My wifes mother is boozed and horny mother in law forced and mother in law taboo

My wifes mother is boozed and horny mother in law forced and mother in law taboo
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FOREWORD: This story is complete FICTION, involving underage sex, if that does not appeal to you, japanese cute and oldman kissing porn should leave this thread. Don't bother flaming, I have had enough flames to burn down a city. Thank you. This is reposted in one piece because of requests. Also hopefully I have edited out the typos and omitted words.

The story has been completed with much addition. Cast of characters: Debbie 4, Donna 7, Darlene 9, Dixie, 11, Mom is Mrs. Dawn Wilson; Mr. Roberts is her boyfriend; babysitter is Hal.

Lainie, Sept. 7, 2008. Views parts 1,2,3 nearly 20,000 to date. Since this is such a long story, maybe an hour or more reading it, I am re-dividing and re-titling the parts in case you want to do it in parts. BABYSITTER DELUXE Part One the Surprise I was babysitting the four kids I usually did every weekend.

they were 4, 7, 9 and 11. One day after I had just finished the dishes after fixing their dinner, Debbie the 4 yr old comes up to me and says: "I want you to show me about sex, I saw Mama and Mr. Roberts fucking last night, it looked like fun to me, will you show me about it?" I thought real hard for a few minutes not answering her. She again said: "Please show me about it, I really want to know".

I finally said: "Why don't you ask your sisters about it?" and she replied: "They said they didn't know anything about it.

They didn't see Mama and Mr. Roberts." So I said: "How long did you watch and didn't they know you were there?" Her reply blew me away: " I was sleeping with Mama and Mr. Roberts, and he and Mama started kissing, then they took off all their clothes, and he had this big thing sticking out. Mama laid down and Mr. Roberts got between her legs and stuck her with that thing. I thought it must really hurt she started screaming in a little while." I asked her what was wrong, and is he hurting you, and she said: '"Oh no, he is making me feel so good." and then I asked he what were they doing, and she told me: "This is sex, its called fucking, all people do it, it feels so good." Then I said: "Can I do it too?" and she said: "No you are too little" "Well, Hal, I don't think I am too little, do you?" My eyes rolled back in my head, as I though of my reply, then my dick kicked in, so I said: "No, you aren't too little to learn, now go take your bath and get in bed." She said: "OK but come to kiss me goodnight." PART TWO DEBBIE LEARNS ABOUT SEX I put the other kids to bed and then went into her room.

When I started to tuck her in and kiss her goodnight, she said: "I want you to show me about sex right now" So what else could I do. I went and locked the bedroom door. She asked me to undress and get into bed with her, so I did. She was naked under the covers. She wanted to kiss me, and she reached down and petted my dick.

Naturally it was standing at attention. She said, show me what that thing is and tell me about it. So I threw off the covers and explained to her about the different parts and the balls. She put her little hand all over me and gently held and rubbed my balls.

Then she said: "I saw Mama put Mr. Roberts's whole thing in her mouth, can I do that, now?" I told her that I didn't think she could get much of it in her mouth, but she could try. She put her mouth over it and got about two inches in. It really felt good, I never had my dick inside a mouth before, WOW!

Then she said, that she saw her mom holding it and rubbing her hand up and down on it, like this, she said. That felt even better. Next thing I know I am cumming in her mouth and she is just drinking it down. It really caught me by surprise. She said, that really tasted good, what was it, was it pee? I told her it wasn't and that it was boy milk, that could make babies. Then she wanted to know if that would make a baby for her. I told her that it had to be somewhere else to do that.

Well, now I thought its time for her to learn about pussy. So then I told hot blonde milf with big tits fucking with doll to lie back down, and spread her legs wide. I told her that I was going to show her about sex now and that it would really feel good.

I put my finger in my mouth and got it real wet, then I rubbed it up and down her little slit, going inside the outer flaps. She said: " That really feels nice, will you do it some more?" I told her that I would. So next I told her that I was going to show her something else she would like. I moved around so I could put my mouth over her pussy and started licking her. then I took one finger and rubbed to find her little fucking hole.

I found it and put my finger in it just a little and wiggled it around a lot. My god, I didn't know girls that little could get so wet. They must be born that way, I thought. So now I was sucking and licking her clit and fucking her with my finger. She tasted a little like lemon. She started really wiggling around, and told me to keep on doing it. My hand was getting tired, but I thought I would go on and see what happened. All of a sudden she squealed and went rigid, then a minute later went totally limp.

I think I gave to her, her very first orgasm, at four years old. After she rested a few minutes, she noticed my dick was hard again, and she told me she wanted me to stick it in her so she could feel as good as her mom did.

With some misgivings, and thinking about jail and the electric chair, I rubbed my dick up and down her wet little slit. I told her I didn't think it could go inside.

She loved it and said: "Don't stop, put it in me!" So not being sure if it would fit or if it would hurt her, I gently pushed against her little tiny rosy pink hole.

My god, again! The head slipped right in, and she squealed with joy. I guess the finger fucking took care of stretching her maidenhead. So I carefully and gently stirred my dick around inside of her hot pink little pussy and slowly pushed farther in. When it was about three inches in I hit the end of her love tunnel, and since I didn't want to hurt her, pulled back out a little bit, still slipping it in and out.

She appeared to be on her way to another smashing orgasm, so I just kept on letting her set the pace. Before long she repeated the earlier performance. I was getting very close to coming myself and so kept on pumping her, she was making small sounds of pleasure with every thrust.

I told her if she wanted some more boy milk, now was the time, she said uh huh, so I told her to open her mouth wide. I pulled out of her tight little slit and then moved up over her head.

She immediately put her lips on my dick and tried to suck it down. She was again able to get only about 2 inches or a little more in her mouth, so I told her to put her hands around me, and move them up and down on me, and then she would get her tasty treat in a minute. She vigorously jacked me off into her mouth and suddenly I said: "OK here it is!" I squirted at least 8 squirts in her mouth and she swallowed it as fast as she could, only a little leaked out of her lips.

When I was done, she licked the rest off her lips after I withdrew. I said: "Was that good, Sweety," and she said that it was so good and she wanted more next time I was here. She then asked me to let her lay on me. I let her come over on top of me face down with her head nestled against my neck.

She soon went to sleep. I gently rolled her over, without waking her, covered her up and put on my clothes. Her mother came in the next morning and asked me if the kids were good and was everything OK. I said they were great and things couldn't be better. (They really couldn't be!) So she paid me the $50 for the weekend babysitting and I left, thinking about the next week already Lets see there was Donna 7, Darlene 9, and Dixie 11, still to teach.

Wow, I had my own sex school going. PART THREE THE ORGY WEEKEND BEGINS Mrs. Wilson called me on Thursday and asked if I could babysit on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

She had to go out of town on business for her company. She said she would pay me $300 for the weekend and give me extra money to get take out food for the girls.

So I was supposed to be there at 5PM on Friday. I rang the bell and walked in after Dawn (Mrs. Wilson) opened the door. She went to get her purse to pay me and the 4 girls all came running over to me and gave me hugs and kisses.

Little 4 yr old Debbie didn't want to let go of me. Mrs. Wilson came back in the living room and gave me $450. She said if there was any left I could keep it. She was making much more than that as a result of this trip. She had already packed her bags and called a taxi to take her to the airport. So in a few minutes I was alone with my soon to be harem. The first thing I did after she left was tell the girls to sit on the sofa together.

I said here are the rules: You will do exactly as I say or I will tell your mom erotic chick blows cock in pov and gets soft muff penetrated she returns. You will not fight or argue with each other. You will play together nicely at whatever games we decide on. While watching TV or movies you will also will not argue or fight over anything. Is that clear?

One at a time you will beautiful little sweetie gets her yummy slit and tight ass hole fucked up and tell me what the rules are.

So each one stood up and more or less quoted me on the rules. I said OK. Now who is hungry? Immediately I heard of chorus of I am's. So I said to them: What would you like to have for supper? Two of them said chicken, Debbie said "YOU" and the other one said pizza. They all laughed at Debbie's outburst, and had no clue why she said that. She had promised me to say nothing to the other girls. So I called the KFC and ordered fried chicken and sides to each ones taste. Dixie, 11, was the one that wanted pizza, so I told her that we would have pizza on Saturday.

{This is a realistically written story with no skips so if you want the sex you will have to skip down to it, wherever it comes out. I am merely writing as I am dictated to by the spirits so I have no idea where this is father fuck sleeping doter xstory and was I surprised} We all finished eating our chicken and tossing out the trash, and I asked Dixie, 11, and Darlene, 9, to take the trash out to the garbage. They did so in short order.

PART FOUR DEBBIE GETS SOME MORE After that, I asked the girls what did they want to do now? They quickly agreed on watching a favorite dvd. So I started it for them. They were sitting on the floor and I sat on the couch. Soon Debbie, 4, came to the couch and sat down by me.She whispered so the others couldn't hear, can we go to my room now?

I told her very softly OK I would make an excuse. I said more loudly. OH, Debbie has spilled something on her dress so I will go with her to take care of it.

Don't worry if it takes a while we are going to wash it. We got up and went to the room that was Debbie's. She quickly pulled off her dress and panties, shoes and socks, standing in front of me stark naked.

Then she said take off your clothes too. I said no, we have to put your dress in the washer first. She said OK, and paraded down the hall naked with me to the washer. I didn't worry about this, because I had helped the girls with cuts and things and their baths before, so none of them had any qualms about being naked in front of me. But Debbie is the only one that saw me naked till now. We put her clothes in and then started the machine after adding some soap. Then we marched back down the hall to her room.

I called out to the girls: " Debbie wants me to read to her before she goes to sleep." They answered: "All right," so we went into Debbie's room and locked the door. She jumped on the bed, spread her legs out as wide as she could and said Hal, fuck me now, please, I waited all week for you.

I told her she was still awfully young to be wanting sex that much, but she said forcefully NO I AM NOT. The she said Hal, take off your clothes now. So I stripped everything off, and climbed on the bed with her after making sure the door was locked. She said I want to suck your thing now and get some of your boy milk, can I?

What's a poor boy to do at a time like this, so I told her: "OK, you know what to do, right?" She answered: "Of course I do, did you think I would forget, dummy?" I laughed and said: "No I didn't think you would forget." So I straddled her with my dick in her face, and she gobbled it up (at least as far as she could), and started sucking and jacking me off. I told her: "Wait a minute, stop!" She said: after removing me from her mouth, "Why?" I said: "I have something else to show you.

Remember these things, I said, holding my balls up to her?" She answered: "Yes, you said they would make boy milk for me and could make babies in me, if I was old enough." So I told her: "That's right, but I want you to carefully put each one in your mouth, one at a time, and swirl your tongue around on them." She said: "What is swirl?" I told her it means move your tongue around in a circle.

She said: "OK" and put my left ball in her mouth, and tongued it well. Then she took the right one and did it too. I told her then: "You did that really good, now you can go ahead and drink my boy milk now." She took hold of me and put the end and more in her mouth and continued sucking me and jacking me off, until I said: "Debbie, I am going to cum now!" I had already told her what cum means and what her orgasms were last time. She sucked harder, and when I squirted into her mouth she swallowed every drop of it and kept on sucking until I was too sensitive to keep on.

I sat back down beside her both of us now on the edge of the bed, and said to her: "You didn't say anything about this to your sisters, did you?" She told me she had not. So I asked her if she thought the other girls would like to learn how to do these things.

She answered me emphatically YES. OK, I thought, maybe we can make it a game, so I asked her if she thought that was good. She said: "No, I want us all to shower together in the tub, you too. I said ok but you have to get them to do it. She answered: " I will right now." I said: " OK, now you run into the living room naked and tell them you want us to all shower together." She agreed and went out quickly, running.

PART FIVE CUM GAMES IN THE BATHROOM In a minute, the other 3 girls came into the room and saw me nude and asked me if it was OK if we all showered together.

I said sure, and I can wash you and yasmines solo metal compilation fingering and brunette you, and let you do it to me.

Katja kassin 02 tube porn had not seen my dick before, so they approached me and asked me why do you have that thing and we don't. That was the 7 yr old speaking.

The 9yr old and 11 yr old just laughed at her. Dixie said that is the difference between boys and girls. Then Dixie,11, said to me, can I touch it, I never saw one before. I told her to be my guest, and quickly the other two girls said they wanted to touch it too. Suddenly I felt it starting to stiffen, and Dixie noticed it right away and said what is happening, it is getting longer and raising up.

I told the girls, well this is something that happens when a boy sees a girl or a girl touches him. So Dixie was really feeling around me and then she lifted up my balls and said what are these things? I said I will let your youngest sister tell you because she knows. They looked at her and said: " Really? How you do you know, you are only four." She said you would be surprised how much I know.

It's more than you do, haha" I told Debbie to go ahead tell them what they do. She said: "Well these things are called balls, and they make boy milk. It squirts out of the end of this thing," grabbing my dick "and it can make babies inside you if it goes there, but it really tastes good." Whups, I hadn't counted on that one. Donna, 7, and Darlene, 9, both said: "ugh," and Debbie hot lesbians love fingering each others pussy away said: "Look, I will show you." She grabbed my dick and stuck it in her mouth as far as she could and started jacking me off and sucking again.

Of course it was really hard now. In a just a minute or two I told her I was going to cum and to take it out and squirt it on her chest. So she did. There were about 7 squirts of stringy white juice splattered all over her upper body. She quickly scooped up a finger full and sucked it off her finger. She told the other girls to try it, it is really good. So I watched 3 girls, 7, 9, and 11, scooping my cum off of four year old Debbie and licking it off their fingers.

Soon Dixie, 11, said to me: "Can you make some more, I want to do what she was doing." Watching them had me hard again already, so I told her yes but not to bite, just suck and rub her tongue around on it until I squirt and then hold it in her mouth and share it with the other two older girls.

She said: "OK" and put my very stiff dick in her mouth, she was able to get about 4 inches in. She took it out and said: "Can I put it all in my mouth?" I told her if she could do it, it was all right with me. She made a glorious effort to get the whole 6 inches in her mouth and down her throat.

She gagged once, but managed to get it all in. Debbie came over and started sucking on one of my balls, and Darlene followed with the other one.

That left out the 7 year old Donna, so I said come here Donna, I will show you how to kiss like grown ups. Open your mouth and put your tongue in my mouth and let me put mine in yours and then we will lick each other inside our mouths. She came right over, clamped her lips on mine with her mouth open and started lashing my tongue with hers. I never imagined anything could be this great. My dick in one little girl's mouth, my balls in the mouths of two more little girls, and one tongue-kissing me to death.

I told Darlene to switch with Donna, so she did. Now I was ready to squirt again, so I told Dixie: "OK - here it comes, save it all in your mouth, pull out to the tip so you have room." She did. I squirted and squirted, I think more than before. I removed my dick from Dixie, and told her: "OK now, share it with Donna and Darlene.

She put her mouth against theirs and ejected a portion of my cum into each of them. Then I saw her swallow the rest. I watched the other two girls, swishing it around in their mouths and then swallowing also.

When they were done, I said; "How did you like that?" Debbie said: " I wanted some more, not fair." Dixie said: " I want more too." Donna said: "That tasted sort of funny but I like it, I want some more." Darlene said: "I want to do that to you and get all of it." PART SIX THE OATH I told the girls that this would for sure always have to be our secret or we would all get into a whole lot of trouble for it.

Only big girls are supposed to do this. I said I want all of you to take an oath. That is something that is such a big promise you might die if you break your promise.

Dixie said: "What is the oath?" I sent Dixie for her mom's bible; then I put it on the bed and said to them: "I want each of you in turn to put your left hand on the bible and your right hand up and swear on GOD and Jesus that you will never tell anyone what we do here or you will be struck down dead." So each little girl did just that.

After they finished I told them, now that it is our secret, we are going to have a lot of fun together. So you wanted to shower first, let's get those clothes off and into the wash, all of them. PART SEVEN PLAYING IN THE SHOWER I watched the 7, 9, and 11 year old girls quickly strip out of their outer clothes, then take off their panties.

Dixie also had a slip on under her dress. We put the clothes in the washer, after removing Debbie's, and started the machine. Then I went into the bathroom first and got the water just right for us. I thought a minute and told Darlene to go turn off the washer till we were done. So she did. I watched her cute little butt go out of the bathroom and turn into the hallway.

She soon came back and said: " Its OK now." We all stepped over the tub rim and I pulled the curtain making sure it was inside the tub, then started the water. I said to them we will go in this order, Dixie first, she's the oldest, then Darlene, then Donna, then Debbie.

DIXIE Now while I wash you, you can play with my body anyway you want, all of you. I stood right in front of naked Dixie, who was starting to get some nice little boobs. I brunette latina desperate for cash gets fucked in the pawnshop the washrag and loofa handy, squirted soap on my hand and rubbed it on her neck and then down to her boobs and back, giving her a good massage all the time. I really gave her breasts a good working over.

Then I told her; "Try this and tell me if you like it," and I sucked her left nipple into my mouth and tongued it furiously. She moaned and said: "Ohhhh, yes." I then did her right one, and told her that is how it feels when a baby nurses on you for milk.

She told me it really felt good, and also made her feel funny inside her belly. I told her that was normal, it was called sexual arousal, and that everything we did tonight was called SEX. Of course the other girls all took this in so I didn't have to re-explain later.

Donna piped up and said: "I really like sex." Darlene and Debbie chimed in and said: "Me too." I reminded them that they had taken a holy oath to never say anything to anyone, but we could have all the fun we wanted, and that I had more good stuff to show them. Debbie, 4, the little non-virgin said to them: "Ha, I had that stuff first and you will really like it too." Then the saucy tiny little girl came up to me and sucked my dick back into her mouth again.

She didn't let go the entire time I was washing the other three girls except when she couldn't reach me. I had done Dixie's back and boobs, and belly so I told her to open her legs as wide as she can. She did. I said: "Have you ever rubbed yourself here," reaching and rubbing her clit? She said: "No, but that feels funny and good." I told her I would show her how to make herself feel good, and that she could do it herself or let one of her sisters do it for her.

I began rubbing her clit and playing with her little projecting labia too. Her eleven year old nipples were still very stiff and as I rubbed her hot spots, she started moaning, and telling me it felt so good. Then I put a finger in her vagina as far as I could and rubbed it all around.

Was she ever wet. I followed it with two more after asking her if it felt good. Of course she said: "Yes, keep doing it to me." Pretty soon she was really bucking into my hand, Debbie cameltoe teen in ultra tight leggins amazing ass and tits watching with a little smirk on her face, she was the only one that knew what was going to happen.

Then the eleven year old Dixie started moaning louder and louder and bucking harder until she really screamed and stiffened for a good minute, while I kept on. When she gathered her senses blond girl and skinny store owner get fucked for money threesome brunette, she said: " What happened to me?" I answered saying that you just had your very first cum or orgasm, and you can do it as often as you like.

Just don't let you mom catch any of you girls playing with each other, or doing this, OK? And don't forget to be very quiet when you are doing this. All of them answered they weren't going to let their mom know anything or catch them. I also said that heavy tits blonde pussy licked and fucked brooke wylde day your mom will want to tell you all about this but you MUST pretend like you didn't know anything about it, OK?

They all chorused OK. I finished off Dixie's legs and feet, and told her to get out and dry off and go lay down on her bed and if she wanted to rub herself some more to go to it. DARLENE Next up was Darlene, 9, a really cute little girl with long black hair. Her little mons was really sticking out, and a tiny nubbin of her busty lili masturbating her slit exhibitionist masturbation was visible very shiny and wet.

She had nice dark areolas, but they were only about quarter size and her nipples right now were flush. I would fix that first. So I began by sucking on her nipples. When they were good and stiff, I started soaping her back and upper body. She said she wanted me to make her cum too. I said let me get you cleaned up first, so she grudgingly agreed.

I washed her hair then finished her legs and feet. Now it was party time in her slit. She was so anxious, she asked me twice if I could do it now. I told her that I don't know if she is old enough to cum like her sister, but that Debbie was able to, so maybe she could, we would just have to see. I said I will do something different and better for you.

So I stood her up on the edge of the tub, with the water off and the curtain drawn. That let me bend over a little bit and put my mouth on her clit. I sucked it all in and started tongue-lashing it fast. She squealed and began bucking toward me, I then gave her my fingers in her tight little 9 year old cunny, and really gave her a good finger fucking.

She seemed to be in little girl heaven. What a big smile was on her face. Soon she stiffened and screamed: "Oh Yes." I worked her some more gently until she seemed OK, then told her to go dry off while I washed Donna, 7. DONNA Donna immediately climbed up on the ledge and said you have to do that to me first, then wash me. I agreed and streaming sex mofos full sex stories on her little pink nipples with the dime size areolas around them, a really pretty pink.

She had blonde hair and very light skin with such a pretty pink color to her little cunt labias. I found that she was already dripping wet in her sweet little pussy, so I sucked her little clitty into my mouth and gave it the same treatment I gave her 9 year old sister Darlene.

Then I gave her my fingers. First one, as deep as I could, then added two more and really stirred them around. She was moaning and looking very happy all this time. Then she stiffened, screamed: "Ahhhhh," and stayed stiffened with her back arched for at least a full minute.

When she came down I told her to jump down, started the water and began washing her all over. I washed her hair with shampoo, rinsed it off, then ran my soap hand all over her little flat titties and still hard nipples. I washed her back next giving her a nice little massage. I told her now to put up one leg on the ledge.

I washed that leg and her tiny feet, playing with her toes. She seemed to really like that. So I lifted her leg up and bent down and sucked on each of her toes. She squealed her approval to me and wanted me to do the other foot too. I had her switch legs, and moved to the other side of her, making Debbie let go of my dick while I moved. The little girl had pulled my dick backwards so she could suck it from behind me. I washed Donna's other leg, and lifted and bent to suck all of her other toes.

Again she seemed to really like it. She said that she bet the other girls would like me to do that to them. I had her face me now, with Debbie sucking me from behind, and told her to spread her legs as far as she could. She did so, and then I washed her cunny with my soapy finger, then rinsed her pussy all off. But first I got my soapy little finger to rub around her asshole.

She liked six xxx hours or gril way that felt, so I told her to relax, push out, and feel this. I then inserted my little finger inside her butthole, and wiggled it around. She told me liked that and keep on. I told her then we could do more things later, but needed to get out and dry off now.

I made Debbie let go of me. I told Donna to go get on her mother's bed with the other two girls. DEBBIE Now, Debbie the 4yr old, climbed up on the ledge right away and said: "I want some more boy milk." I told her OK, but let me lick you first, then you can get it, and then I will wash you.

She agreed and I started on her little slit and hole too. I can't believe how this tiny little girl can orgasm, but she actually had TWO. I let her get down and stand in the tub with my dick in her face and she promptly gulped it down as far as she could. She made 3 inches this time, getting better with practice, I suppose. I didn't take long with her jacking me off into her little mouth for me to shoot hot cum again down her hot little throat. She again swallowed every drop and kept sucking until I had to make her stop.

I washed her back giving her a good massage, and then her little arms and legs. I shampooed her hair and rinsed it, then I had her sit on the ledge, stick her legs out for me to wash.

I then sucked on her toes like I did for Donna. She squealed in delight as I did each toe. Then I planted a kiss on her hot wet little pussy, sucked her to another orgasm, and impaled her on my dick, holding her butt with my hands and her legs around my waist being careful not to push too far inside her, so I wouldn't hurt her any. Then I shot another big load of cum into her pussy.

I put her back on the ledge and sucked it out of her. But she said: "Put it in my mouth I want to drink it." So I took my mouth full of cum and her juices, kissed her and spit the entire drink into her mouth, whereupon she swished it around and then swallowed it. She told me that it was even better coming from inside her. I told her to get out of the shower and I would dry her off. So I dried her back and neck and hair, then dried her legs, running my fingers up and down her slit and ass crack.

She was bucking up against me as did that. I sucked on her toes again, finished drying her, and told her to get on her mom's bed. I picked up the wet towels and took them to the washer, put them in with the other clothes and restarted the machine. As I walked down the hall I saw through the bedroom doors that they were all on their mom's bed, still naked and playing with each other.

They still didn't know about cunnilingus yet. But were their fingers ever getting a work out inside the little cunts. I got a big blanket out of the closet and put it on the front room floor with pillows from the beds. Then I called them to come outdoors banging session with desirable teenager ursula blonde and toys the living room.

I asked if you girls were ready for some more lessons? A loud chorus of YES answered me. PART EIGHT LEARNING ABOUT SEX The girls all jumped off their mom's bed where they had been playing with each other's pussies and ran into the living room when I called them. I told them to get down on the blanket I put on the floor and get comfortable with the pillows. Then we would learn some more about sex. They are sitting in a sort of semicircle facing me and I am near one corner of the blanket.

I said to Debbie, now you can tell them what else we did, and what things are called. So this lovely, hot looking, little, now sexy, 4 year old, stands up in the middle of the group and begins: " I love sex because it feels soo good. I had Hal FUCK me, and I want to do it again and again." Dixie let out a gasp, and said, "OHHH I thought that was so dirty and nasty!" Debbie said: "No everybody does it, I saw mama and Mr.

Roberts doing it, and she sucked on his thing until he came, then she laid down and he got on top of her, and stuck his thing in her all the way and kept pushing and pulling it in and out until he came again after she did. She really liked it a lot." Donna and Darlene looked wide eyed at Debbie and said: "You really mean that they did that?

That Mr. Roberts and mamma were really fucking?" Debbie the little darling four year old said, "Of course, I saw them, that's why I asked Hal to do it to me last week. We should all let Hal fuck us, it is so good." Darlene said, "but why do people do that?" I answered her with: "People do it because it feels so good, and you know what it is like to cum.

Well it makes you cum even better. That is how codi carmichal bounces on a hard cock are made when the boy cums inside the girl. And oh yes, let us stop calling this, pointing to my dick, a thing.

It has many names as do your parts down there between your legs." Donna said: "What do you call it then?" I said: "The official name is Penis, spelled P E N I S. But people usually call it a dick, or peter, or prick, or cock. I know one boy that calls his John Henry. I like the word dick best, so can we use it for this," pointing to my own?

All the girls said: "OK we will call it your dick now. Can we have it again?" Then Dixie said: "Tell us what you call our things, please" I replied: " Dixie lay down and spread your legs out. You other girls get where you can see between her legs." They did, and I spread her outer lips as far apart as I could. I said: "this little thing, up here is called the clitoris, usually just clit for short.

Its only purpose is for your pleasure. These things, pointing are the inner lips or labia. This flat outer part is called the large labia. Labia means lips." Spreading her open more, I said, after sticking a finger in her vagina: "This is called a vagina, and it has a little thin skin across it, sometimes called a hymen, or maidenhead.

When you put something inside for the first time it stretches or breaks and there might be a little blood and pain. But Nerdy chick kimberly moss in surprised sex with a huge cock guy had none of that, when I put my dick inside her vagina.

That also means that Debbie is not a virgin and all of you are. A virgin means a girl that has had a dick inside her vagina." Then I pointed to her pee hole, and said: "This is where the pee comes out, Dixie show them bound mature euro gets cum on ass after sex squirting just a little." She did so they could see.

I told them it is called the urethra, I learned that in science class last year at school." I said that the outside is called a vulva, but the common name most people use is pussy for all of it, also cunt, twat, quim, and cunny. I said let us all just call it a pussy. I took my dick in hand and opened the end of it. I said: "this hole is also called the urethra, not only does the boy milk, called cum or semen, come out of it but so does pee when I have to do it." PART NINE PEE GAMES IN THE BATHROOM They immediately busty blond pole dancing and pounded by two hunk dudes "We want to see you pee through it" So I told them to come into the bathroom where they all watched me piss.

Dixie stuck her hand in the stream and tasted it.


Then the other 3 girls wanted to do the same so they did. I asked them if they liked the taste, and they all said it was hot and salty, but they could stand some of it.

Then I told them that some people play pee games and pee on each other or drink the pee. At once they all jumped up and down and said: "Let's do it, let's do it, can we, huh?" I really had something like fucking on my mind instead, but decided that what the heck, why not? So we all stayed in the bathroom. I asked them what they wanted to do first and Dixie said: "I want all of us to pee on you first, then you can pee on us." I said: "OK, all at once or one at a time." Dixie said, appearing to be the ringleader now:" I think we should all get over you with you laying flat in the tub and we all pee at the same time." I thought that is going to be some bath.

I told them all to go into the kitchen and drink 2 full glasses water each. Then we would wait a little so they had lots of pee. Meantime I thought well I could pee on them. So I said to the girls, after you drink your water and while we wait for it to go through you, I will pee on you, I have plenty right now. They thought that was a great idea and went for it. So they drank their water, then we all went into the bathroom. Suddenly the phone rang.

Dixie ran to answer it. In a few seconds she said: "Hal, its Mama for you." So I went to the nearest phone and said: "Hi Mrs. Wilson, how is your trip going?" She responded: Very well, and I hope the girls aren't giving you any trouble." I said: "No, I gave them the rules for behaving and they have been perfect little angels for me." (Yes, really they have!) She asked: "What did you do for dinner?" and I told her we got some chicken, and tomorrow we would get pizza.

She said that was fine and she had to go now, but gave me a number to reach her in case anything happened. So back into the bathroom where the slutty sweeties screw the biggest strapon dildos and spray cum everywhere were waiting for me.

I said I get to choose the order I pee on you, they agreed. I put Dixie in the tub on her back and hosed her down from her face to her pussy, putting lots of piss on her clit. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out to taste it again. She looked like it felt good. I told her to shower off and dry off. She did, and I picked Debbie the little one next. I put her down in the tub and gave her the same treatment. She said: "That feels really nice, like a warm shower." I smiled and told her OK to shower and dry off.

Since I thought my pee tank was running low, I saved Donna and Darlene the 7 and 9 year olds for last telling them I needed to make more pee before I pee on Donna and Darlene. I told the girls that I was now going to lay down in the tub and they should get over me in order, Debbie on my face, Donna next behind her, Dixie next, then Darlene.

I told Darlene be sure to get all my legs and feet, you can move around. I told Dixie to be sure you pee real misterfake tight pussy pornstar causes agent issues tube porn on my dick. And all around it. She said: "Yeah, I am going to soak your balls, too." I told Debbie its ok to pee all over my face and hair.

I will keep my eyes closed. So the girls are all in position squatting over me, and the game is ready to begin. I asked if they were ready, they assured me they were, so I told them when I say go, start to pee, and keep on till you are empty. I opened my mouth so I could drink pee from Dixie, since they liked it so much, I thought I would try it. I yelled "GO!" and was immediately rewarded with the wonderful feeling like warm water running all over me and the sound of the 4 girls pissing was really amazing.

They started moving around on me to get all of me and it really felt good. Never thought getting peed on would be so nice.

Since they had so much water, it lasted a while and the pee was really more like water than yellow pee. When they all ran dry, I said to them to get up, but stay in the tub while I get up.

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I did, with the pee dripping off of me, closed the curtain and said let's get showered off again. Darlene being closest to the spout turned on the shower and we all rinsed off. I remembered I still had to pee on Donna and Darlene. We all got out and dried off, then I started to remind Donna and Darlene I still had to pee on them, but they beat me to it, saying pee on me now, pee on me.

I told them they would have to wait a few minutes while I drank some water and let it soak through me. So we went back into the living room, I got some water, 3 glasses, and sat on the couch. Dixie immediately grabbed my dick and plunged it into her mouth.

Followed quickly by Donna and Darlene trying to play with my balls at the same time. I told Debbie to stand up and put her pussy in my face, so I could lick her. After I gave Debbie another orgasm, can't believe that little girl, I suggested we go back to the bathroom for more pee games. I laid Donna down in the tub and hosed her down good pissing on her from head to toe with extra squirts on her clitty. She opened her mouth to drink as much as she could.

I then had her shower off. Then I peed all over Darlene. She seemed to really like it and stuck her tongue out to cassie courtland is a lovely chic who has long blo some on it and in her mouth just like Donna did. They seemed to like the taste and warmth of it. Unbelievably Dixie said: "Let us pee in your mouth, and brett rossi loves blacked raw hi res pee in ours some more.

I sighed and told them OK. I got back into the tub laying down and told them to get over my mouth sit on it and pee into my open mouth, Dixie first, Debbie last, by age. Dixie got over me and put her hot little cunt right on my face, I spread her lips and told her to go.

She didn't know I had already tasted her piss. She gave me a good stream right into my mouth. Didn't taste bad either, but they had some more water since the first.

Next was nine year old Darlene. I spread her little lips and told her to pee She did till she was empty too. Next was Donna the cute little blonde 7 year old. I spread her little cunt wide and told her to pee.

That was followed by Debbie the 4 year old. Who by now was happy to do anything I suggested. We went back into the living room on the blanket on the floor. I got 3 more glasses of water. So after drinking the water, and waiting a few minutes while Donna sucked on me and the other girls played with my balls, Donna on the couch and me standing in front of her this time. The other two were on the floor reaching up to me.

I said its time now. So all of us went back to the bathroom. Bet they never think of peeing the emily marilyn fetish sensation tube porn after this. I told Donna to stand in the tub with Darlene next to her facing me. I was so hard I couldn't pee, so I slapped my dick until it softened, then I hosed them both down.

I said open your mouths, and placed my dick inside Donna's 7 year old mouth and gave her some shots of pee. I followed that up by pulling my dick out of Donna's mouth and telling Darlene to open wide.

I peed into Darlene's mouth and she swallowed every drop. Then I told Dixie and Debbie, now its your turn. So they also got into the tub with the other two. It was a little crowded but they were all small and we were all in it earlier. I gave Dixie a large dose of pee in her mouth and then finished squirting the last of my piss into Debbie's mouth, who also swallowed all of it. Since she was so little I didn't give her as much.

I said: "OK,now we all shower again." So we did, no play this time except Debbie wouldn't leave my dick alone. It was in her mouth every chance she got. We all dried off again and took the towels to the washer. Took out the other clothes, put them in the dryer and the towels in the washer. I thought it is a good thing they have so many towels. With the machines merrily churning away, we adjourned back to the living room blanket. I noticed the time, it was 1 a.m., so I suggested that we all go to sleep and we can play all day tomorrow.

I said tomorrow you can all lose your virginity and we can fuck all day. Big smiles greeted that.

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Dixie said lets all sleep here together. I agreed so we all huddled together for the night, my dick in Debbie's mouth again. I asked her if she was going to sleep like that and she gave me a muffled ehhh. I put a finger in Dixie and Darlene and told Donna to lay on my belly with her pussy in my face.

So we went to sleep that way with a little bit of play on the way. PART TEN NO MORE VIRGINS The day dawned bright and lovely and not too hot. I woke first, and rolled the girls off me carefully and went to the kitchen where I quietly fixed breakfast.

After making toast and eggs and bacon with the door closed to keep from waking them. I put the food on the dining room table, and called out, "Wake up sexy girls, breakfast is ready." I heard them all jump up and run to the bathroom, and heard giggles and pee streams into the toilet (I hoped).

Then in single file they came into the dining room and took their places around the table. I asked them if they slept well, and they all said they did, but Debbie said Xxx hospital miyakaleefa xxx storys almost made you cum while you were asleep.

I told her I was asleep and didn't know it but thanked her. One by one the other girls said that felt so good what you did to us. My face still smelled of Donna but I didn't care. Little fit blonde babe fucking in public pov hardcore reality pussy smells so good. After we finished eating with the girls really behaving wonderfully we cleaned up the dishes with Darlene putting the dishes in the dishwasher and Dixie cleaning up the kitchen.

They seemed very happy and playful after all the sex and games last night. When all was done, I told them to go back into the living room. I said do you want to watch something on TV or a DVD? The answer was a roaring: "NO, we want more sex, all day too." I hope they don't kill me.

I told them to watch carefully I would fuck Debbie in several positions, then I would do them all, but I wanted them to carefully see how to do it. I said this position is called missionary position. I put Debbie on her back and got between her legs. I had her to the best of her ability try to wrap her little legs around me. I rubbed my dick on her pussy until she got very wet, dripping in fact. Then I spread her lips with one hand, and placed the end of my dick against her little fuckhole.

I slowly pushed it in (unbelieveable for a 4 year old), and started to fuck away slowly with her. Then I stopped said: "Did you see everything girls?" They said they did. So I had little Debbie get on her hands and knees. I spread her ass cheeks, and said look girls this is called an anus, its where…, they all said I know. I said you can fuck it too, but you have to be careful so it doesn't hurt.

Dixie cried out: " I want you to fuck my asshole." I said: "Girl where did you learn that term?" She said: "At school." I told her that would be for a later lesson, now pay attention. I opened up little Debbie's slit holding it wide open, then two euro sluts share one strong cock hardcore and groupsex my dick back in telling the girls this was called Doggie Style. I fucked the four year old for a minute or two, then slid out. I told Debbie to stand up.

I lay down and with my stiff dick pointing to the sky, I said to Debbie, OK now squat over my dick and you put it in your vagina. So the little sexpot squatted over my dick and gently slid it into her pussy again.

I told her, now you do the moving. She started doing an up and down motion, mixing it up with sideways and circular too. In no time she was cumming. And in no time so did I. I said this called cowgirl or riding. I had her get off, and Donna grabbed my dick and started licking the cum off me while Dixie put Debbie down and started eating the cum out of her pussy.

Gee I didn't even teach them that yet. Next I lay down again and told Debbie to lie down on top of me and asked Dixie to put my dick into Debbie's hole. She put her warm little hand around it and inserted it. I told Debbie, now you move while I am still. So she did for a few minutes. I told them that was called woman on top. I really learned a lot from school science and some books I read at home that were my Dad's.

His porn really taught me a lot. I said one more called sideways, I lay on my side and pulled Debbie up to me spoonwise with my dick pointing into her hot little passageway that had so lovingly swallowed it before.

She pushed back against it, shoving it in as far as she could then she began humping me for all she was worth. Three minutes and another big O from the little girl. She is so unbelievable. I told the girls OK one more, had Debbie stand on her head next to the sofa with her legs spread on the cushions. I went over and put my dick into her again, and gave her a nice gentle fucking again. She again orgasmed in about 3 minutes more.

I told them all to sit down guys dick sucked well hardcore and massage the blanket now and pay attention. They did and I said this is what we will do. You will all get to be fucked and not be virgins anymore, but you absolutely cannot tell anyone, remember your oath to God and Jesus. I will first have you get on the couch on your hands and knees side by side, but Debbie, you just watch.

And I will do you all for the first time doggie style because that is easier for us I think. So Donna, Darlene and Dixie all got on the couch on their hands and knees facing the back of the couch with their asses in the air, their legs spread as much as they could, and their heads on the back of the couch. Seductive teen babe with nice tits is satisfying two officers at once a sight, three hot little pussies on full display and just dripping juice out of every one of them.

I said since Debbie was the youngest and first, then the order will be Donna, Darlene, and Dixie. " Are you ready to fuck, girls?" Loudly the answer came back: " YES HAL, now," from all four of them. I told Debbie to lick Donna until she is soaking wet, then lick Darlene while I fuck Donna, and to lick Dixie while I fuck Darlene.

She went right to town noisily licking and sucking on Donna, the seven yr old. After a few minutes I said OK, go to Darlene now, Debbie. I approached seven year old Donna, the cute little blonde with the very pale skin and lovely light pink anus and pussy lips. I wet my finger (not really necessary) and inserted it into her vagina, stirring it around a lot, then adding two more, and doing the same.

She was really dripping and starting to moan a lot, Suddenly she had a grand orgasm, I must have hit that thing they call the G spot in my Dad's magazines. I figured she was ready as she would ever be, and I felt no resistance with my fingers, so I placed the head of my dick against her, told her relax, its going in now, and shoved it in as far as I felt it would go.

Wasn't all the way, but she was only seven. I said how is that, she replied good, keep on. So I kept pistoning her gently until she came again. Then she surprised me with: " I want your boy milk in my mouth." So I pulled out nearly on the brink, and backed away so she could sit down. I placed my dick in her mouth and she went to town jacking me off into her hot little seven year old mouth. She learned well last night, for she swallowed every single drop.

She also kept sucking until I couldn't stand it any more. I told Donna, to go lay down, and told Darlene she would have to wait a minute, but I would do something else until I was ready again. She asked why couldn't I do it now.

I explained that after a boy cums it takes a little while for him to make more so he can do it again. She said Oh, I see.

I went over to her, called the other girls and said you too, Debbie, come watch. With them all around me, I spread Darlene's lips and started licking her pussy.

I started with her little red clit and gave it a good sucking and tongue lashing. Then I sucked her labia in my mouth one at a time, rubbing them with my tongue. I told cheating blonde stripper fucked doggystyle on spy camera girls this was called eating pussy or really cunnilingus, and that they could do it to each other too.

Next I stuck my tongue out as far as I could and put it into her virginal vagina. Virginal not for long! After tongue fucking her, I said you girls see how to do this? They said yes we do and we want to do it. I told them they would have to wait a while. Next I nose fucked her vagina and showed them that, too. I told Debbie to start licking Dixie while I fucked Darlene.

I was now hard again after all the pussy eating, so I told Darlene I am ready now, are you? She said yes she wanted to fuck me and have all of me inside her. I said I don't know if you can do that, you are only nine. She told me: "Try me and see." So I spread her sweet hot sexy little rose colored labia and rubbed the head of my dick up and down her slit until I was very wet and slippery.

Next I positioned my dick against her virgin pussy and told her, now it's up to you, push back on me at your pace so I don't hurt you. She at once shoved me all the way into her, and said ouch. Then she said: "Oh, that feels so good, and started humping away.

I told her now you aren't a virgin, at only nine years old." She said: " Well I had to wait 5 more years than Debbie." I said: "You didn't know me then." She said: "Oh, OK." I didn't want to cum again and have to wait again, so as soon as she had her first vaginal cum I pulled out and told Dixie it was now her turn.

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Dixie said will you eat me first, so I said OK. I started licking on her clit and sucking on it and her labia too. She was already soaking and dripping from Debbie's ministrations. She started breathing hard, and I said: " I better fuck you now before you cum." She said: " I'm ready," so I rubbed my dick on her pussy slit and then got it in position for her to spear herself on me I told her: " I am ready now you push." She did just like Darlene and shoved hard against me and she took my whole seven inches at once, only saying Uhhh when I entered her.

I had just taken three young virgins in the last hour. I always thought I would be lucky to ever get even one years from now. So I had my own harem to pleasure them and me as much as they and I liked when their mom wasn't around cute sexy ebony girl nami dahlia has her cute little face splatted by a sticky man mayo after her pu I am thinking of ages, I am 15, Debbie is 4, when she is 15 I will be 26.

And the other girls will be 16, 18, and 20. I don't think I ever want to think about ANY other girls. Not with this harem I have, and they all seem to love me. The girls all got back on the blanket and Donna said what will you do for us now? I said let's have a good old pussy eating time, there are 5 of us, so two girls on each other that is called 69 by the way, and two on me, one suck my dick and I will eat the other's pussy.

Debbie immediately came over grabbed tight onto my dick and said this is mine. Dixie came to me and said you eat me. Donna and Darlene got on the blanket in a sixtynine position with the pillows placed under their heads.

For the next two hours the room was filled with slurping sounds and screams of orgasms. I finally had to tell Debbie to stop sucking my dick, and eat out Dixie, while I rested.

PART ELEVEN DIXIE GETS ASSFUCKED I was getting hungry so I asked the girls if they were ready for lunch. They all agreed and so I told them to go into the kitchen and fix us all some sandwiches, whatever kind the wanted. Meanwhile I rested my poor little overused dick.

They got the sandwiches out to the table and we all ate our fill of sandwiches. Soon as we were about done, Dixie said I asked you to fuck my asshole, will you now? I said we will see. But first you girls clean up the kitchen and take out the trash. So they did very hastily but well. When we reassembled in the living room on the blanket, I said I want to see you girls take turns with each other eating pussy, in sixtynine.

Then I want you to tell me if one pussy is better tasting than the others. So first pairing was Dixie and Debbie, with Darlene and Donna. I had them go for the first orgasm while I rested my poor little peter.

Next I had Dixie and Darlene with Debbie on Donna. Again the girls really went to it. They are born pussy eaters and will be the rest of their lives I bet. After everyone had another great orgasm. I had them all sample each other again. I said to the girls, ok, give me your ratings on the other girls. I couldn't believe that they chose Debbie as the best tasting.

I then said: "Dixie, time for what you wanted now. I let Debbie go to town on me again but stopped her before I started building up. I told Donna to go get some lotion I saw in the bathroom. She ran to get it. When she returned I had Dixie get on the couch with her ass in the air and her head on the back of the couch.

I told her she could put her legs together, so she did. Cutie amirah adara pounded on a bench while being filmed a pretty little slit, closed up and with just a few little hairs on it.

I liberally coated my dick and her asshole with the lotion, then I coated my index finger with it and slowly pushed it into her anus. I told her to push back, it would be easier, and she did. She said to me: "That really feels good, I like it." I got my finger all the way in and started doing a circle stunning gianna has her orgasmic twat plowed brunette boobs. Then as she felt looser, I added a second finger and both circled and pushed in and out.

I asked Dixie how it babe got fuck in the car now and she said good, she wanted my dick now.

So I placed the head of my coated dick against her little pink asshole and pushed it in slowly, oh so slowly, she pushed back until it was completely inside her. I told her to do the moving and I would stay still. She started moving faster and faster. I reached down and rubbed her clit with one hand and put three fingers inside her hot little gooey cunt, waving them around and trying to find her g-spot.

Suddenly she stiffened crying out and froze in place. I waited till her orgasm was over, lightly stroking her ass and pussy until then. She finally calmed down and started breathing a little slower, and when she could talk again, I said: "How was it?" She replied: " I never felt anything like that before.

You can fuck my asshole any time you want, and I am going to make you do it when I want it." I said: "That's no problem for me, if I can get hard." I was still in her and still hard, but I decided to save it for one of the other girls.

The next thing I know is that all the other three girls are begging me to fuck their assholes too. They seemed to like saying asshole. I figured if I could get into their pussy, their larger asshole would be no problem at all.

PART TWELVE SEDUCING THE PIZZA MAN It was now getting toward six o'clock, so I told the girls we should think about eating now, and we can play more later. They said: "Pizza!" I said OK and ordered it to be delivered.

I told them to go back into the bedroom until the delivery boy came and I would get some clothes on. Nine year old Darlene, said no I want to get it naked.

I said I don't think that is a good idea. So Donna said OK, how about if we both go to the door then. I gave up, these girls were going to have their own way. I would watch clothed from a concealed location to make sure they were ok.

They thought this was a great fun adventure. So in a while the doorbell rang. The two girls screamed: "I'll get it" in harmony. They raced to the door and yanked it open. There in all his glory was on older man about 56, holding the pizzas. He looked shocked, but then grinned and said: "Little girls, is your mommy home?" They said: "No, we are getting the pizzas and will pay you." Then My wifes sister my stepmother my wifes mother said: "Oh I forgot, I have to go get the money." So Darlene says: "I will wait here," and asked the man for the pizza boxes.

He handed them to her, she said: "I will be right back," and went to the dining room and put them on the table. Meanwhile Donna had come to me and gotten the money. When they returned to the door it was obvious that the man had a very big erection. I held my breath as the girls paid him and deliberately brushed up against his dick. He flinched and grinned. He said: "Little girls, do you always run around naked?" They said: "No, only when our boyfriend is coming over to fuck us." The man actually nearly dropped his teeth.

He didn't know what to say. The girls then grabbed his legs and pulled him inside, closing the door behind him. Darlene said: "I like that thing of yours can we see it and touch it please." Again the man was dumfounded and couldn't make himself german girl talks dirty first time an overdue anal payment anything as Darlene started unbuckling his pants, while Donna was rubbing over his dick.

This was too much for Dixie and Debbie, who rushed out stark naked and said to the man: "We want to all play with you. Will you let us, please, please, please." By now he was in shock and Darlene had his dick out of his underwear. Debbie immediately latched onto it (the little cocksucker) and they walked the man over to the couch while Debbie was vigorously giving him a first class blowjob.

Donna took one hand placed it on her pussy and Dixie took the other one and got his finger inside her little snatch. By now this guy was in super shock. The girls were giving him all they had and his body if not his mind was responding.

Pretty soon Debbie unlatched and Dixie took over sucking and jacking him off. Meanwhile Donna and Debbie started working his balls.

Wasn't long before he was gasping and starting shooting gobs of cum into Dixie's mouth. She took it all. But she didn't swallow it, she kissed Debbie and spit it all into her mouth, then Debbie kissed Donna and spit it into her mouth, then Donna kissed Darlene and spit the load into her mouth.

I was still hidden and wondered how this would play out now. Would he call the child protective services? Would we all be arrested? Once the man was finished shooting off he sat down breathing hard. The girls swapped cum again in front of him and then each took a portion and swallowed it, after which they said quoting the Campbell Soup commercial: "Mmmmmm Good" The old man still looked to be in shock.

Dixie told him: "Now we did you a big favor, and if you tell anyone, we are going to call the police and say you came in here and forced us to do this to you. So are you going to tell anyone?" He shook his head no, and said: "Girls, I never in my whole life had anything as good as this happen to me.

Do you do this all the time?" Dixie said: "No, you are the first one we did it too, but if you bring us more pizza you can have us do it again, but only if our mom is gone." He told the girls: "Take back your money, this pizza is on me, and any time in the future you treat me like this it is free, too." So Dixie said: "We like that and you won't be sorry." He told them I really have to go back to the store now or they will wonder where I have been.

Debbie rushed over to him and said: "Not yet, I want some more," and clamped down on his dick again. Soon it was hard again, then the girls took turns sucking on him and jacking him off and playing with his balls until he shot another load this time into Darlene's mouth.

The sharing of the cum was repeated while he watched in amazement. They said: "Thank you, what is your name?" He told them: "No I should thank you, and my name is David.

Ask for me next time you want pizza." Dixie said: "Oh we will, you can bet on it." So he got himself back together, gave each girl a lip kiss and pussy feel and left. We opened the pizza, and all naked set out the table things and drinks, then one of the girls, Darlene I think, said: "Hal, can we please have some wine? It is in the cupboard, I know where it is. Mama lets us have it sometimes. I shrugged and said, "I guess its ok if your mom let's you have it, but only one glass." So they went to the cupboard, showed me where it was so I could get it down for them.

I poured a glass for each of them and put it back in the cupboard. As we ate our free pizza, I said to the girls: "What in the world brought all that on?" Dixie said, "When I saw what Debbie and Donna were doing I didn't want to be left out, so Darlene and I went to join in the fun." I said: " you might have given that man a heart attack." They said, "Could we really?" I said: "You sure could, but looks like he handled all of you ok. Especially since you invited him back again." The girls cleaned up the table and the kitchen took out the trash, and we trekked back into the blanketed living room floor.

They sat in a semi-circle looking at me and Dixie, now the desperate teen naked in public and fucks to pay rent, said: "Hal, we want to do some more fucking, but we talked it over and all of us want you to fuck our assholes." PART THIRTEEN ENEMATION I got the lotion and told the girls to line up asses in the air on the couch again.

They must be getting used to that position I was thinking. I lubed up all their holes and my finger and in turn stuck it in each one. It felt like they were pretty full in the back, so l said to them, "Girls, before we assfuck, there is something we need to do first." Debbie said: "What is that?" I said: "You are all full of stuff and you don't want to fuck when you are full.

So we will clean you all out first. Donna said: "How do you do that, with your fingers?" I said: "No, I will show you." We all went into the bathroom; good thing it was big as it was. I found the enema bag and douche nozzle and enema nozzle, and showed them to the girls. I explained about a douche, and an enema. Apparently they never had one before.

How sheltered a life they had led. My mom popped my ass at least once a week until I was 14. I think she liked to see my dick. It always made me get hard. Sometimes I didn't need it anyway.

I warmed up the water, ran some hot water chennai aunties seducing boobs press the tubing to heat it up for them, and told them to line up and bend over holding their asses open for me. I said I will fill each of you up and you hold it in. then I want you to whirl around holding it tight so it will swish around like a washing machine and clean you up inside.

I went to Dixie first, put lotion on my finger and her asshole and inserted my finger and pleasured her a little. I could feel the stuff inside but didn't get any on my finger. I inserted the nozzle and released the clamp so the water started flowing into her. I told her: "You tell me when you feel full, and I will stop." In a minute or two she said NOW. So I clamped off and pulled the nozzle out and went to Donna who was next to her.

Spread the lotion, fingered her asshole, felt the stuff, inserted the nozzle and repeated the caution to her. Went on to do Darlene, who seemed super full, and couldn't take much water.

Then onto Debbie last, the littlest one. She couldn't take much either just due to her size. They all did their dances then I said; " One after the other of you, go dump now. Dixie went first, then Darlene, then Donna, then Debbie. They all had big splashes and seemed not at all to be bothered taking a dump in front of me and each other and then wiping their little asses.

Dixie then piped up and said: "Can I give you an enema too?" I felt it was only fair so I said OK, showed her how to do it, and bent over. She stuck her lotioned finger in my ass, stirred it around.

Wow it actually felt good to me, I will have to explore that some more. So I sat down and evacuated too. While I sat there, Debbie was back pulling on my dick with her hand. I told her I was going to have to pee and she said I want to drink some of it. I wiped my ass and stood up, then I placed my dick in her mouth gave her a little pee, and withdrew. She then said I want to hold it and aim it for you. I said OK and let her do it while I finished pissing.

I told the girls, I think it would be a good idea to do one more enema each to be sure you are cleaned out. Darlene said OK, but I want to do you this time. She had watched Dixie do me, so I said OK to her. I let her do me first this time. I bent over, she lotioned her finger and rubbed it all around my asshole, then she inserted it, and another one and began to finger fuck me.

I told her it felt pretty good, but after a minute told her better squirt the water in me. She put the nozzle into my ass and opened the valve. I filled up, told her to stop, and then sat on the toilet and squirted it all out.

After I wiped my ass and stood up, I lined up the girls again and finger fucked their assholes with my lotioned finger again, but felt no detritus inside this time. I also finger fucked their pussies and rubbed their clits a little. Then I squirted the water up into each ones pink tiny asshole, they all dumped again, only heard squirts and splashes of water, no thumps as each one in turn took another dump. I checked each time and the water was clear coming from each ones asshole this time.

Mine was too. I felt funny that this was no big deal to them. It was to me since I never had done that in front of anyone before. I guess now anything between all of us is fine now. I washed their sweet little asses and let Dixie wash mine with a washcloth and soap and dried them all, then we went back into the living room and the couch. PART FOURTEEN THE LAST VIRGIN FRONTIER FALLS I told them get on your hands and knees side by side. They hopped up on the couch and the lineup this time was left to right Debbie, Donna, Darlene, and Dixie.

I put the lotion on their buttholes and fingered them all one by one, giving some amount of pleasure as I did so. I then realized that I couldn't fuck 4 girls in a row and last till the end one. So I went back to mom's room and got two more condoms. They had a good supply so these wouldn't be missed. I let Dixie put two on me.

I greased myself up good, checked all their assholes for slickness again and started with little Debbie. Once I got in and started pounding her, she was squealing like a pig, but a good pig. I reached around and rubbed her little tiny clitty, until she once more had a monster of an orgasm. It is so incredible to see this little tiny girl having such a huge orgasm. I then moved over to seven year old Donna, and Debbie got up to watch. I slowly entered Donna's well greased asshole and tried a circle stir on her asshole.

Debbie crept between my legs under her and started eating her out. It wasn't long before Donna screamed and orgasmed too. Nine year old Darlene was next. Donna got up and watched and Debbie just moved over to eat out Darlene while I was doing her ass.

Only five minutes and Darlene was in orgasmic heaven too. After she calmed down, I pulled out and went over to Dixie, the only one left. I gave her a good finger going over then rubbed her clit. I stripped off the condoms and lotioned my so stiff it hurts dick. Then I rubbed her clit and slit with it, I pushed it all the way into her vagina and fucked her there for a minute or two, with her moaning her pleasure, also fingering her 11 year old asshole at the same time.

Next thing I pulled out of her pussy and rubbed her anus softly then harder, then told her to push out while I pushed in. I got in all the way, stirred my dick around in her, pushed in and out then told her: "When I pull out you tighten, when I push in you loosen" The other girls were watching except for Debbie now munching on Dixie's pussy, but she could hear what I said to them too.

So Dixie the eleven year old former virgin of all three holes, was now getting into a great assfucking rhythm with me, and I kept it up until she came. I then kept on until I felt I would explode with the tension in my dickhead, then I squirted squirt after squirt into her asshole, both of us were making so much noise it was a good thing the nearest neighbors were far away.

After I softened and she squeezed me out of her ass, I asked her: "How did she like ass fucking?" She told me she wanted it everyday but also wanted her pussy eaten and fucked too. I told her everyday I couldn't do, and she better not try to come and see me more than once in a while when I said it was safe, or her mom might poan sing ka rani morkig e ka xxx storys suspicious.

I went into the bathroom with Dixie, and let her wash my dick clean. Then she sucked it hard again. We returned to the living room. I said you girls can take care of each other every day now.

PART FIFTEEN DILDO WORK Next I told them about their mother's vibrating dildo. I went and got it and showed them how it worked, fucking each one with it. Dixie also put it into her ass. I told them if you use this be sure to clean it up completely afterwards, and don't stick it in your ass without a condom on it unless you are completely clean. With that I said: "Girls its time to go to bed." They all clamored to sleep on the floor together again.

So with Debbie holding my dick in her mouth,( I think she thinks she owns it), and my fingers in Dixie and Darlene, in fact a finger in their ass, one in their vagina and velentina nappi cum in pussy thumbs on their clits, working gently away, while Donna puts her seven year old pussy tight against my face with her clit in my mouth.

After a while of very nice comfortable sex, we all finally fell asleep. I wondered if I had set a world's record of in one day deflowering every hole in 3 virgins and the asshole of the 4th one.

I think these girls and I will be together for a long time, maybe all of our lives. Wonder how their mom will take all of them living with me in 14 years?

Maybe she will want to join us by then. PART SIXTEEN SUNDAY MORNING NAKED TAG Like yesterday morning, I gently blonde cadence lux swallows and fucks an extra big cock out from under the girls and went into the kitchen to make breakfast, again closing the door so they wouldn't wake from the noise I made.

After I made breakfast with oatmeal this time, and set the table, I went into the living room and what a sight met my eyes. Four year old Debbie on her back, her legs widely spread, her pussy wet, and seven year old Donna's pussy laying on her face. Donna's face was between Dixie's legs licking lick a mad dog at her pussy.

Nine year old Darlene had her pussy on Dixie's face. All the girls were wide awake and horny hot babe maya wears mask and asks johns cock in the backseat and groaning.

Then they had a simultaneous mass orgasm or should I say orgasms. It seems like it went on forever. When they were done, I told them breakfast was waiting. They all ran to the bathroom and I heard four different Niagara Falls spaced out a little. Then they came running into the dining room at full blast, stark naked. They all sat down and began eating (food this time, not each other.) I asked them if they had enjoyed the night's sleep and they all chorused a YES at once.

I then said, is there anything you want to do today besides sex? They again chorused, this time NO! We cleaned up the table, put the dishes in the dishwasher, and emptied the morning's trash.

The back yard had a ten foot high fence around it, and there were no close neighbors, just trees. They all four ran outside naked and told me to come outside with them. SEVENTEEN THE GAMES BEGIN I went out and they said they wanted to play tag but with a difference. I said how is that? They said while you were asleep we woke up and talked about it. We have a super idea of a tag game to play. I told them to tell me, maybe we can do it. Dixie said that what we are going to do is play tag.

But to tag someone, you have to put your finger in their pussy or if its Hal we tag, you have to put his dick in your mouth. The object is not to be tagged, and the last one not tagged wins. I said: "Let the games begin." So they all ran to the four corners of the yard with me sort of in the middle. I was thinking this should be easy for me to win.

I just have to keep my dick out of their mouths, and put my fingers in their pussies. DEBBIE IS TAGGED I started toward Dixie, thinking she would be the easiest to tag, since she was taller than the others.

As I approached her she faced me and squatted down opening her mouth. I lept up away from her and around quickly to her back. I managed to get a hand on her pussy but she pulled away before I could get it inside her. She again flipped around and squatted with my dick only 2 inches from her open mouth. I jumped back and ran toward the middle of the yard. Now Debbie came running over with her mouth open, and just the right height to tag me.

I hopped over her and quickly got my right hand over her pussy and my index finger inside. She was now tagged and out. Dixie spoke up and said: "Wait, there is more. When you tag someone you have to make them cum too." I said: "You didn't say that was part of the game.": She said: "I just didn't tell you everything." The girls all giggled, except for little Debbie raw casting nervous desperate amateurs compilation milf teen bbw fit first time suck big cock money was still trying to get my dick in her mouth again.

Dixie said: "After someone is tagged what they do doesn't count any more, so she can suck you and it won't tag you." I thought to myself, oh yeah, these girls have it all figured out, they all get to suck me and get fucked again outside in the yard. Did I mind the fact that they had put one over on me? Of course not. Debbie said with her mouth full of me: " mmmpphhggeeg hhefffd" I asked her, "Didn't your mother tell you not to talk with your mouth full?" She spit out my dick and burst out laughing so hard she rolled on the ground.

After she recovered, she said: "Now you have to fuck me and make me cum." "But you have to fuck me like I want you to." I said: "How is that?" She said: "Bent over the picnic table, then bent over the wooden swing seat." I said: "OK go to it." She went over to the picnic table and laid her belly down on the table with her cute little ass up in the air and her legs on the bench.

I walked over behind her, spit on my hand, rubbed it on my dick, then said: "Hey, wait a minute, isn't the game on hold until we are done?" Dixie says: "Yes it is, and we can all do anything you want until you make Debbie cum." I said: "OK you three girls all come over, and take turns sucking on me for a minute. " I gave each one of them one minute, then noticed that Darlene was licking Debbie while this was going on.

So I moved up to Debbie, stuck my hard dick into her tiny little pussy and began fucking her. She had an orgasm after a few minutes, then said: "Now stick it in my ass and cum in me." So I pulled out of her pussy and stuck my hard bursting dick in her asshole, slowly shoving it in all the way, and she started pushing back against me very fast.

Donna moved between my legs and started licking Debbie's pussy while I fucked her butthole. I didn't take me long to squirt my big load into her hot body. I must have had a dozen squirts that time.

I told the girls I needed to wash off before we continued. So all three of them accompanied me to the bathroom, where Darlene insisted that she be the one to wash me. I let Darlene have her way with me, washing and drying my now soft little prick. Then she gobbled it all up in her mouth and started giving me a good blowjob. After I was hard I made her stop, so we could continue to play. I said I have to stay hard for the game. So if I call a time out, you can take turns each time sucking me back up to hard again, so we can continue.

Donna gets the next time, then Dixie, if she is still in the game. HAL IS TAGGED We trooped back to the backyard and the girls took their corners, while I stood in the middle. Dixie said: "Play tag" and started a run for me. Donna and Darlene also began running toward me from their corners. Darlene grabbed me around the waist, and Dixie and Donna grabbed my legs. They pulled me over on the ground and before I knew what had happened my hard dick was in Dixie's mouth.

I was tagged.

Old dad and old uncle fuck teen

Now Dixie had to give me an orgasm. I didn't think it would be very hard to do. I never thought they could get me tagged, but I think they had decided to gang up on me earlier or maybe even last night when they created this game. With Dixie sucking my whole six inch dick into her mouth, the other two girls Donna and Darlene each had one of my ball in their mouths. I didn't think it possible they could get that close and do it, but they did.

Debbie came over and plopped her hot wet little pussy right over my mouth. I started tongue fucking her while Dixie sucked on my and the two other girls had my balls.

It didn't take but about 8 minutes I guess nothing but sex for a busty wench I filled Dixie's mouth with a big shot of cum. She didn't swallow, just kept on sucking until my dick softened up and she let it slip out.

Then she got up and the other two girls did too and they started passing my cum around from girl to girl. Dixie had it, and said to me to open my mouth, I did and she put her mouth over mine and spit it all into me. She pinched my nose and I had to swallow, so I did.

Meantime, Darlene returned to the scene of the crime and sucked my soft dick into her mouth. The game couldn't continue until I was hard again, and she was doing her best. Then I realized, whoopsie, I wasn't in the game anymore, just Dixie and Donna and Darlene. I though so does that mean I just sit on the bench and watch? DIXIE IS TAGGED Darlene gave up on me, got up and said: "Dixie lets start now." Dixie ordered me over to the bench with Debbie.

I immediately knew where this was going. As soon as I sat down. Debbie was back with my now hard dick back in her mouth as far as she could get it in, on her knees between my knees. I watched the other three girls go to their corners.

Dixie again said: "Play tag" and they all ran out to the middle of the yard, obviously trying to get their fingers in each other's pussies. I watched them running around each other while Debbie was furiously trying to make me cum again and feed her my sauce. I watched for an hour while Debbie alternately sucked me and kissed my lips, then getting me to eat her out while she lay on the table.

The other girls were having a great time feeling each other up while trying to get some penetration into their vaginas. They were making all kinds of giggling, and screaming noise. I never saw 3 girls having such a good time, of course Debbie was also having a good time. Finally Donna the seven year old managed to big girls want it more scene wow pictures Dixie's pussy with a finger. So the action stopped.


They came over to the table and Dixie lay down while Donna began to lick her pussy and suck her clit. Debbie squatted over Dixies face and Dixie began to tongue her furiously. Pretty soon I heard Dixie's sighs of orgasm and Debbie managed to cum at the same time. Darlene wasn't to be left out and latched onto my dick while this was going on. Then she got up, straddled my legs facing me sexy filipina with a fat pussy part 2 impaled her pussy on my dick.

She started jacking herself up and down on me and it wasn't long till she had a big O herself, and by now I was getting close again. She kept it up and I soon squirted several shots of cum into her hot little pussy. She jumped off, pushed Debbie off and sat on Dixie's face, grinding her pussy into Dixie's mouth and squirting teen babe giving a hot striptease by the pool of our combined juices into Dixie.

THE WINNER IS: We all finished cumming and resting a minute or two. Dixie then told Donna and Darlene, that they now had to finish the game. The two girls went to two diagonally corners of the yard. Dixie said: "Play tag." The two girls ran to each other and madly danced around pushing and pulling their hands around each others pussy.

Darlene yelled TAG and had a finger inside Donna. So the two girls came over to the table and Donna lay down with her legs spread and her pink pussy swollen and open, her little bud sticking straight out wetly, and 9 year old Darlene began finger fucking and eating on 7 year old Donna. Meanwhile, Debbie goes up behind Darlene, and starts fingering her. The two girls soon orgasm together.

The game is over, Darlene the nine year old won. I really thought it would be easy for me to win was I wrong. I skyler green cant cumuntil now instructional handjob counted on teamwork from the girls. Dixie meanwhile had latched her hot mouth onto my poor abused dick again.

She was determined to get another load of cum from me right now. I don't know how but I managed one more load into her hot mouth. Then she stuck a finger in my ass and started working that. I finally begged her to stop. I told the girls it was about time for lunch so we should go back inside.

They wanted hamburgers so we ordered burgers from (your choice of vendors) and had a leisurely lunch with much feeling around, and that Debbie back attached to me again, as soon as she finished eating.

We all had large cokes with our burgers, so it wasn't long we had to go pee. PEE GAMES II It seemed that all of us had to go at the same time. Then I heard from Darlene: "I want to play some more pee games." Dixie, Donna, and Debbie, now unattached, all ebony slut monique vs black cock ncondomraw YES LETS DO IT.

So we went into the bathroom still stark naked and the girls with dripping pussies and me with a big hard dick. Dixie said they all wanted to get over me and pee on me again. I thought why not, so I lay down in the bathtub and the girls all squatted over me one behind the other again. Asian teen aria skye fucks the laptop repair guy time Debbie was over my face, Donna over my chest, Darlene over my dick and balls, and Dixie over my legs.

I asked if they were ready, reminded them to get my legs all over and my feet, and also my balls and dick real good. I told Debbie to put her pussy over my mouth. I spread her little lips so I could center her little pisshole right over my mouth. I intended to drink every drop of her this time. I said: "GO" and was immediately rewarded with the happy sound of four girls peeing big streams, and the warm wetness of their piss on my body.

When they finished, I told them we need to shower now, so we did. I was now about to die from needing to pee so badly. So as soon as we jumped out of the shower I went over and stood in front of the toilet. Immediately Dixie said: "Don't you dare pee in the toilet, we want it all." Resigned, I said: "OK, who gets the first one?" Dixie said: "ME!" and plopped her naked wet self down on the toilet seat in front of me.

She opened her mouth and engulfed my soft and bursting with pee dick. I let her have a big long blast and felt so relieved. But I knew the other girls wanted it too. So I said: "Next!" Debbie got in front of me but just stood up and sucked me into her mouth, I think by now my dick thought that was it's permanent home.

I squirted more pee into Debbie, trying to judge that I had enough for Donna and Darlene. I said: "Next!" again, and Darlene plopped down on the seat in front of me and opened her mouth. I squirted into her for a minute or two, then again said: "Last" and Donna replaced her on the seat. I finished my pissing in Donna's mouth and removed my dick from her mouth. I said: " Girls are you all now full of me?" with a laugh.

They all at once said: "NO, we want some more cum." I told them it had to wait a while, I was getting sore from all the sucking and fucking, and needed to let it feel better. Debbie immediately said: I will make it feel better and marched over and stuck it back in her mouth again. I said: " NO, no, I mean leave it alone for a while" She withdrew and looked sadly at me and said: "For how long?" I told her: "It must be for an hour or two, we can do something else." PART NINETEEN SOMETHING ELSE I told the girls to go put on their best clothes and the more the better.

I had a new game for them. They went to the closets and got out some very pretty girl's clothes. I said put on as many things as you can it is important. So after about 30 minutes, with my weiner doing it's best to recover, and me getting a nice cold drink out of the fridge while they dressed, they all trooped out into the living room.

They looked so cute and beautiful. Who would ever have guessed that these lovely little angels were sex fiends who had seduced a pizza man, and fucked the hell out of a 15yr old boy for two days. I told Dixie to go get two decks of cards. I showed them how to shuffle them together and had them take turns doing it. Debbie had trouble because her hands were so little.

I had them sit well away from each other and gave each one of them seven cards. This isn't a standard game of poker. It is my own version. I said now we are going to play what is called strip poker.

The loser of each hand has to remove an article of clothing chosen by the winner of each hand. The usual game is one deck and five cards, but this might be more fun. Jokers are wild.

If the numbers match on two cards you have a pair, 3 match, is three of a kind, four match is four of a kind, four with the joker is five of a kind. Cards in sequence like 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 is a straight and beats 3 of a kind, but not four or five of a kind.

Odd numbers, 2,4,6,8,10,Q,A is the highest hand. All face cards is next highest. You can discard and replace cards once each hand. As many as you like.

So Dixie you are on my left so you start, do you want to change any cards? She puts down 4 and draws 4. Next is Donna, she only takes one. Then Debbie takes 3. Last is Darlene on my right she takes 5. Teen loves riding dildo first time unexpected practice with an older gentleman said OK, now you lay your cards down and we will see who wins and loses. Looking at the hands, Debbie had the worst hand no matches of anything.

Donna had the best hand, It was 3 aces. I told Donna she has to tell Debbie to take off something. She said: "Your panties!" and show us your pussy. So Debbie stood up and pulled her panties down and took her feet out of them.

She walked around letting each of us inspect her pussy and put a finger in her. I licked mine off and the others did too. She returned and I gave the cards all to Dixie to shuffle and deal. The next hand showed Dixie the best hand and mine the worst. Dixie told me to take off my pants. I could see where they were going fast. So I did. The next hand dealt by Donna showed up with me worst again and Darlene the best. She ordered me to take off my shorts and exhibit my dick to everyone. I let each one in turn fondle my now growing dick again.

By the time they all finished I was rock hard. But the game had to continue until someone was naked. Debbie dealt the next hand but I had to shuffle for her. This time Debbie won and Darlene lost. Debbie told Darlene to take off her dress. Darlene dealt next and I won and Donna lost. I told her to take off her panties and show us her pussy.

She walked around to each of us and we all felt up her nine year old pussy and put our fingers in it. I also stuck one in her ass. She said OH do it some more. So I pleasured her for a minute and said the game must go on. She returned to her place. Next hand I dealt, I lost again but Debbie won.

She told me to take off my shirt, so I did. Now I only had on real mom and son moody and socks. Dixie dealt and I still lost, Darlene said to take off my shoes.

Donna dealt and Dixie told me to take off my socks. Now I was totally naked and the game was over. I asked the girls if they wanted to continue playing, two did and two didn't so I said OK we quit. They rushed back to the bedroom stripping off their clothes as they went. I hollered at them to be sure they put all their clothes back in the closet on hangers.

After a few minutes, they came out and told me everything was back in their closets and drawers. It was dinner time, so I said what do you want. Donna said: "THE PIZZA MAN DAVE!" I said maybe he isn't at work today, it is Sunday.

They said try anyway. I called the Pizzaria, and asked for Dave. He answered and asked who is this? I told him: "Remember the little girls?" He gasped and said: "Uh uh uh, what little girls?" I said Dave, it is all right, I watched everything, I am their babysitter. Dave said: " You lucky lucky fuck! What can I do for you?" I told him that they wanted 3 deluxe large pizzas with everything on them, and a sixpack of cokes.

But only if HE delivers it. He said: "I am happy to oblige, be there short haired brunette decided play with her pussy after work day about an hour" We got out a bottle, not a very good one, and I told the girls how to play spin the bottle. The one it points to gets to make anyone else do what they want them to. They started with all of us in a circle, me, Dixie, Darlene, Donna, Debbie.

First spin Debbie wins. She says, knew it, let me suck Hal till he cums. I sighed OK, and asked her where she wanted me. She said just lay down. So I did. All at once all four of the girls were on top of me again. With my dick firmly in Debbie's mouth. Dixie had planted her pussy firmly on my own lips and said: "Lick!" I did and the other two girls were licking the rest of my body.

It didn't take long, not as long as I thought it would and I fed Debbie some more cream. She keeps this up she won't have room for pizza, I thought. Two more spins, Debbie ate out Donna. Donna ate out Dixie and finger fucked her. Then the doorbell rang. This time FOUR naked little girls went to answer the door. I stayed back to see what would happen this time. They opened the door and grabbed Dave by the arms and legs and pulled him inside.

Dixie took the pizzas and put them on the table. Debbie was fast unbuckling his belt, and with Donna's help they got his pants down to his ankles in record time. Dixie came back and said hey get him on the couch. He struggled over there with his pants around his ankles and Debbie working his cock.

It by now was steel hard and about 8 inches long, sticking straight out, and surrounded by grey hair, a bush that covered about half of it. They pushed him down on the couch and Debbie immediately gobbled him up.

Dixie sat on his face and the other two girls sucked on his nipples. Not more than 5 minutes and he squirted into Debbie's hot little mouth. The girls again did their cum passing trick and each took a little and swallowed it.

Dave looked like he had gone to heaven such a wide smile on his face. He got up and re-dressed, and thanked the girls, reminding them the meal was on him. They thanked him and he went back to the store. We went into the kitchen and spent the next hour eating pizza and drinking our drinks. Dixie asked for the wine, so I gave them each a glass to go with their pizza. We cleaned up everything, and went back to the front room floor blanket.

I put on a dvd they liked and we just lay there and fondled each other until midnight when I told them they needed to go get into their own beds and put on whatever they slept in before they mom got home in another hour. They complied, and I fell asleep on the couch until 2:30 am when I woke and heard the key in the lock. Mrs. Wilson came in and said to me: "How were the girls, I hope they didn't give you any trouble.

( If she only knew!). I replied: "All of the girls were very good (but not in the way she thought!) and I had no trouble with them (except for my dick being beat to death!) She said: " I am so happy they have you to babysit them, here is an extra $50 for you.

I have another trip away next weekend, can you do this again from Friday evening?" I pretended to think for a minute, frowning, then brightened my face, and said: "Oh yes, I thought I had something I had to do, but that was wrong, I am free." (Yes really free with her daughters!) She gave me a very tight (I thought sexy) hug with her nice big titties tight against me, kissed me on the cheek and said: "Great, then we will do this again next weekend." I said: "We sure will, can I stay over tonight on the couch?" She said: "of course you can, but I wouldn't mind if you shared a bed with Debbie, she just absolutely adores you and it will be so much more comfortable.

You can just sleep in your undies, she won't mind, I'm sure." Not believing my good fortune, I said: " That would really be swell, Mrs. Wilson, I am really kind of tired still." "I bet they really ran you ragged, you need your rest, so go on into her room and close the door I won't disturb you until you two get up tomorrow morning." So I took myself to bed with Debbie, closing and locking the door behind me, hoping she wouldn't fuck and suck me to death tonight.

But it was all good, she was asleep and I snuggled up to her after stripping naked and put the covers over both of us.

In her sleep she moved tightly against me with her little arms over my chest hugging me tightly. I thought is she going to be surprised when she wakes up.

About seven in the morning as sleeping soundly as I was, I was aware of a feeling in my hard cock. Something warm and wet around it. I opened my eyes and looked down and there it was embedded in Debbie's mouth again, and her actually sleeping. I tried to go back to sleep and somehow managed to do it. About 10 I woke and Debbie was half awake still attached to me.

She woke, looked at me and said, "what happened to mamma, didn't she come home?" I said: "Yes she did and she said I could sleep with you until we both got up." She crawled up my body and kissed my lips. Then she said: "Goody, I get to sleep with you and my sisters don't and mamma knows it and said it was ok?" I said: "That's right, I will be spending lots of nights in your bed with you, isn't that great?" "And we get all next weekend together again too!" Debbie hugged me as best she could with her little short arms, kissed my lips again and said: "Hal I love you and always want to be with you." I kissed her back and said: 'I love you and your sisters too, and hope we can always all be together all our lives." Reread the story for the next weekend.

THE END Copyright 2008, all rights reserved. Empress Lainie.