Petitte amateur teen alex blake toying her tiny tight pussy smalltits and pornstars

Petitte amateur teen alex blake toying her tiny tight pussy smalltits and pornstars
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This Christmas my sister gave me the best present ever.the best sex ever!! I'll start by explaining the situation. My parents divorced when I was 1 and my dad got re-married and had two daughters with my step ebon gorgeous gal is satisfied to maximum. So they where really my half-sisters but we were so close that I always thought of them as my actual sisters.

They lived with my dad in Scotland whereas I lived with my mum down in Sussex, so I might only see them twice a year. I was always closer to Chelcie who was the older of the two. This story happens at Christmas when I was 18 and Chelcie was 15. In the several times I had gone up over the last few years Chelcie was turning into quiet the young lady, she was developing as a women and I started to notice how attractive she was becoming.

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She was at the age of 15 about, 5'2 and had a fine athletic body (she was a sprinter), she had maybe C-Cup boobs and a tight toned ass and fine long legs. Myself? I am 6'2 and about 14-stone.


I play rugby regally so I'm not to bad built but do have a slight belly from all the drinking on tour. So the story starts on Christmas eve. I had gone up the night before to my dads to surprise them all for the Christmas holidays.

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They were all excited to see me, but especially Chelcie as we had always been close, when we saw each other for the first time, she jumped into my arms and gave me a massive hug. I was happy to and gave her a twirl whilst holding her which meant she had to wrap her legs around me to stay on which felt so good.

I am a massive fan of girls legs and love to stroke them an feel them. As I was spinning Chelcie I could feel her legs around me and it got me so aroused I could feel my cock twitch, I was worried Chelcie would feel it as I span her, but if she did she didn't say anything. When I put her incesto julia is sad and dad consoles I noticed my cock had became semi-hard, so did Chelcie, she looked at me and just smiled and sauntered into the living room with everyone else, I took a moment to sort myself out and joined them.

The rest of the evening as I sat and talked with the rest of the family, I noticed Chelcie wouldn't take her eyes off of me, she kept smiling and stroking her legs seductively without anyone else noticing.

I was starting to become hard and it felt good to get like this about my sister, and boy did she look good. She was wearing a white low-cut top and I could see the outline of her black bra underneath. She was also wearing baggy black hot pants and gorgeous tan pantyhose which made me even harder. Later that night as everyone went to bed I met her in the hallway as I went to brush my teeth. She followed me into the bathroom and behind her closed the door and locked it.

I stood with my back to the sink and she sat on the edge of the bath, she had changed and was wearing a long black cotton nightie with a slit in the side right up to her thigh.


I couldn't help but stand there and admire how much my sister, even at 15, had grown into this fine and hot young lady. She sat an smiled and looked me up an down and took in all my body, as I was just wearing PJ bottoms. "I take it you enjoyed our hug big bro?" She asked as she slowly stood up.

"I dunno what you mean?" I tried to sound as innocent as possible. The grin that flickered on her lips told me she wasn't going to let me get away with it. "Don't tell me you didn't enjoy having your little sisters legs wrapped around you with her thighs pressed against you, I felt it bro and I wanna feel it again!" It turned out that whilst I'd been away my sister had turned into one dirty bitch.

She took another step forward until she was right in front of me. I could feel her breath on my shoulder and my neck, I could feel the heat coming off her body.

She looked up at me an just stared, I tried to stare ahead knowing that this was wrong.


She slowly wrapped her arms around my naked torso and just stood there holding me whilst I tried to do nothing and think desperately of some thing else rather then my sisters body pressing this close to mine. It was no use though I could feel my cock growing harder by the second. I'd decided to give up resisting and I looked down at her as she continued to stare at me, I moved my head closer to hers and we kissed. It was gentle and soft like a siblings kiss should be but within seconds my tongue was entering her mouth and hers mine we stood there kissing for what seemed like forever, both of us getting hornier and hornier are kiss becoming stronger.

I could feel her tongue moving around my mouth and it felt good. I wrapped my arms around her and slowly slid them down her back and down to her ass. I lifted her up with my hands wrapped around her soft tight ass, and she wrapped her legs around me. I could feel my now fully erect penis pushing through my trousers and her tight gorgeous pussy resting on it.

I could feel even through my trousers that her pussy was wet. As the kiss intensified she started rubbing back and forward on my knob as I held her. It felt so good that I started to push back. Chelcie started to move faster and the dry humping intensified as she let out one moan in my mouth as I kissed her. Then without warning it stop. She stopped kissing me, stopped humping my dick and made me let her go. I stood there panting and just looked at her.

"We can't do this your my brother, its wrong" She said without any look of belief of what she was saying in her eyes "I know but its so good dam good and you can't say your not enjoying it!" I went to go kiss her again but she stopped me.

"Tell me one thing that turns you on, and just maybe it won't be santa visiting you later tonight, but you can't touch my pussy thats not for my brother" I stood there in amazement, here was my sister that was telling me what we were doing was wrong, yet she was willing to still do stuff with me.

I didn't even have to think for one second about my biggest turn on. "Pantyhose" She looked at me an smiled, she reached up and gave me one kiss on the cheek and left the bathroom. I stayed in there for a good ten minutes bigass babe ass banged after sucking cock amateur anal actually leaving, I wanted to stay just incase I moved and woke up and realized it had all been a dream.

However late that night as I laid in bed in the spare-room and watched TV a figure appeared at the open door way and slid in and closed it. I couldn't quite see who it was but I knew carrie du four kristina uhrinova melisa mendiny melisa mendini lexa my cock already was twitching and I'd discovered there was only one person able to do that now.

I switched off the TV and threw the room into total darkness but I switched on my lamp. There was Chelcie my sister standing by the door she had on a see-through white blouse and I could see she didn't have a bra on, her nipples were hard and poking through her top.

Down below she was wearing a grey pleated skirt that finished just above her knees, and on her legs where the thickest, kinky group of swingers playing dirty sex games pantyhose I had seen.

Neither of us said anything, she just stepped further into the room and stopped at the edge of the bed facing me. I swung my legs round and sat on the edge, my legs either side of her.

I ran my hands around her stomach and up to her breasts, I squeezed and pinch her nibbles through her blouse which made them harder, she let out a moan as she enjoyed it. I slowly ran my hand up to the top of the blouse and slowly undid each button, eventually letting the blouse fall to the floor. My tongue started at her belly and slowly i worked it up to her breasts which where easily able to fit into my mouth, my tongue flicking each nipple as I did so, creating even more moans from Chelcie.

I slowly stood up and allowed my tongue and my kisses to travel up her neck to her mouth, were we once again began our passionate kissing as before. I let my hands travel down her back and I found the clasp for the skirt, which with one flick, I undid and let fall to the floor.

At the same time Chelcie had undone the cord on my trousers and was working them off, I helped her by stepping out of them.

Now my cock was aloud to stand firm without their fabric prison. Chelcie stepped closer and my cock brushed against the beautiful cotton of her pantyhose. This was too much for me. So I placed my hands under her buttocks and lifted her so she was once again wrapped around me. I lifted her and turned her round and placed her gently on the bed.

I got her to lie on her back and just stay there. I stood up and admired her in the half light coming in from outside. She was sooo fucking hot. I kneeled down next to her an placed both her feet in my hands, then I bent my head down and started to kiss her feet. It felt so good, the softness of her legs through the material of her pantyhose. As I sucked on her left foot, she stroked my face and my chest with her right one.

My hands travel up and down her legs feeling the material under my skin, and creating soft moans and pleading from Chelcie as I got closer to her pussy.

I took her foot out of my mouth and placed around my cock, then I got her other foot and placed this on the other side of my cock.

From there she knew what to do. I laid back and enjoyed the feeling as my sisters tiny size 5 feet slowly started to stroke my knob up and down. She started to get faster and faster and my soft moans became louder, to stop me making to much noise she took one of her and placed it in my mouth. I began to move my tongue around between her toes, taking in each toe individual. Best teen blowjob and blonde milf hardcore mia khalifa tries a big black dick continued to rub my cock with her other foot.

I noticed that whilst she was doing this she was rubbing herself through her pantyhose. I released her foot from my mouth and work my tongue down her legs kissing her ankles and her knees as I went, rubbing my hand around her legs. My tongue reached her pussy and with that I started to attack it. I placed my hands under her pantyhose clad ass cheeks and lifted her up until her pussy was completely in my mouth. I started to use my tongue through the pantyhose to make her moan, I slid it along her juicy lips and flicked it along her clit.

Whilst doing this I used the advantage of my hands on her ass to start using my fingers to tease her asshole. I rubbed it soft at first but then harder. Chelcie was obviously enjoying it as she would trust froward on to my tongue and then backward onto my finger. We started to get faster and faster my tongue flicking back and forward like a lizard, Chelcie now using her legs, wrapped around my neck to push my face in.

"OHHH Just Fuck me" she screamed "But you said." I tried to say in between a mouth full of pussy. "I don't care your my brother, its making me wetter now do it" she said behind clenched teeth. With that I stopped my licking and used my teeth to rip a hole in her pantyhose, they were so thick it took me a minute, but it just made me hornier.

With a nice big hole made to reveal all of my sisters beautifully bald pussy, I kneeled up and placed the head against her pussy, using i to rub her clit. "Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked one last time "I think my cunt juices in your mouth are enough to tell you how much I want this" she replied with a grin. With that I thrust forward sinking all 7-inches of my knob deep in her, she cried out and wrapped her legs around my lower back forcing me to go deeper. I started to fuck her with a regular rhythm in and out, harder and harder.

she used her feet to keep me going, running them all over my body, across my chest and up to my face. Horny couple shagging on a live webcam show more at inserted a foot into my mouth and that was enough for me.

Just as I felt Chelcie begin to quiver and shake as wave after wave of orgasm hit her, I felt her juices flowing over my knob, which made me cum. I pumped it all deep into her as her tight pussy milked it out of me. I pulled out and used her pantyhose to clean my knob off of all the juices on it. Chelcie stood up collected her things, but before she could walk out the room a caught her and kissed her hard on the lips, she dropped her things and wrapped her arms around me again.

We stood for about 2 minutes just kissing, when I let her go she picked up her things and smiled. "Wow Big bro thats the best I've had, certainly better then Dad he just licks my pussy!" with that she just turned and sauntered out the room, as I stood there and took in what she had said. This was going to be a good Christmas This is my first story so if you like it please, comment and give me some criticism if you thing theres something wrong with it.

More will follow. Thanks