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Sex nepal bf story com
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I met Fred and Wilma on the internet. They were very open about being bi and willing to teach a new guy how to suck cock and eat a sweet cum filled pussy. Fred and I met for coffee and he felt that I would be fun to teach. Early morning was a good time for them to teach so they invited me to their house at 0600 hours on Sunday for my first lesson. I arrived at the appointed time and was met at the door by Fred in his bath robe and met Wilma, who wearing a dress.

Wilma was polite and said that during my first lesson she was just going to watch and take a few pictures. Perhaps I was really good and made her horny she would join us later.

Wilma asked if I had ever sucked a cock before and I told her many years foxy girl was brought in anus loony bin for uninhibited treatment a school teacher had me suck his a few times. Wilma point out that I was still dressed and I should fix that. Taking the hint I stripped as she and Fred watched.

Standing there naked they both looked me over, my half hard cock starting to stand a bit taller. They walked over and both of them felt my cock and butt saying everything was nice and firm. Fred took off his robe exposing his shaved cock, and walked over to the couch where both he and Wilma took a seat. Wilma sat on the arm of the couch next to Fred. Fred motioned me over and had me kneel in front of him and informed me the lesson would start with me sucking his cock so he would know how good my technique was and Wilma would give me instruction as she felt them required.

I bent forward and slipped his firm cock into my mouth enjoying the feeling of it as I sucked on it. The camera flash went off as my face was buried in Fred's crotch. After a bit of sucking and sliding my mouth up and down the full length of his thick 8" cock, I looked over at Wilma and discovered she had positioned herself so that I could look up her dress at her panties covered pussy.

She was wearing pretty light blue cotton bikinis and i was thinking how nice it would be to lick them too. Wilma asked Fred how I was doing as I looked like a natural cock sucker. Fred said he wanted to move into the bedroom so he could lie back and Wilma could get some better angles of the cock sucking. so we did. As I stood thinking I was to follow Fred, Wilma grabbed my cock and led me to the bed room using my cock as a leash. Once there Fred laid on the bed. Wilma said that it was now time for me to make Fred cum.

As I got on the bed beside Fred, Wilma took off her dress saying your doing pretty good so far. Now all she had on were the sweet panties. Her perky tits bouncing as she moved about. Once again I took Fred's hard throbbing cock in my mouth and set andy san dimas gives nasty foot job sucking for all I was worth as Wilma continued to take pictures.

Shortly Fred reached down and held my head as he started thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth saying you are a good cock sucking slut and I am going to cum in your pussy mouth. You better swallow it all.

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Soon he was exploding hot cum and I sucked in every drop of it. Fred looked over to Wilma and said he is a good cock slut now if he eats pussy as well as he sucks cock we will have some good times. Wilma said well lets find out. Wilma took off her panties saying but first suck on these as she inserted the crotch of her panties into my mouth. Knowing that I was there to learn I did as she told me. Fred took several photos of her feeding me her used wet panties.

Then she lay back spread her legs so I could eat her shaved sweet pussy. WIth my cock hard and throbbing I crawled between her legs, spread her pussy lips with my tongue getting my first taste of her sweet nectar.

I licked, sucked and gently nibbled on her clit throughly enjoying this unexpected pleasure. Shortly her pussy juices were flowing as I tried to lick up every last drop. She grabbed my head pulling my face deep into her pussy and rubbing her nectar all over my face as she fucked my face.

After a while she stopped saying not bad though you do need a bit of work, however, I need a cock.


SLut suck Fred hard for me. I took Fred's soft cock in my mouth and slowly started sucking. I was starting to get worried as Fred's cock was not getting hard las fast as it did the first time. But, I did not give up I kept working on his cock. Slowly his cock began to swell in my mouth getting nice and hard for Wilma. Once he was hard Wilma told me to lay on my back with my head towards him.

I did as he said and Wilma got on all fours, straddled my face, and lowering her pussy on it. Her pussy was there for me to kiss and lick. While I was licking her pussy Fred positioned himself behind Wilma sliding his cock along her pussy for me to lick so I did.

Wilma said just keep licking my clit and Fred stuffed his cock into her pussy and started fucking her doggy while I continued to enjoy licking her clit. Soon her pussy juices started oozing and I could taste the mixture of cock and pussy as well as feel drops of pussy nectar being splattered on my face as Fred fucked her.

Every once in a while Fred would slip out and slip his cock under her hot wet gooey pussy so that I could lick some of the pussy cream off. Eventually Fred begin to really slam his hard cock into her wide open pussy moving faster and faster making it more difficult to lick Wilma's clit. Soon he slammed in and pulled her ass hard into him and held her there and I could feel them both shutter as he shot his cum deep into her.

The Fred slowly began to slid his in and out of her as his cock started to soften forcing his cum to flow out and down.

Wilma instructed me not to stop eating her pussy and to lick her hot gooey cum twat clean. As Fred removed his soft cock she sat up forcing her cum filled pussy onto my mouth which I enjoyed eating, my first of many cumpies. As I was enjoying this sweet gooey treat I felt a mouth slid onto my cock and sucking ever so gently then slide off and a tongue licked the pre-cum off and then suck it some more.

Soon I could feel my cock start to throb in preparation for shooting my load. I was unable to say anything as Wilma was still sitting on my face, her very gooey pussy on my face. As I shot my cum I could feel the sucking continue. What a great first lesson. * * * * * * The following Wednesday I received an e-mail from Wilma telling me that they had enjoyed my first lesson and my second lesson was set up for this coming Saturday at 0600 hours.

In preparation for this lesson I was to shave all the hair from my cock and balls. Also I was to buy a spandex thong and wear it to their house. Arab girl tits and fetish shes frightened of the yamsized darkhued dick had a bit of trouble locating the thong, however, I did find a black one at a porn shop in a neighboring city.

Friday night I ran a tub. As the tub was filling Sandra romain sucking balls for her pathetic slave took a pair of barber scissors and trimmed all the hair around my cock and balls. Once that was done I climbed into a hot tub and soaked for a little while. Then I lathered up my pubic area and started to shave.

As I was shaving my cock started to get hard from the feel of the razor sliding over it and my ball, and the constant rubbing they were receiving as I kept the shaving lather evenly spread. Once I was dried and out of the tub I was surprised at how erotic it felt having a smooth, hairless cock. Saturday I arrived at the scheduled time and was met with a note on the door telling me to come on inclose the door, and strip down to my thong before going any further.

So I entered the house and did as I was told. Standing there in just my thong I was looking about wondering if I should just go to the bedroom as there seemed to be no one else in the front room. Just as I was about to start for the bedroom a black man wearing Wilma's robe stepped out of the kitchen and introduced himself as Tony. Tony explained that he was a long time friend and playmate of Fred and Wilma's and he was here to help with this lessons.

While Tony was giving me this information he had been walking around me and looking me up and down. Tony stopped in front of me smiled and told me that I looked good in a thong but you seem to have more of a dick than a real cock.

With that he reached over and ran his hand over my thong feeling my cock. Tony then stepped back and untied Wilma's robe. My eyes traveled down his chest to his cock and I was surprise to see that he had more cock soft than I had lovely hottie gets pleased on the sofa. At that point Wilma called out and asked if we were going to leave her in the bedroom all alone.

Tony motioned for me to go first. When I walked past Tony he reached over and grabbed my ass and held it as we walked down the hall way.

Entering the bedroom I saw that Wilma was in deed there all alone laying on the bed naked rubbing her pussy.

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Wilma smiled and said that Fred had to go out of town for the weekend and Tony had agreed to take his place so the lessons could continue.

Even though I was several inches taller than Tony, he turned me around, put both his hands on my shoulder and pushed me down on my knees.


There he stood, Wilma's robe partedhis big cock dangling right in front of my face. Not being able to resist temptation and knowing that Tony expected me to I leaned forward and sucked the head of his big cock in to my mouth. Once there I tongued the head of his cock and then sucking more I pulled it further into my mouth and started bobbing my face in and out of his shaved crotch feeling his cock start to swell as I did so. Soon he was about half hard and I was having trouble getting all his cock into my mouth.

When he became fully erect there awesome cumshot compilation hd assjobs legjobs handjobs no way I could take all his wonderful cock in my mouth. Wilma watched for awhile then she knelt down next to me and started kissing Tony's cock while I was sucking on it. Then she said do it like this. Taking Tony's cock in her mouth she worked it in and out a few times and then took all of it in her mouth placing her face up against his crotch.

She then pulled back and said now you just need to relax your throat to take all his nice big cock. I tried to do as Wilma had said but I kept gaging on Tony's cock every time it hit the back of my throat. Wilma got on the bed laying on her side with her her top knee pulled to her chest saying I need a fucking now. Tony laid on his side behind Wilma slipping the head of his cock between her pussy lips. Wilma slowly arched her back towards him helping his cock insert its self inside her pussy.

I watched amazed at how Tony's cock just seemed to split Wilma's pussy wide open as she engulfed his grand member. Wanting to be part of the action I laid on my side facing Wilma with my face near her pussy. I moved forward and started licking her clit. Wilma reached over and pulled my thong down releasing my cock. She then pulled on my hips moving my cock to her hot wet mouth.

As she was sucking my cock she slid her finger along the back my thong pressing it into my ass as her finger spread my checks. After all the attention I had given Tony's cock with my mouth it was not to long before he was shooting a load of hot cum deep inside Wilma.


She arced her back pushing his cock as deep in her as it would go while I continued to lick her clit knowing that soon a flood would be on its way for me to lick. Once I had cleaned up most of the juices from her pussy Wilma rolled onto all fours and told me to fuck her.

I positioned myself behind her easily sliding my 7" cock inside her. Enjoying the feel of her loose gooey pussy as I thrust in and out of her. These truly were sloppy seconds. Tony figured tat since i was enjoying seconds I should suck his cock clean so he straddled Wilma and stuck his cock in my face. Here I was fucking Wilma doggy and sucking Tony's cock both at the same time and enjoy it beyond my wildest dreams. Soon I could feel Tony once again getting firm in my mouth as the tensing in my balls began to build.

Soon I was shooting my load into Wilma mixing with Tony's cum. Wilma rolled onto her back. Tony pulled out of my mouth and latina hoe violet starr gets impaled by driver his face into Wilma's cum soaked pussy eating it.

I sat back and watched the show knowing that this lesson was not over and there would be many more lessons to cum.