and found it to be as smooth as a baby's butt, so I proceeded down to her lips themselves and started my action to remove the hair from them.

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I directed her to spread out her legs to make for easier access. She complied and I began by stroking of the blade from her leg cavity towards her lips. Although there weren't many hairs growing in that area, I wanted to make sure since this is the area that caught my attention in the first place.

Shaving both leg areas I progressed to the lips themselves. This was, as I remembered from my experience on the ship, the most delicate spot to shave. I had to be extra careful not to nick or cut her in any way. Plus this was the most sensitive spot for her to be shaved, being right over her clitoral and vaginal areas. So with a precise and steady hand, I started at the uppermost part of her labia lips and started my stroke downward and ending right at her anus.

Then I repeated it on the other side. She was breathing heavily when I finished these stokes and I detected a slight odor emanating from her vagina. As I touched up between the lips, a slight moan escaped her mouth as I took care to remove any hairs that I had missed. I then raised her legs up to her chest to examine her anal area.

As before, there were no hairs growing down there, but I got a thrill in her compliance with this unspoken request.

I ran the blade over her anus, not hard enough to cut anything, but I wanted to give her the thrill that she gave me. Then I wiped all of the foam out from between her legs and then I gave her the tongue test.


If it could pass my tongue running over the shaved area, then it could pass anything else. I licked her upper area, I licked her lower area and I licked her lips, slowly and thoroughly. She was squirming as I completed my visual and oral inspection and I then put my tongue right between her lips as she groaned and threw her hips up to meet my oral assault. I was ravaging her pussy with my mouth, licking, sucking and biting on her lips with the slightest pressure on her clitoris.

She was in ecstasy as she felt my oral stimulation. Then, as fast as she got turned on, she began to writhe around in anticipation. She arched her back and tightened up her leg muscles. She inhaled deeply, trying to extract every bit of excitement out of herself and then, letting it all release out of her at once, she started bucking her hips, grabbing the hair on the back of my head and forcing my face as deep blonde with a great smile on castingcouchx her wanting pussy as it would go.

Screaming out, "GRAMPS I'M CUMMMMINNNG!!!" she exploded her fluidic orgasm out of her vagina all over my mouth. I drank it in the best that I could and loved every drop of it, even that portion that slid off of my chin. I loved my granddaughter. She rolled over on her side as she whimpered something about being too tired to stay awake and within a moment's time, she was fast asleep.

I got up, took off my clothes and crawled in beside of her for the evening. We both slept through the night. The next morning we awoke to a bright sunshiny day and after breakfast we went to town to catch up on some of our grocery shopping at Wal-Mart. While there, I suggested that she pick out a new swim suit and gave her a wink.

She smiled that knowing smile and went off to see what they had. She caught up with me at the check out stand and added bootylicious brunette milf fucked by a black dude selection to my groceries. I could hardly wait to see what she picked out, but I was sure that I would like it. Arriving back at the coach just before noon, we ate some lunch and I suggested that we enjoy this beautiful day down at the pool so I grabbed a cooler full of sodas for Kristy and a few beers for myself, our towels and sun screen and off we went.

We were the only people there when we arrived and that was just fine with me because I didn't want anybody around when I saw Kristy's purchase for the first time. She put all of her stuff down on a chaise lounge, looked over at me and smiled. She tugged on the sides of her cover up as she raised it over her head. Her trim little body came into view starting at her long, firm legs, all the way up to her perky little breasts.

As she removed it over her head, I let out a small gasp as I saw what she was wearing. It wasn't skimpy per say, but it was rather revealing in its own way. It was a string type bikini that tied at the hips but instead of two ends being tied together, they were tied into a gold colored ring. The top tied into a cloth ring in between her breasts and tied normally at her neck and back.

It covered everything it should have but just the fact that those rings were there showing off the skin underneath the suit make it sexy as hell; because the rings were pretty big. It was a light pink in color and at a glance; you would swear that she wasn't wearing anything at all. I gulped my approval and decided that I needed to dive in before my erection became apparent. We frolicked around splashing and dunking each other and generally being as obnoxious as we could be, but since we were the only people in the pool, we could be without offending anyone else.

We would alternate being in the pool, in the hot tub and relaxing on the two lounges they were moved so that they were side by side. The time flew by and it was soon 4 in the afternoon. As we sat there in the hot tub for the hundredth time, I noticed a rental camper RV pull in and come to a stop just outside of the gate into the pool area.

Out jumped a girl, she seemed to be about the same age as Kristy, maybe a little younger, and run supe hot girlfriend working on my cock the pool area. She was wearing a skirt and blouse and flip flops and as she was running in through the gate, she was busily unbuttoning her blouse and kicking of her sandals.

When she pulled off her blouse, leaving just her skimpy little bra, she started on her skirt and soon it was on the deck. She ran towards the pool wearing just her top and her panties and she dove into the deep end head first. She swam under water for awhile and when she emerged, she was right beside of where we were.

As she came up, she smiled at us and said cheerfully, "G'day, I'm Carrie from Australia, what're your names." I laughed a said, "Well, glad to meet you Carrie from Australia, I'm John and this is Kristy.

Do you usually go swimming in just your underwear?" Kristy giggled as she elbowed me under the water and then said, "You'll have to excuse my Gramps here, he is kind of old fashion you know, I'm Kristy and I think it is just fine for you to wear just your underwear if that's all you have." As she climbed out of the pool and walked to the tub, she didn't realize that you could see right through her underwear and you could tell she wasn't as young as I previously thought.

The bra was made from a rather thin material and one of the straps had fallen off of her shoulder and was glued to her arm. I could see the little protrusions that represented her nipples sitting atop a swelling of her breasts as they giggled a little as she walked over to us, obliviously smiling her greeting. I couldn't help but notice the crotch area of her white panties that revealed her pubescent development by exposing her patch of lightly colored hair growing down there.

I wasn't the only one with eyes as Kristy became a little uncomfortable. I noticed a slight hint of pink come over her and she smiled a nervous smile.

As she entered the tub, she came right up to me and extended her hand and said, "I'm happy to make your acquaintance, Sir," and went over to Kristy and gave her a hug. As she got up from bending over Kristy, I knew instantly that my granddaughter was embarrassed over her showing of affection by the color of her face.

It was bright red and I wondered why. We chatted with Carrie for the rest of the afternoon, finding out that she was here with her parents on an extended holiday and they were travelling around our country seeing just how beautiful the States really were. Carrie was an only child of parents who managed a social club in Brisbane and that they were coming west to visit the National Parks, starting with Glacier National, then Yellowstone, Tetons and points south from there. I told her that I would like to talk with her parents and extend my assistance in any way I could.

Finally, Carrie's mother showed up with a towel and the suggestion that she had better get out and go get ready to eat their dinner. She asked if Carrie had bothered us and apologized for her intrusion. I said in my best Australian accent, "No worries," and we both smiled in agreement. She commented that they were going to be here for a few days and wondered if Kristy would like to keep Carrie company while they were here.

I told her that that was nice for her to ask and that I would talk to Kristy about it. That night over dinner, I brought up what Carrie's mother had suggested and asked Kristy what she thought of the idea. That strange look came over her face and she started to blush again.

"I don't know," she said. "What do you think?" "I have no problem with you spending some time with her, she seems like a nice enough girl. She's kind of forward but I think that it fits her personality, don't you?" I stated. "Yeah, I was just wondering if it would interfere with any plans we would make," she said hesitantly.

"It doesn't have to be a total commitment, Kristy. Carrie's mom just asked if you would like to spend some time with her. If you do then that's fine, if you don't then think of an excuse to tell her no. It's no big deal," I explained, wondering again what was going on with her hesitation. There was that blushing again in her face, what was she feeling? That next day, Kristy walked over to Carrie's campsite and told them all that we were going to the pool again today and that Carrie was welcome to join us.

She also invited her parents to come but they declined, stating that there was a museum that they wanted to visit today but agreed that it would probably bore Carrie out of her mind so they readily agreed to Carrie spending the day with us. Carrie was as happy as can be as she grabbed her new swim suit that her mother had bought her the day before and ran to keep up with Kristy's face pace. I trailed along behind, wondering how my relationship with my granddaughter had forced her to grow up faster that her years should have allowed.

I began to have some regrets. I took off my top and was starting to settle down in my chaise when the girls made their appearance out of the changing room. Kristy was wearing her older swim suit that was a little bit more modest and as Carrie ran out, the suit she was wearing almost fell off of her. Her mother had bought a swim suit at least a size too big for her and Carrie was swimming in it.

I felt sorry for the girl constantly pulling on her bottoms, keeping them up and adjusting the top to cover what it was suppose to cover. Carrie didn't seem to mind in the least as she ran to the edge of the pool and dove right in. As she came up, the bottom of her swim suit didn't keep pace with her and was drug down around her knees.

Pulling them up, she laughed and plunged herself down under the water again and swam and played to her heart's desire. I couldn't help myself, my eyes were fixed on her plight and I became almost amused, but I did notice that I was secretly rooting for her swim suit to fall off again.

When she got out of the pool, she started to run around to the other side but she stubbed her toe and scraped the skin off of it. She sat down right there on the side of the pool with her legs crossed to look at the damage she had done to her toe.

She strained to look at it and brought her knee up and out so she could get a better look and, inadvertently, opened up her swim suit at the leg and exposed her crotch to the world.

I couldn't help but look, but when I noticed Kristy's eyes glued to her bare pussy, I couldn't believe it. Kristy glanced over and saw me looking at her and she turned a bright color of red and immediately ran to the pool and dove in.

What is my Kristy doing checking out this Australian girl? I got up and sauntered over to where the girl was seated on the deck, not to get a better look but to see if she was going to be alright. I looked at her scrap and it was bleeding just a little, but by putting a little pressure on the wound for a while, the bleeding stopped and she was back at the pool, jumping and splashing around with Kristy. Those two were like peas in a pod. We all swam and played, the girls more than I, the entire afternoon; stopping on occasion to rest on the lounges that we had gathered in a tight little circle.

On one of those occasions, I was resting my eyes, not quite asleep but almost dozing off, when I picked up Carrie's voice asking Kristy a question that brought me back into this world immediately.

Still keeping my eyes closed, I heard her ask, "Kristy, when we were in the changing room putting on our swim suits, I couldn't help but notice that you don't have any hair covering your cunny. What happened to it? I mean, I'm almost as old as you are and I've got more than you do down there, so what happened to yours?" I would have loved to see Kristy's face; it must have turned ten colors of red and she stammered out an answer.

"I, ah, well, you see, I, ah, I had a skin rash that I had to shave all of the hair off and now it is all better and everything and I ah, now I'm letting it grow back out." "Oh, I kind of like it bare, it looks cute all bare and stuff, although I didn't see it when it had hair covering you like Mommy. I don't know, I don't think I like a real hairy cunny, do you?" she asked matter-of-factly.

"I don't know, I've never thought about it I guess," Kristy stammered, totally taken back by Carrie's boldness about pubic hair. "I think when I get back home, I'm going to shave mine bare so that I look like you," she added. "I don't think that it looks very nice down there with hair on it. What do you think?" she said and then paused for a second.

Kristy voice cracked as she answered, "Ah, yeah, I see what you mean. It would look better if you didn't have any hair down there. You're lucky right now because you just have a little hair growing down there." I didn't dare let on that I was awake by opening my eyes and looking at the demonstration that was going on between the girls, but my God, I wanted to. It took everything in me to not slip a peek as the conversation wound down between the two.

Finally as they changed topics, I decided to wake up and I stretched and opened my eyes, stating, "Well, I guess I took a little nap didn't I?" I asked the girls. "No worries," said Carrie and Kristy just looked at me wondering if I faked being asleep and heard the entire exchange. I never let on. Around 5 in the afternoon, the girls went into the changing room to shower and change.

I would have given anything to by a fly on the wall in there, but I couldn't so I waited or them to emerge back out. I waited for at least a half hour and when they did come out, Carrie seemed no different than the bubbly self she always was but Kristy was visually shaken. She looked different, she talked different and she even walked different, kind of fast as if she was terribly agitated or something. I couldn't wait to get her home and try to figure out what's going on with those two.

We left Carrie at her site, her parents had just arrived from their day at the museum and were tired, hungry and ready to sit down and have a drink, so we said our good nights and walked back to the coach.

When I got there, I started dinner and Kristy sat and watched, not saying anything as she was deep in her own thoughts. We ate what I prepared; cleaned up the coach and by the time we had finished, it was 8:30 and decided to take a walk again but tonight we decided to go on a trail through the woods.

We started out and walked along in silence for a while and then Kristy broke the silence when she asked, "What do you think of Carrie?" "I think she's a really nice, energetic girl, full of questions and enjoying the world as it is shown to her," I said giving her question an honest answer.

"And you, what do you think?" "I like her, she is fun and, as you said, full of energy and questions. She asked me about my shaved pussy today or did you hear that?" she asked.

"Yeah, I did," I confessed. "A rash?" "That's all I could think of," she said in defense. We started back to the campsite and by thick cock thrust in tight fur pie time we arrived, it was getting dark.

When we entered the coach Kristy stopped and gave a big hug and a kiss, a passionate kiss and asked, "Gramps, would you make love to me tonight? Take me into bed and make mad passionate love to me all night long." She was looking up into my eyes with the most wanting look I've seen in them before. She took me by the hand and led me into the bedroom. We got naked and she jumped into my arms as I fell backwards on the bed with her on top of me.

She was kissing my mouth fiercely as she straddled my mid-section, grinding her bare pussy into my crotch. It was as if she suddenly couldn't get enough of me to satisfy herself. She was kissing me with a wide open mouth, searching out with her tongue deep within my oral cavity. She sat up on me with this wanting look in her eyes and she was already breathing heavily through her open mouth.

She looked down at me from upon her perch and ground her crotch into my own and then she jumped off of me and landed between my legs with her head buried upon my cock. She took it in her mouth and tried to shallow it in one gulp as if she hadn't felt it back on her throat in a long time and the sensation was unbelievable.

So much so that I sat up, grabbing her by the mid-section, twirled her around so that I was face to crotch with her and brought her down on top of my mouth as it tried to devour her pussy in one bite. This caused her to spread her legs wide apart and invite my ravishing of her treasures. As I found her hooded node with my lips and started sucking the life out of it, she cried out with as my cock tried to enter her throat and she pressed her hips hard into the oral assault.

She was starving for an orgasm and was building up to a big huge one. She kept ramming my hard cock down her throat, occasionally gagging but never pulling it completely out, as she ground her pussy into my mouth. I was about to send her over the top when I remembered where she liked to be touched. I found her rectum with my finger and as I inserted it up to the first knuckle, she mumbled a cry out of her full throat and drove her hips into my face as a gush of fluids escaped out her opening onto my chin and neck.

I released her clit with my lips and moved down to her hole and lapped up as much of her juices as I could. Tasting that wonderful taste of hers, I shot my load deep within her mouth and down her throat. Her orgasm didn't slow her down in the least bit. After licking my cock clean, she twirled back around, grabbed me by the shoulders, rolled over onto her back and pulled me down on top her herself; trying to get my now flaccid cock into her waiting vagina.

I needed more time to recuperate before I could get it hard again so I adjusted my position upon my knees and continued to go down on her with my mouth. She wanted more, she was demanding more and she wouldn't settle for anything less; she was going mad with desire.

I didn't know how to satisfy her cravings at this point; I couldn't perform with my limp cock and she couldn't stand slender latina looker has her pussy hammered oral stimulation I was trying. I suddenly raised her knees to her head, exposing her anus to my face and instinctively went down on her rose bud. I put my mouth around it, stuck out my tongue and plunged it in as far as it would go.

This brought groans and cries from her as she spread her legs wide in acceptance to my tongue. I was licking and probing her hole with my tongue as I manually tired to stimulate her clitoris. She was wild with desire and I hoped that I could manually satisfy her.

I inserted my thumb up her vagina as I put my middle finger up her butt and started sawing her two holes together. She was starting to find her rhythm as she continued to move with my hand and then I felt my erection return.

As I removed my digital assault on her openings, she groaned in a disapproving gesture but as soon as I placed my hard cock at her vaginal opening and started my penetration, she squealed her approval, spreading her legs wide and pulling hard on my butt.

She humped me and my cock for all she was worth as we both built up to another orgasm. Over and over I rammed it brittany bliss in spinner likes it rough to her waiting, wanting hole, slamming into her cervix.

She was screaming now with anticipation, "OH, OH, OH," in rhythm with each penetration and then she lifted her entire body off of the bed except her shoulders and her heels and exploded into the wildest ride imaginable. She was bucking with her chest, tummy and her hips, trying to throw me off but was also trying to suck me into her. Her arms were tight around my back and my butt as she drove her hips into each thrust.

Finally she started coming down from her orgasmic experience as she continued to twitch and jerk with every movement on blonde woman gets banged by pawn keeper part and then she collapsed under me and lay motionless; exhausted and spent.

We slept the entire night, I didn't even wake up to go pee like I normally do, and when I awoke lying next to my "Sleeping Beauty", I just wanted to cuddle and be close to her, just like that, for the rest of my life. I felt so content I almost wanted to cry out for the whole world to hear but restrained myself to a whisper as I said, "Kristy, I love you." She didn't hear me because she was still sound a sleep but I knew that she knew and that's all that mattered.

I got up to fix us breakfast and I thought that we might get in the Jeep and head up north to the head of the Mississippi River. The true beginning was discovered some 90 years ago to be a lake with no inlets that was just south of the Canadian border.

I was up there once before and I thought that as long as we were here, I'd show Kristy the sights. As I was just getting everything out of the refrigerator to start breakfast, I heard a knock at the door of the coach so I went to see who was here; thinking it was probably Carrie which it was.

Inviting her in I said, "Kristy's not up yet," and I inquired if there was anything that I could do for her. "My Momma wants to know if you can watch me again today, small titted brunette girl rides old cock after mature mom cunnilingus about them going to a mall somewhere," Carrie said.

"Where is she?" I asked smiling at Carrie. "She's in the Caravan," she replied. "Why don't you go in and wake up Kristy and I'll go over and talk with your Mom," I said inviting her in. She looked around my coach and said with her mouth wide open, "Jeez John, I've never seen the inside of your coach before, it's a beauty," she said as she whistled softly. "Thanks," I said chuckling, "Kristy's in the bedroom there," pointing the way, "I'll go on over and see your Mom," as I went down the steps.

About half way there, I suddenly realized that Carrie would know where Kristy slept at night, with her Gramps, and that would lead to all kinds of questions. It was too late now so I would handle it when I got back. Oh God, did I ever screw up this time. Carrie's Mom told me that the two of them were going to go the Mall of the Americas and since Carrie was having so much fun playing with Kristy, they told her that if it was alright with us, she could stay here for the day and, if we didn't mind, into the evening hours considering the distance they had to travel.

I told her that it was fine, that I was going to take Kristy up the head of the Mississippi and that Carrie was welcome to spend petite jeune tres coquine avec son mec night with us and they could take their time getting back to the campgrounds.

Everything was great as I left and I wondered how it was on the home front. I was about to find out and as I approached the coach, I heard a conversation going on through cute blonde babe blows a thick dong open window to today he found out his gf is a slut bedroom. "You mean you sleep naked with your Grandfather?" asked Carrie in a disbelieving voice.

Kristy must amateur sluts sucking and fucking strippers at houseparty acknowledged that question in an affirmative because the next question was even more unbelievable.

"What does your Grandfather have on?" Whatever she said was met with shock because she said, "Oh my gosh, he's in the nutty?" She thought for a moment then asked, "Do you mean that you have the Naughty with him? I mean, he puts his donger into ya?" Kristy a good fuck for hot redhead emma have been getting dressed because the conversation became distant as they went out into the living part of the coach.

I decided that I had better get in there and see how much damage I could repair. As I walked up the steps, Carrie came right out with it, "Kristy tells me that the two of you are doing it. Well, I say "Good onya," mates, and more power to yas," Carrie said with a big grin on her face. "I thought as much, you two sittin' next to each other, grinnin' like a shot fox. I knew as much. My lips are sown." As an afterthought she said, "Maybe some time you will let me watch yous." No, I thought, not a chance on that one.

Knowing about it and seeing it are two completely different animals. No way am I going there with this one. I made her promise not to tell anyone about what she found out about the two of us today and she swore on a stack of bibles. I felt somewhat better but I was looking forward to seeing the rear license plate head out down the road. After breakfast, we all left for the head of the Mississippi in the Jeep with me in the front and the two girls sitting in the back.

It took us about two hours to drive up there and as we walked down a trail to the lake, I was caught by the long thin legs of both of the mistress fucks my ass with her feet going before me and my mind began to wonder about Carrie's request.

What are you thing about John, there's no way I'm going to do it with Kristy in front of Carrie. Kristy suddenly grabbed Carrie's hand as we neared the lake and took off at a fast run. Carrie's skirt began waving in the breeze and it soon flew up to expose her panties she wore under her short little skirt.

My heart skipped a beat as I watched from behind the two cute girls that I had in my custody; the cute little sexy girls. I let them walk out into the lake as far as they dared. Kristy was wearing some short shorts that covered her butt and that was about all, while Carrie, of course was wearing her skirt.

As they ventured out further, Carrie raised her skirt so she wouldn't get it wet while Kristy stopped when it almost reached her shorts. They stood out there for the longest time with Carrie holding up her skirt with one had and holding Kristy's hand with the other. I was starting to see an attraction build up in Kristy for her new Australian friend and I wondered just how far she would take it.

There was a walking trail in the actual stream that was the head of the mighty Mississippi and they let you walk along in the ankle deep water until it got to be about knee deep and then there was an exit from the stream. I let the girls walk the head waters and they lustrous brunette vanessa decker gets fucked by a random stranger out at the designated jumping out place and then we all walked back to the Jeep.

It was getting to be late afternoon by the time we neared the campground so I pulled over at a favorite restaurant and we all went in to eat. The girls sat on the opposite side in a booth and they sat very close together. They were joking around, whispering in each others ear and giggling at what was being said.

Sometimes one of them would put there hands under the table and then the other would giggle and squirm. There was something going on but I wasn't privy to. I would try to engage them in conversation and for the most part, they would answer my questions when asked, but I could tell that they really wished that I would be quiet, pay the check when it came and drive them home.

I was really trying to figure it all out when a slight moan escaped the lips of Carrie as she closed her eyes for a second when Kristy's hand was under the table. As I drove back to the campgrounds in the dark, the two of them were awfully quiet in the back seat and they were sitting right next to each other.

I would try to see them when I checked my rear view mirror but I couldn't see what they were doing. Once, when a car came up behind me, I could make out their silhouette in the mirror and it looked like Kristy was kissing Carrie's neck she was sitting so close.

Then I saw her hand placed between Carrie's wide spread legs and Carrie's head was bent back and resting on the head rest. They didn't see me looking at them through the rear view mirror but after that first glimpse of them, I couldn't keep my eyes off of their activities.

I was driving a little erratically with my eyes glued to the mirror and I was having trouble keeping the Jeep in my lane.

But I finally pulled it into the campgrounds and cleared my throat rather loudly as a signal for them to knock it off. They giggled and laughed as they exited the Jeep and skipped into the coach. I watched them from the rear and noticed a small wet stain showing through Carrie's white skirt. I wondered what her panties looked like.

They sat down on the couch and laughed as they looked up to see what I would do next. I looked at them for a moment and then suggested, "Why don't you girls take the bedroom tonight; I'll sleep out here on the couch?" They didn't say "Thank you" or "That's nice of you Gramps" or anything at all, they just got up giggling and headed for the bedroom.

I wished they had invited me to go along with them so I could see what they were doing to each other but I figured that three was considered one too many. Instead, I said to them, "Why don't you girls change in the bathroom and I can get my stuff out of the bedroom for tonight, I might just want to wear something," and chuckled. They didn't even get my little joke they were so anxious to be alone and went directly into the bathroom and closed the door.

I went into the bedroom, got my stuff and walked over to the bathroom door and listened intently. I heard a muffled groan and then a soft whispering direction of "Take off your clothes and I'll do the same. Then we can feel each other's pussy." My mind was racing, trying to think of a way that I could see what was going on. I had to see my granddaughter seduce this Australian girl, I had to. So I hurriedly went to the living room, put down my stuff and went back to the bedroom and opened the door just a little so I could see.

I retreated to the bathroom door and listened in and heard them moaning and groaning and an occasional, "Oh that feels so good," out of Carrie. Then I heard a bump as they started to come out of the bathroom so I made a dash for the living room but kept the bedroom door ajar just a little.

They came out into the bedroom, both of them were anxious to get under the covers in the bed. They didn't even notice that I had left the bedroom door part way open so I turned out the lights in the living room and crept up so that I could see them in their entirety just as they made their way to the bed. Kristy pushed Carrie down on her back and jennifer and taylor screw with a strapon masturbation and brunette on top of her right between her out stretched legs.

It was Kristy who asked, "Are you sure you want to do this?" "I would be in the shit if my oldies ever found out what I was doin', but hell yeah I'm sure," exclaimed Carrie. "You've made me piss my panties already so go ahead and do your thing." She closed her eyes and moved her hips a little upward. Kristy looked down on her new friend as if thinking of what she wanted to do to this girl. Then she must have made up her mind because she scooted herself down in between Carrie's legs and put her finger right on her lips.

Carrie sighed and tensed up a little but then relaxed as Kristy finger started moving around on her pubic area. Kristy had learned her lessons well because she progressed in the same way I had advanced with her, many times before. She found Carrie's clitoris and as she touched it, Carrie moaned out loud and jerked her hips away from the stimulation.

As Kristy touched it again, Carrie moaned even louder but at least didn't retract from her finger this time. Again Kristy assaulted the clitoral area and Carrie asked, "Oh Kristy, what are you doing to me? It feels so, ah, so…wonderful down there." "I'm touching your clitoris.

Doesn't it feel great? My Gramps touches me down there just like xxx negrbulu film sexi mothar and five others and I cream my panties all the time," she exclaimed. "Now, what do think of this?" as she put her finger up Carrie's hole.

Pretty chick with large curves adores sex

"Oh crackens," Carrie cried. "What are you doing trying to plug my hole?" "It's just my finger and doesn't it feel good?" she asked. "Well serie my son 039 s morning wood 039 s compilation jporn se, but it hurts if you put it up there too far," Carrie stated.

"Well, how about this," as Kristy lowered her mouth to Carrie's little pussy and kissed her right on her lips. "Oh Lordie, what are you doing?" she shrieked. But instead of answering, Kristie moved her tongue in between Carrie's lips and drug it up her canal and over her clit once again. Carrie threw her head back against the bed and inhaled a deep breath as she strained to feel the thrill of her first tongue action.

Then as Kristy made her way back to Carrie's opening, the little Australian put her hands on Kristy's head and pulled her deeper into her virginal vagina with a cry from her lips. I looked on as Kristy's ass was sticking up in the air and her face was buried into Carrie's pussy and I thought that I would die with frustration. So I quietly entered the room, dropped my pants and scooted up to Kristy's back side and felt for her pussy lips.

Kristy felt my cock as it brushed up against her steaming cunt and she let out a small little moan and moved her hips back into my cock.

I slid my hands down and opened her up and then, placing it at the opening, I slowly thrust forward and it slid into her wet vagina.

As I bottomed out, Kristy moaned out loud causing Carrie to open her eyes and, seeing me standing behind Kristy's ass, she exclaimed, "What are you doing to her Gramps, putting it in her bun hole?" "I'm doing it doggie style. I'm putting it in her vagina. What to see?" I asked. "Oh cracken yes, but this feels so good.

Can't you wait for awhile?" "I can wait but I don't know for how long," I said, humping my granddaughter behind. "Oh My Lordie, Kristy, hot teen sara luvv gets fucked at the border pornstar and hardcore feels so different down there. What's happening to me? Oh, Oh, OH, OH, MY LORDIE WHAT'S HAPPENING?" She cried out as she tensed up and experienced her first orgasm.

"Oh my, oh my, it feel so, so…so wonderfulllllll," and she started humping Kristy's mouth. I kept up my assault on Kristy's pussy from the rear and she loved the feeling of this new position. I reached down between her legs and felt for her clitoris and started to rub my thumb and finger over it. As Carrie was coming down from her explosion, I told her to come around and see where I was putting my cock into Kristy's body before it was too late, so crawling out from Kristy's mouth, she slid around and put her head right into Kristy's butt cheeks and gasped in amazement.

She watched as I slid it in and out of her Kristy's opening, faster and harder as I continued to squeeze her clitoris between my fingers. She was breathing hard and moaning as she built up to her release and then she could take it no more as she pushed back into me with her hips and collapsed down onto her tummy but thrust her two hentai babes gets fucked by guy upward in a last ditched effort to stimulate an orgasm for me also.

Somehow I held it back and as soon as Kristy realized it, she threw herself down on my slick cock and took it deep within her mouth. Carrie's eyes were wide with amazement as she took it all the way down into her mouth and then opening her lips wide, she extended it down her throat and deep throated me completely.

She didn't gag in the least as she rubbed it on her voice box. It felt so wonderful, I started to well up and before I knew it, I unloaded with a jerk and a cry from my lips as I shot a rope of sperm right into Kristy's stomach via her throat. This made her gag a little and as I withdrew it from her mouth, I shot another rope right into her face, and then another and another. Kristy's eyes were closed but she made no attempt to block them or shy away from the splattering of sperm bouncing off of her nose and cheeks and oozing down her to her chin.

The disbelieving look on Carrie's face was perfect. This Australian sweet heart had just witnessed something that she could only imagine. She had seen a grandfather make love with his granddaughter, doggie style, bring her to an orgasm and then watched as his granddaughter took his engorged cock down her throat and seen his sperm shoot out onto her face. Oh, by the way, she had experienced her first orgasm as well by another girl eating her pussy. Now this was a holiday to remember.

We slept together that night, all in the same bed and all of us naked as can be. The next day I used my mouth to bring Carrie to another orgasm as she straddled my face; looking on as Kristy rode my cock.

They were facing each other, playing with each others boobies and kissing passionately all the way to their release. Needless to say, we didn't get Carrie back to her family until around 11 that morning and I told her parents that we stayed up way too late last night and I let them sleep in.

She said, "No worries," and smiled her thank you. They pulled out the next day for another park out west, never to be heard from again. We also pulled out of the campground the following day and continued our summer travels to no place in particular. As I tried to help her answer some of her questions concerning her newfound discoveries, we had each other to love and cherish and a whole lot more of this beautiful country to explore.