Hot vixen apolonia lapiedra enjoys big cock and jizz

Hot vixen apolonia lapiedra enjoys big cock and jizz
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I woke up with a racing heart and the feeling of hands caressing my breasts rubbing across my nipples and flicking the tips. I could not see a thing because I was blindfolded. A warm, wet mouth took my hardened left nipple, nibbling and sucking. I shuddered and moaned as pleasure started building within me. I tried to move my hand to push the person away and only then did I realize that my hands were tied.


I was on a mattress, hands and legs spread and tied firmly. I twisted my body in an effort to let whoever it was know that I was in objection to whatever was happening as I asked, "Uuuughhh! Who are you? Please stop now! " I heard a chuckle. The sucking and nibbling stopped then a finger was inserted in my already wet vagina.

I gasped. That scent, I know that scent! I could smell the masculine scent of musk, wood and citrus which I was sure I'd smelt before.

A second finger joined the first one in my pussy and a glide in and out motion was started. I moaned, the pleasure was undeniable but I tried to twist away anyway. I could hear heavy breathing. He was getting excited by watching my reaction as he stimulated me.

"Please stop. Let me go." I said without any force in my voice. A third finger was inserted, "Uughhh! Please!" I was not sure anymore if I was pleading with him to stop or continue.


He pumped his fingers in and out with speed and force and I stopped twisting my body. He was going to make me cum.

I was getting more and more wet with every passing second. I was embarrassed by how much I was enjoying, breathing in quick, short pants and gasps. It had been over a year since I had had any sex. My job had been so time consuming that by the end of the day I was usually too tired to think of sex or fun. So the fingering I was getting at that moment was enough to get me to oblivion fast.

Where am I anyway? I asked myself, my mind not fully functioning yet. "Uuuugggh! Ooooh! Ooooh." I moaned abandoning all thoughts when the pleasure intensified. I was close. So close that I feared he may stop. "Yessss!" I cried out as his thumb rubbed my clit "Please, am going to cuuuummm!" My orgasm washed over me like a wave of the sea. I convulsed, my inner muscles clenching and unclenching around his fingers.

He fingered me through it, helping to make it last as long as possible. I felt too weak to fight him as he untied and turned me on my stomach with my face facing sideways. He tied me again, hands and legs spread wide apart and although I could have objected, fought or at least took my blind fold off, I stayed still.

My heart was still racing from the orgasm I had just had when I felt a wet finger push slowly into my ass. I panicked. I had never had anal sex before and from what my friend Joanne had told me, it was very painful the first few times. So I tried pulling away from the ropes restraining me and twisting my body in the process.

Busty good looking teen shows off bigtits and webcam Thwack! He spanked me hard. "Ouch! That hurts you arsehole!" I screamed at him. I felt his hand pull at my head slightly lifting it and before I realize what was happening, I was gagged.

"Mmmooo!" I screamed through the gag and kept twisting my body. How could this person be hurting me only moments after pleasuring me? Thwack! Thwack! His hands connected painfully with my rear end then kneaded softly and caressed. "Mmoooo!" I twisted my body, trying to save my ass from the assault.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Painful spanks again, followed by caressing and kneading which actually felt good. At that moment, I regretted not fighting when I had the chance because I was not sure what else the guy would do, but I didn't dwell on lost chances.

Think Kayla, think! I told myself. Stop twisting and see. I stayed still, sobbing on my gag out of confusion rather than pain. His spanking and kneading excited me and I could feel myself getting wetter.

He spat loudly and his warm saliva fell right in my arse. He pushed his finger back in and this time it went easily. He finger-fucked me, slowly at first then his pace increased when I started pushing back at his finger with solo beauty is passioantely masturbating for you gasps escaping me.

It felt so good. Whether it was for lack of sex for so long or that anal was just so good, I couldn't tell. What I knew then was that I didn't want him to stop. Still at it, he lowered his other hand and entered my vagina with three fingers. The pleasure of being double penetrated took over me and a sensual fire burned deep inside my core.

I moaned and pushed back harder and faster making him increase his pace until my release raptured through my body, making me shudder and see stars. He lifted me by the waist and placed a pillow, then a second and my ass was lifted. Then I felt him between my legs, his cock poking me between my arse and pussy before it hit home. To my relief, he pushed in my vagina and I heard him let out a soft moan at the intense feeling of his bare flesh against mine. Although I was wet, I flinched in pain as he entered me slowly, stretching me completely until he was fully buried in me.

He paused for a moment, giving me time to get used to his size before he started thrusting. He was too gentle for a rapist. Not even my best lover had been that considerate. Whoever this is, he's really good, I thought as he fucked me. In and out he thrust, picking speed when I encouraged him with my moans. He pushed a finger in my arse and his other hand found my clit, flicking gently. I didn't bother to think why he was trying so hard to make me enjoy while he could just take me without care.

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Neither did I try to think of who he was or what the consequences of having unprotected sex were. I pushed back at him as my orgasm built up within me. I could tell he was close dirty slut housewife fucked by husband s friend by his wheezing breath that I was sure he was trying to control so I could not figure out who he was. I felt a painful stab when he pushed in a second finger in my arse which only served to excite me more and take me over the edge.

"uuuuuughhhh… Mmmmm. Mmmmm… Mmmmm… Mmmmm." I cried out in ecstasy, convulsion and clenching his dick. A heard a moan as he filled me with his warm seed. He gave me one last spank. It was a very gentle spank. He pulled out and left me feeling empty then moved away from between my legs. He untied one of my hands and I heard him walk away. I lay there, too exhausted to move.

After a year of celibacy, I had been rewarded with three body shuttering orgasms by someone I did not even see. Slowly I removed my blindfold and then the gag. I didn't bother to figure out where I was until I had untied my other hand and legs too. I sat up on the mattress which I saw was laid on the floor and looked around.

I was in my mothers garage! The confusion started clearing as I slowly remembered why I was in my mother's place, five hours drive away from the city where I used to work. I had lost my job a week ago and my mother asked me to stay with her for a few days so I could meet her boyfriend of eight months Matt. What I didn't know was that two of Matt's brothers(James and Simon) were also living at my mom's.

So three lazy, jobless grown up men were totally dependent on her. My eyes fell on my clothes hanged on the wall and I went to retrieve them.

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I thought of the scent that had filled my nostrils earlier and realized it must have been one of them but I couldn't tell which one because they all shared Matt's cologne. In fact, they shared everything from aftershave to body lotion to clothes. I had to figure out a way to find who it was. I stood up to go to my room and I felt the sperm in my vagina stream down my inner thighs.

How much spunk did he put in me?! I wondered. It was almost 6:00pm. I checked in all three rooms before going to my own but nobody was home. Whoever my rapist was, had already left, so I took a shower and went to the lounge.

Later that night I woke up to someone straddling me and covering my mouth with his hand as I lay on my back, naked like I always slept at night. My heart raced, my body eagerly waiting for his touch. As much as I strained my eyes, I couldn't tell for sure who it was from the semi-darkness in the room but from the shape and size, I ruled out Simon because he was very slim compared to his two brothers. Matt and James on the other hand, were almost like twins same height, size and body structure sara luvv and leah gotti steamy lesbosex on the couch which made it hard to know which one it was.

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"Shhhhhhh!" He said and ran his free hand across my breasts, gently caressing my erect nipples, effectively sending a shiver through my body. I was already getting wet! He lowered his head and removed his hand from my mouth, then nibbled on my neck. I sighed and arched my body forward. He took my hands and held them above my head with his then caressed the length of them, all the way to the sides of my breasts.

At that point I was already burning with so much lust, that I didn't care if the man straddling me was Matt or his brother. I needed him to fuck me until I forgot my own name. As if sensing my need, he lowered himself until his head found my clit, flicking his tongue across it, while both hands were on my nipples; rubbing and twisting slightly. The guy was good with his hands and even better with his mouth. I moaned, unable to stay still as he ate at my vagina like he was getting honey out of it.

"Shhhhhhh!" He warned again and I tried to stay quiet, not wanting to scare him off. He entered me with his tongue and I pushed hard against his mouth. It wasn't going to work for me, arousing as it was, I needed his dick in me. "Please! Fuck me… I need more. I need you." I begged. He moved quickly, pulling off his pants and lifting my legs to his shoulders. I felt his erect member push past my folds and into the wetness inside me.

We both moaned and I swear I shuddered with a mini orgasm. He leaned towards me, pinning my legs between us. He started thrusting, going all in then pulling out until only the head was left in me, then he would slam with force back in. In that position, he was constantly stroking my G-spot and I knew I wouldn't last. "Ooooh… Ooooh… faster! am gonna cuuu… Oooh yesssss! Am… cummmmng! Oooh… Ooooh… oooh…" As I was shaking with pleasure cumming, I heard him grunt, his cock twitching inside me, followed by the warm feeling as he filled me with his seed.

I was still panting with the aftermath of the orgasm when he whispered, "you like how mommy's boyfriend fucks you Kayla?" My whole body tensed. I knew it was either Matt or James but I had hoped no. I had convinced myself that it would be James. "You bustard!" I shouted in anger and his hand covered my mouth so fast I had no time to move. "I wasn't a wicked french babe give penis sucking pleasures when you were begging me to fuck you, was I?

Maybe I should marry your mom then you'll be calling me Daddy while begging me to go faster." Matt had a deep voice and it sounded more sensual as he whispered to me.

"My mother loves you! How could you?" I asked when he removed his hand and got off me. "Because I can. And if you care about her happiness, you'll not tell her a word of this." "Of cause am gonna tell her! She needs to know and throw you out of this house immediately." I couldn't believe how stupid he was thinking I would remain silent after knowing she didn't have any respect for my mom.

I sat up and pulled a bed sheet to cover my nudeness. "You want to break her heart?


Be my guest but before you do, tell me, when have you seem her as happy as she is with me? And if you choose to keep quiet, know that I've already had a taste of you and am not going to stop coming back for more. Ever!" I watched in stunned silence as he wore his pants and walked out of my room. He was right about my mother being happy with him.

Maybe I should just go back to the city. Life in the country side is too slow for me anyway.