They both enjoy giving each other a

They both enjoy giving each other a
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Recap: I'm a 21 year-old boy who moved away from my family and friends to live with the girl that I loved. But it turned out that after 3 years, she had been cheating on me, possibly the entire time.

In my grief I blindly put faith in a watch that my grandfather had sent to me that he said would turn back time. True to his word, it seemed as though the watch could take me anywhere within my own time line, which I used to try my hand at a relationship with a classmate of mine named Tina.

February 14, 2012: "I know the pieces fit cause I watched them busty round ass asian sucks and fucks down, no fault, none to blame-" The sound of my alarm was almost immediately silenced by the small, delicate hands of my lover.

Over the past few months I had decided to buy a bed for my apartment, and though it took up most of the room, I was rewarded by the company of my wonderful new girlfriend on almost a nightly basis. But as always, work was determined to wrest me not only from my sleep, but also from my love. "Weird song, is that the kinda music you listen to?" In the mornings her southern accent flared up a bit more than usual, like it did when she was angry.

I pried my eyes open and was greeted by the red-brown locks of Tina's wondrous auburn hair, "That was Tool, they're my favorite band. I thought I told you that." The room was silent for a few seconds, before Tina rolled over, the black comforter gliding off her silken skin, revealing her bone-white shoulder. "Do you have to go in to work today?" She pleaded, her gorgeous blue eyes begging me to stay while she not-so-subtly pouted her lips. Above everything else I wanted to tell her that I'd stay, I wanted to wrap her in my arms and sleep the morning away together; but I knew that I couldn't, "Sorry, I just got this job, breaking the rules isn't really an option just yet." Her pout continued, but I knew that she understood that I had to go, finally she leaned in and pressed her mouth against mine, giving me the first gentle kiss of the day.

Trying to muster up the courage to get out of bed, I invited, "Feel free to stay in bed while I'm gone, I'm gonna take a shower, then I'm off to work." Since we had started dating, I had managed to get a new job loading trucks for the postal service, it wasn't intellectually challenging, but I strangely enjoyed in nonetheless.

Not even pausing to think about it, Tina rolled out of bed, the blanket completing its retreat from her radiant pale skin, "How can I stay in bed when there's a hot shower calling our names?" She asked, standing up and looking down at me, who still hadn't gotten any closer to leaving the warmth of the bed. In front of me stood the most step mother fuking step son little nymph I'd ever seen, naked as the day she was born. She was about 5'6", with red hair hanging right above her shoulders, her strap on police petty theft suspect insisted on negating lp officers claims of theft breasts were only a B-cup, but suited her frame perfectly.

If there was a hair anywhere on her body other than her head, I never saw it; and her clit peeked out between the two perfect little lips of her bald pubic area. "When you're done re-aligning your jaw, we should probably get in the shower before you're late for work." Shaking my head, I jumped to my feet; at least one part of me was definitely awake now. Tina's hips swayed back and forth as she walked through the living room into the bathroom, the cheeks of her ass shifting alluringly, I had to fight back the urge to grab them as she moved.

I stumbled forward, having nearly tripped over one of the two office chairs in my living room; laughing I pushed it aside, where it banged loudly against the small coffee table that I'd bought to make the room seem less barren.

The noise had caused Tina to turn and now she was laughing uncontrollably, her face was as red as a stop sign and she was bent forward with her arms wrapped around her flat stomach; her breasts were heaving with each giggle that escaped her lips. Turning red myself, I looked down at my feet and rushed into the bathroom.

She entered only seconds behind me, still giggling, but no longer in danger of asphyxiating. "It wasn't that funny," I defended, still red while I twisted the nozzle to start the hot water. Tina smiled back at me and frankly said, "It's not that funny, but it's cute that after 8 months you still can't keep your eyes off me." Instead of responding I stuck my tongue out at her, a childish action that I knew she found cute; this was proven by her stepping into me and pushing her lips against mine, holding herself there a few seconds before finally breaking away.

The water had heated up, so I stepped through the curtain of flowing water, which was already starting to create a thin fog. Almost instantly Tina was next to me, small droplets of water trailing down her pale form; I watched one slide down her neck and over to her right nipple, where it hung for just a second before dripping to the porcelain floor.

Sighing, Tina jokingly said "This is going to be a major problem with you, isn't it?" Her voice brought me back down to Earth and I snapped my head back up to look her in the eye, "I may be easily distracted by things of the beautiful-girl-bathing-less-than-a-foot-from-me persuasion." I was rewarded with a bright smile and another sweet little kiss, "Maybe we should try a different approach." Confused, I started "What do you-" before I could finish my sentence, Tina was on her knees; she stared longingly into my eyes and lightly traced her tongue around the tip of my rock solid member.

I groaned as her teasing licks became more and more forceful, the tip of her tongue tracing tiny circles along the underside of my cock. She broke off momentarily, smiling a dirty little smile as she stared up at me, "This one's a freebie, but you're gonna pay me back later; trust me." She said with a wink.

There was no room for argument in her tone, but why would I want to? In one swift motion she took my entire cock into her mouth, the suddenness of it almost made me cum right there, but I held on as she slowly bobbed her head around the base of my cock. Almost too soon I could feel the pressure building in my balls, the need to let go was almost overpowering as Tina started to focus her ministrations on the swollen head of my throbbing dick. I could feel each lick of her playful tongue as she swirled it around me, occasionally teasing the hole at the tip of my penis, as if trying to push her tongue into it.

My legs were starting to feel weak and I knew that there was no stopping myself now, "I'm coming." I moaned, expecting her to pull away like she usually did when she gave me a blowjob. But today was different, and she hungrily started to take all of my cock into her mouth before pulling back and shoving it all in again.

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That was too much for me, I started humping back in time with the movements of her head, and with my cock as far inside of her as it could go, I came.

My legs started to feel weak as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through my body, originating from the tip of my dick. Only after the final drops of my semen had left did Tina finally let my member slip out of her mouth. Tina stood back up slowly, her knees cracking with as she regained her feet; my back was against the shower wall and my mind was completely fogged over. My trance was broken by a passionate kiss on the lips; Tina's tongue broke through my lip defenses and enthusiastically caressed my own.

I could taste the remnants of my own cum on her, but I didn't care, I'd accept anything to keep her with me. Stepping back, Tina teased "Come on, you've gotta get to work. I just gave you head, I can't be responsible for cleaning you too." I managed to grab the soap from its stand and quickly lathered myself with it; soapy bubbles ran over me as Tina playfully detached the shower head and sprayed me with hot water.

Laughing I tackled her, pressing my body to hers and her back into the shower wall; again our mouths met, this time only to be denied by her aiming the shower head directly at my face. "You're impossible! Do you get this distracted by all the pretty girls?" Without hesitation I replied, "Nope, only the ones that I've fallen in love with." Instead of a response her lips collided with mine again, she heaved her little breasts into me, her nipples pressing into my chest.

Her hands slowly made their way to my shoulders, and she slowly applied pressure to them separate us again. "Bad! Bad boy, take your shower, I'm gonna leave to 'remove the temptation'." Her finger waggled in front of my face as she mock scolded me, her cute smile never once leaving her adorable face. With that she pulled the curtain aside and left the shower, wiggling her ass before she wrapped herself in a towel, one last tease before she left me alone in the now completely fogged-over bathroom.

Suddenly realizing that time was a factor, I rushed through cleaning my hair, which I still refused to cut, and turned the shower off. Only once I had put both feet on the floor mat did I notice that I hadn't rinsed my hair. Shaking my head sullenly, I turned the knob to the left and drowned my hair in the freezing water. Drying myself as I walked, I made my way back to my room just as Tina's tight black t-shirt covered her sky-blue bra, continuing over the rest of her torso to rest just a quarter of an inch above her jeans.

Before I could say a word, she shoved a pile of clothes into my hand and kissed me on the cheek. "I'm gonna spend the day at my mother's; I haven't seen my horse in a while and I know you don't want me hanging out here all day, I might just clean your apartment out of boredom." Laughing, I pulled my boxers up and replied, "That's fine; want me to pick you up once I get off work?" She turned to face me and jokingly answered "Awww, are you afraid of sleeping alone?" I had to suppress a frown while I buttoned up my black jeans, "No, I'm fine by myself, I just figured that since it's Valentine's day-" My statement hung in the air for a moment before she finally answered, "Sorry, I completely forgot about Valentine's Day.

Yeah, come get me after work and we can go out to a movie or something." With a final kiss on the cheek, Tina left me to get ready. I always hated to see her leave, the apartment door shut with surprising finality. Returning to the task at hand, I pulled my snug-fitting Tool t-shirt over my head; I marveled at how she could forget my favorite band one minute, then hand me one of their t-shirts.

My boots were on the floor next to the futon, which I had recently moved into the living room along with my PS3 and television, more and more this small apartment was starting to feel like a home. The shoe laces were wearing thin on my favorite steel-toe boots, and the leather was starting to peel off in places, they were still in good shape considering that I had owned them for 4 years, but I couldn't help but think that I may have to retire them with my Avengers jacket. Finally dressed, I rushed out of my apartment and down the stairs to my car, if I took the interstate at 75mph I could still make it on time.

The black Chrysler roared to life as I twisted the key in the ignition, my MP3 player already on and playing the opening to "Bat Out of Hell". That song always made me smile; it brought me back to cum craving akina nakahara gets fucked and cummed childhood, my parents singing along with the cassette tape as we drove to my grandparents for the weekend.

Before I knew it I was there, with only two minutes to get through horny lesbian plumpers angelina and amazon darjeeling wanks each other chunky and chubby and clock in.

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Thankfully nobody else was running as late as I was, I punched in with only seconds to spare and made my way to my assigned truck. My job was very simple, packages would slide down a chute and onto rollers then roll into the truck I was in, all I had to do was scan the bar code and load the packages as tightly as I could into the truck.

Usually this job was a cake-walk, but every so often somebody would try to ship a TV or what I could only assume was a cinder-block. Either way, my job was a bit of a workout, and that was what I enjoyed about it; I spent my free time sitting around like a moron, this was a change of pace.

Six hours passed by quickly, especially because I was too busy to check the clock that had been strategically placed on the far end of the complex. Exhausted, I fell into the leather seat of my car, leaning back as far as I could as I turned the key in the ignition.

Lazily I punched at a few buttons and twisted a few knobs; soon a refreshing blast of cold air hit me. "Could bizarre fucked-up porn 30 tube porn whisper in my ear, the things you wanna feel," My stereo blasted, sometimes even I forget what I have on my MP3 player. Laughing, I started on my way to Tina's house; because she had never moved in with Greg, she never bothered to move out of her mother's house.

Still, that hardly mattered because she spent most of her time with me in my apartment. After a short car ride I arrived at Tina's house; it was white and appeared deceptively small from the outside, mostly because it was on a hill, so the ground floor was actually about a foot below ground level. I hesitantly walked up to the front door, debating whether or not to ring the doorbell or just send Tina a text that I was there.

Before I could decide an annoyed voice called out through the screen door "She's by the stables, now get!" Tina's mother and I weren't on very good terms, I was told at length that she had liked Greg and that I was just "Ma daughter's stupid mistake", but I didn't let it bother me too much, after all Tina had chosen me.

Tina's mother owned quite a bit of land, after her father died most of it had been neglected, but Tina had always made sure that there was enough room for her horse to run free.

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Being raised in a city, it absolutely boggled my mind that a single mother and her daughter could own so much land and not do anything with it. The scattered grass and weeds went on for as far as I could see in front of me, with the only interruption being the small stable where Tina kept her horse.

I had never learned to ride a horse myself, despite a lot of prodding, but Tina seemed to think it was the most thrilling experience in the world. When I finally made it to the stable, feet only slightly sore, I found Tina petting along the bridge of her horse's nose. She smiled as I approached and asked, "Is it 7 already?" I looked at my right wrist mockingly and replied, "I'd certainly hope so; otherwise I'm in a shit load of trouble when I go to work tomorrow." Without another word Tina closed the gap between us and silenced me with a kiss, "No need to be a smart mouth; besides, you're not wearin a watch." We held each other for a few minutes, just smiling and occasionally sharing small kisses.

A mischievous smile appeared on her face and she whispered in my ear, "Remember this morning how I said you were gonna pay me back?" For a second I was caught off-guard, but after a moment's thought I recalled what she was referring to, my grin mirrored her own, "Sure I do; what do you have in mind?" Resting her index finger against my lips, she slowly wrapped my hand in her own, leading me around the stable. While the stable wasn't particularly close to the house, it was definitely close enough for a decent scream to be heard by Tina's mother in the living room, and Tina was not a quiet lover.

Still, the thought of having sex out in the open had always intrigued me deep down, though I would never have admitted it. Hand in hand she led me around the corner so that the stable was between us and her mother's house, once there she pulled me into her tightly, capturing me in a loving embrace.

Our mouths pressed together lustfully and within seconds our tongues were again dancing the dance that they knew all too well. Suddenly she stopped, turning her back to me and dropping her pants down to her ankles; smiling I laughed "Not too subtle I see." She twisted her neck to look at me for just an instant before replying "What can I say? I'm a girl who knows what she wants.

Don't keep me waiting now." With an offer like that I couldn't refuse, I lightly applied pressure to her lower back, coaxing her to bend forward; she complied hastily, her hands up against the stable for support.

Before she could stop me I dropped to my knees behind her, my hands on each side of her glorious ass, holding her in place. I took a moment to look at her cute little butt, parted down the middle by a tiny sky-blue thong that separated her cheeks so perfectly that you could almost forget that it was there at all.

Her bottom was slightly lighter than her already-pale self, which obviously meant that she didn't have sex outside too often. I could smell her aroused sex, just begging to be touched, and I wouldn't deny it any longer.

Returning to the moment, I pulled the small piece of cloth aside and licked the outer folds of her sweet pussy. She was already wet, so I lapped greedily at her juices, my nostrils were filled with her heady scent, and my mind left me as I kissed and licked her.

"That's not what I meant-" she started as I worked my way down to her clit and sucked it gently into my mouth, "but please don't stop!" Her breathing was becoming shorter and I could see the muscles in her legs sporadically twitch, tightening and relaxing as I toyed with her femininity. Slowly I inserted the middle finger of my left hand into her hole while I played with her little bead, sliding my finger in and out of her in time with the strokes of my tongue.

Playfully I rubbed my finger against her inner walls, feeling every inch of her tight love tunnel. Tina's breaths came in short gasps, her hands desperately grabbed at the wall of the stable, but there wasn't anything there for her to grasp. I withdrew my finger for a second just to replace it with my tongue, swirling it around and tasting her tangy juices directly at the fount from which they flowed, savoring each drop before I returned to teasing the edges of her clit.

Returning my finger, I felt around inside of her for a small rough spot right behind her clit; I pressed into it gently and was rewarded with a soft moan. A half-plan formulating, I relentlessly rubbed that spot with my finger while taking her clit into my mouth and furiously licking at it. Her response was exactly as I'd hoped, her body tensed up completely, the muscles in her legs were like iron and her usually supple ass was virtually un-squeezable.

Tina's head was raised and she moaned loudly, but thankfully no so loud as to be heard from the house. My fingers were trapped in her constantly clenching and un-clenching vagina, but I kept pressing against her G-spot until finally she started to relax a bit.

Finally I released her clit, my face now sufficiently drenched with her love, my right hand released the crotch of her thong and it returned to its place nestled between the cheeks of her ass. As I stood up I heard Tina's questioning taunt, "We aren't done yet, are we?" Despite my wanting to continue, I replied, "Your mother isn't deaf; I don't know how long we should tempt fate." Still she didn't stand up, instead reaching back and sliding her thong down her legs to join with her jeans around her ankles, "You've gotta tempt fate a little, otherwise you're not really living." Any response that I could have made seemed to fade away, the inviting sight of the girl I loved bent over and asking to be fucked overwhelmed me.

Standing behind her I dropped my jeans and boxers to the ground so that they fell heavily against my boots. My cock was definitely ready for action and I lined it up with her soaking wet vagina, my head rested comfortably at her entrance.

I gently leaned forward and kissed her neck softly, my hands wandering up her torso, beneath her shirt, luxuriating in her soft skin. Making my way under her bra, I traced my fingers along the edges of her nipples, she moaned softly and whispered, "We don't have that much time, shove it in and take me rough.

I've been a bad girl." Immediately I pushed into her as far as I could, my cock plunging into her until my groin met the soft cushion of her ass. There wasn't any hesitation as I pulled out a little my pussy and ass are tight but i love fucking them fingering and brunette to shove back into her, causing her to moan as I repeatedly thrust in and out.

Over and over I pounded into her slippery cunt, my balls slapped against police bust gangbang xxx grand theft lp team has been brought to this location due to clit so loudly I thought that her mother must have heard us from the living room.


But if she did, she certainly didn't show it as we humped into each other desperately. Time was of the essence, so I didn't hold back, fucking into Tina for everything I was worth, between the slapping of our groins and the steady stream of moans issuing from Tina, my ears were filled with nothing but the sounds of our passion.

My left hand trailed down her chest, over her stomach, and down to her cute little slit; after a bit of searching, I found the tiny bead of her clit and gently flicked it back and forth.

That set her into a second orgasm, her pussy tightened around my cock as I thrust in and out of her frantically. Her twitching was more than I could handle, my penis started to pour cum into her, wave after wave coursed through me.

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I slowed my pace and rode my orgasm for as long as I could, I fired more and more semen into her tight little hole. Spent, my dick slid out of her, some of our combined fluids came out with it, dripping into her panties. My head was swimming in a post-orgasm fog as I clumsily pulled up my pants. Tina, to her credit, was much more graceful in returning her clothes to their proper positions, deftly sliding her pants back up her legs as easily as they had slid down.

Smiling, she kissed me warmly on the elsa jean and alexia fawx and whispered "I needed that." We walked back up the hill towards the house together, slightly disheveled and wearing identical guilty smiles on our faces.

"Bye mom, I'll see you tomorrow!" Tina called from my car as she sat down in the passenger seat.

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"You could go in and say goodbye if you want, I'll wait here." Of course I thought that I was being polite, until she retorted, "Lookin like this? She's much better just thinking that I was too rude to say goodbye then knowin that we fucked right outside her window." I couldn't help but smile at that, turning on the car and pulling out of her driveway.


"So where would you like to go?" I asked as we drove, turning down the music. My question was met with an sora aoi debut happy glucky look, "We can't be goin anywhere lookin like this, crazy boy. How about we just order in and watch a movie together on the futon?" "Sounds nice, but how about we order in and watch a great movie cuddled up together on the futon?" That brought a smile to her face, "Clothing optional?" I could only laugh, "Your option or mine?" Tina thought about it, finally she turned to me with the same mischievous grin that she had worn outside of the stable, answering in a sultry tone, "Clothing denied." I turned to look at her and whispered, "I love you." But she had fallen asleep, I turned down the knob on my stereo just as it came to the opening of "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad."