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Mom and son sex sex storiesstory
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"He's wearing a tie," Anne reported, peering out the front window. "So?" "So…" Anne frowned. Even late at night she wore another dress, a white one, with pink flowers embroidered over her breasts. Plus heels. "So you should dress up. It's polite." Terri rolled her eyes even as she tugged nervously on the hem of her shirt.

A part of her agreed, wanted to rush downstairs and get changed into something a little more… feminine. But she had seen enough of that in the Diner. Seen hordes of miniskirt-wearing, high-heeled country girls dripping over young men. There had been lots of tits on display, cooing, and a scent of a strange perfume that nearly overpowered the burgers.

Two of the patrons had even started essentially fucking each other in the booth itself, before stumbling out the door with milkshake-stained shirts. Hands pressed on each other's privates. The doorbell rang. Anne swung it open, and the light nearly blinded her date. "Oh, hi Terri," the boy said, to her Mom. Anne blushed and stepped backwards. There was a long moment of mutual examination. The boy looked over Terri's backswept, pony-tailed hair, then her blue jeans, and defiant college t-shirt.

She had re-applied the old white makeup. If it wasn't for her new boobs, straining at the t-shirt, and the way the jeans barely fit over her hips, she would've been completely back to normal. Mark, the boy, wore his Dad's tie, Dad's shirt, and Dad's blazer, all just a little too large.

His face was pink where he had recently shaved. Her Mom pushed her outside. "You kids have fun!" she said, and slammed the door. Terri was left alone with a boy she didn't know. "Welcome back to Calving," Mark said. His voice strained to stay casual. "Yeah, I'm so fucking excited," Terri sniffed. "Did we… ever meet in High School?" she said.

He looked familiar, and it hadn't been the largest school. "Not really. I ran with the Computer Geek crowd. We didn't get out much." "Oh," Terri said. She sort of remembered them. Pasty and white. Small boys with squeaky voices. Terri had run with a small and elite crowd of literates.

All of them still at college, of course. She was the one back at home, set up on blind dates by her Mom. Mark drove a crappy car. They pulled away from the house. "I don't want to do this," Terri said. "It was my Mom's idea. I was planning to stay home and come up with an escape plan." Actually, she had planned to take a shower and probably get off in the hot water. But that didn't sound right. "Yeah, me neither," Mark confessed. He rubbed at his face. "Dad wanted me out of the house so he could big boobs mum and not her son sex wf on Mrs.

Taylor." What? "That is 'Mrs.' Taylor, right?" "Her husband is gone for a month. I don't know. This whole town has gotten weird, just in the past couple of months. All of a sudden my Dad is talking about me meeting more girls, and my best friend spends all his time at his Girlfriend's… weird." Terri nodded. The town WAS weird. She remembered a dusty cattle town with blonde lola fucked by her room mate, proper women.

Not the drooling collections of tits and ass bustling with children. "So," Mark said, "What do you want to do?

Diner?" "Hell no." "That's the only restaurant, christy was mesmerized by alicia s feminine sensuality of fast food. Uh. Movie? They're playing Lessons of God III.

I haven't seen the first two, I'm guessing it's just more lessons." "Ugh," Terri said. She slunk into her seat. "Cow-tipping?" Mark seemed to mean it as a joke. "What? Cow-tipping?" "You never did it before?

In High School?" "Not really, no." But it was sounding pretty good. Terri felt like smacking into something heavy and pushing it over. She gave Mark another look. "Tell me a little more about it." * * * It hadn't been hard to find cows.

That pasture smell trailed everywhere in Calving. Just follow your nose and listen for mooing. They shut the door, quietly. Terri giggled. Already this was fun. She had located a target, a big brown one in the center of the field. The fence was no obstacle. She glanced back, and nearly bit through her lip. Mark had taken off his blazer. The former computer geek was built. With the shirt tucked in Terri could see big, broad shoulders, along with a strong chest and trim stomach.

She caught herself wondering what he would look like without the loose, baggy shirt. And if he had any chest hair. "Something wrong?" Mark said, puzzled. "Oh. No! Ah. Lets do this," Terri said. She looked away, took a deep breath.

The cow didn't move when they approached. Terri narrowed her eyes, then flipped it the bird. Cows! Only good for milk and burgers! Mark crept near her to whisper. Terri inhaled. Had the boy worn cologne? There was something extra-intriguing about him, once she got close enough. Something manly and rugged, like a very well-chosen aftershave. "Okay, this is easy. You hold on, I'll push. Be careful, they kick sometimes." "I was born careful," Terri promised.

She put her hands underneath the cow, grunted, and waited. The cow's belly was warm and moist. "Hurry," Terri whispered, "this is actually pretty gros—" Mark shoved. The cow not only toppled, it slid, and landed with a wet thud in the loose mud of the pasture. Only then did it let loose a confused, agonized "Mooo." Terri was on her rear in the mud.

Mark's strength had caught her by surprise, and she had stumbled forwards, toppled into the muck of the field. "Oh, shit!" Mark said, mortified. He helped her up, grabbing hold of a mud-covered hand.


They examined Terri by moonlight. Her shirt was a total loss, and her jeans weren't much better, glistening with mud. At least she had managed to keep her hair 3xx move rape story hot. "I'm sorry, Terri." Terri giggled.

She nearly twirled her hair with a brown finger, and only just caught herself. "Oh my god. That was amazing! Erotic chick is gaping soft snatch in close up and climaxing was so great!

You were so strong!" She pulsed with euphoria, despite a cold coating of muck. She had caught sight of Mark's determined face when he pushed, and it had sent such a thrill through her… She looked down. "Oh. I guess I should clean up." She looked up at Mark and winked at him. "Lets go back to my place. I was getting tired of this outfit, anyways." * * * Her body was very aware that there was a man in her room. And that she was naked. Terri's nipples were flushed and pink, heated and warm, and it spread throughout the new weight of her bigger boobs.

Her pussy informed her that it was lubricated and ready to go. Plus there was a pink fog of warm arousal in her head, that seemed to squish out her more logical thoughts. Right now it was gushing over how big and built Mark had turned out to be.

He was strong—strong enough to push over an entire cow!—and for her! They had sneaked back inside the house. It was such a big house that there hadn't really been a chance of her Mom catching them, but it had been… nicely naughty to sneak. Terri checked her reflection. Washing her face had rinsed off the white makeup. Now she was back to her usual, pink-cheeked self, with the plump lips. She tossed on some clothes and went back to the bedroom. "Miss me?" she cooed.

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Mark clearly had. He sat on her bed—her bed! Terri walked towards him slowly, to give him a chance to admire. "Uh, you look good," he said, startled. "Yeah, the old outfit wasn't right for going out," Terri said. "I figured the heels would help if we had to stay above mud, again." They also picked up her legs, adding inches of height and pursing out her rear.

"And I thought shorts because, you know, it's kind of outdoor fuck and pissing that teen girl out." It wasn't, but the thought of hiding her legs in jeans was disgusting.

Mark, tactfully, didn't question why she had let her hair down, so the blonde streaks framed her face. Or the tight green t-shirt that sculpted itself around her tits. She didn't quite have a rational answer, either. "Shall we?" Mark said, standing up. His pants couldn't disguise the firm outline of an erection. Warm tingles burned through Terri's head. "I'd love to," she took his arm, and leaned, just slightly, against it. * * * "Is he wearing cologne?" Terri asked herself.

All of a sudden, inside the car, she couldn't seem to get away from his scent. It smelled like grass and straw, and long days of working machinery in the outdoors. It flowed through her head.

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"So, what do you do?" she said. Conversation had to help. "Oh, me?" Mark said. He seemed equally distracted, and kept glancing at her legs. "I wish it was something in Computers. That's what I wanted to do.

But Dad has me working on the farm, since it's so hard to get help, these days. That factory hired everyone." That explained it. "Is that where the muscles came from?" Terri said. She tried to say it neutrally. "Huh? I guess so," Mark flexed his right bicep. It was sculpted and bronze.

"It's weird, I was a pretty scrawny guy for so long. Dad said I'm just finally filling out." "I know!" Terri said. "Mom said I finally filled out, too." He admired the filling out. Terri beamed. "Stop it!" she told herself. She was flirting way too much for a first date, especially considering that her Mom had set them up.

But that scent kept crawling up her panties, making her warm… Mark stopped the car. He turned sideways. "Listen, Terri, I've got something serious to ask you." Terri's legs started to slide apart, and she licked her lips. "Have you noticed anything. strange… going on in the town?

In Calving? I know you've only been here for a week or so…" Her legs snapped shut again. "Oh," Terri said. She unrolled a window, to help herself think. They were parked in the solid end of nowhere. Mark had intense blue eyes. "Because I've been noticing things. Everyone is acting… funny.

Dressing up on weekdays. Lots of flirting. At first I thought it was just all the newcomers from the factory, but I'm not so sure…" Terri forced her head back onto business. Mark had a point. "Yeah," she said, frowning, "It does seem weird, I guess. This was such an armpit town. Now all the high heels and big-sized bras are sold out." Partly because of her. "Right! Exactly!" Mark said. "I didn't want to say, but since when did the women in this town have such gigantic boobs?" "Plus there's the pregnancies.

That's weird, too," Terri noted. "I know! Seems like everyone is in hot-Mom maternity wear. Even my best friend, we used to play Counterstrike like, every night. Now he's completely shut off with his girlfriend, and his Facebook status has said "Makin' Babies' for like the past week and a half!" "What do you think it is?" Terri said. Mark, outraged and intent, was just as much of a turn-on as the other kind. Plus certain words were setting off fireworks in her head. Boobs.

Babies. "I have no clue. I even thought I was crazy," Mark said. He turned those eyes back on her, like a lighthouse glow.

"I'm really glad to hear it's not just me." "Why don't you come back over in a few days?" Terri suggested. Actually, now that her struggling logic was beating against it, that seemed like a good idea. Something in her little crappy town had changed. "We can probably figure it out if we're both working on it." "Great!" Mark said, enthusiastic. "Although I'm kind of worried that… anyway, nevermind. Let me drive you home.

I'll call you tomorrow." "What?" Terri asked. She arched an eyebrow. "It's just… I'm a little worried that it's affecting me, too. Whatever it is," Mark admitted. He shifted position, and Terri's eyes zeroed in on the outline of his cock. It was obviously big. "I've been… kind of horny, lately. A lot horny. I'm hoping that it's just working outdoors all day, but what if…" "Oh," Terri said.

She swallowed, hard. Her hands were starting to move by themselves. She struggled to rationalize it. "Actually, ah, I've been a little… randy… too. Since I got back to town." The silence crystallized. Mark's scent was pumping into Terri's head, now. Over and over, more insistent hormones.

And, as her legs started to creak apart, the same poured out of her body, closed the distance to Mark. "We could keep an eye on each other," Mark suggested, at last. "That would probably work." "Right!" Terri seized on the idea. "And we could, you know, relieve the pressure. Keep our heads clear." "You think so?" Mark said.

"Yeah! Kind of… milk each other, you know? Not boyfriend or girlfriend or anything like that," she reassured him. Freed of lingering constraints, Terri's hands descended on Mark's lap. He quickly shoved the seat back, whats her name cual es el nombre de la chica his zipper.

Terri's hand dove underneath his shorts, and drew out long, rod-sized cock. "Holy shit," Terri murmured. Precum leaked out of the tip and directly into her brain. "Yeah, that's been… bigger as well," Mark said. Terri started to jack up and down. She turned and leaned over, putting her head close, as Mark groaned and leaned back.

Terri put both hands on it, then just the fingertips, letting the slick precum glide her tiny hands up against the monster of a cock she was jerking off.

yong beauties doing oral stimulation striptease hardcore gotta… milk it…" she said, watching the tip shudder, and more creamy precum spit out the top. Mark had his eyes closed, and moaned, gripping both sides of the car seat. Now she let her fingers leap up and down, desperate to extract more dribbling fluids, feeling him buck and twitch under her fingers.

Terri couldn't help thinking that they would be that much more sexy if they were painted bright pink. "Like that," Mark murmured, and Terri gave it her all. She swiveled her fingers in little circles, the other hand around the base, and felt her tits swelter under her shirt. Mark finally came. His first eruption hit the wheel of the car. The second and third weren't much less, coating the entire driver's side with sprays of cum. It pooled in a little white pond underneath him, and a spider web's worth clung to her fingers.

The boy finally came down from the clouds. "Was that okay?" Terri said, anxiously. "Great," Mark exhaled. "I feel… better. A little clearer." He turned to her. "Your turn, huh?" Terri grinned, and her pussy creamed with approval. Mark took his time positioning her. First he just rubbed her slit from on top of her shorts, while grabbing crudely at her tits with her other hand.

Mia ashley and ashton play strip darts felt great. But he clearly wasn't satisfied, and had Terri pull the seat down, yank her shorts off, and expose her glistening slit to the stifling air inside the car.

She let her high heels scratch against the windshield, and licked gently at her cum-stained fingers. His fingers weren't gentle, and that was exactly what she wanted. They pressed up against her clit, pushing and prodding, and each touch felt like a better sunny leon fucks ta doctor. "I can't get deep enough," he complained, and this time Mark had her slip into the backseat.

She didn't even care that first she had to waddle outside, pussy exposed to the night, and then slide into the back. Mark hot pretty teens sharing a one eyed monster on top of her, breathing hard, pumping his eager fingers in and out.

His other hand found her nipples, and squeezed. Terri came. The car rocked as she moaned. "There," Mark said, exhausted. He walked back to the front seat, and sat down. "Better. We'll just have to… keep doing that to each other. Feel any better." No. In fact, Terri's body wanted more. More delicious stimulation, more of Mark. More of Mark's sweaty, big body leaning over her. "Yeah," she lied, overruling it. Then they drove home, covertly stroking at private parts whenever they thought the other wasn't looking.

Terri made a mental note to pick up birth control pills as soon as she could. * * * Anne was waiting for her in the parlor room. "How was your date?" she said, eyes affixed on her library copy of The Invisible Man.

She hadn't really gotten beyond the first page, and her eyebrows were crinkled with concentration. "Eh," Terri said, noncommittal. "I'm going to bed. Try not to set me up with any more men in the near moe hey ksexy free vedio Anne said. She put the book down, blinked, and picked up a Cosmopolitan that just happened to be nearby.

Terri walked, on shaky legs, downstairs. Anne examined the big wet spot on the back of her shorts, sniffed the air, and smiled to herself. * * * Terri took her time getting out of bed the next morning. She had ended a delicious evening with another friendly finger-fuck, giving in to her sensitive titties just one more time.

Then a long night full of sex-scented dreams. She wanted nothing more but to laze in bed, thinking happy thoughts about boys and their big, strong hands. But then her stomach churned, and she realized, abruptly, that between cow-tipping and long, hot sessions of hand-play she hadn't actually ever gotten around to having dinner. The air smelled of waffles. Terri was halfway to the door, thinking about syrup, when she thought to look down at her disheveled outfit.

She had fallen asleep in last night's clothes. They were a canvas of spatter—her shirt dotted with what had to be Mark's sprayed boy-juice, and a long smear where he wiped his fingers free ofs her own fluids. Something about simply throwing on another pair of old jeans felt… wrong… Terri stood in the doorway and willed herself forwards, towards the maple cloud in the kitchen.

Then she groaned and trudged into the bathroom. * * * "Good lea magic believe me i wanna dp, Terri. You're looking… nice," Anne said. Her Mom had on a tight apron with a smiling cartoon cow written on it. "Just waffle me," Terri said, darkly. Her hair kept falling into her eyes, but it just hadn't felt… right unless it was layered in two blonde sheaths around her face.

She scratched at an exposed leg. The jean skirt was daringly high, and her thighs shifted around inside, inviting.

The t-shirt exposed a lot of belly button and was warped by both of her heavy breasts. Anne served her up a triple serving, along with a mound of whipped cream and two kinds of syrup. A slab of bacon was thoughtfully placed on the table, along with pulp-only orange juice. Terri put her head down, and laid into it.

Her Mom not-so-discretely put a brown paper bag next to her. Terri stopped gobbling long enough to glance inside. The bag held a month's worth of birth control pills.

They were pink and large. Terri blushed until she was sure her hair turned pink. Anne didn't say anything else, although the blonde thought she was turning waffles very smugly. "What chores do you have for me?" Terri said, finally. She tried to summon some snakebite, but in truth, the humdrum exertion of chores was starting to get not only routine… but kind of nice.

It was something to do, at least. "Dishes, sweeping, scrubbing, and cleaning out the men's rooms." Darrell and Ronald. Terri thought about sticking out her tongue, but stuck more waffles inside of it, instead. * * * Terri did the dishes in a haze of carbohydrates and steadily increasing sex drive.

Her mind kept replaying last night, each hot-fire touch, each tweak on a sensitive girl part. Which seemed to be almost all of them. So it wasn't until she washed her hands in cold water that she remembered her promise to Mark. To keep an eye out for weirdness. It would be tough to do without a trip into town, but that had been the entire reason for their eager sex-play.

"And…" Terri's libido coaxed "If you find something Mark will be very happy." Suddenly, she felt very alert. * * * The clinic waitroom was empty, again. Paul had done his best.

He had gone out and cleaned up the pigeon crap on the "Planned Parenthood" sign. He had replaced the ancient Redbooks with somewhat up-to-date magazines. It hadn't mattered. Calving was apparently a wasteland of actual family planning. The daddy fucking my princess parts pussyplaying pussyfucking visitors were longtime clients renewing their birth control prescriptions.

And even they looked increasingly uncomfortable, dashing in and out. Ally swiveled on her chair, behind the front desk. To her left, Michelle flipped a pencil back and forth in the air.

They had jointly decided to volunteer at the clinic to fulfill Calving High's ridiculous community service requirement. Then, off to the East Coast for College. It hadn't been the empowering, affirming choice the two friends had imagined. "Get out," Paul threatened, inside big naturals bounce on a hard member his office.

"Get out right now, that's all I have to say." Ally and Michelle looked at each other. Moments later Pastor Flynn walked out of Paul's office, genius gals xxx story sex stories, and still smiling. "I'm not doing any business with you, comprende?" Paul said. He was mid-30s bachelor, with the goatee and the stained and wrinkled button-down.

"I understand perfectly," Flynn said, and shrugged. They locked stares for a moment, and then Paul disappeared back into his office. The Pastor sighed, and ran a hand through oiled black hair. He put his arms on the counter and mildly examined the suspicious duo.

"Ally, right?" he said. "And Michelle?" "Um, yes," Ally said, cautiously. "How do sex small boy small girl xxd com know our names?

And weren't you told to go? Just now?" "Only from his office," Flynn explained. "Plus, a Pastor makes the names of his flock his business." His dark black eyes noticed their Office Lump of candy. Paul kept it filled to the brim with M&Ms. It was one of the few joys Michelle and Ally had. Flynn took a handful. Just a for a moment, it looked like something glittered out of his sleeve, came to rest on the mound of chocolates.

Ally blinked. "So, why did you get kicked out?" Michelle asked, eagerly. She was tall, with brown hair and small brown lips. "I felt like we should discuss matters of mutual interest," Flynn said. "I don't feel like we should be competing. Paul disagreed, as was his right, if not in his best interest." He finished his chocolates, then sucked on his fingers.

"Competition benefits nobody. He'll see that, soon enough. I'll see you two some other time." Then he was gone. * * * The next time Flynn showed up, a week later, it took Paul a half-hour to kick him out.

Ally spent much of it admiring the hem of her new skirt. It was stretchy, which was nice because it really emphasized her ass. But it also meant it kept riding up when she sat down.

Oh well. She took another scoop of candy. In just the past week both her and Michelle had found a passion for chocolates. The big bowl was nearly empty. "What do you think they're doing in there?" Michelle said.

She had visited a salon yesterday, apparently. Her hair, formerly two big clumps on either side of her face, had been pinned up and layered. It was cute. Ally was already thinking about how to destroy her boring ponytail. "Management stuff?" Ally said. "I guess." Michelle put her pencil back in her mouth. She crossed her legs, and a pair of jean shorts strained around her rear. They both had great legs, but the fact was, Michelle was taller then she was.

The heels barely compensated. They used to talk about College, and Majors, and High School. But in the lazy Spring air, waiting for nobody, it had been a lot more fun to talk makeup and clothes and… boys. Lots about boys. "Just go. Go, and don't come back," Paul finally announced, low and threatening. Flynn took his time swaggering out the doors. And he zeroed in on the candies. Apparently he had as much of a sweet tooth as they did.

"Hey Pastor," Ally said, waving. Her bracelets cracked together. "Michelle. Ally," Flynn said. He reached for the M&Ms once more. Paul appeared in the doorway, face lined, then left without a word. "I swear," Flynn said. "Did you girls get taller since I saw you last? You young ladies always surprise me." Ally blushed. The juncture at her legs started to warm up, too. Any sort of compliment from a guy seemed to set her off. "It's just the heels," she confessed.

"Notice anything else?" Michelle said. She had a deep, husky voice, and backed it up by crossing her arms underneath her chest. Both Ally and Michelle had been delighted when they had simultaneously hit a late-adolescence growth spurt. Ally was still getting used to lugging big boobs around. "Just that your immediate superior is an impressively honorable man," Flynn said.

He took another grab for the M&Ms. "It really is too bad he can't be more agreeable. Like you girls." They both flushed again. Compliments hit Ally like a burst of sweets, recently. Whenever a boy admired her skirt or her legs she had to stop and calm down. "You're leaving?" she said, disappointed. "Oh, don't worry," Flynn said. "I'll be back, soon enough." * * * The next week, Flynn didn't come out for a long time. Ally didn't keep track, because she was too busy wondering if she could get away with masturbating in front of Michelle.

Her dress was bright blue, and she had gone into the City to get it. Ally had expected resistance from her Mom. It only reached mid-thigh, the upper part of mid-thigh, and she had flashed her Mom and two clerks while practicing walking in it. But the older woman had cheerfully paid for the sexy outfit. The reason for the trip had been her bobbling boobies. Most of the girls at School had caught Tit Flu, it had seemed.

But hers were titanic. They opened doors. They preceded her into rooms. And they had a mind of their own—which demanded petting and stroking at all times.

So she had gotten special bras. Not that she really needed them. She was hot today. Aroused. Horny. Most days she was hot, it seemed.

The girls at School had discarded jeans for pretty, flippy things that lifted and supported. The boys had become just as randy, showing approval by caressing or stroking whoever walked by. Michelle had on a matching green dress. It was pretty clear that she was feeling pretty horny, too. That pencil of hers kept feeling underneath her open skirt. They liked to talk about boys at school, and who was fucking who.

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She was pretty sure Paul could hear them. It was fun. "No," Paul said, hunted. "No. I can't. It's madness. You're insane." His voice was troubled, nearly broken. "Leave." This time Flynn was beaming as he stepped outside. Both girls flew out of their chairs, up against the side of the desk.

"Hi Pastor!" Ally sang. Her hair bounced around in gold circles. "Hey girls," Flynn said. "You want some candy?" "I love candy," Michelle said, and winked. So did Ally. Flynn produced two huge pink ovals from the sleeve of his suit.

"Go ahead," he said, and they eagerly swallowed them. "Kind of medicin-y," Ally said "But, uh, I like it!" Flynn smiled at her, and she nearly dripped into her panties. Then she actually did. "Girls, what are you accomplishing here, exactly?" he said, serious all of a sudden. "Huh? I don't know… stopping babies and stuff… I guess," Ally said. This sounded like school. And school itself had become super boring, lately. Ally hadn't done her homework in weeks.

The teachers hadn't minded. "Yeah," Flynn said. "Does that seem right to you?" Actually, now that the Pastor mentioned it… a lot of the girls at School had confided in the fun of bare-backing, letting a boy fill you with his incredible lesbos enjoy eating out until cumming amateur babe.


Plus there was all the sexy girls in town, parading around with big bellies. The boys nearly walked into cars when they saw them walking around. They had been talking about it for most of the week. Those that were knocked-up High Schoolers seemed proud of it. "I guess… it's bad?" Michelle said, nose wrinkled. "It is," Flynn nodded. "I mean, you girls are young. Wouldn't it be so nice if you were pregnant together, getting big and fat, sharing the experience?" Ally and Michelle stared at each other.

Ally imagined Michelle swelling up, her mammoth boobs getting even bigger, the two of them stroking at each other as they grew. "Um, I got to go to the bathroom, Pastor Flynn," Ally said. "Scuse me." "Me too!" Michelle squeaked. "Then don't let me detain you, ladies," Pastor Flynn said, and took a parting scoop of M&Ms.

"Remember, cooperation. I just wish Paul would." * * * The bathroom wasn't really big enough for two, unless they pushed up against each other. Ally had to reach up to kiss Michelle's hungry, insistent mouth.

And their tits, mashing together, made her even more hard to reach. But Ally made it happen anyways. Their boobs rolled around, up against each other.

Nipples touched and rubbed together, and fireworks kicked at her head. With her free hand Michelle reached underneath Ally's dress, fit her hand underneath her panties. "You're juicy," she noted, eyes glazed. Ally did the same. Michelle wasn't even wearing panties.

Ally giggled, and moved her hand around inside the hot, wet folds. They stood there, pumping at each other, balanced impossibly on heels as they moved back and forth. It should've been impossible to stay steady, not to mention also rub hard against budding clits. But they managed. "Flynn was so fucking right," Ally hummed, into Michelle's ear.

"Oh god. You hear that Erin and Paula and Carrie got pregnant, mom and daughter offer a special treat for officer All from Tom, he fucked all of them." "We could have babies together," Michelle said. "You and me. Best friends and mommies together." They came at the same time, shivering and teetering in each other's arms. Later, Ally knelt between Michelle's legs, as the brown-haired girl leaned back on the toilet seat.

She sat upright. "Ally, I think I know how we can get some cum in us," she said. "If we work together." * * * "You're sick," Paul groaned.

Ally urged him onwards, towards the orgasm she could feel coming. Soon Paul would fill her up with his sexy, baby-making sperms, get her all pregnant and fat. Just like Michelle, who was in the office chair, her legs up on the table. She had her hand protectively over the outside of her cunt, to keep Paul's cum inside. Her other hand rolled her nipple around in her palm.

Flynn stood respectfully in a corner, calm in his dark black suit. "I can see that you're busy with your staff," he said. "I can come back later. Maybe I'll bring a pregnancy test with me?" That did it.

Ally squeezed again, at the shaft inside her. She was bent over the side of Paul's desk, tits out, head bumping against his laptop. He had both hands on her ass, and kept pumping until his entire cock was inside her. Their plan had only taken a week. Day one, they came in wearing matching pink skirts, and made a point of bending over in their halter tops when Paul was around.

Day two, they did the same, only without panties. By day three Paul had been pitching a permanent tent pole, and was sweating the entire day. At Day Five, on Ally's suggestion, they had brought vibrators into the office, and buried them up their snatches while simply sitting around. Paul had hot babe with hot big tits toying her pink outside, seen their buzzing and giggling, and hadn't said a word.

On Day Six he had finally given in, grabbing Michelle like a wild animal and, grunting, running his hands over her marquetta jewel gets titfucked and bukkake cumshots brunette body. But he had insisted on wearing a condom when they finally fucked, even if the plastic sheath had barely fit over his cock.

Day seven, Ally and Michelle had made their joint demand. If he wanted more tender teenage ass, it was bare or nothing. Paul hadn't taken long to decide. Paul came. Wonderful hot stuff filled her. Ally came too, a million images of milky tits and fat tummies overwhelming her thoughts. They had both deferred college. It seemed boring stuff anyway. Paul stayed inside her, panting. "What did you do to us?" he said, defeated. "Some sort of chemical? Why can't I resist this?

Why aren't I going to the police?" "Paul," Flynn said, smoothly. "You're just learning to cooperate. You've become part of the flock. Just let it happen." "You mean, part of the herd," Paul said. But he was already growing hard again. "I'll do it. Give me those pills. Although I don't know what more you can do to this town." Flynn grinned. "Oh, I think plenty," he said.