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Short haired brunette sydney sky interracial face fucking pornstars and hardcore
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Taking Sarah, Part Three The plan. Now that Cindy was onboard, we needed to look at the situation and pick the best course for success and also to avoid any problems as we were venturing into taboo territory. I guess a bit about Sarah's personality gave us a blueprint for the seduction as we called it. She is a very insecure little girl, though by no means unattractive she has always felt that her sister got much more attention and was the cuter of the two.

When over hearing one of the older neighborhood girls comment that Chrissy's breast were close to hers, she threw a fit and retreated to her room for the day.

She was very sensitive, but could be easlily manipulated by someone who either paid alot of attention to her or paid her compliments. We needed a couple of things to come together to make the plan work, Sarah accepting the compliments she would be given and allowing the first parts to happen and also Sarah alone for a period of time that would allow the plan to run its course.

Cindy began to spend alot of time with the girls in the evenings, particularly with Sarah. Brushing her hair, commenting on how pretty it was watching shows with her on tv and doind little things like tucking her in at nite. I would occasionally walk by as they were sitting together on the couch and get a wink from Cindy telling me that she felt everything was going well. So the first part of the plan was working well.

Unfortunatly the second part was not happening. Anne had had most weekends off from her job and when she didn't Chrissy was always present, which made the plan unworkable. We even considered my taking Chrissy off shopping some morning and leaving Cindy alone to work it out, but everytime we did Sarah wanted to go also.

Cindy was getting more frustrated then I was, which was hard to believe. Luckily we recieved a nice distraction about three weeks into the plan. Cindy got a call from her ex saying that he had very hot shemale ki gand mari visit relatives close by and if she'd like, leslie her daughter could come down on Saturday and he would pick her up Sunday mid-day.

To say Cindy was excited would not even cover it and I was looking forward myself to a view of the sexy 16 yr old. Saturday came and Leslie and her father arrived. She was damn cuter in person then in her picture.

I introduced myself and Anne to her father and chatted for a bit and then he left to go visit his relatives living in the next town over. We had guests coming for the evening and i was making dinner for everyone.

That evening Cindy came into the kitchen as i was cooking in an aggitated state, whispering in my ear she told me that Leslie wanted to take her shower now rather then in the morning.


We had guests coming as I said and Anne was here making it nearly impossible for me to record Leslie during her bath. I tild Cindy not to worry, to show Leslie where she was sleeping.

We had set up a cot in Cindy's room and show her where the towels were. Then as Anne had been mentioning Margaqrita's all day she should grab Anne and head to the liquor mom and daughter offer a special treat for officer before it closed and leave everything up to me.

Going upstairs I met Anne heading into the bathroom, she wanted to grab a quick shower before the guests arrived. I told her Leslie also needed to shower and that if she wanted Margie's later she needed to go to the liquor store with Cindy as I was cooking.

She said no problem, I should have time when we get back and headed downstairs. I heard Cindy tell Leslie she needed to shower now if she wanted to as Anne would be jumping in when they returned.

I went to my room, turned the monitor off and switched the bathroom feed to the VCR and hit record. Leaving i hoped no one would notice, specifically Anne that it was set on Record.

I passed Leslie going into the bathroom as i headed down the stairs, forcing myself not to go back and turn the monitor on to watch her live. I headed back to the kitchen. Our guests arrived just as Cindy and Anne returned from the store and i made drinks for everyone and Anne headed for her shower. I made a Margie for Anne and went up and set it on the vanity as she was in the shower, told her it was there and made a beeline for the bedroom to shut down the recorder.

Listening for anyone near the door i quickly rewound the tape, turned on the monitor and hit play. I fast forwarded the tape as Leslie stood directly in front of the camera and disrobed, My god was Cindy going to be happy with the results.

Leslies breasts were very firm and pointed. Just a perfect set and he mound was covered by a light blond fuzz that did nothing to hide her slit and you could even see her little clit poking out. Shutting everything down i hid the tape and headed down to join our guests.


Passing Cindy, I leaned down and whispered, "you are going to like what you see". The next few hrs were spent chatting and eating dinner and as we were putting the dishes into the dishwasher I heard Anne's voice from the living room.

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The rest of the guests had ajourned to the front porch for coffee and cocktails. It seems the girls had been stealing sips of Anne and Cindy's Margies while they had been left unattended and now they were caught.

I laughingly called the three of them little lushes.


Not that there mother was laughingbut after a min she lightened up and all was forgiven. Moments later Cindy came into the kitchen and said, "Hey if you don't mind, I told Leslie she could have a small Margie as long as she took it upstairs and drank it" as Anne wasn't for the girls to have any.

I said sure I can do that. With that Cindy pulled a small vial out of her pocket and asked if I could include it in Leslies drink. I started to ask what was up, but she placed her fingers on my lips and said, shhhh, and i need to borrow you digital video cam mother pay for son debth the evening.

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